MLB rule changes, Brewers lose out on Manny, Jabari to Chicago - OTR: E3

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Thursday, July 19th
Cody Grant and Ryan Horvat shared their thoughts on the possible rule changes coming in MLB including the defensive shift and the DH. Plus, they took a look at the Manny Machado deal and if the Brewers missed out which was a popular topic as even Radio Joe got in on the discussion. Plus, they discussed the comments made by Jabari Parker about the state of defense in the NBA.

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Look dimming does off the rails episode three Cody grant along with Ryan horror of bot fly do you start to get CU. Rob Manfred spoke about baseball changes he wants to make in. Major League Baseball collided letter traded to the raptors for DeMar DeRozan Jabari Parker doesn't want to play defense. Right or by as a line defense to get silly just came back her time you have got to slow a bit late today that aren't and it you know it looks all right. Expect it'll look like. A little (%expletive) up but. Theatrically this stuff actually. I easily drive two hours to get my hair cut I like to go to the classic barber should I guess I won't do that or not drive two hours and Erica I figured nuts for doing well no idea I'd I've I've. I'm done with that side try to be quick today in attainment and we were ready to go. So there is something happened like with the power line or something. By the way so when you go to united here today like everything's close like this road Nam. When you take a left out of here what's the main Rosie turn on to you talk a grayish. Off of grange well I don't know yadda neither. I don't know either but I did not get home. Aligned roads they wouldn't allow me when I came up to the light to turn left to go to that's guy great clips right there yet to demand haircut and opened Saturday but saw academia Terrell haircuts on screen that. And so on Clinton that was part of our sponsor so that I got stuck like go on right in it to me about 25 minutes just to get half of the mile down the road this year cut to 25 does get there and I've got my haircut yeah like stick back routes. Bull because it. Gone back and I can make you turn that because there's a complete everywhere I don't get a ticket. At a time really quick. When I go to places like even every morning when I come to work here yeah I'd put it in my GPA apps while we stick to veteran adjusting his case there like an accident or flip over or. Construction gone on. I thought I'd be dead yet don't and it's an it was an insult and lunchtime so I figured I'd begin to get half miles on the road and within you know at least eight minutes. Sony where I get there and there is a girl that I but coming here actually last time because of the the second time I've been to this this is status from. He should give me a pretty good haircut sunset I'd go back in check and but there. Insane about checking in now with the app. On the phone so calm. Of course like I was getting ready get my hair cut by this girl. In the first in the Czech -- of info irony. She shows up you know I'd been sitting their for ten minutes waiting in my hair cut the because they checked in. They get jump me in the spot so that I saw the lady that was about to come here and I was like no. You always get a good impressionable kind of hair cut you're gonna get out on the person that's cutting a fairly good day of terrible hair. But flat free Z area probably fox I knew I was stock mentally you don't want to get coached by guys that sucks at basketball right. Not that he can't know basketball it's just like it becomes and she with two hands in Indiana can't handle Iraq then not only want him train don't wanna go to jammed. And had a personal trainer that's 350 pounds is ordered that this is a lot of fat guys that are trainers haven't try to tell my wife from like maybe as you become personal trainer I'm in better shape than half these guys and I'm not in great shape or anything but. Anyway go back to the point. I thought haircut was like decent but she left is it too much on the top which is the TV shows like we could do a whole lot of right now nobody can see it I should it's okay on top. I cardinals in a radio but likely lower item atop the besides that I I don't like is like your last side yet looks a lot shorter than your right side but listen you got a wall of zero on your left and don't. Warner one and half on the right ruling behalf. OK so prominent probably have to go back and do something about Michael resist Erica so what are you do in that situation like if you get I saved to light easel. Utility and a haircut they always give your mere and they say how does that look. I always say yes analysts say just say you know actually. It doesn't. I don't want silicon looks like Egypt to say look shady at duke eat candy that your ticket you that. I would just say and it doesn't look great what you just take off Livermore here as it works on the service in your industry like I've done retail. And I can compare in that sense I've worked in fast food before. If a guy like messes up your order it's OK see you asked for corrections is to politely I think the same thing applies and giving. Haircut but no and eight in I get that leg of its socks I had done I had to a couple of times like she lasted. Even longer on the top I was gonna look terrible films like the Bryce Harper valid not like Bryce Harper. And so I I told her I was like I needed a little assures sent it out a little more urban now little idea because Eveready left diverting paid for the (%expletive) things. So can I go back and be like hey this looks like absolute (%expletive) you're fixing this for free that's what I mean. And had you ever done that no I've never done that. I've never got so bad about all American signal go back on the works like that on the Digg is decade. His socks he's a thing like I always been told you know we don't ask for so when you won't get. Did you go back there and you say like hey I feel like there's a little messed up I don't like this to new. Fix this or some like that the worst and say is Noelle or the worst I can say is this in a cost. And at that point to say whatever nevermind right but if you go back there and say that may be of like yeah a couple minutes I can fix up trio for. Putting EU is a need to go home after we get done record in this podcast I need to shower. So worn a hat and skew it looks like it's it's still looks terrible on the Golan back in a demanding that the Texas for for let's move Alice something other than this (%expletive) terrible hair. Earlier today we don't live too far away so I would call easy check that is fair comment as they wanted to look at freshest socket. I come out looking like an hassle so anyway MLB rules changes hello. Rule changes so rob Manfred commissioner of Major League Baseball. Guy has. Talked about possibly. Getting rid of the deepest shift he's talked about happening universal designated hitter. Two topics that have banned debate about for years but now win the commissioner. Is talking about. Possibly changing the rule for good yeah it's something that I deathly why discuss and I am Mon. Strongly. One side of both of these debates you liar yes look at the end. We can start the shift and they go to the DH a shift I think is the dumbest idea you don't like to shift no I think is the dumbest idea to think about. Mic and a shift illegal right. Because I I don't like much of baseball in wrecked. For the brewers Trevor shot as I am or are seen as a yeah I absolutely hate when they put the shift on I hate when they do that putt. The shift you cannot make that illegal it's like saying. This guy has a weakness he can't hit this other way so that defense. They're doing their due diligence giving the guys numbers getting his tendencies. Biting the way. To take away his strengths. And exploit his weaknesses and now Major League Baseball wants a comment and say. You have made it too difficult for this hitter to get on base we're gonna. Take this away because we want more office says the same idea with free throws in basketball where. The hack a Shaq rule right yeah people don't like the hack A Shaq rule because a slows down the game will I'm sorry twenty under Jordan can't hit a free throw. And if your team is down by five and you haven't trouble. Defending the clippers now is on the mavericks and their up by five whatever and you think the best way for you to get back in the game mr. Al B Andre Jordan doing. Get a a Frito keep doing it in and that's how I feel about becomes a deep that's a shot. It's on the left handed pull hitter with no speed. And I hate to shift and I want it to be changed in sex from a left hit a left handed hitter in general I think dissect day everybody's looking at the offensive numbers and making this argument. There's a lot of other factors that they should take a look at such as increased velocity from pitchers. Other two seamer and cutter combination and guys substances such as Lohse in and pine tar things like that on the ball. I mean we're looking at the shifts. This I think it's became such a (%expletive) big deal and it is really don't care enough to. Keep having this argument every season I remember in 2014. People were flipping out that's like on the offensive numbers really started to go down. I think it was Chris Davis that started to complain about it a little bit and what do C a left handed polls better. In his numbers when Donald insect lefties I think day here registry emblem in general so no I I. I like to shift to tie the truth I mean is it frustrating when your favorite haters up to bat. Yeah but it's also strategy. And we talk about. Dad staying in and make in the game better in this and that. And I mean yeah I mean do you wanna go to a game and head of the eleventh attack and navy. Regardless I mean you should allow teams to do with a lot like Joseph Maddon I remember when he was talking about the defensive shifts and he's like man now we see it from from everybody know what people can watch baseball. And we're doing it everybody was like comparing it to the circus now everybody's doing it. Because I mean I talk about this all the time in the clubhouse and stop analytics and all that and going to a baseball clubhouse and is in as the game finishes up pre Golan you know two hours three hours before the game. Everybody's watching film. And everybody's looking at numbers so why not played here advantages so I have no problem with the shift them whatsoever like a setup I was a lefty you know slow build that speed I'd probably be. All for getting rid of that though I mean why what what's what's illegal about it. Exactly if I as I mentioned Trevor shot on our fans I hate this chip and those guys are up but. At the same point I understand it's a defense maligned man that is supposed to give. You and add to win defending net hitter. It's like when you run the diamond football gets a four wide receiver sat you bring in another defense of back. Look to defensive backs in the dime package and Nichols one package but it's a defense of alignment. That gives your team an advantage in that sense but it's not like you're cheating or anything you're just playing the numbers and you're trying to exploit any weakness. When you watch sports. Every single player. Whether it's basketball no one wants situation. Whether it's football farming. Offensive coordinators perspective they're trying to figure our defense are looking for the weakness of that defense. If you have a eighteen that has eighty stud cornerback. And number two corner isn't nearly as good you wanna attack that second corner. In basketball you have a defense that's weak inside. You want to pound the ball on the pain right I don't see any difference with the shift in baseball it's just another strategy. That teens use. Against poll hitters. And it's and the network a firm Darryl why we have to try to change games and make it more fair. Win teams or players find ways to exploit weaknesses that is part of the game. Starting always deployed in the backyard. We're doing defensive shifts that they expect at a few more depth means more arranges few other chances her I hitter to hit his preferred sealed Laurie wants the nets up. I have no problem within it and guys are taken arrest when they do shift because you open up the entire left side of it's a lefty hitter he does hit it to the lefties are got a easy senate double no doubt I mean I sucked Kyle's shore over bod. The other night justly one right down third baseline on the shifty and easier bully Joan and around the visited his sack but mean. Yeah let's let's move on what else would it would also a little another rule that. They want a change or at least discussing changing and this is bad. Talked about for years now the designated hitter of course the AL. Has a designated hitter they've had it for a long time now and now has never had a designated hitter yes and it there's there's. There's two sides is because. And all fans of your fan and an Al team you're usually against the DH because you've grew and grew up watching their team without the DH you love the purity of baseball he rubs the the chess moves from manager to manager in the paper and they also had to grow up on that side. You grew up win that after the DH was in stated. I was in the seventies yet and you are fan of that extra power extra back in the lineup you don't like seeing pictures hit. You're gonna want that DH to be universal some people going to care it's fine habitable flames have an idea someone laid out and the DH not in one lead. Me personally my biggest thing I'm multiple pleas of the same the way a look at it I don't look at the eight LB and help them American League and act. Our National League history to release a look at us two different conferences and win I see one conference is different and the other. Compare to like the NFL if the AFC had field goals in the NSC didn't or in the NBA it's the Eastern Conference. Had three point shots that Western Conference didn't. And that's how I look at I just kind of want to be the same either way Alan Ball games I like the idea of the pictured not hitting as I'd rather see. An actual batterer to play all nine positions and I like the idea of the double switch I like a strategy aspect to not have the DH sulphide either way. But Mudd described as I want it to be the same rubble sites. Man. Well. I actually like. I like the way it is you like the way it's normal ballot to game the way it is I really do like item on the mound visit limit. I don't really like things change and I'm not one of these like traditionalists like. This guy Campion the hall of fame because took steroids in this and that her hero shouldn't be in the hall of fame like. I'm not like a baseball historian like I ate. I don't think the game really needs to be changed a talk about this all the time the big problem for everybody is a supply. But it's ominous shell out seventy bucks for a ticket to a game anxious for 1% or fifty boxing knows a hundred. Dollars in Oprah to people and assist of the game by myself. You're gonna pay 89 dollars a beer. You're gonna pay for eight dollars a hot died you know you're gonna spend money on food you're gonna end up walking away Diop and 25300. Dollars so why am I in. Why do I wanna get to a game and be rushed out of there and two hours and 25 minutes. I like to sit there now like to enjoy the game that's while low post season baseball. Probably more than any other sport in the playoffs as crazy as that sounds and everybody talks about the NHL player ousting and so exciting at the end B Taylor your preferences. Alec every pitch. Meaning something it's as though it's likely. I like the strategy behind like a guy a pitcher and catcher have their relationship have in the mound visits like. Having to sit there and and really think before you make every little split decision because normally one hang in. Over the plate and get Iraq I mean every run counts I mean how many one nothing games DC 221 games you see in the post seasons Tennessee in the National League. So I don't want to team changed I don't mind the pace of I don't mind sitting somewhere for four hours and watch and a good baseball game. I don't mind going and watch and Amare burly tight game words an hour 45 minutes that he's got to try to call a ground ball pitcher go and add it. In inning jam and a one nothing 21 game I just like the game to be played house can be played that game that day Ashe it's I don't think anything really needs to be changed. I mean I just tennis became so used to obviously the DH in the AL and there's a lot of pitchers that get hit. There's there's pictures that I actually enjoy watching him. And I like the strategy. Of having the pitcher in the line of the in the nationally. You know when teams started switching things around a little bit and hit the pitcher eighth to have protection and again and the ninth spot. I don't know I just feel like it's more strategic. Alec on an ad out team goes and visits and AL ball mark any got to figure out as in the DH this day. So I do I actually just like at the latest I don't wanted to change you are more offense than he should probably through the DH and there's that's your biggest gripe is you are morons that's. I mean. I've seen it go both ways this year I mean the other strike out numbers there are huge everybody's trying to hit home runs look at an all star game. Is that not like if you didn't watch baseball for. I was a homer under through the past four months this is not gently they have. Nine home runs and it's on them like that are now record writer that title is our record it was they they I think it passed saucer record and they hit another home like so if somebody lives or somebody got like cotton one of those caves or something like that and they missed the first half of the season and they're like hey what do I Messi could just watch the awesome game and that this is the product that they get right now. But you know thirty but he at least you know home guys behind his regularly he's 23 guys a thriller for higher velocity. Guys are hitting (%expletive) load of home runs and guys are striking out an alarming eerie and that's the game right now. Here's the crazy thing lowly flip out and while we discuss rules changes. The game's gonna adapt and it's gonna change in ten years and will be addiction. Complaining about something else but I do like the rule. I don't see it change in in the next three to five years Malia. I don't see it changing any time soon either I think it will change some food and I argument Freddie like I think there's gonna come a time where the DH is universal I think that's inevitable I think that's going to happen. And I'm Alice and that too that I like the DNA type nothing wrong with the DH I would rather see the DH in both leagues then seed. The DH and wind and see the DH not wanna give credit where an order. Ryan output the DH in both leagues is where alas the most DH and neither league. And then what we have right now but it's not. As big of an argument from me in a sense of I don't care as march ticket shifting really irks me because. As we talked about that to deepens alignment but this is is different everybody has their own opinion on this I think were split almost on the middle. On this argument. At least what I have seen. On social media peppering conversations with people I know a lot of people that want to DH I know a lot of people that don't like to TH yeah and I will never say I don't like how baseball is right now is I love baseball and I was about. Cut you off a little bit earlier when you mentioned play off baseball there's nothing like playoff baseball and I like to point you made because. I think baseball. From regular season a playoff. Is the largest difference in out any sport. NFL every gives a playoff Gamal marks because there's only sixteen games armor season. NBA when he gets the everybody gets a 2000 Ambien happily gets the playoffs. NHL hockey Stanley Cup Playoffs are great yet probably so sort of season hockey but we go to baseball. When there's a 162 games it's like. Every team lose sixty games every team win sixty games and that's what you do those other sixty ish games. Is what matters but when you get sued the playoffs. Every pitch will host 'cause matter and this puts us extra emphasis on every single second you're watching that day. I guess here's my one problem with the DH snapped in a nationally can. Is one of the only thing you can do is it like remember a couple of years ago in Chicago everybody was saying what do becomes gonna do with Kyle's former you have to trade him to. An American League team because he can't catch especially because he busted up his name. And he's a liability in the outfield even though is pretty damn solid in the outfield actually I mean he makes things and uninteresting but he's got African Cantonese rate on these top five and assessed. But anyway so that's the one thing that I dull that's the one argument that I would make you want to be able police because right now the DH is except and every significantly from high school. Two on the professional level except in the National League and Japan's centrally in double A AAA and I'll teams are allowed to have pitcher said that AL teams he's the DH. And how man mr. X here and a slick as the so I heard it I guess that's my only problem is that. A kind of a case of you got a guy that Allah can do is hit like a guy like let's say like David Ortiz. Turner is a prime example that he just has no spot in the National League and Kennesaw explicit the trade deadline after trying to add another bad. He internationally team that you can't let this guy anywhere in the sealed solicited you pinch hit. And they played an American League ballpark until the World Series so I guess that's my only problem that's right agree with viewer he should keep it even. I don't know man I've just gotten so used to it. That I'm just fine with the latest beat. I mean it like ruin baseball for me if if the AL as adapted in the National League don't like god damn and I'm Michael on the game Jon Lester is not hit and today. Our man I'm not gonna get to see guys chase Sanderson pick of the bad today. But I do like Watson some. Pitchers kind of adapt and learn how to hit like Dick John Lester for example the guy played in the American League his whole career and he goes over the cubs and Joseph Maddon zest and laid out bonds and Ikeda half day even said he's got to spend time in the batting cage is an hour half two hours. In the batting cages with the rest of the guys so yet to adapt its cool and it kind of changes things around with the strategy but. I wouldn't be to stop if they did adopt it and I'm fine with the way it is I guess that's you know that makes any sense but you. It makes a lot of sense and you mentioned Jon Lester having to adapt to happens to spend more time in the batter's box one argument that. The people that don't want to see the DH anywhere near the animal use is it your not a baseball player he can't play the field. Okay yet there is deathly argument see that I look at the DH sell also is you bring a deeper tees and bring up and Jim tall make. Guys it prolong their careers. Got to play an extra five years in the league. Had a productive level because there was a DH were those guys can't even play first base anymore because they're too slow to one athletic. Too old father time caught up to them but they can still hit the ball. And talk about great players like Jim Thome and David Ortiz or first ballot hall of famers who got to stay on our roster and help a team late into their careers and if it wasn't for the DH they won and been able do that their Chris would have been cut Olympic shorter than what they did half. Yes exactly so. Oh you know honey and then the boy that's the thing closing constable size plus guys get a little bit older. Like David Ortiz legit 3334. Oblique is still rates. You wanna be on the field 108300 access to the that there is a DH universal you don't just see virtual colonial home. See that's the sound cards and Obama's like that up pitchers I actually like to watch it take area doesn't that. I header at the plate you know I love watching and Carlson Brian it was a great hitter or pitcher he was that the problem with him was he was a head case. Silly huge isn't flowed like you would have viewed takes like four scoreless. And because of yup like to do nothing. And then he'd come up you strike out he breaks a bat over his Neeon and you just salt argued shall the next inning for like 67 runs I guess is a good thing if you depending relive it but what thing a guy who got. I would hate really quick before we move on to mainly China who was straight to the Los Angeles Dodgers for five prospects Burress missed out on that. One thing that I don't like about it and people always say you injures to happen anywhere. I use hate when I see a picture. Her for a really long period time run in the west is not pitching. When there either. At the plate. Mac shares are bright years ago. Where they're running the bases like Jimmy Nelson last year who still not back yet I know it's part of the game I know that's. Part of the game pitchers have to hit but at the same time I just like it's so demoralizing. Like man he was even pitching. And it's yeah you're listening to Sox an idol like seeing that. Am I saying you have to change a rule because of that night I 'cause I do like variations not have the DH like I guess I've mentioned before like double switch not. And as passion about this topic is I am but the ship is I'm good either way it is a lot how. I love baseball the way it is but I would be open to have a universal DH that's my take yeah guys Keegan hurt but I mean the cubs closer got hurt this year. Literally put his pants done. Particulars and got hurt at home lately that happens anywhere you get hurt by searchers anywhere ages is so demoralizing when a guy gets hurt. That's is a good pitcher. Gets hurt while he's not even on the mount. Yeah not a mom with him on that one close we got our famous shot a. The biggest trade target of this season he has finally traded to Los Angeles Dodgers. Lot of speculation the brewers were in the toxin in the Phillies were not toxin was reports say it was a done deal lesion of the Phillies. I doesn't happen he doe which the Dodgers for five prospects. I question for you before we get into. Many Machado. Is into the Burris in the midsouth. This Ryan and you think your close up to content. Are you willing to give up what the Dodgers gave up for a two month rental. Well because each season is different. And sell everybody talks about assists sustain success and this and that the problem and based dollars you just really. You don't know each year is different. Sometimes you think you guys on the right track and that he's not assist you with younger players. He's the Chicago Cubs is an example. When they won the World Series two years ago everybody said this is gonna start a five to six year run. Because all these guys are young they're just couldn't get better guys like Addison Russell and Heidi Diana's and Chris Bryant Nancy Rizzo. And calm the most part I mean obviously they have the best at the all star break they have the best record in all the National League that say they've under achieved. Still. And and and like look at this like a case though counselor is a good example. The year after they won the World Series he's fully healthy plays the role of job World Series hero coming back from that injury. I get some huge hits and in the next year it sent down to Iowa. Because he was it might 180. Addison Russell at one point last year was it like Utah and hobby die as a striking out on literally I mean he was anything in the dinner he's suing an act. So baseball's just a really weird gamely Greek C guy come out. And it could go a couple years and it Geovany Soto a couple of years ago National League rookie of the year than the next series and 185 innings out of the league. So baseball is just a really weird game. So at the time when your make and then moved from its shadow warrior and toxin you have the best record in the National League in your in first place whether BA game and after two games. Over the Chicago Cubs team that everybody is predicted to dominate the next decade. I think yet to say while we're in a position right now. What do we need we need another bat we really need another bat. This is probably the best dad out there. Is cast and there are going to be you know a salad Major League Baseball player that it's 285 to ninety every year may be. Or is he gonna not pan out and it T 32 authority and bounce around. You know so it's a crap she. Obviously you want to build the farm system and you want to build towards the future and you don't wanna sell the farm for arousal but I mean look at the cubs. A couple of years ago they make the move and they get Chatman of the deadline look at the Astros last year and make the movement against Verlander. Look at when the royals that's a prime example that's a good that's a better not example because it's smaller market is easy for the cubs to gear of prospects for a guy like Jose in Thailand say ereader the White Sox. This guy mate and now it's easy for the Yankees to do that of the Red Sox to do that. Because they have money Israel of people during free agency. If you're the brewers you don't have money in free agency to go after a guy like Chris Bryant a guy like. Bryce Harper he can't pay Price Chopper 400 million next year and still build a championship contender so you do have to deal through the farm system. But the same point you got a two game lead at that point when the match out toxic he's not on the Chicago Cubs team all you really need is a bag your ball and looks rate. Come post season Nancy need is a bull and the starting rotation still needs some work it. I mean right now everything's working and so I do make the move man because like I said you don't know if these guys are gonna pan out it the same time you set yourself back may be year to. But in baseball the goal is to win a World Series. I'm a fan in my team wins one World Series every ten every twelve every fifteen years. I'm happy with that because bass boat stuff you repeat clicked Astros have a legitimate shot this year I don't think people realize what their Dylan how spectacular it is. You know (%expletive) changes every year baseball you can't predicted and I mean you could look at the team on paper it's it is team's gonna win 95 games one guy to get injured depleted Dodgers at the beginning of the year not a Dodgers have turned it around now they have many channels the they have to deal World Series favorite in the National League. The look him in the beginning of the year. Couple guys go out Kershaw was pac flares up again. You know you're losing guys left and right injuries happen. And you find yourself like 56 games out of first place near played catch. That's at things like if you get off to a fast you got the best record in the National League you have five also ours for the first time in franchise history. Go for right now. Because you need another van now lineup he can't have guys like Brad Miller plans significant roles com. Dumb guy late August comes September right. So I would have made the move when you set yourself back and also he knocked it out of the park which outcomes overheat that's three time the second half the season. It to Tony home runs and you win a World Series he signs in New York next year. And you kind of have to rebuild that farm system a little day you don't have tested air whoever salary courtroom burns. Are still happy with that one. World Series. Well let's ask. This question. The last five to. Eight years pollen is Washington and relevant Paula did a neck in the post season. Average down near the strip how long had the nationals had serious success all year every year we hear about derby Arab nationals fan or royals fan of the last five to eight years. Royals hills they wanna World Series doesn't fifteen that's arms. And I know you wanna win and you wanna win ninety games every year everybody talks about your starting rotation and you get the two best arms in baseball and you're stacked one through nine in the lineup. Or do you wanna win a World Series with with guys like Lorenzo Cain bends over to look at the royals the year that they wanted Ben Zobrist again. I mean look at the giants win when they when putter patents Johnny clay you know trying to equate it to the royals I mean. Everybody makes deadline deals look at the last I think. Eight or nine World Series champs ahead of pulled up I think I started talk about a little bit last week Italy for Neruda the last podcast. Look like the last at least six to seven World Series champs and they made a huge deadline deal you have to do it. Director really worry about I ego I mean you do Lido liking going to spring training you see what prospects are going to be around you know you kinda had your lineups that. And then you see your needs towards the middle of the year because of injuries you know most teams are now looking for ball. Now. Because of injuries and also because and underperformance. Hussein has baseball such a weird spore Orlando Garcia was tagged to have a break out your season everybody thought. Coming in this season all crystals that are literacy it was a comment and back. Upwards of 280 maybe 285. Yet TV some power. Indeed do some on base percentage at the bonanno lineup of she's a gold glove shortstop we all know that. We're Xena he's in he's in Tripoli. And that's the thing because in his so cliche but it. After an off season teams have so much so minute you know they're not just watching new in Colorado Springs anymore they see you in the bigs so pitchers make their adjustments. Managers make their adjustments pitching coach make their adjustments hitting coaches make their adjustments so. Baseball stuff math it's a weird weird game it's a game of lock. It's a game of streaks it's it's unlike any other sport on the planet like next year we noticed after he's an average Tony seven points a game we know Kevin Durant and averaged 28 we know of rounds going to be locking triple double. We don't need I mean. Look crazy look at the Chicago Cubs this year yes and record in the National League if I want to trilogy beginning of the year who are going to be there all stars he would probably say Chris Brian and Peter is right right. Chris Bryant has what nine homers this year and granted he said the injury had nailed in the head with a 102 mile fastball. Anthony Rizzo the RBIs numbers are great to look at his batting average general preachers are batting average to look at his on base percentage for Christ's sakes. So it's tough to determine what's gonna happen this year was gonna happen next year who's in a 100 games who's gonna win the division. It's not looking at look at the brewers right now. On this cold streak you're jumping games of the Marlins tonight Gossett straits I play a 160 just swept a five game series the pirates when people talk about sustain success of course you want to saint sickened success nobody wants sustained success. I'll take a World Series felt was one playoff appearance in ten years and ten playoff appearances in a row. But no World Series on the management shot a thing if you trade from an image shot I'll and you get an and you don't win a World Series. People say that was a bad trade and not necessarily because. You you don't know for sure just like you don't know electricity heroes gonna be a star when he comes up to Major League Baseball to Cobbs doesn't sixteen. When they trick labor Torres who was is much Everest sure thing. As everybody thought they traded him for rent on rose Chapman bridal when that World Series about Chapman Kleber porous sound too when things and pinstripes I'm sure every cubs camera loved to seek labor Taurus on the cubs uniform. But they don't care right now because they got to World Series on an assault they're OK with that. I sent a sending my test in Europe you portray testing Iraq. In a package for Manny Machado the brewers did win a World Series and zero went on for ten to fifteen years in Baltimore to become ace still I'd. I don't think that you would be that upset because you knew. You got the World Series that year and name which I was a big part of it made that shot I was one of the best hitters in baseball today he is as much of a sure thing at the plate. As you can imagine. And he would really at a lot to the bottom line up because of so have a short saw right now you could say Tyler solid Dino Brad Miller those guys are not going to be on a team. Ed being on a big role for championship contenders is not gonna happen and you talk about trade deadline deals you mention what the night last night World Series winners made deals at the deadline. Every team. In contention. You're trying to make a deal Cleveland is at a Brad hand all star closer great all those teams are gonna continue to make moves to. Fortified their weaknesses so do you stay pat the trade deadline. You're already gonna be behind doors in the second half of the season and the brewers they made some moves last season and anti source act. And the editor Neil Walker who would nice pieces but they were big game changer for their source that was probably what they're. Third or fourth best bullpen armada here and Neil Walker was great at second base he helped it would. The doubt here that Johnson BR had. He wasn't a dean changer in the sensibly to maim a channel we don't know what the brewers offered up navy did offer up just herein may be the Dodgers. I had a better offer in the eyes of the Baltimore Orioles were never know that but I would have pulled the trigger. On anything yet ready to China because I think he puts the birds in a position. To contend even those are sure thing but nothing in baseball list. As you said that's the thing here's the thing here okay is a test and Hera. He's not gonna hit him hitting 285. When he homers committing no where's Ambien and I'll start that's not a sure thing you know it is a sure thing. If you cherry for Manny Machado. He hits at least Tony homers the second half of the season. And probably hits at least 275 to eighty in the second half of the season while competing. For a panic. That's a guarantee that these sort of these guys handing out does not guarantee. Here's the thing you make a big move like that you don't guarantee yourself a spot in the World Series you don't guarantee yourself the chip to the NRC asked. But you do you guarantee that your going after your competing this year and is a sand. That's all I want that's the most frustrating (%expletive) thing about being in Green Bay Packers fan. When they go out and they blow delete in the NFC championship. Man and I got Franzen bodies tacks and me in the third quarter hey congratulations. It's over your head into the Super Bowl that hurts. That hurts but it's part of the game and there's no guarantees no guarantees you go to the Super Bowl. But when there's guys like Richard Sherman out there and there's defensive backs like Patrick Peterson and guys you could go up in you can pick up and you don't (%expletive) do it. And you bring in (%expletive) in its small forwards from the university not Miami and you try to convert on the place safety in in in and you. You know you rely on the draft you don't bring in any free agency don't even look at Dez Bryant I don't want does drive this is just an example years ago one Brett Favre wanted to Randy Moss not wanna Randy Moss and everybody in Green Bay wanted to rent Hamas. Instead. They make no moves he goes in new England and sets every goddamn receiving record that there isn't without Brady in the those sixteen and I'll that's what's frustrating. Because your cards on the table and go after. Yucca is when you say there's no guarantees in sports and there's no sure thing in sports. As we said individually they're kind of this Manny Machado is a sure thing at shortstop he's he thought he's won the best offensive shortstop skin Major League Baseball. Deep sensibly he needs some work and a shortstop position. I musical the third baseman but shortstop is natural position he still needs a little more work. You talk about guarantees in sports there is non but as far as trading from managed many in the channel that guarantees you. One the best offensive short stops. The entire leak and we talk about guarantees in sports for the Packers not guaranteed to be the Super Bowl ever seen here but give Aaron Rodgers helped leak. You know we're in Rochus I guarantee you don't I don't Henley surround exactly so around your Hollywood talent and dull after we characterization. I don't care what the rebuilding is I don't care if they have a plan for certain money years out of your head of schedule. You are what you lark. And if you're in the first place in the NL central of course the brewers lost six rolled to drop two and a half behind icons but for the all star break. But you're in a position to have nothing you gotta go for you had yet to have does not deal lost sixteen straight only two and a half. Silly fine if you don't wanna go after metallic completely understand not wandering a bad for a couple months sometime with that I mean am I I am and I'm not you know and I mean as a dissenters not an adult so I had as a descent parents aren't screaming about it. But at least make a move cycle in in make a package for the Marlins get yourself a couple bats including Ireland tester you need a bat maybe need to bats. And then maybe look at another reliever words aren't aren't starting hour for that rotation yet or seen of the Italy's coast 67 innings three in the post season. But he got at least he got nets. Don't assume minor move you have to you have to make a subtle Austria Italy noted this a look at these teams that are cell. There may be a problem out here right now there are a lot of guys to be moved I mean you look at Jacob aground and Ellison regards really those will all lead to starting pitchers Aaron may eighth. Eight trade for building Cole Hamels has really had sex you name that puts you over the top I don't know if you know second half of the season though in a pennant race midi but it's disliked. I don't know that's an ugly and I got all of the five words girl Cole Hamels and Senna wouldn't Michael Hammer out what yet but it's kind of alike. Dad dad be move you know all right it's it's like. It's our first choice he's our second choice NBA threes when there I thought it LeBron that you normally you know get Carlos Boozer exactly is the same thing it's like is it worth it at that point yet because they year. You don't know if you don't. There really is and there's no guarantees I just brewers' roster who knows maybe they can't make a run and win a World Series but it's definitely. Maurer believable with a bat like name shall the talk right now is a whenever Brian knows her who of course is historically during the second half mile there. I seasons so he is a good addition second base. But shortstop man they really need help us on Castro's appropriate name Jordan made a trip Patricia indulge from the Marlins won I try to do another bat on the morals like Castro or JT Ron Bartell. You gotta go for it this year the cubs. Probably going to be around for at least ten warriors Wilson contreras is a (%expletive) stunt and the drizzle come around Chris Bryant's gonna make a ton of money and there's an outside shot that they give price our next year for 400 million seed that are go for this year because. Arbor. I don't care if he's indeed Tony. If he's gonna take all those locks and there's even more protection in that lineup and you gotten price target on base taken blocks and we'll see pictures taken locks and hobby by as. Finally learns how to take a locking Chris Bryant goes back to his trio late think of how dangerous and. Number no to the cops yet so I it's over. It because you look at the birth right now with Cain he'll show what they've been able to do and it course. I would Ryan Brian is right which isn't very often you have Eric aims to play some outfield he puts in right field. There's much chance like for the house because Jason Heyward is that (%expletive) out of the ball to them the best course is might look for one more big deal opt out of that deal that beaten to it if that happens in the cubs are first certain to Bryce Harper that doesn't happen which I don't think it does because them to do is get another big deal even if he does it to 85 this year with that gloves. Then on. I don't think they get price threatening to easy Yankee. These yankees an 800 million eyes are on what it adds hey I get there's no salary cap and all that blah blah blah but. You still do you have to pay Chris bright he had to give Anthony Rizzo one more dealing gag has labels and chair as. You probably gonna wanna keep hobby Diana's. I tell you tell if if price harper. Where to go to New York. NBA Yankee. I don't know if I can think of at least off atop a man had. A better. 123 punch. As far as power. Bryce Harper yes area judge John across stand to think about that gorgeous the just on the believable can you imagine. Starting eating. Like that yet to go price harper air judge Sharpe caught out of those arms are for like what to do. What she gives no way you're not being that you're talking now not every single time. There's is no way that would be great at that doesn't hey Alan let's do that will sell. Before we move on to our next topic name charted Dodgers does that make them the favorite in the NL no I still think the cubs is that any cops do. OK if he Darvish actually pitches in the second half of the season because if he tries to do this thing Lori comes back for just post season it's over because he's got a lot of things going on I think physically the more mentally a guy's nuts I think in the had yeah used I mean it's sucking. June and the guys doing an interview I don't know who was that your dinner or where is doing a what Alan Chicago user ready talking about the pressure he's gonna face in the post season it's like bro you got. Four more months left in the regular at city itself. Ala Joseph Maddon seems had historically been blown out there a move for a starting pitcher Randy Kimbrel out Tyler chat you know he's added that guises locks the number and I've ever seen but Joseph Mendes teams had been historically better in the second half. I yeah in his career as a manager especially with the cubs they have been better the second half every year job and has spend their my pre season picked I picked at nationals tomorrow the NL that egg salad and their premier right now. But I think the Dodgers are now the favorite in the and now the power to list you might power rankings or who you know when the World Series they're 23 or for the team's. What do for the AL teams and there was maybe one and a team but we never know when that happens. But if our tech today I think the Dodgers have a leg up on the competition as far as the penalty. C a the last thing them to say about the topic is and we did the last I'd attack had tactic Steve's speaking it's. I guess and I can't day. Three weeks ago. The odds were Dodgers plus 500 nicer a little bit of money down on the podcast if you remember that we're doing live for you guys to get mature adults and analysts are right. I knew I had to bring a certain cells is that that's quite like you run or about home. Dodgers want a little bit of money and unfortunately it wasn't enough because I rolled the burst pretty heavy in this series in game two of the doubleheader it is. 70% of the time teams though we split. You know that's mineral density in the las game lands it did especially when it's the brewers. Play in the (%expletive) pirates but didn't or house let's move on to Jabari Parker. Traded. We've both predicted it is the site. That's an idea. Yes or signed to a bulls Babel predicted that odd Savard Parker was on sixty and the score the other day yesterday and you comment about defense. Did you Eunice. Yeah I heard it basically. Don't have local economy. But if I refer paraphrasing it he basically said that. NBA players don't get paid to play defense. EV I call that a weakness you might as well cult that everybody's weakness. So basically admitting that defense is an important in the NB. Now I know by the bucks and and didn't match now and it will dole but it's funny because I've seen so many Jabari Parker. Supporters. That now Qaeda backed off other support for Jabbar Parker kind of felt. Admitted that they feel stupid today because of what Jabari sad about that they comments he made. Have as big of a problem with that as maybe some other people do. I think what Jabari said is 100% accurate. I don't I don't know I don't know about daddy said there's three guys in the whole league Bill Clinton lite and above from the standpoint that you play you have one you get paid to. Play off to get right to score points get paid to put the the book bombastic I agree with that it if you're NBA player. If you are James Harden. And your scoring. EL thirty points a game and every does. Yeah active in the effort on defense is still gonna get those Max deals mean if you're scoring twenty points a game being given Max effort on defense can't pay as much you're not. But you're not because because at BA's offensively. And they're paying the guys can put the ball on the baskets Jabbar Parker in that sense. I don't think is wrong as far as three guys in the NBA that art two way players whatever. That's not enough because you have quiet manner to help LeBron James not at John I urge all need Davis Bryant in Plymouth statements last year the playoff seed. In the class yet so little progress is it just didn't raise fifteen season is constant. I'd anti Davis plays both ways. You talk about not Russell Westbrook in the sense he doesn't clear for a little bigger sat Saturday is that better. I secretaries not awful when he wants to be Teva directly lockdown and don't want to do that I did all of the guys in the NBA even James Harden if he wants to he can't play defense they have yup lettuce is and it's just about you can't exert. That much energy on that side of the ball if you expect to do what you do offensively as well so. When you talk about most teams you have that deep it's a specialist. That can do that for you that helps take pressure off the office of player but Riddick MBA. It's more about teen date defense is more about. Being in the right position defensively. Help defense to help your team have a good rotation you don't necessarily have to be a lockdown defender. Like like we all the I imagine a defender to beat aegis have to be good team defender Jabari Parker though which he shot last year he really he really wants he was god awful yeah that's a that. Easy scanning gets lost out there I still think that's a great deals for the bulls because you invest in a Tony three year old former number two pick. Who it is best season in fifty games the four tyranny ACL for the second time was averaging twenty points and six rebounds. So you have that he's seen what his ceiling is he could be a twenty point guy. Maybe like 67 rebounds that the best rebounder not a great designer but you only have to invest them in one year so a two year forty million dollar deal in the second year. Is your options that's why I do like that deal for the bulls because. Here in a rebuild. That team is not gonna defended all uptight that's taken every single Chicago Bulls older you look at. If it's not yet. Look at this lineup nobody to caloric all of this war marketing can score Levine of the oracle Antonio likening the agents you know he did say Chris is insect Izod Jabari can score. ELE they have guys on that seemed to score points each and they have guys on let's see there are not gonna defend like. I know that Bucs fans are happy but. Just steadily deeper economical with the Chicago I always do as an organ as they are and Bucs fans are happy to Jabar is gone gold and not be yours. Here's an understand about the blocks. Aux Eastern Conference rival the Chicago Bulls though not rival you had a I happen in everybody else's eyes not my guys that you had a top 25 player in Jimmy Butler okay. Secret that kind of deal towards the future and there's the rumors. And out anything they're rumors anymore I think it's a lot of truth and it. The carrier ring wants to be paired with Jimmy dollars they wanted to do in Chicago Bulls didn't make that deals that they bring in nine year old cleanly it on a terrible yeah adults out of DOM a bunch of money limited to get out of that deal so he sold. You say you're gonna rebuild you get her to DR Joseph can no load dear grows Taj Gibson bulls those guys are out guns are not competing for a championship like you worry years ago. You say you're on full honor rebuilt yet you bring in ninety year old Dwayne wade like I said in in in fifty year old version on Rondo. So. That doesn't work out you blow that up to gear delayed you get turnaround no hurry walks and on the hell happened there. And then on here and Jimmy Butler and you say organs start fresh organ rebuild so you bring in exactly mean we did in that trade deal. And why you're rebuilding. And yet the torn ACL is coming up at torn ACLU plays decent enough and you gave him a Max deal in a guy. That we don't even notice sealing it is and here he has the Tories see now. On you give him a Max deal now that did protect themselves and a contract though if he is to particular snow so that's I probably that it's like okay. Com soon tackled full rebuild you do you do in the giraffe and I wavering and Jabari Parker. In this kind of like okay then what was the point of bombed pirated hair grows a couple of years ago on the two torn ACLs say they will they have an obsession with guys coming up torn ACLs and Levine. In there grows and Jabari Parker an athletic guys from Chicago primarily together athletic whether you guys are busted out you know. They're jumping out of a jam but they're Frick Indies don't work anymore so I guess that's like what direction are they heading and has now I feel like you're kind of saying. We wanna compete for like a sixth seventh eighth spot to look at the Eastern Conference now about LeBron too so weak. So now I feel like you say it were gunning for a playoff spot not eight top five excellent what the hell is that organization dealing. Somebody know ideally because you appear on Philadelphia 76 years old trust the process of gay had a plan in place and yet you asked us tank but they they were tanking. I had a plan. There there they. Date successfully. So far is we can seat. I completed that plan. And it was successful because you've got guys like John -- he got 'cause like and senate as we still don't know about mark health faults but you have a core of really young talented players. Supposedly will do to compete for titles in the near future the Boston Celtics they had their plan. And needing this and we're gonna mortgage while LeBron was still on the east ended when LeBron was giving to his years in Cleveland that's when I started golf for the made a trip for carrier ring. The sign Gordon Hayward. And they're building some special in Boston Jason Tatum and Jenna brown those two young guys that really do it. The box. The bulls are similar. In that sense where only know with these teams are going. The bulls say the wanna rebuild and and they bring in Jabbar Parker gave him forty million dollars is to be twenty million guaranteed this year have no money the bugs and a candle brownie you're able are backed Contra experts like it. It man I really is what I'm saying is is what are you doing giving. Tony snell 44 million dollars after one year what I'm doing is treading from Matthew till the doled and LeBron James gave an act contract. What are you doing pain John Henson this kind of money right what are you doing paint these guys I know it's not this current. I don't mean like you still have the owners but. I John Hammond was the GM debt supposedly was the one making those decisions get those guys the money now you have John forced in their they don't have money to span Nate. The lounge here are some years over three years for 21 million. That's a contract I don't I don't will fight it by law because Ers aren't as good of the players he is. I he can hit from the outside he's agree defender and gets rated teasing good rebounder Pia are about offensive player and all easily get these and help the box but three years for 21 million like I don't know what the plan has for the box when you look at the Eastern Conference no more LeBron James Boston. How good they are did not tee on seven games the first round. Of the playoffs last season went out tiger Irving with Al Gordon Hayward. Philadelphia looks stronger they're gonna continue to bill would add senate general indeed and now Andy you have. Who went missing here unity Toronto makes a trade for Clark Leonard. I hate to move would get to that a little bit at the Eastern Conference without LeBron it as much and here is it takes. There's still teams had the locks any Indiana. They keep improving yeah that bride Tyreke absence. He brought a shooter Doug McDermott yeah Amy teams in the east are improving whereas the box. They get rid of their armored to a tropical maybe after those comments some people think OK well that different was the right move. I'd there was some smoke that yacht has to be you know larger barred Parker some may be years that's another reason might average of party won a pretty young as he's yet. Franchisees. Are superstar he's the best player on that team the best player in the Eastern Conference as well my opinion. I just don't know what the boxer doing right now. I know it's tough for them because they can't make those moves. Nobody wants Tony Snow but we see on Twitter. When people say he actually Tony Stella you can't and yet you can't trade Tony style is just and he could jump you just put Tony snell and look at trade offers for trailer second round pick. Rights to get rid Tony style you'd have to trade Chris melts. In that package because you have to trade value and for it seemed to take on a contract as shady as Tony's outstanding a match you double down the same thing when John Henson. Ages it's it is frustrating and I you'd I don't box fans are frustrated because the thought last year was. They have the needed a starter last year you thought the boxer BF three or four seed. Getting there via six seat seven C which they were at eight seed adapt low and the season and they're competing for that spot. And losing the first round and expect them to backstop in win a first round series and I look at it this season Ryan. Right now all the way the roster is bill I don't know that it won a first round series this year. Yeah I mean Canadian I think it got worse in the offseason right. I don't know I like the addition of Lopez Woolsey and the it's a new system I it I kinda I don't item about trying to rip on Healy assault box actually like the signing. It's just yelling at this age and is like so she's going to be part of your three year plan. What else how what else it's there because now you have six non a year or seven mil a year invests in Ers on. Why you have the Tony Stark contract why can't John Henson topic why he had the match you know the dollar contract that we've. Got an office right wouldn't even know with the team look like when they are ready to win because I doubt Bledsoe is on the team I don't know Gonzales hands on the scene so I Damon out of her now what decision are Nelson of single best interest saying. Like I would like. Limited trade Milton and as much I am a big Chris Milton sandal to drop the time I really that will play ice crystals and I think he's an excellent player. He's not be strong second option but man I do like Chris Milton. But he's at a point right now where he has that option worries most likely gonna decline next year is gonna look at from. Maybe that's money. As something I don't wanna gift but either and that's an option he's just not a superstar to a solar contenders I NN dozens all of the bill Michael shell Ozzy on don't know what the. League is doing you geyser like erupt in my production time 2 o'clock A right here 2 o'clock production time. I saw you I saw you hate to bring you making the rounds and I looked at the time were usually I hear ballot did. There is systems and those that don't know for the for those that don't know when I am done with the bill Michael show bill and I come right back into the studio our production studio. Cut pro ball cut commercials. The whole nine yards make sure our stuff is up for our affiliates. That's a whole thing thanks to you guys now I have to wait. This is episode three up off the rails chuck Freeman bark when they're already being honest showed julliard the third person beyond it's a pleasure usually yet against Bryant said you're resigned. But are headed meter new to do a soccer podcast. On a US so I mean not US open was that the World Cup. Michael Cohen McClellan yeah yeah yeah I am going not join the athletic as well I talked about that. Or knocked out of shaggy haircut and he had traffic coming back so. Thanks go to sergeant and a annals forgot about the hair not your fault it's a city Erica. I'm wrapping up that with that anyway I don't mind Chris Middleton is a would you continued Joseph you could time and is second option that's fine but if you're going to be the top. Team in the east you need another. C percent absolutely volume you might need a couple finally Dennis the thing well look at the end of the day. I hate. To be mr. pessimistic. Jolt but I seem to do that a lot no oh whenever guys know what goal that has. Helped me win the boxer ever going to be in a situation where we're talking about NBA finals reduces. You go to with season you say. Man they are prime they are ready to go let's do this what is that gonna happen hopefully next offseason. Joseph right before you came and I sent I don't know all the gonna win a first round series next year. I think that's realistic style I think is real list I'd look I I went to first round playoff series I think so next year yeah. This same time it's like EE the east is still. It if it'll get one a top four receives an airplane in Indiana are Boston Oren or Philly or even try to let cool why is playing this year. Are the things that the thing about the Eastern Conference is with LeBron going to the last now the shift obviously goes out to the Western Conference with LeBron but here's. Toronto. Is crazy as this sounds actually set themselves back years with that trade because DeMar DeRozan. He's developed every single year he's been in the league this is his best year he's always been a mid range guy finally for the first time in his career he its own over 40%. From three point land he finally develop the three point jumper. I would have tried a package Kyle Lowry and whatever else I wouldn't Garrard DeRozan nice set yourself back in the is a good chance client letter I don't know what the report as. You know in the last twenty minutes that he doesn't name. Clay this season when he sets out to be traded later next year he regular regularly again so you set yourself back in the crazy thing is every year LeBron and your play option in this is finally the years you don't have to see LeBron James. And you decide to butcher your team that you keep bring him back for the last six (%expletive) years anyway else or is it right before you finally have a legit shot to go to the NBA that's. Start of the playoffs as parents and us first like a six seed and a lakers got the playoffs is a third seed. I am good to be in love with that series to watch LeBron not got DeRozan again. You're you're fine real quick before we sign up for you find with Manny Machado. Go into the Dodgers are you still. Not keeping you up tonight. No I'm perfectly fine with that because I wasn't gonna give up too much to get him. In Dodgers gave a five prospects now again. You know one of bomb is top 100 the other 42 were top thirty in their system in the the other two were his guys. Bought at the end of the day. The difference between the tigers in the brewers' as the Dodgers have a lot of money that's a sad and go on free agency and spend money and vigorous candidate is cancer a 400 million Bryce Harper know they can and they can't throw for a foreigner millionaire many which shot oh yeah it's just it's not gonna work that way so again. I don't know how many times on and have to tell people this and some fans will never accept this. And you don't what you might as well just say you're not a fan of David Stern's and how he's built this team because I'm a big David Stern supporter. You have to be Smart with your prospects period end of story not I'm not saying. Every prospect in the brewers' system is untouchable. If they want to trade guys were able high right now. Maybe even double I'm fine with that but think about the guys that can help you coming up here the same guys that tutorials covet. Corbin burns wiping can help and is helping right now Kasten hero like he could be applaud him place second baseman next year for the brewers IE is. He stated at every level right now. I'm drinking the Kool Aid. And whose killer Frederick brought up free poll also could also be a major impact here. For the rest of the year and going to the next year he's really had five good starts this year right ready right so. I can't just sit here and trained guys that I believe can help this brewers team right now because it they do it right out of the gates. Now I got him under control for 56 years at a very cheap cost. And this goes hand in hand with giving opportunities. With sustained success in winning year in year out and gain in the policies and that's what Stearns once that's what I want. And I wish some of them were fans would understand. Beckel counts. If they stand pat neighboring this team anti second hand to the season past the deadline do you guys think that they have a realistic shot to win the division or just plain one game while I expected to win the division our victims to make the playoffs as a wild card team. But dissertation this bull and in this line yes I would stump the panel make the wild card. And if they were to win that wild card game I picked them lose their divisional round. So we're talking about it they stand pat and don't make any trades and I know trades not even like a slight nod in a small moment I. I think I think it'll be pretty close I I could still see them being a wild card. And which is crazy that we're talking like that and I think just two weeks ago. Why don't let this team was good enough but look you've got the Dodgers coming up you got the nationals coming up then brought the West Coast and play the Dodgers again with Manny channel. In the San Francisco Giants. What. I expect the cubs to make a move I expect Iraqis to make a move I expect Washington to make a move I expect all these teams are still. Try to content to make move out as to why I say if the brewers don't make them make a move cast I don't expect them to be that contender anymore I expected still to be a wild card. Seem to be positioned to be in a wild card. What are going to be putting gonna be your thoughts when the cubs make a move and they get one of the pitchers did some stuff. I'm sick thought in cubs again they're not going to although we'll see here in the next week you're too because it's like I said they're not gonna. Hold off on Yu Darvish a week or two before the post season it's roam out there in the post season when he's ready made comments to the media about the pressure he's gonna face in the post season he's worth those things out. Right now so if he's back and be ready in the next month they're gonna have to add another arm because he can't rope pilots that would out there. You can't have like I I. That's we've just I guess it isn't Larry Dominique he had yet Jon Lester yet and timing yet Hendrix it's a three man rotation which she immediately get. I let I don't even know although with the cubs ball that. The urge you guys glad the brewers and it paid 200 million dollars for Yu Darvish. Oh I'm sorry Darvish Hologic your yet there's some people out there that just say August or should go out and sign Darvish to long term contract and. Had the money to do that and more. Soccer you think dean presidency is thinking like the cubs can take a gamble like that he can make four starts could still had the best record in the National League because your bill Ike. The talent on that team is ridiculous and if he doesn't pan out you could go at the deadline and make another move or you can go into the off season and offer 400 million dollars in the secret to schedule adds all of you have to hit death is also about the Alison King yeah. Absolutely they hit on those moves and those guys were available at the moment I don't know they were those sorts of those nose for the Miami Marlins were to house on our outfielders a host and then after New York has until auction and appearing to hate of course a freeagent. You've got a good deal tenure and those guys lesson Hayward make him by himself sources all worked out there but the great thing about baseball out the salary cap is you can't. You can't build like the Dodgers he can't build like the Angels Camp they'll look at yankees yet you can't kill the cups. It was a big market teams is not gonna work no doubt or to save our top ten movie yes so that's very soon as I am I had been some problems with numbers two through six I got I don't attach any time it's already be dull I'm regulated audio. I Joe's gonna do some production work for colonel Mike. Yeah show thought I didn't hit it I just don't get into here if you ever want it stopped and again you just come on down we're here every Wednesday usually Sheboygan to the other bill Michael C a right now and I play code and a panel and that that's damn shame nobody here IOC I feel irrational. I'm a feel more comfortable being on this podcasts than the Timmons house because they try to get beyond that you and I've listened to without podcast don't put it hats he had sought opinions exactly yeah they wanted to just just good sports start here with three guys who were up and coming in this industry we do go off the rails. 157 F and affect.