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Tuesday, August 29th
08/29/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW - The boys talk Bucks Basketball and the announcement of Milwaukee hosting Boston in the old MECCA Arena with Mr. Buck Jon McGlocklin.  

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Joining us right now on the great midwest bank hotline is mr. buck color analyst. On fox sports Wisconsin for your Milwaukee Bucks all the pleasure to welcome men John McLaughlin mr. McLaughlin sorry this afternoon sir. I'm good how are you search today and by the way that means 100 billion a year for error and. You think so. Or he is there's almost a hundred million dollars guaranteed. In Matthew Stafford got dragged its crazy some of the money that's getting a thrown around nowadays in pro sports that's like the type money you're getting back in the day gentlemen yeah. Yup it is it's really it's really close that it is what I got for a year addictive permanent. Yeah it's close. Yup I'm I'm thinking there were 400 million a year not total contract just the year. Speaking of your playing days I saw the photo today that the bang go tweeted it out not only are they playing this throwback game against the Celtics. On at the Mecca on the cold floor. They're going to be wearing the throwback uniforms are bringing back the roll back bank go and they're gonna have the throwback championship banner. Hang in up in the rafters and you were there for the unveiling of all this that you wanna did you feel like getting suited up and get now they're Johnny Mac with all all this all this nostalgia of being brought up. Yeah until my hips might back fire I might and might you never can say this mill. That the but it is I don't like that uniform by the way they did come back with. If it's a new version of a but it the F. The white Korean red. Of that championship years of that early year the first year or so I think people of religion it looks great and it'll be a lot of fun and have bill. Now the October 26 at no law at their Reena good players when you don't when you're do you think our bodies so. Whoever thought that you go through breathless and build a new bill and over the air what you gonna goal Brett. To them back in and play gained a place where you mean you could not foresee this coming. No you know I knew carried that and as you guys did that you know with the fiftieth season. They're going to do a number of things celebrating. The fifty years. And and I don't even know what all they're going to do yet I would assume what the championship team is going to be part of maybe even the very first extra game. In 68 I don't I don't know I don't know what although I do. But I think. This ownership and and and the leadership of Peter Sagan I think he's done a great. Job of of embracing. It. And and glorifying it using the past. Of this franchise which it has been. Very strong and very good especially if you go back to these early seventies and in seventies and eighties. But he's got a great job of embracing it bring it next players for different things and involving him and and then this season and it's the same time no living in the past but. But you know building for battle and building for the future with this organization. I think Peter's done a great job that. You've been in panther arena since they did all those modifications and stuff prior to last season. I was there today. All right. And I'll tell you restore on that and I have been and there are few times yes. And even with all the modifications changes I noticed today the bush still. But Arenas smell it's not a bad smell ought to have Arenas bell that that took me back you know fifty years. The other thing it takes me back is what I've parked in the parking lot it's small parking lot just to the west. Between the two buildings there's for the players' part for most of the year in the building. The twenty years I can walk in the door start to walk down that ramp and immediately. Start to get nervous and get whipped him because. Erica about walked in there other than full practice it was for game. And by that time I was yeah Gary nor does fly by that time resort British spiking you know we're getting ready. You know I act like a lot of things the other thing is I know if you notice it when you when you watch America's our receivers in the event live on FaceBook today in a whole deal but. When you walked into the main doors there of the panther arena on the one thing that harassed her in the admirals all that was. When they went in there they were ripping up the flooring in the former first command. And they realized that was underneath there was original flooring of what it was for the Mac go when he walked into that lobby area. And they pulled all the above flooring back that is original. All lobby floor of the Mecca when you walk in the Markey cancer arena now and they think it goes to the concourse but they're nervous to pull all of that back in fear of you know some of them won't be dead go to Mendel condi screwed by pulling everything back but that is the original stuff there we Walken. You know Sparky and Egyptian what a conservative admissions just in the press conference. Did in my twenty years of playing there and and announcing. I don't think I was in net front area more than five times in my entire life because. I never came in that that's self interest also Kilborn obviously because I was coming your coworker work and came in the back. And and so for me to go out front like debt. Today after only being after a few times in my life. There was very enjoyable and and the other thing is. Even though that building is this very dated old with you and and with what they've done. To upgraded. Is tremendous it's a wonderful. Facility. That is a building work preserving. Because of the history. Because of what all went down in its. Not just the book's success. And and one of the things military you've been all hoosiers in battle. Are still notice as. I've traveled around the country. And in the NBA. They typical Wisconsin typical Milwaukee. That building was. Sparkling. Corn. At all times. They took care of that building. And and have for all these years and that's is. Typical people here in Wisconsin quite frankly. Timer job a Glock on fox sports has got to mr. Milwaukee Bucks you're on the Wendy's big show Al wanna get your viewpoint and has to be we've always heard it but I mean you you were there. How much different is it going to be for these players on this team. To play in this stadium with how close these seats are. And just how much smaller and atmosphere it is as far as you know what will be able to hear how the whole field that is compared to being at the Bradley Center. Part I mean that's a great point and and these guys probably. I don't know about the guys from other countries. All of these all these guys for the most part think about their college careers some that have them. They played in church facilities. And and since. And sparkling facilities. In the NBA for the most part they've all played in all these. Large new Billick I mean the Bradley Center. What is the old war for Israel almost drilling in creation they put a billion dollars. Into Madison Square Garden which it wasn't almost and look at the Bradley Center in terms of appearances beautiful. So these guys have beverage area. It is thing other than when they play preceding games. It's something this small and intimate. And I think there's a lot about it they're going to elope because it seems just over 111000. A little over half what the BC sheets but. As they play here I personally especially. Which you can play on your own court it's wonderful having the fans on top if you. Would you have been thinking like you go to Salt Lake and there on top of you that's a different animal I think it's a. You didn't how long do you think it's gonna get an error that many people being that type. Well I hole. It gets really loud I just don't know you know I know the books are on this side over how we're gonna handle that. Transferring all the season ticket or everybody over there but I. I would hope this Sparky that everyone's going to go into that with the attitude of hey this is a special night. And we're just gonna enjoy it because I'm already getting ticket request to you Ali and and I can't help that because I need about ten for my own family. And because they all ought to go again in real experience what. Some of them did when they were children with me. So then John. How many of the former players and do they bring back that was played in building our Ornette. Think that's the stuff I don't know yet. I don't know that I have actually put Cole in Gary just before you guys Colby. Because or talk to the person who's leading got up from the books. To see I wanna SeaWorld plan this year because. I think there are a number of things that will occur throughout the year dairy. I don't know what they have plans for that particular game. But. In my mind. Either as many of the guys from the very first team. And or. Roy. And even though we didn't win of there you know the game that won the champ ship in that building there only four days. We played this series that building and so. I don't know the answer that area and I'm sure the books will tolls for himself through the year. So how often her is. Has has the big Obey him back there hasn't been bad. Quite a bit. Yeah here's what happened. And in this Roy I was giving Peter crude rose. In the last three years. Durbin and a number of Xbox. That they have brought back and they paid of which is warmer. That's what they should just sort of pet zoo all the time. All right because all the old guys you know they ought to go to work through their career as ideas and and in no particular. We work at bell would. Although auto wolf what you do worker kind of phones. At it's good we do something every day of work. But they bring them back for different venues. And they brought guys back from. From Oscar decree from barrier to Bobby Dandridge and two guys up through the eighties. And then guided more current like Michael Redd and so this group has done so from. By Peter has done a great job of immigration those guys. I don't wanna look for two future brought. Why isn't it happening. Earlier me because it is a part of who you are it is apart your process Armenians a part of more the Milwaukee Bucks are all about we do have some history here and some history of some. Pretty good teams obvious that no championship but there's a lot of players a lot of fans of Lima. No question. I can't really answer that it's I think they did it. Under you know under sugar Colin and and the group so that renders China. They did do it. In terms of players. Often. Just more aware of as they argued that met the order of high profile things that they would be that you know she's in particular. Parties are. Right right and they did do that. Two to compare at all that the I can't really do that period it really is among my. I know why just wants this thing and and you don't have to but I think they have made a concerted effort to make sure that everyone knows that. Whoever is bad and I think that's. That's good I think that's a good way to build. I your community as a good way to do or your frame based or the good way to have a I think that. I shouldn't say older book mature fan base TO keep Dole's guys come about keep those memories go. Well you know period it has older and and I get 5060 and seventy year old men and women who actually come up to see if not daily weekly. And and it recognized me in and people come up and talk to me and talk about. Those days in the year read. Because of those days if you get close to us in and we came out of the locker room and try to walk through the total truth record. There will be people on the east side of us all the way through there is you know security was less about. Well than you do inspector. We we all had. You'll I didn't Milwaukee. Such camps in the so oversaw it was a 45 bush camps every summer in seven states and therefore are accessible to the kids in. And and that kind of thing and I had to do you have for intra court frankly but but it also kept me in shape of war to do that so. You know it it was just a different time in and and therefore. To compare them to camp. But I do think it is like you I think it's Smart. People people engaged and then educate young people. They have to know and that includes players is what most fans they have to know or what got. Every one to this point today whether it's the Packers in the NFL or the books. For the brewers or whatever. In terms of pro sports sport what got everyone here. I got two more for him. I'm the first one is something that I've been on harassed her about of the admirals. And I don't know if he SA harnesses and Amanda Brown pants are staying or whatever but you're John McLaughlin dammit and you can get things done in this town. Summer can be up. So I think and I thought this for awhile that that arena. That panther arena shares have pictures up in the concourse area of things that happen there the beatles' playing there I mean. There's a lot of things the one thing I love about the redone Madison Square Garden is. They have this wall. Com and am pictures up all over the concourse area and everything else of everything that's happened in the history of NASA square garden I'm not saying America's Madison Square Garden by saying. They got out on pretty long rich tradition themselves. Arm and then to go along with that when their new arena against del I'd love to see old pictures out. All of your teams playing back in the day I think it's very very important to keep that alive and not just push it aside. What its interest things Sparky because when you're. First started. That statement and then questions the first thing I thought of that is the garden in New Yorkers will be. When we come up the way we come up through the ramp in the back there's a hole where we walked out and they still have. A number of goals pictures there of great performers and people are right in there or here and that's what I think of also I know. At actual court and recorded as the Indianapolis shuttle or it is now they change weeklies you know. But they did a great job down there. Trying in. Indiana basketball history. Been in their concourses. The little different to what you're talking about but they try to include Indiana basketball. And what time I know they had some of my jewelry and things down there. You know at my age I would I would certainly agree to issue like yes. Because I think it's interesting and should be too young people. And to understand. Who's been there and I think that's a great idea. Now that the admirals are very conscious. Of our community and they're very open. To partnering. And being. A good team made its citizens so I think it's something that's possible sort. Are you saying to be sparking argued that makes calls. I think well I I've talked to the admirals and I don't know habits are caucus that Panthers it's there it's there arena so maybe the Panthers. I does to me like did you go to an admiral's game. On a panther arena they're opening is just that it seems from things that happened. Back in the days bear but there aren't actually no pictures in the concourses or anything. All the great stuff that's happened and I just think I think that's a shame and hopefully the new arena. And they've done a great job like gears and ask as far as what do you keep that date should have pictures of some sort. In a concourse area of all the old box games from back in the day like each air you don't work right. I would tell you this on a few scenes though but job though in the Bradley senator they do have. They corps to war. Or you walk down and there les a a a group of pictures big pictures. In a quarter or at least someone to rent a sought last time I was there or you're aware that. I'm aware of of the court or on the main level. That debt. That has a history of the books yet at editor of all of closest starts with. I think me and Clint Robinson. One handed it to go all the way of of pictures and repeated pictures. And it's pretty cool but not everyone did Cecilia because not in the main concourse. But I posts pretty neat and and I have seen that and and by the way what you're talking about lingering and I particulars three months before he passed away Elvis played there I saw it. Was in that building. And I also think. I cannot speak for computer and what he's working on. But I will tell you I think in the new building. You're going to see. A statute is. But you're going to see different things. And we know that are working on different types of artwork and stuff. But I would guess we're going to be trying in some of the history. At least of the books in the new building that doesn't address. The issue we're. Pastor read write and and and I guess my question would be to your WM is. Are are there enough people connected over there that would have a sense of that history. Like the book or the admirals what is well I I don't know the answer. I'm not by my final question African island of running Gary had many but I only hell I want more more on it and I know you're probably angry about this. I'm sure you've probably already made a call. In order coin I'm Tonya sultan and you brats you're in your tolerating an NBA it's UK. Eighteen man I that's just not right man to you you being a player rating of 85 is a bunch of garbage. Well actually editor were approach you listen to what were a joke but all break up for a vote you're going to get voted to do it. We're contributed. You don't have said about the two girls. Wolf thank you you're desert. Where you oil and I know you are you know you guys so I. You know what I saw that. Honestly I was glad that at a base dole and I mean market didn't make it it's a junior Bryant didn't make. I mean I would question the couple people on the Jennings. All we're allied jedi become more debt that that was a bullet yells judge you know agreed got to look at longevity. Blips so. Mark Johnson should absolutely be on there in in and out of junior tune in. Not to get away anyway Bryant it was only one of the greater sure to vault Brian waiters. But. All male but. It I mean this sport are a rude Venus I was thrilled to be ought to. I was a good player and a great shooter in an era of border without the three point line and a great shooting was like. Good but it wasn't hyped like today. So you know I wasn't a great player. It was good in particular but. So I'm thrilled to be audit so I don't have would be routed today and I needed to do it yourself. Well you know I've ever done that that. Did I tell you guys and admire Roger's story about the flash game know or girl look. I shouldn't probably should. Our guys no you can't see that to his judgment. That covers there didn't they were there are banned. There's collectors that ever lived this. All you guys know of is associate with a back on it yes and so on Norton and ignored through different things and I I have a huge sugar Rogers band or at all. I mean I just unlike her royal estate but I have the privilege of knowing him so went up there last year. After. The twelve days or Christmas. Ran. The end of the first of December that runs every year in the journal full page ad journal of coal sponsor it. And it's one of its a full page of one of our cancer kids. It's right up on that child and then at the bottom as a is a head shot of Aron and it's cold air in twelve days of Christmas. So at the end of this like in January we go open. And did with. If you pull people and a few people from the journal we go up to the which John Kerry and Max going to be weak we grew up to a level. And we've been aired and after. Usually that they often in doing so work. And Deborah forest the Packers host as its tremendous. And it probably. Total of twelve people were okay. So we're committed and that gracious guy music around Rubin meets every pollution. And he's wonderful but there it is just to be in a community. In election open we have you know we target should go. And it goes to man up and wanted to talk to your company or all okay. What's airborne made and they go Matt put up and goes hey he's just like got the new Xbox game. And I got the books. And it says always. Pick you always ride you and I haven't lost a game. Austin and I go. Well yeah all. So yeah well we do not tell me that's a very bad. I was a great shooter wrote the well. Like it meant I shot 52%. From mark. My career didn't you know Eagles are you kidding me and in John Kerry goes and yeah and so he says. Okay available to rod yes did you better to provide me that's Oscar Rogers right Johnny Mac. That is awesome on clothes. Over Ryan joined him back to where. Total work that day. They outside of that I humbled me it was great leader who's not so. That's John McLaughlin mr. bock color analyst for fox Wisconsin who and a legendary player in his own right yes Gary. We you're so far all may have won it does get honestly don't know whatever we can talk about it. Well you've gut you know you'd talk big but did I don't get inside the the at all. Come on man you got the invite. Pace I'm around all summer I don't go anywhere. Good match under events. And and it did and it sort of around you guys. Gary get a hold a mile shook up the date. Let's get this thing ago tennis in my commander. And the spark he's ready to send data out Tuesday that is tomorrow Tuesday announced that it will actually a week from today that if there's ever wavered. He's a popular kids. Not not not overdo it. You look at this ad and I gotta I gotta warn 45 peace to your point but got to come out of by drew thirty. So order a matter after that we'll see event sounds good OK okay. Rain. Touch every detail did analysts follow what you're saying. The fifth the September okay have a right in. Can't wait Johnny Mac in the returned to the Mac as October 26 he can get more details. Ad bucks dot com. Always such a pleasure when you make a few minutes for the Wendy's big joke it's slowed our Fallujah America absolutely there at some and throw rose petals on the ground with this man chronically myself assert. They I love talking to you guys thanks yeah. I get all of material all the OK I got. As John McLaughlin joining us on the great midwest bank hotline when your ready to get into. Or back into the housing market look no further than great midwest bank visit great midwest bank dot John to take the next step. Towards your new home.