Murphy: Board members influence on Ted is “Fake News”

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Friday, January 12th
Mark Murphy, Packers President and CEO, discusses the changes at 1265. Why did he decide to keep Mike McCarthy? Would they have made all of these changes had Rodgers not been injured?

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And want him to the program though like those shows on the air thanks so much to take effort take a listen to is so all throughout the upper midwest on the network in that wherever it is you're listening we're getting some are podcast numbers of people who downloading this thing hundreds of thousands of people really are wavering. At that I got a lot of friends I I denied them access that's pretty damn cool so we're we're we're doing OK I guess. Another entity that is doing okay they've made some changes in now they believe they're putting the the train back on the track so to speak. That is a Green Bay Packers in some change of guard 1265 in the minute talk about it is none other than president of the Green Bay Packers. Mark Murphy now joining us on the Schneider orange hotline mark how you doing. I'm don't find item on doing extremely well duration on Ali doubt yeah you know TWU you guys gotten into mail dump. Yeah and. If it's if it's okay take an the timeout to demolish has been whilst Joseph and I had a chance to chat and and I notice isn't the easiest of times we have to make changes like this put. I wanna start out and go back and when did you start thinking. That a change might be in quarter. Well I. Answer that question a little differently and I guess it's. A couple years where I thought it would be helpful for me to be a little more involved football. And so the last two years I've tried. More practices should be more around the team then coaches and scouting staff. But in terms of that then they can change you know is definitely an accompanying different kind of think about but we're really. When it really became clear it was just sit down at the end of the season he and I talked. Talk on off on a very regular basis. Throughout my all time here but yeah just that at the end of the season to sit down. Really. You know decided that was best transition them to in the senior advisor role. And so then yeah then that kind of started the process of you know hiring once and put mr. together and looking at who's going to be who would be an account manager. I'm pretty quickly I know well you know maybe for evidence seemed that way back. Really excited about it and outlook Brian. He's. And I'm. Really had a lot of respect for him for a number of years really primarily when he moved back in. He was on the road as a scout experience I think it's terrorists are very well but here in the building for a lack. Ella and any number of years is really have gained a great respect for men. I'm. Thinking can do a great job pepper for a passes general manager. And you know I think haven't you know as kind of a mentor and sounding board form. For a the next couple years ago MD and a great for Brian. And then obviously the you know the other big change was. You know kind of splitting the position. I'm getting mail Russ ball. Responsibilities as executive vice president. And and director of football operations. Really that's a lot of what he's been doing. Fort now it just just kind of recognizes that. And then so the other pieces have things Mike McCarthy reports may and the other spot there is. Number one through the process of really. Really felt that one of the Ares or we could improve was communication. Then. Our entire football operation and I think. Tickets will do that and I also. Try and to narrow the field Bryant's responsibilities. So number 1 morning we want I want him to be very successful. And allowing him to focus on what I feel like most important for him and apps. You know you know the draft. The roster. Player player acquisition. Really allow him to focus on that so. Dawn and obviously Mike's dignity. You know and number hires and changes he's made there. I know nothing has been officially announced that I'll think yeah I'm excited about all over and then Mike I think. Thank. What are and really can't vote for them. Excited excited the his team next year I think. I think you know the expectations here I think we legitimately will be able to compete for a Super Bowl in the near future. I hear I wanted to ask you because I think going back the decision making process RI I fighter rather interest there's a lot of rumors and innuendoes we all know bomb against Colin said and give Bob credit he had some actual quotes in there. And you would say look I want emphatically deny that the board came to me and said make a change. But was there discussion among board members that might have swayed you into that decision making process. Now. And then. I hate to be taken down like president from open Batman. It's fake news. Who's making and that's our top but I board doesn't operate at what first on board. Hillary got 45 people means that the that doesn't operate that way. I kept our executive committee in such throughout internal processes. Another was completely my decision and the committee was. Completely support. You know. I don't know how old people where some of that comes from. I've I've are just use one you you don't that the question you have to ask and I just wanted to get some clear allocation fund also wanted to ask you when it comes to the higher because. There is a concern people say well look in the seventy's and eighty's this is the kind of hierarchy they had Bob Harlan I heard them on a local show in Milwaukee yesterday here I was two days ago on that the pin down their which are pledge of station. And he said look I gave football operations completely to the general manager are going to do it. So now it kind of comes back the world was in the seventies and eighties and people call Mike Goddard on backing of the dark ages again or start losing football games. Was in I look at it as you were trying and like you said knock down silos who basically to open up the lines of communications and nobody was. Distancing themselves from another. And I I can't see this thing like getting out of hand I I guess is their checks and balances here because. You know it if it Brian wanted to say Mike is he getting a job then and Brian has to go to you to get the job done to fire Mike if I mean how does this dynamic work when you're look at each other going OK I've got the power but nobody else. Really done it I just try to kind of put my head around Wallace. Care yeah well I guess that's been a couple things spill first walked. You know organizations of all. There's no one's perfect way to do things I think. You have to kind of figure out what's the best way or ought to be successful. You look across the league know how different models and I think it's really I think that. Seven. The twelve playoff games this year. The other head coach reported directly to to the owner you it's not a model that is forehand but I'm not know what I'm not an older man. But yeah I'm representing our owners. Yeah you know it. And structure is fine but in the end it really comes down to people you and what I wanna do is have and may have a great working relationship between the four of us. As I said before you know I'm. I'm not going to be American football decisions are not going to be you know determine who Iraq. Her what you're not making draft choices aren't like them. Now but I'm you know I I and obviously he's. Managing and overseeing. The period that men now. But I you know. I mean I think I'm excited about it I think it's a model that'll work and now. Yeah and I am the key is going to be number one everybody knows there responsibilities. And you're right there are certain areas where we're gonna have to work together and I'm gonna sit down Wear them and just say okay let's look passes out and you know. And I think mediate the more resolve disputes but let's figure out you know and and that the other day. You know what's best for the Packers and what is gonna help us win a championship. With everything that's gone on and the question is posed with the housecleaning defensive office coordinators general manager. Why not just fire Mike McCarthy along and we get a clean start try to rebuild it rather quickly and get back to a Super Bowl in that regard when we all know that your manages ten years is probably a long time for head coach look I think Mike's a very good coach. And I know he commands the offensive side of football but that's the question a lot of people ask is why did Mike McCarthy not find the doors well. Well first line have a lot of confidence in Mike. I think you know he's proven himself. He's. Excellent head coach in the league and and I don't think he's they'll I think you know you look at he I think he does a great job every year evaluating. What changes he needs to make this was this was difficult seat on the ways and I give credit he made. Changes that you felt were needed another difficult and now but I I have confidence in him men. And excited to see what what we're going to be able to do you know this year I Africa. You know and I don't wanna put too much but you know you look at when my consult double word together. We had some pretty good offenses. I think yeah. That's exciting in. You know you know Micah patent is you know you look at. This track record's pretty good terms of defense is that these court today and so. I think that's pretty excited about what could happen. If Aaron Rodgers if Aaron Rodgers didn't go down this year and you're sitting here this weekend in the playoffs do you think you're still making the same amount. Plans. Two great questions on an ally to speculate but. And make it out until the end maybe maybe not as many as we made and that's where. I mean to say it but sometimes. Things happen for a reason and sometimes. You know and then he can have blessing in disguise and I think that did really focus all of us. Forced them to really focus on you know. What what what do we need to do to ensure that we can continue to compete for Super Bowl. The next course or four hours ago mark there's a lot of talk about. You know London and the Packers are not the team to go to London. On the rams this year going to be a team that's gonna head to Mexico City you're obviously on their schedule for a home game there. I know who's been reluctance because of the way you sell out Lambeau Field I think you know people would almost you know pitchforks go to of those front office if indeed. Fled her home market yeah so I felt our own and hear that. A lot more degrees today and I came to New York. But as you know nobody on the road because Packers fans travel so well once you give up the Packers home game either so. It are you getting is the commissioner calling hasn't got a friendship with Roger Goodell he's probably coney Omar what what the hell do you ever gonna let us take you over a Londoner an honor we get to stick in Mexico City your way it is not a discussion. You have with hammers this just something that right now there spinning the wheel. And your name hasn't come up yet. No I have discussed is not not necessarily what Roger but you know people on his staff in the other overseas that area and they love to have the Packers. They understand why we can't. Give Oklahoma game you tell them that you know then that becomes you know what. Who could possibly move a home game against the Packers there and a couple issues there measures that we travel so well. And but the league can't require teams that are reader hosting a Super Bowl. In their hometown in their stadium. Or playing a temporary stadium. The league can't require them to. Plain and national game. The problem there's a league also allows them to pack one now we are usually the team. Those teams since I sort of protect their own game that game. Yet another commitment that I think a little more difficult recent years is that a lot of teams have moved to variable pricing so they have different tiers. And we are always at the highest here because the law how well our our fans travel. So it's become more of a financial. Decision I would say that if you give up the Packers home game. Our game against the Packers. You're giving up even more money than you would have in the past. You know it you've probably I mean the only two teams that haven't played an international game since 2007. Are awesome cantor. So I enjoyed I think it'll happen. It just it's gonna have to be the right matchup would. Team. Honor of probably somebody explain tempers stated. I know you wanna be last person out of Wisconsin turn out the lights to go to Minneapolis and head over for Super Bowl but would you be there will know kind of in any capacity. That may we each got here obviously is going to be a big weekend of Jerry Kramer's announcing he's going into the hall of fame hope we will keep our fingers crossed the we'd love to have you on back over there than if we get your. Oh absolutely yeah I got to go to every Super Bowl. The dog blog forefront when my team is good Eric he's coming when they've yeah yeah no I'll be there. Lot of lot of leak stopped going that's. Yeah and it's this is I think probably about the easiest trip to the Super Bowl it will ever. Right right. Markets always a pleasure to talk to you thanks so much raising a few questions and you know it's it's just stuff that you hear and we try to decipher here in the program and you drive around you listen you probably know what the hell's he talking about so we try to clarify I don't understand I don't know as Uga. These are issues that are on people's minds and you know I know we've had a great run of successes you know may go back. You know in into the ninety's and obviously more recently wouldn't. You know Ted in my Aiken and obviously parents involvement. And Tom cognizant of that but little on its way to put yes my responsibility to put together. Structure. That I think is gonna work best for the team. Have you heard from airing on any of this by the what is we have heard a word I mean you talked him at all. I thought they Aaron. Natalie just right before this all out there. Mark always nobody can talk to send him on my dog is okay to you can if ever do you just passed along my number and we don't be happy to get money or seven asked for four years now to try to get him on the network whether it's okay. Well our academic paper are OK okay we got a little bit of money not that kind of money we got a little little term credit markets always a pleasure good luck to you will see over Minneapolis okay yeah. Yeah yeah I am that popular video Mark Murphy president agreement Packers joining us for a couple minutes. On the shutter orange Holland will be back right after this.