Murphy: "We needed to improve communications"

The Wendy's Big Show
Friday, January 12th
Why did Mike McCarthy only get a 1-year contract extension? Fans have questions about the front office changes the Packers have made. Team CEO/President Mark Murphy joined The BIG SHOW - and the questions were straightforward about why he has taken a larger role regarding football operations.

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He is the president and CEO of your Green Bay Packers it's a pleasure to welcome in mr. Mark Murphy mark how are this afternoon there. America carried out were were good a few things have changed since we last saw you at the the hall of fame golf outing Margaret just a. I expect that I would think that. Mostly. The last couple weeks again pretty eventful. We went well action has happened in the last couple weeks when was it decided. Whether by you were between you and Ted Thompson that he would be moved into a differ Roland you would start a search for new GM. Sure and I was you know immediately following this season yet he and I. Sat down and yeah I had a good talk India you know I often would do that following. The seat as a season. Port Clinton last year that's been much slicker. A little longer after plastered cheating game but I you know I think you know we talked things through and now. The boat that was kind of came to the conclusion that. It would be tested Trent that he would transition into a senior advisory role. And of course and that you know opened up and chancellor way to do the opportunity right related to a do a search for DJ am and not move and I'm naturally quickly and obviously. Very very excited about Brian I think a bright entrances. Done a lot of great things for arsonists in almost forty years and especially in more recent years so. Have been familiar with his work him. India. I think he brings great background. And certainly this scouting experience will help us and that. Yeah like I grown up around this little fatherly approach in the so I'm not I'm excited yeah. Any online yeah the other thing I would say Bryant. When an NFL circles particularly the last couple years and knows somebody that people really promptly view as a rising star proportion. You know mark I think the biggest portion of the packer for eons Hanover and we have to agree usually call in and talk to us a lot. Is there structure in the structure of their work you turner you know rebuke a little bit different from what Bob Harlan had him placed. Background and we had Tom Robson for its great finisher goes duties or Bob came along and Bob flaw or a different vision of how she ago when the Packers have been pretty successful with that structure Indian. You know all of a sudden last week or so you decide to change how does that structure. Change come about. Yeah secretary. The words you know it's something that. You know I'd I'd been sickened about. Being more involved in triple on the last couple years. Thought that it would be helpful. For the organization. And you know you've been around I've much more president practices. I'll round. Until change in the academic staff. But certainly not informal and Kabul but I would say through the search process. To me it really opened my allies that. We needed to improve communication. Within our football operation. And I mentioned you know the electorate doesn't. Built up over years and not just aren't you know test center epic post back confer an app has the recital was built in different areas would then. Football and and Anita brake dust down. I think. He obviously the biggest change I think is that Mike is reported to me. Well I can hear another piece to this was I think really recognizing. What. Law has been doing for the organization. These duties and he's been performing you know especially. Salary cap that got the contract negotiations there crucial for us. And so and recognizing what he's been doing so really kind of splitting the GM position narrowing the GM position down so and an indifferent to who improving communication. The other benefit that I exceed that is. Really. One of my main goal and this whole process was to it. Make sure that Bryant can be successful. And allowing. Allowing him to really focus on what I've felt the most important duties for general manager. Yeah that. Determine a roster the draft player acquisition. And so really allowing him to focus on known those areas. I think it gives us our best chance to be successful that. If you look they're really. No we need to get better we need better players. In you know while Brian there focus on the area those areas I think won't won't really help to terror organization. I cannot carry it to the change. Although my problem not as dramatic as people might think I'm certainly I'm not gonna make football and but. Michael I see it is to improve communication basic and make sure that. Brian. Mike ross'. I have great communication. Great interaction with the terror other work well together and get a lot out about it if I hadn't announced that Michael is reportedly I don't know if anybody would doubt it. You know I mean it's really it's an internal and in about I'm optimistic ethnic terror you know and emit light up a couple things outside. An organization that ball. You know in order remain successful you have to you have to continue to to push. And strive for excellence and continued. To look you know what can we do that'll help us. And you know structures on. Entitled are fine but their candidates people. And getting right people in the right spot. It is you know putting them at a position where they can be successful in that the organization war. Function. Function well partners in an open communication is crucial. All of it say that you know I'm excited about it united I think yeah. It's like everything else like that your time sell La Woolsey that I think we have an opportunity to to do some special lecture. Absolutely so you're not making four ball is she's an understanding that maybe is Brian is doing that in what will be McCarthy's role and in. What is Ross ball rolled in how to how does that all separate. Elena eminently fair we've laid out very clearly. Bear responsibility. Obviously Mike you know he's in charge of all of our coaches are strength coaches. You know encroaching our players. And you know Bryant responsibilities are really focused on. The draft player rock acquisition he will determine the 53 man roster. And I give him roster. And Ross. But showed a lot of the administrative duties that you know GMs do and big that a big part of prefer tougher for all losses since our capital expertise which is served us very well. And that contract negotiations. So middle bottom and really for rust it's a lot of what he's been doing already for us. In the past though he was doing it he delegated by it and now it's it's official that that is to go. I have a lot of questions. I'm like Gary talk in the beginning and you may only here for me the rest of the U. I'm glad I apologize for that and about it. I guess the first thing is it is we have Bob Harlan on the other day and in he was talking back in the day when he has Ted Thompson and Mike Sherman and how he could see when Ted was talking to Mike Sherman how much a must Kyle looking off into the sky and kind of not really paying attention to ten in that wind tide then came to me at the end of the year and sent. Now he wanted to make a move Harland sol is going Johnson obviously I can see that there's there's an issue. Did you not notice or pick up odd that there was communication breakdown possibly between McCarthy and Thompson through. You know who were standing with who practice who was talking who went. And that type of stuff throughout the last couple of years. I'm. Yeah I'd again I've been involved in football and I've noticed two sometimes. But. Yeah out and and I take. We are pretty successful. You know we've made the playoffs eight straight years in a row. You know two out of three after years in the eighties NFC championship games so. I didn't think things are broken. But what I did and I think when we got. Through the discussions with Ted and you know and also obviously. We're. Would surge process. That certain things became more clear. Yeah I would say. Out of respect at all had to meet certain it was a very successful is as has been wasn't very successful general manager. You know making changes. And dramatic changes while he's. Are. Our general manager wouldn't wouldn't discount and I wouldn't want to do that it had discussions that we talked about things but. You know I Dudley and you know the other thing obviously. What what's taken place. In the past one in the most important now is moving forward and luckily ensure. We have a system in a where position we can be successful. The other thing meg meg goes along with the season your press conference. That there were numerous teams run the league that had. A power structures set up similarly to this do you know off hand how Madeleine now wouldn't call power structure. Okay structure structure that's set up as similarly to you aware. The head coach reports to the owner whoever may be president. Then the GM does and then the person who plays the role of Ross ball in the organization he does as well so essentially. You have those four people like you do do they all do similar things to you. You know I. I don't know the exact role for. How other teams structure. You know I actually thought it was thirteen. Out of the 32 that have the head coach reporting. To the that to the president or the owner. So I saw one report there was sixty in now whether some of the changes that we've had recently changed that change that I think it's seven out of the twelfth playoff teams. Including some organizations are you know are kinda like apple consistent success of the the Steelers. And and the and the patriots not patriots are county because. Belichick a little bit of everything you know I think he's technically GM and and head coach. Obviously I am not I am not an owner I am but you know I do represent the owners of the Packers and you know there's no one right way to separate structure and and I know I would say you know structure is important that you know people. There are more important pictures and good working relationship. I would Mark Murphy Packers president here on the Wendy's big show I'm a fan OK am I next thing is that you mentioned your press conference about weekly meetings. I guess I I'm I'm looking for a little bit further explanation as far as. Is that all four of you guys in a room for your weekly meeting at and then as a talking about you know the game plan that was the previous week looking ahead to possible changes during the week a man. The game plan for the next week or how do you see that playing. I know you're following are our first meeting. And you don't really just. You know what are the things that four of us all need to know and make sure we're on the same page. You know I can't speculate now as we go I I think I imagine that we will be on a regular basis. You know a lot of it depends on people's schedules. Particularly an offseason with travel. But my experience has been. There's nothing more valuable than getting. People in the room together and looking at each other. And I don't think we'll get into some of the detail that that that that she just mentioned. Lots what the let's make sure that. I know what all triggered again and each one you know what the editor daily or on the same page. And I think that will be invaluable. So murky as I don't know how rotten meat. No right into our donors to. And a lot of most hackers for instance the communication. Habit. Well you close your little Russ and me. A football. Open communication is good and and it's good apparently. At the corporate organizations and neck injury to word. All the same page isn't very good thing. And you know I've. I've learned in my career that you're better off over community he ran over communicate in our community. Because and start to disintegrate when people on percentage. This is my fear. My fear is that that this isn't this and other odds are my affairs in these in these meetings that you were talking about my fear is is that. You guys get in a relief before a view and people start talking mug game plan to Mike in Whiting we do this more why didn't we do this the last and now what. I wouldn't we're not arrogance that granular detail now it's that's an island and you know. Maybe not a broad sense you know you know what things. But I think for instance you know making sure that. Bryant and the scout. Know exactly what kind of players for instance. We want and are now are especially now we've got. Yeah new. Newton new defense of conscience and what kind of players it into the system that you wanna you wanna. And I think that opened communication will be helpful. Talked with Mark Murphy Packers president here on the Wendy's big show. Mark I don't know that most Packers fans have a problem with open communication. Within an organization I I think what what some people and and my body Sparky here. Our little we area of is is changing the the chain of command line of communication if you will. Throughout the organization that Bob Harlan set up in 1991 where the coach reports to the GM GM repress. Brooke reports that to your position. As the president and it worked from 1991 until finally this year that the Packers and make the playoffs for the second time. And 25 years did did did you fear it all that that may be your fixing what isn't broken by changing the line of communication within the organization because of one bad year. Now I'm not I felt that this was the right thing to do and and I'm Alltel. But yeah obviously. Packer enjoyed great run of success and you know and and in recent years to do and so I'm aware that. You know I couldn't help parents don't know it's not as dramatic changes you might think. And and I have great confidence and Altria these people and I think the most important thing is. The other understand the responsibilities what areas they're responsible for in and in those two times that we need to come together to make decision. Were. Altogether on there and we're making that decision informed as we have. All that is the decision makers that. Mark thanks for coming on the show and and being girl like this I do appreciate because you didn't have to do it. And I'm sure you guys here. Now I know I know that years you are. Speaking for our grants. Right OK you know what I don't think that I'm confused on. And have been for quite some time is the McCarthy one year extension whose call was that a YOs that only one year. Yeah on aggregate and a contract. Decisions our negotiations. Major. Was it tense call or was it somebody else is gone or is it is that technically general manager at that point I believe right. There. I'm not getting that. Thank you want to write like Wal-Mart question I thought I. Should just. Mark SharePoint audit is this and this is what I've been saying I think McCartney's build enough of a reputation. Going along the way in of the the promotion was from somebody with in the building that was coming from outside the building a McCarthy does have a good reputation within lights. That yeah and you might and one year like. I mean he's our guy he's he's an outstanding. Head coach and his record proves itself. Marquis he's your guy can why doesn't he get more than one year. What I was yeah Carter did say. It is he's an excellent coach and Wheaties and we put this. We have great confidence in him and we want one have nothing but success and our focus on the future. That is Packers president mark murder yet our guest here for the last few minutes we greatly appreciate it Marc thank you very much.