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Sunday, March 4th
This week, Coach Mike McGivern talks with Pete Wehry Development – Character Coach Placement for Nations of Coaches

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Welcome defeat in the zone show not sports and face and held it to come together and lies being cut. Right now discover how people in sports and walking face. But host Mike may give burned and pastor can kill you learn. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Whom. Welcome to feed the zone I'm sports Radio One 057 net from the fans. It might be different flying solo this week pastor can tell they're from Brooke's side Baptist Church should be back with me next week. Excited about today show it Chia NH town they get a chance start to know Friday it's always good. And at this time a year with all the stuff going on college basketball not only in turn may come and up. But some of the things off the court that a lot of people are talking about it I felt the need to reach out to. And I Hughes. He's a friend from a long time ago when he's with the nations of coaches in fact. The heat is in the development side easy character coach up placement for nature nations of coaches we've had he gone. I probably a year and a half ago and wanna touch base with him again and talked to him for a couple of segments the last two segments recharge my quite foot who's also. With the nations of coaches he's the regional director for Indiana and Michigan. And as we're talking to these guys. If you get a chance go to nations of coaches dot com for a couple of reasons once great website talks a lot about some of the things they do their mission statement. What what they feel they they need to develop it would not only with the coaches. College coaches run the country but the players. And when you're on that website. If five your fuel led to to help these guys out there's there's a way to do that. And die and he wearied and might play for 22 guys that we've had on faith in the zone and a big fans of and when you're on their website if you while believe in the mission that their that therein right now. They can use your help and and I would truly take a look at the website you look at the work you're doing. And again if you feel like you can help them out. Hey Pete how you ban met so it was good to talk to you. Like I'm doing great it's an honor beyond and that's not just rhetoric I'm thankful for the work that you encountered doing. Within its opportunities shared our fate and athletics. KP where where are you right now are you Florida. Yeah you know what would lead you might not want to let this week I am driving in the headed to Fort Myers tonight. Two and coaches the University of North Florida is playing Florida Gulf Coast tonight in the mean. Of the American. The Atlantic sun turned. So I am on. Edit there and the Serbs approaches and then I. Tomorrow we got Miami and eating with the mother coach a great opportunity to serve. That not a bad gig if you get a peek now have a ticket. Not a bad gig at all. You know people up here I am sick and call it. I don't know for awhile and not. It's been a bank or god let me. Well ID look I know my son has some battles against the teams you coached. And would you know while one day you now have a couple coffee and talk about that last give it nor put the cap had. I'm never in my life seen anything like that we'll have we'll have that discussion one day there's no doubt you don't. I think we already have in. I think I know we're headed. A pilot like you understand. It don't about a coach. Met it was awesome Pete if you don't those games retrieve mirror Napa. And north for and were we're just really funny when I tell people look when they used to play. You better get their couple hours before game time your not kidnapped. And people DC they'd look at me like what a mirror in Athens and north when I go yeah. It was it was awesome anytime that they played these two Baptist colleges at that point here in the state Wisconsin and and got a ton of respect for for the way that he worries team played. And I was always hoping that that Matthew my son's team we get out of there with a win. I sometimes they did but sometimes they didn't results Fonda to watch KP let's talk a will be if we can't about nations of coaches. And some of the things that that you guys are trying to accomplish and when I cause yet the other day. And say look maybe eat you know you guys are needed more now there may be ever before in the history college basketball. And he said looked at that might be a factor in and you know we we need to make sure that we got the right guys in the right places. That debtor in that are here to help these coaches in these players. I'm different college campuses. Well Mike I think in order. Broke just got to do it really. Project in typical. Talk about it but basically I'm a lot bumpers back them why we started athletic. And colleges would educate young men aboard that. But the pressures are waiting because the pressures are funding these cool popular athletic and let you. On an elite. I care about or wreckage is disheartening being that I'm. I'd be like on this call I just bought a guy that was given a head job he'd been there one year. Just got let out. On it and the get a bargain deal is what you're into it. It even happened team accept forgotten all reject it out basketball they're not your players. And that's just the pressures that these coaches bait. That data a lot of that was going on college got it all in regards to. Do the billboards are put it this way. I'm. The Houston Astros won the World Series. And it got to credit worth though out what they'll say well maybe Bart but that's not what I want you would and I'm eighty. There. Are not Enron and when money and really get involved. We ought to happen perspective. Of what's really important. We just people and especially young up. Yeah I I agree with that he and and you don't way to win it when I'm looking through how some of the things in and the web syndicate nations of coaches. Dot com. Had you there there's a number of ways that you guys gold followed doing what you do a one and and and most important part I think is is. Being able place character coaches. I'm in it with different teams in different campuses. Can you talk a little bit about. How you guys find character coaches and what their job description would be Iowa I would assume it changes from school the school. But if if if you find it can argue a guy that you believe is a good fit as a character coach can you talk a little bit about what they do and how they do it. Yeah you know Mike it's amazing to me it's because of your. On knowledge and education. Caught up while they went out. Without sharing the insight to bury it our all every character coach. Understand that there are responsible and coach and head coach and are all different and they don't. Very culture oriented and others are much more. You know grind stone guys get it there Jim. So our character coaches have been well aware of course there are working for there's there are just sort approach. As well to me. And so it is imperative that as we go out. And buying in and 95%. Of our character coaches and volunteers. There either our men and spiritual ministry that are involved in athletics sports ministry. Where they're opposite Apache detergent. Or however that may call. I understand there there has served the coaches and how important coat while ago what would you wanna do. Sometimes we just do character moment what the week. Other times I'm literally ago we gear to coach is that trouble with the they want and there because. Give different than I would Wear them seem adequate care to coach and one of the players. Lost. Twins. He was on it right up twenty lock to win and you know. I ask you not know this is going on and they expect the coat that game but he got the coach needs. Help that young and deal with just opt to bury. And and so but they aren't given the ripple. Not a privilege but privilege accounts young at heart walk through. Which I think everybody that on the radio nearing their understand that discussion pretty that a guy like who's that he. Though. I think all people deal with than we've got to make sure is we're by the coach and archer to coaches they met the character coach. And they understand there it is or the trojans and the players. He people. When when you approach. From a different. You'll campus and and it is it all division wonders in division 12 and three Annie I dare you guys you'll cross the border without. We all the good one although it down to and I love the same again and double double ADQ. And the chief. And that that's good that's good basketball. Right I mean it where they're at support challenges they coaches are basing it there. Because of the child is in our country with young people are totally different than they were thirty years ago we give. Opposite approach is a surrogate parent a lot of weight and were there to support what that. You know it and I got to be on December back coaching now he needs their mice 36 year. And sometimes at the high school level your surrogate parent as well. It's it's. I had a guy and faith in his own awhile back and asked to music division one football coach. I sit here the kids have changed over the years don't you think in. He said at no actually I I don't be so when. I was I had division one football coaches that you sit at the age 28 he was the youngest NCAA division one. Head coach at that time. And he said look I was four years removed from plant. I was the cool guy. He's now I'm 44 a mirror and I got three kids. I'm not the cool guy anymore I've changed I'm the guy that wants to get out of practice moments he has kids. When I was 262728. I was hanging out a lot crew were laugh and have a good time he said I don't know if they've changed but I know I've changed. They. Trojans probably and the buyers. There's a dynamic there that the golf. I think the biggest changes. Or everyone involved is. Expectation is so we're not thirty years ago. I'm Mark Richt than those. Note it by the guided the belt and better than Mark Richt did. And I note. That they got themselves in the college football player. The trumpeted. Everybody in Miami really happy Mark Richt fired Georgia that they want. Because about people it's a challenge you know that we're seeing. What is the main sort. They were gonna get to break other said the break we'll continue with. Nations of coaches dot com you wanna follow peed on Twitter at coach Pete wearied. Servant Christ called the disciple others husband release of father PGA. And true again you can follow him at coach Pete wearied WE HRY. But go to that website nations nations of coaches. I'd dot com will continue our conversation with Pete on the other side of the break this is faith in the zone. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Worn out of feet in the zone. Discovering people of sports in there walking me. It brought you buying brook side Baptist Church that the host Mike and give Vernon and pastor can Kellner. Fox sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. Back to being in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mike we giver to get flights so this week pastor can tell there. From brook side Baptist Church should be back in studio with me next week I'm talking and number a couple of guys from nations of coaches. He we're using character coach placement. On guy foreign nations of coaches. He Pete would you why explain what that means the character coach placement. Yet my responsibilities. Art Q. On. Okay Blake and it all back here to go to what we do it bit. Well go to an area depending on. What goal it is weird. Again your course when questions were so good we do junior colleges to cause that. A major city that could be mortgage out but. Will go to an area. Will interview Puerto eyed guy video conference. So ward them literally. Will get picture to coach and the coach together. And don't want it. That's the place in art. I'm the head coach this year I mean injured coaches I'm looking right and we got a couple candidate he that would a different guy out that we expect any blood but we felt like me and that's the good ones. And it's been nothing but a home run the problem the problem is that within that year we try to get that goal in. It is the Trojan. Wire Wednesday. Unsecured got very visible. I'll be. What we could be held I'd be more acceptable. And that's mainly that front there and always always we train. And we literally written on them and get them to art in training which you and number we will go. Right debate Mitt. Right now I'm not only in. As a rule. OK but also in you know how to vote and the players they cannot do. On this budget while guy. So. Is it. Isn't hard people firfer somebody who's not a basketball guy to understand. Him and I'm sure can be done but it is it easier for a guy that understands. And been around the game for a while. Mike you said this earlier and I don't like go back to the premise that you have an understanding of what you're doing with the game. Irked some coach that they want about oak brook subculture. They're talking about that they want somebody just. The talk to them about other stuff they don't wanna talk about. Don't you got to try to get that read and so the book called the may be and what what kind of guys we get tobacco. I've worked with a guy. He was grateful that I knew basketball because you're going to great basketball. An area. And I'd talk about basketball but that the language. And frustration. Out you know it all comes down to. Coach again and where there. Hey Pete how do you get the coach on the cap and then. Two do you guys approach. These coaches and they come to you would say hey look I know that your out there. And and am looking for you to possibly comment and work with our staff or you guys go in and and CB can't get in front of each coach. Might get a good question because. When we first when I first start it would base because we were rot. At how we describe as well. And we had to care to go to that that. I would the first regional director in Puerto. And that we get I've received gold and we needed that are out there we right now in five years under and one. Night. And we are no longer going out trying to bite. Because we're trying to develop. Our development on what we do everything by cash. And we but we we we don't coach and everybody got up from coat. They didn't think he didn't. Serve that went that bad. We're not only get all that now might. Who approach. You need quality that they're not they're not here to get something here help. And so. Last year we added 25. Right now on the docket is not that responsibility. We have what fight is done for next year and we haven't even started our final what ministry grip of who spoke were. And are we joked I don't alt edit I turn our debt that this year will be fighting between 35 and it. Which are the opposite view it big challenge. Personnel. And develop by him but. It is growing up. Good for you. Shot at a you're you're now at a garage band anymore pill. So now we're we're we're we got the hit we're not Eagles were ordered. To have like hey you go away we've got about another tenor for may be ten minutes or so and and I I need people understand. That we're here talking about nations of coaches so we'd they do character coaches that will will serve. College basketball coaches. And it bit the other part of this in there's there's some kind of three prongs to this one is marriage and family. And you guys look I know is up high school coach how difficult it is sometimes I'd. I have a better home when the winner for 36 years you know I mean I've read I'm better than that Jim. And my wife understands and I talked to people about Alison it is special place in heaven for coaches wives. But you guys taken another step. And Eddie talk about being you know merit is a coach is really tough because it. You know the coach is the face of the program but his wife is is part of this thing is stupid and surely as much as he has. Answer you guys you guys take another step in to that and you support coaches and their families. And and you guys do you weigh a fairly marriage on kind of weekend correct. Like what we are actually. You met very nicely. Bond you out here to coach at the bread and butter because there around there all the time. But goat jerk open it up and promote our help and coach we have other. Major prong that is a lot of leadership training and in the one you just mentioned which is cute. We do. Marriage conference we are left with a ministry that. Provide it or break her coat. Actually get to vote is no wives from work very. They do mayor. Ray. On it and I might view all goes on their. No contracting. On the coaches and why I've literally had coaches. And lives in years banking on. Britain bet in the airline. Op in include in that. And I I don't wanna get the figure but it was. Might note their direct quote. Well. But not these guys go to their little got the job and then it didn't object on his wife got sick. We've gone AV and and Obama and we supported her and we get by the other way. Out because I win games she got a job as white. It badly. And so I mean it or where there how. Cogent. And they're not so well. They're barely. Not even including. Recruiting in the spring and all of them being gone. Coach. Joseph quote would be on 2830. Wednesday. I don't think that that's a hard hard road to be able to keep them healthy marriage keeping happy home. You know it you it talks on the on your website develop complete players but then investing coaches and their marriages. Help coaches navigate their leadership roles the I think it's it it's in the hardest thing to do is when you're focused so heavily on your basketball team. And your program. And what it looks like from the outside of what it feels like from the inside. And then go home. And be able to put that on the shelf. To be able to just completely focus on your wife and your family. It should look as you know when you're ahead I coach at the north and that's a really hard thing to do. By my wife would be talking to me if you would stop and beat them and then go argue about what I'm saying. Aren't you trying to figure I'll argue going to be. And I would just try to stop. I'd get a ride smiled and she'd go argue. There are huge beyond what connecting her pocket right on motivate this one young and bu. You'll get a big old little girl and it got clocks work and he quit golf the first time. Arnold not just mcdonalds but he got what you and partner. Dark but. We're ill. That is what we're dealing with again he is Pete wearied he is part of nations of coaches go to nations of coaches dot com. It is. And follow peed on Twitter it's acting coach. Husband Lisa father PGA and in true. And again nations of coaches dot com is a website really quickly. On Pete hot of these coaches. Survive 88. On an error any of these guys full time to nations of coaches the character code themselves. Yet. George coaches are. Volunteer. Many that are. Not cured but we're a nation. It then I'm ready don't support but we have a goal. It shouldn't. Make shortened. And but it coach I want nobody bought time or you know my players. On. You know spiritually as well it just don't. And go up by that point about airport right now they're on the mine. They're full time in the coaches help raise important. Com and their children up because they incredible benefit. We're not Obey their program agriculture. But today in the individual. PP thank you so much just safe travels again nations of coach is one word dot com. You chance go on that website. And and read what they're doing their mission statement you don't what they're doing for some of these college coaches and understand in the world that we're in right now. These guys need your prayers more than anything and if if you feel led day to help them financially. You know let's go ahead and do that they are not yet in the state it was Scott's not push it with coach we're eager to get somebody here in the state of Wisconsin. Our next guest Mike Lightfoot. He's a regional director for Indiana and Michigan we'll see if he'll. Might as well hang out if you're going to make it Indiana Michigan was that's is that too far away. To come up to this neck of the woods. It brought the body yesterday though. We love the third box school. Lot of schools you bad hey Pete shut thank you so much for publish your time saved travels will be in touch. You betcha we'll get Chad get to break of the set to break again Mike like foot. He's a regional director for Indiana and Michigan for nations of coaches this his faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM. The fan. Welcome back to faith in the zone in inside look at people in sports and walking cane season. Is brought to mind accurate basement repair. Here's host Mike we get burned and pastor can Kellner. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Okay. Welcome back to being in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Might we get her fights although this week pastor can tell there should be back in studio next week. Great first first two segments with people wary again he's the character coached placement. I would nations of coaches we're now joined by Mike light foot regional director for Indiana and Michigan and if you spent any time listen faith in the zone. I have probably told this story a hundred times a body yet coach Eddie division three school. I thought is division three Indiana wasn't exactly sure rule was. And how he bought the book I'm not a fan and he he got a bracelet. That went along with that he wore that bracelet and somebody would say court shoe fanned out. NE CM not a fan of Jesus Christ of people would look at him like are you kidding me he should know on that thank his fans sit on the silence him follow connect talked T about it. And it guess what might play put our next guest when I called about sick coach please tell me that was you wouldn't you say yes sir that was beat we're now joined yet. It. That's our show up there regional director Indiana and Michigan forward nations of coaches and as we talked to Mike. Yeah I go to nations of coaches dot com. And take a look at the mission statement and kind of the soul of what this this organization as. And you will be impressed I can tell you that. With the problems that that we have right now going through. With some of the college bass while coaches throughout the country and I think we are from I think we're at the tip the iceberg myself. I believe that an NI think and now more than ever before. We need to have character coaches. On the campuses. Working with these coaches at all levels. At division three division to division one any I ache I you know junior college. If if if we can have your 40500. Of these guys throughout the country I don't even know if that would be enough. But nations of coaches is doing what they can't. To be character coaches in being good be good citizens. For these guys these coaches and they're serving these kept. There alongside them to help and we are joined now by Mike White put coach it's good to hear you college retirement from from coach and how you doing at that. Well you know it's there are some things have to do something for 39 years and then thirty I had college basketball coach. There are parts of a bit weird distance to incorporate our best in our missile relationships with the players especially. Dated date I think that was something that really cherish too. Years of being able you these young guys kept me young kept me active. But this transition tenacious coaches who have been. Wonderful for me because there are still. In the game is wrong back coaching a specific scene while still coaching coaches now. And that's been really rewarding it is spent a lot of time. Mentoring and trying to evolve these guys all. I think we're at a crisis point in our sport. I agree. I agree coach I I wonder if if every once a while when you start talking to a younger coach if if he goes off and who moves your name. And he finds out there it's you know. For most party a lot of those wins it's you have or at Bethel College. From 19872017. He was the fastest when he coaching college basketball history. To reach 300 foreigners and the 500 win plateau. Inducted NE IA hall of Famer 2009. You know if if they don't know you when you walk in to introduce yourself coach I got to believe that when you leave and they Google you. They got to feel pretty comfortable that you understand that the about the wars that they're going through right now. Well I I you know I don't know all my life accomplishments I think those are things the last but the thing that. I consult that man and has helped me a lot that I walked in the action news. Lots of times we can say the people coping dog is still they've. There really don't know and I think that this just gives me credibility. And I've been very fortunate that it is so borrowers a lot of other people have not been able to as virtually in the state of Indiana and. He coach what do as the regional director for Indiana and Michigan. Is is your job right now it to find guys that you believe would be good character coaches. For some of the the college coaches in knows she states is that kind of what a regional directors doing. Yeah that is that's really good point I think that is by our first and foremost responsibility. But before we can reach that point. Are. Talked about or coaches as you go up but louder. Really don't trust anybody. All but he they have got to urged also open court and they don't connect best bet that ought yeah. And so while the major things. For the its order better boot sector or coach is building relationships with the coaches. I in the state of Indiana Michigan. The good thing about my situation is our house that was so many relationships over the years so it helps but. For some coaches but I don't know well this has been a challenge for me and in our artists who has been is been really awesome because I've been. Never turn down an able to go to every coach is practice and pianist and their office without without any hesitation saucepan. A good time for me to. All the relationships and renewed relationship coach. So so Mike didn't win when you do that do you have character coaches right now in Indiana and Michigan that after you open the door and and and and get that trust that your able to then walk in. You don't it's into the practice turn the offices say look this young man that I feel pretty confident. Will be able to kind of what you know be your character coach and in is that kind of what your your job is right now. That's exactly right or trying to so not oil which currency. I don't wanna go to. Or goats do are you say hey we. We would like. Character coach or is that not aren't one. Our salt pork in a behind the scenes. Looking or great people great man who would be great this. Oh yeah as a character cults. And unless there's as you're building relations especially this coach Eric. Hey look I mean somebody art yep I've got two or three people like you to us about where the you Coke Coke or one of them what's. Or some of it that was good to work. Again as we talk go to nations of coaches dot com if you're feeling led. The you can you can help these guys out financially and and look this is a really good ministry. That is is just now I think at almost a grassroots level is coach worrisome look and begin were our garage band. An an hour or start to get a little bit bigger. But with that size I think it takes more people like us that believe in in in what they're doing in in in their their mission saved in their ministry. To be able to help some of these guys do this and still live and not have to work. You know two full time jobs or two part time jobs to be able to do the things that that the borders is calling them to do. Again nations of coaches dot com is is a great place to it to start. Hey Tom Mike before get to break. What will it take for four for you guys to maybe venture into the state Wisconsin. And start working with conserving some of the coaches. Here in the state. Well you know I think that we just they'd have some steps forward somewhat. Believes in the mission it took me. Earlier or a year period trying to kind. It Q is a look at base coaches they go well by X. Challenged by next opportunity. And and then I you know I got planned right we're on Matt I think that we need some audio or conscience. And prosperity and southern or northern Illinois. Had as you want. The guy that these new regional Gartner. I felt like basic coach to the best job of our eight. Pete where it was great entry through this process. Or you know what you're so are. So Obama rookie but just being able our staff the process. The things they don't we really need. A regional director for Wisconsin as such a great state. What a great industrious force athletics. And so we indeed a person sub pop so you know I am Maria or us being able to impact. One thing that I just like oh great arms bales. Person better vote for on edge this is the great edged her for men and that all of sports law board. White city's Cory great point there and and as we talked with with Pete where you know aside. A 100% necessary that that you were really knowledgeable or if coached been on the sidelines and on the court. It helps but not all these coaches are looking to talk basketball outside sometimes. They're they're tired of talking basketball they want are about your life. And we're gonna continue our conversation Mike White foot. I'm we'd we touched on the marriage and family part of all this but I wanna talk to move it about that is Walt Mike is that. You know yeah I know seek a guy that coached for a long time. And and I do it on the high school level. It's it's a typical thing to continue. To have a strong marriage in walk worthy and make sure that that your focus is is correct. And it it takes us some of us a little longer than others figure that out put. You know hopefully we all figured out we're talking again with Mike Lightfoot he's a regional director Indiana and Michigan for nations of coaches. Nations of coaches dot com. Is were you gonna find information. And if you're listening to this and and you think maybe you wore that guy you wanna know more about it. To become the regional director for the state Wisconsin. That's the website to go in and get the information that you need you can call me here. At the radio station and I'll walk you through some of the things that I know and feel about this organization and its I think they're doing a great job. What's key to break this his faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 outbound. A fan. Back to faith in the zone the journey on how people in sports who walking pace. Faith in the zone brought you my home windows and doors of Wisconsin. Here's host Mike wing giver and pastor came cal learned. Plus sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Okay. Welcome back to faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 up from the fans. Again might get hurt fights although this week we're talking to Mike White put. He is with nations of coaches he's the regional director for Indiana and Michigan. Hey Michael we have talked a little bit about the marriage and family side of of what nations coach is doing. And I know from dated you know first one who's we are both coached how important the mirrored size is and how hard it is. You know to keep a happy home when worth thinking about if we should run manners owned a we get a good run flexed her emotion and and all this stuff that we think about during the during the season. And I love the fact that you guys in nations coaches understand the importance. Of making sure that that the coach and his wife for the coach and her husband. Give it time to spend little time together and and work on their relationship. This is. Really the key part other than being in the regional director I I have found this could be such a thing that my wife and I are partnering work there. As we speak right now we are working my wife and I are working on the final four. Marriage luncheon where we bring in. We pay for the nation coaches underwrite just so we just have. A Christian concert common share. And then we ever coaches panel that is kind of unpack what it takes to be a coach and coach's wife. It takes a special person you know to be a coach's wife or their coaches slices is really. One of absolute chaos and craziness and our people will see that they did see that coach on the sidelines by. They don't see that time award in the investment. Coaches and our reporters. Was guarding all the other things have I have to do and so it is very much a drain other than. Police officers and firefighters. Coaching is the third highest divorce rate in the country in a professional 67%. And so we are really hitting that hard because it's the home court is well taken care of the basketball court side than it is. The guy and it's look. Over the years and I don't know I have never coats at the college level but I know at the high school level. You know it went from when you started in November mute and mid march and then you don't you might get togethers to affable bit defend. Come end of October then you pick it up again. It's it's not like that anymore you're in summer league junior and fall leagues he earned this turn him in your check in this kid. And it it's it's not worry it's six months on six months off. Any more specially you know at the high school level I don't think it's ever been that way at the college level I know that you guys you know it's a twelve month deal right. How absolutely but the thing that the dynamics that work for this work and it's a book I describe 43. Former players to mine over the years are not coaching at a high school level while and and there's just so much demands on them. But what we're finding is. Coaches especially young assistant coaches when they first say you know I won it and this year ago Columbia College coach they start out. Getting paid very little you know we see all the big money of the division one top job but we don't see these guys that are. Weighed down by iron on the end of the bench would pursuits on that are getting paid basically nothing. If the coach gets fired they get fired. They're trying to move up the latter and so like come mentoring a young man right now business three jobs. And four years. And you know that means for the wives a lot of things. For the white is out there you know you have heard on a niche of friends and all of sudden your whole way from them because sure I was discovered. You. You have to figure out where it is going to be a school where the Dennis was in all all of these different things churches and almost as. So really puts a burden. On the coach his wife's insulation of coaches is committed. To not only trying to help. Players and programs for the most important thing we could really do for coaches call them in our Mary. He is Mike Lightfoot again he's the director of Indiana and Michigan. For nations of coaches they are not yet in the state of Wisconsin but if you heard our last segment itself and at that they may. I'm looked to do and if there's somebody out there that will go to nations of coaches dot com. And and read about what they do and how they do it and if you think that you're being led you're the guy. You know call me here at the radio station her or reach out to Mike or repeat wearied and and just have that discussion. And say hey look maybe I am the guy let me tell you what I have some interest in them and when you're at that website again nations of coaches dot com. If your feel led there's a there's a way to help these guys because it's not like there's. Companies that are thrown money yet have to say look let's let's make sure that you are living a comfortable lifestyle. As your help in these other guys that comes from us. Guys like I mean guys like you that are listened to show real help them continue in this in this ministry. And again if you know what's going on with college basketball. And some of the things right now it's it's really needed at every level. And these coaches are under a lot of pressure to win to keep their job. Andy if we can help them. With some of the character coaches that that might compete knee and everybody that organizations. Are trying to get. You don't want to face that phone on the website might that I really like to it in and talked about character coaches. Kind of what what the hours as the foundation. Of the organization. For nations of coaches where that is and why does it work. Anders three point coaches have someone dedicated solely. Two character development players can someone who serves is a mentor during their playing years. And teams get someone who helps them reach a higher level of play that first one for me. Or coaches have some a dedicated solely. To character development. I think she'd be just to a must for the for every college coach throughout the country both men and women. It is so true you know as we've talked to off the year we talk about the dynamics of the Sheen. Reflect the dynamics of the culture that we live in. Thoughts race of the culture is fragmented where thirty years ago we had both parents and all. We had is supporting data supporting mumbled a little longer Kasich just look at the Essex at division one car is basketball. 80% of division one. College basketball players compost au from one parent home. And so that brings on the dynamics of our role models who is this person male role model. We need character coaches step in Baghdad. And teach these young man what does Troy were wrong what they should do probably should handle situations. Because they have not been. On those things have not been meant so there's not been marble all. And that becomes a very vital part of what we're doing this church coaches of Mason coach is trying to really say. We're well personally so we're gonna invest in usually men. And our model things that they concede. So then they can be a product that will be great for our culture our society. Hey Mike and you very bad at this with the nation's coaches for only a year but I'm wondering and Joseph how difficult is it in I'm sure you guys had these discussions with other guys that are then went species of coaches for a little bit longer. When you win you're on campus in your character coached. For a guy that you feel like he's really start to get it. And and then goes off he goes off the rails will opener go sideways will bidder makes a decision. That is not really. With what you're trying to do how difficult does that for you is as you know a coach from nations of coaches. Yeah that's a challenge but I think quarters things that we have from the we're committed to the individual and we're not going to bail on and a new one they make bad decisions. Right now I ever art or coached doing well. And I'm kind of serving this is cured or coach on the side because he really does everybody is made a lot of serious decisions and growers or to talk about but there's an art artists are either silent. Sitting watching our college basketball game in his name came across the bottom of the screen. You know has you know I just got off the forward in the cultures things that he has probably made or decisions where. But I've got to let him know that I'm still there for you know I'm not gonna bail on him. I've got to be there supporting him and and helping him. And bonding and know that. There are people still that welcome and water either form I think that's. What is Christians were or call to do you and so I think that's our responsibility for the worsening more and more bad. Now that we've seen all the things unraveling here what. How is gross. Yeah you bet he is Mike White put it can regional director for Indiana and Michigan with our Kara died nation of coaches. And go to nations of coaches dot com for more information. Hey Mike it's always a pleasure sir I look for debt to have you back on. Relatively soon we we just kind of touched. I had some of the things that nations of coaches do with with marriage and family leadership and character coaches there's a lot more for us to talk about. And I promise I'll touch base with you here in the next few months. Well thank you so much and we really do need to post your listeners you've got a great base there. We do need really someone per fully consider. Being a regional director. For the great state of Wisconsin. As I've been in and now for a year I noted that it's something they would have beat this point. That's awesome again he's Mike White put nations of coaches dot com they might have a great day out touchy soon. You bet this is faith whose own on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. You've been listening defeat in the zone with host might give burn and pastor can help her. Here's feet in the zone every Sunday at ADM. To find patch shows exclusive podcast sporting contribute with an inside tip for guest simply go defeat in the zone dot com. Feet in the zone is an inside look at people's sports and their walking pace. Join us again next Sunday for faith in the zone right here on sports Radio One 057 FM so fans. Well yeah. The games. Oil surged to. Noted.