NBA: Episode 1 - Landscape of NBA, All-Star Game, Mid-Season Awards

The Producers
Wednesday, February 21st
Cody Grant and Ryan Horvat teamed up to tackle all the news and stories surrounding the NBA. They touched on topics including the biggest surpises of the first half of the season, the All-Star game, and shared their mid-season awards.

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Hey guys Jody grant here along with Ryan horror of that NBA podcasts not talk some hoops with you some professional hoops. Arm obviously I am putting Greg in only from a also host the W to be podcasts over on on demand on went up by seven at and the panda top. Right pour that one of our viewers producers here at the Fed has gone around pretty good Cody I don't good good Ryan on the I don't ripe for awhile now we went to the same school over my immediate school in. Lombard Illinois or wolf. Illinois guys just out of bears stand though like me he is a packer fans so you should like him it was funny because when I first. Signed on here everybody was like to keep the hot iron out these guys from Illinois. Yeah I think it actually I'm OPEC is the yeah I remember are we only one of my first times are on here. It was why do you keep higher on these stamps and I know what's it means. And a deer in your. Way of describing myself but you know I I I fondle over the culture here. I'd give a big brewers fan and obviously the box and we're we talk a lot of box on this podcast. Yeah and it's easy to root for the boxing grown up it was easy for me to be a Chicago bulls and Milwaukee Bucks fan because. One of homeless. Irrelevant at the time he's kind of like the cubs and the brewers noble for pretty much irrelevant while I was growing up and in the cubs obviously blew up a little bit them last year was. Was fun because now you get. Fun rivalry but go back to hoops you know. Grown up. In the early ninety's it was. Everybody was doubles and it wasn't even if you were just from Chicago their like The Beatles of the NBA everybody wanted to go see Michael Jordan play he pretty much only. Hated the bulls if you lived in New York if you lived in Orlando and your team was relevant at the time. And so now that the bulls have made some questionable decisions the past few years I find myself rooting more for the bucks is because I hate the organization not a big fan of gar pax. I was a big fan of the team few years back when he had a healthy Derrick Rose and Joseph Campanella. And so that's why I what I'm talk and box you know. A lot of people want this team to win sixty games this year and think that they have a shot at competing in the Eastern Conference. Thomas realistic because I remember those years even when Derrick Rose was the MVP it's just tough to get past LeBron James he's the best player in the east he's best player in the. In the league for reason yet a year the bulls. Had Derrick Rose MVP they won sixty games. That year they came into the east champs finals one game wanted to be able to allow Miami you know fly I just came back and won four straight is like it was not because that's LeBron is the best. Why exactly subtle are my soldiers to be a basketball realist you know every year even the bulls that I'm last to repeat that they had every year. You know there is guys Scottie Pippen and a lot out does he want an out of that deal and every year you know teams litter people would say the knicks are on the come up earning a look at the magic that's when they had Penny Hardaway and she act also the pacers at a time as well pacers will that final year they took him to seven games remembered that that was. Top a series of balls add that there were up 21 in the Rich Miller who shot of course in game four. It's a three to put a mop and win game four and then they ended up going to game seven yet that was the first on the bulls have been down in the series I remember I liked couldn't sleep and I'll list three to the bulls came back like you said we know made it 331 in seven games generally good pace Christine Jalen Rose. Ot Chris Mullen was on that team Reggie Miller mark that sets Mark Jackson. And those are really good team but so you know just watch in the NBA for the past when he plus years I just can see how things go. And the thing that scares me I should say we're gonna stay on the topic of the box real quick is just keep the net young team together can we go back a couple of years and look at the Oklahoma City Thunder yet. Durant Westbrook and hard and are you think of even the team I mentioned a Penny Hardaway and Shaq is just keep in. It's so hard to win a championship and crazy thing about that James Harden Russell Westbrook contempt rat situation. Twenty years from now. Kids are gonna see a picture NBA fans are kids are gonna see a picture of those three in Oklahoma City Thunder jerseys. And I think that's fake because. This they have such a short time to gather your talk and now three of the probably top seven or eight players in the entire MBA yeah on the same team and they went to the finals of course all young that's when James Harden has come out the match and couldn't be LeBron. And so the argument that I always have it you know with people is. Lol what can this team you know go to the NBA finals you know and they bring up that Oklahoma City Thunder team and it's a bull look at those guys though each of them. Averaged nearly thirty points per game you know they can go off for 5060 whenever they want. And they couldn't keep those guys together you know we can't really talk about the small market because that's the one thing that I always talk about what the NBA is players are so marketable now doesn't really matter where you play look at. Anthony Davis in New Orleans and you don't really have to go to New York Los Angeles anymore because the NBA does a better job marketing their players and any other league in my opinion well. So much facial recognition to his wealth and BA you're not wearing a helmet malware and amass or even hat in baseball and Ambien doesn't. Perfectly the way they are marked their gas star driven leak. And that's how they run to the and the its patent or less teams it's more or less individual individuals exactly I Don Imus is an individual we have here in Milwaukee that is extremely marketable. Exactly so you go to McDonald's today you run Indiana's you run into James Harden Kevin Durant LeBron James you're gonna know who the art if you run into hot hot Clinton Dexter Mike Daniels grand if you're the biggest packer fan in the world you probably won't even really I think the casual fan will recognize more MBA players and they do MO BR and if not exactly little at a postal the most popular sport in America and he is turning up ports yet and baseball's probably the worst Italian shoes yeah I hear I would think so 'til like. You mean I love that we're doing the spot castle of restarting this Madonna name for this yap what is. Myself go to grand right port that we don't have a name yap NBA all NBA talk. And so ecstatic as a huge NBA Santa watching it for him 27 gossip and watch a spot 21 years now. And in my opinion I think gas wells and better than it is right now. I agree I mean you know guys every year that you know the argument as well. You know they don't play defense like they did in the ninety's go back and watch some of those nineties games easy to say that when you're going back in your watch in the bulls on the necks or you watch in the pacers and the next to go back and watch like the 97 Denver nugget. Take on the ground our records and come back to me you've got to still about two blocks that 1992. Knicks' first ball series in UC Ali's flagrant fouls happening. Was again more physical that India how the rules were different life. Today's game is much more skill base and it and players can shoot players to hit from the outside were changed the game it's more small mobile aspect I think is the most exciting bass mark ever seen. And a great example is there's really not a bad team in the NBA look at Orlando Magic I mean record wise they're terrible but every night they played teams tough. And you want to learn he covered the column last week the box odd nuggets game the Denver Nuggets are probably my favorite team to watch in the NBA. Today play defense absolutely not. But every night they score 12226. Points and colonial which is unbelievable he's wanting triple double exactly so that's the thing you know you can get the league pass in new collection literally any game on the slate in you'll be entertained be absolutely every team has skilled players I think about. The NBA is. That there there are not just a basketball. Program there and entertainment program right I mean where else do you get. The drama in the offseason bill holt. Break up a car re Irving and LeBron James and then. You have the whole tab drank Russell Westbrook all we going to talk anymore and of course at the all star game as we're gets you a little bit later we saw them finally. Look like eighth. Back together now they're like they're friendly they were talking joking around but you don't see that in any other sport you just see as many trades or free agency as you do in. It and perhaps baseball or. NFL you do secret is in baseball trades baseball but now to the accent where. All were breaking up the team and these guys are moving away and we don't like those guys anymore it's like NBA you have so much more drama. It's funny because we are talking about professional wrestling office there is this is professional wrestling yet NBA has become like the male. Or when I mean whoever watches hoops it's become a soap opera the because there's a story line every night. I find it easier now to watch with my life because. You'll watch. The other night you know the Detroit Pistons are taken on the clippers it's the only game on ESPN and I could doctrine to watch an epic has lately crypt and you know he was going to be clipper for life they traded him in always planned against his former team boom storyline she's interest and so that's the best car so I don't storyline still so many sort of sit. As plugs here I do host the W podcast with partly clerk. You can hear another one of those this week elimination chamber preview but that the best thing about Bob wrestling that people understand this is the story line. Not that there in action not pretend to be fighters say is it's just need you couldn't be fighters and don't pretend to be real in this story lines and just wanting to NBA has I believe. Over any other Lee is just not. The story lines and makes a funnel watchers like Washington weekly. TV show you know watching game has brought to Washington walking down a site. Was gonna happen next and subdued it was the NBA rightly. The last thing I saw that we just made me crack up so much was tiger being and the Celtics when they play the cavs after the tasmin a trade task course took them. Down but I re had a nice move on LeBron and but on mr. Graham and Isiah Thomas liked to liked and it's like it's like some like badly he'll see that in other sports and what you do with the India. Exactly in your guaranteed. Every season. You're gonna have more story lines because guys are gonna get along guys are going to trade I've never seen anything quite like the NBA trade deadline all day it's really quiet quiet quiet. You know that the cavs are gonna make some moves we don't really know what they're gonna do. You are they gonna try to cut some cap space and try to hold on to LeBron to mom next contractor you know you're gonna have to bring in some talent but we're really gonna bring in. He knows it can be DR Andre Jordan they just completely flipped the whole team I'd never quite seen anything like that they. Robert Lohse bombs all over I don't play as it Thomas they happen and it trickled down from there are you bring into Clarkson you bring and George Hill right bring in. I brought a hole at running US calls I mean. These are great players but these are young athletic talented guys that can shoe and descent ended brought in the perfect team for LeBron because in the. NBA that's what the NBA is right now is Unita got to penetrate get into the lane and and you need shooters the cat disperse kind of invented this system what Tony Parker and Ginobili. And died Danny Green every year though they would have guys on the perimeter the can knock down shots. I always laugh when people talk about in a big and and you do need to rim protector still but the game is changing media guide can penetrate in you need cheaters every team needs guys like she's always there. We brought him up a little bit ago he called Yokich look at him he's the best player on the nuggets are seven seat. He's he's old once a lifetime he's a transcendent talent that and it's just a walking triple double but. Are they going anywhere Yokich if they don't have that that that the guys on the wings running him. In BP will also say it's a point guard driven league I kind of disagree with that it's a wing driven leak yet at all look at all the champions of years past. Especially in this era. Its wings you had stuff curry with Golden State he won one championship. Without Kevin Durant. He could MP LeBron James. By himself and I just clay Thompson immigrant he need Kevin Durant LeBron James Dobson the best wing. In the NBA you look back team all of a further oddities of Boston's Paul Pierce you know Colby with the lakers it's it's a wing driven. It is and you know every year the point guards do get better but we've seen it before you you need a Unita Donna's 676 say players that can hit from outside and get in the lane and get buckets because. If you are built around a point guard will go back to that Derrick Rose bulls team and all you do. I'll be opposing team residue was put their best defender and Eldorado grows and grows and apparently thought it. So that's why the warriors needed Kevin Durant. Absolutely and anger anyone 73 games the year before but you need a guy they can get to those fourth quarter points and you could shut down staff curry is a tough IKEA yeah that's a lot of ways to do it there's nights were clay town sent. Because he's such a good defender in gives so much on the defensive side of the bothers nights he doesn't show up on the offensive side of the body a drain not to go for torn in the next 93 point. Andre Mike you DB three points and impact the game more than anybody as well with the rebound his defense is nastiness exactly so just based on a court in it and that's a summing that you'll also need action which a team. Let's say you're the general manager of the blocks in your put together a team next year and you could pair yeah honest with any other player in the NBA in and that's thrilled he can't have LeBron can't have Kevin. Who would you like I don't want LeBron. Rightly depth not yet have a gap that's obvious nobody wants LeBron and people that say we don't need jumps. You are all man knows not like everybody needs the brown anybody that says we don't want LeBron. Come come on man you don't want will be don't want the best player in the world a lot pressed a bass player of all time right. AM it's the go ahead and and and T had any player who did the disease these players to parity honesty yes. Now one message I help you Jabari Parker because I like the guys so much for any player. The NBA Albert won a pair which you are honest right now besides for Kevin Bryant and LeBron James. I would say yeah James hard. James Aaron I would say James Hart and I mean I think you need a guy that. Is terrific offensively that can put up the same amount of points as Adonis annual 27 a thirty point range and someone at a store mean. Let's ask you have a duel with with. We'll go on stage you have Kevin Durant and staff curry not to mention part of hip and downtown some of that yeah honest hasn't. Added to his team yet but. That will come in time to offseason offseason offseason he will as a three point shot to see them already stepped up and has encompass who would you check the markets. Cousins healthy and had them again with the right had come yes. Outlawed DeMarcus Cousins or Anthony Davis a stretch for because the league it's causes its cousins when he came to believe he did not high history now which Ariza can't. The year before he he attempted like two years ago he attempted like 223 pointers or something like that. And a year after that all of a sudden he's knocking down only two to three game just got ridiculous to like about him is he'll step out. Knock down threes but he also also give you 1213 rebounds. In when he wants to show lot. I don't think there's a better stretch for in the late in the market scuttled an idol is a more dominant big men league when DeMarcus Cousins and wants a show what exactly we want to drop fifty you're dropped fifty. But in and that's where. In other NBA I always laugh about like the head coaching because if you have LeBron doesn't really matter who's coach in the team but giving younger team. Like the box than it does matter who the head coaches. Had conversations. With some other people about this before doesn't really matter if you're who'd had coach is psych. How how much of an impact to see Kerr have on the wars how much of an impact as. Tyrod glue have on the taps now I think guys like Brett brown in Philly have a tremendous impact. I think guys like Greg Popovich and Santonio have a tremendous impact but. Some of these preteens they have these. Amazing players it's more about control and the egos and actually coaching does not hot plate he'll get to an MBA you'll understand. Concepts like giving go pick enroll how you space the floor is yours know how to do that but. Did it adding the big thing with head coach is an MBA is. Is controlling the egos of players and Mike that's why you look at currency current Wesley really do as far as x.s and o.s thing. I go all the way back to the ninety's I look at Phil Jackson being considered the greatest coach of all time but that's all he did was he managed egos and and he had to try it in the triangle that was about it yet aztecs where it was and Phil Jackson's illustration but. What he did was when you pick up a guy like are not meant he and everybody had different rules on that team Rodman was allowed to go to Vegas the night before the game you know fly in get George CC isn't drinking alcohol you 2 in the morning before this sort of study on the golf course point 18 holes in the morning you know before 7:30 PM tipoff but everybody that he did is he managed personalities and I think that scandalous Steve Kerr does. In Golden State is laden we sought a couple weeks back last week I should say when he had players around in the huddle. So do you you know we sell Luke and for a fee at 6 o'clock and fill them last year ended aground outside I feel like a viewer I could probably coach the warriors. And we would win seven games but then you know something does go around guys you know Durant goes down then more in trouble may be but. It's stuff goes down maybe you reload shrub or clay gets mad because he's only to contend shots per game we have to somehow managed you know the personality on the team that we might be. So that's that's a good question it's like eight I think Steve Kerr is a good coach but we haven't seen a coach a bad team we don't know what he has another player's right. I recall a time. Last year look what he coached that was last year and I last year went what he had he won coach of the month. But he had no wins because he was he was even in term coach you resist lusty chorus out he was filling and yet and received Kirk came back. I don't remember what team it was I don't remember who they're playing or what were away at west of sometime when Kurt came back his first or second game piece on the bench will look law and and yes someone comes down it's either staffer claims to have yet to drag comes down history whenever encourages turns to Luke Walton says. Some really good coach exactly and the like two plays later in a country like panda some really good coaching candidates that. Think it's Steve Kerr did is kind of like what Joseph Maddon did with the cubs he's made it fun to play for that organization those guys wanna go to Golden State and they wanna play basketball really Durant wanted to go there. Because it's such unselfish team. It is say we want boggled states say they're the villains because they went and an end for some reason our culture hates winners because. Once you win it's why you say it's. Doll we want someone different radical state mandated social fund brand of basketball whenever there on. National TV I am too lenient because. They play basketball the right way yet you have all stars you have superstars and a team but they play as a T. Exactly and they share the basketball Klay Thompson aide is Klay Thompson wanted to come to Milwaukee you want to go to Chicago he would average 25 points per game and and probably be defensive player Graham are you worried drag this kind of an average twenty points and they can do that and that's as as the fourth offensive option on a team him he understands his role. Untie your score points out here to grab rebounds on her play defense under the skin. Other post and find exactly so I'm always amazed when I look at the box score and you see likely taps and two of seven you know six points two steals and you're like man that's one of the best players in the league. And you'll see better you know around the association is guys wanna put up numbers guys wanna get paid a lot of Russell Westbrook though do you think that he's gonna take six shots and game to make sure absolutely not his touches and absolutely not as much is he lights probably plane and Oklahoma City. I mean look at the year before that they went to game seven in the Western Conference finals and lost to the lawyers so I understood why people were mad that he jumped ship. Brees Hooper he likes to play basketball and when your plan in a system like that. You're happy because everybody's get their touches and that's how you win games and so that's what I think Steve Kerr kind of brought to the table for the warriors as he makes it fun to go to work whereas. You know only is it fun to go to work plan for a guy like guy attempted it only nearly as an I don't know I don't know I don't know Bob. Bass ball backed this week all star game or gets you one mark when I want to make not when you September grant likes him who he wants ago. Optical and stayed after leaving okay see you know people give. Always players. (%expletive) for leaving their teams to go somewhere else to win but but then on the flip side you have. People say all Dayton daily care about making money don't care about winning championships of the -- care about winning championships who know here. Well that's exactly what can drag it now is a bad guy. On the flip side of that. Carrier ever over in Cleveland. He wants to be the guy he doesn't want to be LeBron shadow he forces his way out to go to. Boston there's his or something commendable op that I think there is. I'll let people size I like having drank going to win titles playing with the best players were like Thai army urban wanted to be the man by himself but. It's like these guys can't win. Because you want to do wanting to go do that and then you turn on them and say well that's not right. It's also double standard as well because let's say Kevin Durant never wins a championship stays in Oklahoma City has some great years some great individual numbers would never wins a title. You're saying this is Charles Barkley at any time anybody wants argue anything they say you know he never wondering. So. And I don't pressured the bloody thing is to it's it Durant didn't do that stayed in OKC. Him and Westbrook to screw it could just never figure it out he never won a ring people would say. At the end of his career. He's a great player but he never got to bring in now on the flip side eagle eagle on state people are saying is great player he categorical on state to get that ring. My only problem with Durant leading was the year before they have a 31 and they didn't blow out and conference finals and not only did they blow a big game six when they could clinch I think Durant won like 728 from the field. In any leaves less Brooks I was a little upset is because I thought I honestly Oklahoma City was the better team. I mean the Warner's obviously 173 games but I just thought that they were beatable in the playoffs before they had to Wren obviously you know they generally have a dominant upper rim protector. And there was some nights when staffed curry would be opts in then you know who's your second option obviously Klay Thompson the dream as early schooler he can be. Suck up to that team was beatable with the re going to Golden State that seem that's he's unbeatable and they share in the most likely gonna wind and in. This team may be the greatest in mobile tiger and it it's hard to argue you talk about Teva Dresser and BP's stuff Curry's and the peak Klay Thompson. Twenty points per game is your third option it's curiously migraines or fourth option right. And and they got guys on the bench he got solid recently got Andre Iguodala the guys can comment. It it and that the way the system is run their so unselfish that those guys can't contribute on a night in a nine companies. It's a global Kerry did because Kerry won a title and then he lost in the final series. And he said you know I wanna be the guy candlelight he said but he also he's he's got a loves playing hoops you know he's on the playgrounds you know he likes to play basketball. Uncle drew coming around Peter exactly are you gonna go CNET. Probably in fact I mean if a mess on a trip are laughed my ass out of your making him Shaq Reggie Miller is in his movie robinsons and Nate Robinson of the movie it would seem that all my job I don't exodus that's probably not see a movie most likely I love basketball so so not only does he loves basketball he wants to be to guy but he's also go when he's gonna play for Brad Stevens who's one of the great basketball my god that's a coach you can look at and see access help call shall know how good a cushy. It's like to the decision and I mean especially I liked the decision because I love hoops and liked watching Eastern Conference basketball and just knowing that LeBron is a lock for the finals which are most likely is once again now after the trade deadline this year. But I like the fact that there is some competition I do like fiery. And imagine when Gordon Hayward is fully healthy because people saying that he might be able to come back for the class I don't think that that's yeah possibility. Other gruesome injury and even if he does I don't know what he's gonna what does it. Natalie angry because I just I don't know applicants passed we see that happening but play up not far away. We're getting closer and closer to the playoffs all star break has come and gone. The all star game let's talk about that a little bit and action at the start that we would get to that so let's dive into it east first west no longer a thing. It's team LeBron burst team staff really quick before re dissecting game itself I absolutely hate the fact it Intel buys a draft. That's the only complaint that I all of its like complaint I have. Alec Arnold those Chris Webber I forgot who said I like the idea of right before the game you get all the players you know senate color. In major after teams right there. That way you don't have any time to practice through that in other cool idea I like that idea is that was actress Webby artist Chris Laver yet it's just like a total pick up basketball you have all the players lined up nobody knows who's gonna take coup. Abbie great event as the way to do it feelings get Hurley was funny when they messed with less proton news the last player that is next throughout the batter order I mean your millionaires a year or else tiger won the the top players in the league and I think that that's the way that they should do but I love I love the new concept of cloud of of guys taken their teams of haven't captains because these birds last. It was just it was old and tired and boring yes I like to. Es first west I have no problem with the new system I don't care holly do it is also game's about choke up case in the stars as long as they can still continue to showcase the stars. And they do play a little bit defense late in the game yeah I'm happy and that game had me hooked. From the tip off all the way to that and it was fun it was exciting I mean in the second quarter at the end and a half team LeBron traps. Team stuff they force a couple terms of wind you ever see them all star game it and this whole glorification of I wanna see these players play harbors and all sort and that's not and I happens exhibition game so any little thing we get from it. I think it's exciting I mean I love watching Australian he don't like to understand I'd give it cannot. Real fast to what you might sank yet but I tie it is I think the NBA puts on the best weekends slash game excellent out of all the major sports and I had a great time watching. I agree I agree completely who my favorite part was just the concept of LeBron vs staff because I like this rivalry to where they might be friendly on the court but they don't like each other and now. I don't think he'd do I don't tell they can do is getting heated step ones are human cause I saw somebody tweeted out a forgot who was. Somebody tell staff period as the all star game not game seven of the finals in LeBron was not going to be nine win that game pulled out here and I mean that was like LeBron. Being down 31 in the finals a couple of years ago he took that personal. They did in those players cared those players wanted to win yeah Tina LeBron wanted to win team stuff wanted to win there is no. Loss loss and you talk about those two teams playing against an all star game and even you'll be at the end he was our Gannett officials I. And then of course the out of bounds play where. Where it went off. Cameron who's it was a joy and Beasley went hobby airport and LeBron into ran aren't scorers table screaming and yet there like eat that felt more like a regular season game more or less an exhibition game. I liked it Alec did I like this'll staff first LeBron right Hillary have opened seam in the finals again to tell you that your with at least one more year because I do I like the fact that LeBron. A different team has a rival that isn't Paul Pierce exactly yeah. That can help as a new team as we alluded to a bit earlier to task I don't think they can beat Golden State now but then there's there's still that thing work. I mean at the Bronson best player in the world sell and if he's the best player in the series. There's still a chance to. We'll set yeah is who has a realistic shot because I saw something funny I don't wanna get up the tab at the all star game but to DC the comment that Anthony Davis made was yesterday. That if DeMarcus Cousins has stayed healthy. He thinks that they would have. Then the favorites all right last let's get into that for sure how does that make me laugh but go back to the game yeah I enjoyed it more than I have probably in the last decade what you said you know e.'s first Wes was fun. To see who the better conference was we always knew you we we knew who the better conference was. But east usually had the best player in the browned and I made a personal that's what I like you know that is. LeBron is taken that team well taken that team exactly stations maybe next year look at the actually pick the team but. I like the I like the fact that they made a personal between him and staff because I haven't seen an all star game did that heated. In forever yeah I dare over the last Thomas I've seen all stream or an accident please remember. That heated I mean the last. That's all star game I watched was was all three when Jordan hit the shot over Shawn Marion and the imam were Mariah Carey saying half trying to show with. Wizards' Michael Jordan Jersey which I absolutely love the way on like the pregame festivities and halftime show this year. For the Austrian which which is god awful which I don't want to get into this is a bass want to separate discussion wants to on that. But yet also in the so much better mama level all star weekend. We can talk a little bit about the dunk contest the three point contest you wanna get to it you don't like about three point contest what's that the wreck of money balls at the end yeah I did what and what last year last year a whole idea is not a huge fan of it it's comical player gets to work goes right. I mean he's against it given an option to pick the idea gets. It's like yeah Devin Booker career high twenty points because didn't have that money. Exactly Rezko with that you can't get on the record with 28 because there will you know I mean it worked out exactly yeah Craig Hodges Larry I does he have the the money ball now in exactly so yeah actually I feel like that's the only nom. The only complaint early have about the three point contest is is the wreck of money Bosnia and the dunk contest Michael Douglas was cool as is running out of ideas I don't get. Mark Wahlberg. Donald I did like Chris Rock celebrities I don't get it DJ Khaled I don't get that. He's our only got a like get a clue because you look over Munich that's at ten yeah I got you attach easily as stalwart like that and that's the problem is that it really raw poverty and I love Mark Waugh I thought Chris Rock outlawed these account. Alec Kevin Hart. I don't know more arc but those guys got a long there he had no they don't belong and they tell it they don't mean that divesting Kevin Hart did this year was when he got hammered and try to go up onstage with the Eagles. I've had enough of Kevin Hart movies and enough of Kevin Hart just yeah just too much to get up that the topic are now but it had way way too much about Kevin Hart. But yet I just heard of the celebrity judges you know gay guys that played the game to Chris Webber added to judge the damn counters because everything's not an accurate ten exactly right guys four chances and they still get in nine or ten and that's complicated done in saint shots and it not capsule and up. I enjoy the dunk contest still -- people say it's stale he had may be stale but you still see new things every once in awhile but don't our Larry Nance was terrific yeah I mean especially when they went back on the slow model one we've hit off the backboard and director of some of an awesome and it was ridiculous and in this three point you know I always have fun watching that because it's. It's our great shooters of course publishers have come over from the night before didn't. So many bricks tonight on yet funny quotes to Reggie Miller does a great job to quote of the night was back and actually the south Nassau you. Literally the same time between the sale I Zagat Kyle Lowry as you think Kyl. Kyle are going back to the 2017 playoffs with a three point. Performance and it was just Alex up like that and the skills competition I really like Laurie Markkanen. I'll wonder I like that they. And implement the big man for the small Alex at two I'll really like Vanilla and that's cool. I think the willing to win he'd lost the first round you is everybody's dead dad yeah I thought for sure he would showcase his skills but he didn't. They Lee Williams fan ever since he had two girlfriends that got along at the same time had to suppress. And he's a terrific player he's averaging 23 points a game like nine assists two point eight million dollars a year which is ridiculous he had any discount locked up so good move by the clippers there BI like the skills competition I do I mean it's fun. I like three point contest and in the dunk contest I enjoy you know it's just it's hard to be original outlook are easily seen every dot Alec Golan back in what Alec with a retro dogs like a somebody's gonna you know put on the Vince Carter Giroux yeah he's a 360. Cool I do at the record dunks but I hate with the judges don't just because a guys Wear different Jersey does not make the dock a fifty. They do that I know way too often legally and dancing was really cool where he put his dad's Jersey on the got a cool moment at ninety. I like the small I don't like that I did like that out what's he got to take up from the free throw line but maybe like go from the three point line but yet Alex I don't want I don't I just minutes. But it taped piece of tape like. In between that top the key in a free throw line he took off inside a free throw line Baptist university trustees and that's and I own Brett dairy. Who I think is probably the last like idol in the dunk contests or he's only wise nothing a women's hats this up from the free throw line that was pretty cool to see because you know like man maybe can watch intentionally is Brent Berry candle is in the movie. I did Woody Austin did. Duncan at the end he did he did to get it on not on the poop them. Yes the all star game is all star weekend in holds fund you know I mean halftime it's a little bit more ridiculous I thought it was funny like when they had a concert. In you have all these acts and then you have like an NBA player companies like and commercially is a greeting from a piece of paper they do all that for charity dollars and they're raising. But it just gets like kind of funny when ailing hung over like Andre and agreed and everything from a to FISA papered try to get a. Hey there's a Michael moments no anti Davis coming out of the game where DeMarcus Cousins Jersey I thought was was cool. That introduction. Stupid like I don't wanna do and all that on but the game itself I thought it was a successful lost art yeah absolutely and you got to see another great performance from LeBron and mean bass player and best player in the world put in the world that was amazing that he just literally political team. Don is back in pretty much yeah Ali that the teams were evenly matched up. Yeah you know it's funny to it at first. I don't think there were even close our dot team LeBron was gonna wipe the floor than. He goes down at the John Wall goes down yeah EI and and I you have Goran Dragic went like yeah alike he's good player but. Is not just at all hey hey hey you know it but it was a great game Rubin was evenly matched double teams play well yacht has had a good showing you play 27 minutes. The key had 166060. Minute they're like you got about a place a little bit offer for a moment but. On other people are pretty well yeah I body's gonna gun for the MVP their fur short period time he started taking over the game a little bit venue and you can just sit back into Israel there's so many big personalities they're you're 22 years old lieutenant. Exactly it yacht is on the box stupidity got us an all star team as a lot different you know he don't have players. Low light like test after your. Or James Harden or LeBron James on the boxing writer Chris Melton nice player to barn as players but they're not those gaps talking about the all star game always your biggest surprise her if there was any free use of the first half of the NBA season anything can a surprise you any team or any player Bob eagle. Houston is that top seed in the last. Surprise me either the top seed maybe just surprised I thought that James Hardy Chris Paul. Duo I wasn't sure was gonna work this well right but Bob's you know work decently and it they've only lost one game together. In accepting an edges that team is all the reports came on their just obsessed with beating the warriors and exactly here so I mean they spent the whole off season just watching film breaking down ways. To compete with the Golden State so. That's been a big guys out the rafter is number one CII. There are you this every year as a thing to do I'm not surprised by them. Them DeRozan has been great but I don't trust the towering in the in the playoffs I don't know if there were Toomey surprises I think I think the biggest thing was. Jason can get inspired dull I was. Mean that was surprising but I I saw it coming and yeah I thought I was gonna happen in the end of the season here. I thought maybe the biggest surprise was the Bledsoe trade for the box I mean to be honest with you because you look at. That the task of these older guys I mean did you expect much from Derrick Rose on the tab art you know Isiah Thomas of course not coming back he was a system guy and Boston. I'll I'll I mean yeah I don't think there was very. Many surprises in that first half. Houston opposite a nice story. I'm 44 and thirteen right now and once in the west but that was a good team last year and the added up all star point guards. Biggest prize and he was just how well Boston played after Gordon Hayward went down because that's opening night union and score points for the Celtics he goes up for a Duncan just. How gruesome neck injury was. And you need all those young guys in the got a bunch of great young players in Boston but it just the way that they are kind of stuck together and got through that I mean they did hit that migs buried omitted for stack half of the season slump a little bit there. But just how well they've played I mean which carrier ring you know. On a new team a bunch of young guys Armenia Horford but a bunch of really young players. I was like how these guys gonna fit together like how was Marcus mark gonna play with carrier to have Bret Stephens and work he makes it work so they've done a pretty good surprise I think in east you mentioned the raptors but I just don't trust them in the play out what some. Individuals apprised as time to Mitchell for you talk yeah. And I mean there are so high and that kid a traitor Ronnie Holloway exactly and I was actually really surprised that they did trade rowdy and I would agree Dick for it and of course could rig demand a lot of money via. By he's a restricted free agent after the season and so you think the jazz. Look that guy's a guy either prop possibly build around but. Now he's gonna Cleveland and here privately guy and that cork right after LeBron leaves. Which I believe will happen. And I don't know what more surprises is. The spurs are kind of a mass and that's an organization you've never said that about now and I sensed Tim Duncan was draft not before the year before that on the Monday did it's funny thank you say they're Robinson plays so there are mastered the third seed they'll they'll see why just like and I don't there's no. Out of the camp like like with coli. And like he's kind of going to battle with the front office there is reports coming up to LaMarcus Aldridge want to believe flicks stuff going on and an and the organization is what surprises me like is quiet. On a comeback. And be coli I don't know what's gone on with that because there's been the reports that. He's not handling his recovery in his rehab the way that they can watch it feels almost like Blake guide deer frozen the Chicago bulls' ears back and I went. When he was like ready to return from the ACL Gonzales had in Newton stay in this timetable and his camp was saying no he's not near ready I feel like that's that's gone now collide it's kind of surprising because. In the top of it seem to get along really well Popovich I don't think has ever. Had a player that had any issues with him into exactly as any delude the player like Hawaii and eagle back to the and he finals when they when they faced off against Cleveland and yet people were saying Cole why is the next guy to overtake LeBron right and witches. Asinine it's crazy has slipped you don't nobody is ready to take over LeBron right now. But yet coli Leonard of course for the spurs they're not the same team as they used to be that Duncan. Teams National League teams apart you know those are all born they're all. And plus you got and then yet the young pieces I mean Patty Mills is a serviceable player you know localized great LaMarcus Aldridge is going to be just kind of plug in and younger guys and into the oddly wanting that they do great jobs does scouting around the world because every year low get a government Argentina guy from Europe prozac guys that come out on me they did play well and play well first tablet based Fiat has been got a surprise likewise like now factor you know we came back in -- was out against site I guess that's is the biggest surprise but. Realistically who do you think has a chance I should say to come out of its edited to give the warriors around just he and. And when you say realistically nudity have a chance to not be picking a scene right but I would say Houston is I guess only team. In the last CL when I first saw the trade. Op Paul George and Melo to OK see I thought okay and may be because Stephen Adams is a Boller the Russell Westbrook we know what you can do. But they still can't figure things out. Exactly and it adds don't see that team doing much in the playoffs maybe get by the first round. I mean right now to be matchup with Minnesota on who I think that the thunder can get by Minnesota did you have more star power of the Minnesota. But Tim was a prime deeper yet more balanced our starting lineup. Yeah Houston because the way to score the ball because a when they shoot the ball and because of the fact that James Harden. Has the ability to beat the best player on the court even when you talk about gas tempered or staff Kirk. In Minnesota kinda reminds me of like them of the box of the Western Conference. I laugh when people like Ollie dole I'm so tired here about how this is a young team. But the problem with that is is de young teams don't just go to the finals like okay see that one years you know we've brought enough that doesn't happen very often because. Is this house back in it and oath. Was all for I don't know how or is this a six finals but usually it takes young guys look at Michael Jordan he would get beat up by the Detroit Pistons every single year and every year he come back from the off season he'd be bigger need be stronger but you have to take your bumps in the playoffs because. It's not like the boxer Gannett are gonna be a LeBron James camps team this year. And you know he can get tired of hear in this is a young team in the they should probably be a little bit better they should be near like 5557. When the stars playoff experience that don't have a lot and that's the thing yet you have to take your bombs in your bruises in the playoffs but like so go back to that. I don't know who can compete with the warriors just because they had the playoff experience and had the best players in the league but. Used to kind of scary because James Harden does have a playoff experience is played in the finals Chris Paul's had some playoff experience and some really terrible endings seasons and just the way that teams made up I think that they can give the warriors shot I still think they lose in six or seven games because. You just can't stop Kevin Durant. Is to go to the best offensive player on the planet LeBron James the best player I think Kevin Durant it's the best scorer. Yes and deal I always say the one thing that track has over LeBron is a shooting ability. I mean on that day to rant. You talk about programme and shooter courteous to. In my eyes the pressure of all time. Two rats not far behind and that's what sucks being in the lesser conference because even if you as a stretch in games two or three in the playoffs were Durant is off punish guys and you guys cherry on top says there's just so it's got a bucket for seventy but this place Thompson scored 37 points and one quarter last year two years ago. It's funny that we're talking about teams in the west with a shot of beating the warriors because this came out today has got to talking do you so Anthony Davis prepare for the second half of the season the pelicans hole and on the eighth seed in the Western Conference. He comes Downey says. The bigger than a finals team at the Marcus coming house doesn't rupture his now he says we could've looked through the playoffs no one can really stop else's bigs will be go to the finals if we went. He said Rondo reminds of another Rajon Rondo Lott tells an every day guys the best bigs and all it takes to win championships. Now. Add to stop the that was funny now guys dad know. It's art. Lot of anti Davis Love to mark this conference playoff series and he's document INI and if funding is you would think you know in the play out who the hell can stop either guy. You know especially together. Bullet. It's just not Democrats are turning clay Thompson that I meaning that's and that's irritates Syria in the pelicans. I mean. Whose reports are true holiday episode Andrew hall to your reality your comment nice player in a former all star believe it was an all star needs to converts with with Philly get some family problems took legacies and bones and now he's back yet but I mean I'm. Dad that roster is not equipped substitutes take on the tee was more or less that also at war mere touch now. Unique like you like Nico. A few decades ago that was the big surprise for me actually was the bulls how how little boys trying to tank and it was again. It is an added descent like this guy definitely is a tiger I die a quick point here you have Ryan rival group in Chicago we grew bulls fans we of course are Bucs fans as well. Not really much of a rivalry between those two of course they met in the playoffs a few years back but you know whatever it's it's which you like all teams but. Apple's. Ron as our Foreman as the general manager John Paxson the vice president of basketball operations. Has suspend disgusting and the fact that they trade away their all star player Jimmy Butler to the Minnesota Timberwolves. And say they're gonna take or take for topics and eight and they win they just can't do anything right in any wanna do they can't deal. Exactly and it is laughable and look good in meritage slim degree. And it had to send him on the sale they got a stomach ache today we got your radio because we can't games this is ridiculous that I started Christie out police deal and David wobble the other night you you really have to go or they're going to start them I don't know the net that was I found that to be a little bit funny as the bulls are finally like appeal Rollins for the tankan and can't lose a game like there is a two week stretch for others on fire meritage was average and like 24 points a game. It was incredible and you know when he was over fourth count are those rookies is that's all there are supposed to be a fifty win team that can compete in the Eastern Conference one roses finally healthy. They couldn't do any thing and then all of a sudden you're trying to tank you're winning games and that's just that Chicago's out front office right there in a nutshell how big of a mess that's the cup. Well aware of preferred herbal half point of course known not as many games. Laughter as there were before the all star break but he called boss Robert half points and on this break of the NBA season. Let's take a look really quick at some predictions. To finish up the podcast cystic about MVP who's MVP right now halfway through this season that you believe this has take on the award at the end of the year. James Harden I agree I yet James Harden is a guy I mean as as long as he continues his Ron and yes a rockets is the one or that's who see I think yes I think he takes home MVP. Even though I think the most vital player every year's LeBron. Elected edition out two different players rushed for one last year you know it's Curry's one address when it. I don't know Michael Jordan alone but he didn't rob a summer picked in the right here I yeah but I mean were partial to pick and of course. I 94 when Dave Roberts or semi three point last in the years in the scoring title and then he warned the and BP six man award. Six Manny got Alou who will tell you know high points as he is a definition as six bad you look at sixth man of the year. In the dictionary is Lou Williams team we go to see who lets see your defense player in the year. Defensive player of the year man that's tough com. Who would you go Canada that is tough I mean I would always takeaway but of course he's had it not play that good. I defensive player of the year man that is tubby. I likely be Al Horford al-Qaeda and the south Al Horford had a nice year. It is tough though. Defense of clearly are you guys to dream on green with on stage nozzle that LeBron as well. I like Al Horford in Boston he hasn't played pretty good defense Alex Stephen Adams as well Adams left Osce also Horford Horford. I'll go with the outlook or front either that or Alec perimeter defenders are likely taos and Paul George's agree defender nobody ever really talks on us because he gives you twenty plus per night it's pretty much. I corporate yet. I'm a fan yelled go Horford on and the defensive player of the year divas clarity here on MVP we said hardiness defense player Horford six man Lou Williams. How about the most improved player most improved players is. And that's that's that's kinda tough watts they're like yeah I was one of last year. He's definitely in the running for this year is to seek legal ya don't got as you go guys two straight years. Yeah polar man trying to think. Really about most improved. You know because there's this. At stuff. May stumped me on the island. Amistad myself. Our legal Yokich. Go with hand. Yet Yokich. Go at the half of that nuggets roster I really like about him. To Marbury mean naturally most improved because he's still just figure out the game and as a young player but. I mean he's going to be probably top ten player here soon as he stays in that market I can't live on this is jazzman patrol vehicle. People that actually I mean yeah I go how did you not first time all star EE loss himself over and okay see. Of course never really made it Orlando. Now is that to what Tony to Tony three point hurricanes and all star yeah yeah okay you'll depots that guy out nicely and an I was crazies is kind of how that trade worked out because I thought Indiana disguise absolutely screwed but you know I you don't want Les Paul George for not and and I'm like deep man he has really done sorting all this is planned well over there act and in a fun team to watch I of the league pass so I'll watch you gotta pacers games and I thought maybe I'd watch like two or three this whole year they've always been a team that bores me the Indiana Pacers since the ninety's. In and they're exciting to watch and yes sabonis is a great player which is surprising generally see that from Omega Zach who looks a little bit like are Venus is set. Absolutely you hit a coach of the year. Coach of the year. Cops. That's tough to enjoy or Spoelstra. I actually dissident and I think trust Eagles culture every year I laughed when people talk about how he he's an overrated coach because he got blessed with Dwyane Wade and LeBron James for other outsiders not so but he's got to work himself up from literally like he was like on the scouting team watching video and an Elvis and knees head coach CX in a bust is ST get Aureus. So maybe have because you know beginning of the year I thought maybe what Miami ones like 3335. Games. So he's always in the running. I don't see any I'm Bret Stephens you'll receive mr. Tom Thibodeau the actives is God's. He was I want to go Dan Tony. As well again I feel it you may have to deal at this point I feel like you did manage to the number one seed you may you may have to but then you can also say Willie actress Polly has into the next Andy's side there's a few candidates GM a year team we can we say our guy. Oh that. Canada yet we do it John Hanna not just an ease in Orlando now which we can go with them. Our Foreman our job is a gas took our content into. It at that. So. But who do you think comes out of DC think LeBron under the taps. You still taking cavs are subject and we can't sit there is teamed on a way for for people. Did you we're joined John forced six yeah but now I did not Jon have it the other John. So he thinks leading as a realistic shot of compete with the catches Boston. I think Boston yeah I guess at Toronto AD did this every year it seems like where the always have a good regular season. And then they go out and Alan the first front Brooklyn or something you cook it a few years ago but yeah I'm never sold on trial our boss now like because a carrier ring. And Al whore for Alec thirteen Jason Tait who stuck stopping out but they're just so young I actually in the you know. Are we talked about Assange certainly our Barbara brought it up on nick right he gave his picks for who is a best opportunity to be. Cleveland is sad Milwaukee. I mean I mean who's the second best player in the Eastern Conference adding Milwaukee's one year away only for the fact I think Jabari is needs to get his legs back under on his condition in doubt that I does I don't think there's anyway the box takes on Cleveland but when you talk about which team in the east has the best opportunity yet. Got this is the only got a name that comes up where I think. He can be bury the LeBron exactly I any given night right across best best player in the world prosperity on a spot in a series. John S has the ability like Kendrick to class in the finals work. He can be better than LeBron in that sense series. I agree with dead because in the playoffs teams actually star cast trading on playing defense and with that you know you look at the rafters and DeRozan is a good player and he could create his own shot a little bit but Kyle Lowry really can't create his own shot in the playoffs when you put a bigger defender Adam. Who's gonna we gonna match up. Win it's got us in the playoffs like who's gonna guard. You know obviously your play and Kaz LeBron LeBron wasn't emails I went on all the right towards us now Rodney hood attack regard him. So I mean give the bucks I think that the goal this year should be win a playoff. Senior yet that's number one in almost an end next you're not just an agent or are finals and having won a playoff series yet with the score so that's number one thing we're seeing what they can do possibly a four seed beat him when that first round against you know washing tenor. Our team like that but it Jabar he's able to play thirty plus minutes and gets his conditioning down. Ten banker extremely Jabari was planned resumption reports canyons all star in the eurozone debt they injury of course and he's healthy. That's a that's the second best are in the box designer clothes like it bothers me also say when a lot of airplay so Jabar is number two on the box when he's healthy. Everybody's always so down on Chris Middleton and I like middle season and I did it you know the daddy's gonna have an off my command defense that's just a sad and it is a good shooter too that's like LA guys that label plays in some rights ET can't Google like the and that's why you'll see Klay Thompson scored ten points that's why Paul Georgia have enough money in okay see everyone squabble is yet used so much energy on the defense about. Left so want in the books that's trying to Horvath are including grants. We still have a name for this so you know if you like to get to suggest insist we got some act Cody grant Tony fifteen Ryan's a Ryan aura HO RB AT's ice spell my last name note nobody nobody gets malice or not or Bob or her back or about color I want okay. As Ryan pore bots. I am Cody grant this is episode one arbor on named NBA contests you next time.