NBA Free Agency - OTR: E2

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Monday, July 2nd
Cody Grant and Ryan Horvat gave their reaction to all the moves happening during NBA Free Agency. Plus, Bart Winkler and Chuck Freimund made their first appearance on Off the Rails providing insight to some of the moves including LeBron signing with the Lakers.

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Off the rails episode CU coming match you NBA free agency myself Cody ground along with Ryan or pop my favorite time of the year when it comes to offseason any sports the NBA offseason. M free agency has been a fun one so far LeBron James moves out west she us the power to that Western Conference even more. Ryan just sold many moves going on already don't like it. Why not do you I love and be free agency. On the come off as one of those I missed the ninety's NBA guys where everybody stays in the same team yeah I'm kind of that way you know I always liked when there is rumors like back then like Reggie Miller to the next which never ended up happening. Irwin Barkley finally left Phoenix and went to Houston enjoy and with the lies July and in our Clyde Drexler still couldn't get to Dunston that beat the Western Conference finals by Utah but again and I like the loyalty. I do like it don't get me wrong but I just feel like it see its video game like it's NBA two K increasingly. Out of there is violent and I hated because every year now I have to buy new a new video game I used to just wait like every three years and by NBA can you could make like a couple deals here and there. But every year now. Your main superstars are on different aimed just down on the roster strike or no the can do that I guy I mean I gotta give any. Soundtrack and things speak in an NBA two K nineteen the honest on the cover the standard edition. That's for sure and he's seeking the east now yeah he is the best player in the Eastern Conference to talk about jewel on beat up there as well. Hi we Irving also those guys are up there but goddess is the best player in the Eastern Conference I just wish the Bucs had the best roster in the Eastern Conference as well which they do not. I think overall you on us. Until those guys actually play 82 games in the season moment ago with my number one player in Easter and like July and B is a superstar breasts do have concerns about his injured this round saying easily actually played 82 games John bead. Is it for a split he's on stock we have to make series healthy before we go that far. Earning him over yon has right now is gas as the king of the Eastern Conference but let's talk about some of these moves to just funny going on. Erect before we start this podcast bodily JJ Redick re up with a semi sixers for twelve to thirteen million dollars. And we talked about told Ron at the top of this he of course sound with the lakers for years. 154 million dollars and and right after babble to dominos fell. Lance Stephenson. Team over the lakers continue its cobble hoping now to tell me key. Is a Laker so that rosters make a lot of moves and there are talks a Tyreke Evans right now on past winners know well. I'm pretty excited not gonna lie I'll see if they keep most of those young pieces are they try to put a package together is quite Leonard and I'll still wants to go to LA obviously the spurs don't want to send them to LA and then deal with him for the next you know five to ten years playing with LeBron. Other 76ers still wanna make a play it's require wondered it looks like but the sixers don't wanna you don't give up. Simmons and be you know give us any of the I don't so there's I don't know how important it is exactly it's. Exact bag cuddle after that report. But I am excited for LeBron to go to LA I feel like this move is not to win NBA title for the first time like on the brown makes a move I don't. Think he's going to LA I mean obviously wants to win a championship wants to content but I don't think there's serious contenders were doubles young pieces there. I think this is just because it's a good place to retire it's a good place to move your family Los Angeles is the bigger market the biggest market. So after basketball we'll have plenty of opportunities although he would anywhere because he's LeBron James. But I. I was a little bit surprise for years. It's lazy I was always like besides he went to Miami the first time I was always like. What did you he would sign a two year deal with a higher optional second year which he's done the last several years and you mentioned on a move that he's now. Expect to win a title with because look at this roster right now they're not even close to good enough to compete. With the warriors or even the rockets in my opinion but you have to look at next season when you have climb under being a freeagent. They of course are not looking to get rid up. They're young talent for Kline Leonard and a tracer right now because they believe. That I think Magic Johnson believes he can cycle while Leonard as a free agent out right next season. And then you have coli LeBron moving forward with those young guys like class a ball and Kyle coups Mon possibly Julius Randall. I he's a restricted free agent right now they're meeting with and later on today so all lit. Comes in play with LeBron but I think yeah it's it's what's best for him and his family and also I think LeBron. He is a businessman idol. Think it's too far fetched to believe that you'll end up in management at sometime in the future it was an NBA team. Really like Scottie Pippen road to hell Israel as of her seat well personally I don't like I mean obviously. You know a lot of guys spirals with organizations tennis sticker on the game in mainly I mean organizations just want those guys like the bulls want Scottie Pippen they're just because he's a legend Scotty Pippen Sony's sitting courtside. It helps you drop free agents will shed a dozen for the vols. But I mean they don't that is they want their faces that's about Rodney hood right now is huge gap left at that also Jabbar Parker though. That's there that I think this is my favorite LeBron move ever because I've hated LeBron for the past decade but this move is huge because if finally opens up the Eastern Conference. We're talking about this one now we hosted the draft show about how many careers. Coaching careers and how many teams LeBron James is and it. I mean he ended doing Casey with the raptors he ended the Chicago Bulls are on with their grows Joakim Noah and Al those guys. He ended the Atlanta Hawks team that won over sixty games and sent five guys five guys to the Al star game night here. He's the Eastern Conference killer so finally LeBron gone this opens things up obviously Boston is going to be hot. Ticker right. Mean I'd expect possibly beat a top team right now meet glass of adapt to the Eastern Conference finals pushed LeBron seven games out I we are vague and without Gordon Hayward. But still see that's what's so fun about this now is is the the Bucs could actually become legit contenders in the Eastern Conference because. Yes the Celtics are going to be the top team I mean they're loaded with talent Jason Tatum Jalen brown. But I mean one of those guys goes Donald you don't wish a con anybody or any team and we've seen carrier ring go down Tawny. And I mean you got a shot man and a seven game series especially because you know jas is gonna develop his game over the summer we don't even know who the hell is gonna be on this team. Some pretty excited. Overall. The biggest surprise for me over the weekend was up Paul George stand with the Oklahoma City. Dow was surprising because all the speculation was Paul George was gonna go to the lakers and any signs with. Saying he wants a play of Russell Westbrook in yet Carmelo Anthony's still there they may buy his contract out to Paul George is going to be you know Casey and there's no shock Carmelo Anthony's on the Golan back really quick to the choir situation on the lakers. The lakers I think they expect collide to sign with the lakers next offseason and that's Kano what I think they thought what Paul George would happen. George gets treated to a case seated take arrest and they are able Verisign. Does a great move by Russell Westbrook to host that house party give Paul George I'll (%expletive) up and make you forget about the fact that he could've played with LeBron James. Instead he's gonna go back to Oklahoma City Horry averaged a career low of Tony two points per game he's immediately thirteen field goal attempts because less Brooks is can pull up from half court. Let up I give him credit man. I give him credit for grown back to Oklahoma City is excited shoots because I had a chance to pollute the product probably have to do it as you let I would. About me what about me would you want back to Oklahoma City and played with Russell Westbrook or would you of and try to win yourself an NBA title and medicine (%expletive) load of money in LA. So with Paul George staying he can actually make more money right. Make as first yes I'll wind or stock and our eyes and see what he's good yeah but then than it did the numbers came on eking did a bigger Max deal and a couple years and the 130 some million for Fuller. Yeah you probably longer and no matter. So he's just under for life so yeah pretty much and dug in Q deals it's guaranteed rather than have to go to LA and play for a day another big deal. Before he gets what like thirty T 33 results of this is the best move financially forum. The thunder such an interesting case of a team that had a hard in Westbrook and Durant right and now they were desperate to get Paul George. You don't Freeman sold pot gets going I nobody invites me. Hello I just started talking. To me earlier that you don't have to stop because of me. Well you as I was saying I gave my heart just Freeman obviously obvious and the senator that I can do is show full time with. I can thing and you know it's funny to say it and just get fired. Yes they are IPO and that's got fired from this place. Was last Sunday. Yeah now out and tell the half full. Coal now the other young got the email yet if it. This is Cody and who's this guy hit a yeah they might show now for agents and an epic. On the captain here at. Why do it and and now neverland IA and I don't have anything to say you want socks and a BA free agency frames now. Not delivered that's what we're doing here now we're gonna do a little World Cup and about twenty minutes he wants to know we cannot think it's funny even say that I even joke about that. You'll find out the links thinks podcast. The avenue one of those mom has guys that haven't seen one at the Iran Johnnie L blogs and Diana and I just think that its interest in what I was saying was it interesting junk that you had a franchise with hearted and Westbrook and Durant. And they thought up until mom and they got the worst MVP of the three and and they were desperate for Paul George. And now they're giving them all bunch of money and they're never gonna let him leave. Are you using all your good material on the spot kiss was always it was new anyway hey. You know that. Codes for it and Ryan's wife and she's Allison and now she well it's not my draw ceremony that was closed sixty alone now she must and so W to be podcast which is Paramount sports he's millennial women this journal themselves. I want to I was I was at gulf of the other day this guy it was walked it is millennial about or message. And he's walking over his wife yeah is your baby can you know she didn't give a (%expletive) about the characterization of big star like me is having with her third husband. And she'd give a (%expletive) about me she's is locked it in with a baby it's you give a (%expletive) about her husband for that matter OK am. Now is just like that's a lot of the women. Do you guys gonna blow when you're aged man they all that weight. Color like they don't I don't in the Barton chuck talk enough and not talking renowned artist my (%expletive) tired candidate and it did not just a bit shocked and I thought well let alone and ultimately than. I design a title LeBron little daughter not be used day not just talk a little I don't it was highly. No you out your take on LeBron going to LA yes I did that this. Four hours that we bubble but I think it's I'm fine within this could be out for C a monopoly Laker. Jersey but dumped long as he's out of Eastern Conference I'm I'm here previous to the box over paper Ersan Ilyasova. Well just go to my Twitter account you'll see and how much did they overcame it by 20999999. Cents. Yes too much I wore my pocket than what they should pay for for personal do you think. The Bucs find a way to keep Jabari Parker. On this a tough question. I think that's a tough question really is because we don't know the box I want the future of our you think Barr wants to heed to bury but right you know with a box of earned concert without that the different story I don't think so. Who would you rather now in their prime Cindy Crawford or sheriff Fossett. I just never was affair with Cindy Crawford neither just never just never spun the wheel for me. I think fair Fossett's still high she's still alive actually no she dies she you know she died the same day Michael Jackson died. Off pick it up who's the mom on step by step she's like still smoking hot and Suzanne Somers love her. On mountain she's kind of espy's case. I don't care plan covers congress liquidators you 75. Position gentler and I don't Lisa. If it is Summer Sanders won't hurt area Suzanne doubled her death. I don't I don't know her series an Olympic swimmer some rushed Summer Sanders yet never hurt for sure to see him. What did you guys who you guys for the love grownup like you know this whole thing Jennifer Love Hewitt to paying gas and partied like Oregon. I already my. All. Imparting your trans inactive but the epic and I was a bank yet you can blame his world who don't hang yet. That's up never mind. I don't mind one per person. One more person. And adolescents Lawrence campaign Lawrence public domain and out of the Cali capacity say about the dollar Tiffany Amber's front side bullet Carlyle you know let us. Now KC golden girls are good solution to a shortly after I don't. I look that's chuck Freeman you can check him out the top of the hour each day. The award winning update ahead could affect the play about router specialty meats Washington bullets at a Marquette warriors. And any other useless information from 1974. Of our anyway. It's a very big surprise you in free agency so fired. Here's my thing would LeBron get it seems. Odd to me and I get what he's doing. And even if the lakers let's say they go to the finals. In 20/20. Yeah and Tony Tony wanted Tony Tony to. The fact that he's almost willingly saying okay I'm not gonna go to the finals and Tony nineteen. Even if he goes that next three after that it's weird to me that he would. Like hunt for a year now punting a year now and you can never underestimate LeBron. But it does seem to me like he's willingly saying I understand I'm probably not gonna make the finals this year. And that's okay guzzle make it may be the next year that's weird to me for him. It is finally weird also sued you've got to think alt A lakers have a brighter future than taps would. But then if you want good seat. I would tell you wanna go to the app Philly yeah or. Yes Philly you senator run east Philly would have been the most of the the best situation for him as far as winning a title regularly use like don't wanna win another NBA title or do I wanna live in that (%expletive) hole well but you're at a terrible time in failure I mean ailing nobody wants to live in Philadelphia it's a dump can no he's not gonna go to you know. Either in Bel Air fairly. They're not gonna do the pressure for her reference alike fresh currents NASA you don't expect to and I go backwards ratio by the way. But you go to Cleveland affiliate ul it's the same pocket city but there's a cracked bell. Good for you. LA's guards that yeah. It even if they find a way to get it DeMarcus Cousins they still don't finish better than fourth in the Western Conference even with LeBron DeMarcus Cousins on the ball. I still on the warriors are probably gonna win at least 67 games this year. I think. Adding dollar going to be more hungry and now I don't care what our conference now they're going to be (%expletive) They're not Cairns and I think I can tell they had to I think you send I mean they're finally using our solid all the Israelis are very upset everybody's a go shot one for eighteen game seven normally give that your best defender. Yes the cover T spots on the floor. Vizio like three guys I think why he go to Phoenix for the money for the money. The act or Shaq and Kobe 2.0 because he's it has found a way to pay clink of pallets there was in the soft they're back from like. I mean eagle with Chris de. They gave Chris Paul a ship load of money and the way I know he paid way overpaid he's getting old nanny can't move the lead stealing in he's a liability I mean. I don't think he's that good and anymore. He's banged up some veteran dynasties that had 38 would you rank Chris Paul as a top five point car right now on the NBA. I want I think he's a top five point guard right now. I just on the I don't know hazing can't keep click compelled Kennedy generous call. Chris Paul all that money than they thought themselves not only this year but like the next ten years to come up or years is Chris. Off half. I guess an elite level player maybe one maybe 20 how I tell you guys coming here he'd rather have our Chris Paul. John Wall and to have John while interest on showed any recess. I would too. He's better defender. I was so it's a crisp all over John you're living in the past and no I don't think this you year I had one good year on and on to K12 hours on us I'm sure you can hit. Nobody Kyra cobbled Kyle our Chris Paul yeah rather have Lowery and the gaggle Crist I'll talent Kyle and I he is disappears in the playoffs solidarity. How can't you ever allow each battery I think carries a top ten player K commentary on last Brooke. Yeah led to the Westbrook and heartedly because they can work together we've seen it Fuller. Zone and point guard staff Terry personally I don't dig you guys are gonna roast me for the they say I don't walking around. Are you kidding Chris Paul now I'll I always yesterday telling Mike Conley a lot though but he's got to my hand out and healthy but rather take. Chavez made don't you let it. A decrease heart and a look at nugget Andre here's a question that I wanna do on tomorrow's show okay whatever what days is airing a can Wednesday. Dollars in orders and today today target gaffes they're gone otherwise madness and it runs I already know the but it. Would you want. Jabari Parker on the box. If Jabari Parker plays last three years of the bulls. If Jabbar Parker had it been a block them because were very attached to room gas we got to keep Jabari but he was just a free agent sitting out there when we say. Then I will fit into our system we probably wouldn't say it. We probably look bad I Jabari. But these here. I don't idly forum I wanna hear how they've Tony million the (%expletive) do I care. But if he was with someone else the last few years and pricey. The fact that on deck I don't play defense and sucks and he's those hurt when a boss yet another I would say in all it's a good point because I think a lot as fans weren't loyal to certain players that are. Not as good as we think they are that week and a overvalued. I joke you know for the bulls almost a year. Source is she look at the it the draft selection to the number two pick in your libel thought man we better at least get some good for the us. That's not yet. We were scared of that sue it's like we wastes our number two pick on Parker. It I think god only anywhere and we don't get anything back for. Because NBA draft season you don't watch any Khaled tubes most the the average fan doesn't tell us it's the best you know he sees knocked draft send any NBA draft come by new start jerking off to the prospect names like command we get Jabari Parker we can do and you weigh against. You followed with these guys who tore it all before you even see them play jerks off the stats hats Andrew Higgins had. If Jabari Parker's stats that the people deal. And then when they don't get their data like anybody got they they freak out yet they do they don't actually jerk up they get all excited about egos on how it ties and Tony Fijian. Cac forty das. Bench dressed revenge pressure finish the book but let the people DO sedan when you finally did you guys get Jabari Parker like Manny is going to be a superstar. And then when you get to torn ACLs in this and that it doesn't end up working out you don't want just walk away free agency did absolutely nothing back. Because the news ways of the number two draft pick or you got a hit on picks one through five. But if somebody had fourteen or fifteen doesn't pan out it's like well it was a big deal at 125 year old and for your future if you missiles to exercise like that has that that's West Sacramento sucks every single year. Because. If they actually do it out of tech like DeMarcus Cousins they train of thought it. Yeah I mean I can name they think a franchise players actually played for the kinks to Marcus cousins like Mitch Richmond in the ninety's. Need and he doubled the for the lakers. So you got hit on those tax act like that's why everybody's so attached to Jabar but I don't think there's a shot now les and I still want the bucks to Jabar. ID usable. And he does this. Idea I mean I am but he'll be good there he thinks so little and they held a nice career. Damn ugly night system are advised the best fit for him because whoever will let him like hoist their reasons and averaged point two a game you won't have to play a lick of defense and they're going to be brutal. The bulls when the (%expletive) Korean trade Bledsoe enter the (%expletive) NG in the movie ever look at us and so I don't know I don't want don't want. So I think he socks now there's never let you ruin his value just like rerouting Greg and we'll add not odd second link there on the morning show look at 930 when he was traded to the box we were all excited. Eric Bledsoe is here we don't need great Munro pentagon and a point guard his first seven games he'll awesome. I wasn't that excited about it. You played enough as a I dies China is just trying to fit in as well as Twitter responsibly barrels (%expletive) fit in millions. Yeah I think look I don't do that I ever I did today I am feeling like a big name additions like you got a good average Tony points per game especially when you know you're not win the NBA title because LeBron still on the Eastern Conference at the time anyway. But the problem is you can't trade him anywhere because. Even though he's a pretty solid player like scoring wise he's not gonna selling any tickets so even if your means dirty played in Phoenix to even if you like Detroit or somebody that's is gonna blow. You don't you don't wanna because nobody's gonna get mission go pay fifty bucks to watch aired Bledsoe police there is no ethical people cancel theirs is you don't I mean like nobody cares so he not even a marketable. Bad player like Blake Griffin. Right there's still like idiots out there that think Blake Griffin's a good bass yeah player in the go to Detroit in the watch him play because they seen on a commercial or seen him jump over cars and stupid (%expletive) like that. But nobody cares not aired glad so he's not commercials he seemed like early unlikable guy. The next time they practice their hopes on maker dismal flying neither happened job now is the best thing I've seen today by toys seeds of art thanks a lot appreciate it. Exit the highlight of the show I think was chuck cumin and hair anyway so the brown he's an LA. I wish when I saw that on Nevada I think he got up to like plus 5000 for LeBron destinations that fired his deep down. I knew that LeBron was either stay in Cleveland. I thought maybe there's a shot at that even other team was gonna sock and just feel like you know Latimer ride it out and beat the good guy or I figured he'd go to LA. Because that's a good place obviously for him to raise its family. What I like is and also at the end of this four year deal has kettle tried become an and a league you know him and a skater told you want to let the sun of course is as I worked out their four year deal about five or six but I'm. So no big surprise they're communities which so it made some money out of that I was a little bit surprised apology George didn't go and play with LeBron. In a lot of guys loans. Not a lot of guys but there are guys out there that don't wanna play basketball the brown that talker on the league and one guy stop playing with brown like Chris Bosh she can't change easier game we talked about that in the last. Yes and Chris Bosh though there's reports now that he wants a comeback complain a blogger Arianna. About. Us and possibly do in the forties Perry shot artists. The its third possession where yeah he you don't know if you want to play as speaker not the lakers are I had a good feeling the dramas and the lakers. I always a spot that. I didn't didn't apart and he said colonel why go out west but lakers make sense for LeBron. Counties. Probably the most marketable player in the NBA right now yeah being Cleveland he was one of the most marketable players now he's an LA the biggest market in. Sports and he's got to be marketable. But he's a roster are gonna win a championship anytime soon Clark Leonard of course we expect him Albert assumed to come over to lakers next season. I was won by a box of the bat which shocked some happy I did pick the lakers. IQ only to see require hands up and I can't wait to watch Clive play basketball and yes there are people hate him as quiet let her play amid vast mall the spurs' next season. That's because I don't think he's gonna play I think he'll sit out particularly women Popovich for that Popovich. Definitely didn't help the case but Tony Parker (%expletive) the future dances or is clear his physical life and marriage is a shot the weirdest story. In the NBA the last few years step because he was supposed to be this like humbled very quiet guy he didn't really care about the money just wanted to whoop and win championships and he probably still is liked apple when you're injured. Only you know earlier injury and doesn't matter what team doctors saying if you're going out there on the court you're not gonna be the best possible player because of an injury. And you sit out and you get healthy especially when you got money coming up and that's today's NBA for this is in 1992 of these up the bill and beer and on mean. And so bomb. That that that's just my point to a man is that. Even if those guys are saying that sit in the locker Emerson then a team meeting Eliza and this guy come back to when Tony Parker opened up his mouth and he said that to the media you know I know it's a painful injury Abdullah tonight played through it. It's kind of like donor guy under the bus right there and cloud that's exactly what and it I was like that's the way you guys feel. Zia on out of here the spurs are in trouble mean they're gonna be a bad basketball team movie has already like this same leg. Spurs team from the past three years like beside Marco Belinelli. Like Dennis is a nice today not a typical spurs players love lives the spurs I know that's not sample math I feel it's a nice addition is that how the win championships. In -- another like typical spurs guy so I mean to build probably went like 4748. Games I can see that now at this point whether that is a franchise deal like the fifth sixth maybe seventh seed. Not win a playoff series. And that's I think their future for the next couple years. Must they wanna go like full tank I mean Popovich is leaving after this year anyway. You know completely gotten into the next few years it up because Tony parkers like fifty years old how the cells like nine years old. I just think I think Tony's old cow. At this point herbal I mean their bowl. Blake and feed into LaMarcus Aldridge is still there in the injuries at those guys deal at DO LaMarcus Aldridge is there but he's going to be gone he's gonna want out of that situation. It anyway he can't carrier franchise he's proof that for the past decade. He was important for those few years before Damian Miller showed up. So yeah I mean in the Western Conference are distinctive if anything now the warriors is can actually tried during the regular season they're gonna win like 67 games still going to be the team to beat I still play Houston number two if they find a way to keep capella. And yet LeBron and the kids. I am kind of excited to watch. Alonso ball on the brown how they're gonna work together LeBron out of our site I'll watch all LeBron and Lavar ball. At this point. On there'll be no more Lavar ball at at the hardball that he can't talk LeBron will the brattle Mortal Kombat and he'll rip his guts out you're gonna make her him. Yet what's on maker did today yet it was pretty awesome man already on them is like the do. Street fighter he just came out so don't talk and text. So other Western Conference teams Houston of course they lost Trevor reside he went to Phoenix beat expelling something nice about much a young player they're going to be fun to watch I Devin Booker should resign. With him for a Max deal any country in of course the first pick overall and to bring in Trevor reason we can't TJ war and there are nice contract like that. Phoenix Suns team. The las upper peek in now but we gotta can't shoot the ball from the outside he went to New Orleans now you look at what they're gonna do it Marcus cousins what he'd be back or he'd be a Laker. The Denver Nuggets they signed legal Yokich won the best young senators in the NBA too long term deal Max contract. There are always fun to watch they have a nice little roster I don't think it can QB for a championship at thirteen if you give. Other teams fits Minnesota Timberwolves Tom timid help the timber bulls I'd say they brought back Derrick Rose another in talks are signing Jimmy Butler Chara Max contract. So yeah a lot seems the last with a lot of talent it just not enough talent to be on stage acting the waters are still. Without a doubt hands down on top team in the western converts I don't see anybody. Just rolling them anytime soon and not look to the Eastern Conference which we touched on this a little bit earlier in the podcast I want to touch on a lot more right now. Gortat seems to be in the east you have a plethora seems now that I think realistically can get to the Western Conference Fiat boss has got to be considered the best team but Phil is gonna improve wreck will Joan be banned Simmons mark helpful so we don't know what legal 200. Possibly quite Leonard and don't give up you got to expect the boxer improved just from the fact they goddess is there early and have a real head coach they do a real head coach. Indiana the the pacers they showed a lot of promise last season they signed Doug McDermott on how much that would help them. There's a lot seems these are congress tried a still round. And now you see them in the playoffs for the first time with Al LeBron James in the Eastern Conference what can they do. There's a there's some teams in the east I can make some points. I think actually what I call the weirdest deal before I thought. What do I say it was the most strange Coppola George also Sokol policy you know in all. But the money makes cents and him less broker boys there really like playing together so I actually understand that move I just thought that he'd go for the big market that started that's what Paul George and want at this point is career Ender compete for a title. I just don't think he does and Oklahoma City but god damn do I hope that they do because I love Westbrook. How like Paul George. I used to love Carmelo I don't think I think they buy elated to finally I am gonna find a way he's not going to be and that team disease a bad example to for the younger sister got off plays no defense. And like if you follow his like I jeers to batteries at this point right now. Where he just like doesn't give a (%expletive) Either place. Like that the last few years of his career as well I Carl Anthony there's a time where he was the best offensive player in the entire NBA. And there's also a time. Were key in the nuggets were in the lesser counts files he was teeing up Kobe Bryant. So easy prove that he could play deep it's pretty wanna see it but man just. The rolling after each and go down as players that we can look back is kind of disappointing career with a town key caddie ask the hard at 2003 draft be Americans. An Olympic hero son yeah catch Justin on OK he's never accomplish never accomplish that the MBA. No peace will always say that him winning the gold medals over. In the Olympics in the Bebo world championships was his biggest accomplishment. And the most important to them. And I don't care about that because like he should win every gold medal because your plan with NBA players yeah plane ride that maybe like against like you know Alex Bentley guys with like maybe one or two pros like to Gasol Brothers but they are never guys spend that are work in my regular nine to five jabs or plane overseas and I love the game overseas but it just played totally different so. Disadvantage to those guys but I. Moving back to things that are all that I think the weirdest deal OK it was stock. Yeah Andre Jordan go to the maps not that didn't surprise me at all because remember he was originally going to the mavericks a few years back but the clippers up they had a legitimate shot at one in the title. With crisp ball. And now Blake Griff man half and so they all flew there remember they like food there took a boaters and catch it to meet nominate Al got emotional started crying in the meeting Doc Rivers was there. They brought him back. And then Mark Cuban was really pissed off about it. But they still want the Andre Jordan that doesn't surprise me that he goes to Dallas what surprised me a one year deal 24 million dollars. One year that's what surprised me I thought that the country Jordan was gonna want the years is use a terrible shape what are you getting fat yet he did is look at this one big deal. To kind of Dwight Howard address this create. Don't think lesser known teams that wanted to give on the long term deals now he's in proven ma you know yes approve that he can get that one last big contract and centers of today's MBA yeah glee. You won't really exist. It's the point where they're get those big contracts you know you have guys like currency towns to Marcus cousins anti Davis all those big guys can get out and shoot from. Deep drawn be indeed and eagle yolk which can do that Yucca Jordan what he offer you offensively besides. For a lot Alley oops there not a Clinton Brad samples a great defensive center. Still Elena she like 40% from three because that's what these (%expletive) guys got these senators like I fell for jump a little and a dialogue yes they take that they'll. I don't lately you're probably listen to the free throw line and shoot 60% from the field. Probably that's was gonna that's more realistic so the top free agents left right now are odd DeMarcus Cousins whose unrestricted free agent in and Clint capella is he restricted free agent he's got to finally keep him. I just throw the money out there is a wild in the cap I guess. But DeMarcus Cousins is interesting. Because I think him and Anthony Davis line know they really get along they like playing with each other but to their games to the debt she exactly totally anti. And his DeMarcus Cousins wanna go to a bigger market. Out of love to see LeBron and DeMarcus Cousins played together like if they can play again. Is any got a lot of guys need the ball on that young lakers aren't they allowed the ball's gonna want the ball in his fancies the playmaker. The brown only plan off the ball when he got DeMarcus Cousins he's gonna need his touches. And just like with their personalities like LeBron ought to be like a teacher father figure and DeMarcus Cousins is PM like I do would have the Faulk I want one ally Allen love to see those guys to. Yeah goosebumps thinking about that do you all LeBron and DeMarcus Cousins abroad James did say that DeMarcus Cousins is the best big man. In the NBA I believe that since when I was mind is right he is the most dominant big man the NBA has seen sense. I think Shaq. Really mean Tim Duncan to throw in there as well are taught us your view now that he's on the low block DeMarcus Cousins to get by eighty defender in the NBA today's game. It's only when his mind is right. And have a guy like LeBron James who's been there done nets won championships at the right mindset that he's a perfect guide apparent DeMarcus Cousins will see that does happen. LA of course showing interest in DeMarcus Cousins but. They don't seats is you never know what's gonna happen. With. Free agency nimby of course. You know LeBron go to lakers. All the stuff going on parents know also up there he's a senator that's a pretty good defender course started his current Phillies played some time in Dallas he's a free agent sound. Yet is still a lot of guys out there. Julius Randall's Randall or restricts in my agent he's talking with the lakers Marcus spark of course too yeah he's gonna he told that he will not be in Boston market Smart there stocked up with larger right now and don't really need was looking for right now. You look at for a lot of money yet he's he's gonna look for I like markets smarty like his game he's a defense of specialists are great shooter. Not a great scorer out of control at times yes. I am now those are more likely as Chicago probably air like somewhere that I don't think they're ready to compete and help try obvious target oyster to have the money to bring these guys end because lack teams Errol. Over the cap. Attainment of for a sign Parisian train Isiah Thomas. Now we're see ago because I don't think he's gone back to Al AM us this is like this big plan that they had all along. Keep them LeBron in the middle of the Garnett trade GO. Go get healthy because your hip issue it you can barely move funny thing is to LeBron facility the trade to get Georgia Clark's own Larry Nance. Out of Dallas just Helio and clearly guys next hours a year gonna go to Cleveland yen Danziger in my of Senator Obama. Snedeker and of Bob brought catalogs and I feel bad for Kevin Love although do I because I hope Cleveland keeps Kevin laden we Selig Minnesota Kevin Love again like 26 points per game and my when he boards funny is close at 25 wins whatever gas. Get to see like Kevin Love can he still DAI dominant player because. A legacy he was a bust he won an NBA title and it was a serviceable player but I thought man that he was going to be just a forests. But LeBron kind of changed his gamble that you want him to bang and the pain. Not really cat and mouse game he's more like a pick and pop guy. I'm excited for this NBA season of Larry no the NBA finals it'll be Golden State. In LB Boston I think Golden State probably wins once again this year and and Boston takes over the next couple hate to say that about to see the box and conversation. And I mean your travel league any worse this offseason let's face it. Yeah maybe better because you have an actual head coach but I mean you're gonna as far as our god is there are you use the number two pick out you're gonna lose your. Ari Parker. And our yeah I mean you look at the roster your bring back the same the same team as Ers on the without ask more shooting outside. You have to you tonight actress got he has an Aztec it was a decent player I mean is he wrong what they're assigning assault is a very serviceable MBA player as Reza. A twice been around for so long. He could shoot from the outside he's kind of gritty. I'd decent defender. In the new yacht this is gonna get better of course we know that most improved player two years ago I mean. I think the finish with a better record I just don't know that it that there are better team that makes any sense whatsoever I still don't know if they won a playoff series this year I'd like to say so but if I don't know who the hell's going to be on the team. It is our lineup I mean right now yet as he names starting lineup is less like Eric Bledsoe at the wind yet. Tony Skiles has started to IE. There's no way you girls can't know this is art and I think he will be better owner Bruton holes there I think maybe he Marat omens I don't know man I mean Jesus. He's just he's never really hand now I never really saw much when he was with the bulls like you would he would show flashes like a weeks straight and and you just go back to lake disappearing solid defender he's like a guy to wanted to championship contender to not go errors are the warriors. I'll I'll have twelve to fifteen minutes per night is put on your best score is a good defender you're clearly had a good season SI got a contract with a box yeah I don't last year. I hit a three ball now that's the problem I mean he gives you all after man he's a great team player he's a good guy the guy you want your locker room but god damn when he's off he is off but he. He's a lengthy defender and I think that's why coaches like on the bridge size he's tall he's someone athletic. But yes I don't think you can grow and that's starting lineup and expect to win fifty games and a had a media Eastern Conference finals and important matters outside seems pleased right now who are Boston Philadelphia. Milwaukee. I'm an assay trial on Indiana drawn on in nanny out guess I'll go there because. Mean there might be like a surprise team I think those of the top teams are now absolutely. Cavs may finish with fifteen wins this season may. Like maybe may be fifty irony of that team's going to be a mass. That's like your expansion team on NBA two K eighteen. Yeah so if you're if you're a fan in Cleveland you've Caleb router the are also happy with II. I don't think they have any reason to hate LeBron came backe one Cleveland a championship they're only check NBA championship. He may Cleveland rolled you put them on the map rights yet to love him forever I EE you see the video one fan put out yesterday. They mainly in the bronze Jersey down the burn that they did not burn it they put someone like thank you LeBron. Appreciate LeBron. Lobby for lack of some like that so shown their respects to LeBron James not burning in the wake of Bernard Jersey yours immediately I'd probably waste of money. I'd probably eight or if I lived in Cleveland why go. And on the and I hated Brett Favre. And who actually knows the deal done and I'll when he went to Minnesota hated him when he went to New York. Like I rooted for a news in the AFC and I was like you know I think the guy can still play. Mean he's he just come up and NFC championship game in the nation of one but he kind of sucked up and I I didn't like him. With Minnesota obviously but did did appreciate him with the jets and you as brutal so attentive. Generally maybe you really appreciate your long career win anything direction we had with Aaron Rodgers became a little bit more clear and I was happy to dent. Menus are sorely use really good to the season in Minnesota the for the NFC championship with the unnecessary. That's a fifth of the active hoops yes. I don't know if there's going to be anything else that really surprise me at this offseason except for when knock while Leonard. Finally yeah Ahmad coli walks into markets watched sue those two guys they'll really all I cared nobody else is Margo enemy our our our guest obviously Jabbar like you know and everybody else or some nice pieces out there. But I. Sure riding hood the out of character Rajon Rondo does suspected teams watcher Rodney hood played basketball last season are still gonna offer him. That kinda money. He shows man that like. It sucks being in basketball hell because if you're not gonna land LeBron you're not gonna land Paula George and you're not gonna land DeMarcus Cousins. That's like the options that you have laughed as they grad need and in market smarter and Gillick centerpiece your franchise you're gonna overpay because he got to spend the money here at. Yeah can't save and unfortunately got to spend the money. And so you got to throw it out there you got to try to bring fans in attendance and Philly your seats they bring in guys that just you know aren't gonna pan out. So Carlos Boozer death. Because he was like there he was their second option yet and it stopped there and it yeah and actions that are like flock to it let's bring someone like you do that situation and 25 million dollar deal. I just say we're gonna I don't know how old guys. I mean look good job all deep loaded with Indiana. OK in Orlando you saw some good flashes of on the urges cycle is on a crappy team and he's young used a second overall pick to Oklahoma City he just didn't fit in in its toughest today to a near a guard plane with another ball about and garlic Russell Westbrook but an Indiana last year he was a superstar and a most improved player. He could be an MVP candidate here in a couple years so that's I guess he give a shot to a guy like Rodney hood. I mean you're in the best of situations you're in huge tiger playing with tailored your plan with them in the you know league that you had. We adapt to new top when he was there and then you go and play with the cancer warning that says with a brown. Andy's kind of found yourself at the end of the bench not being able to find the caller even in the NBA playoffs. Sending him a shot is maybe you'll pan out I mean he can knock down shots. And he needed Sawyer roster somehow iTunes bring guys up from the dealer exe got to give me your best shot to win ball games. Or if you're gonna tank so I'd I think that that's what you do as you just bring in the best available options but it's his socks went. When your best available options are markets Smart and Indies sort aghast then you just know you're headed for basketball howl as a worst place to be. That's trying to build a basketball that's what's good for the bucks though even if you don't hit on big free agents you have a superstar. So while you may not go to the Eastern Conference finals this year. You're on the right track for five years just got to keep guys happy so you least got to make attempts to bring in free agents. And you'll have another shot here and a couple of years. Maybe you bring carry there are still attic that think he's gonna New York. I think he's gone New York's to slow as well there's still some free agents available. I'd be touched on a few of them Tyreke Evans I know he's talked on the lakers today guys are gonna wanna play with yachts especially altar and Hillary here would fix up guys doing indeed Jesse averages 32 guys wanna play in Milwaukee. Trying to now awesome plane went on but okay called but I mean you guys are playing Oklahoma City. Abby had Russell Westbrook and Paul George although that's on sand is you only had Russell Westbrook who guaranteed them yeah I want it. Old and fat Carmelo Anthony. And Paul George chose to play with a guy that he likes clay analysts and guided his body's way so yeah honest. All star break this year Michael Beason recruiting and a return them no absolutely not know much I don't. Because he blew me off when I tried interviewed in the locker room until he really. Shady of them Leo lit up. And guy yet he was an cabinet so no Michael Beasley plus nine now. I mean would that can only knew maybe a game or two more in the regular smugly golfer now canceled. And now DeMarcus Cousins say that that's Matsu the Bucs need but force and have a money for the anything else you want to hit on how we got to do you really quick yeah what's that we got to deal or not I don't want we don't have time for top ten movies now and racquet I have podcasts on Wednesday because we're busy all the guys are taken vacations or felon and so let's do top five he had to give me your top top five movies right now of all time you write these down I just give me I jaw it's aren't there. On the departed okay. Nine the Bourne movies okay. 'cause as one guessing just want to come and all three of them its final hole and yes I would pass this Star Wars okay. And then. It's it's. Real deal no we are still rising and my top hundred I just like the move OK if it's gonna popcorn movie. All Bob probably still dreams. Really yes a case that it hits it hits home and our rights that dodi's list I'll give mine next time. Would you I'm not finish out my top five going to top ten day and you give your whole top ten so do you hate me as much now after in my top. I movies now not as bad as I thought I thought it was gonna be like Robocop two or the rubble cannot remake. Some them like that I played real steel man I thought maybe you'd have like avatar in there and tell him. Horrible movie a movie is really bad as that and they're making a (%expletive) in seek loans taken like twenty years to make. So like Libya's (%expletive) and mark yeah. And it was like really make a singled avatar yet to make it like four years what does it tell they've changed the release date the story over fifteen an urge you as like cool when it first came out because like. The way that they filmed that. Every other movie wasn't doing McDowell I mean any movie go see SC GI and special effects that James Cameron it's like. Isn't special anymore you know it was cool when he was making 92 and stuff like that because. You can see things oddities here in movie too and I give my top ten say you can as a tease you could tell that in their to do limited field during TCU is the best action movie I've ever seen. I'll give you at T two's stuck in Osceola dreams I Adidas set up and Eric debts. That's hits home you know yeah it's close to home now. Young in my let's next sounds canady.