NBA Podcast - Brandon Jennings, Spurs are Bad, Raptors are Good, Triple-Doubles

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Wednesday, March 14th
NBA Podcast Episode 3 - Cody Grant and Ryan Horvat shared their thoughts on the return of Brandon Jennings and what he means to the Bucks for the remainder of the season. Plus, they discussed their biggest surprises of the season regarding the Spurs being bad and the Raptors being better than they thought. Also, Russell Westbrook joined elite company.

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We're back again for another edition ever NBA podcast toady grants alongside me Ryan or box 157 FM the fan lots of basketball to talk about. Box LeBron James Russell Westbrook getting into up. B club with a triple doubles are some surprising teams are really killed and some surprising teams are just flat out sock yeah. There's a lot of it was pretty good in pretty good Tony yeah an astronaut and is among the best yours for MBA massed along recent history I have seen and that now for the bucks maybe it could rise and maybe a bit more. And what they've done their currently the second seed and then in the Eastern Conference but tough stretch for the bucks they have one. The last couple games against mediocre teams are as you say pretty bad teams. Projects. Does surprise a rock and a Jennings is a puck in its 2018. Not 2011. Yes yes Tony I was looking for a picture to put up on doing a story tonight on the website and I was like we have anything from Brandon Jennings and his time here in Milwaukee you know it's. The first picture use last week was when he was pissed guests and hide put out tips though this. I couldn't do anything else gave you last appeared an NBA game I think it was in May. And it was one neo wizards were eliminated by the Celtics in the Eastern Conference finals and he looked pretty good man I mean granted. You know he was playing against Memphis who was brutal probably the worst team in the league it's. You know since second half of the season especially they've been terrible Detroit's been pretty bad too. But still I mean you saw some flashes and I was really surprised tell you the truth I feel like people just thought maybe he forgot how to play the game basketball that obviously wasn't the case he's always been an exciting player he can give pockets. I mean the assists in the rebounds were kind of surprising to me but. I think we should take it you know day by day have boxed Twitter was hilarious you know people say and offer on the five year deal right now ally you get rated Galilee. I suck people saying get rid of Bledsoe. I bra I usually start cholera in the morning show that said they should trade Bledsoe when star bronze in the use brand Jennings is your backup point guard is one game people happy scorned settle down but that was against Matt they're aliens Memphis and Matt this is no like content eighteen and forty niners are record of loss eighteens rates. And lost seventeen straight heading in that game against the box. On Monday night but. Even though it's gets matters as you sat Brandon Jennings never forgot how to play basketball. It was just I think a maturity factor it's and that using to allow his shots to his points. Ian we saw a dip from Brandon Jennings. Dat we haven't seen where he was. Getting into the paint and finding open guys spotting Zeller firing Jabar called racists chicken outs of the three point line to open shooters twelve assists also had eight rebounds. And he just looked comfortable out there only two turnovers as well. Yeah he was definitely impressive and has a great story so he's definitely a guy am rooting for but I'm gonna take it like I said day by day tonight guys were taped in this they got the magic tonight so. And out of that team outside though I'm actually kind of impressed because. In the NBA is to see with this bucks team you know they always play up to their competition like the play Houston tough but they struggle with the teams that stink and especially on the road so I think are now that's we have to be looking for you need to win the games that are that are winnable you know I mean suffered a loss to Houston. While you're at home Sox. But you need to beat the Detroit need to -- Orlando you need to beat these teams on the road that's not always the easiest thing people don't realize it just because Orlando's like twenty and 48 or an hour or two they've been very gut against his bat that's the saying you haven't played you know he can't play down here competition you have to treat Orlando Laker plane you know Cleveland and Cleveland so it is even. Grizzlies in the game on Monday they made a wrong it'll run game and it's the got down on nine I think and you can kind of worried but the need to close it out but still LS team and yet to put away early and has never looked back to sprint to the fans. Coming gambling man is as you know you know inside ticked the box a lot of these games but these spreads have just been kind of ridiculous like double digit spreads like tonight or nine point favorites over Orlando and it's just that's my problem with and without competition. And we're at the six game. On Friday together cover and they came in militant expect connecting the knicks had taken the lead even I want in the fourth quarter says the only problem but. You know as long as you keyboard in these games. That I don't get too upset when you lose to a team like Houston or you know something like that so that's we got a lot look forward to she's beaten the crappy teams are right now to try to. Which are way up in the standings and I think the standings are gonna come into play this year more than that we don't mostly. And in bowl topic is really Emmys all bunched up you see. You know like. The pacers and they're three C today it is 69 and this week to to be eight seed rightly it's it's that's how close it really is sensing thing in the Western Conference I mean. All of the other day in Minnesota was a three seed number not a six and lost Jimmy Butler which is in part them. I don't drastically but even can be their best players but it's this crazy how staggered. How punched up. Both conferences are right now and Stan is the second half of the season who do you think's the most disappointing team. Most disappointing team in the second half the and you go east or last I mean you gotta say he sent O'Neill right right even without quiet liner because they were three seed for the majority of the season yet. And then they. Tell our other nine and I'll playoffs declared senate today Santonio is not in the playoff to put you we have seen since what 1997. Earned 98. It was the year that they pretty much trying to get Tim Duncan and everybody went down David Robinson went down with that injury and ended up one in my like fifteen games of some of my cabinet and first pick they took Tim Duncan out away and four and 99 gets eight CX in the lock in the lockout year and every year sentence you know they've been one of the top teams if not he tapped teams in the last and it's funny because I think it was our first podcast that we that we did here. And I said that my biggest surprise of the first half of the season which is something of a mess that team was because you never hear of anything. Outside of the locker rumor inside the locker nothing really ever comes out I mean there was a first class organization in your jealous of them no matter what team you root for your always jealous because everybody seems to get along. They always do like guys out of nowhere that it still roll you know guys that have been out of legally Boras. And I you know Popovich gets the most out of these guys and our scene and you know choir Leonard is he healthy using not healthy I think we're seeing the same thing that we seem players in the past couple years where guys are just thinking about their next big deal to thinking about what they're worth and endorsements and their our rush to get back. In re eight Derrick rose's who I think I you know they have their side people that are in their ear that and the team doctors are saying hey you're ready to come back but. And I trust the player I think he noses body more than the team doctor does not think that that's what's going on right now in San Antonio and it's just funny to see because. Easily you never see problems like Bentley is quiet when are gonna come back this season. First there's Sany wasn't there last week he was supposed to be back to as early as tomorrow night now he's not playing tomorrow night. So it's kind of a mass and it's just weird to see San Antonio in that position. Yes Antonio and I always look at them as the patriots of the MB right because they can plug and play players and they have always been on top so consistently there always a team where you say. This in can contend for a title and he looked at last year. Against old state the cascade they were to blow they loan amount you want Nikolay goes down on the play by Zaza idea of course we all know what happens after that. Ankle why letter to players that you would never think would be in the situation. As quiet as years as. As well mannered diseases and when you see all the means of quietly never smiling or whatever and saying you know this is as mad as he gets. And if he's at a point now where. Will he be star. That's a whole heartedly and think about that happened with coli that's all I'm asking myself is you know if he's not happy there. Putting energy's rebuild that team because every night day avenue starting lineup like Tony Parker is getting older you know Ginobili is obviously get older. So those guys and even in the starting lineup Danny green's not even in the starting lineup every night they're don't have guys and it's just a bad situation there and I wouldn't be surprised that they don't make the playoffs how these up and coming teams are finally showed up this year like Anthony Davis in the palate can sell. You know the fact that they're taken a step down you know as they get older doesn't surprise me but is the fact of like what's coming out is is kind of surprising dispensary with alteration in collide but we'll see what happens if he actually comes back this year and how he looks. You know because these guys are playing all season without him how he gets back in the offense and it'll be interesting to see but I don't expect anything from the from the spurs on. We keep talking about a but it's going to be the rackets in the warriors and. Yeah I think that's pretty much written in stone right now one of those teams to me 11 instantly to. And an enemy in the western parents files and it should be a good one but one thing I want to bring up on me that's the box real quick yes. You know on Allison brand Jennings way. Which he did we we went through dapper also Jabari Parker. John forced mantra of the box on the morning show today and talked and went clear. And this is a quote I wanna read really quick to you in a wanna gauge your reaction. He said of Jabari Parker's a long term peace for us which we believe he is. We are going to figure a way to have him in continue to build this team is such horse saying. Broad range of our Parker back. I think there are Lee's plan on bringing them value even if he wants that match Steele talk in five years maybe a 146 million dollars. Which were probably the low end of Amex steel in the make up 211 semblance of a new idea and but Parker has been soul could for the blocks sense coming back and it seems to. We talk about why would he go look like we can back that same question we asked about Jabari bright and he'd fit right in this team off the bench and is looks at the games come so easily done and then in my opinion I think. He's fully healthy which. ID EE is right now yet to save up leased on a minister sheriff Cecil plant about twenty Imus and police plane 3035 minutes a game that when that point comes he's the second best player on the team and I think the best car. By the soul the way that this is all gonna fall into place is that it's going to be this offseason when he's gonna be looking for his money. Because I think that the Bucs are gonna have a shot a realistic shot he'd given him what he wants Arnold it's gonna be a Max deal. But I mean you got LeBron going on the open market which realistically who has a shot against brown two or three teams but everybody's at least controller Antonin Al yeah adding that the owners. As an example you have to go after but yet he's not sure he has his team's narrow down CU. I something Cleve land right in Houston error el Nino LA got the money and he's not gonna come to Milwaukee. Now as a little it really is now would be all I'm saying is you know who else is realistically gonna be looking at Jabari Ian willing to offer him what the box can offer room I don't know maybe Chicago but I don't the story tells me I tend to disagree with you on that I think there's a lot teams out there that would offer Jabari a Max contract obviously not. As high is the Bucs camp because right. You know the situation where you know that guy you draft you cannot from the most money but there's teams out there and I guarantee you offer as much money is there. Allowed my and he stares off Georgia bar because we see all time players are overpaid costs rising at a Max is overpaying for Jabbar because a ceiling assault high. And as a superstar player but. There's teams out there mean Phoenix is a team that they would love to bring Jabari Parker and you look at other teams' Eastern Conference like. New York would love to have a guy like to bar now maybe two Koppel would love to have team he's from Chicago so. Network out last time so well Nate says he was hit it from Chicago and its facilities torn ACL or exactly Jabar is pretty much in the same boat as rose was in a situation that's. That's a good point you made though because and that's the other thing is the teams that lose out on the ground and you're always look at that consolation prize like Carlos Boozer with the balls like Hairston are always a mavericks have got crazy money gates and he's a decent player army wanna chipped in Golden State in any demanded the money any doubt it. And I think that is what you could see is a team like Phoenix and I don't know I mean I'm sure Jabari likes beat him lock embassies closed Hillary grew up you know I mean I think can come on back from the ACL injury and they didn't standing ovation I think he knows that the people here care about him but. It's hard to say what he's gonna do and all that money gets thrown at you with the endorsements give Sony you if your plane and a bigger market. See you and you know ever know in a row because you've heard it from players in the past before. You'll Kevin Durant saying he's not enough to lead and right OKC and of course he has the opportunity now Bob written on and don't get it wrong I am. Eyeball quartet attracted by its. Players will say these things. It is like a life rescuers say something and then three years later. I you see the world a different light in you have a different opportunity. Bet you didn't believe you and half three years before you know it's it's it's it's tough to say that ought never leaving this place because you know what's happened three years done a lot. ET Jabari it's beckons starting lineup before the end of the season yet plus layouts I do I do think he gets back concerned lap finals only a month laughed bright but. How can you not have a sty starting. If you wanna make a legit playoff run right how can you know I have Jabbar apartments Frontline. That's a promise to myself and I mean obviously it's not who starts the game is who finishes the games here that all the time assisting in the NBA. But I'm ready to see him back in the starting lineup and I think that'll. Make them happy I mean he doesn't seem to be cheaper stuff about it or anything like that what's gone on behind closed at CR got to read too because he's a nice guy or. Locker rooms and we see these players but we still. We'll have that full access of what they're talking about with job front seed crime stories and all that but. I didn't think I gauge from Jabari he doesn't look upset that he's not playing I mean I think he understands. Why they're being so cautious with him right after we thought of that. Jabari. As a MBA player and as he should be thinking he wants again as money. And if I was in his shoes are beyond current guise of from your bone here let me play a little more second you know showcase what to do for you guys and it. And a larger Minot base night. What is interesting to see what happens this offseason I think a lot of little had to do with what happens in the playoffs I mean obviously an act in a probably had to be Eastern Conference files that he won a series and Jabari average is Tony intent. And I think he can ask for Mac oh absolutely I the other ways look at. For money they need to win a series and I think we've been over this over and over Xbox need to win got to be staffs are right. And we will continue to talk about that grow our prop podcasts as we get closer to the playoffs. I right now system relies on the NBA that we want to touch on the touch lock on the climb under its two waist and Santonio already. Santonio on the verge of missing the playoffs Omar weapons season. Russell Westbrook which he did 100 triple double style it's ridiculous it's a milestone it's awesome Staten triple doubles I mean you eat. When he used to watch. On NBA you know ten years ago tripled doubled to receive your guy did a triple is specialist Susan Rice yeah like Russell we expect Serbia. Every night I mean grand Jennings also it's double the other night and it free alas is not an answer for your Max contract that was my fear card about last season was just every night Russell Westbrook but the triple double just you know that chased average a triple double is so fun to watch. In initiate I was look at the stats the numbers are gonna go down a little bit because he's playing with guys that need the ball their hands like Paul George and mellow. In Melo obviously is fat and slow and I mean he's not Mel from 45 years ago even. But I you know still all Georgia still Paul George but the numbers are still there for Westbrook and that's been the most surprising thing for me is I mean west it's gonna Westbrook he's still gonna take thirty shots a game and he's gonna he's not at his numbers a little bit especially. When the plane crappy teams but. Nancy fun to watch top five player in the NBA to watch in my opinion. So as far as the 100. Triple double club in Russell aspirin joints Jason Kidd magic Johnson and Tobago Oscar Robertson. He had some pretty elite company but. We we we've seen what Russell west or to do obviously you match he's one of the most exciting players I know as he did say he's one of the top five best players. One top five most exciting players. Do you think that Russell Westbrook can ever win consistently playing the way he's playing. I because I love Russell last part of Iraq and on it I love the guy Bob. When a competitor he is and obviously we are about NBA and excitement. Russell Westbrook is right up there with with some the most fun guys to watch in the MBA yeah. Like when you look at his tee. You mentioned Carmelo Anthony not the same as he used to be now. Still good players go to player army serviceable not shouts and shots in the fourth corner where Paul George he's Paul George right. You also mentioned the damage and Stephen Adams. Also so play I also saw a player right now founder of fourth in the Western Conference and they compete with gold stay can compete with Houston. Now I don't think so. I mean I think that they might be a bowling game or two in the series but on anything they can take keys similar Golden State to seven it's not a knock on Westbrook either assist those teams played team basketball. And Westbrook I mean like is that the numbers so they're 21 triple doubles this season even with guys in need the ball their hands like got Carmelo and Paula George that. I think that his style of play I think he could've won. I mean we go back two years ago we talked about this couple podcasts ago when they had a 31 lead on Golden State the year before Durant left I thought that if if Durant would stay in Oklahoma City they would have beat. The warriors that following year I think they'd they would at least had a shot and it took the seven a year before. Now without Kevin Durant who is probably top two top three player in the world I don't think there Westbrook can get past the hump. Not what Paul George not with Carmelo Anthony and that's not a knock against Carmelo Anthony this teams is not until the same way and I don't really know what they're missing because on paper. You know it looks like great team to play let time NTK. You know three guys that can score 41 they want but. I just out of the brand of basketball to play I don't think they can compete with keys and or Golden State anybody else I think they could probably when a series against them the last and they could be the pelicans they could be. The clippers Santonio. Not about Portland. Portland's really for the lies Serena right now. In Damian Miller it's probably the most underrated player in the NBA yeah always like Damien Willard I ninety trams rap career I want to ask the asked about who's so good he is such a stunt on the court in. And him piracy Yuma column. That's the best back courts in siege is really isn't it and write the NBA now people don't get on notice. Narrowly you know in the it would be different late in the last that they got more recognition I understand out here because you know they don't play until like 930 their games tip off like 945 so I understand a lot of people in Milwaukee here in the mid last onto the chance to. To watch Damien Willard but. Arnold affected yes the fight for spot in the all star game every year's DS because he's one of the top ten players in the league and analyze people's sleep on him because he is gonna lie steal money I don't know I'm gonna fight staff Kerry's out by rockets are all by Chris the problem. It's in me there's a lot of there's so many great guards in the NBA right now especially at that point guard position and but Damian Willard I've always been a huge fan of hand and every year he's. You look at the guys had a van SI don't act CY. Yeah those guys and over Damian Miller but. It's it's it's unfair for Damian Miller it's. It's so awesome if you like a solid wing player her early stretch for that sticky did you Tony intent tonight. Mean they had some good pieces on that team don't get me wrong but it's yet another superstar and I think that would help him out a lot has and people actually watched trailblazers you know but. Leggett said they play at 93940 understand what people are watching those games but if you get the chance he should because he's awesome I got him right up there with Westbrook and sacked. I know probably tailored all her less Brooke you. I eighty parallel is going to start team. And little injured reserve nasty after take Willard. It's I think he could fit into assistants I hate saying that about west of the because he does guys I mean it's a butter sugar. Yeah I didn't is not an MBA it's a city sutures league you got to hit a three bon app that was protects you from downtown but. Miller is a much birth reporters and west what I love about Westbrook is like the same thing that I hate about him I mean if his shots off the doesn't matter he still take a forty of those bad boys. I mean you can't try to get to the red lenses shut up and and that's the problem is go to the rack though when you're three pointers not falter when it's short on that night but he doesn't care he'll shoot twelve threes it just doesn't really mattered on but. I'm not gonna sit here in dot Adam because he's one of the top players in the NBA and I am so sick of the they'll never win a chip conversation is we don't know that. I mean I Arnold would this in Oklahoma City team who will see Alan I think Paul George stays deal. Now I don't think he does in LA especially with the way that there planner and I'll bet something that we should talk about because I watched them last night. And they're pretty impressive not say that Randall Julius Randall finally is like. He's finally NBA ready let us first couple years people were saying boss because the injuries but he's he's looking good he's got the NBA body now he's planned salads. Balls looked good. A lot of good basketball and if you I mean grant his shots broke a that's gonna develop a little bit I mean and he's a great playmaker is court vision is ridiculous so if you bring in a guy like Paul George. Be interesting to say you know they got a lot of money. They do end it there and have enough money assigned to Max deals as well and I don't expect Isiah Thomas to be back with the lakers taxis and they're gonna cut bait with hand. But lots of all he's a good point guard it and he takes a lot of criticism. I think unwarranted criticism because of his debt Lavar right can't chart is now and that's the great thing about it Lavar being out of this country your Alley and is that an article in time in Basel is not blonde not clockers quiet am IE keeps to himself mostly but. He assistant. Our prototypical point guard six foot 566. NC over the defense has great vision he sees plays before they happen. Yes he has great basketball instinct. And the shot is broke eroded Jason Kidd when young dish yeah like Dallas Steve Taylor Steve Nash into some flair and and he's always looking to make. That extra pass to his teammates he's always looking to make his teammates looked better before he makes himself look better. And that's something. That is commendable to say about a young guy we spoke about Brent Jennings beforehand he can't do that early in his career now you know he was worried about his scoring a lot of balls not that way balls worried about. What's best for the team. Which is crazy to think that he came up out from abroad know exactly that two completely different people not of their public. And you're here that even when he was a UCLA last year Elvis teammates are like man he's the best teammate again dance crazy but he's a great teammates that'll let that reflect on him. I just like crazy scenario my headline what does LeBron and Isiah Thomas like really do like each other and like playing with each other but LeBron knew that. Isiah Thomas wasn't going to be in south this year coming up that he had injury and he's like planned to go to Los Angeles titles and artists as of next year they're gonna play together all the on and maybe add a piece like Paul George Bush the Twilight Zone sound I don't know I don't know that's up as a realistic but it's just so weird face today that it did Isiah thomas' score what like twenty points like the last four games so he star and to look like himself a little bit again but I think LeBron really wants the play with them. I don't know that LeBron leaves the east I don't think tea leaves Cleveland I said that repeatedly but. I don't know Los Angeles would be a solid six the fact Benny got all the competition in the last month. About LeBron is he talking about him possibly go on the last. I agree on that I don't see why he won quality in everything I've seen everything points to he's been an open Houston early but it's like why would you want to come over the last. Where you're gonna caddie much to offer. Wrote to the finals where again to play Houston yeah he's gonna have to be designee Houston city and he's addled state now the states still has a different story because your LeBron James Harden and Chris Paul syndicate two losses to beat the warriors I think that's a team that's a Big Three yet. I would most like more times and not take over the day three attempt frankly Thompson and stuff currently expect of course streamline agree. As far as. Real quick the Western Conference goes with stuff curry doing with the ankle issue again he's going to be out for at least another week we know for sure does that worry you a little bit and maybe had you mean two words. Houston taking the less this year. On his word on a regular season on sand. Western Conference final idol now is I still think that now. Except curry office team and I want to champion it out when the champ ship the stuff attempt to contender yeah there's still attached are still. One or two best team in the laps and they're still seen I think a lot and still be used. But Caribbean out for how many how many games was enough for. Well originally they are saying it could be like a month to do another sand at least another week as well as they have curry in the I went out for three games that I have them against Houston 500 they're gonna beat whoever they play in the first or second round without curry. It's funny watching that often contrary I don't think it. They're not another mystery in the playoffs do you play. I mean radio remiss first couple games of the first round but if you're the warriors in your plane the clippers in the first round you don't need stuff Currie. To beat the clipper. No you won't need him until the Houston series and that's kind of what they did rhythm last year yeah you know it is just rest him until you really need them. Mean he's Kevin Durant it's been solid these past three games attendees at 29363340. And 39 and their losses the Portland in Minnesota so obviously he can handle the scoring load. But yes come play outs you need to help the staff carried its ankle if there was anything else like a sprained well. I don't know I and you know any other injury wanna really worries me is much is the ankle because it's like. Lee's sister recurring injury forum you know the you know a lot too when you think about it if you're warriors fan. The best thing that's ever happened your franchise is staffed courage and her with the ankle. Because that allow them to not pay him as much a right and the four years 44 million. That ended up allowing him to sign cabin ranch hand last season and of course you know that's all she wrote another championship their pride to have another one this year. And you don't have three championships with its staff curry can dram have to. And they're the best team in the NBA right now at address though like you said. Second third best player Italy I wanna set I think he's second best in the league behind the brine Enron than ethnic hurries up their number three. I don't think I think curry county it's diminished a little bit of what how good he is because threats over because pilot Doran exactly and it's like. Turkey's. I mean this this dude won a title before drank out there. It's so hard and number guys in today's league because everybody does does different things you know it's artists tailored to you know it is dream on fall a top fifty category even those numbers aren't there every night because what does tell me that dream on green. Would be extra rob on any other team I'd just Opel leave just I just so much on the court. His statistics don't show what you really dots and I think extreme on who was on a team where he had to be the one or two guys you'll be at one point per game guy usually Dallas or something like that he could efforts Tonys and as he's not score. By no means the heat issue the issue from downtown hit threes he sick guy. East is as other ugly work he's ease of atomic court after great defender. Great defender and leader on the -- on the offense through on these mortgages assistant player but he isn't great systems so I mean it's like to it's it's like I'm you don't go to football like people say and Tom Brady's assistant cornerback night put him and oh planner in now and he's probably still out Tom Brady but yet he's trying to compete for sex. You want toxin NFL or gets an NFL pick on us podcast who met the change of name is we don't have a name which is called NBA podcast that fits but I mean there's so much somebody's. Sports topics I want a goal for honest podcast in the near future. But I really quick before we get back to MBA. Yeah I saw people talk about Tom Brady after the Super Bowl and they're saying that. All he is a system quarterback mixture beastie could flourish in the system. Mixture of this he's not winning MVP forty years old and this. Is precluded like disapproval actor Tom Brady. Say what you say what you want about Tom Brady. You cannot say that he's not a great quarterback. And I personally I think is a visible time but I can understand the argument with Rogers for Joseph Montana. With John Elway. Like you cannot tell yet Albert he's not one of the five greatest quarterbacks of all time is yours is wrong if you leave amount. Yes that's why and then I'd go the same way with Jerry mound like being a system players like no obviously he could whoop let me go back and watch the Michigan State I mean guy can ball. One less thing that I really wanted to talk about is how damn good the rafters are keeps saying and they're gonna falter in the playoffs I just I really don't know if that's the case sat glowed just did that peace and ESPN which is pretty interesting about a change their whole offense. Broad amnesty that was like an offensive guru. I mean the biggest takeaways DeMar DeRozan is an outside threat. Which he just hasn't been aiming his midrange game is always been solid the knowledge he can knock down threes. I read like they changed their whole offense and it was tough test DeRozan and Kyle Lowry all the young guys obviously was easy but Lowery still gets pissed off I read you know when he is like drive in the Laney chicken out to shooters in the midst of their threes that he does get upset. But it's obviously working menu system that they put in and I think they really have a legit shot the more and more I watch him. I went back and watch say gained as we like I said we are at the bucks game last Friday Dow Bucs next but I went back and watched the highlights of that game against Houston. And are for real I mean I know it's the regular season and people say they're regular season doesn't matter but the way that their plan basketball right now. I think the rafters have taken over my favorites Wendy's I think. I think that they can be LeBron and a seven games here I. Celtic the biggest thing is you match LeBron they're in a meshing Cleveland national Bronson only Cleveland's good now battling boss is that good and after Boston and Cleveland who will stand. Realistically stepped up to the plate and and B trial yeah I am an export agreement with you as the heat is as it closer. To the playoffs right I. I have trouble look at tri tone saying they're not going to come out of the east be bright even though they're history shows that haven't done it but this is not the same team. It's not. It's not mean every year they rely on Kyle Lowry any kind of disappears but how did you have to this year and I think he's a different player Horry doesn't have to take when he point five shots at me he says to run the offense in the hands of the bench their bench is ridiculous I think to have the best bench in the league do you look at the names on that thank you like what with the holy talking about it. Do yourself a favor watch the raptors play in and tell me if I'm crazy or not. It's hard about against LeBron in the play out and I don't know the team around and I don't think that they can get it done I think LeBron is gonna. Had a post season to remember I think he's an average it literally like forty points pregnant I'm like you to do in the finals and came back from 31 he's an average a triple double in the playoffs. I don't think it's gonna be enough. Yeah LeBron is greatest player in the NBA today he may be the greatest player of all time there's no disputing that and you look at his team around him. It's a team sport in the MB is a team sport you can not win by yourself Jordanian Pitt and Colby PH will Shaq you Kobe shoots against Shaq was still the MVP and a team called out when he won his titles he knew Powell Gasol he needed. Now world peace at the time day need to warn humanity during the Garnett knew Paul Pierce and Allen you need. Other great players to win titles haven't ran his Seth Curry he knew the warriors LeBron James doesn't have. He has not had those players I'd like I like George Hill I like Jordan Clarkson. Liked it a lot fellow running on the Rodney hood up those players or not he's not a superstar not supersede Aggies have a little help a little bit and here's what I'm wondering like you we talked a little bit about Michael while Leonard in the team saying he's ready to come back pretty much in him not being ready to come back I keep wondering if like. Brad Stevens a saint Gordon Taylor is not make an appearance all year but like really in the back of his mind their hold now until hope that he comes back for the play house but they just a wanna put all that pressure on them in case he can't. But he comes back then I think the Celtics might be my favorite. They have but it's you know it's not to say without Gordon Hayward just because is gonna Dave and in the re regular season now market smarts out indefinitely. It's like when Karrie is off which is very rare but like who is the second option on that team. Yeah afterward was healthy. I mean that would probably my choice right now to that point that the recent ones aren't there you know I think that one seed right now maybe. I had to try to in my opinion that they had Gordon Hayward and connect that's legitimate all started sucks is we didn't even get a glimpse of their team could I don't wanting to know I don't know but today. I saw Gordon Hayward comes back it has helped the money don't think he'll be this year irony there I mean IT. Is there a chance yeah it's always a chance I just don't I don't see happening battery their injury that gruesome and but trial man. You really get and I don't think there's a team in the east that even the caps even team LeBron I don't know they're gonna have enough to get by a browser do everything he can't. But probably the best third court that's here are excellent but. You got to market rose in the worry about it Kyle Lowry to worry about abound chewed a story about this is a good team. It's a cliche hollow like that is in this in this article I read in humans at Lowe's said it they pass up good shots for better shots and that's something that they haven't done like Al are you enough for shots no DeRozan wood four shots. In just affecting he's an outside threat I mean it's just huge now on the the pieces around and they have great pieces they got young guys again veterans got a doc I mean. I think there going to be a tough out but. I said this before and then they let me down. Yeah he can't Keller brownie came down and a calorie to take over playoff series so we'll wait and see but they haven't pressed me I go back and ally. Him and fun to watch two at a no doubt though Dwane Casey coach of the year done absolutely content means they have. Eleven months of the season lapin. During canceled ghastly hardly any playoff teams collapse now side I think they're going to be coasts and arrest the season pretty easily doing Casey will win coach of the year. And it's great all around season for Tron now number one seed they will finish the number one seed most likely in the Eastern Conference. And have home court bench all the way through until the finals that they do make it where they lose two golds. Yeah it out into the adding depth at. I don't know how good of a series that would be like there was not much else they would win and I didn't see it used to rattle matches up better with Google columns are with Houston and they do Golden State and don't match a ball that well with you sent. But I feel like they could steal a gamer to I don't think that they can steal a game in the finals if they were to go to. The warriors I just I may be could still game want to get an angled state would be coming in with. You know like how Alan Harris stole game one from the lakers it doesn't want just speak just don't say it's like. It's a list of 80% effort tonight and it knew it was pilot in last second buzzer beater in this and a camel but we'll get 9% effort right the next night exact thing and blah about a ten. 1520 points someone that our competitive finals that's why you almost have to root for LeBron he's the only guy trust against Golden State lead slapped by the Austin you know I mean is that yet be last year's finals the promised to realistic yes. I mean he was unbelievable. And they won one game yet think in the bottle on exactly it's solid it's tough calls to its as a policy may be has to mobile time. Yeah else wanna add because pretty legitimate stock. The grizzlies Singh wins. Yeah and I need to stop betting on the grizzlies every night they're doubled their double digit dogs and for some reason I love that NBA especially when the teams at home. Examine in the Detroit Pistons continue to screw me over you like dot what are game they get at least be any game delegate destroyed by thirty every night. The pistons sense that bleaker country have been brutal probably won't like the first three or four. Nobody's like and they look good Blake Griffin. Now are no he's not and is in the ever laws I mean he was 2010 guy freer for a little bit but those days girl brown was Tony to conduct exactly it's when you lose it when guys that you lose a quick absolutely that team's going to be a mess and I he had. I don't know you know what they're gonna do army Detroit died just gonna be a mass I think and for the rest of my life now. Yes so they stink. Matt this surprise and there's so eager you know we didn't know about Michael Conley and he was he's got a lot of money did but it's that Memphis Grizzlies team evil with candidates stink I mean it happens they'll have much a history of another retires Akron oust number in the prior tire market sauls number in front retire my comics number and Gasol kind of lost a quick I don't know if it's just like glide be interest at this point in the season but he could barely move on the court when he is out there. John tests stuffed me yes. And he doesn't even Ronnie morgue a sullied and I walked up the dollar dollar moderates like screw out yes we stink. In all eyes on get out of here. That's allowed we think and that I could keeping their evening keep currently and he looked a package and is gonna to rebuild a team that was Mike Conley and that's why I was surprised that they gave loyal to do what it's like. He's like thirty only I think an idea I mean like 2930 hill he'll want a thirty well exactly especially with you knew I mean today's league Unita point guard he needed that I was on my economy he's always been a guy I thought was very underrated. An all star caliber point produced it and make it because of the point guards in the Western Conference but. My colleagues not seen an. Now players have built around he is thirty yet October 11. Yeah he could mean good running good system he'd be a great point tired and I mean like he'd be great on the spurs are team that's ready to win you know that has a few pieces are not seen not I'm not madness and Latvia has menace management menace Memphis isn't bring in India superstars and you're free to we don't you last played management says the Bucs have a better shot because you have got to stop for a passes and Jabari. But meant to say hey you come here employer might kindly not a early and get some production and tonight's game box they win. Bucks gathered nine point there it's a little by eight. So here's the take the magic as a cover tonight at size as a surprise you that what you just back. Against your heart. Remain like you know you say you can tell do sometimes file is a work for you. Sometimes I you know I'm 5050 Abbott hit a lot of college hoops is my favorite time a year object for the tour Seattle that because I'm usually like 7030 in the opposite direction I would a lot of money and Virginia Dolan and his feelings is finally their year yes the boring as hell but the degree basketball team and they produced welcome Brock and so. Shut up there but. Not only brought it comes that's and sometimes like yeah I do I do go against our -- said NBA I love double digit underdogs and I always love the warriors the warriors have had a tough time covering this year every night to like 1617 point favorites it was just so tough in the NBA every team makes a run easily in the fourth quarter but nope nope nope the pistons the pistons lose by thirty in the box still down by twenty the first quarter write don't turn on I don't trust is Witter Reynolds just that it will come back. Jabbar or do his thing Brandon Jennings had a quadruple double. And the Bucs win by fifteen. Tiger up bucks a one by at least I hope I at least fifteen is magic team this crap Darren home when he went sources we'll see what happens happen. John Hammond return John Hammond and yeah yeah. Who Welles is even on that magic team that this rated. A better guy right there. I did never pay and the crucifix still the gas air and Gordon Allah Karen Gordon. That's as sound as a about my match knowledge of the course and approach to crafting that is occur at detain him forward and boring on seventeen million a year yet he is now yes that's a bad team yet they're gonna did it could be worse Bucs fans. Exactly could be the magic. To be Memphis. He could be Memphis exactly. Bucs fans should pay attention to this turnaround team and to see how players can develop and yet they are still young like DeRozan is DeRozan to develop a outside jumper. It adapts to that it's about doing here for Ambien podcast still waiting on a name if you have a name idea tweet us Ryan. To Twitter Brian Laura isn't easy HO RB AT's based on the last name and home equity grant 2015 I would do it that's right Barbara I'm Cory grant. That's on and be a podcast went up by 7UP on the pan.