NBA PODCAST Episode 2 - Bucks weekend, LeBron, Anthony Davis MVP?

The Producers
Wednesday, February 28th
NBA PODCAST Episode 2 - Cody Grant and Ryan Horvat recapped the past 3 Bucks games and if there is any concern or not moving forward. Also, LeBron hits a milestone and is Anthony Davis a serious candidate for NBA MVP.

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Hey guys are back again with another NBA podcast toady grants along with side me is Ryan or bot. Ryan has gone and an end pretty good are you good excited talks more NBA low that we start this podcast and our first one last week does not episode two. About one last it was a very long we got into some pass Obama's style gel which had a fast he had trek this week but always fun talking hoops with Ryan. I'll start with the box sent a team here in Milwaukee of course and they Hannity. Critic or weaken I think went one on one over the weekend beach front of course front nine in overtime loss on Sunday. Against New Orleans and then lost last night. Though however against any obviously Washington Wizards team with out John while also won in two. Any worries Tamiflu was boxed in the way to plan last three games are not I. Like they still need a closer in the fourth quarter detailed pictures until yeah honest develops a consistent jump shot. To be honest I mean OK so let's go back to that went against her panel are member tweeting out. I thought that was the biggest win of the season the best win of the season for the bucks I think because obviously you know Toronto's a great team that you go on the road. In you get it done and they just played great I mean you know it was kind of a back and forth game was a good game. And I just thought that they showed a lot of character especially in the fourth quarter in that on and then you know you blow the big lead. On us Sunday. Yep and that's that's what worries me just a little bit is just I mean this team is. Once again failed to put together four quarters of basketball so it's like you're almost right the ship and and kind of go back to the same things that annoy me a little bit about this team and and last night seen those same thing I mean you're didn't this time their trauma like 21. Want Tony wanna think in the first quarter. And I mean everybody was write them off on Twitter and I know how the NBA works you wanna be down about fifteen at half file he's joke but I mean you know Bledsoe. Everything that he does good on the basketball court he also just makes you shake your ad and I guess that's my problem with this team right now as a feeling you almost need a true point because as flashy in grade is Bledsoe is indeed get pockets. He can make plays. But he's just not control his ball handling is this. Out of control two things I want to. To your point trying to game saying it was the best win of the season. And in the in Cleveland they've beaten Boston ma I agree with you I think because of the timing on that bright and effect that trying to has embarrassed you so far this season. And this is also the first game. The Bucs have played against final with Jabari Parker in all the way back to last season in the first from the playoffs which channel beat Milwaukee and six games. And I think I wanna say two year air play some point he's kind of a microcosm of what the buck season has spent it do really good. Let's so you really bad let's save him with a box in the same games you get really good box really bad box. Pelicans first half great I was there at the games and the cheap seats 400 level how much tickets for eight box nice. Deal when my girlfriend took her she's a big basketball fan but she'll go with Pete. A lot basketball of course and that's where can afford these tickets design and the ports manner radio but when we watched a game the first half they only play do they they hit shots are defending well anti Davis did too much up to that point. Jrue Holiday where where he come from in that third quarter net make combat an eighteen point deficit and then. Last night the way they got out expecting into the combat between one point deficit got back to within one. Never over the hump but yes some weird thing is gone with the team. Jrue Holiday 28 points in the second half and overtime was traditions Rondo had seventy I was like it's 2007 I don't think the three and this will happen or mention injured holiday around owner and how he's had a great year and he's averaging about nineteen points per game which is. You know inning go back to Bledsoe even a Kentucky I mean he wasn't the main ball and the main point guard when he was in challenge even because John Wall is on that team. And so I like him plan off the ball I guess split. Then I mean world knowledge what do you do with them defensively I guess it's just this team just you know they show flashes an accountant is go back. To Lou I guess same old box but I mean last night I thought that they showed a lot of heart in that second half of the game you know I did. I do appreciate that especially when you mention you paid for tickets. The you know and now is that guy walks by and now. That's the thing like you gotta put out about her daughter she'll almost three times and you can't. Disappoint. You gotta win the home games I guess is when and get net and I know everybody is like God's 82 game season it's the NBA these games don't matter but they do kind of matter because now your succeed instead of you know fight in that foresee due to head tiebreaker that would of one. Last night against Washington that would add the tiebreaker over on the that would only been game and half you know back in the standings rather than out two and a half. I think Steve the seedings in the standings are gonna matter more than they usually do in the Eastern Conference this year because I think there's a little bit more parity in the eastern. Conference this year all the talk all the teams too I I kind of I tend to take our Cleveland and assess because they still have LeBron Boston of course. We don't really know what they are yet they're very young team they had the one of the biggest turn offers of any roster from last season. Course I got tyra Irving we know he can do. Al Horford we know he can do but what's Jason Tatum gonna be like what's Jalen brown and we like in the playoffs and also you look at Toronto. It seems like there in the same position every year where they're gonna be a top three seed and then they lose in the first or second round DeMar DeRozan of course is as a tourist and yet. In an Indiana T wanna know where this season -- expected us from there with petrol depot. And also Washington their playing better right now without John walls so what are they gonna do in the playoffs I think home court banished to be a big thing but. Well look at these last two box losses are to New Orleans into Washington. It's not like they're losing to bad team ready New Orleans is. Is of it does fit seed in the Western Conference trying to Morgan how anti Davis is plants on the best basketball of anyone in these last seven or eight games. And you look at Washington there are four seed in the east I mean right now we don't have a Barack in the box and they split the season series of the box. So I don't look at least two games is very concerning to meet. However. This guy come to a point where. The Bucs have to close out these games. No Malcolm Robert and Jabari still working his way and he only played 27 minutes last night played very well yet and yeah honest is you brought up before you have the funny guy too. Take the ball and I love that Yana cystic in the ball he had. And that's a shot he had shown he can make little fade away from about what 89 feet yet he's got a good jump shooter. He's not in the thing is that if you Jews had a couple lecture shooters are on the court the way that he penetrates and when he is in the post when they wanna add that double team. And he kicked it out to somebody I mean. It just makes a world of difference and I like Chris Middleton alive I know that some people are torn on Ayman assail he's not. You don't put his name with his big theory and plus the bats to say after the game yet last night and DA needs it I mean yes the three point shooting has been a little rough this season but I mean as midrange game is improved in his great defensive player. Everybody that's that's on the court isn't going to be an MVP candidate people need to realize that he's a very solid player was a solid player but he's just a little bit out of control is not a true point guard. In this team doesn't have a true point guard Danny can go with the lineup where you honest handles the point to point forward to that line it's kind of been a Nassau a year at the assassin statistics on that. So I think you're just. I hate to say it I think there's still one piece away and who doesn't mean Jabari we saw last pennies Guinness confidence back when he's finally able to play over 25 minutes of the currencies and good things yet he we scored nineteen points last night. Now but I still think either need a true point artery need to date because this three setter rotation. Is just done not working out in my opinion Bledsoe led the team in rebounds in the loss to New Orleans he had nine Yana set think let him last night with like thirteen or something like that. Some maker. And I know I keep saying in this war what is what is is our role in the rotation he's he's a jump shooter and outside shooter I mean his average and three rebounds per game he's seven foot one. Again he's 21 years old we think he's 21 years old. But he Anne and I know that it's gonna take another couple losses and add some muscle but what's the point of having a seven foot guy on the floors he can't grab a rebound at one point last night. He like duct heat he didn't want the rebound. It does is grab the ball he's not a grass of the throat noble throw to withdraw her shoulder and well. It's it's frustrating watching a seven foot one guy when your five foot nine. You know when you wanna be seven fleece one dunk a basketball an election again. So soft out there yet on a solid people off he doesn't have a lot of strength he gets bullied in side. Especially seeing that with sound shooters of the raptors killed on maker. If not fried a glass on the play before then he's going to kill my bigger guys and he is only 20/20 one years old list. You know we don't really know AG sometimes but it's on makers a guy that I still think has a lot of potential in the future but. He his role on this team right now is basically eating up minutes and they don't have a center. I eagle it we will say we don't need a true Sarin MBA. Today we'll that is true but eat you need someone even gold state. Yeah and protector installs it does us and they got to the only G and those guys aren't I guess you'd say true senators are good senators are senators you want on. On your team on our front line starting. But they have Kevin Durant they have staff curry they have clay Thompson helped treat migraine the Bucs don't have that. And you need guys to defense of these bigs in the east I really see tot Tyler Zeller got some Mormon play a lot last night. I don't have the minutes are front and how much she played but in playing against latte he. And I do like cancer and you know he shows flashes as well. But yeah I think you're still just one piece away I hate to say that and you know and and I think that is phony watch in knob box Twitter and you know I don't. Twitter blew up last night I don't know what they're really expecting you see that's a thing too is I really like the sparks team they're very talented gals. Probably the best young an up and coming superstar I guess you can say up and coming anymore Nina Odyssey is a superstar. And then you manager barge to the Max Chris Middleton as your third option Eric Bledsoe was and there are as well it's a very young and talented team. But they're not winning a championship this year we know old act going and it's about continuing to improve. Some playoff experience that lasted a good bounce in the first round you don't go from get bounced the first round to ending up in the Eastern Conference finals so this is about winning that. First playoff series your watching his team continue to grow each year in year out that's cost along yeah exactly so. When people are just. Rip and then I mean Justine this game's over. What you don't turn this off it's it's the NBA it's a game of runs yet eagle gold down by twenty and year out of the game in the first quarter and hasn't happened I always come back. Always Indiana's is going to develop that jumper I mean Michael Jordan didn't have that fadeaway jumper until a year like four or five of his career he's kept getting bigger and stronger it's gonna come. I want to work out with Kobe this offseason I saw people bitching about that. We give my. My two cents on that really collect the whole Kobe thing about Yana saying I wanted to what color Colby people that saw that in. That made them uncomfortable because. A week before Magic Johnson said the thing about. Does occasionally it's cold it is not sure but liquor and a ball is not any Kobe Bryant or Magic Johnson that puts you personally there's gonna be Yana. And it's exactly and it is about his decision to kind of. Funny how he said you know I know loyalty inside my DNA was doing that Kendrick Lamar cloaked. In any kind of walk that back almost I thought a few weeks that when he was like. Well I'm gonna stay in Miami I hope you stay in Miami my whole career if the front office makes the right moves and Oracle's on Miami. So we are lucky that it's I have out of its Governor Brown dreams RCA Jack he SO that that was kind of funny he's almost sand in the front office like you know. Another piece in here or do you think that yeah artists in Jabari light plane together and that's kind of a stupid question but teaching they like been on the floor together. It's tough to say because we haven't seen in CNET that really haven't seen it. The you know in that sense they bent ear because of the injuries are on our Jabari now. So and plus you know would you Bart on the bench right now. He's coming and spell ya so we saw a little bit last night I was Smart play together then but does that take time to those two to even develop chemistry that. I think they. The each other's games really well at least Jabari goes inside and outside yeah artist and on the point has to play small ball like on the post you don't run. I mean they're running their officer Jakarta to help well and it it was heading into points almost every possession. Yeah ice you know you need another piece mainly and a little bit deeper the bench because. Yeah honest can't. He can't take over every single game with the minutes that he's plant and is it to a player I mean the way that he finishes at the rim so violent and easy great defensive player but. You just need somebody to cannon's column and some to take over in the fourth quarter. And obviously got its gonna want the ball in his hands he's a playmaker and he's you know one of the top ten players in the top five players in the league so he's gonna want the ball on the fourth quarter we need somebody take the pressure off from real quick before we jump off to a net sent topic. Last night found maker thirteen minutes. And he had two rebounds Tyler Zeller eight minutes one rebounds so three rebounds part of our ancestry back of senator and how much it has sacks 799. Rebounds in 26 minutes so I mean. You see an NBA and I mean Russell Westbrook averages but it's not ten rebounds a game and he's toned down thirteen fourteen cardinal had doled all of our team read the team rebounds and they weren't that far off and they and they really weren't actually outs in the wizards pulled down forty boards last guest on the fox 394040s. So we are so so yeah. Did their rebounding as a team. You know everybody talks what you don't need to Saturday compete a man Gortat was kind of eaten alive in the first half yesterday I mean even a serviceable player like gore tied to somebody like that. You know you don't need a seven footer Hakeem Olajuwon Patrick Ewing those days are over but he still needs some service. Just wanna paint protector. And you people say you don't need a team protector he don't need a team protector of your if you have ten drag and are currently protector of yet LeBron James and Bucs don't have. That they have got us yes but they. The AD need to did you need a paint protect her because. They're defense this year has been bad now. With Conti as a head coach. Spent a lot better than what Jason Kidd asked Novartis mother topics all around the NBA I LeBron James I want to mention made history last night. Two times actually. First one I will say 30000 points 8000 rebounds 8000 assessed first player in NBA history to reach that mark any also the average triple double in February 1 of four players are believe to do that it's his first Oscar Robertson the big old did eleven times. Russell Westbrook to five and I believe Wilt Chamberlain did it three times so LeBron James is in that class as well. Quick question of LeBron ended his career today. Where you rank him among the greatest of NBA players of all time. Probably one or two I mean as far as overall players I always say that sees CC's I hate to say he's done in the Michael journeys there basketball player I'm not gonna say. He's got that same. Drive in the fourth quarter to take game while brotherly scene and take game's over I'm not gonna say that he's a better score but it overall player he is more of a Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan type that your that mean it handled the volley did you double digit rebounds says he blocked shots that are just. Mean let's go back to the finals that one from behind Hillary comes up I mean he's he's a freak of nature I think he's a guy I mean look he's doing his aides that's the thing. You know he didn't and take a couple of years awfully short and dead. In you'd mentioned you know he never got beaten the first round of the playoffs and into the easily there's a resonate. And I think the you have to read him either one or two or three you're gonna go with Coby and MJ one or two but he's definitely in that top theory. You always hear that argument will. He his legacy it's tarnished because he has some real losses the final swamp surrogate realized a loss in the finals. Was worse than a loss in the Eastern Conference finals or a loss in the second round or loss on the first try and understand how that tarnish his. You're. Legacy one and a team sport not a player sport. I am the biggest Angie guy out there still Michael Jordan but I'm saying you know almonds are heard bolts thing I think look spoiler alert from Illinois I think. Kind of makes me now almost Salem brown better overall player to. Is just the jordin come back not to come back with the second three. He had some nice nice but he looked old. And he looked out of shape at times the LeBron doing right now his age he's still the top player yeah Natalie in the NBA in the universe says it would not surprise me if LeBron played a forty was still a top ten player app for I said that last night and has pretty much stock in myself as a Sonoma for hurled my life and I was like I think LeBron can honestly probably play until he's 4041 years old now obviously he's not and you deal the gulf are 82 games. But if you just kind of like dress them up and save them for the post season for the playoffs. I don't know man I mean he's just a freak of nature he's he's like a. As a rim protector trying to protect him if you were to build the perfect basketball player to LeBron you be LeBron James I will say that's but I digress that's argument whenever die and you will not change the opinions of others. I Zaza Pachulia Odessa opinion I think that possibly most people will agree on. Dirty player not dirty play I he had a play against Russell Westbrook Westbrook went down Zaza looked to possibly be trips. Maybe not he fell over Atlanta on Russell Westbrook we've seen the surpasses us out last year in Western Conference finals if font I quite lettered. Which took him out the series. I mean did I think it's uncalled for I like physical play I like. I like hard fouls. I don't like dirty play. And that's the thing and I'll be you almost need to Galley that on your team I think that that's what the boxer Lackey maybe they should give him account again but he's a meal box. You need exactly Unita bruiser you need you know a guy like that down in my opinion that the thrill Noble's EL. But they common hockey again and again and again that's what you need are following stock. Exactly and I just in imovie on Netflix app I have excellent academic sequel to two hours well yeah you'll need a guy like death yet it is that's uncalled for and I did I suck Kevin Durant was defending he's like now he's his clumsy yeah I think I think we all. After defended your Teva dram I'll blame him for not that your teammate but. In and out like a set up all four have a net doom type guy that. It dies it's gonna go to war for you know Jordan had it and Charles Oakley back in the late eighties on rod veterans Ewing had it. He was himself and yet with anti Mason and donations rotten with the pistons and it is like random guys to their Ali crazy look at like guys like frank how he with the Supersonics on the play doubles and at first that you knew yelling they brought Frank Murkowski and you can under Roddick is still didn't get did you tactic is Roberts Marlon exactly I stood out Smart and I mean it's likely your dual Karl will be you do need a guy like that and yet that's that's that's uncalled for I mean he could have seriously injured last reckoning is ready had knee injury tale but around. SI guess that's kind of my stance on and I mean it bothers me but it doesn't bother me too much and I really just wanna see those two teams meet in the playoffs and I analyze. Idea they eighty southern right now are the way to Western Conference standings are. They were meets. The first round or the first round yet yet because our rob. We changed tonight like for instance is everything there's so much parity in the league right now that we have no idea and that's just talk about kind of with the Bucs beat in six plays and how is this is the year I think you wanna be in that. Top three or top four spot even in the east but. Yet the west I mean there's so much parity in and we are talking and a little bit about Anthony Davis is he an MVP candidate and what do they sin in the fifth spot right now fifth spot which is crazy without bogey cousins for the rest of the year. The almost at the show's name up there. Did you see. Actually down they're down six yet does change every day Portland moved up 3520. That's right six do orleans' 34 and 26. As a right now yet anti Davis held a basketball player. We actually on the morning show chuckle when Clara net and the producer of the morning show. There was a question brought out by a listener. Who would you take right now. Anti Davis are you honest to Cuba now and I to think about it because it's it's not as clear cut. I mean as of as Bucs fans as listeners that the show. Mostly your Milwaukee you're watching us every night right you're watching what started and what he does is spectacular. Are you watching anti Davis is well. I don't watch and I knew what that guy does since Kentucky's is on the same level as honest if not a little bit higher. Now I would take honest right now the ball 24 years old. Less injuries less injuries for Donna's anti Davis suspend. Injury prone so far artist's career. He is a better jump shot outside Yasser because higher ceiling but yeah it's hard to say that it was a better player right now in May be anti Davis. Right and I mean I'll take either of them obviously be out there glassware in Tehran. I'm Janice and die Anthony Davis I mean that's another that's a great comparison right there because everybody expects so much from got us in this box team and Anthony Davis never won a playoff series now and it is the main focus that team even with DeMarcus Cousins that's how hard it is a win in the league need to veteran team you need three to four to go to guys you need guys you need closers that's apparently in the league needs to get local. It about this box team losing to Washington and losing to New Orleans it's. Like or not that much different from these other teams and you look at these other teams are here and how much state struggle okay sees a seven seed they have. Three future coughing cameras on that secret I understand he'll. Carmelo has as yet the end of his career is not the same as used to be appalled short and so ball Russell Westbrook we know how good he as he was MVP last season price during the seventh seed right now. Gas so a rarity yeah I went way and we say this box team Sox after losing to the wizards. Or lose and pelicans are just wrong they don't song and he's ever been better than it is a talent. Debts spread around the Eastern Conference summarize the Camelot talent I mean you look at. Right now people or pick in Boston people pick to trot so. People pick in Cleveland obviously but he used to be in the last few years it's always LeBron always LeBron always a bribe or not he's their teams are. Coming up and there are some discussions going on is is the time we're LeBron doesn't make of the finals. Yet but as far as the MVP race goes I was still go to James Harden one maybe Anthony Davis to the idea he's everybody's so far behind James Harden in my opinion and I kind of wanted on that real quick topic. Before we wrap things up because. A lot of talk about the Houston Rockets being the best team the last stop the Golden State Warriors in this is and just rocket players and this the other is a couple. Didn't like a poll couple guys from around the league and in the Western Conference guys on the thunder obviously they got some bad blood with the death essay in this though that they think Houston. Is the better team. He Houston all offseason we've heard Chris Paul James Harden. Oh coaching staff everybody there is just obsessed with Golden State nets on the spent their Summers watch tapes on Golden State how to beat down. I'm really excited for relentless series and I want to tell my stays healthy. And we get it I am Jackson at because I don't know. I mean it's easy to say that he says the better team but we also need to remember you when you're looking to regular season stats and just the way to Chris Paul and James Harden somehow worked out together. You know little mean in the ball their hands and yes Canada may call me. Answer the loss to the other big 11 or 21 or two this season to gather weather ball on the court they have lost Southern Pines he. He went ahead and on and half and I'd really quick before we wrap things up I do wanna mention my VP pick is same with you James Hart and of course. If the MVP was what the definition of most valuable player is a pick LeBron James every single year as an Olympic jordin every signal you're in the ninety's. But that's not how we're such additional round James Harden is every PAT Davis. I don't think Izzy were close james' heart and he has the rockets as number one team leaked to the point where people are saying you know the part of the borders which I don't agree with but will seek come playoff time. He's averaging nearly 32 points those rockets or 47 a thirteen there at thirteen game winning streak and they've won seventeen of their last eighteen and illegal state by one half game which is I gonna come down Ted and did this is like about the second half of the season this year. You know damn well Golden State wants a number one seed. And you know damn well he said once that number one seed you know a lot of people say like LeBron every year he doesn't care he's the number one leading total seeded east coasts but I'm talking to I think there in the. Other signs that the young you are you know Kevin Durant staff curry deathly veterans but compared to LeBron are much much younger. Implement more competitive nature in the regular season and maybe LeBron to India veteran does that knows he has to. Take a backseat some nights in in post through addressed to make sure your fault portion of the playoffs these other teams out. Mets you seemed to sell one seed I think it puts a lot pressure uncle state yet especially they're talking about a game seven now on their floor. That's the thing at home court advantage and I think it'll matter in that series so it'll be interesting and I. You know unless things he's in plays the clippers tonight in the last time we had that big brawl that big slightly Griffin was involved there's guys trying to sneak in the locker room. I'm upset this lost all of its luster to set Blake Griffin's gone under I thought it was funny last night they I saw an interview. And now they're interviewing James Harden about electing I was named it the play last game so. You know it may mean that not been able to be out there are my team and their like to know does is game loss and even its firepower now that Blake Griffin is and on now the clippers anymore news cycle. I can't get a kick out of never nice more questions for re and things here so that's robbery in basketball right now. That's rivalry in basketball right now all who is that's a really good ones of resent. Yeah I mean generally go I and I got to take the clippers in the rockets off of that I mean I was gonna go with that. But now with like the roster pretty much being changed for the clippers. I must say OK see in Golden State. Yet because the whole Westbrook to grandstand. I carrier ring Austin in Cleveland possibly baby daughter slight apps and there is a lot of respect there wasn't so much. Will we all know what happened to 82 years ago so. And that's the thing you know LeBron and carrier just professionals indyk probably don't like each other but they candy I mean we saw that one video or like stepped curry was there to letting and he was nick and funnel browns like workout day and Seattle carriers get a kick out of it. The Carey takes it takes the high road sort of LeBron and are gonna go and liked. Talk to the media about each other so even if they don't like each other they keep the secret yet we are now the warriors in the thunder they don't keep it a CK high eighty job they all taught that's why I'm all I'm all for that and I'm all for Houston in gold state and when you put those two teams especially Chris Paul in a playoff series reacts as shot for once. You put those teams. You know and they're actually compete for the Western Conference the and I think that's gonna become an even bigger rivalry when the games matter in the regular seasons like Dan you know matters but it doesn't in the playoffs. There's some guys it'll get fired up and as serious enough that most. Seriously get chipping I can't wait force on their receives healthy. As a series Crist also record a positive to see that we're going to have to pass Ryan horror about Arab Cody grant again. And be a podcast number CU thanks again so much for listening on one up by 7UP and the fans.