NBA Podcast - Giannis, Prunty, Jabari - Next Bucks HC

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Wednesday, March 21st
Cody Grant and Ryan Horvat were joined by Jeff Orloski who through a Pipe Bomb into a Giannis debate. Cody and Ryan then discussed the Marc Stein reports that the Bucks have a list of potential head coaches to replace Prunty. Also, will Jabari Parker be back with the Bucks?

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Hey guys welcome back into another addition ever NBA podcasts myself Cody drown assign me Ryan whore about what's going on and not too much are you doing that good excited talks hoops with you as always. A box plenty gets you Connie gets you in the NBA. And we're at sea wall that we're start with a box a couple things we wanna start with and then. Or branch off into the NBA standings on both the Western Conference an Eastern Conference. But starting with the box I a lot of news. Reports. Misinformation. And possibly have come out the last couple of days. I'd on Jabari Parker. And Joseph front TB in the main two sources of these first offer go to talk about their head coaching. I had coaches for the box right now Joseph Conti of course had coached Internet coached a British team was fired Marc Stein wrote an article. Saying that. There are a box have a list of potential coaches they wanna hire those coaches include Jeff Van Gundy temperament tale. I'd. Hassan a Mahdi Williams not pitino and Tisdale. NC Mark Jackson and there was no Mark Jackson wasn't on there aren't he's tied the knicks job I believe so maybe that's why. The box. It's just this is true. Art look at him as our chance hobbled walking off I couldn't either but this this was really interesting this is came up. And we're talking about we're at the end of the regular season a box will be in the playoffs there's still plenty of basketball left we played in Joseph Conti is her head coach. When this came out. I'm Alex. As Marie the vice president. Heat between that and said. What is this we're still in the middle of the season and that we have our head coach this is not right and it's. I don't know if you saw a Twitter yesterday was almost like a storm of tweets from Bucs fans and outs last three on back and forth yet. And Marc Stein is a pretty credible guy. I mean pretty much almost everything that he writes or reports ends up being true ready and I just known things that the law no stick side tend to believe bark stallion but it's it's weird dull that. Last three. Was involved in this on Twitter and saying now these are all wrong. Yeah I mean obviously they had some sort lists. I mean uniting go to next season with Jill prod to Asia I'd go to you lost eight year the last twelve student at home court advantage I think you would have a shot at keeping his job maybe speak and until proxy we have a lot of nicknames for Joseph Conti here on the fan that's because of this manager for a last. Parker's it was a good what's your favorite nickname after GO promptly kills an attack front teeth and ethnicity. I'm into this that triggered its Aston. That would never really got legs that seems like bazooka Biggio was probably the most popular one. But job. We are you know he's. He sure as hell hasn't kept up that hot start that he had. Let's start off not and three. Now the boxer ballot that eight seed it seems like an Eastern Conference last week I was like I don't care about you know lose into the cans things of that size to just beat the crappy teams beat him on the road and just take care of business. Literally we wrapped up that podcast. And and a job disappointing one of the magic. Yeah I made a joke that they're you announce when he in the first quarter comeback and win and you don't wanna in the first quarter about in the comeback and a win. But I'm Jeff I want you to come in today we know that conversations little bit ago about yeah honest. Being a superstar. Ryan higher in the same boat saying he is a superstar. You on the other hand agreed skip Bayless he's not a superstar. Yeah honest is not a superstar because one his on this one besides Jack shipped. You know. You're not a superstar. When you're scared to shoot the ball. There's times there were times in a game that mean you were at Saturday night saint patty's day Cody. When he's wide open for three and you can he catches the ball it you can see him hesitate and you know it's in his head. Just catch it and by Europe this shot bro and he doesn't do it okay who. Around him does yon is particularly make much better than they or war. Because you're not seeing any growth from Bledsoe you're not seeing a whole lot you know and Jabari can score by. To Mori's rarely under cork at the same time as you honestly seemed to get in each other's way a lot. He's not making Middleton a better player. So what exactly makes him a superstar because he scores a lot of points yes he is a machine. And he is a very very good basketball player. Superstar. He is not the you have to win some and to be a superstar you have to sit there and you know. Without a shadow of doubt make the guys around you better. That's why he doesn't qualify in my book great eye great on top tasker. So who would be your superstars right now on the MBA. Westbrook. Durant Currie you know obviously. The bitch LeBron James. And. That's probably I wouldn't even consider it be Davis is superstar now Westbrook so easy one with two rant. But as soon as to rant left now he's back with thunder by himself Westbrook is he has a team around him and Carmelo Anthony called George. And Stephen Adams if he doesn't it out the first round can you consider him a superstar. I consider him a superstar because of what he's capable of doing OK Russell Westbrook you know defected he had what up until yesterday five or six triple doubles and rope. You know he's making his teammates better his assist numbers the rebounds everything he does everything for. Is funny because thousands and this podcast out earlier today actually this is from a couple weeks ago when it was are still talking about 76ers. In just about how young teams don't descend. And the selfless. Inside look at this bucks team in Canada it's what I see giving guys are starting get pissed off. The acting Alice is taken all the game winners that you know he tries to take over all the games in the fourth quarter. A collectors like Al was on this team. And I feel like maybe they don't get along off the court like keeping Jabari ever goes home in him and you honestly think a bigger than this not gonna go to the media. Or have anything come up editing that either of them go home and just like practiced like especially Jabari about outcasts. No Jabbar to me seems like a really good team. That when you're already there but like you just I don't know if this team revealed the palladium. OK but the thing is is OK so if if people have a problem with the on has taken Alicia who you gonna have taken. Middleton who sucks 80% of the time he is one good game we can disappears the rest of the week. You know you can have I so can't hit you know the broadside of a barn most nights you could have Jabari who you know Newton. So who knows gonna take that we've got a lot of decent. Galleries. We don't have a lot of big ball men you know what I mean. And so obviously honest you know you can't you can't dispute detail but the guys phenomenal ride off on but besides act. You know who will she got a squad. Well we got us is the guy I mean he's got taken a lash out because he's the best player in the team he's a guy averaging 28 points per game he's a guy in that. Top three in the NBA in scoring and wanting you reference about the three Baltic Nast has turned down a lot he doesn't have a three point shot. You know he doesn't have even remotely a three point shot yet we see him hit. Two or three threes here and there but. Not to be consistent level of but shooter in the NB a like a stuffed curry Kevin Durant or even like Kyle Korver or just some guy that can hit from outside. Gas is to have that jump shot. But only net disputes of ambient superstar they'll. Of weasel why do you think he's a superstar because he elevates his team. Now you say they may be doesn't make these teammates better but you take Yaris office team what you have with a box they make in the playoffs. Now. OKC for me win James Harden was basically alone in Houston. And he put up six sickest numbers you know maybe Dwight Howard broken down as was there. And he put up sick numbers but he never won anything yet now. To me James Harden was not a superstar at that point. Now James Harden gets help and not only is he scoring but he's edition and he's Borden and he's doing everything that needs to happen. Now he's making his teammates better which is why eighty deserves the MVP this season and be well I think now he's elevated himself to superstar status. Now with honest though he doesn't have to help around him to compete for title right now in my Ron assume that Arnold OK so. Like James Harden when he was a Dwight Howard that team was gonna win a title. They weren't gonna wanna type they were good team. That won a lot of games and compete in the playoffs but now that. Tina is a round of Clinton pal on he's got Chris Paul there and of course Eric Gordon lesser teams Harmon in the running for MVP. He has helped those guys around the league like FT Davis who you consider he's got all the talent in the world to be a superstar. Isn't enough not help there I mean to Jordan. You know how many years to win his first playoff series you know when his first playoff series and so all night I shoot eighty and eighty sevens in oh yeah and then when he. When he got sued these recovers finals the pistons beat those bulls teams three straight years so it's still don't win anything but it. Was not consider superstar there are not trying to compare jordin darkness because. Yassin a long long way to go to get to the level Michael Jordan but even LeBron James you know he never lost a first round series he made the playoffs in his third season. He gets the nod to the finals until a year and it in Cleveland 2007 so it took him some time to get up there. But the difference is Cody is that. Michael Jordan was a bona fide bad gas going and yet it okay that's wasn't now when you sit there and you look at some of the heroes. From those NBA finals. It's John Paxson and are huge shots hit by BJ Armstrong. And you know guys like that Steve Kerr. You know it wasn't just Jordan and then a bunch of busters they had Scotty pit in our league top. Swanee player of all time probably the best two way player of all time as well. Yes you know Scotty had talent you know obviously as well so you know that's why it's different you know. The Bucs don't have those guys they don't have. The small you know. They don't have that. They need that you know. That's the problem nobody wants to take that role on this team feeling everybody's so worried about their own numbers their own stance is that Mozilla feels like look at Bledsoe. Even Gallic Middleton I mean you noting he's doesn't tries hard on the defensive on because he's trying to put up Tony Tony super night. I feel like that's what's the problem with this team and everybody's worried about their own numbers. They don't defend and and that's what pisses me off as they're capable of it every every NBA players I told our defense is Jabari everybody on that could affect. Yeah. You don't Middleton should be should be the three guys and if you need a three you know you should find a spot up in a corner. Or wherever his sweet spot is and he should be one nailing those shots he's not. And that's why the bucks are currently sit in the AC. Well one thing Rob Reynolds and soon is he is the bucks best three point shooter. And I don't even know he's that great of a three point shooter now so consistent from beyond the arc. But in today's NBA Unita hit three on the plus you don't have don't have any sort of brown. Comes on the bench every once a while he hit some threes Tony snow's been nonexistent this year. Chris Middleton as he is their best three point shooter but. He's so inconsistent offensively from beyond the arc dealing. You know he does defend and mean but it what the hell's even on the floor for I mean I thank god I'm pretty snowed I mean and he was so lawsuit last year. This year you know he's definitely reverted into a turn over machine in a rock and brick layer we ticketing each shot so I mean it. And that's the thing I feel like John Estes so burned out at this point of the season. And obviously not an arrest them for a week or anything like right now when your in the eighth spot luckily the pistons are still terrible they have no shot and make in the playoffs. Because of the pistons (%expletive) had three or four more wins there'd be shot the Milwaukee would not be on the playoffs this year and that's ridiculous with all the talent. You know whether they can work together or not this should at least the sixth seed in the Eastern Conference. It should be it's not primaries sneak in as the Dayton get destroyed in the first round. And be life like always offer offer Bucs nation because. You know you guys should be used to it by now that's what you do every year and you know if you wanna blame John horseplay and John Norris you wanna blame Bucs management whatever. Op if it. In this this this is saved him cycle is Steve and an honest and I say that but you know again it's the same same all blocks. No I don't wanna say he's able bucks wanna say that I unhappy. When the Bucs lose in the first round because that means that the season's over and I could stop paying attention to the NBA faster. Yeah and chips or not you're not a big NBA fan we know that right it paid yet. The auction. Would you ask a Lee. And we knew and turn this season for the league EF fourteens. Out of thirty that have a chance to win the title. Three well yes three OK so you gotta you've been you've got golden days the only reason why Cleveland isn't in there is because somebody's got to show up from the east. So you know there's a flaw in your truck and sport. And you know. To meet is just plainly obvious but. You know there's guys I know Cody I know you you've got an NBA ticket to earn your Wiener a lot and I don't know I declare an about it and you know more are yeah as gunners then. I don't know what they almost say about that and response to a work the want to Alec on an MBA that you don't gaining at a sport is every year the best team went its Welsh. All that is true. Golden State was better than Cleveland the year they Cleveland came back and beat him in the finals adrenaline going stopped kicking guys and John. I mean he had Jupiter dramatically gets spent and that series 31 I think it's over it is over. I mean there's there's mostly like the tribunal for when they beat the lakers. And a better team now Laker teammate I mean I don't they may have been a better team did and then play the majority Shia majority of teams that win championships that's the best team nots in baseball not always the fact. In in NFL and football staff Leno always the back yet. Wild card teams wanders the odds are all last year the best team than a win two years ago the best team won the world on strike the cubs fans you know terrorist. That question there has burned out you know. As I sit here on Twitter gear rule for the Bucs have been shopping and your guard cargo for the last several years what do you get for Jabbar right now. Maybe Coca to smile and use hot dogs in a dirty muffin if they're good at and I don't mean dirty. I love Jabari but the bottom. Obama GM outside of Chicago Ehrlich is the team is rebuilding. Monad enough for for Jabari I don't know that I'd offer first round pick why I think there's not. Emmys to be Richard creator right now you knock airport you'll see a trade ominous. I bet she and assists aren't trained right but I can see multiple teams offering Jabbar the Max because teams overpay in the NBA 200 jordans and the Max Max player capsule now teams will overpay in the NBA in just a ceiling and Jabari. Is so high debt they teams will take that risk. There's no way in hell I would idea I would try to negotiate him down and down and down when I guarantee his lowest number I go three million below. You know I need to see more from Jabari. If he obviously hasn't lifted the play of those around him on this box team. IE you know you can cry all you want about oh it's still early he needs more time. And I was the one out of high cares about a year but two years ago now said that. I think pure talent wise Jabari has more than your honest now that was before the second ACL yet. And I still think that I think Jabbar you can be a legitimate superstar. But there's not you don't even see flashes of it now. And debt that's troubling especially with his you know as young as he is. It's the aero is not pointing straight up like it should be. Do you see some flashes a bit but not how would you would expect from before the two ACL injuries now. Brian I grew up in Chicago we are big bulls as we saw Derrick Rose in Derrick Rose. Already were billing him to be that one of the greatest point guards of all time you won. And DT the young sage but about 22 years old. And he was on the ACL injury and then already from a comeback he finally comes back in my car I used in backed into a twelve games later. Other ACL injury having Jabari I'm cigars the same thing work. You know he's he's not gonna be as athletic as he was when he came on the draft. I think the problem is he's been gone for pretty much like two years so he has no chemistry with anybody on this team. I think that that's the president immediately I thought he's left out you know he says Malcolm Brock was trapped last year rocked and Jabari. John S and melts and has yet to play a single minute on the course Kweisi isn't nice guy but he's got an ego I mean commodities could have been the first pick of the draft he went to duke Q is regarded as one of the best players in the nation while it was there he's got a little bit of an ego he wants to be -- 220 -- yeah that's up turn night. And I think that's the problem is he doesn't fit in on this team now and it it might be time to move on because I don't know how him Middleton Bledsoe. Yana says a lot of personalities and that's a lot of guys that need the ball their hands. It out citing honest not a home. Our superstars and a memory and also. I would senator Jaffa and the fact that Jabar he's got talent to any details have to clear out we are no immediate end. The off course the big risk though are those neat so they now hold up. But I think tend to be here it does he wanna be fascinating to. But if he does wanna be here does wanna be in Milwaukee and John Boris Said that he thinks it Jabbar is part of its future in and do everything they can to get them back reports negotiate a lower price. Of course you don't wanna paint and that you don't wanna pay yup that's the next leader how. Asked do you believe him when he says that the that he really wants them here because all these. There's always smoke because when all these rumors come out about you know guys dean on the move and things like data tend to believe it for the yeah. I mean did the fact that it was reported that they were shopping your parts trade on I don't at a trade deadline I don't dispute that I don't. I definitely would see why they would do that because you'll he'd been injured nappy you know be on the court all the time they need a big Macs and kills and side. I could see them go shopping Jabbar or four down territory nor Hassan Whiteside. But in a did you Bart Parker his ceiling is still I think very very high is he got a can averaged 20/20 five points per game in the second player aren't chips contender. I think that you take that risk any parent with young artists and looked ahead to rebuild a team with respect contracts and try trade a Middleton are trying to triplets. The thing is that if you want me honest and Jabari on the floor the same time. One of those guys has to consistently hit the three point oh yes the thing you know you gotta be honest who goes to the hole every single play. If he's able to do that and then issued to Jabari fur in easy three. Then they can work but they both try to do the same thing they're both sort of the same kind of player. Yeah and and that hurts you. Jabari hash on some range from the outside not consistently but more than Udonis has well and was my grandma. Who is she hit from downtown and BH three. A couple of actually pay for the first NBA three point line was that hasn't seven he's right. She handled the ball better than Bledsoe or does he got ago I don't talk Magnum about balls and linked into what it. I. Player. I host he's iso image he's eighty something now it. But you know the same kind of player and that hurts his team now you know the one thing in that dog that you guys way because you're smarter basketball to me. But I will tell you that box nation and all I've heard is you know like when Jabbar went down again all just waiting to we have. Jabar yeah listen Middleton altogether just wait they never played together. Now you've got that and now all the certainly wanna throw rocks Gannett and so then once Rodney comes back. Well you know the grand plan is to have Brock being honest Jabari Middleton and let them at all you know it's is it never stops you know these guys. Consistently over raped her own players on their team this team isn't that good. You know it's not and I was a huge snow failed last season he took a gigantic step yankees fall flat on his face. Bledsoe has you know he's he's like Middleton one good game a week in these big crap the other games it's so frustrating to watch. I never thought that I would say it but you know I'm minicamp blow it all up and start over TP I don't know around yachts keep you honest. Trash everything else yet and I'm not a Middleton fan he could have been gone two years ago wouldn't have these held. Now before the season started Arctic seemed to finish fourth the Eastern Conference. Does not look like that's gonna happen. Now to your point I don't think they're trying all Cleveland or Boston even at star declared I think stat but I did think they're better than what they are right now. If you thought they would be on par with Washington you don't and they are not pacers. Yeah I don't just saturated there you know other franchise literally and Paul George Carroll depots to entered got to be a great deal for double teams but. I NC of finishing eighth I thought I should I haven't had a playoff system realistically for the box I NC like the second cedar Eastern Conference finals like everybody else and but I thought at least. 4850 wins so it's disappointing SN hair and stuff the watched. The last stretches where is really bad that gives them ban hoops just us in the first half. They haven't put together four quarters of basketball season law. Let's have stretches of bad basketball you can make college basketball joke here. Dollars in knots of talk now here in the road path that the war torn on that a big Khaled to scan that's so SE I don't bake until I las off quickly talks in my account troops tech. I don't take out troops. I'll watch college basketball. But it's bad basketball compared him via. T ball is bad baseball which ego because kid plays you know I have to as a child chef. Well. Are there and sixes codes and. Now I know. It's it's not bad basketball it's not at the level as the NBA because we're not the best of the best. You've got how many and how many division one NCAA basketball teams. But shipped out yet okay so it's not the best of the best blocked. It is a more entertaining more exciting brand of basketball. To my four eyes. Then the NBA is. And I'll leave it at that I write the get pissed off all the books taste in the head all they had so I if you wanna yell at me on Twitter Ahmed Cody grant. To make it easier to. Jeff thanks a lot man anytime come back rulers have fun and you'll want. So Rula good before got that back in the box I think that just set about how best will be more entertaining I see that side of it. Because cal basketball what makes a great is it's entertaining it's unpredictable. And it causes chaos often play assassin makes excited but my point is. I just like seeing good Basque law alexion efficiency alexion. Smart passes I like CN. Players being able to break up. You in the past is in the exact exactly that's my apartment but to say that count fastball is an exciting that's wrong is very exciting much as I truly. And are now on Khaled troops though result upsides. Early for all the ups and I don't wanna see. I've always wanted to see is sixteen beat a lawn until I started gambling right just you know yeah. Rates are the and a lose money on it but the thing is is in March like sweet sixteen elite eight final four hour the best teams. You know and that's the only problem that I have with Cali troops. I get this argument every year though and the reason that these mid major teams get better every year is because their four year players or duke can't exactly 01 year players in your in the best coaching some great coaching in these mid majors I mean look at all the coaches that produces yeah Brad Stevens. Up from dollar in now is kind of a bigger name in their in the big east but. That that's the thing man is that it it matters what system that Iran in college hoops and for your players make a world of the difference I don't see the best teams but moving back to the NBA. And moving back to the blocks I mean it's is disappointing to see team with so much talent is but the point I was in about 76ers. It is you know everybody said his MB in Simmons gonna work together and what not the like third or fourth in defense of efficiency so that's a young team that actually defense. The old swing coach and Brett brown right we eyes boxing capable defending pitchers don't wanna do it there too worried about pat in their own stats look. His tune it in basketball in stress in the NBA these are world class athletes sees him some the best athletes. In the world out of any sport out of football baseball you know asked by a particular run a goal for how long sprinting back and forth but it. Defense is about. Watch after apostle and just a little bit of smarts. And I think these Bucs players have smarts I I you know I think there are key user. Are pretty high I mean you see how it's ours RS pick off. Gasoline at dowdy and go back to the way for adopt. Eric Bledsoe averages two steals a game I mean they're there's they're Smart they're quick they're athletic they're capable they're capable. I wanted to do what exactly. I mean Paul Pierce was never known for his defense and when Kevin Garnett came over to Boston so look heal our championship and play defense defend Paul Pierce. It is now against Kobe Bryant in the finals and he. He shot him out exactly as much as anybody to shut down Colby. Exactly in our roads you know he could showed on coaching has seen higher on second coach is this season because or not prod Diem mean. The sauce struts his fault he's not that he's not the right died at the same time juggle all these personalities on this team you need somebody that can come in like kind of like king dec. Like van Gundy would be great. All you're on the van Gundy club I mean I think that he is yeah I. Saw the. I'm a little bit because will we do we talk public that the coaching situation art before op like Bob came in Jeff for lusty. And mark Starr did the right this report that the box had. Eight list are potential culture strip and Donnie B in wonderland Tim Mikhail B and wind. Monty Williams was Tony Bennett is a listless economy was not really penalized but Tony Bennett has come up a conversation. I'd because you've seen the success that Brad Stevens has had come from the college ranks. Up to MBA so people are throwing names out for the box who's into the next coach. And we have no idea who it is but out armed outs last recourse refute these reports but. As uniting people for an agreement marks ours are pretty. Bob. Rapper pretty reliable sources and all it we tend to agree with him so. If you look at some that potential coaches for the box chip and Johnny B and one of them is he got easy guy who want seater. I would I don't think if he leaves his gig because I think he hasn't made public yet I've always been a van Gundy guy I mean down you know you can go back to what is he really one. You know and dealer Timmy had pretty. A couple nice years but. The thing is is is what I worry about is can he get the message there to this team because we see a lot of the off old style coaches. Not able to. Control the personalities were like a younger guy like Brad Stevens could come and with an offense that system in guys can relate to Obama feels that's just thinks. I think unfortunately you kinda half did. If I found in the front office I talked the honest about what he wants what his goals Eric is the problem is you can't lose honest you have to rebuild. From scratch. I thought it was kind of crazy I was working on the big show the other day and they brought up the topic you don't do you want to blow this box team up. And I thought everybody was going to be like Helm in oldham a couple more years they're young but he was like. Keep Yana syndicate package anything else. So I think if that's your plan you do that to talk to yacht doesn't say do you wanna play for this guy. Which sucks and I know you can Goebel ways and you know why should a superstar have control you know he's not in the front office. What does it matter to let look at LeBron every year when he doesn't go along with the coach it just hurts the whole team. Yes like van Gundy. I don't even mind seeing Rick Pitino get one more shot at the pros obviously Boston was amassed. I think he is a great coach having some college coaches like kelp Ari I think he's built for Cali choose because I think. He's more recruiter more of the teachers Denny is an x.s and knows I mean if you look at like Kentucky it's like iso ball even that meant this team would Derrick Rose I mean. There was really no offense that sets being around it was just we have the ten best players in the nation you have got pretty much you pitino could put together pretty good system and I think if he's coach and a younger team. I think he could have success I can't see Cuttino go into. San Antonio older and obviously not they're not they're gonna fire top events could go on with a bunch of veterans and to say hey I'm Rick Pitino. Here's my resonate but I could see him doing good for the sparks to him. It be interesting to see van Gundy Beck and the NBA sidelines I'll load did you see that guys always all fired up. Everything's a conspiracy theory in the leagues I'd love to see like him at the podium after game when he doesn't get a call is a rag and the rest. Now I don't wants Egypt and irony here I like Jeff Van Gundy I think he's a good coach yet but the reason why don't wanna see here is because he's already proven. To the world what you do is a head coach and that's CDs and counting finals and finals in 1999. When the knicks were an eight seed. It went championship he had some good teams in Houston with Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady. And up that's more knock McGrady seized or got out of first round but chipping Dionne could be the coach to get past the first round scratch at McGrady did get out the first round one year. News of bench man for the spurs like half but what twelfth man whenever it's not like count that. Before the season started or at least. First couple weeks of the season there are conversations about Jason Kidd and is he the right guy for the job obviously we found out he's probably not in the he's been fired but. A lot of people were saying that I think JC kids a decent coach but he's not big guy that can it does seem to the next level. You see that and with a lot of seems is. I always reference the bulls because they had Jordan. They had picked N and as young talented team. But Doug Collins at bat to the head coach that time couldn't get into the finals sorely deal. It fired Doug Collins and they bring out till Jack's right does not just a total companies couldn't get a pass exactly yeah now there's always a question mark. Look if you gave dug a couple more years we eventually got their may because you have agree is terrible time around guilty but. Now I look at this bucks team and my expectations for them as seasoned or about the fourth or five seed and I thought and beat fish for a seat in play. Washington the first from the playoffs Canadian home courted and there's still a chance of that happening is they're only three and a half games out of the third seed or four games a third seed. I don't see happening this year I think there and finished 67 or eight. But now I look at it in a sense. Maybe they did you think they've found that Doug Collins coached yeah. Because they do which is don't wait too fast just is only 23 years old who may be Jeff Van Gundy hand. That Doug Collins. Coach where he. Gets in the heads of east not young players to immature players. And breaks them down to look back that they have to play defense they wanna win this lady is no look at the scores of and in the third quarter thinking man's gotta be. And of the game right now of the dead 97 points a rat yes you know the opposing team to the bucks but yeah. Some not police still about four Jeff Finger on the senate armed all along I don't want Sigalet Japan Donny your dialect. Mark Jackson or Doc Rivers even a rivers won a championship yet feel famers on that team. For a guy like Kevin McHale I wanna CA darling Bret Stephens. In the sense I don't know who that guy is in a sense somewhat metallic shrinks come on up and taken over as the Bucs head coach. Tony Bennett's fun to think about but I don't know how he would be at the next level tie is true it's just funny is like two weeks ago everybody is like really how I'm Tony Bennett and and they lose the NCAA tournament really has nothing to do with his coaching or reserve meets people it. That's why don't give this isn't one game I can't stick shots yeah I mean all season long Tony going to be great. Fit for an NB ATV be awesome to our like Tony bad luck Tony met all my god laughs for sixteen seater no no his his career is over there we're gonna disregard everything we said about a before. And say that he would not be good for an NBA team because a bunch of eighteen year olds joked pretty much on on the biggest stage possible like I vast wealth evidenced. Yes I don't really know who the next guy to take this bucks team to the next level could be sent I don't have a name I don't have a name for you and I I don't know who is going to be but. The bucks will do their due diligence that interview on multiple candidates but I just. I just how did you names I don't policy as a match already. And I wanna see someone. That is new in a breeze of fresh perspective and and someone we don't know much about. That will end up being depressed even side you know. For selfish reasons I kind of wanted to be Rick Pitino just because the national attention would be. Huge and to be cool to see Rick Pitino get another shot I don't know if you can coach at the next level I mean he had two stints in the NBA already the second one didn't turn out to anchor pretty easily have. Team to work on Cambodia and tunnel walker. In Boston I mean he didn't really have a superstar. It Larry you say anti lock wasn't a superstars superstars that kind of you know and Andy and then he gained a bunch away blow all this money but not he talks to us. On. Talks to it's about money about money yet. Alitalia or one person that Mike did not talking knew about money is and to unlock you are not really. I mean there will never have any of any money so we don't have to worry about an hour if there's not a story about managing money yeah. Kids when you said you liked to have Rick Pitino here just for the national attention and that would draw more national attention and Rick Pitino and guess who it is. They'll Jackson know they're currently coach right now as an assistant. I don't know Becky him he had a key Hammond bay it's a box were to pull trigger Mbeki ham and make for the first ever. One ends. That coach in the NBA head coach the MBA now yes all marquis got national attention on account of the box and crazy. I think she could. I I'm serious when I say that I think that she can do a better job than Nigel front yeah I don't think that's farfetched I mean I don't know much about back to hand I all I hear you as a game and a lot of things I hear from. Sam Zell watcher are higher Becky Hammond because she's under Gregg Popovich says the city but a lot of guys that are great Popovich. Ends. I'm not. Any and use our procedures a woman enemy the first ever after a ball that that's you know I don't care about having a woman coach Ernie like that. But I don't know much about Becky Hammond and how could the coach she would be as a head coach yeah. I I think that it would be too early to pull the trigger on and how long she been dispersed WW NS yeah I mean I did nurse assistant coaches that. Take years before they become at being top tip to spent nineteen years as assistant coach for Boston under. You know Doc Rivers they're dockers yeah and you know he was Houston before that. I don't know I time so it takes. It takes time to be head coach I say that Becky and it has to go through that process of some routes or job taken obviously and and so we can do I just. I don't know if if she's the right fit either. She could be. And she knows the game I mean everybody if you have a job. Working in the NBA you clearly know the game of basket I don't ever I don't always buy into this guy was a disciple of this guy no matter what's boring you know. Allies pressing in the NFL just because he works for the patriots doesn't mean you're going to be great head coach yes because Tex Winter. Work with Phil Jackson didn't mean that he was going to be agree had coast salmon management team for same brag cuts will be a horrible GMs were runners at times sometimes the reason they're assistant coaches is because they're good at a certain aspect of the game. But not you know the managing personalities. Not. Every single bid to head coaches African tough man. The end assistant coach isn't easy but as a whole a lot easier when your thrown in a play here you're talking to a player you're working on some. Some rebounding with somebody or midrange jump. So is not easy though managing personalities and tell on this guys can be taken ten less shots a game that's eligible Ariza come off the bench. Probably isn't too easy you know selling high end it. You know that's the biggest thing about being a head coach is it's not just sex is now so bright it is a lot of goes and it's managing Eagles and they all have. And that's every single player in the NBA has an ego from the twelfth man. Brian Scalabrine probably had a little bit of an -- Clinton you know mama gave travel a lot of like Irish cream in his cop the only new animation that was in the locker but. That that's the thing that that's what head coaching Ager almost like a glorified baby sitter. So we touch a little bit on Gerard tartar situation with all I object for lusty. But that's the other report wanna ditzy always how long time on the head coaching. Odd possibilities for the box next season the real quick too before we take off Jabari Parker. Gary willful joints chuck Wexler on Tuesday morning moon and he said that's. She doesn't. Think the Jabari would bet he says chances are slim to none desperate quote chance are slim nine that Jabari re back with the box next season. And he referenced that there were trying to trade him during a deadline yes which we reference a little bit ago. So my question you Ryan. Mr. Bard back next year. No yachts I don't think so. Ducks and I think it's a mutual agreement to boot between the box and Jabari I don't think they want to bar back and I'll think Jabari wants to the year. I think US to go somewhere. Like I said I mean he's a great guy NEC's quiet. But he probably wants is still prove that he can be the guy a point five points per game ten rebound guy our ability can emerald that's a ceiling but. It just doesn't seem like he fits in with this team I don't want to speculate because I'm not in the locker room I'm not a practice every single day. But it just seems like he's not sitting with this team. Maybe if you didn't make the move for Bledsoe before last year you know not the Bledsoe as the main problem there's a lot of guys in the. Shots there's a lot of problems to you on this team Indian all its stems further than just you artists Bledsoe middle ten I mean it's Eagles from one. On Redondo number thirteen and backed up to the coaching ranks and posse are up to management. Yeah and I think that we talked about it a couple weeks ago I was like man maybe Chicago would be a good fit for Jabbar I don't know when their playing and actually doing any of this rebuilding. Com you know outside of the giraffe. Late I don't think he cares about stand too close to home as spam will go wherever he wants to go I don't think he cares about Indian big market small market I don't nobody cares about winning but I'm sure that he wants to be in the starting lineup. And I'm sure that he wants probably fifteen point shots per night I don't think he's and get that in Milwaukee. Com. Which yachts out think it's possible. I think it's possible but not when you have blood so we have Rogge minority on this team Middleton back on anywhere that next year. You know I was under contract you don't marshals on a contract and unless you tankers were out you can Trace and I don't see the books. Blown things up I seem kind of keep in the score together managed Jabari for a new head coach and and I see them the front office trying to find head coach that wants obviously coach yeah honest. It head coach the Dallas wants to play for and I think that that's kind of the move that you have to make because you have to make whether he's a star he's a superstar you have to keep them happy. Because what's the other option and you start all over in the new need to sign in DS you're gonna finding dilate yeah out especially in in the sec here around her late in the first round. I mean that kind of stuff just doesn't happen and he got lucky with him number I can and then you missed on a couple first round picks it. It's not time to blow everything completely out but I would be really surprised. Jabari was in a Bucs Jersey next year yes I want Jamar back I think he's going to be back I think you know works on an out ends. And that the point like I said I'm living in dire Jabbar because of I think his ceiling is sill hi after he sold good. That would fully healthy. And that he can be a superstar player he can be at the level maybe not at do you ensemble but. Notch below absolutely it's a little notch below I think you barring an honest and beat two of the top fifteen players in NBA that's how high I am on Jabbar yet but. Dared Kahn's arrest with a cell. If you're gonna keep Jabari like I said I guarantee you there's a team out there mottled seems probably that will offer Jabbar to Max contract and they will do. It and because you see teams. Overpay for guys wind. They have the money. Harrison Barnes and they need a player Harrison Barnes Chandler Parsons. Do you know hundred Jordan now. Odd it is he Moscow are the controversy got a long day in LA they're still Palin law each easily or sit on the bench yet and those are nice players but they're not superstars and Jabari SaaS superstar yet he's far from it. But he's a guy to pass a potential hasn't seen their teams are willing to bet the next four years or their franchise on that. Potential of having me now only an all star player rep potentially a superstar to build around. Suited big summer for Jabari because we're not gonna see his ceiling even at the box maker on in the playoffs and Jabari averages twenty points per game. It's gonna come into the work that he puts in this summer in a runoff than the owner you have he's done a re having now he just needs to build his body back up a little bit. And I you know get his legs under and it's going to be an important summer and will be interesting to see what happens signal kind of player he gets he could still be because we see some flashes. You know I only see anything from Jabar is steers me the other way like man you know defensively he's never Ben a very strong defender so I don't worry about that. He can still get buckets when he wants steal it just like word as he fitness offense now after being gone for pretty much two years. And with the addition of blood cell you know a dragon kinda come and ending his own it'll be interesting to see what happens. You know I just that wants everybody is on the court filing together it will be interesting to see what they look like play. It's just a tough 'cause it's an end of the season and I are trying to put together another system. With the new head coach and that's why this season's been a mass and in my opinion is because. You don't have the same lineups yet no consistency. And god get you fired Jason kids of the season was kind of a loss season in my opinion now see we could do in the classy Lee could build off of so you're saying Jabbar will be that. I think sell into and indices and start week they're not going anywhere anyway right I could still is that your match of the Boston is still that little. Glimmer of hope that John Estes will primes like 2000 and some six or 2007 or sorry yeah and just goes off to name that you buy Boston. But I don't see happening in either accept the boss and I had losing in six. But when you look at this team I see yacht is the best player SE Jabari. As a potential to be a one day I mean a one beads and gas is one anger I don't think you give up on that right away. But Destin we summit we're going to be talking of how out throughout this summer as to see what they do it too. Are part of less cushion would you know involving a Jabari do you think dated it kind of upset him. Obviously if you know when you out as kind of took off and became the player and yeah minuses today because Jabari potentially could have been the first take a pitcher had nothing to deck and it pisses them off a little bit because he wants to be the superstar they tomorrow Watson this superstar but I think that. Yes to be taught or. Elite at least someone has to bring up the fact that need to you need to write you today's NBA you need to. And we look at young guys have a hard time LeBron James is the best player in the NBA and it will never waver at that he's never going to be Kevin Durant Maginnis on mr. rat is on the warriors with staff curry. Another superstar who does not give. Did it. Even close to my credit he deserves yet as to what he's been able to do in the NBA so far. You need two guys steals and their superstars at least would you rather right now be the GM of the box and your potential they're would you rather be the GM of the 76ers as far as young team right now I would say sixers and here because I think they have less problems and the defendant and Dan Simmons and noble need to develop I know are on top of that they have they have a guy with untapped potential Marco faults exact policy going to be tuning in now he's number one pick and no clue it's going to be okay and so. Lot of that would normally touch into the NBA which are running out of time here but. I'm real quick I wanted to ask this question may be we're dive into the conversation next week on the podcast. As suspend the most. Exciting. Run in the post season and recent history in the NBA with. With all the rosters all the teams you look every single day price go from third and sevens at six to eight backed up the third back of the fuss I. I think that the Hezbollah is not a place. Is that each episode everything's changed you know couple weeks ago we are talking about those teams and third stop the seams in the fourth spot now the job probably his seventh and eighth. In we always see this in the east so that's no big surprise you know the parity is banned their outside of Cleveland every other team just like Jack and for that second position or third position usually but the last. Is crazy this year I mean look at the trailblazers are now in the pelicans those of the two biggest surprises. And you know in a week they can be the eighth seed. Portland's been planned so damn good they finally got the last night by Houston but there's so many teams in the west that are hot right now. There's so much parity that it's crazy and yet we usually don't see that usually we say in the last OK you got San Antonio. Yeah I Golden State you know was the clippers for a couple years even know we knew they would choking away in the playoffs. Now it's like well damn I'm in the when Anthony Davis is due and imagine if they had bogey cousins maybe they could have made a post season run. Look with CJ and dame do an end in Portland. It's crazy the parity that's in in the Western Conference and I think the league is more fun than it's ever band and it's more competitive than it's done probably a decade. Yet today as it stands in he standings will change you know cavaliers tonight in the Eastern Conference aren't third. And the box or an eight right now the box just four games back that's third's stock to talk in 38 is. For gains in the Western Conference. So distraught in the note one and two suitable topic since raptors and Celtics in the east and rockets mortars in the last trailblazers are currently in third right now eighth place the jazz for game separates the three day. Crazy isn't it and then the nuggets right they're look at them thing outside diligently respectively jazz and even the clippers there only two and a half. In the jazz I mean nobody even talks about a public of the surprises that team I mean they lost Gordon Hayward the rest player. Regal bears and a running for defense player of the year even though he has missed a lot of games. And Donna Mitchell. Just west study he's in a study and they make the trade. Do Cleveland get rid of Rodney hood there's still on the net is still in the mix which is raising many and it's not just shows the is that a Syria has been more competitive like you said the last probably 1015 years. And it's a lot of fun I mean having the league has is great like I said last Lance and their lives in Portland use and every now you confining game on the slate it's going to be entertaining and elephants that's straight about the NBA as well that's trying to or by I'm Cory grant Ryan thanks again as always look at that Florida Sok an who sat you next week excellent. Has to do here breasts and be a podcast. We still looking for a name I gotta figure one out here trying to me some help with that this 157 FM the fan.