NBA Podcast - Injuries, LeBron MVP, 76ers legit contenders?

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Wednesday, March 28th
Cody Grant and Ryan Horvat discussed all the injuries going on in the NBA right now and how that may affect some playoff teams. LeBron James made a statement saying he would vote for himself in the MVP race. Plus, are the 76ers legitimate contenders?

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They welcome me into another NBA podcasts myself Cody grant alongside me Ryan or about 01057. FM the fan lots of basketball talk about as we do every single week Ryan is in. A little sick but I think doing okay I'm doing all right. You've been a little bit sick we take generally debt to the sickness going on the NBA right now on that is the amount of injuries that have piled up and plenty of them to star players such as Stefan curry carrier ring just to name field. Yeah I don't remember the injury bug in the span in the NBA it seems like every year gets a little bit worse as far as ACLs especially. Go but this year like everybody didn't hurt that the same exact time right before the playoffs start. Right down the stretch is is pretty tough to us if you like to gamble a little bit like last night. I'm looking at the warriors line and their seven and a half point dogs at home. Of course I jumped on the quarters plus seven and half cent and how'd that work out for not well thought well it doesn't want to look at the starting lineup in literally everybody on that team is is out right now under grants out step juries now plays out. Dream runs out assists. You know I'm wondering how it's gonna affect the playoffs I mean Steve Kerr ready said staff Perry's not playing in the first round. Yeah he's going to be out which I don't they don't need him in the first round itself curry in my opinion still. Just as important to that team as chairman drew rants and if he gets the later rounds without Seth Curry they could have some problems and some most teams in the last. Seems like this has been a problem for the past couple years was a last year and the year before away enough staff missed a couple rounds of the playoffs and and I mean that's kind of what they do with the that's a Smart way to do it is bring them back when you need amending. There's one series we're really gonna need staff care is good as easy as you're gonna need him against the racquets I think the warriors have enough. To beat every team in the last except for Houston. You know without staff but they definitely need to get him back. Are you worried about his injuries at all you know usually it's the ankle yet it seems. He does stuff curry they're very cautious with fan as you just mentioned alluded to a little bit ago that they've done this before we're staffed curry has missed the first from the playoffs. I think it was against Memphis a one year and I maybe I'm wrong exit. Assuming it was Mathis but he missed the whole first round there or Klein is a Portland now does that and it just email alert one of the top point guards in the Western Conference. They have enough firepower to get them. Sue at least a Western Conference finals even put out stuff curry takes a tree office team. There's still league championship contender P&G chairman dram office team they're still champs a contender and to people Lamar opposite or not right after much temperature with double those guys but. They're good enough to sustain one of those injuries spot I'm not worried their curry won't be back. Once it comes the second round and of course from the eventual Western Conference finals matchup in Houston Rockets. Still it with the ankles like I feel everything is connected and maybe that's just because we talk about it every week you know Leah. We had a glimpse of hope. And then you'd be like a meniscus and another ACL and then he just shoulder the company knows everything he's he's got he sprained his ankle yes it always happens is they're crazy is it that job to overdose. It's 2018. Is the balls cities still answer in the same questions that he was six years ago. And it seems that it you know. Something's going on there tonight to bill looted and has set I am always written for Derrick Rose I like him I still like him but I don't want him eighty were gear one of my teams. And it I was Thompson that I would have signed him I'll see holly at this point in his career he helps you at all he's as a distraction at this point because. Wesun Cortese playing an average player movies and Eric's point guard define guys like that that arc. Contribute as much to your team has Derrick Rose you stack a defender anymore now he can't shoot the ball for now eighty thing not to shoot outside. He only eighteen feet south they got a guy like that. Sorry take out for stepped Currie. Though that his game isn't like slashing India into the rim just because of all the ankle injuries of fragile player only known I mean bleak it's good thing he's a jump shooter. Mean obviously to do more than just you know she jumpers but. That's good thing that he's now like a slash here. And I you know iso player because I'd start worrying about these injuries a little bit but I think he'll be our right into that system. The rest of fragile I don't mean that he's not tough I think Curry's one of the toughest guys in the NBA accusing people look at him as sale is the babyface assassin in south like that he's a tough guy you don't. You don't play this title level. NBA without happened some critics of toughness to you but. He's had a history of injuries and that is a fact and he has and of one right now for beacon of the injuries and MBA. Eighteen players this season have entered seizing ending injuries I don't go to the whole list are spending a couple players on this list corn hay were. DeMarcus Cousins. Chris stop presenting its Mike Conley. Marco Fultz is on his list he did come back we'll get to net a little bit. Patrick Beverley. Avery Bradley. Tempe is more Wesley Matthews. Brian Knight alsop a low shot. And then you look at injuries right now we're. We're talking about it with the with. These two guards Seth Curry the Russian carrier Irving you also John Wall and watched tin is out at the moment Jimmy don't drag you matching Klay Thompson. I yeah allows a bald as sometime this year marked a Smart regional peace and come back for the Celtics. Rudy go berries. At the top of the list of defense player of the year candidate he's he he's missed a lot of time with a sprained he's Seattle. Why Leonard hasn't played yet this season yet that's Jimmy Butler if you need is how in their make and it looked like the Tim was meant I can make the playoffs. It was meant to Blake Griffin has been hurt. Paul Millsap I east came back a few weeks ago all right in an attempt a month and he's back now he's been out for a long time and what's going on all these injuries. I've no idea in the total of less left on last night's game with an injury to. I think the most important injured right now I mean obviously staff curry but I think he'll be back is hat and we have to talk about a carrier ring expectant missed 36 weeks it's another knee procedure for him. They say it's a minor knee procedure I don't think anything's minor when a new deal with a knee especially not at all it yet had a broken kneecap and all the crazy injuries that carries said. Com. You know can Celtics still somehow land the number one seed I mean now all you're missing in Gordon Hayward I'd received an without him all season to now without Tyreke. In I worry about the Celtics a little bit because I thought the Davey they would BA serious threat to the brown. But. I'm Omar I can't even when you do get him back and he's got to get back into playing shape after you miss a month. Almost two months of basketball you don't just set back out on the court there's going to be a little that are Ross Stephen if you are carrier ring. So I don't know I mean that may take the Celtics. You know I don't know if they can be a favorite and in the east anymore you know why I think now comes down to Toronto when it comes down to Cleveland and their logo at him and we saw what happened to them last night in Miami liberal I'm still great putt. That team around them. You know they need to show flashes like one week will be like comment Cleveland's vaknin the next week like they staked again. You were talk about little bit as well because I still think they're gonna come out at least I know I said our last podcasts and that she tried telling their sharpest Jeremy. I tasks deal back on that because there's a history in the playoffs I think it is the same old raptors. Speaking of carrier ring on on Boston I think is a huge Steve. If you don't playing. In. The first round. And let's say a team like Miami. Or. How the box. They hit a seven seed and their matchup with Boston in elderly boss and comes up that series. And I'm not trying to. Say that I'm not towards Boston but they're missing. Yeah I had a player Hayward all year he played what 56 minutes in the first game of the year and then yet a gruesome leg injury Marcus Smart we don't know about hand. Carrier ring obviously he's out three to six weeks she's not gonna make it for the first round and also Jalen brown you know about him p.s should be ready to suit up that as a team that. Is just plagued by injuries right now and you don't wanna make that as an excuse but. I don't think they can beat. A playoff team right now all the way they're constructive. Right I'm saying even the bottom seeds lets us debt and a look at the Celtics are scoring three point eight points per hundred possessions more of the season against potential playoff opponents that they see that they could see in the first or second round that's with carry on the floor. When he's off one Gwendolyn there without on the gonna have to rely on their defense in other gonna have to be one of the better defensive teams. And I in the in in the playoffs. Obviously but outgrowth ERC need to rely on your defense in the post season. The man if you don't have anybody in the closing moments to scoring as who's it going to be Tatum. At all like yeah I like the players listen to them but he's kind of died like Tyreke Gergen mark in just take over game we've seen Carrie dew in the playoffs is seen him do it in the NBA finals so we know that he's you know fully capable to do and at one of the better scoring point guards in the NBA but without immunity is gonna have to rely on defense. I don't know if they can get past. Man I don't know an imagine of Milwaukee Cottam without carrier and I as the taxes on dissent and a box to beat the Celtics in six games it carries out plant. Maybe I don't know I've seen some bad moments from the book I've seen some really bad moments in a box to I would look at it clippers. But right I mean yeah honors the best player on the court no doubt if Harry's not. In the day I'm actually glad you brought up Marcus Smart because it that you have to rely on their defense did their best perimeter defender he's out 68 weeks he has surgery has raced on the and it tore a ligament. And then another without their second best big man he's done for the season torn left meniscus I mean unless Gordon Hayward magically returns during the playoffs all signs point to them. You know most likely DND and done I would say before Eastern Conference finals even start evenly is that even if Carrie comes back. I'm they were my favorite in the beginning of the year about 34 months ago. I've I've cooled down on the and a little bit. Celtics were your favorite and beginning the year there were a lot of people's favorites in the beginning the year especially Gordon hammer coming over bright RC goes down but the saudis play its handling the basketball the first half of the season. They're trying to steal back a little bit. True Ronald then turn on the jets and now they are the first seeded and the first seed for a little bit now and able playing great castles season DeMar DeRozan has improved. He had a question marks in Cleveland with the cavaliers LeBron James of course to the best player in the NBA. You know they're always going to be. A contender but there's another team that has just surfaced recently. And there's been talks about this team all season long what they can do. But they've really been on fire lately and they have a guy back the number one overall pick Markel faults I'm talking of course the IP Philadelphia semi sixers. And you look pretty good the other night you know all the doc has been any losses jumper it's kind of in the weirdest story I think it's been the weirdest story in NBA history is the fact the last far. We're sorting them he has no I mean I think like involving a draft pick just affected everybody was like ode literally forgot how to play you know basketball is jumpers I don't know zesty Bennett. What I was I was only to see Hillary to Italy he literally out of that he never knew I don't address on tape that he did not get. The conduct of Apple's comet. Yeah he looked pretty good and I thought you know I mean if if if he's half of the players that we thought that he was going to be imagine how much more dilute that team becomes like I said the last week man. They defend the one of the better defending teams in the east. The the knock on young players is always that they don't defend they just look for you know to pad their stats. The sixers team plays defense spent Simmons is a great defender. Join deeply some good defense he could score when he lines he's he's just a monster down low. If you keep them healthy I think they can make a little runt in the playoffs obviously I don't see him coming out of the east play. I think they can upset a team they've even considered an upset depending what seed they end up becoming because. Banning their right there with Cleveland right now and who does go to fund it because in the beginning of the year everybody was you know kind knock in the process. Now a lot of people had to apologize a sock Howard Handler says sixers Jersey on fox sports on the Saturday. A couple different people had to apologize to Philadelphia and their fans and a credit glad that they turned around I mean it's a good story it is fun every year to kind of root against the 76ers and say elbows have the number one pick once again it all work out. But I don't know it's kind of cool scene all these pieces play out might work out on the court to see these young guys Billy. Idyllic scene got you know this team never live up to expectations because and. Your guests after shattering history of sports and their city in the Eagles they won their first your mobile. And this past season the sixers of course have won a championship before doctor. 1982. But Dave had a long drought. And besides Allen iris in years. Any hesitancy and that's been kind of laughable as far as MBA. Standards are concerned but. Marco faults we mention him coming back they're not gonna go foreign play ostrich Markel faults in a final plans sister won't be a bent Simmons right. And be by far the best center in the Eastern Conference he came in dispute that. And we when he's playing he's always on it seems like in advance and it's all like god this guy is just. Terrific media years ago he was to clear cut number one pick Massey irritate it you knew coming out of college that this was. And NBA ready player. As basketball IQ is through the roof he's smooth player for god at his young. He has an IQ like LeBron James he's built like LeBron in the sense of six foot eight and play the point guard position. And just terrific ball handler. Good defender and really subtle Justine at the foot jump shot yeah you could rip on the jump shot but but he gets it gets any gets passed at will. And the sixers team right now there are not foresee Todd with the pacers say they're less loss of solve same percentage. And their half game behind Cleve or an hour and a third seed. Your government a sixers and it's a second round playoff to. Absolutely they're gonna win the first round pink so all yeah I need you look at the sack around to be Toronto Cleveland and Philly I think it was a three issuance. Another giant either Boston. Naimi Miami Beach this plot that would blossoming Milwaukee if they get. Watchable Boston night on a sad just. Few minutes ago I'll take the box to beat the Celtics have carries out plant eating bread brown wins coach of the year just them in the sixers 43 and thirty at this no season ending suing Casey winzip. Yeah I think Brett for brown needs to be in the conversation. Mean this is a guy that Philly has pretty much put their full confidence behind he's been there for. All those horrible years the trust a process years. He was there when addressed a Michael Carter Williams NASA had coach she's still the head coach today the Osce teams stick around a coach that long. The house he sees something and that they like they just never had a talent. And now they do. Alleys are starting to bring the. Talent at the details finally healthy. I'm not gonna lie I said when Joseph and he was drafted in one when he went through the injuries I was like this guy's never gonna step on the court. Just because I have no faith in seven footers anymore is not 1994. Anymore when you have Patrick Ewing and key relies a lot. Seven footers had a worked out. Greg Oden didn't work out is always injuries and wants a big guy. Has like a foot injury your knee injury that I just resolve state and him ever being in the player that he could be a talk to a guy one time. It was NBA scout when he said that they don't worry about knee injuries anymore. You know Tom is more on the perimeter players even in big man he sibling but they focus on is any injury with like the full. Like Joakim Noah like they kind of knew his career was coming to an end to his feet the problem for big guys have your foot issues your career scandal Richard. But like I do I worry about big guys now they have like knee issues any league treble. I didn't back on the floor because it just seems like they don't bounced back like but predator players like tired scene on I mean yeah the last slowly but I'm glad he's he's doing. You match this is a Nigerian forward anymore but we do have as it is MBA. A few big men that don't play it does not nanny for a big man that guys are trying to new age they managed to hit outside shots. Are extremely athletic too on beat in the eastern conference of course you look at DeMarcus Cousins who have court got injured this year look at anti Davis out last yeah. And these are big men that. I currencies house to a Minnesota that can. Lots of perimeter there's not Tony big men can't shoot threes anymore you know all day it's all about stretched force stretch five status. Sosa is crazy how much span as well as you fall into this era of outside shooters and every team is starting to do it. Just value in wind is should the three ball well keep you should three ball well you know after a win many games. That's the boxer going through now that the yanks we talk about last Snyder is Leonardo odd things leave alone I mean I think I would we talked about a lot of box thought last week bucks an eight seed right now. I did not too many stories out of the box Malcolm broaden should become an act soon and he wants him brought him back to all the Melinda Moore but. This team isn't going where this season and have a lot of issues they have to addressed. As far as adding more perimeter shooters in and you had coached this offseason I think a weapon or do have to guard Parker and try to move some bad contracts you know. At least now things are gonna be removed him at all Eric Bledsoe what do you do with any stimulus monitor his deal is like a fifteen million dollars next season. So it on a question marks. On that team but this year there their season's over like I said though. I do think they can win round one yeah if they get matchup with Boston but your question that well what good does that do and doesn't playoff experience yes but that can go to where after. Now I guess the only thing that I'll talk about them the only thing I'll hit on his last night just once again just put together four quarters of basketball and we could see how competitive this team could be the third quarter they played excellent defense as the they decide to defend. When they decide they want to defend. They can stay in ball games but you can't I mean he Jenks got size you've got to show up for the first and second quarter mainly the second Korea have to show up because. They don't have the type of basketball team. That kid today to comeback from down fifteen Tony you know I always joke about the NBA wanna be down about fifteen and half timely joking around and every team makes a makes a run at the end of the game. The talks are built like that they can't shoot midrange jumpers and try to get themselves back in games when they're down fifteen it asks. That's the annoying thing the other annoying thing is when they call a timeout in front he doesn't drop a play. Like after timeout when I did they have nothing like become around its iso ball match is kind of annoying to watch. And in National Basketball Association I just think the should have something drawn up when he come out of the damn time now play it just. On fire again not sunk especially away as the West Coast Janice like dude you stay the night morning show cast I don't want a turn the TV on at 930 sat in his seat tip off its list. It's not fun especially when you work as early as ideal and I know Casimir listeners out there as well war early shift is tough to stay up belly and watched. The box just late age to watch that crap yet deep in residential part of the day this parlor game and this party game. But gonna come out may play great defense in this stretch or that stretch it's just ridiculous sense it's terrible a lot to get here on the boundary Jordan's agree big man but he's not penalize you one that's at the box make him look like I larger and larger Jordan is a very talented player. Our later years you know fifteen days out he's a big east among man right and the box big men or boys. At this point and John Henson I really like Hanssen but he's not a guy that can defend. The ramp that I'm sorry the interior. When you talk about 200 Jordan DeMarcus Cousins too all on speed has found she would ask all these big man in the NBA to what just how many Tencent. And in a game we start on bond maker who was a twig inside and he he camping with a anybody. Now he can't and he likes to play at but I'm governor Don and Dominique I he now is only second year showed some nice classes these last couple weeks he's looked directly pitchers. Yeah at least he still doesn't rebel and just drives me now's got seven foot tall wiry not a game yet to rebounds for it. Some don't like I'm yet you just gotta gotta get over that that's that we drafted him for. Our real quick did you see Dwyane Wade block cool Brown's shot twice last yes I did do you think that I was watching ESPN today the Canadian. Do you think that LeBron takes it easy when he when he faces off against laid like. LeBron wanna show much. The funny thing has LeBron takes easy every regular season game affect. And he's averaging 12 here I have a rank for coming 27 points per game him. 29 assists. And almost nine rebounds entity 5% shooting and you're LeBron said. I think he never station and did dumb question but I got a phone call here. I'd LeBron set I would vote for me. The body or how I'm doing at what's been happening what our team all year long how it got so many injuries and things of that nature guys in the now. To be able to still keep this thing a flow I deftly would vote meet. I gripped LeBron I would vote him to the of course I think. James Harden is gonna win and I think it's well deserved but when you talk about the MVP. Most valuable player. End the conversation goes back and forth was the bass player valuable player is not what valuable means LeBron James. Is the best player in the NBA you're in and year out. Your fifteen he's still doing things the guys can't do and what's even more amazing to me about LeBron James. Is you talk about all these injuries and we went over the star of the show. Every year we talk while injuries LeBron is never on the. List now never on that list now. He's in his fifteenth season he's not on that list soccer is the article that came out like he spends like 15100 dollars a month to keep his body. The way it is the DC that. I did see that article summing all along lines of a million dollar and I hear her game recycling I did the same BS article pops up again I don't like it is our grades like I get it nailed one jab take care yourself Ali analyze and look. Brian James is pretty much at Tom Brady MBA now because he's as lives and breathes the sport and he's so focused it in so sat aren't. Being the best being the greatest that he does things I don't think every other player in the NBA dot C. I give him credit. Does this this year LeBron haven't agrees season you don't numbers wise and just you know if you watch it with their own I eat Italian he's having degrees season but this isn't the best we've seen LeBron now. But he has nothing around him and I feel bad because I mean he has to play I mean if you if you want yes the play 38 plus minutes per game if they you wanna be an a because as soon as he goes and takes a seat on that bench. That team falls apart. Inside feel that we knew this is going to be kind of a throw away season for LeBron wants carries that he was Lehman. You know even if they come out of the east they're happy in the warriors this team's not competing with Houston or Golden State I don't know if this team I don't know who in the last week compete let. That's what I think is the most magnificent part of the season for the browns it's kind of a throw away season and he's still going hardy still Clinton up the numbers I mean. He's just so damn good to watch as much as I root against the guy. Which I do you still he's just so fun to watch in and but stupid question I hate that question when they ask somebody who would you vote for MVP. Who wont say themselves exactly especially real brown doesn't especially with the best players in Connor and I mean I get Selig if US Kevin Durant. He's like golf stepped courier US that curry and he says Kevin Durant because on that team. He's gonna keep everybody happy applause all those guys get along and they can all honestly Winamp the teeth. But I mean if you're LeBron James and your plane was planned like your second option on the team is and the hood yak it's behind leader in playoff can. Before he's a nice play and I like rot you know he's not gonna want to Blair is on number three player and I'm BH I guess Cassie technically is a one way. I don't know him sailor. One alien sale one day you know at this point is career. Kevin Love was the main died of Minnesota most teams use put up 27 points fifteen rebounds as number they were like nineteen games in year that's a load over exaggeration I think that they never made the playoffs from beloved there. Love gimmick play constantly came. To team with LeBron my re Erving never made the playoffs and so he teamed with LeBron and LeBron James makes everybody better. Around him and he's dead teen was scrubs right now he's still has some the third seed in the Eastern Conference. Pretty amazed. One thing that I really wanted to talk about that I don't forget about it have you seen what's going on in Minnesota live with Andrew against. He's pissed off yet I see is any kind of mad that Jimmy Butler is kind of taken over is number one guy yet he wants the be the number one guy is saying pretty much says it's not gonna work out and ordered them when it sparklers number one overweights. Yeah I feel like Jimmy butler's gone in two years when you get out of there pretty surprising that's gonna leave and I think doc as much is a lot of time to that I don't think it's gonna work out and I think he's going to be gone too I think that we're seeing kind of the same thing that we saw Chicago that I always use the defense. He plays guys way too many minutes OF slow and then guys follow Smart wears guys out and I think you know and and today's NBA guys don't wanna go hearted practice. And then the next day she'll open and and had to play balls to the law not in any time on the bench in L. I think that it's kind of the same situation that he found himself in Chicago and I think kids is going to be gone to tie that you and I hate to say that integrate. Relatives he is a great coach but one thing knees or scale back on as planes to ice too many minutes. Because especially in today's NBA where we're seeing now he's injuries are at a premium that's higher than probably ever caveat EU can't Wear your guys down. Especially in the regular season. Where those games don't matter nearly as much to robs her team when a fully healthy. Their top four top five team the last going to make the playoffs no problem right you have to be a help before those playoffs because. Who knows you can get matched the team that may be hasn't danger to the asset is they're the new that you can throw off can knock off. If I'm in Minnesota from the GM that I do whatever it takes that to keep Jimmy Butler happy. With Carl Anthony town asks I see bill that are on Jimmy more than IC. Build it around and you waiting n.'s late is as good some might that he is really bad some nights he's not what I expect I'll light weight and allow these nowhere near allowing play I don't Kansas fan but he falls asleep defensively falls asleep offensively in just wants the kind of do his own thing every once in awhile and just kind of go out of the system. So it's going to be interesting to see how that goes because last year I was like man intact when they signed Jimmy about lesson this team is going to be probably top three in the last. I Toews finally has boys they bring in Derrick Rose I mean in this kind of a mass now Minnesota I mean. You know with Wiggins coming out on sand that kinda stuff so it's gonna be interesting to see what they do because I feel like if if everything sorts fallen apart Jimmy's gonna be like OK Alan when I'm not here. If he leaves annually is laying ends there's no way you're keeping Carl Anthony towns. So that'll be interesting to see and that's that's on talking about these young players and he's young teams and and it's. Everybody can say I'm loyal on the relieves and but it's you know everybody wants the win this you wanna make money and you wanna win. Asked today stands at T woes are an eighth place in the Western Conference just a game and a half ahead of the Los Angeles Clippers. Who would've thought to clippers are beat up playoff race after losing Chris Paul and trading Blake Griffin. Yeah in your go to guy is Lou Williams president's it was great I am a little willing to be leading the league in scoring in the fourth quarter of the season and illegally swap of that still isn't a crazy idea off the bench to yet he's six and has nearly three game off the dentistry is I mean he plays starters minutes yet and that's that see that's that's that's I'm talking about is that then you have on the same for the fourth quarter and he's able to go off for 1415 points. Too bad the bucks on heaven but to be that went Jabbar Parker Kansas bar with a twenty academia last night 21 at twelve different from the field early that game last night. It's so Lou Williams is yours truly complexities played 73 games. I don't have. How many games he started this season. And doesn't show up on here but only started this season he's averaging 23 points per game five point four assists two point six rebounds is a PR when he. Point 78. And he's shooting 36% from three point range 43% from the field and a high numbers but doing enough in your 1231 years old. I blew Willis is fun to watch and if a ruling it out there does not I'll watch Lou Williams is. Put up some three balls and do some crossovers is a fade aways from the foul line he's a fun player to watch he's. That a top ten favorite player in my instance two seasons ago when he had two girlfriends at the same time and they got a lot of major Exxon and everything sub that a big Lou Williams spend a public affected the clippers are like he set forty and 34 they have the suns tonight the suns are 1956. They lost twelve games that are older without Booker. And I mean you're being led by guys to bias Harris Lou Williams Austin rivers Austin rivers had ten of his thirteen points last night in the fourth quarter against the boxed. I honestly am to go out on the limb here I'm gonna say that the clippers make the playoffs over the timberwolves. I'd bet money on it. I gets Lou Williams nineteen starts this season and as I mean three games he's OK it's I think he's still. I'm qualifier that I think they're so qualified arrow how many games yet to come off the bad spot I. There is a qualifying number of the season when Kukoc start of X thirty games for the bulls and still wants X-Men of the year has rotten Leslie in an Alley Manny sneezes nineteen extension asked. I'm pretty sure that he could still win it but man and a Boo Williams to win six men every year now that Jamal Crawford's older. As it was always like yeah I mean it was only every year like Crawford let's see what he's gonna that. He takes the ball secret that sits at a holiday that's the funny thing and Taj Gibson Jimmy Butler Jamal Crawford. Derrick Rose that's the problem with two heads is like just like let those guys goes somewhere to die yeah he's actually give up on them everybody a top Itochu and Jamie I understand Ty is a very serviceable player I give in to play for any team in the end actually provides these scene any play back a power forward spot same thing with Jimmy. But I mean they Dierker Rosie didn't really need him Jamal Crawford is 152 years older now adding sixty now means signing and a Jason Terry's like seven tiger's old and he's probably the bucks a second best. Gar and the team right now. The best thing it was that Terry and Manu Ginobili squaring off. Couple nights ago the INS ever to resolve their ass on this Sunday afternoon on a Sunday afternoon they they had NHL video game because you know they had I don't get their dinner at 6 PM I think this thing in house self. I think the answer to your country buffet don't got to rotate closes at 630 that the fans a free wants up Manu Ginobili Jason Terry. I combined age of 82 went out to dinner that night. I. It's that's crazy man I level players MBA our resume in Iowa Iowa Billick like the Vince Carter's like guys or busted up. Like through there at their younger days like their prime when they should he's been dominating and they shouldn't there are deemed to lay down yet exactly Zia and they're still fun a lot of O'Grady daughter lives forever him yet I and those players you know they get a lot of credit because. I mean I couldn't. Run for you know ten minutes at age 27 he's just tune it for 48 minutes at age 41 it's just crazy how good shape there and album what they want touched on ages this is just like for meek yet I Dirk a whiskey Sais coming back next year I love Dirk he's on an all time their players. I no. 2011 and you finals against Miami. When LeBron James joining Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. And my fear my government has era files of all time they came in knocking them that time look at you react in any job like saying to your door wind speed just. One of the great performances the finals history Jason Kim was on that team. I don't he's not a popular guy here in Milwaukee Jason Terry was on that team. It was so much fun because the deep difference in talent when you look at. The MBA players. Historically. Ranked. I'll put LeBron James wan and Dwyane Wade to and that series. I don't know where I'd play Chris Bosh. Dirk went ski and Jason Kidd maul three great players all three hall of famers. LeBron James by far and Dwyane Wade output above. Dirk west mine and I Roger assume that dire and the fact that Turk led this team. The mavericks adjacent to it was all Famer but as I understand of his career from Jason Terry still later in his career not the same as he once was. And they just hope down Miami man. That was a great series that was one of my all time favorite NBA finals moments drama big dirt gag to what I what about Dirk is how loyal he's been to Dallas slight. Even two years ago yeah he could last and tried to play for contender in his final years but he wanted to stay loyal to Mark Cuban to that organization another thing that I've always loved about Dirk. He's never been the highest paid player in the NBA and you know I think in order quiet why would he beat is people don't realize how damn good there clause but he always took less money. To build around. Probably his last to resign he says it was a two year deal for ten million boxes I'm saying he's always wanted like he's taken less money he's taken less money for freaked in Harrison Barnes to get it means there is a first ballot hall of Famer he's he's eased play in the NBA for twenty seasons now. He's a twelve time all star. I need is held a player. I wish she would lose a little bit of that loyalty though and go to a contender so we can watch Dirk in the playoffs right here in a would be awesome I would take Dirk on my team at found make in the deep play out front. I feel like you could still go out. We have six man tanning guy come off the bench did some CNN this fourth quarter so shoe doesn't lose his jump shot get a Tillman a high post of that little communal flooded around Dirk move you look at some of that. Toughest. Shots and defend. Obviously careens hook shot. Urged Turks fadeaway locked how do you defend Dirk to win the game away yeah I think look as if he is more DP in the air I mean if he's. He's above the rim yield 2.5 feet away there's dropping dimes out and it ended. How do you regard that. You aren't you can't go to breaker for entered the yeah I'd like to see you make one last round in the playoffs not Lisa that's not gonna happen in Dallas that organizations amassed against sexual harassment left and right they got tainting the name is going on and not a good look now are now birdies if I'm him actually. I go on shark tank and I sell the mavericks I get rid of them and and I just get out of there with my with my millions before any other bad. And a press comes out about that organization is there Adam a master and. They are bad and mean L started to on and off the color all yeah not definitely off the court of course you can't have been in a on sexual missed on that kind of stuff going on around there and on the court. There are some bad basketball team even more torque when Steven Dirk is the one. Glimmer of lights in that franchise and one might they're visible time good deceased and actually watch from. Next season and I'm excited about that even though it's. Not twenty point games are still appointed and Dirk it's still is a hassle flash it's dorks like Ric Flair if you like he's never gonna hurt but the it. Man real quickly got some time or let's get let's let's compare some. I also hope that closely WB podcast Reiner look to have you on that sometimes wells and of these restaurants and you guys are wrestle mania tree died that was gonna do that in not dot this Friday but next Friday so I had about that couple days or before you know you can deathly deathly luckily come on. That's gold. Over some these names from the big stars and MBA and tell me there. W did B counterpart get LeBron James. LeBron James severe human brains yes totally. Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant who would be Lou man I'll go like probably suffer Allen's SaaS rounds. See what he could be the man of Brown's candlelight like he could be the best club like you know the best in the and the association nagged answer in the WW legally he's held back because because of emirates success throughout its excellent man. But I don't a year on the yeah but the title is those rates since he got easy Rollins and sends them like they kind of just been really know what to do it and that's the problem they have so many talented wrestlers that are not the hell to do it helps guys now and a so he gets out rounds in the IC title match let's try a how about stuff Currie. Staff period. Lou that's that's a tough one. The staff carry I would go back pedaling a similar situation. You ask maybe half. An hour. I think he's better than send my outlook and that I better wrestler they don't use him there right away. Maybe AJ styles styles and yelled let's face smackdown madness that carries the face is that borderless for a lot of people he's got to hit especially kids stay out of everybody loves that carry. Yes I I example the browser can probably hates Democrat carried out Victoria ferry every receipt. Carrier ring would be. From TV election that I dean Ambrose the dams broke off with Roman rains. Not purposefully town last teen amber rose to me is kind of like man I don't know some of the tub drain Margaret. They'll go to exist in knots yeah a crazy dude and he's kind of like right gat unorthodox to yes style and a bronze stroman. I guess a snacks up and coming star. That John beaters on them so Yassin got it sees everything that carried out goddesses Ron Brown's prime grew up and slanderous Johnson so he's he is. Round here inextricably. Get over how big that dude is Johnny's here in person he's been huge almost shipment passed on. He looked at me and then you watch him on TV and I mean that he looks even bigger easy you think you a bigger person that you're bigger on TV he takes up my oldies. And. Hope these restraint pretty damn okay. And the BY 72 Osce mightily like a fifty so. There is on the smaller my TV yes. And that he ate comparisons to WB. I know wrapping up this week firm did podcast picture to follow it on. Line at one up by subnet understand. Dark times on demand under the producers podcast. And check us out on Twitter iMac or grant Tony fifteen Ryan's a Ryan or bot that's spot HO RV eighteen good stuff I got that writes. I'd even read it before came on I just know that by now. On us now do it for this week will be back again next week and every week after bring you all the best news around the MBA. Pariah or by I'm Cody grant won a 57 app on the fan.