NBA Podcast - Jabari's future, LeBron circus, Kawhi moving on from Spurs?

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Wednesday, April 4th
Cody Grant and Ryan Horvat talked about the Bucks' push towards the playoffs and if Jabari Parker's comments meant he's looking towards a future away from Milwuakee. Plus, Kawhi Leonard may be on the move out of San Antonio and why do we always talk about LeBron James?

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Welcome it's another edition ever NBA podcast Tony Graham loss I mean Ryan horn bot lot of basketball to get C was read it closer to the playoffs plenty of box taught Jabbar had some comments. Why can we never do a podcast not talking about LeBron James and teams look at that possibly adding Kauai Leonard in the offseason. A lot of story lines and MBA as always it's full of drama Ryan on this Wednesday Hyde on and. Pretty good pretty good and I'm excited the weekends right around the corner baseball seasons here NBA season winding down on getting excited for the playoffs. Now the time of the year when I'm just really ready for the playoffs as a virus season is at its winding down and he's only criticism marathon here on board of it right ready for that playoff atmosphere right which you he's a little bit in these games. For instance tonight on this Wednesday we have Boston trial. That's possible playoff match. Yes absolutely last night it felt like a playoff atmosphere the Celtics bucks game. Play you know this year more than ever there's still a lot to play four in both conferences and both the east in the last since last week you know I was talking about how dominant Toronto is now the Celtics with out. I agree. They're right there I'm indicate end of the in the number one seeds there's a lot to play for still but. I'm just ready for the playoffs you know like you said everything's a tease you know until it every night the Celtics are not like fell one point two point. You know like classic game everytime I watch them on TNT there in a close game be without carrier thinks I'm Brad Stevens is doing a tremendous jab but. It just is he more excited for the playoffs or gummery from the start. Right the second most Celtics were in a close game last night against the box they did. Not beat the box of course this has lost a box are just a weird seems to pay attention to they won that game 10621. Out sue. I sometimes to amass six game winning streak they are depleted don't know curry and Irving. We don't know these should be ready for the first from the playoffs either but the box get a big win and much needed win because they're battling. In that bottom half of the Eastern Conference standings currently serving an eight. With Miami down there. I India has not far ahead Washington Washington is right there with them I think those three teams at the same record washing minute Milwaukee and and done. In which Washington 4236. Miami 42 into the sixth and in Milwaukee 42 and 36 there right there with the same record box or lessen my buttocks area lesson tiebreaker so the the eighth seed right now it's kind of crazy that Washington's 42 and 36. They had some some hot points of the season mainly when John Wall first went down with a is one on the air now they come back down to earth John Wall course back now from injury. But I'm kind of surprised to see them in that seventh seed but I mean you look at the EC got to Ronald. 55 and Tony two and then Boston's are at their 5324. And as we mentioned they played tonight Cleveland that third seat 4830. And Philadelphia 47 and thirty Indiana 46 and 32 south. Tons of parity in the east. And is gonna be interesting to see where that 67 Nate seat how that adds up I think that that's what to look out what's the look out for and obviously ten Boston. Past Toronto with no carrier ring so what are your thoughts on Boston. You know without carrying their first round of the of the playoffs DC to could be beaten. I said this on the last podcast suit I think the bucks can't beat Boston without carrier being in that first round. Is it saying much maybe not because the bucks have had two wins now against. Really good teams have been depleted injuries that vehicle state. Last week no Kevin Durant in the second half 'cause they expected they had dream I agree that did not have Klay Thompson that enough has to encourage the Bucs are away at the win. Last at the Bucs beat the Celtics were no carrier ring as well 161 out to the final score now want I think the box even as a consistent Zaid and they can win four games seven against Boston without carrier. Mean didn't play in pretty good basketball I mean there's the disappointing loss in Denver so that was kind of a dark spot on what should abandon impressive week for the blocks put. Air Bledsoe has been planned. Playing his mind I mean the plane just terrific lately Jabar is a good off the bench I mean I know we're gonna dive into Canada's comments that he's looked good. Mainly two nights ago or three nights ago whenever they play in UN over a thirty points. Five to decide. So I think they have a shot realistically guys he said did to be Dawson without carries thing that scares me is you give Brad Stevens that much time to prepare. And I think it'll come up with with some then. Yeah there's a thing to say it in the box and beat the Celtics is not a shock me one bit at the Celtics beat him as six games because. Boston even without carrier ring they were honest game winning streak before falling to Milwaukee last night. So they're still a good team with Bret Stephens at the Helm east and Al Horford got enroll of course former buck off the bench at the brown had a great game last night he went for 24 points. So they have a lot of talent not to mention. A possible rookie of the year candidate not gonna win it but a rookie either candidate in Jason take them so they have a lot of talent but they're still young team with not a lot of playoff experience. I you know besides Al Horford and besides obviously carried Irving but he isn't suit up. Does it seem that the boxed and take advantage out because they're gonna have the best bass player on the floor that's just sent whom. And Brad Stevens has to be up there. Coach of the year every year but especially this year and we keep talking about carrier ring but there without their best perimeter defender Marcus smarty didn't deal with injuries all season. Gordon Hayward goes down the first like three minutes of the year so Bret Stephens tested the out there out for coach of the year I mean it's crazy what he does. With what he has like for the past couple years in the nineteen kind of got blown up remember last year Isiah Thomas and they're number one seed last year yes that was got knocked out by the bulls. Now and he put a system that Thomas lurched and yes and to a point where people were not sure if Boston. Got a good deal. But it's crazy because obviously this is it every Irving is light years I had better than Isiah Thomas yeah but he kind of he elevated the strengths of Isiah and he shackled the weaknesses. In that offense he ran through Isaiah Thomas last season. And I think I think it's gonna bring Casey. I am and a 100% with you that Bret Stephens deserves to be in the conversation is look at all the variables on his team corn ever goes on in game one of 82. No carrier ring here Donna stretcher still winning games. Any continues to. Find ways to. Make this team national Marcus Smart Tina Brown stepping up Jason Tait and stepped up all year long them and it it dated staggered in a row he's a great. Addition not to bash now to spell Horford and Bret Stephens definitely. When a top coaches in the NBA today. Yeah absolutely and like I said I mean you know with a whole new team pretty much they blew up that team to get everybody to violence there aren't any of the it's nothing is everybody wants to play for Brad Stevens SCSI such a great basketball mind. And I'm. I won't be surprised if if it's a pick up kind if they figure out away. To get while Leonard. To tell the truth in the offseason they go join them in Boston I think they're gonna put together a super team with tailored to carrier ring and I think they have the best offer. For her. A libel given that a little bit later. Man object for the playoffs tonight's going to be a huge game and I think the raptors are gonna come out super motivated I think they're gonna beat Boston Boston's gonna lose two in a row. Just because they're so old beat up right now and I think that Toronto. They have a point to point to prove now because they started off hot and they look like crap the last couple weeks. But I think got tonight they can they can put up big statement out there that it seemed to be in the east. Yeah jump on the rappers bandwagon two weeks ago the end of last week how we teach them right back off because. I'm not gonna sell on the rafters just a bronze Eastern Conference it's still a bronze league and settle. Someone proves us otherwise I'm taken LeBron on the cavaliers. In the Eastern Conference playoffs but go back to the box. I've dated as they make their run four games last. And they only have only one more game it's a playoff contender in Philadelphia when they meet them on the last game of the season. Jabari Parker who has spanned a big news story around a box of course especially this season. Coming up to ACLs the operative like the contract earlier in the year reportedly three years fifty some million dollars. And he turned Downey's patting himself will be restricted free agent this summer. Meaning the box to match any offer that he gets from another team around the league team comments. This came out in the Washington Post it was article written in. And titled book Jabari park or future of box. They'll be fine regardless Etsy dry hole from Jabari have a full year I will read it honestly it's uncertain I know that just looking from the far. The box will be fine. I just have to see what's going to happen with my future that's uncertain. By no further and there will be fine regardless they've been doing well. So if you noticed that it of the biggest thing with that quote from Jabari. Was its weak. Right it's day them Jabar he's still a member of the Milwaukee Bucks he's under contract to the end of the season. He's saying they've they've made. I don't wanna read too much in the school but yeah you kind of have to especially the situation where. The box and Jabari are because this is a guy that spent through to ACL injuries don't know if you wanna give him that much money if you want to make that much commit to the future. Is there at the players are barred Parker is the faces franchise is not Jabbar Parker's honest so. This is a conversation that needs to be had and I mean I kind of take from this that Jabar he's looking ahead he's ready to move bond. In May be that some that he thinks is going to happen just in his own head that panel think he's is these guys not me Amex steel piping and in a Max deal somewhere else. At the zoo is who he was asking for eighteen million when they sat down over the summer reportedly right and that in the in the box. I don't know about that I think gets the number that I heard that they didn't want to give an eighteen million to think about Jabari is it seems like he's been in the league for so long just because of the two the two knee injuries linked going through your soul. Still very young. As second overall pick went after graduating as a right before on the average and only like twelve this year eleven point nine police off the the flashes once again the other night as you mentioned 35 points and I mean. He's getting buckets off the bench I think he hates that rolled the more I watch the box I really don't think Tim and Chris Middleton get along. Yeah I think it's because of the lack of effort defensively Chris Milton. I I don't know if you mean it's tough right where in the locker room but we don't see it there you know we don't know what's going on behind. Closed doors between the players on this team. But Lucy that we're Jabari is on a dyes have we need to play together right now we've seen it where. Chris Middleton has waived off yeah honest at the end the game saying I'm taken the last shot which is ridiculous Jack is it like Jason Kidd said at the beginning of the season that you are honest. Is the whining Chris mills and the one BS is blasphemy because. Eight Chris Melton is uneven number two. Most likely on most teams he's ease ease at bass I think his vessels and number three. You know he's averaged twenty points per game had a good season. But when you look at this team it's just like all these these name's Ali stars' offensive players I want to get the round shot. Do they all mesh because they're not playing as a team day in there is stretches where they do play as a team and look. Speak to capitals like a top 4 eastern cover steam which we all predicted them to be right side of the season but the missiles other flashes during games. Where defensively. Edited they all look lackadaisical they all look on interest it. And the get to offense yeah airplane so it's a rebound. Out their for themselves. Yeah I mean it's all gonna come down to money. You know I mean the boxer in other salaries are projected a 103 million for the 201819. Season and that's without Jabari Parker on the payroll. And the problem is not revealed to find a player of Javaris caliber. You know for the mid level exception though so. It's going to be interesting to see what happens you know continue to Florida continue what's gonna happen with Middleton and with with blood so with all these guys. But I mean I think that if you wannabe contender I think she I think Jabar is a great piece yeah I think the need to sit down this offseason this summer. In just kind of figure out where your goal with this team know who's going to be the head coach I mean there's so much uncertainty you know that would play out series. I think you bring everybody back me gaining twenty proudly. It's jab if they wanna play out. Series it's tough though because even if they do when a playoff series you still know holders problems and his team right and and of course we talked before we can win on the spot test. It over in the Studio One a 57 FM the fan that. If front seat. Were to win a trip playoff series say they played boxing Kyra every stop playing via what do you say you know let's I wanna be at seem that it had their best player. Actually their two best players scored her span out all season long so I don't know proceed. Even. Is that all I got a guy there in considering. Even if he wins two series you know in yeah because I think that. Everybody is so far away from the warriors right now in it and I think everybody in the Eastern Conference is still far away from the Houston Rockets right now. And then everybody in the Eastern Conference besides Cleveland is still far away from the taps your Boston who solidified themselves is top three team. In the Eastern Conference you had Toronto. Who solidified themselves is top three team these are converts an audio Philadelphia coming on. Was a younger team in Milwaukee with their star shall be banned Simmons and Marco faults are playing defense and abrupt brown. And they are eclipsing the box right now even though the box were the team before the season everybody said. This teams to make the largest job yeah and hear from last year there are six seen another race. That's where we find out the coaching does matter in the NBA as much as we joke about dollar browns the coach of the cavs and you don't need a head coach if you got the three best players in the league. But you need an offensive system and you do need a head coach. Mainly just pretty much to babysit and to manage egos. You know I said last week that I thought that there is no chance Jabari would be a balk but I think that there are they're the favorites to land and when you think about it I think what's gonna happen is they're gonna tell on the go out and find the best offer. And then we'll have full intentions of matching that offer but as you're not gonna let him walk. Still without receiving some sort of compensation so even if you just signing him justice to get something in a trade I just I don't see letting him walk. Because what else do you really have to off. For for trying to build a contender what that's the one thing too is is you can't let the Skywalk I mean. Is he worth a Max contract I think at the height of his game he could be maybe we don't final he's not there. Ease nowhere near there at this moment when they're so we called a game he can't we just see eighteen million a year does average and we also is flashes by and he's three point minutes but there's only two teams out there that will give Jabari thirty million dollars there are teams out there that will give them. That much money I believe that because you've seen it what Harrison bars you've seen it with guys like. Like. Around the NBA to have this potential we all know it's Eric Jabari so. If you let him walk though you get nothing your return here already. Against the cap. Would you do with the team moving forward you get worse right away you have to get a player has there's a bar as you mentioned right in the mid level exception so. There has to be something worked out here Jabari rather. You you can get him to meet you where you want to pain were you feel comfortable yeah or if there is a Tina Robertson a Max deal if you can sign and trade him. It is there's a lot of options out there I have no idea what they're going to do. I have no idea what they should deal are you does it so it's confusing with we don't know what to bar years. I exact and that's the thing we don't know what he has as I was just gonna say jealousy consistency because against Boston 31 minutes twelve points Denver 39 minutes 3510. You know and then last night to place 25 or I'm sorry as the lakers 25 minutes. Eight points three rebounds which is all over the place and score 358. Against the lakers I mean obviously got to look at the minutes he got to look at how the offenses movement. And our guys actually sharing the ball that night but the thing his one middle tends. On fire like he has done you know and yeah honest is getting his buckets and then you have blood cell it's hard just to do it. Jabari touches well that's a lot of one on one back you know I mean a lot of iso and Jabar is about the best right now you wanna you wanna expect I mean I said. The podcast what three weeks ago or something I think Jabari will finish the season in the starting line up. Looks like I'm probably wrong about that yeah. I think the Bucs are wrong about not putting him in starting lineup because he's that good when he's healthy and he's been showing that he can. Half flashes of going off for 2030 points. I'm nights. But he's staying in that it NN reserve role and it looks like they are keeping that way come playoff time. Lexington on speaker of the chemistry Bryce kind of a joke because there's not a mystery which chemistry and I honestly. The running gun one on one. No pass offense of the blocked sec chemistry they don't want to screw up and Chris Melton has a wave off the hottest in the closing minutes of a game. Medal it's gonna happen if they lose to to Brooklyn tomorrow night. When these easy it is to stay off box Twitter tomorrow. Nobody yellow box Twitter tomorrow the there's no shot series that he no shot cause that is they watched that game I'm kidding watchful this ambient podcasts and Tony not to watch basketball. Up well that does the box. Aids is such a frustrating season and I think that words just. Is that word of the season for the boxes frustrating because so much potential so much talent so much. Hope that season would bring a first round win and in our excited for the offseason just to see who's gonna coach that team and what this team is little question here are excited for offseason. Infer from the box in the playoffs and that's sad yes that's I am an NBA two K eighteen but. Israel let it should be in Alec bright and I got more excited that the use coaching this team without the names floating out there and what you get as excited about the NB offseason every year it seems like there always dominate headlines are free agency and trades that are going on. And there's been some rumors circling now and actually there are rumors are there reported facts. That there are teams around the NBA doing their due diligence and like quote uncle vultures. Going after choir liner. Is setting the spurs trade ideas what do you think of this what do you think of that his first report about Bryant went of course and then it was confirmed by his talent exact low so. This does not mean that the spurs are shopping climbed under I wanna emphasize that does not mean there shopping him. But with uncertainty around coli Landry was only played nine games this season the spurs and Asher what he wants to do in the future natural the spurs won in the future. These teams are coming that the spurs hard with Kline Leonard. And I can't think of guys since may be Carmelo Anthony. That has. This much interest around the league in a trade scenario. Yes soccer semantics the other day and that's kind of where I got that Boston murmur from he was talking about Boston build in a package around Jason Tatum. And that would probably be the best deal that San Antonio would see furcal lie. And that would be NB interest in trade right there at mass at Carmelo Anthony I mean nuggets Carmelo. Yeah skinny Carmelo I mean could come well I don't mean. You know up in extra dollar tree and go Kasey go off the tracks are a little bit remember how good Carmelo went Johnston. He used to defend when he lied to a little bit of Syracuse but if you go back and you watched that series when he played the lakers and Kobe who are drawn at. He was exit plan a little bit of defense who was like Graham and on CoBiz Jersey. And then all of a sudden like he just stopped caring he signed a New York he had all his money he sat he got lazy Mary 82 Vollers. And he's kind of just a mass cited. There was a time Ryan where. Kobe Bryant LeBron James. Tab in your rants. All took a second seed. As far scoring to Carmelo Anthony. That's how good this guy was offense so you want to greatest scorers I've never seen it singles is yet Boggan and he was guilty because he'd hit from the outside he can post copy to drive. He can pull up he can shoot off the dribble to fade away. He can power you inside he can do at all yeah he would do at all and he was a great offensive talent but then of course and easy to rush into something happened when. Yet now he's finished he's not even a valuable piece to have on a team anymore I mean he's he's he does a name he's done he's name is a name he's done. But Kline Leonard you mentioned this this this deal possible. Lee with Boston Celtics Jason take Ambien the centerpiece around of course lies the centerpiece but when you're looking at the other team. I just trade scenarios you have a centerpiece being Jason Taylor and math and maybe one of the best guys you can get. This tablets are a little bit to see it quite Leonard does not. Play the spurs' next season what Jersey will he be where they Boston has to be the. Or I'm sorry says Tony has to be the favorite I mean Tony Parker Ginobili Paul Gasol they're all gonna retire at their old LaMarcus Aldridge is out quickly approach in his mid thirties now to people don't realize that. He's getting up there so eventually they're gonna wanna. They're the spurs don't blow things up they don't taint and don't rebuild they haven't for for over a decade now so I think that. You have to do younger and you get to give players that you know can play and I think Tate it was a great piece other than that I mean. I've heard Nikolay wants to be closer to home so maybe somewhere on the West Coast I don't see him going. Wanted to go and play for a team that staying Saudi asleep I think the pacers would be a great fit but I don't see collide on Indianapolis the look at it trading as they look at you don't think who could betrayed the real deep I'm sure they would for collide in a heartbeat. But it's like down. If you deathly debatable deep opera cool widely how's that make you that much better obviously Clara latter's about a player panel of people I'd rather have Kline Leonard but. Co wise I guy I believe can be. The only east you can't have just one star or I can't have to swan star. So you have to look at around the league but seems to have a star or two stars that have other pieces like in trade for Clyde Boston's definitely one of them. I think I Houston possibly can be another imagine that imagine if you can. I mean they have a lot of pieces I eakins pro and Chris Paul may not ready to throw in guy right but James harder is pretty much a point guard anyways and if Houston as a team that doesn't win a champ Richard this year maybe thirteen wants to throw and I've. Their trade scenarios of the spurs for why Leonard. All those funds spurs and trying to move on this summer regardless because he's going to be a free agent anyway after next season so you don't trade him before February next year your didn't absolutely nothing in return. You know he doesn't wanna come back. It's kind of crazy that all this dramas going on with the spurs with coli wondered who we've always heard is just as quiet guy doesn't care about stats doesn't care about his numbers he just wants to win this sounds but it shows Iran ropes and it did shows though that these guys. I mean. Like like nothing nifty if you can't perform like look at dare grows amenable straight dumb literally for for pretty much nothing even though he's from Chicago he was the face of the franchise everybody loved him in Chicago. He's from their for Christ's aching is a former MVP. But there's no loyalty even in the NBA they say it about the NFL but there's no loyalty in the NBA either so coli I think what he's doing is Smart. His team doctors whose people are saying you're not ready to come back the team doctors are saying that he is and that's for a start seeing these risk because guys are looking out for themselves. Especially with all this TV money. They want money they wanna get paid. The snow on that last big contract and that's localized when he knows he has one more coming up at least one more big one coming up in 2019. That's were seen it but it's kind of crazy but his name is in this next and it's the spurs organization and that's kind of amassed mean Tony Parker said. I don't he's deal on lets you know I had the same injury but mine was worse that's taken a shot there's no way choirs coming Bakken play in on this team. When guys like Tony Parker taking shots and yeah I don't see that don't Tarzan and a team means he that's coming from some pent. As crazy as well like garlic Kline Leonard who you mention has always been kind of like the guy at the home of just go out there playing basketball and ankle eyeliner again outset against played nine games this season. He hasn't been a lot of since January 13. And he's back and come back this year and also the spurs did today. Have banned the New England Patriots for the NBA they haven't had a the low fifty win season since 1999. She's so almost twenty years or rather this year and I don't want fifty the most it was 49 this year. So brilliant and of an era for the spurs and there are always. It seemed that. All they're done this year. They're done. Yeah when champ which an island four to teach you get it done this is here. Dawn when championship and they're deftly done this year go up when championship and and I never won back to backs if you shows you how tough that is to do in the NBA. But they've had eight great dynasty of course the Tim Duncan years. And then Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker and of course one liner who won the finals MVP. Their last championship so. But a guy that may not be a spur for much longer. More to get CU we talked about it's LeBron James I want to bring this up because. LeBron James just I clips Kobe Bryant. Now for most twenty point games all time so he's now in third place at most one point James last week key to pass Michael Jordan. For the most consecutive games of scoring at least ten points just a phenomenal stat you really think about it. 142 times now in his career he scored twenty points or more ends. I was talking to you Ryan before we start this podcast today and I said it'll. I see all this and Polly's media outlets talk about LeBron all time and you see the comments on Twitter on FaceBook stop talking about LeBron that's all you talk about all you do. And we're does NBA pod cast some like. I I can't think of why we wanted to talk about LeBron because he's always in the news because this guy's this freaked in good. You can't do a show how mention his name. As names in the headlines every single day SE NBA yeah I'm writing this guy's. Il I'm not gonna say here because. A easier the harsh words and then and are in the harsh sayings on Twitter and FaceBook or not writing him. You don't like them. It's a fact that he's just the best god damn player in the NBA yeah hey you guys that dominates headlines every day you have to talk about exactly on this thing you dominate and he's breaking every single record he's got a break every record that there is most likely yes and he's always XP can out on social stances ends I guess who's in the headlines every single day. In forgot her I mean he's the most well known athlete I love our planet right now is polarizing. He's good at what he does she's the best at what he does he should continue to break these records and you know don't get in the credit whenever you want and you're wrong to do that but you know continue to do you do when you say. All in all these plans soft era which I don't believe either. Or he's planned Aaron hasn't played defense which I don't believe either bright was analysts still era. Which I don't generally health network or he's the only player in NBA history of which which it would help out people saying Magic Johnson had how okay Michael Jordan. At how Larry Bird. Had help Bill Russell had helped all these championship teams are now. Really need it and it's only gonna get worse as far as LeBron had guys because we got the playoffs coming up so it's another round in the east for LeBron this time with no help us. And then hours LeBron going to be planned action that's gonna dominate the off season has. A fun story quiet lender may not be the spurs LeBron James probably won't be with the taps Jabbar Parker made happy with the boxes a lot of moving parts this offseason which is great about the NBA is there is no off season. Because offseason so much fun so much drama as to build in the. Nose are gonna get along and who's been asked to be treated at Munich has or in the finals last year won the finals two years ago and was. Closing in expect carrier Germany's trade itself you just never really know and that's why the NBA and in the off season this is so damn fun I'm ready for the playoffs. And are ready to see with the hell's gonna go out with this bucks team I think LeBron stays in Cleveland to that'll be an interest in Saigon now ethical while. Drama gonna and so those suburbs talk about a solo NBA playoffs start in what a week now we can happen. As for games left for the box as they look to try to. Like for play opposition hole completely get that seventh seed and what do you say we'll was a matter of knocking out go anywhere in the Eastern Conference is still nice to have a playoff series went. And brings excitement for the future to what it could be. But. I still think it's a bronze Eastern Conference and in the west is to be fine. Every round looks good there's great matchups I think to start come down to Golden State and Houston. And if it does go game seven he's has and a home looks like Clinton number one seed had I don't think old state takes a series no matter how many games it goes. Angle state wins there. Second straight title third in four years to address a two time champion and they win against each camera semen five sixteenths. I'm subject of that series I was who could just fast or too that I don't you signals say he singled station and not just Eastern Conference finals too just to see LeBron verses either Dawson or turn on dollars and be awesome to now. Or fill in her view and I'll see I gotta root for the 76ers don't want Philadelphia fans have too much this year though they are ready had Villanova when the national and the angels he's won the Super Bowl. So let's like let's valid Donald little bit because I can't stand Philadelphia. Don't tell Gibbons or their fans who didn't and now I'm getting they've gotten better. Separate that at a pretty terrible yesterday's they'd this. But I mean I'm cutter and for the 76ers terror is seen as a young team that's actually bought into a system actually play defense they're fun to watch but they're pretty beat up right now I don't see them make in Iran. I think that you get the first round. Agile on the it has hurt though right now yeah and I think that even as it is and sentences right now he gives these are most important player. And without him they're going to be in major trouble but he does get back in time. That's a team that can make a little run I think they can knock off a Tron or Boston in the second round I think they're a team that is capable of doing that. And the way it's set up right now they would play trying to own round two because they are the four seed now they're what do catch Cleveland. We can play Boston around two or Milwaukee but my predictions correct in Milwaukee it's senate seat they beat Boston so. Jimmie and some playoffs how we can talk about the playoffs next week and go for a whole racket I love you love to do NCAA brackets. I'll celeb to do NBA brackets and we can go through all that next week Arafat to. ASEAN next week's going to be salad shale well know a little bit more about what's gone on as far as the play out seeing still have all that information so. Like I said man I'm just ready for the playoffs to get here I mean there's a lot still to play for. As far as seeding goes but Andy we know with the top contenders are now it's one film honoring NC comes out on top. Yeah and the funny thing with face or Robert standings is wells a Western Conference standings is. The way it looks today can be wholly different next week right it would just three or four games I left for some these teams. Send in that Western Conference standings and only certainty is. In the Eastern Conference is the raptors Celtics will finish one and two whoever's number one who's ever number two it could change. And not cavs and sixers on a similar finish three or four of their five to wait you don't know. In a lesser cover standings you know number one of the Houston you know on number two be on state but after that 328. External change all right that's all changed and hasn't won the coolest things this year in the NBA as everybody is bunched up. And fighting for position 48 wins for the third seed trailblazers. And 43 wins for the eight seed college insult. I don't know the pelicans to catch up to three but at least with the jazz a 45. Meters before. That's the two most surprising teams I think this year is how good the jazz hour after losing Gordon Hayward. Think it talked a little bit about that last week yes and the pelicans or to lose and DeMarcus Cousins have been a huge surprise to Anthony Davis no longer the unit brow are not my thoughts on that he shaved the unit brownie was April fool's joke while was it. I thought Wallace okay is that they showed on an in heaven anymore so I thought it was a joke because I didn't actually shown did shaving like the camera like drops that you talk about the sun but then when he came back he didn't have it and I haven't seen him cents. It's not a story I really follow analysis. Kind of weird and out by the whole thing. I mean what that in April fool you care either way it like it doesn't it doesn't bother me that this trade yet a brow with the I now yeah he did not actually shaped his love and mark you know brown. It was yeah I am fool's joke April fool's. And I did Davis all star center had asked last week on Twitter and whether he should have. Sit this trademark you have brown. And 51%. Voted yes he should. He shot a trio. Yet he so he did not so you could tell it was like fate I figured he got a late lax your idle time out this and I and I thought that he lost the damn eyebrow Bennett drop finish and he's putting up crazy stricken numbers without DeMarcus Cousins. There's no question where's DeMarcus Cousins going to be next year there's so many story lines is obsolete in Milwaukee on to talk about yeah I'd love to have book I give my car for the market sky was DA blogs books cousins Jersey became the Milwaukee I did jerk. A Jersey shirts like twenty boxes pressures he assures the stars easier by jerks new teacher can Jersey sheer size color Jersey. Jersey I mean you do that your Jersey Jersey. The jets ranked. Right. We'll be back next week bigger and better than ever absolutely things are ripe for coming on NBA podcast that is right or bots. I am Cody grant on 157 at and the fans.