NBA Podcast - NBA Playoffs Predictions

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Saturday, April 14th
Cody Grant and Ryan Horvat take a look at all the first round matchups in the NBA Playoffs and make their picks. Plus, who brings home each NBA Regualr Season Award?

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Hey guys welcome back into another NBA podcast I am Cody grant las sign me Ryan or bots layoffs start. Now NBA playoffs also at that long regular season is over with. Finally we can do it into some playoff basketball. Ryan I know you're excited I'm pumped rusty into this mess. Yeah abject Izzo is the best time of the year for the NBA gated excited for the playoffs and your little depressed because like fifteen guys get fired immediately sorry three coaches fired Jeff Horner sacked. Frankel. C Clifford today on two so that I does not wanna snack like two weeks ago is there a gunman what you asked him again. If you study is going to be back next year not in doubt arm an estimated remember when I asked him and I mean it isn't how was defending Yaris. Yeah some volleys on the ST yeah. But it sounds like I was honestly not a defendant Knight yeah but now object for the playoffs there's a lot of great matchups let's just go through each of certain the first round. You do want to be Western Conference recent conferences last for a careless are the lesser star T want eights and worker weighed down. So one Houston Rockets little bit surprised this year they ask Chris Paul. People thought man will this work well it's definitely works James Harden MVP candidate probably will bring home. And I'm gonna play the eighth seeded T wolves who won the last game of the season over the nuggets to get into the spot. Jimmy Butler was hurt for. A few weeks I definitely drop down the standings and I would have to pay for dizzy at play used to. Yeah I am excited for this one in fact Minnesota's early technically played a playoff game yeah it was a player it was a play in game I needed its eight game 82 was a plane again this year from Minnesota and in Denver Minnesota got the wind and they're young talent we'll finally get their first opportunities in the playoffs to meet Butler has experience but not Karachi towns not injure way against. Mac has like that so he'll be interest to see how they match up of Houston. I took a lot of wage or you know I took a lot of key easily from that game just watch and that pretty much a playing game against the nuggets eight ties Gibson is still lockdown defender Andre Yokich was on fire in the first half he couldn't miss anything in the fourth quarter tax completely shut him down. Be the second thing I notice is Andrew wigand's you can put him on a milk carton he disappears especially in the fourth quarter. But the last four possessions of the game that the timber rules had the ball and tie gamer downer you know applaud. He was just Jimmy Butler isolation waves everybody often goes one on one. Carl Anthony towns was dominating that game that he cubic four touches only in the fourth quarter the way against is is not. Evolved that offense whatsoever cell. Oh Wiggins is a very similar player Jimmy Butler and drop when you look at the two Jimmy who's the better player it's Jimmy Butler he's the better player no no question and but you know it to Reagan's he's made be. History for himself will be guided disappears and in moments where things are going his way. I don't wanna say big moments because it's not true he does shop in big moments every once a while he but he's. Has set little immature and has two M where if he's the arc on his way B Zach in such as early he will disappear he will get disinterested. And now the Jimmy Butler is there very scenic we've already seen Angelina and speak up a body he doesn't like it he's just not like being the number two. And on this team is a number three because you're currently town's wealth so. I don't see Minnesota lasting very long in the playoffs now I think they could win one game in Jimmy Butler and crocodiles bowl had a huge nights and James Harden is here as three balls as well as he has been all season 45% this year. So I think Minnesota loses obviously Emmy has any chance they pull the upset I only get one game may be game three redeem for. Yeah I mean maybe they even taken to six is because I think Toews is a great coach I think Jimmy Butler will during it but I mean in gold battling and he's like the fourth option on that team Jeff Teague. It's more touches obviously brings the ball Abdullah for about a seed. I mean he's taking care of the ball this series ever like seven assists only two turnovers but Minnesota as a whole idea seed Ambien turnover prone and and relentless focus on this series too much to seasons general thrown. Now let's go to the next series which I think is the most compelling first round series. Of both conferences may be even over the bucks a Celtics it's 45 match up with the OKC thunder and the U Todd jest who'd expect the jazz have played this good I mean there are. The top defense a team in the NBA they have probably DD offensive player of the year and Rudy go bear. No more Gordon Hayward they trade Rodney hood at the deadline yet it's pretty much a team of just nobody's really when you look at the roster in their computing and it gives Oki C a run for their money. They can win that series I mean realistically. Do the job and concerts I'll take a look at what those are live with they currently are. I'll take a look at it it was I'm pretty interesting when I first came out how much is Donovan Mitchell I mean Utah is led by a rookie. In scoring Tony point five points per game he's been terrific this season taken a look at the odds on that series and for you know I'm kind of a degenerates or wanting a lot of doubt. Mitchell as well is he he also broke the rookie record for three partners Maine I mean he does everything well in today's NBA and he's going to be died yesterday at. Go after Ben's Simmons for the rookie of the year title he party scene there are in this dialogue to end my day because there's so much savagery yet in so much drama and so much. It's a soap opera watch the NBA it's really is in doctor Mitchell and Penn Simmons are going after each other social media and and Donna Mitchell uses cius watcher he was wearing. Yeah I did all the straight up about Donovan Mitchell side in donut Benson this guy and a rookie and yet not a of course we don't please the rookie but. It and clay is a rookie because that's the way the rule works like you can't argue that it should be a role you can't argue that is a rule or not it's not. Is it that's public or from one of his rookie of the year he misses hole for Syria did due to injury but he came back the next you're one rookie of the year. But ask for bad Simmons he has to stir rookie he will be in the running for rookie of the year cadaver Mitchell. I mean there's arguments being made by he should be the guy. Yeah I think Ben's Simmons is the better player he has the higher ceiling I think he's going to be the better player when it's also been done but I think Mitchell's the rookie of the year I mean we decided to when he points per game when he led the Utah Jazz. Who lost their two best players. Why don't have their two best players Rudy guilders one of their best players that the laws Gordon Hayward whose one of their best players going into the offseason there's still in the post season they are good this year. He's been fantastic look at those series I'd go back to that OKC minus 145. You top plus 125 so Utah the dogs but. There is good value and and there are definitely makes a hot shot money on and on you to opt. I think the main difference is going to be out Russell Westbrook gonna wanna get out the first route is gonna wanna prove he's not a stat pattern especially after he netstat patter. Pulling down rebounds just but he after outlasting its one real artists and 8816. Am. And his staff pattern well he was like you know any player in the NBA can go out there and did Tony rebounds whenever they bluntly do you wanna try and I mean he is Stan patterns and and it's exciting to watch. What they about Russell Westbrook beat you can not dispute with him he does try he plays every possession like it's its last night he mean he any is exciting player he is extremely athletic. Not a good shooters I shot 29% unclear why franchise but he will go actor Hugh offensively and defensively but yet he does stat. Grab a lot of rebounds and a lot of assists but. It's up on dynamic with OKC because they have these future hall of famers. Three at any Mel's a first ballot hall of Famer Paul Georgy got to expect. Many died this forest career but fears are aligned to you did you will be a hall of Famer. And and Russell Westbrook of course means the first player in NBA history to have two years averaging a triple double the only one that is average one in the past was Oscar Robertson. So Russell Westbrook definitely a hall of fame player. When he's compared to. These top guys in the NBA elect LeBron James the staff carried each have address of the world. Russell Westbrook takes a backseat to them because he hasn't proven that he can. Bacon bacon in the big game science and a sense again in the finals and you know G when he was there with Kevin dredges hard and they kind of get donning a Miami. And now here's an opportunity to be the main guy do it and are obvious enough but I think he is enough to get by Utah savior. And that's the thing end when you know you talk and playoffs you got to focus defensively and Paul George is a great two players he defends on the perimeter so we'll have that rust I mean when Westbrook wants to defend he could to tie the game slows. Out in the playoffs and you you need to have a secondary guy and I don't think Donna Mitchell has that so they're gonna focus on their attacks on dot credential too much of his experience he's going to get frustrated. Very early on. He should take some bad shots and okay seized in a runaway at that I still think the jazz pushed the sixteen. So I didn't Siegel a seven to be honest I think you know yeah outer rim protector and Stephen Adams I think it okay c.s obviously the better team I think Carmelo could finally show up he's been (%expletive) all yearlong but I mean. He wants to win a playoff series too so I think he might show up on the offensive and I mean if you're gay and I say you get eighteen to two when he from Melo in this series. And you get a dvd you know the thunder in five or six I can even see this going seven games. But I think like I'm betting it valuing you'd topless 125 but okay see I'm going okay see equal say in seven I'm ago. Seven and so Casey center for you OKC six for me as go down of the 36 matchups Portland. Have but always there a little surprising because I don't have alas star power beyond Damien Willard an old has CJ McCollum again but. Though the wrestler roster isn't built like a three seed in the Western Conference me correct me if I'm wrong here but they always prove us wrong and they're always there India and the regular season and they try to make a play out front they played a sixty Pallet to answer only have once our anti Davis who are things can be the best player on the court in this series. Even over Damien Willard. And this is my upset pick of the first round. In the Western Conference I think the pelicans that can take down important. Would you like some money on that because the pelicans or plus 160 yeah I would lay aside money I act is there's a good value and I think that. Italians had just enough to match up defensively what Portland. And matchup on the offensive and if they keep running their office the way they're doing and feeding anti Davis running through anti Davis having the best thing for your own sister. And I hate to say it was to Marcus doesn't Joan down the incher. Think so because I think it cousins play as I think they beat plural and I think without them I like Portland in this series this is gonna go seven I think I mean I. And I'm all for I'm ready for disk does this finally features the young talent of the NBA. I love dame alum what he set a couple weeks ago when they asked him about seeing in Portland he's like. You know they drafted me I'm gonna be loyal. I don't win a championship I don't wanna championship on the stay here I love that answer because he wasn't like (%expletive) around it. He's very honest about it and I believe I don't. I don't probably half the ship becomes out of these guys mouth anymore everybody's looking to win and you have to and everybody's looking to make money he's gonna make as money. And he's a really good player C jays are really good player they have some nice pieces there. But Manilow of that answer and I love him he's my favorite guards in the league moments here players overall on the league and I think Portland wins that series and you know even a couple years ago when they play the warriors grant's death curry was out on that series that they came around for their money I absolutely. Out there he could seem I mean it did they have good role players on our team and in have a good foundation and half one of the best back courts in the MBA. The only ones you probably can't put them up against tight tops our Seth Curry but. You look at job properly deal I think did Millard and CJ McCollum can take those guys down DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry trial I think. I rather have to email alert and CJ McCollum so that not too many back court she could put ahead of dame and CJ. That is going to be a great series and you're right about that and Anthony Davis needs that would play out here guys that finally kind of putts as the critics a little bit to say you know and really click on I take it back Iconix misuse America's dozens fans. I don't mean a better offer out to march dozens but what I mean is the offense completely change and they. Built around anti Davis I think they're harder to defend now yet now. If they can just implement that when divorce doesn't come back next year the remain extremely scary team anti Davis has to be the focal point is the best player on the on a squat absolutely averaged Tony eight this year eleven rebounds to key stat 53%. Sheets from the field I mean you're gonna season big man but I mean he sheets from the outside to be literally can do -- dollar and he's he's honest of the junk shot yet that's going to be great series I am gonna take Portland have home court advantage I think Damian Miller's band in the playoffs man no he's been in the Playhouse the Florio has that experience. He's played against guys like staff carry so I'm an ego Portland but man I'm looking forward to that series adding that most intriguing matchup of the first round how many games get going obviously seven. I got pelicans winning at cents a Republicans winning in Portland game seven. To move on and that's eventually loose expected answers could be. Rondo was crazy is that Saudi pretty good year I mean he always puts up the assist numbers I mean he's always at about nine tan but. Riots last year we saw with the boys find younger at just about to say that I mean if Ronald go down a series outgoing boss and it's the first round last in fact he stole like when they are talking -- I've brought it up on the first podcast that we did I was like DeMarcus Cousins said that if you didn't go out with an injury that he thinks that they would have won won the championship that they can beat the warriors. And Rondo has been in those guys year Tomlin nobody can stop these guys to get to the new Twin Towers nobody could stop you. He's a leader he's going to be held a coach I know people think he's just has had case which and look crazy but I mean who is. I love Rondo and I think he can be the expected that series also think coral Malia. You play lieutenant Aaron Nat may be one of the biggest loopy guys out there appears hell of a player. Great player in or spot appears and then ran down on that squad as well but Boston oh wait championship team. The next one and I think as prod the easiest one predict may be this series this in this playoffs the lesser coverage side the 27 matchup Eagles it wars defending champions. They've won. The last two title now sorry the last title of golf for their third title in four years for me to tears come out of state Kevin Durant. I stepped curry is. Al in this yours correct. Was it Seth Curry asked I'm assuming she's not playing a series IE and but neither is quiet lender for Santonio. And without quite it quite a letter was playing in the series. I would say Santonio has that has a chance to get by cold state just because acquire Leonard and not have a staff curry on the other side of the ball. I think don't say it has enough to get by a spurs team with no class letter all be Gregg Popovich had coach sneezed and LaMarcus Aldridge there. And that original bleed off bad Tony Parker of the nationals yet or not the same as they used to be healed duties don't have enough to you by Eagles stay as young as they are as quick as they are. And has get a outside shooting teams they are. Griese is stance that I saw about the spurs team is that Paul Gasol leads them in assists this year and he's only average in three game I mean granted Tony parkers and little little varies out of the starting lineup which is not the same spread easily Tony Parker was appoint argued ever -- was sets I was like between does this guy but I mean the way what they moved the ball as a teen yeah yeah I mean it as a teammate they've always been a high assist team that ever had a guy really our high assist that stat stills outstanding what three assists he said yeah that's a that as your team leader. Man that's Cecil every other key stat is LaMarcus Aldridge he's literally had to do it colony still a great player but it has Ager right now and at this stage of his career he can't be year your one a dagger blow your number one option. So without coli he had the warriors will still roll out staff curry is Kevin Durant will be obviously the best player on the court nobody stepped in and they don't have an answer we gonna put on governor. Nobody in nobody can guard him now LeBron James checked art Teva during that sounds good Tim dram is Stefan curry he he has been teasing. I'm returned. India first round I just don't see it happening and it Cowherd yesterday and they and they are talking about a couple people are saying and just like I've been listening to various radio shows of people it. Skeptical is eating dinner turn for the playoffs that he will be back. Yeah I don't buy that I mean to be surprised that they held him out those things are move and allow why play at. Same for the Western Conference pot especially if you're gonna get you don't I agree if you get. I mean I think a team like Portland or New Orleans and yet those two teams right I don't think you can beat them announced after. I mean I I think there is that stat I immediately you could beat Houston with doubts after Karl I think you let you take six or seven back the keys I'd always says. Seth Curry is a most important player on this team yeah but even a Kevin Durant Trimarche green clay Thompson and the punch role players they get out with you Iguodala Zaza Pachulia. And guys Shaun Livingston guys like that they have enough to get by some of these lesser Western Conference teams I think they're gonna have enough for the ouster of courage this first round against. Spurs team doesn't have quite lender. Angles are your goals in five. Yemen go 52 and yeah and that yes I sent over to Eastern Conference real quick quick recap of the Western Conference we both tackle state. Over the San Antonio Spurs I have the pelicans a relationship the blazers. The bulk of the founder of the jazz albeit tough series and we have bought her the rockets over the T what's over the Easter toppers aren't the 18 as always. Each raptors over the Washington Wizards. Raptors you never sold high on MI I think they're playing at a very high level bass more in our Washington. What is with Washington man who wrestles wrap their. 45 seed may be can be that third seed for the season started that the team may have John Wall Bradley deal. And I Porter that Big Three but they have and they don't put it together and John wall's been hurt for a while this year they were playing better out John Wall. This series I just can't see the wizards they've taken a huge step back from last year in I don't know where it's come from but. They don't look that good national team Bill Clinton play I'll pass a team. How can happen anywhere close enough to can be Toronto. This is insane I mean because they have so much talent on the team but they don't get along that's the thing to played better without John Wall. Because and I mean I'm not in the locker medal of the Washington and I can tell you right out they don't like John law all those comments and in Canada had a team only meeting when he did come back. And it has caused Jodie Meeks suspended 25 games. For the play our secretary ease with him as a player asked to suspect when he buy games for violating the MBA anti drug program. I mean that's the craziest ship though because they have all this talent brand Bradley deal and John Waller probably the best backcourt. In the Eastern Conference outside of that I mean I'd say in the league but obviously I am a go at splash druthers I'd probably go with CJ in game over but the right there Bradley deal averaged. In almost 23 again this year John wall's one of the best point guards in the league. Put big play better without ominous because I. In the craziest thing is when they were playing so well without them. There was a close and everybody eats when John law does not play and this is crazy because he's tennis is skylab and is this guy yeah. How everybody eaten without the surprising is better without a I don't know why the ball moves better witness how all the best allies. Think is a very underrated point guard but doesn't made it seem to credit from his teammates set. You know he deserves or we think he deserves to what to say we're not blocker we don't know what's going on right there in announced odds update too from. Our staff curry he is targeting a return around to Nazi death Sunday telling us that even without him around wind right I don't see a problem for the warriors are just. So we both got tried here I think is gonna be a sweeper five game series. But I and they'll end the crazy thing is though I also wanna be surprised if we Celek the biggest upset in NBA history aide Pete won in Washington one and seven just because they have all the tail on the world and every every other year Washington's really good oral like holy (%expletive) they finally put it together there finally get only on what. Like Joseph Bradley deal finally like each other out of there like each other off the court but they seem to be get along on the court that's all that matters and then this year brutal again. This all will picture I don't but I wanna be surprised either way I don't really what does Washington they two years out from the Eastern Conference finals the act two years now and I just don't really but these are two teams that do not trust. So I will take her out of though they've had a better season. The better team they seem to actually get along which always helps so I'm gonna go out with Kia with a. Rafters and losers I agree with you on now let's go from two teams who don't trust at all to one player we have the utmost trust and that's LeBron James has Cleveland Cavaliers squad the four seed. 10 lowest seed she's bad and sensor pad as Ron of the finals I TER Ambien lower he's had a couple two seeds in there but never four seed. And when he as long as the Jamaican has run of the final cease to be basing off with a cast against a very exciting. Surprising. Indiana Pacers team who gave up their star player in the summer Paul George tea and a return Connie jam in patrol a deep well and sabonis. Let's say in return they got their leading scorer this season teeple averaged 23 points per game on 47% shooting in and got sabonis who averaged almost eight rebounds including our five on defensive and so I mean their two best players arguably two of the better players are leading scorer their best rebounder of the gotten a trade for Paul George the bands that make an out. Pretty well and they've been exciting as hell all year when my favorite teams to watch on the league pass. I still don't bet against LeBron but I think this does go six or seven because I think the pacers are young they're hungry. Depots and a lot of truth something I mean he's bend the playoffs before but he was the second fiddle in okay see they had no idea what they're doing what thump. That just shows though. Russell Westbrook held a player but really tough to play. And we talked about this on a few podcasts ago win. Russell Westbrook was put up Amy puts will be stat teases stat stuffer there's no. There's no denying the grounds that stuck it to exactly and am not saying anything bad about Russell Westbrook and essays a stat staffer. Is that as I bat think as you had it shows you you are trying to feed you know what I mean. He's held a basketball player. But did I mean it's Cathy she's tough to play with and that's shows you that what patrol deeply do not a one magical outside this mole deep well. I mean what was the highest elaborate shield too early beating you know he was struggling words for you to number two overall pick yet I mean he's Jamont their draft with I think esteem and it went number one overall user helps als earnest honest. If he was and he's a very like yours match player to this disarmament in the dunk contest a few years ago. Petrol depot though has been great miles turner. Odds are 611 senator. Now turner who's a very good player he made they have a they have a lot of interest in him for their future their thousands in pretty good enough yet daddy is young who is always an ache. Irreversible wing player of long athletic good defender. Okay shooter. I mean they deadly deck guys on this team that they can cause troubles but I think LeBron James and his cast like. They'll have a whole lot troubles with them I think in games will be close I think of the and other in the fourth cars are sharp pull away right I have to cast winning in fine. Outlook hasn't six I'll give I'll give the pacers two wins in this year's just because I think that they're pretty solid team so I'll go. Kansans and exciting series another one I wanna look at is C 36 match up so Jack for the Sears 76ers. By the way game one you'll be able not play. In game 11 of their better players accorsi gets to know about senator mark health faults who's really come on headers. Triple double his first one a few that still gets the box. And it was a youngest player ever to get a triple double in a basketball game here in the NBA. At their face not it's Madonna I mean he's I think got a picnic and got a triple the Macon maybe an elite Miami Heat who I think have probably the most underrated coach in Erik Spoelstra then I see about a fun team to watch no stars and that team at all. They don't have one all star. And they have a 6 in the Eastern Conference necessary sixers in the first round what you see happening messrs. I'm Bruton hired for. The peace because they have a fell Sylvain you know there's not many of humbug Goran Dragic is one of my favorite players in the league know that. I think the 76ers are actually gonna win a playoff series which is crazy is on his joy and beat is able to come back for game two is why I think that you're gonna need and that's I believe that's Monday because god game on Saturday. So I like to 76ers but the thing is I wouldn't be surprised of Miami found a way to get it done just because you ready brought up Spoelstra and I think he's just gonna coach circles around 76ers I think that's two great coaches too great head coach is gone and it. But Spoelstra has the Al playoff experience so that's why do you think I mean he's got championships. I don't people are gonna say all of a bit though Murray a dog join wade LeBron James Chris Bosh but. I he's held a coach that's going to be a great series lot of young talent I can't wait to see bands Simmons in a playoff game I can't wait to see that it's gonna be awesome. One think Philly does extremely well simply defense there there's a third best defense in the NBA and in the fourth best net rating in the NBA and the sixers are. Held a defense of team. And they have a bunch of young stars like and Simmons mark tell faults John bead the only worry I have the sixers is if Joseph on beat. Isn't fully healthy because if he's not. It it it takes a huge chunk of their offense a way editor defense really is a good defensive player. I don't like to have any problem with Miami without John BE AB's not fully help lead but is also expecting to. I think the sixers team to take on Miami and five or six. Craziest part about the series is just how bond debt from both styles I'm in the 76ers like a fast defensive minded team he said and he like to grind it out definitely slowing in the arsenal in the playoffs that's slow that's slope right to see in the USC is going to be interesting to see like it's. If Philadelphia is gonna slow things down ransom offensive sets. Can't get into the flow of the gamer they're gonna come out game one like a deer in headlights especially without Nigel and be just because it's their first playoff deal bunch of young dudes. But you know I mean we say that but the league's changed so much so is my goal in order they gonna be like come playoff time and these guys go out there to calm their collective mean. As early phase some guys so it's going to be just panacea but Philadelphia looks like but I am gonna take the seventy. Sixers in six sounds to us we both agree on that front or go to the next series at two sat in the series that. All of you are looking forward to the box as a seven seed who can't see. Second seeded Boston Celtics. Second seed Abbas southerners I think on paper more. Seldom lasts I think if you look at a power rankings. Of this Eastern Conference playoffs I don't think their second best team the Japanese cameras I think they're more like the fourth best team may be. Because no carrier ring no gore and Kerry were of course they play with him all season. IA you mean your best player on the scene right now's probably Jason's Tatum get a Browner Al Horford. You know you don't have Marcus Marat he's going to be out I don't know feature a comeback need to go six or seven games he can maybe get back in time but. Yeah honest is by far the best or on a court in the series and a good opportunity for Milwaukee is as they battle c.s and then to win a playoff series still still get their gold that they set for themselves. At the start of the year. We need him win a playoff series we need to win a playoff series now to come into the playoffs a lower seed than they were last year. But there's people out there give them a chance because of course the injuries to Boston. Yeah I mean it's gonna be interesting to see how they try to defeat and you honest probably would Jalen brown and Jason Tatum and number I don't think gathered to stop on the mean that wing Spanish is so damn long. You're ready brown and out and Marcus smarter. I'm here in that he won't be the comeback unless there is a game seven and potentially can. Problem is that Bret Stephens is just that good of the coach that he's had a little bit it's time to prepare. Right now I guarantee he's John apple planned for Rihanna is gonna come down to we know Yana is gonna get his pockets you know he's an average 25 at least in this series. His assist numbers will be there he's gonna pull down eight to nine rebounds can depend on other guys stepping up you know has bragged and fully healthy. What's Jabari gonna look like in this playoff series I mean especially going into a into via free agency period or Nazis in this pretty you know on certain right now it's gonna come down to. The X factors for for Milwaukee and if they step up they knocked down shots you know they're not three point shooting team. That's I think boss is gonna try to beat them obviously is trade and two for theories. But I think it's going to be. And I wanna say Milwaukee infected with some money down on 425. I really like the value in that. I was hoping to be a little bit higher. But. Man. I hate that against Brad Stevens you know I hate that against LeBron as a player and I hate bad against Brad Stevens had percents. He's helped coach fired I was. I mean how soups. I think you happy to coach the year during Casey but Brad Stevens you put them up against the coaches the NBA he's one of the tops. And he's band that waste and she's made the jumps the MBA kind of from Butler. And he's got his team playing well leave without carrier ring it's not communicate a lot pressed like I said I decide moments ago I still think there. That the fourth may be maybe third best team in the Eastern Conference even with outlook are European their stove and get tough. I series to win even with having those guys out but one thing Abbas has really well to defend. Extremely well and good and that's a team. And they don't need carrier going to be good defensive team unity Marcus Smart to be a good defensive team. Al Horford one of the best big man defenders he's got a to defend the interior and get out. On the three point line. And if Milwaukee does go to that small lineup where gossip a five corporate to directing guard goddess and not in this I am when I say that don't meet it sort of down. Beat you stay with you I was up with the majority in the half exactly even as age he's still so versatile. But one thing that worries me is. Boston. I don't know that half as much trouble scoring as people may think because of the in accuracy of the Bucs defense and they don't get out suitors okay to leave a lot of open guys are falls asleep they did. Let's hope falsely that the doors he calls they don't have yeah artists is going to I'm confident in the series and and always engages and always don't play. His ass off defensively but. You national X factors I think it's more so on the defense of and is an op that's about it because. The box score points we know old Villa they can score but as far as a defense. It is she. Yeah. And I mean when carrier ring went out and lend a Marcus Marlon doubt everybody expected the Celtics take this step back and I mean they. Didn't skip a beat like they're beaten pretty good teams I mean that's a good teams like OKC but I mean you know talented teams and they are sticking with them their beat him. They're taking team's overtime. Some not fully confident like a lot of people are mean and this is we wanted to play and let's not get it twisted like this is the matchup that you death. I don't think that even the box don't get by the series. An act it's a stay there for them because I still think Boston is the better team. In a sense of the don't have more talent but the coach better yet they play defense spatter the players have bought into. And whereas the BC with a box we don't know they have to be on the chemistry is better Boston so it's all those factors as a matter of the Bucs may have more talented team you still have to have those other factors to be successful in the box have shown they don't need you don't have those factors but. I think in the playoffs and I go with superstars and yacht this will be the last parliament glorious Clara and I said this. Every podcast now since we're getting close of play ask I said I'm taking the Bucs super plane Boston's other Plame boss not take in the box. Nice that I was gonna take Boston but I've changed my nine both financially I hope it happens to that podcast it's testosterone but I mean it's going to be a great series I am gonna say the boxes that you know it just reminds me of his when Derrick Rose two hours a Seattle and Philadelphia with literally nobody would your holiday and a dad -- have a -- now Derek -- is just as he was the best player on the cool exactly was the superstar or everybody's like all the bulls you know -- still well coached they got joke you know there's still going to be Philadelphia with all these young guys in Philadelphia took a two month. And they beat on the net loss LeBron grand in the sector of the that's what I see with this. I see this bucks team winning this series. Because these guys are hungry I mean yeah honest wants to win a playoff series if you loses the boss that people are gonna come down pretty hard because he is a superstar yeah nice and I believe that's our next to his annually could talk about. That a future podcasts that athletes I think superstars take too much heat because people look at the MBA and a BF five on five game. And they say that in individual can impact the game so much more to name a sport. I still think that. You can't put all one got to win an Indy it's not gonna be just yachts he needs help is like LeBron needs and just tried to rat eats up just like staff curry needs help. But I don't think you can come down that hard on John yes. If he goes out there puts up thirty points a game ten rebounds a game and six assists a game and is Dominic hobble that's the court and still lose. But what I mean it's gonna happen because your superstar near the main guy in if you don't get by its seen that has suffered always injuries. You gonna get (%expletive) on for a but. I think the one difference I like the rapper she made to the Derrick Rose three towards a C album will there up by ten at the end game in India to at a different date of course because. That we all know how that turned out but Derrick Rose. Was so much more important to adapt bulls team and Tyree Europeans to the Celtics team because. It as we look at the box and Celtics right now. As it is with a healthy players on the florist hoping spot at bosses as talented as what walked he has. But Apple's team. And their second best player was. Took him on Libya or Lou Walt gains. This Boston teams solar system Tate and stoke Al Horford its alleged brown Aniston got some talented players on the team were examples team. I don't know and I and the way it happened to in this series. I mean that that team was just right and that's an end of the day it's a great point though because there is no time to prepare daily news T got a he's actually as autopsied had time to adjust in and and play without Tyree Irving and and they've proven they can do that but I'm taken box and as brand Jennings wood sand box and six cents for the culture domestic box and 6007. That it went on their home floor at the beam all. Won the last writers is games at the B nominal went on deep six. I'll go bucks in seven as Grey's Brad Stevens as I mean he's an average zero point zero rebounds or assists in this series he's Unicode circles around prime T that's my prediction right there that's a guarantee yanked him early we don't hope we all know with a better coach I'd just too much talent in. Mean who's gonna stop pianist he needed X series from Middleton Jabar he's gonna need to come up big and I think he will also will go bucks and says I'll see about the set and I got bucks and six a we agree on every single. Series except Florida and more Palestinian sand. And the lasers and that's my upset pick. I psychic to epics I guess I got. The pelicans over the blazers as far as seeding goes 63 and I had a box. Seven to over the Celtics which you will agree with me on bucks and six from ebooks and seven for you. So playoffs man I I am so so excited starts tomorrow. I'll be sick economic touts with a beer and ten other Beers in the fridge too and just watching basketball day in S a dream. EA start things off with the spurs in the warriors. Should begin today and then Sunday. Begin. Celtics and box nest on the and I'll wards if you want a hit on those real quick you know single look at the awards as we went to our first from the playoffs as this. Playoffs don't want we'll get to our second round picks around pics of actually at the finals and we're seeing who we have in there. But would go to the of individual awards for all these players and BP to start their best they want. I look at two guys from BP S James Hart and Houston has LeBron James in Cleveland. As much as I wanna say LeBron James I think James Harden takes home the brawn James as far as totals don't. She leads James Harden and almost every offensive statistic. As far as totals wanting James Harden leads LeBron and it's really the only argument he has. Except for the winds that his team has and being immortal Rossi it is he is higher net rating LeBron. Any so it and that's step basically. Says how much you affected game a ball fans teams aren't someone in the NBA will prosper too. Don't put too much into that but I just look at each which would James Hart has done this year he'd open deserves it and how the NBA picks or BP's. It's always what's new. Now what's old and a bronze olden James arms new siding James Sargent wannabe B. Was so crazy about James Harden is that teams just can't figure him out because each offseason he develops and he scaled a step back three years you know the Euro step was ago to move forum. I mean everything that he done he just gets better every year James Harden really does I don't wanna hear people say selfish or this or that I mean I don't care what you think about the guy he works hard each offseason he comes back better. So I am gonna give it to Harden as well I think second will be LeBron James I think third would be Anthony Davis and if I'm gold forum to go yeah on a silver Kevin Durant as good as to grandstand just because. If you speak yadda soft this bucks team. They probably went 1011 games especially without Jabari for the majority this is going to LO I mean general out of dude yeah some lights it's like (%expletive) I'd like to say you know. They'd still be like a 2530 went team because you know middle middle and the twenty point per game scorer and a decent defender but. And there's some nice for a team to Apple's evil with pianist so why should I probably would go and then. Let's go rookie of the year as we talked about that a little bit everybody's gonna say and Simmons and I'm gonna go against an embassy Donovan Mitchell well we will agree. And now I'm real band Simmons I mean I think Jesus and the best rookie best Bambi it has to offer. And he does so much more than just score he plays great defense has seized ten guy defense because he's LeBron James is LeBron James two point all. And I just think he's so much better than Donna Mitchell Mitchell may have a higher scoring average but I look at Dan Simmons what he's done for the sixers team in at CNET has. Not. Dan in the playoffs sensed was a 2009. So I subliminal play hospital while I mean they didn't do the trust processed yet. I doubt initial came under situation. No Gordon Hayward of course behead a foundation defensively regal bear and they were in the playoffs here before and Simmons has pretty much completely turn this around. He said help jaunty. But then Simmons has been a main guy. And it's crazy because nobody even talks about Jason Tatum has a candidate I mean I haven't third on the list look what he's done on 55 win team we're talking about the playoffs were doing a preview he's gonna probably be the best player on their core second best player on the court for the Celtics. And Dow. That's what happens though when you have a 610 garlic I said like Benson is a can guard any position I mean guys score visions ridiculous and got Donovan Mitchell who is a phenomenal player and averages twenty points per game for another playoff contenders so. Great rookie class when I haven't talked about Sox Dennis Smith maazel ball and I didn't bring enough which is just fantastic for many reasons but he's. He's a great year don't you agree everybody even in the conversation that's a good this rookie classes that. A zone most improved player active Balkan angry and. I mean this owns this one is probably the most obvious choices pectoral deep on me how can you not do it to patrol depot other candidates that are out there I mean. Clinton pal yeah I simply came up there about. Am trying to think those he. The hill brought (%expletive) load of minutes yet he did it tunnel that was part of last year that Big Three were Chris Paul and James harder Stephen Adams when they played together in. They barely Lucas and united America but Stephen Adams I can put up there 63% shooting and shoot for Stephen Jones Stoxx. Here in Syria are at odds Marbury is probably candidate for me I'm down a very good be it. Based there are referred for you Okajima and Diego pitch I mean that's our Don wanna last year. Hey you know you get better be here yeah they are anonymous he could be the most improved player eyes just rears its improved player or just because every year he'd like it said develops and you scale. Our sixth man of the year Lou Williams probably like every year yes. Debbie I didn't we'd have to talk about him Eric Gordon to be up there. Man and you know laughs I throw on that list nickel Mary touched. He said we're beard anymore I don't like that coach of the year. Under the Brad Stevens since you're gonna go doing Casey just I mean. Hey get a whole new roster granted it's a better roster I mean you lose Gordon Hayward and such just terrible fashion. First game of the year electorally I I thought the Celtics are going to be like a 4520 NAFTA that. Now because I don't think the world the carrier being I think he's the best point guards second best point guard in the league. But I mean that gruesome injury. Your whole team just sits there and swatches that it's the first in game deceit a net loss and a quarter into the season yet that then Milosevic and the box and you think your Dario box and right yet again dawn dollar fine he had ever written and external African game I mean it. The second half as a man as good for the first half I hear it a point where they were just light years ahead everybody in the Eastern Conference and I re has proven that he can do it I'm salty you lead a team but they've had other guys step up in Jason's Tatum who saw that coming. When Boston through the first tech they don't want Olazabal and a while Markoff also our Jason Taylor. And that was one of the draft day steals. Is yet he went three that's pretty high right but yeah. You steal a box so they traded back they knew the adapters terrible time goes Stevens case inaudible Quin Snyder three because syncing with you to I mean to get her to the whole team and he and bring in L stars and MVP candidates. I mean I I know what I go to in case number one he's the Michael year what he's I was trying to I was an impressive. You know did this team's always been a team. The last several years with tech corals Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan that do all that is now. Do I not afraid each you have a great backcourt we cannot do enough to Marta rose has completely. Added to his games and outside jump shot he spanned. EE he's taken over as as the face of that team we're Kyle Lowry DeMar DeRozan DEA is the last few years at banks have a duel as tomorrow grosses team. And doing case is going to be part of that. Op and and gather and he has is seem playing with a with some known gamers you know eventually off the bat she gets. I calmed down shoot missy who did it so many years they were saying that he was enough touches. I'd stay haven't banning corporate an offense like we thought they would that there are more from the outside inside Dana they're built their team at the orders and during Casey's been a huge part of that I got him when coach of the year. You try to counter reminds me of rule get a better look. Rural India Atlanta Hawks a couple of years ago dislike kind of figured a dollar haven't got a sixty day owns starters to the all star game including Alfred can caller yes cat who'd throughout reminds me of though. In then what happened. Aaron Miller Bronson Dixie get past LeBron and think a little bit more all season you know I'm not picking on your castle brown added that got there remind me doubled and I think that's my compares and yet so I go Stevens Casey and then it says Oakland's team beats on that conversation as. Mean I was looking Utah's roster has that despite 25 when teams and Mitchell's pan African yeah. He's been looking Yitzhak Su but are doing JC on this someone that we can get surprise many pay you know Brett yeah there's always coaches to put up there. And as always deserving coaches. But I don't drink too easy go. Matt Stevens. Yeah anything do we miss it even start your defense of player of the year we get to that sounded we have. Legal that regal bear. I you look at when Utah's Deron as a team they're the best offensive team in the NBA and looted the bears are anchor. I mean. Yes and play enough games on a slightly Nektar where's he's at 56 games this year so if they take dead or towel. Maybe Rudy governor does not give his impact has been great to jazz went out on eighteen and 26 a C is right without really go bear yes. They finish the season 38. He. Probably go either to go bears with fewer Jalen beater maybe even Anthony Davis that he might tap the reacting to keep it kind of change any of them and I really wouldn't be too too disappointed but I'll go lie jubilant. Don't be out in defense played the year wanna. Users other recognition he's prime my favorite total Woodruff well. He's funny on Tuesday and is even though when he sits on the Bucs and jets and repeat susceptible brown Yankee tension on the bracket so we try to recruit LeBron yet. British writer ever yeah they're Jack's got a little boy and that's great yeah everybody should get a bill LeBron watch 2018 series fun what a waste of money though because he's staying in Cleveland on sane thing so I'd. I disagree with you able were find out we'll see all right so that's it NBA podcasts wrapped. That's gonna be a press release that next week of course. And will look had at the rest surround wanna get you around to refinery awards by the ground too and we'll see for right. Ever romp over the Bucs have a series leading right Celtics let's hope so and I'll be a little bit richer are out August this time next week with a box in Abidjan and have. Three games of greeted apart just a source I think though proudly I'd be up 2121 okay I. I think they needed indeed to steal a game in Boston yes it'd also gamely game aren't you worried they'll steal in one hour into it they don't steal a game in Boston series over Boston's went. Says that Arctic bucks to one. My accent do about it same here that's trying to pour about according grant 157 Afghanistan.