New 1 Day Ticket with Fast Passes attached?

The World According To Sparky
Wednesday, June 13th
Disney World has come up with a new concept for those last minute decision makers on vacation! The crew takes a look at the new 1 day ticket with Fast Passes attached already for you? Plus, more news coming out on the new Parent Swap Fast Passes at Disney World. 

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The world according to Sparky sees Sparky Pfeiffer came Boris Andy Spitzer with you for another. Fantastic episode we'll get more into what we talked about the last episode as far as. The changes. To the parents swap at magic kingdom the before we get into that. Now we gotta talk a little bit here about. The one day. I ticket that you can now get at magic kingdom that's. Has free. Program. Fast passes on it for you meaning. As we've talked about in the past and it's a if you are staying outside of the Disney resort to get thirty days. I had to get your. Up fast passes. You're staying you dizzy resorted sixty days okay five. Let's say you're down on in Florida and you're gonna seek Trammell. And you decide guilt free day so to magic kingdom mom can't write any fast passes or we gonna do. You have little kids. This is how you solve this problem you do you get dal one day ticket. For the magic kingdom they have pre selected fast pass is already on their from different groupings now guinier not gonna get. The big rise right you're not gonna give its slinky dog roller coaster when that opens June 30. Toys certainly you're not gonna get that. You're not gonna get to. Expedition ever sit and looking Damir you're not gonna get down as fast as your not gonna get space mountain and magic kingdom you're not gonna get the big rise. But there are some brides that are you might be able to get some on that magic kingdom include Jesse Lang classics include it's a small world that. A dumbo mad Tea Party. Futuristic a frightful flock could include buzz like your space Rangers been asked on the haunted mansion and tomorrow land speedway. Pint size adventures includes barnstorm magic coverage Aladdin pirates of the Caribbean. And whimsical escapades include journey of a Little Mermaid adventures of Winnie to. We need to prove and monsters ink all laughed floor. Kate do you like. This idea by Disney. To Jesus. Yeah especially if you're adding on a last minute day Brett that's perfect because then you're not out any fast pass at all which could be. Gorgeous hope that you could imply nine you're more apt or whatever. Yeah of the other thing with this though Randy is if you wore an adult who or you have kids are teenagers or whatever else. There's probably now lives here that they're gonna get down with. I obviously buzz light years space ranger standing that's fun for anybody haunted mansion that's fun for anybody. Outside of naps. Or may not be a whole bunch tires the Caribbean may be out there there's maybe not a lot there. Four people that are a little bit old. Yen I agree with dad it's it's is kind of tough with if you go spur of the moment at least you're getting something ninety's you're gonna get something not to wait in line for every single ride but if you're not going in peak season a lot of that's just lock and stuff in the cracks and wreck an absolutely app cotton. I'll rides that you get past passes for day of spaceship earth living with the land in season name on friends. Turtle talk with crush an imagine. Nation with big meant I think not positive about this I think you might be able to pick. Which category you want. Author of spark that you get. Okay see I'm saying so it's kind of so you might did immersive explorations MI beetle one you wanted and you get those three rye it's right or delightful and Connors and also includes. Nemo one friends as customers and explorations but then you get turtle talk with crush an imagination with statement. I'm so happy someone find me is doing something because I was getting really sick of waiting five hours to for the land ride. Analysts are cat and mouse hole. It's a fast and putt at that yeah why does he got this thing I don't typically. He's redeem all of the friends we get fast test now when your obviously didn't need to you can walk right on that ride. Spaceship earth sometimes leveling the 4045 minute wait yes it depending on what's yeah I'd say that's the best one out bottom. Half for bright but again if you have a little kids. The delightful and Connors won with Nemo one friend's turtle talk with crush and imagination of the statement that's it that's a whole. And I think they love that. Camping you really need fast passes for you know now and any given day now I I agree with you on that are Hollywood studios. Want to line up you can get sensational stage shows which include Beauty and the Beast. That's is a good one for the first time in forever frozen sing along Kay's favorite. And voyage all of The Little Mermaid or you know the movie inspired excitement package which includes Muppet vision 3-D start tourists in Indiana Jones. That would be the one I would wanna go see beauty in the decent idea said not seen that one but. Indiana Jones. You can try to lock in look like I said last time we went no. And you have to get fast fast is pretty much a union otherwise you're going to be waiting for quite a long time because all shoals still have all these years later yet are still sold right. The myopic on to the modern one also another one that's very problem a division 3-D and now this not to Davies cartoon that they got to wherever else now you're introducing. Whole junger audience now. That's gonna want mom dad and taken to that bribe Muppet babies back yet have really not used to this does me any and everything hello I'm an hour marathon man. You aren't so that's I mean again NASDAQ Disney junior channel or whatever else so you've all these kids are watching. And whose parents watched Muppets back when they are the Muppets back into what seventies show yet right. Imus our two worst god is fun to obviously that's another one finishing go to I think for me as an adult the movie inspired assembled do you want idol wanna go to. But again if you're frozen fan. You're probably during the sensational stage show want tennis like frozen but. Mean that would be don't want that yet to a probably would wanna do yet really could just have been because those lines get so long and you get a line out victory continuing our friends say it is a huge. Deal I've got like that again big is deal you're gonna yet until guardians of the galaxy opens a new rollercoaster. Once that gets going here and a couple of years and it's going to be a couple of years once and that opens that they'll be Somerset and that will increase a talented up guarantee. Arab barrels park hopper now will be going to have Todd at least once. Strike that brought yet at least one time I test track logical down to once that happens and I have a feeling. Which do what's the other Luxor and will also go to finally. I don't think it's worth it but I know a lot of people. It. I know you do you look at one out of the onetime cheating go on and as you know on from now on not I don't I don't need to go on that right. I am looking dumped odd chew once their 23 historical Whitewater thrills includes dinosaur Cali river rapids and primeval world. I haven't been on two of those dinosaur. Just in Austin hated it there wanna go back on sounds like I'm primeval whirl you guys went on yeah that's delegates is sick. I got a carnival ride carnival right right what you would do it clicks states or something. I tally river rapids is Austin Alan I love. I know all the while performers include fassel the lanky we did that love that one Finding Nemo the musical and we didn't see now want itself to be a bunch of course we've all seen that one right as well. So I'd say group one is bankers to yet. That's nice whatever package you pick there and it's nice that they finally earn just giving you watch can rise mean there's a lot of stuff that you do wait quite a bit attack river rapids in China so you'll definitely for Harry. Fine line and you could wait for yet on waited quite a bit that communal. War or I'm too bright absolutely for me. It's all outlines and so for me I think I would take the second one. I'll now be mad and he needed river rapids identity just don't do anything for me you know or meningitis or. No they went on it they both came off. The boys to both Tim Robbins it'll never do it again that it was horrible and she said did you see that ship around a lot. Yeah I mean if it's a rough and it's not act so I was like and gives me boys don't wanna need to don't want them so that those are the packages available on an animal kingdom. Furthermore we have got some clarification what what so do we get this off of it. As fast as clarification your member or Disney dark I think is that what it's called. I don't know but he or she got it off I like to give credit to those that are in these stories these bloggers. Did this whole rider switch fast things apparent slop as we like to call it. They're saying mighty energy missile did Don and what was happening. Eyes people we're selling either paper fast passes apparently on the Internet. And making some money album and that's why they had to change it's not a kind of ruined it for everybody. Because now as we talked about last week. The parent swap deal of the riders which passed early wanna call it. It's gonna go cheer your magic downs or whatever the case may be ranked. But you're not going to be able to use a past that day which means parents whopping. From about 7 o'clock on our 8 o'clock honest pretty much worthless at that point if you're only their calls me there's absolutely no point in not whatsoever. He's if you go on it you up if you go fast pass scheduled for 8:30 or 8 o'clock. You're just not gonna have time probably get back on the rise is my guess now we'll see if any exceptions to everybody trying to get back on that ride that. That rider switch or whatever else so it's can be done again that day vs Don at the end of the month or whatever has been in the past because that's what was was it a lot and you saw two more weeks so that people fly home. The once they're on the Internet and never crossed our mind wants now we just handed a mosque to people walking and right and that's that's how what I'm sure they do want a student that either which just so now. Right and that's probably another reason why he exchange knowledge not on our I don't know now but that's probably another reason why did in one happening for what they decide. So now. This also says and I find this hard to believe how they're gonna do this but there's also says that you're not to be able to use one. I you'll you'll be another one to use one. If that is literally the case and that is a specific get they get as it gets because it's digital cancel any council wants a problem but. Mean. I have three fast passes. And were going 101112. You don't mean now that if we get that first fast pass attend thirty. I have to use that fast pass parents slot past task before I can go to the Max line. And I use that parents are fast fast before ignore the national not here at each ride even longer than you had to be to begin what tiger wasting even more time not wasting time. But even here in having more issues now verbally for seat for me it's one parent slop. Ride before you can use it how good but the only way to help trial work is if we alternate. My eight. I get parents locker. Right A in you though it parents opt for right eat and then hopefully we have some time in between the third ride for one of us to use it. He's human and same. Yeah yeah I mean at that that would be another way user Diaz got a goal back to one of those rides right again. In order right right right and you have to help that you have a child that needing to nap or dinner reservations or lunch reservations. Right. And then the other change to that he is before you could just cannot wave and saying hey there's my priority. We need parents swap. Now that person actually ask mapping of their band stands. So like once Jackson turned say no war in is intolerant have to go on Iraq he's gonna have to walk up to that ride. And be told hate you go I'm a mom just needs her pants and right yep and that's gonna create. Interim sell the people that are waiting are gonna have to endure all these tantrums is one. Boys and so on Disney like to just like tea hope you have enough time did to TI you know I told the wow he. They're listening to feedback yet they have that ma am panel Brett hopefully people will give. Feedback at ease in. Right brood and horrible and just be mature about it and say hey these are reasons why we don't think this works maybe make adjustment. Now you remember this whole Bobby really horrible thing when we're down faiths. And it just it doubtful to play this back for your you said don't be rude and and horrible about it just be thoughtful and needle on when it comes to breast feeding issues while we don't have that issue breast feeding issues we get down there that fits that will be an issue. Not our before wrap this up we need our Disney factor this episode of the world according to Sparky. Any Spitzer which GAAP all right so we talked about favorite parts of Florida in what's your favorite lane and inside eight the four parks. Oh that's a good one. Man I don't know why the move. I don't know these Isa land has like one major ride. Not on the space longer and so. On Avaya for his world. Am I like the world's. Parent okay. World showcase. And one of the consulate in adult take place. It's not that I can drain blood as I say are you hearing adults say no kid would never say it but I don't I can't I don't mind. Go ahead and I think one of the coolest. Lands than. In claiming the cut in quake it built. When there and managing years of putting together animal kingdom were going to creating mythical beast land. Right they ran out of money. So they put camp many Micky back there is a place holder announced avatar land yet but that was going to be a gigantic. Roller coaster ride as the centerpiece of the land it was going to be a fire breathing dragon that chased him on this roller coaster. You don't believe mean. There is a skulls above all the ticket booths and animal kingdom is actually a dragon skull and left hand side when you lock and it's still up there. As a sign of what could've and and that I was gonna be too scary heavily up what's that no option yeah. The more I hear these disease is more depressed I get. Couldn't tell us that they just lets it really thank got they got a heated water park that they just let's sit there forever on a god this I mean it's just crazy arguing for. Villain. Land a villain for all maybe yeah. I could see that happening at some point that at one album Hollywood studios maybe yet they can hold them back for this paneling are right seems and then again charge an arm and a leg has an average just usually go there why did you could argue that. Scariest ride the rides. Up in bad villains area you can of the villains land that's kind of a dull finish rain right. That is open from whatever time to whatever time night or maybe villains land is only open after routes and if you wanna go on you have to be there in the magic hours. Who liked that idea you know. Can you remember. To call pleasure island after island yeah right and clubs right now as the night clubs the bars all that he's gonna jazz club in my my mom and dad did to uses jazz club and eating crackers and cheese and sausages and all that and listen to jazz music. Because we were old enough to drink obvious and that's where the movie theater was originally I was pleasure island attached to it. I'm and eventually got rid of that I think. They need. I understand you have Disney springs he still has some of that whom I think you need a little adults fund somewhere. In now park a little bit that's not open during the day not gonna scare the kids but after a certain time after nightfall. That thing pops open open and all the weird lighting goes on everything else and it's legit. Right you know there's a couple of rides are scary that's gonna keep your heart I needed to breathe and hard. Breathe and fast that would scare a kid McCain tried you're not allowed me and put an age limit on in a sixty and over and whatever. Angle from the get an idea I think. What will happen content that is any sits there she is divorced he Sparky type away if you another. World according to spark else.