Oates: Badgers fans OK to celebrate

The Wendy's Big Show
Friday, February 16th
The Wisconsin Badgers men's basketball team finally had something to smile about. They upset #6th ranked Purdue Thursday night at the Kohl Center in Madison. Then after the game fans stormed the court. Was it right? The BIG SHOW talked it over with Wisconsin State Journal columnist Tom Oates on The FAN!  

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Sorties big chart running Mac off along with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer in the packer hall of Famer LeRoy Butler coming up at 3 o'clock. We'll talk about the badgers went in and the fans' reaction afterwards badgers fans reaction afterwards joining us now to talk about that went from the Wisconsin state journal. Sauls pleasure to welcome in Tom most of the Wendy's Banesha Tom. Nor is afternoons there are great. Sorry guys we're doing well was was that win last night something that shouldn't encourage batters fans or do you think that was sort of a blip on the radar screen. Why I think they've played better sports lately so for them actually put a game together where they played pretty well and you ought to be played defense. Good attire is bad at times offers good times bad times did they put a little bit together. You don't Scott and always tends to improve late this season usually it's. After the lot earlier than it did this year broke I actually did I think you can definitely say it was encouraging. Clearly there have followed up here an hour with more performances like that not centered when dollar games. But just to go up there and played some good basketball play defense kind of it was Scott's way. Balladur would not true Wisconsin went type win last night which I think is probably the most urged. Frank you rescue obviously I had his number put up from the rafters last night when he first got to Wisconsin. Nobody is really talking about him his freshman year he had a long ways ago that he developed obviously into an NBA. Type player not personality is in there is an association what about you can happy he came in Livermore decorated and they Kaminsky was. Hot seat gym developing a peninsula. You know anybody he's a hard. Hard try to protect these. It is just the doesn't have really an outside shot at this point in his career. You know then BA is gone toward the European model and all big man jump shooters from three point ranger. You know I think it's it's by Ethan could at least. Lock down. Fifteen to eighteen foot jump shot. Now. He would be much more appealing to the pros put. A lot of I will say just cited there will be NBA's scouts were will be very intrigued by Easter and happy about 69. But he's so good around the basket so our. You know it's footwork is so goodies he sees well trained he does a lot of really good things on a basketball floor. But I I certainly reduce our lack of an outside shot is gonna is gonna limit is. Try to lose interest in that league. Some key will be intrigued by him. But you know he was franks played if he was seventy all. There would be a totally different story but he is not but he certainly has a really good basketball player. Quite frankly Lester for game he has played like him like almost like an all American. They all see eye lash your question I saw something in I I guess people are congratulating. Him frank. Play it sparked a lot of debate about. Who other players. May have. It's people would Manchin to be. Held before him you know it just that barbershop debate. So I mean these. It feels for five player you always book go in before frank army would that be assessed gather you'd think it was Warren to their demos. You know what Roy I am I gonna get all hung up on the order in which guys who rise. I just think. That. Wisconsin basketball. You know for years it was so down on the arms from. Maybe 1960. 1990. It was just down amid pomp and resist those almost neglected and they never a lot of what you know you know hang up to numbers from the rafters yeah. And hey you know all the sudden power was now been good for five years. And you have these players that people have flown in law and it's all they've been they've been great basketball players and now all's. Slight players. NBA type players. And I I you know people can get all hung up on. I'd whether frank. Clearly I think they're trying to capitalize on strengths current popularity I mean he's Franken thank you so nationally known. And I think they're they're really trying to tread on that a little bit. During. Days I would say in the next year to where they have. Are some real difficult recurring cycles that they have to produce an actor trying to tread on that but I I think. In an answer questions. If if anybody's. Jurors you. Should be on an error after Mike Michael Finley. And not just because we have the best NBA career any badger basketball player ever. He just did things that was gotten over were phenomenal coaches Scott it was a much lower profile program back down. I've I've said you know terrorists. And and again not because of what he's done quirky your career but because. When he got here without really started winning it are they entitled to their side yours. And they want to what a row and won big inter chance shipment. DeVon was the fifth pick in the draft. And it Alando Tucker I think those three guys. Are all. Extremely worthy of having there. Names and numbers raised in the old rafters. And now I've been kind of led to believe it. Some of that in the works so I'm I'm gonna have to make would be not to make a big deal on the order of I think there. But it that I think there are clearly trying to capitalize. On rights. Popularity. You know given the back to back final fours in the player of the year ought. So yeah I mean you cannot out they buyers want him not it and they were just look at that qualifications. And at that very average to do whatever he wants and your. I would mean it just. People hidden he would these questions are no. Was to quality guy had no idea accurate as old team. We're figured out but I want to how will say I'm a big I'm huge Sam Decker span. I just. I just. Does it just great friend in my. Frank you master shoes now I'm trying to give me a terror and Osama and you need to get a sopranos. Don't play this week. Oh he had made to gauge how does Rudolph now. But outlawed those shoes. As the android. Anybody but these kinds of otters. Pro football game. So much goes into it or not just absent that and its longevity. And it. Otters who won it are your team does your impact on the team your pact and mean there's a whole budget thing and and I I think frank Kamensky epitomize this program anyways with the the way he developed over the course of this career. But I would you right. I you know I think. If I'd say who and a two absolute most talented basketball players and athletes that ever played here that I've seen. Would be Michael fairly and Sam Becker Agassi. Becker was special player a lot of those seen them. Stick around for a four year should be the man could be command I just think. It would have been very interesting to see what am Becker group dot. Our data shipment on in the NBA but I just would like to have seen that. I guess my thought on this is we talk about this yesterday and I I don't remember if one of most brought it up or a caller brought it up on the big show. The suggestion of why not just make a black and white deal savior in the college basketball hall of fame or number goes up and if it's not there is a football got six already I believe. Football gets six but we have more players to map a college football hall of fame right but he is it's really hard work and the things that they're. Let any China ground rules bound. Because there's different here is that you know what happened. Stay with you know what are the draft budget put everybody that. And it was a national player of the year well it is traumatic you know try to 98 units or national players of the year. But you know it was a hundred years ago I know who knows what basketball him look like they got it. And those otters were awarded retroactively. In the forties. Don't let people saying indeed this would have been all Americans keep this would have bet Wisconsin one next couple three national championship spec yet so. You know you can't really make those kind of hard and fast rules some of it is just. It in any boarding. Hall of fame type boarding or anything like there. It is just got got CEO and and and and total impact in an all active. Eight time what did what did you think of the the the fans storming the court last night after a win over Purdue. You know. I don't I truly don't understand the debris. Today that there are planned a storm or the public thinks it's. A spelled out. Its. Active but that popped on here Aaliyah and all they bring back their pregame and halftime ceremony. The pro ball yeah it was a great atmosphere. And there hasn't been kind of atmosphere around there that much this year. Due to the fact that it's just been about a year. After a string number yours and and if the candidate that there genetics side it is rest student body. What a lot. This college. At its policies or right aidid. And I I don't know how Lloyd B unit it'd be. That's I put it never went to colleges. If it. All I mean everybody. Everybody even Florida State football at a game or pay. Didn't expect to win all. Watson does and people got overwhelmed by an opening right. Yes that's freed up for everybody I mean every Soto for everybody. That's Tom Oates you thought February inside the has got to state journal at Madison dot com and follow him on Twitter at Tom Oates WSJ. All the pleasure when he can give us a few minutes here on a Wendy's big showtime thank you very much aren't great rock love TO laws joins us WTO the greater midwest bank blood if you're looking for is simple a QB be it pre approval process for your new home construction or renovation load. The great midwest bank committed to providing uniquely tailored. 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I guess albeit a crotchety old man when it comes to the court storming yesterday asked Randy how big show and be right back.