Olney: Stearns has done a tremendous job

Brewers Coverage
Friday, July 27th
Buster Olney, Baseball Insider for ESPN, has high praises for Brewers GM David Stearns. How does Stearns conduct his business? Plus, he gives his thoughts on who the major buyers and sellers will be as the Trade Deadline nears…

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Muster only baseball insider for ESPN is going to join us now on the Schneider orange hot line. Buster this usually is a time of year where you're working trades and stories right up until that moment of the trade deadline but they started to about two weeks earlier this year did neck. It did feel that way and it actually if you remember back in May the Seattle Mariners were making trades trying to augment their position but yeah I mean to have many which Otto. You know with the Orioles really pushing net at the beginning of July and have him get traded in and Zach Britton nets you know one of the next big names on the plight. Absolutely and I think there are going to be a lot of trades here in the next forty eighths I don't know if they're necessarily going to be huge names. Probably be in it seems talked about but I think that most of the contenders are gonna have a reliever may be starting pitcher in the going to be a lot of those guys available. He seems to me that every trade deadline. You have a team that plays well this time right at this time a year the jumps up or a team that plays poorly in falls in this year it's Washington. Yeah playing poorly and all of a sudden that debt. Sort of fringe of being a celebrity do you buy into that if they lose a few more they are looking to sell. Yet they are and I talked it seems this week that said that they get a call actually from the nationals people. They were that Washington was letting everybody know few weeks ago look just keep an INS we're not playing well. We don't know what's gonna happen with a C if we take a turn for the worse than we might turn out to be sellers and of course. And I had a few days ago they were two games under 500 they've won the last two days if they'd gotten back the 500. This time a year small sample size means more than it does it any other time of the year and at Washington win tonight they went tomorrow all the sudden they're. They can OK we got the momentum going. But on the other hand if they'd lose than maybe yep by the time we get to Tuesday. Helping Guerrero might be a guy to be out there who get they traded for from the royals earlier this year Ryan Madson he could be guy could be out there and of course everyone's wondering. Would they ever seriously think about putting Bryce Harper to the marketplace. A few months before it becomes a free agent my gut is no. But we've seen crazy things happen at the deadline. I tried to put a few extra dollars on the table for the brewers if they wanted to make that trade I had I had three dollars and some went in my pocket I promising could have all of that if they. If they have to make their country starting pitching is the other thing. That now is starting to shake out happen is a Yankee and Hamels is now a cub. And now the attention here and in other places to goes to guys like Zach Wheeler. Matt Harvey had not the most likely candidates to be dealt but do you feel like they could still be dealt before the 31. Though yeah might fires. Derrick they're a lot of guys who are kind. You know you put him in the number 345 category in terms this starting pitchers that the difference makers note as bad debt yeah that. You know the Yankees who were sort of the embodiment of that that quandary and in the last few weeks because they wanted to science started they're hoping that that. The Mets would put added to ground that they would talk about their hope in the giants would put out a bomb garter. But that didn't. Happen and that actually prompted them to don't make that trade from Britain feeling like okay we're gonna. Augment our staff by improving our relievers and then they also added change happen to. Deduct evaluated seventeenth initiate a good pitcher but it's not someone you necessarily think he's gonna blow away contending team. And so it does feel like they're there's a pecking order app was considered to be the best guy. And Cole Hamels was number two on the cut list after they couldn't get half they landed him in your right now I'd like Zach Wheeler like Matt Harvey. They're they're probably that might fires are probably are about. Twelve to fifteen guys to wolf feel for casual fan like this same guy. Muster only baseball insider for ESPN joining us on the Snyder orange hotline. Buster there are winners in the trade deadline in both areas seated in the immediate you talk about the guys who get the veterans who help for that for the ES stretch round. But the winners sometimes are the ones acquiring prospects what do you think of how San Diego has approached this set last few weeks. It's really interesting day of course traded two relievers to their Cleveland Indians and they get back catcher Francisco make him who was always been a high end offensive catcher but there's the question I know and talk without it seems that whether or not. He can continue in that position moving forward. So that was uninteresting trade and now they're all kind that you I know from talking with other teams say they hear they sense since San Diego looking for controllable starter. Somebody who's established you can be the anchor rotation like Chris archer of the Tampa Bay Rays likened Ellison to guard at the Mets like mark stroman. Of the G-8 that is the real surprise for me. Because they're not. Close to contending this year they may not in because it contending next QB he can get the sense. That there ownership the start to get impatient went after years and years of failure the last went winning team winning record they had was back in 2010. I personally think could be mistaken but it was a mistake when they sign Hotspur. Because it during the wintertime because it felt like the timing wasn't right but we'll see if they follow through. Muster only joining us seven baseball insider for ESPN and here in Milwaukee of course who have been paying attention to the deadline but did trades for Milwaukee you've gone back a couple of years and that goes back. To general manager David Stern who want is not afraid to deal into is not afraid cat that. You know defy it the traditional baseball logic with the shifts in this stack bull pens and and that sort of thing what do you make of what David Sterns is Donna Milwaukee. He's done a tremendous job. And let's face it when he took over as the time when the brewers farm system wasn't terrible conditions. I personally adding mark at night you'd been tremendous owner for the brewers. You'll love how aggressive he was today with a CC sabathia trade in Doug Melvin. But there was a cost for the brewers for that aggressiveness NA NA. It took down a point system and and so I I thought all along that David has an interesting challenge where. He tried to rebuild the farm systems try to take your organization forward. All the while probably trying to hold off a little bit Marquette the CEOs. Instinct for goal for the jugular. And they they're probably not quite there yet. But I I think that they need the first thought that person yell at street they made last winners is consider within the industry to be one of the best that's been executed. In baseball the last 45 years. I'm sure that they probably. Will do some more besides story before we get to the deadline. And yet have a lot of faith that that David's got to make the right deal it is interesting when you talked of the GMs about his style. They say that he's very. It'd be ill walk up to a trade very carefully he's extremely deliberate. He's not sort of you know the gunslinger general managers can arrange things quickly. He is absolute. We'll leave at ten and attracting every nickel value. From the deal that he makes. Interest in interest in take from the outside their own Sterns give you we we say. Deal and David Stern's but it turns out that there's there's more of a process to that buster owner how much appreciate that thanks very much for the insights. I know you're go be a busy man the next four days to catch sleep when you can man. I. Ivester only on the Snyder orange hotline hiring drivers right now they work hard you work hard they treat you fair for eighty plus years they've been getting it done call Schneider at 8044 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs. Dot com.