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Friday, February 2nd
*EXPLICIT CONTENT* The Packers are watching the Super Bowl from the couch...again. That doesn't sit well with most fans including Anthony Mandella and Jeff Orloski. The team made plenty of changes to the front office and coaching staff, but will it amount to a championship in the near future? If you're in the McCarthy Fan Club, listener discretion is advised.

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Here we go with the first. Ever installment of the professor and I com podcast what's going on just. You know living the dream man today this is fun man I'm excited every gallery we talked to packer football here if you like the Packers. Do you on time yeah if you like Mike McCarthy. Might wanna just. Close your browser right if it Anthony Mandela alongside here and it's been quite the offseason. For the Packers in terms of their front office in terms their coaching staff. And it all started with what would we most packer fans I think we're hoping. Came years ago and that's Ted Thompson out as GM. Brian duty commenced in the Mark Murphy make a whole bunch of moves shake it all sorts of things up but of course. They also had their scouting department absolutely pillaged. By the Cleveland brown yes they did. So you got what you wanted one thing. Ted Thompson gone at least out of a GE Hampshire. But she also got destroyed. Decimate there's nobody left and that's got to department and I can name right now except for Russell there. So is that a success. It is because you know capers is gone Ted is gone. 99 other. You know assistant coaches and and stuff like general gone. It does hurt with the scouting now it I am glad that the Packers shows do deacons to over ball. I don't want a money man running. You know running and being the GM I want a scout boards of directors. Exactly exactly and you would think that you know maybe roast ball and you know and I'm justice. A dumb old guy but maybe. I would dame did do it it would be allowed easier to replace a money man that it would be to replace. A proven football man. So you know maybe I'm wrong maybe if I don't know. But so I'm glad they go to can Scott got the job over ball not would I have preferred. An outside candidate to to take over as GM yes. And you know it I think only what way leaf from the from buffalo he might have been the only outside candidate they got an interview because they picked. GM real quick here today led Ted tuxedo assured it so you know I think think they could have taken more time and got somebody else but at least is not the. I really only knew Ted Thompson Mike Sherman I was too young to remember any of the teams. Rumble put together someone at your advanced experience. That probably has some great memories a Packard GMs but. Compared to Mike Sherman. I was ecstatic with what Ted Thompson did until these like final five years they've been on able to get over the hump. And I know a lot of hatred protect started when he shipped shipped Brett Favre off to new York and got basically nothing. Mean for age first ballot hall of Famer do you think there's something looming like that. Recruiting commands the story coming out this week Aaron Rodgers open to leaving Green Bay. If it means extending his playing career I don't think it's gonna happen this year do you see a big splash move that is gonna upset a lot of packer fans on the horizon I don't. I think. I think because they stayed in house I think who because is getting kind of just. You know steady as she goes kind of mentality I think real sex. Euro via boring as hell I think it's I think the Packers are going to be more more involved in free agency I think it'll be more. Big time free agents now. Win when Ted Thompson you know this last season he made a lot of free agent moves. And all the fans that is sit there and called up to the radio station and talk on Twitter all the time about. What a failure. You know his picks were B Ricky Jean Francoise who's now playing in the Super Bowl. Beat Martellus Bennett who everybody you know once betting quit on the team and everything. All he saw chi Sox another example of a Ted failure there's not one packer fan. That the data they sign Marty Bennett wasn't happy as hell. I was stunned I was too I was so I was critical day one that he was gonna be the character that he's been everywhere he's gone but I was like that dude can play. Exactly that's the closest manager Michael Finley you brought in here since he laughed hello I'm a big Richard Rodgers got myself Dickey Brad Dick yeah. The guy catches the football which I'm pretty sure you have to do before he can run with that if you're trying to gain yards right and what we did see from Martellus Bennett was that that you had hands of stone yeah he dropped -- you wide open just dropped on. And then on top that I did not understand the move. To that also bring in Lance catcher. Yeah I didn't either I like Lance Kantor former badger I used to like him before he signed here and socked again a kind of bomb you know it. You didn't need designed to tight ends you know and like you said would with with Dick rod. You know he's good because he catches the ball but he's not good for anything more than a six yard gain the guys slower and help you know and so. But he's a nice security blanket on third and short because he's gonna he's gonna come up with a kid and you do need guys like that on your teenagers can't be your centerpiece tide and and is sent. I'm music and the other thing I never really understood the way that Ted Thompson bill that roster with. I'm sure some input for Mike McCarthy. Can only ever played five skill position players at a time the and they kept what was it seven receivers. Usually keep four tight ends five running backs it's just absurd you know and then you have. Practice squad caliber guards. Play every position on your offensive line. Every year when undoubtedly Bryan Bulaga and David Bakhtiar and probably a third offense one. I know and you know I don't care I was. Not upset at all when they let sit and go I was not upset at all when they let Lange go. You can not paid guard debt much money and have a successful team. You don't think you bears how you like in that city contracts and Detroit's gonna feel the pain from delaying contract is well. Both you know sit and was 5050 whether he was a good teammate or not laying was off a free can bulldogs. Tough guy Goodin locker room all that but you know sorry gotta go. Let and JT trenor goes a different story that was a guy. He didn't have to pay a lot of money versatile could've filled in any five. Of their offensive line positions you let him walk for peanuts now that one that wants tough to swallow. And you give what we head Ed you know thank god Barclays golf. But you know you you let you lecture better go for enough and and and you're left with a couple guys that play like poop. Yeah and I think part of that decision might have been at it thought Jason spring's gonna come along a lot better than he did. I think they had the same guy evaluating Jason's Briggs that was evaluating. Here because that that did not work out by any stretch. Of the imagination and springs is the second round at this the Packers Ted Thompson in particular. As a horrible history. Of drafting. Really any lineman on either side of the ball for impact and in the first few rounds of his best pics of Dan. Bakhtiar fourth round sit what I think 15 or sixth round pick as well as Lang now. And hit their big your best read most productive offensive lineman. Of these past 67 years absolutely if we said there and ran down. Just did defense a lineman alone that he's picked in the last five years. This would be a four hour or so when Jones Montrae BS Adams your. I actually like K Clark Kenny Clarke. You know he was hurt most of the year we have had a very great record record or drafting guys that get hurt. But if we just read the complete busts from the defense side alone to assert. Ever play. A meaningful down a packer football an no old sixteenth overall pick out of Tennessee. That and that was a loaded draft class yes it blows any picky would make you could have traded the entire farm away every pick the next two drafts. On up to number three. Or number two and gone Calvin Johnson Joseph Thomas and I guarantee you you would have another ring on Aaron Rodgers absolutely. Any pick you could've made would've been better than just in here. I know an entire draft you might have been the worst player this you can take complete freaking joke me put part of that also goes into. Dates on Jones for the boss as far as I'm concerned. Good for nick Perry he got you eight sacks one year was a first round pick and he's. Got just cemented his ass and he cannot get off the ball if you look at the successful pass rusher Von Miller's of the world. They have got burst in a way that you have never seen. Out of someone that traditionally would have been a defensive end converted outside. Part of that comes back to coach. Did you you know I think Dom Capers is the kind of guy that you have the ingredients for it in his kitchen for like. I don't know was on your something you aside and make an omelet with its. There and it does not work no I don't know if you ever made an omelet with like pasta and tomato sauce. Mean probably going to be girls yeah I would imagine. Now I'm sure Dom Capers can make a great omelet reaganomics. But at some point you just got to decide. That what you wanna do is not gonna work with what she asked. And that was probably the other big move the Packers made this offseason canning Dom Capers they brought in Mike had it. And everything I can now a big Mike Patton guy. Well me too. Meet 28 he's not capers beat he's never been a defense coordinator and head a team that wasn't in the top ten in overall defense. Sole means absolutely soul. The guy looks like a falcon Bulldog he looks like stone cold. You know he brings the attitude he's gonna bring the nasty. I like it mean I like it don't work guys I wish that you know the Packers would interviewed as well but. You know I'm happy I'm not gonna complain about patent. So you know let's see with his defense can do there are few other guys Jack Del Rio for example out in more than happy to happier chopping down now is whether rate defense is one year as coordinator and a Baltimore Ravens. Greg Williams man Gregg Williams to and you know and everybody wanna sit there and talk about bounty gate and all that I don't know what the patriots. To UCL that's working out for them hello. As the saying goes if you she tried. I hear you I love it mailed that envelope that is not the hacker way yet (%expletive) we don't do things. That's why we don't win rings you know there's just certain kind of behavior just cannot talk or. But we're gonna eventually you know we have already lost the title title town because how can you not give that to the patriots out all they do is win. Title town at this point means about the same as America's team out it is so outdated at this point when you were sowed dominating. Over the leak. And winning championships so frequently when you have one. Two championships. Into three championships with two hall of fame quarterbacks. Since 1970. Rent. Is to its brutal it's absolutely brutal so now unless title town is gonna stand for the best sledding hill. In the freaking league which I do not care now I am not dealing with that our personal hate coal second at all. If I'm gonna have to deal that kind of parking you pay twenty dollars to slide. Others go to the park by my house hello I mean I'm getting nothing. Out of that space that back to Mike patted you know is he had coached it stays on the sidelines because I hated. The Dom Capers as a man yet no will I know your if your eye on the sensor area on the side if your offensive coordinator offensive coach I think that's a little bit different. Because you have to watch it or plays develop defense obviously still let plays a bit more reactionary. You gotta be a rock rock guy right there under guys' ears. When they make a big hit. Pump and then back up when they mess up. Put some wind back in their sales I'd love that he's outside I agree with him and somebody's got to get in the house face and wake him up. When he does disappears for 80% of the season last year. You know you've got to be on the sideline you gotta be able to grab these guys got to face mask and say what the hell are you doing out there. Wake up for your ride and power and and you know obviously you know with the disposition a Mike Patton I think he's gonna do it I haven't heard a bad thing about this guy. You know off from all the national coverage the local coverage everything like that. Obviously he's got some warts or he would be. You know he would have been a defense of coordinator non staff you know I know we had that the failed head coaching gig and stuff like after a little bit but that's the thing now. It was the Cleveland Browns on all people I know he won more games of the Cleveland Browns. Then I think any other coaches won in a way as to what he Peters thirty years and sell all things considered. Yet he failed wins losses one eyes. But when you look at what he had. And she was winning games with Brian Hoyer. And that ownership comes down and says got to play Johnny football and it's all of there right you might as well just take the papers and get on your next game. Arnold yeah I agree with you I I've I've got not a bad thing to say I can't wait and I can't wait I hope it's nasty I hope it's dirty. I would love a Vontae is perfect out our defense. I don't care to gag it's ten personal files a year. You bring that nasty. Oh you make teens not to want to go out on the field against your defense and nearly got you. Have like that right now is Mike Daniels I think. He's nasty on the football field but not. Joseph Greene nasty Wright not John Randle and asked the right energy CNN interview the guys attack there a final which is great. Either got off the field I could care less what you doing your free time I hear what you do for me sixty minutes on Sunday alone but. I also heard that happens the fences are very safety heavy. So pop highs not gonna work we're gonna find out real. Media if they're gonna have to move on from. But the other big move some smaller moods. Joseph wait junior becoming defensive passing game were donated whatever the hell lemmings was a nice made up position nice pat on the back. As we don't wanna lose. But Joseph Philbin back in town team fired Edgar Bennett he's now the wide receivers coach for Jon Gruden with the raiders. And Philbin kinda like hatton did not have a good run as a head coach when he's at Miami Dolphins but. Packer offense and some of its best success of my lifetime. He was calling the shots and it's pretty much been horrible ever since he saw what happened. He had Joseph Philbin is offensive coordinator. And guys went down. The machine just kept rolling the essar and since he left. There's seemingly no accountability. And the next man up philosophy is just not there. Now it's finish it shows since Philbin left and hopefully. You know he can bring back the old magic you know a lot of people say well we don't have the players on offense that we had when Philbin was in charge of first that's the thing. Greg Jennings. He had. But did you see Greg Jennings going dual whole Lotta nothing with everybody else absolutely there's definitely an element of Aaron Rodgers magic. Yeah James Jones didn't do credit what do you anything when he laughed and well. And so I think the play calling the route designs whenever I don't know fully what Philbin did for now my thought on a magic. If my problem is that win McCarthy came out and talked. The other day that area all the coaches talked up at Lambeau he said that Philbin is gonna run the meetings and McCarthy still gonna call the place and that broke my heart I'll. Provoked my car and this is something I'll never understand I saw some of the teams in the conference championships is around doing this. I still don't understand it. It's not deceptions Meehan makes no sense. When it's third down you have twenty yards to go how would draw or a screenplay. Is supposed to help you in anyway. Makes no cents especially a drop. Does your not gonna get the first read you're knocking them make any sort of meaningful move in terms of field position is settled upon. And really the only thing you're getting out of it is a clock and keep on her but. I've never understood that aspect of Mike McCarthy. Now I don't either you know there's a lot I don't understand Mike McCarthy play caller. It a lot of it I I just chalk up to him being so stubborn. Him for it being very arrogant in thinking he's the smartest man in a room. You know it's not the sixty wish he might be. But that's because there's a bunch of dom asked people will probably in the room exactly you saw what happened to this team's success as his assistants were just. Plucked one by one and none of them were successful out and and he wasn't successful out he's supposed to be offensive genius can you name me. Any any facet of the game that Brett Hundley showed massive improvement and from the first time from his first start. Who the last game of the season. Well he did get a little bit better at handling his post game processors. Oh okay. All but you're talking what happens and yet the cleats and shoulder pads on yeah yeah. Well he figured out how to handle ball off really well lament Erin Jones when you football game he did so that worked out. He'll learn how to. Scramble. And still comic plays it right the wrong did that so. You know. Definitely better than I could Don and I don't get paid three million dollars to get the shaky economy. Yeah I know. I wish you did his and you'd be back and dinner tonight trying to. I. I was one Dow's really disappointed I was really excited. Because in the pre season flashes we saw from hunley I but he's obviously not Aaron Rodgers but he can. You can keep this ship afloat if Matt Flynn and Scott whole team to do a couple years ago I figured he'd give yet at wreck at figured he'd give you at least that much. I am who we've got exactly the quarterbacks in our corner man group. That we want to work go to be firing at three years invested in this guy or he's sucks acts yet he does and he exploited how bad it used so. You know he didn't get better at all throughout the year the C offensive genius that everybody keeps claiming he sucks. And here's the other thing to have Joseph Callahan back he was brought homilies back. And you've got to a point in the season where you were playing for nothing. And fans are clamoring left and right. They just wanna see what Michelle Callahan has in a live action meaningful. Not the Packers but meaningful non pre season NFL game right. And at that point in the season second half weeks seventeen. You've seen everything you need to see on via. And the only reason I can think of that you would not give Callahan a crack for I don't know maybe a drive. Is if he's not NFL ready nick he's not NFL ready find a different 53 man for your roster. Because. This is inexcusable there are so many players in the NFL so many free agents so many players available out of college out of the Canadian football. That are NFL ready to serve as a backup. And a kick in the ass is that they set there and it Callahan is not NFL ready. Why did you let Jason Hill logo who had the most success in the pre season and yes he's an old ass rookie. But he was by far. Took the lead. To meet with the guy test of the quarterbacks in the pre season and you let him go he gets picked up by New Orleans. And all the words out of new world is Jason Hill is going to be the successor. Drew (%expletive) didn't breeze and I'll let him go for an often. Yep and I don't understand either is. So yeah you're not gonna keep four quarterbacks on your roster have to waive certain people and hope that they clear waivers their first choice is Kason L. But he's good player and so he got it up. And what I don't understand. Is. You can still keep three quarterbacks and active roster you did not have to send him to waivers because I guarantee you. There were guys that seat on the 53 man roster all season that gave us. Just as much nothing as we got a taste and health playing for another team. And you jeopardize. Possibly your whole season because he's got that you probably would have been comfortable turning to. When you saw what press hunley was not you preach and also Ted Thompson a champion of building a roster full special team members instead of actual back up players. Quarterback of all people making kick off tackles. What is that is nonsense I've never seen that might know it's perceived that you've lost a lot more football no I haven't and of Cirque. It is it is the guy's a fantastic athlete and obviously other teams believe Adam is just another. Another day another piece that we pissed away and got nothing in return you know you look at the success Micah Hyde has. You look at dissect success that that banjo ahead this season. You know other guys that we left obviously what's his name Hayward and you know I don't like so yeah it's Julius Peppers the list goes on yeah it just goes on and on then they couldn't see to fielder make an impact at all. Wearing green and gold to go elsewhere and they're kicking ass and that's that's the thanks that you know the talent is there and the coaching staff is stopper. And wants them to be bear guys instead of the players that they knew they were when they brought in it get it makes. No sense Ricky Jean France what was on a bill Michael show live from radio Goodell later. He was everywhere he went he was a good player not a superstar no but it keeps your worst defensive lineman you're probably doing something. Pay the bill asked him Ricky what was your role on the Packers and he said I have no idea. He said that no one ever told him this is why your here. Ever. That's our problem. I think a big part of that goes back to donkey persistent if you hadn't noticed. Pretty much every offseason since they won the Super Bowl. He had some sort of new gimmick he was the nitro package the elegant package. NASCAR pay the NASCAR package. The COLT 45 package whatever it is if the malt liquor package I don't know but. He always had these packages and the defense never got better note and it never had the personnel to run. You knew the defense played better with Clay Matthews in the middle and you refused to claim in the middle. And you see that day in and day out it's all over the roster. You know that. You don't have a backup left tackle but deep into left tackle do you spend extra time in practice developing your tackles now. UN and in this season. With three rookie running backs and converted wide receiver. And you've got so. Lucky. That you hit on it would seem like all three of those running backs from work or because. Between the three of them they might run time Montgomery. I hope so because that was a failed this experiment too well the thing is. Okay he did he's a Jack night he can do everything if you can't do it well. He's not a good enough receiver to be a wide receiver or he'd be playing wide receiver. He's not clearly he's clearly not the best running back on the roster anymore wrestle what does he give you. How much. Now much you know try to play him in the slot loads you know majorities old he needs to go to the slot yet he doesn't have burner outside the number speed is your new Brandon Stokley. On the mid 2000 schools there but except make intended twelve million yes her real real good deal. Absolutely you've got to Vontae Adams. If he can stand a concussion. You have seen enough Packers reader's hands. Onto and because of options. I Adams those are cheap shots you know one Jordy you I remember Signet two game win when he got hurt when he got debt rib injury. And it was our present his fall Adams aren't as they were cheap shots and stuff like that Nelson you know I'm well you and manager Agile. BM and suggested bounced up he raised his arm posted to get the ball and get drilled right there are well. You were car right the first time it would hit good tee and a and I know I'm excited to see what drama Alex Allison. We'll see man who valued that duty he's a Trimmer. Wide receiver he's long. Pretty fast. Not to claim in the slot. But he hasn't really shown anything he show it in flashes Aaron Rodgers the entire receiving corps would like a joke. With. It except demise except for Dovonte. And the reason I would think that that is. Is when Brett Conley comes in with the second team Nelson toggle off the field. Whatever else Kendrick goes off the field. Time Montgomery went off the field. You only had one ride receiver short of welts and even. Actual quality is Trevor Davis womb who. I hadn't played offensive snap and made anything out of it in his entire career and that's one thing I'm really sick of that party needs to fix. That hopefully Brian do we can set a new philosophy on. The game. Special teams is even less of a factor at east. Might as well not have a kick off. The Packers have never been built round specialties and let's get a guy like Devin Hester. Or Dante Hall Josh Cribbs you might as well to throw the punt return out the windows here. Because. There's just there's just no point in your building a roster fully guys that can play special teams can't play offense and defense. And everyone drops like a rock. Every season there's dropping like flies all over the roster whether it's Rogers Montgomery. Jones millions Nelson top Adams and Allison. What are the other hand 84. You know our fourth string offensive lineman. Or had a dominant special teams give me the fourth string offensive linemen that he's gonna help you win games you have Aaron Rodgers as your quarterback. I care if you fair catch the ball at the ten. Oh I don't care because you've got the golden boy to dry your hair BS the ninety yards you need friends did that in Dallas hello. Last game they won. In regulation. Yeah again the entire season and that man did it for me into the year before in Dallas to. Whole team is Aaron Rodgers. Wake up smell the roses. Mediocre Mike as it alone if you don't get this machine going for Aaron Rodgers it's not going. Few good thing is is that with all the assisting coaches and everybody getting canned in Green Bay. Mike is running out of people to blame. And so now. Hopefully the focus turns on him. And if you could not get it done and you need to ago. You know everybody and there's tons of Mike McCarthy backers out there Sparky Geary dollars and you know. All about LeRoy a lot of people kisses dance and thinks he's well I'm not anti McCarthy. But you'd be a fool to say he has not out fault of course he's the head coach Carlo he's the big boss he makes the big bucks. When it fails it's not official at the same in any business yup and are our boss Tom. One one aboard. Earlier today you see that their program all over Twitter all over Twitter. Midsize program drug to your sports tree. If all of a sudden. Big show tanks. Michael showed tanks chuck and Leclerc tanks. Did you get to keep a job. You have your good job and if you fail you fail that doesn't mean it's his fault. But you're the woman has to own up and take responsibility to give. Yeah it you know. It's put up or shut up time for him man and you know. You'll get the same people though that I think will say. All the laws you gotta give it a couple years he's got to bring in go to Kurdish players and she would he can do with death. He's still failing with Ted players. I don't wanna hear anymore X. Uses we need. NFC championship games we need Super Bowls we need more rings yeah. We do anymore. It comes back to Mike McCarthy comes back to Aaron Rodgers because. Okay yeah Tom Brady is playing this on. But he's playing this Sunday because of what has been built around him by his head coach and general manager bill. You'll never convince me. Tom Brady is easily the most accomplished quarterback of all time sure fire first ballot hall of Famer can't argue right. But in terms of raw talent at playing the quarterback position. Aaron Rodgers is on the level that we have never seen wreck someone that control like can pick apart a defense like him mentally run like hand. Carry an entire offense like he does. It is on her wreck I agree with him 1000000%. So. Probably gonna have to wrap things up here because you have to. Cry and ones now if you wait to see their daddy. It but I don't know if it's already trending. We try to get the hash tag mediocre Mike. On Twitter Roland. Well Woolsey man come. Come next season you know it's. If he struggles out the gate. Maybe dad awake peck more packer nation up to realize that you know he is a shady coach. But if he starts out for an old man. Or you know egos you know four and won six in one. You know buckle up because I guarantee you will come up short again in the playoffs. And then all but he went twelve and four. Woo hoo but there's no rings. So we'll see you know. You know what they say close only counts in two things Jeff. Or shoes. And angered hello Rio. And grenades is the polish it pipe bomb Jeff Orlovsky and a professor. An alien man freak that Delaware you bet on Twitter it's on. At Anthony Mandela nets to als in Mandela and they can find you at jet underscore. Orlovsky essar too great nicknames even by the great Tim Allen. The franchise. And a good time it will be back in your next offseason talking about the new Packers head coach a guy who knows I hope not I want McCarthy to be successful I don't want McCarthy fired. Because if he's successful that means we win a Super Bowl. So hopefully he's the coach for the next eight years because he's one. Eight ring zero. I would love it about I don't see it happen and but I would love that you don't I don't care of the head coaches Alex Van Pelt back from the angles we're went titles. I'll you can be a coach Jeff absolutely I want rings hello title town. There haven't telmex and enjoy it Super Bowl. Go Eagles without her favorite team Canada that that. I think this will be the first time in history ever for the Eagles really probably now see average from the first time played patriots. I don't mind a patriot. I hate. I don't mind I I appreciate greatness and success and I think it's great I'm rooting for the eagles' second ship them money up. Maybe that's the podcast and maybe that's the podcast for next week after. Super Bowl Sunday the aftermath. I hope I'm not in tears broke. Yeah. They had a professor and pipe bomb. He later.