Packers Mini Camp Preview

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Saturday, May 19th
A new general manager, a new defensive coordinator, releasing veteran Jordy Nelson - the Packers made the most changes to their team in over a decade. Is it enough to get them to the Super Bowl? Is Mike McCarthy on the hot seat this season? The FAN's Mike Clemens is joined with Green Bay statistician and reporter John Dodds to bring you up to date on all the moves the Packers have made as they head into their Mini Camp. Both Mike and John have covered the Packers since Bart Starr was the head coach. Experience, insight, and information on this extended podcast preview.  

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Welcome to the Green Bay football podcast I might Clemens I'm John does all right John you've got a list of topics we wanna talk about today and the first one I think is pretty intriguing. Mike McCarthy. It's been head coach in Green Bay. Since 2006. Came to Green Bay. After about a six year run as an offensive coordinator. Of the New Orleans Saints won Super Bowl win most playoffs or winning record he surpassed. Vince Lombardi for winning percentage. Is Mike McCarthy on the hot seat this season. Sometimes. After a long time at one place. Players need to hear a different voice I don't think the Packers are at that at that juncture. Were I think happened last year. Aaron Rodgers got hurt. There were foreign ones. Had seven offensive tackles that they went through with injuries at first five weeks there are still foreign ones. The year before the finish the year he won so combine those two. There were twelve and two in the last fourteen games that Aaron Rodgers played him so I think they're. There OK I don't think you can evaluate anything. With Brett probably at quarterback. No but as good as Aaron Rodgers looked and I thought in September of 2017. Aaron Rodgers is playing the best football of his career. I think he was using everybody in the field. I think he was moving the ball a little bit better not taking so much time in pre snap. Adjustments which he likes to make but sometimes he's so careful about. The turnover. He takes is on offense out of the risen. I thought he stepped that up and was moving the ball so well now he's up against a tough opponent on the day that he broke a collarbone. With the Minnesota Vikings that look like there was going to be a tough. Lot to pick to maybe the third quarter but he never got that far was done by the first quarter after Anthony Bart dries them in the ground and breaks the collar bone. In his throwing shoulder. So. I'm telling you though as for whatever the Packers had put on the field with Aaron Rodgers in September and early October of last year. I don't think that team could beat the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC championship game. I think that could have been extremely competitive and it I understand the the Eagles except for quarterback I think offensive left tackle. They were pretty much injury free and that's the key. That's the key in this. Green Bay was foreign one. And for whatever reason the last it seems like for the last five years green Beers had not only injuries. But they've been launched injuries at certain positions. Either it's. Cornerback questioner was offensive tackle it was amazing they went through bull Largo did in part TRE was hurt early in the year. They went through the U in the back ups Murphy he broke his foot so they were. They were putting in their employ in their fifth sixth and seventh offensive tackles against Minnesota. The week before that was the high point of the year was the one on Dallas when Aaron Rodgers just masterfully. Took him down in about thirty seconds all the way down and hit defied the Adams in the end zone for a touchdown. That was that just showed you how could they could be. But then again they did that with McRae an office of left actually Taylor was that a office a left tackle Wayne Taylor Blaine Taylor. They had a new offensive guard to put McCree there Democrat remember Troy Aikman and seeing it is amazing what change campus is on for that offensive line out of the line coach so. I just think if the if they're healthy it with some infusion of tale of a little bit of development from 2017. Even with the tough schedule. I see twelve and four. For this season in this for the season with the Packers. Yeah so that's the next question now if McCarthy actually doesn't win a Super Bowl I guess is I guess is how it plays out in the playoffs. But I think he's unnoticed because he's he's done it two years left on the contract and major restructuring. Of the Packers organization Mark Murphy says okay enough Ted Thompson had too much control the whole team. And and clearly for health reasons. It was in the back of mind of the mind of Mark Murphy the Packers president and CEO that. You know and after this year this is going to be it for Ted I mean it's it's over wound him he's relying on too many people around the office today I think there. Crossed the t.s and dot these guys so. They keep pretty much had it in mind that he was gonna replace Thompson at the end of last season. Than that just you the fact that they did make the playoffs expedited that. So with Thompson out away in restructuring. Were basically the GM reports now to the president and CEO Mark Murphy as opposed to everybody in football operations reports of the GM. This appears to be a more well more Murphy decision. And I also think that Murphy made a really interesting move last year. When he kind of publicly endorsed give a pay raise ten. Ed policy of vice president's that's been involved with all this title town development this huge market. Very shops and attractions right across history from Lambeau Field similar to what the patriots are bad in Foxboro. Basically Murr freeze also kind of put a clock on himself to say this is the heir apparent. So on the next year to were gonna get ourselves a Super Bowl. And then I and I got an opportunity to move on to say you know look I I rebuilt the organization. We in the we added more seating to the stadium more revenue streams and ever before. And and we got us another Super Bowl. I think that Murphy's come looking forward now. And if but somehow McCarthy fails in game management decision and any key. Roster type decision. I think we could be they could be looking at the fact that you know what this guy's not had this long run and he's become like the Andy Reid in the Philadelphia Eagles like. How many tries T get. And maybe it's time in fact as you said to get a new voice to get Aaron Rodgers back into a Super Bowl. Let's that's a very good point of all the people you mentioned I would say Murphy is the one. That could of the shortest tenure and its interest in point. The the title town district every time I'm up there I'm actually amazed. Starter with Bob Harlan when when they won that referenda. The referendum back in 2000 expanded Lambeau Field that are taking more. Property and developing. It kind of reminds me of Wisconsin bills without the water I mean they're they're they've created a destination now. And what Harland carlin's legacy and I have to give credit to Murphy who's gonna take it and run with it. If your legacy is Green Bay it will never. Lose a player like Aaron Rodgers because Jerry Jones has more money. Green Bay has more money. 90% of the unifil teams so it's capped managing the smallest market in the league in professional sports. It Celeste it's what is such a great story the last of the tone teams. In why did they do that because in the twenties and the thirties when they needed the money they passed they have door to door. And so that team it's its amazing. What what one tone when a story that is that it lasts the town team. He don't to the Decatur steel les or the kid bulldogs are all of those teams only the Packers are part of that are. In terms of I don't think that this new. Management. Structure. I don't think it I think it was done just to keep the camp. Just to keep the major players and they like the tea apologist I think daylight. And possible Russ ball that's right rest ball like McCarthy. Do wanna keep everybody in couldn't coups. In Hampshire didn't cruise doesn't want it work. With the cap numbers. He's rival's type he wants to go on fine tail it. The thing that drove Ron Wolf out of the fell was the camp he couldn't stand it he just wanted to he would wanna make any decision Hewlett creek country go because the camp. So those upon the color he was the worst of the worst movie ever made. So that was the frustration. So by keeping Russ ball I'm sure they paid immortal for the effort to stage. He had a bright think this. This new structure is only temporary in nature and the interesting thing though is at some point probably couldn't whose once. To bring in his own guy. And that's what you wanna hear do you want him is on coach Izzo coaching Indo so I think he EU want him. From. Here and but and he told what health mean Mike McCarthy is is his brother died of heart attack in his mid forties. That factory job is tough I mean Mike Sherman seem to put on fifteen pounds every year the McCarthy seems a lot bigger than he used to be. He just worry about how long can he lives. Much gas is he that in the tango. Here and I know is his wife is from Green Bay and he's got a lot of times from Green Bay and but I I think he is as long as he gets along with one person and that's Aaron Rodgers. In it's it's an interesting dynamic between Rogers and McCarthy. There's there's nothing that McCarthy can do with the unit teams any plea calls were he's gonna get credit. It's all Aaron Rodgers even at the end of the Cleveland game but that the cameras resuming in. And Aaron Rodgers on the sidelines he took the headset he's our canola and signaling. To try to keep the season alive to keep yeah I think I could come back and play against the Panthers and and make a run on this thing you know here's the other point. So at the end of the season. Mike McCarthy stands up there it has its end of the season press conference and we pressed two or three times like well you know 79 I mean. You know how much for you think this team could've gone if Aaron Rodgers had been healthy. And then McCarthy got pretty angry. And he said look that doesn't matter here okay. I have to do I have to come up with a Nile plan here and do everything it takes everything it takes. To get this team to the Super Bowl. And that may mean making some changes some tough decisions. Like getting ready Dom Capers and to a three other assisting coaches. And or say we gotta change something. And so those are the guys that got thrown in for the bus to make those changes. So now he's bank in the song on my patent and I that's a huge question mark IE. We or not gonna go have a have a clue until the OTA start in the next week as to what pat is gonna do with the defense. Mike McCarthy was very. Direct. When after the draft they interacted spent the first round second round pick again on defensive backs they've done that like. Five picks in last three or four years. And McCarthy reply was yeah between bring him back from on. And these two draft picks we just got and bring it back to bond house you know we're better at the corner there we've been in the last two years. A direct shot at what Ted Thompson to give them to work with and to compete with the camp. Soul. McCarthy is on Nazi I mean I we I really think so he's gonna have to there's gonna have to be some compelling reasons as to why. They don't get to the Super Bowl this year you know when they lost to the Atlanta Falcons two years ago they were so beat. And the falcons were on a roll and darn near beat the New England Patriots. So I think it's gonna take that kind of situation. For McCarthy to still come back the following year don't you I think it's got to be some dire situation say. No coach no coach could get through that. I thought that Ted Thompson. Was the force behind hiring Dom Capers back in 2009. End Dom Capers when he had Woodson. Plane headed MVP level he made him an MVP. It when he had Nick Collins when it true by the Williams says number one. Cornerback. And Clay Matthews is a top rusher. When he hit those pieces. They were very good defense I think that he led the NFL in scoring defense in 2010. And it's amazing performer with hot turnovers too especially c'mon. In AS the receiver Reggie Wayne the wide receiver for the colts you know as in the plural locker room said to him in 2011. What's the key to the packer. Defense and he said Charles Woodson. To Charles Woodson. Is the only quarterback in the league that is an offensive line what were rushing. What were running a Russian play the offensive line has to account for the quarter. He said he usually record him usually the corner comes up and hits you with his purse. So. But rest so what he's an offense of the center is looking for what's embassy where this guy's going to be as you might screw up their running game yes hasn't yet so. That's it as he's if he's the key he's quote. The quarterback who can hit like oh linebacker. He plays like a linebacker but he can also cover any templates he was the guy that was the big X-Factor. When he got old and injured. The Packers started falling. Into Ted Ted Thompson's credit Ted Thompson knew the quality of tail and he was giving Don capers it would Don capers was doing with it. Here's the tone Jones here's nick Perry hitters they he's doing he's hiding injured bush there's so keepers I think. Was far hi Leo by Thompson because Thompson could look at the meter and honestly assess what he was giving him. So he wasn't so. And so how's that different now I because to me Mike Patton is a 100% Mike McCarthy higher. It it is now time since it was so disinterested when Thompson was Lea Thompson left. Keepers left. So. They made a change. Without patent. And lose interest when they made that change those watching Bill Polian. Bill Polian said the former colts GM the coup for a close geo news NE SPN and Lisa what do you think about Patton exit patent. Is a disciple of the Rex Ryan defense. In Baltimore. He said I had a pretty good run with the jets could run with the jets and became head coach showed. Cleveland and Toledo lost for a two year careers to doing that like a lot of people do. But he's been out of football for a year but polian said the key to the patent. Defense is the key to the Rex Ryan defense which is you have to have two great. Cornerbacks. If you have Covert quarterbacks that can come up. You can disguise your defense and run 34. Or 43. It all depends on those corners. So that's why I think the the focused on Alexander in the first round in Jackson in the second. And although I thought that's what made the difference in the packers' Super Bowl run 2010. Because you know in 2007. When the Packers lost to the giants and Eli in the you know those guys went on to beat the patriots. The differences in that season when they went thirteen and three and was Brad bars last year. Was you know they had guys like Al Harris out there and it's more corners GM guys. When they won the Super Bowl three years later he got Sam Shields yet for mom Williams dom had the luxury just sane. All line up at your number one you're number two wide receiver with these two speedy corners and they can take these guys man. We do subject meant that they could pick no one's gonna get past these guys. And so I don't have to worry about double coverages are and the safeties can come up and help out with the run. With the quarterbacks scrambling or whatever and that's what made that they're the difference in that defense and Mike McCarthy was sane and a couple of weeks ago. We haven't had that in corners here now while the good young. A great athlete but they are confused they were not. They are not football guys in the Marius went Randall and quit and Rollins. Seoul now they bring back to mom blames an aged 35 that's not gonna do much for speed. But I do like some of these draft picks and so I at the bottom might have them finish the question about my own Mike McCarthy. I do think that there's there's some pressure there on hand and I think this is all strains that you know he gets to bring him in a new defensive coordinator. I guess if they're successful and win the Super Bowl this year. And everybody's got a job for the next five years but. I'm Tania if he doesn't make a convincing case in the post season as to why he should come back for 2019. You might be looking and head coaching change in the total turnover in Green Bay. You you could be rate. And but. It's Willis things were if you looked at 2017. And I'll take and you don't want my Democrat he'll get picked up the next day by some other franchise. And he'll have more power than he did in green. Live just to think about McCarthy have always looked at him as. If I was there and watched Mike Holmgren in the Mike Holmgren era Mike Holmgren coming comes across as a much more impressive coach. That Mike McCarthy does. Well you know why because Holmgren is such an articulate guy McCarthy you know Holmgren is a guy who probably is the lead lawyer and in law firm. Mike McCarthy is the is the Smart guy. On the loading dock. You know all the nuts and bolts musket let's get the job done quickly as exotic near Pittsburgh he is Pittsburgh he's 110%. Pittsburgh what it. When he talks during press covers us. His mind goes faster than his mouth does. That's why he stumbles on worsen much because the mind goes so much faster than his mop he's not a speaker. He's a thinker he's he's he may he makes out to do list he's very very organized. And he also when he walks in the door at that place and he creates tension. And temple. And everybody has to sit up straight but that's what you wanna have had coached at there's that edge like that all the time well. If you ask me with the worst thing that happened the Packers the last 25 years it was when Mike Holmgren ego. Can economic control after the Super Bowl win it in New Orleans. And he wanted more power more power I think his wife is also West Coast person that wanted to move the family at some point the West Coast. So he leaves for Seattle but not only does he leave he takes all the assistant coaches with them. Well as one big family wasn't too was in an ETX. He takes Ted Thompson John Dorsey. My groin felt almost people leave so it took Ron Wolf and offer run walls scouting staff out to. So now he had re roads coming. In you essentially waste. Maybe the last half for the Brett Favre era in Green Bay because you have a series of ray Rhodes. Mike Sherman and you don't have Ron Wolf making decisions. With. Tail it evaluating talent and what they able McCarthy. Because there's something to be said. He was here in 2006. He still here now. In the advantage of that there's a lot of advantages number one. The scouts know exactly what type of players to draft and what they're looking for when they're on the road all last year. All we need a fullback like William Henderson. We need to we don't need to fullback like someone who could run like a Zack Crockett or someone like that. What do we need is a tight end we needed tighter and who's more of a big wide receiver. We don't need it we don't really need a blocking tight. End. So there's some that the continuity. That McCarthy I can't. Overstate the importance of the continuity. McCarthy being here for the time. An excellent point John I had not thought of or remembered. About how many people walked out the door in the last couple years Ron Wolf some run. And when he just handed over to Mike Sherman and I advance Brian good in kids the same thing about women now John Schneider's gone. John Dorsey he's been gone you got Alonzo Highsmith and Eliot wolf just walked out the door to go join John or ring Cleveland. I mean we don't know anybody left in your staff. And he said well I you got John Eric Solomon now he's my he's my college guy again I you know. And Mike what Giles he's he's actually been here about to Tony here's Jesus of pro personnel guy. The pro personnel guy Mike. He's not gonna be achieved many times since John Merrick Sullivan's actually pretty impressive guy. But they've had a major train and they just lost. Alonso. Dotson. Who's the son of Santana. Who's been one other scouts he just took off for the jets so there's been quite. Revolving door by Green Bay standards in that scouting department. So let's talk about some of these draft picks and weapons that they've added to the team they they added eleven players in the draft and they went right after corner to get started. And the first was a kid out of Louisville. Jai here Alexander. Speed it for three Steve. At the me camps the rookie mini camps we got to watch those practices. And first play. First place and lined up their best rookie receivers or three receivers they had. And about wide left and pig I'll take this kid want want and nobody out baubles rookies. And some secondary players. Nobody could get past Alexander he looked pretty good he looked like a young true modeling and when it came to bright in your pocket and you're gonna shake disk. It seems like the unifil is. Gravitated toward the New England model where you take a small wide receiver like Wes Welker and put him in the slot. And Alexander seems to me it. When you think a short fast for three speed cornerbacks who think go to prom on the outside and no they're thinking of putting him in the slot to guard the world currently in the short choppy guy with that ball controlled Tom Brady's stiff. On digs exactly against the vikings exactly it's a great point that's a great point and they're they're trying to get hauler when they can corner. Like Kevin King coming back from his second year he had. To surgeries on that shoulder. That was bothering all through his rookie season you're number one pick. Last season who admitted did at the end of the year to assist you have that break you guys get done talking device saw me in the locker room with. My shoulder popped out a dozen times last year before they shut me out. So we'll have to see how the surgery and recoveries that but they've got the two veterans and their c'mon Williams and on the house. Those are proud of the guys are gonna lineup against the bears in the season opener. Because that's just way it is in Green Bay you try to get the rookies in the second year guys as many snaps in rats you can't in the pre season. But when the with the libel two fired you put the veterans of first at least two future seasons. If you have to use came as your nickel just to avoid wearing terra. He appeared on ESPN's sports science last year and they measured his reach. In his jumping ability. And they said it was the greatest reach in jumping ability of any DBs did a protested in the computer is jumping ability to clot Mueller of the San Antonio Spurs whose identical. So there's something there he's also talked he came up and he made ten tackles. Which is worried he's a self destructive missile. Respect come up and hurt himself at great point. Like first play of the game we're down in Dallas it's the Packers against the cowboys. And so deck press got hands off to seek Elliott you know the great or running back from the season before. He runs out to his left and Kevin King the corner the rookie not afraid of stands there squares off breaks down and drills. Knocks them back on as as feet. Also manages to suffer a concussion and hit. Gone for the rest of the game and for the next two weeks. You know that's the kind of thing you're gonna learn like. The first play of the game. You know save that stuff for the playoffs or something you gotta you gotta pace yourself and but the good news is. He's not afraid to step up there and act like another linebacker out there when it comes to making contact. Sure some tapes of Sam Shields. There's a guy who had pace themselves and know when to let guys run to catch up he'd. Shields was a guy who could do the most with all the contact. Interest in them an anecdote I was Adio. Social engagement in January. You know is introduced to this the host not feel. In the host nephew was a player at Iowa. So don't you know Josh Jackson. The DB so I think I'm projecting my first my draft I had Josh Jackson at fourteen for the Packers really. And he said to me but locker or mention the person's name. But he said my I was a freshman my locker was right next that is. He introduced me to the team. The older guys he unified the team user team captain great leader. All the intangibles this guy. We guy I think who's the heart and soul of our team Josh Jackson would be a great pick if any he was it seemed very sincere about it. So there goes an early interest in pick were. The gut tell you treated back from fourteen to 32 like 47 in the back of the. Saints with with the states and the saints gave you a first round pick next year that's just amazing to put that on the shelf. And then you've got your back up plan your scenarios that you've been working on the last week leading up to the draft after draft board is ready the Wednesday. Before the draft in the week before the draft and then you spend the next week just kind of lecture brain. And clear the cobwebs and get ready for the you know the attention on draft night but also have a clear head and a list of back up plans you know plan B and plan C so you get that great offer the saints. The just foolishly give up a first round pick Korea so that they can get their pass rusher. And then you're able to get back up to eighteen is still snag one of those two or three corners. There's still left on the board and you get this Gerry Alexander who they have had a night on. We're we're very much interest that they think that Betsy at the other things you get with this in Louisville. Is not only guy that's with a lot of potential may be sand shields. Kind of speedster. But he's a punt returner too. So I just felt like you're special teams in your field position he's probably gonna start at punt returner fall if things go well. Then their second pick the next night in the second round is acute out of Iowa this Josh Jackson he's. Bigger about 61. I think he's about due to. 220 may be mean he's pretty thick. Little lost out there at the rookie orientation admitted as much. Very confident young man but his eyes are wide open there's a lot that he's gonna have to learn. At that pro level it seemed like Alexander was very confident very cool about. Being able absorbed you know the patent defense on the iPad. So Josh Jackson is a guy that and that that's gonna take some learning but he looks like he goes to be a very physical. Defensive back once they put the pads. And he can play outside he can play slide I think. I think Alexander's more of the slot the pure slide to guard the choppy step wonders who really to Welker. Just Jackson would be more of an outside. Person but they don't need to play Jackson gift from Ron Williams is there if king can come back there's a lot of tips but. They have some players but again this polian said. The patent defense he would have to have cornerbacks and I think that's why they they took quarterbacks one and two. Two more quick points about says the defense foreign perks as the third round that they got out of Vanderbilt an inside line. Becker a guy that they said that they watched him in his games he had fifteen tackles in the game against Florida. And it's and Burks what they liked most about him is his speed to the football his ability to react. He's six foot three he started out as a safety because he plays some of that high school. I stood next to me cattle laughed out loud as it. You really played safety because he's so big he's got like he's built like cam chancellor. He's that day but they move him up to the inside linebacker spot there at Vanderbilt and he used that quick. Reaction time to shut down the run early to catch guys. At the line of scrimmage and stopped it before the run can develop and I think he can go public Martinez and he's gonna really challenged. Jake winds I think into his third season on. Michigan seems like the key. Two defense is around the NFL has to be able to guard the tide and this plot wide receiver over the middle and this guy can do there right now according to film. He ran. He ran for 59. In these countries he 63 but he's got arms of probably 67 players from his super long arms. They also think he goes about 230 to 35 now they can probably give him a two to fifty at some point in his career. So he is I think he's the key guy in. When you're talking about two guys who can disguise defenses. If you had Josh Jones last year's. Sect around Pitt who unfortunately play three positions last year and Tiki ejected. Rookie overload and kind of paralysis by analysis. He was playing slot. Corner he was playing safety of these Plano linebacker hybrid. If you have Jones in Burke's over the middle Europe quarterback. You look at the numbers. Each of those guys complete three positions you don't you can edit. Exactly identified with the Packers defense is here and at that moment and BB can confuse me. A wide receiver who's gonna have to break off around depending on what his readers with the quarterback. And with these rules re can't touch any of these wide receivers downfield he can't really Jim him after five yards. The only thing you have is pass rush in disguise. Those are the only things he can do to possibly. At least create doubt in a quarterback's mind. So John the other thing besides. Covering wide receivers. The other big question for the Packers defense coming off a 709 season was where's your pass rush because Clay Matthews does not have the speed that he once had. Nick Perry is is a bull rusher. But not not a speed guy. And I think besides having Reggie Gilbert who flashed. At the last couple games at the end of the season you me him like five different quarterback he it's pressures as a sack. At some big plays against the Detroit Lions of the season. He brought in Vince Spiegel. He was lost for. Richard essentially with a foot injury that he had. In his rookie season coming out of the other Wisconsin Badgers they did not stay there at fourteen and take a pass rusher. Horror and an even when they did bounce back up they took the corners first. I think why talk to a guy from another team and so for salt don't. Earnestly guys still have quite match isn't it Mary wells are pretty good outside linebackers but he said you know everything NIC what they've doing. And what they're doing what the defensive line both in the draft my previous Adams and bringing in the veteran more world what percent from the jets. Really isn't a bit of performer since he was playing for my dad and he said I wonder if patents chemical. With like with Steve Spagnuolo did those years with that shines when they won the Super Bowl with Mike Strahan. In the GPP and the rest those guys four guys every. Down bringing none of these dom. Capers lines up with one guy on the line two guys in line. A final four and pound and pound and pound and Hatcher pass rush we will word on the offensive line. And eventually we'll get to the quarterback and that's how will speed up the quarterback clock for the defensive backs what do you think. In all in all the years have been watching the Packers openly Campbell there's one scale that seems to be better than all the rest and that's burst. If you have burst. You can accelerate to the ball Charles Woodson had a plea Matthew's head that those are the elite players. The interesting thing he said that Reggie Gilbert flashlight Easter he did. With burst. All of a sudden you look at the he looked at the space and the spacing. Penalties the other corner of your onetime little little bit quicker than their details. That is Gilbert. The other thing I noticed is that. Prince Spiegel even though he's coming off an injury saw half the year was wasted in -- all of camp that the but he had intensity. In the good instincts. So I think been Spiegel. This Beagle and he Adams the defensive lineman from Auburn those of the the 64000. Dollar question marks because those guys could really be good players and could take a step. In their second year. So Beagle Gilbert. Makes me under it makes me think that's what concludes with scene where was thinking. We could take Marcus Davenport at fourteen know who gonna trade back get a number one pick but New Orleans do in Davenport. Watched him at the the Senior Bowl some sort of a Senior Bowl he. Looked active get a sack unit touchdown off a fumble recovery that anybody could have done that he just kept to be the right place the right and pick it up he batted a pass. We just seem to be a little bit odd in terms oh. Is he really into football and he was more. I'm not a panacea but it it to seem like he wasn't that the top guys that you want him on the outside. There was my perception but New Orleans on the other hand thinks that's the last piece. To their all the news will pass rush. They'll be really entices see if New Orleans is right on the. So I thought everybody said that the dam borrows commander put on some weight and put on some more what a muscle that is a year away. It clearly clearly the saints won it now. Why they had Drew Brees otherwise they've gone total rebuild. Down on the Big Easy so that does it for the defense solace talk about the offense and actually probably outside of Ted Thompson gone Dom Capers gone. The biggest move the Green Bay Packers made was not to renew Torre Nelson they work it has spent fourteen million dollars. On that wide receivers speed. It was either speed and a combination of age and maybe they know something we don't know in terms of knees. When no one doubts the chemistry. And the the the ball skills and technique of Jordy Nelson. And he's probably gonna look just like James Jones a lighted up the skies for the Oakland Raiders. But at the end of the day they were gonna spend that kind of a money. On Jordy Nelson and so they let him walk out the door what did you think of that decision. It surprised me I thought what they're going to do is reduce his salary and then give them bonuses. And incentives. And Aaron Rodgers would say wink wink to his friend and hit jump to make sure you meet all those bonuses and has set us and then. They enter it in and help and try to get into the hall of fame I think I mean that and that's. So how much of this was then also trying to say you know what you go to Jordy too much Gotti yeah it worked the entire offense Dovonte Adams the future. Not Jordy and you can't short change Dovonte Adams and some of these other receivers we're gonna bring in. A load Jordy Nelson to death but I've never thought. He was in the lead number one wide receiver and the reason I thought that his 13 of all his stance. The result of her Rogers extending plays. So when you're looking. When your when you're going back to Paris if you're looking at the first two options on them on our route. He wasn't Covert Rodgers would extend the play and then he was. Brilliant. At finding the space knowing what Rodgers was looking. In his. His hands in his foot placement near the sidelines or in the end zone was was remarkable. But that was an error Rogers if you with the Chicago batters. Or some other team that had an average quarterback over the last few years. You don't get that last third of production sudden interest to see what he does in Oakland if their quarterback can extend. Please if the candidate. So his value I think his last. But the other thing his last really big game that are remember was the Minnesota game. A year ago it's into the 2016. Season and he lined up in the slot and it wasn't the wide receiver position. But the guys that seem to clear out all the space was Jerry Cooke Jerry Cooke would go through the middle and clear out the linebackers in the safety and and also would delay and find the open spotted Rodgers would hit home for opens side by side. That was caught. So when when Brett holy played lashed last year and also lined up in the slot. Bennett was out beautifully he quit on the Packers it's they had no tight end. And now Lance Kendrick but boy he really and perform I thought he looked pretty good campaign. They just cannot go man so that put it nine in the box to stop the run and they pushed up front and Jordy Nelson and Huntley didn't have a chance now. So. It wouldn't surprise me that they let him goal but it doesn't surprise me that they Politico. It was a tough it was a tough decision. And don't get me started on the tight end Jared Cook I just was watching that game from two years ago the last playoff game the Packers were in in Dallas against the cowboys and some of the some of the plays you cook made early in the game and the key catch he made. To set up the winning field goal I and and I watched him play with the raiders and he did great. And I I'm will never under he said that the Packers never Mandarin off perform. When they saw they could get Martellus Bennett and Lance Kendrick felt moderates to tell about rich Rogers. That's why they made that decision and it was a port terrible decision. Terrible decision so now cookie as Aaron Rodgers calls them discipline with Jordy Nelson and your card and and their car out there for the Oakland Raiders so the Packers and let Jordy go and they get right into the draft in the draft three wide receivers. To back up it's so you're you're wide receivers are Dovonte Adams Randall Cobb. Toronto Morales and Michael Clarke you know who's an outsider but they like the height. And the F what this is a man and the ball skills we'll see PX we can turn into a wide receiver and have find the routes the timing and Aaron Rodgers will require. The first guy they take it to me. John looks like more like a possession receiver in the kid out of Missouri jamaat more. Hundreds did you think you'd take care which I thought he is skis. He's almost don't like your Michael Finley I mean he's he's pretty upper body. I Wii you really think get to see enough of him. In terms of breakaway speed and and and what it's going to be to to get away the interesting thing was it. The jamaat more and the second receiver they took in the draft Marquez felt as gambling out of South Florida. For that mini camp for two days they find them open the slot. Every rap every snap they took was in the slot. Not at the White House what's going on there. What's interest in because I've watched or went back and watch the Senior Bowl. Workouts. And Jim one more might may access look at this guys. Extra year. And he would go down he would go down and then. Hit this extra gear in blow by defensive backs have and after burner he's got an after burner thought. Wolf what if he has an accurate quarterback that so I looked at him as a step above Toronto more Ellison. So trying to win also with little bit more height a little bit more speed. So I think that is a player to watch. I know. Jamal looks like about 62 but pretty thick OK you know and you know once he could be. Similar to it to James Jones but hopefully a little bit faster Larry McCarron. Made a comment about the camp and he had he probably gets its chance to watch a little bit more spent the you know advocacy he does because he works and is he worked for the Packers but he was seen that. Your mind more flash something. That he wants to take a look at some more and when their McCarron says that that's a good thing home so I think. That's again I don't look at a big guy with an extra burst he does dropped passes but they'll drop passes. Assorted Marquez felt as scamming the second receiver they took in the pictures trapeze out of South Florida. Kid that went to lay a puppy farm for NFL players. He played with both the Griffin Brothers that are now put Seattle okay sleep played amongst a lot of NFL quality players. As a kid in high school there. He's a hall very articulate six with three really got speed. But he drops balls drop the couples in the drills he dropped one thing that he could have that was in the sands he would probable a couple of times while over the middle. Passages of the rookie kept me my gosh against the looking for where to park his car were to worse lockers at overload sure yeah. But you know that's just you know what we saw there the third wide receiver that equity genius saint brown out of Notre Dame. There's some concern there that his dad was a former soccer player believe. In all might be a little bit world's stage fathers if you will promoting his kid's game and along name an added Hussein to his name. Just you know make him a star. So equity Mimi has this EQI switcher nicknamed city Q. He said by them are more people or Ers are pronouncing my name correctly he's six foot five. He's really marketable. I mean my gosh he can remind you like Tony Gonzales he's a wide receiver but he looks like. Like an all pro tight end they've lined him up at the wide receiver position up against the first round pick Alexander Alexander was fast went toe to toe. And he's really got some game it was interesting you know who's quarterback was in his junior year. Was to shock Niger this quarterback that they bring in with the trade for to marry travel on the Cleveland Browns. And I kept on asking him what I mean that's the tape. This why you're here in Green Bay where they and keep everybody thought athletically he should be. The third round pick he drops to the sixth because. Some people weren't impressed with how we care himself you know that they thought maybe is a little bit of a prima Donna in all a little bit too much struck coming out of Notre Dame. And that is that there was a drop off their in his senior year. He would not talk about DeShawn Kaiser. But if you guys about what about depth complete with air and riser Aaron Rodgers his eyes would light up you know. Because you know what that's who he must be catching footballs from not Kaiser. Not Brent ugly. Not anybody else you know he losses to to say I I can I can hook up and following instructions and the perfectionist in Aaron Rodgers. And be a target for. Yeah there's brown has the breakage is is there it was a big brown says. Seen production that was four. He's formerly known as brown from the artist formally known as brown is his dad was a mr. world and used to write his dad was. Had a weightlifting program that he had his son and I think he. Pretty much ignored the Notre Dame weightlifting program that was one of the signals or signs on the draft board I think that's one of the reasons why you fell. But if if they can get this guy. Focused. That there might be something there that was a pretty good. Late pick on the third day for quality guy like that. He does tale of kind of like when. Erin Rogers was yet he worked out with Ruvell Martin in those years one. Brett Favre was the starting quarterback loved working with rebel loved them now. And I think Kaiser. And brought in saint browned could have the same type relationship. I think the pit the the most underrated move the Packers made this year was picking up Keyser. I think hotly he would take holly. I think Kaiser surpasses him every respect he's a little bigger he's a little faster his arms batteries quicker. Everything about Kaiser if Kaiser came out this year Kaiser would have been number one pick. Haslem Mike McCarthy said you know I asked McCarthy is at the end of the rookie mini camp. I realize it's just the way things that played out between the draft. Some trades or matrix better. We really didn't have a strong assessment on to Shawn ties are and what the quarterback. Guru of Mike McCarthy thought this guy why did they bring him in. And I asked Iran I guess McCarthy was briefly asked about it at the NFL owners' meetings in Florida but there were really wasn't much there. So last question because we're supposed to be there to talk about the rookies. I said McCarthy camp by the way you know the team in a pretty aggressive move and John wants less than hatred for quarterback in Green Bay it was full. 25 years ago it they bring him up back up quarterback in a trade that's very usual for the Green Bay Packers. So I said Mike McCarthy what do you think of this issue on Kaiser who even knowing it would fifteen losses last year. For the browns and he said. I think that if this guy did in this year's draft he would have been a top five pick he would have been among those top five quarterback. And he talked about you know what the schism and he also said this. I said what's it gonna take for him to be you know your backup quarterback. And he and he replied with saying I think this guy could be he starting quarterback in the NFL. That just I mean that blew off in his Sloan Newsweek in the NFL but that became a major story that the Packers think that much of guys. And the Packers. Liked him enough to consider drafting him instead of king when they treated back. In the 2017. Draft they took king with the top pick from Cleveland with that pick. And they were debating whether to. Draft a concert the two K with that pick but they're debating whether to take king or Kaiser. And also they had a trade worked out. With Cleveland with a 52. Picked in that second round with the Packers might have traded back to 52 for more in Cleveland was gonna come up and take Kaiser. So. Then there's another situation that Cleveland then call them and said. He if Kaiser doesn't fall laws we will give you a third round pick for brutally. So there is all sorts of weird quarterback. So brilliant scenarios are relationships going on between Green Bay and done. Cleveland and it's ironic that Dorsey took over and Eliot wolf this down there and now you probably see a lot more of those scenarios. But when it comes down to it to various Randall. Was the thirtieth player taken in that draft right runner did in 2015. Any flash talent but he's flaky. Had the into the wind field into the line for a film was when he intercepted the ball returned it for a touchdown against Dallas he took the he took the ball and threw it at the Dallas quarterback and got a fifteen yard penalty in treatment said why does this kid to scroll off. I mean the putt exactly exactly. So. But to kick Kaiser for Randall and not only kick Kaiser. You can get you the had a flip flop of fifth round in. And a fourth round picks so. That was those critical. One last point about the offense and that's the right side of the offense line right guard right tackle. In I'll just say that between Sprague Scott Murphy. Whether they use Justin. McRae again at right guard. They also and they bring in coal Madison out of Washington. Those are all strong candidates for the right side of the offensive line I think we've got planes to work with there really do. There's also two guys that they had at the mini camp that want to. Sunny all dog move from UCLA. And Jacob I'll let assault back from Arizona. Both six foot 76. And a huge guys. That maybe have a shot at being back up right tackles and of course there's that Bryan Bulaga question about. If he'll be back in September October coming off another ACL. So I agree with you people asked me in my blog whether. Green Bay should have taken an offensive tackle the right side of that line guard with charge Jahri Evans. He is big question mark. I disagree I am I mean your camp you have Murphy coming back he was a starting. Right tackle and left tackle first two games last year that he broke his foot he'll be back. You McRae who could fill in at the tackle position or the guard position he got Patrick who can play center or a complete guard. And he'll Bulaga and sprigs coming back I'm a big populist guy I like to take my 53 man roster and elected expanded whatever akin. Blocked it could be your 54 on the pop just like the eagle was last year. And then you could you know possibly sprigs this year 55. Number so that means you can see how the office of lying goes yeah and then later in the year you can plug these guys in after 678 weeks or whatever before November. But fifteen to whenever that that limit is also the the drafted. Cold medicine pull medicine look did in the Senior Bowl and it looked at the Senior Bowl week. He's a very good pass blocker as I think that was a guy I think that's a guy that will make the team. He could possibly start him. And then the the one guy that you. And talking Nicole Madison ship is like another PGA Langer Josh I mean Smart kid you know. Laws played football. A guy he's also got a lot of basketball's people love basketball and they love his footwork because of that so cool Manson's. He could be a starter well. And in the one on one drills at the Senior Bowl polian was there are making comments and you sit on that Washington State I want another one. I like his feet. Doesn't have an anchor the city could stronger but he's got the feet he can on all those guys had to get stronger. Than he he he looked impressive. In the pass blocking and they played him a card data inclement office right tackle and then we mention this earlier in the the podcast the the ace in the hole. His Wayne Taylor can play left tackle that was an interesting move just sit and couldn't. So. People also ask me about sprigs when Britain but springs sprig showed very little. Until he came back from that first injury came back in the Pittsburgh game. And that's one issue could finally showed that via polls little bit he got hit a couple really good blocks he kind of got into it more aggressive. He's got all the intangibles he's got all the fees cut all the tale and it's it's almost as if paralysis by analysis. He's thinking instead of just doing and reacting. And I I go back to 21 Green Bay packer who was a second round supplemental pick Mike Wahle. They drafted him out of navy is I think because he got the boot because of steroid use in in navy Ron Wolf took over the sec around. Put him that he said here's my left tackle put him at left tackle and he was a turnstile. Put about left guard. And he was outstanding. All parole in pro the best office supply of agreement ahead. So you never know the light goes with a guy like springs. So. Bill Polian item in a break I do with him on the serious sex Emma an NFL radio. Is that how is Jason sprigs look I cities in I'm struggling camp. They said yeah like I thought that was going to be a project out of India but those are curious pick for a second round. So there's plenty of options I think that Mike McCarthy and James Campbell who got for that right line. For to develop someone may be Jason McRae is a backup center for Korean loans we. Now as they move on lastly and that quickly we'll get to special teams and who drafts a punter and long snapper in a draft. Well Brian go to Kingston about that. You though is. That it then opens and so that opens him up for criticism bought. Green Bay not only that they go through seminary and offensive tackles. That would threw for a long Sampras question did the long staffers could stay healthy right I mean and that that cost at least one field goal Revver. Where Crosby that the step was bad and Crosby missed a field goal and Crosby must have been just wondering rookie holder did know with the stamper was. It was it was a tough year obviously that the date they like those two others GA case got the putter. I happen to watch abut ten Alabama games because you're kid in the candy store appear appropriate for drafting just watched the Alabama team. And that I would hit rockets. And it was amazing how high Hewitt yet. And I hate to bring a Bill Polian seems like the name of the hour but at the at the senior people one of the one of the guys was saying to them. You know it's really hard to he evaluate punters here at the senior fallen. You know the punters don't mean much in polling goes back heck look at this guy. He hits rockets he's as he points at Scotty goes this guy is it team changer. He changes the field. That's attitude that's an interesting comment. Over punter shot six foot five articulate. We'll get them out there you know I think this kid. I've Alabama. Went up to Donald Trump at the at the White House visit and prayed with them. He did a reprieve he said I pray with you when he put his hand on the president which I'm sure the Secret Service were looking at data in the group of Alabama players. I don't know what went over there and they all prayed for obesity usher in whatever. So I that. That was cut interest in but the the follow through with his leg. Is one of the highest that the scouts of overseen. Any seems to be pretty good at the placement to what was that he had like the fewest returns and in the major teams last year because he just. Put the ball inside the ten and didn't give any of the teams anything to return so that. And they got the long snapper is well it that this was an interest in story about this kid. Who was going to between high school and college had an AC on the left than on the right and the left me again hunter Bradley I don't Mississippi State. Who at one point to note it was trying to play go watch for tighter and that. And after his thirty C Allie said I think I got the message that maybe I should just stick to long snapper I believe his father was a very good on stamper is well. And so he's again that they are gonna. Go with obviously by using a draft pick to be the long snapper for JK Scott and for Mason Crosby. If you're long snapping Rob Davis aegis you have these guys that are going to be there for a decade so he could be for their for a decade. If his knees hold up. The fact that he did play means you have an athlete Corning down possibly been able to make a tackle on punt returner because it. That's a that's a bad space if you console lane because you can't you're not an athlete. Packers have OTA practices through the month of may and early June than they in the first second week in June. They rappel put their mandatory mini camp and then they excuse everybody in their off about 45 weeks until training camp starts on July 25. This is Green Bay football with John Dodds might clemens' thanks for listening.