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Wednesday, August 1st
Packers Then and Now Podcast - Steve Zautke and Jeff Orloski are joined by Anthony Mandella and discuss the Packers, then and now

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Joining him. Listening online and may lose him Newser so. Course I'm Steve Zaki the racing guy ants were trio fights and then they and in have been here almost ten years rigidly employs few Milwaukee mile time to start in my. On air. Billion here in then the eventually they let me feel and a couple shows in just for laughs he's been here along. 33. Years on us originally from Chicago to him between me and my whole life continue allows only love at first saw it president law you know our eyes met and it's as lose. We both of those little thought bottles being art that's and that's there was. It was a beautiful moment minding my wife is still. Chemistry is a big thing in radio Anthony will is it was as soon as we let them talking in a few minutes. There's a big thing in. And in a corner Sparky viewers who brought me and and how moss thankful for sparking. For bringing Meehan and the Sidon by in my new. Announcing new news. But just opening up a door for me I certainly appreciate it but. There's chemistry and Jeff and I hit it right off the bat and worked with the I am the only couple times when Anthony is one of these guys easily. He's an easy kind of going guide the work with Jesus like a peanut butter and jelly right Jeff. Yeah yeah. Peanut butter and jelly it's Kathleen describe anything in the know how long you been with the station us my eighth cool. Third third year affiliates who have almost been the same blew up a bit of an age difference in this oil on a kind of bring in to this podcast. Is analysts exactly column based it is same Middle Ages a shock and Tim orange and in the same name early fifty yet so we're about. Time of about ten years older than Jeff and then Jeff I'm assuming here it but ten years older than in the hearing intimate below are more mean I'm 25. We'll cut. As I get today here about a 106. My sixteen years onions will whit what separates us from the others. Podcasts is we will get up today and packer news in an opinion and whatnot. But the other thing we try to do is we we'd we turn camera backwards. Look look in the past Sen. Last the last podcast we are talking about draft drafting boss than there certainly have been a lot of them with the Packers. In the air there's a few home we know lob pass and on Joseph Montana and act and stuff. Rich Campbell there's all these these horror stories but you know back then. All the teams Adam with the exception by the cowboys because there were only ones that really had scouting department at the time. But you know every everybody had their boss so it doesn't you don't understand life goes on. But I will cut cause wanted to give people there proof Packers perspective and my first memory my first game like. The kid. It is in the 1872. Sees. App I was a look at and I remember it because. Well for one thing at the end and watch too much football was a sports guy but he went to it wash packers' Aaron remember for some reason. I'm watching in the Detroit Lions and Packers play. And it's the Packers are winning and 33. Then nothing I'll never forget discourse like that's a lot of points. They're just running up and on and and the alliance. An alliance scored and it has started costs. He started to use bad language on my hand what's going on he goes. There goes the shot out and thus. I learn the term shot out when a Matt you've got to have the shut out wanting to beat a team by positive and that shut out too that eight. But that ate up on the scoreboard so. And from that time I remember remember OJ Simpson Ricky 2000 yards. The bills against the jets in the it was Shea Stadium. In every number I like watching the AFL games and NBC. Because. The the fuels were clean. Everybody had Astro turf in the AFC. And so they're there they're uniforms he's cleaned. And Emmitt can handle anything annaly modeling these these these exotic teams have speed of the FC still at that time. From just criminal from the AFL. So the end you know aside it was really late. OJ Simpson you know like I'll and I remember this must be a special thing because they stopped the game and you know there to a on this. A ball. But those are some of the memories first Monday night game. Jets. 73. Came home from school mid deck goes either watched the football Packers front Mike. Wants. Packer game it's Monday it's not yield sun's going down. You know packers' front today might cool they played the jets they won now's my first Monday night games I never knew they played. And it brought some Monday night before we stay up so and then there was the then there is the dark years from pretty much. The late seventies. There is a blip of open 82 in the head John Jefferson and James Austin you know Lynn Dickey pot Kaufman but did note defense. The Monday night game against Redskins. Which a Sosa is the best money making a member 47 to 45 Packers win. With mark Mosley last straight on kicker in the NFL missing a field goal in you have. The just the god awful mid eighties apologies imperial sand and then the best thing that ever happened. And I ails people you'd debate this. I'd but I can bring this Rhonda that's ever happened Tony man. That when they drafted Toni Mae and rage it's sealed. That they around throw up their hands that we got to do something and they did because of the what attracted Barry Sanders. It would have been neat neat. And they weren't kept it would have been its annual CMO that we would have meant just clicked lines but they would've changed at least in my opinion it would have been just good enough. Maybe get a wildcard here and there. The mediocrity. Is sold dangerous sports. And alliance have lived with that because of that does they had that player of so special. So good even though we only got minus one yards cancels one playoff game. And they before us. But I think Tony meander it should that just set that this is set the table four at the changes Ron Wolf and the rest is history. Yeah it's hard to consider that Sony managed draft does a good thing for a team when he was Tuesday. You know sometimes at first wife was sold bad debt secondly if so much. CN our nonstop one number one so are serious and get tired of me opening put. You know I see your point where if if say we debuted Barry sanders' chances are old regime's days is saying you don't get Brett Favre. Reggie White doesn't come here. Now and you don't have have any earrings. So I can see I could but. You know its legacy that it's still so painful because when you think about. If they would head varies Sanders and then went out and still switchers jeans got far and everything like at the domination in place. Until Favre you know threw interceptions to steer the price again Blakey. Was known to doom on many many many different occasions. But yeah its. There's new hope there's you know now because there were any kind of in the same situation where the regime is changed again. They kept the head coach but everybody else's brand new. EC filled in its rise to well Linda that's what's revisited and just the moment Anthony what's your first packer memory. Arm I wanna say it was like 2000 and it's. The arena. Was something like that an issue what is suitable all I remember is that it came down rule week seventeen game. And so the Packers won and if the vikings lost they were it by replaying the cardinals and 20044. Via. Say don't I'm talking yes oh that's the earliest memory I have a path. Because when they won that Super Bowl I was. 34 years old said the posters and all that but I'd I didn't I don't even know I was there to watch the game. You know I've I've talked I've spoken with other youngsters. No part went clear retire the radio or Jo-Jo Fernandez and and you know we really remember that the Packers when they were path. Yeah they have not really in bad in my lifetime app and use the Internet site or the person ever been good. You know save the couple seasons except hopefully this season's looking pretty rounds in. You know it's it's it's it's it's assume when that when it window get smaller. You know it's. But I was monies were kids our philosophy and history goes Basel Tibet house youngest. Youngest cousin. The youngest. Sibling and everything's on every every everybody was older than meets our laws like what happened before outlaws. It's kind of thing it's been steered. And to my mind interest and but I remember couple. Oh watching a couple Wendy key games back in the day this thing my problem was grown up in Chicago's it was a bears out. So pre cable. Yeah I'll so you know I remember a few in Dayton Indy key gains. Com but I really started following in Nikko and big fee hander and Murkowski year. 8989. Season. And some of those miracle comebacks and stuff like that and then you know watched every snap of favre's career incidents so. It. You know it was. You know a lot of people don't know this because I don't worry. You know I used to be the empty. And I had. Unbelievable axis we have a contract Bradley center for the first couple years. In mirroring and I was. We had to paramedic units there and watch for department and the transport team third unit though besides. So basically. We would check in care Joaquin talkies and it was right. See you later and we had. Full. Access. Everything. Including in the locker rooms. Only time we are denied access to locker room was because of the media circus when Shaq was and think in his second year. While in the frustrating thing about it from the most. Was I hated the bulls and we're in the bulls' locker room. The year they won that their first championship. Coolest team they were so on nice to us and cool and remember tuchman Craig Hodges. And he talked that your chuck and some of these guys it was state. Craig Hodges one of the nicest guys in the NBA he was so cool I liked him because he was former Bakken and went to the clippers. But idea soul so cool that they were such a cool team. But it was fun seem. Seen analysts see in the game from the floor. But also on dove tailing that we also had the Packard attract. So I did four games in a county stadium in. 1990. If you ever see. Some of the old no games accounting stadium. You'll see that the are endless would be parked. Third base side towards the file Paul. And us were with park and then they would put us in between the two teams that's where we were it's that's where we would stay where the punters in the kickers would be. Ellis so cool. I mean it was just like. No food and no I didn't get run over even though goes like I AI you kind of want it don't as you wanted PLO run out a sack of 23 year results of action. No problem. I can jump back then yet now that it had story but yeah it would newest soma I remember Leo we have the falcons. Falcons a few other games and worked with Jennifer speaker of the owner's daughter. And she was nice to squeaker. But yes I was a lot of fun as though that somewhere in my archives I got a silent s.'s little. Jeanty piece of paper with a string and it knows it back on you know. The brewers you know these units stickers now if you unless you have a hard season long press card. That is your picture on everything they hand you his stickers that you throw on your shirt. Well should we talk about today or should we talk about yesterday the dude yes tracer. Are you want to Alina well let's talk about. Have no big deal solely a slow white guys on field. Is that coral I mean MIA or we can. Because I've never been impressed by SP. Smart player I'll give mall that it would have been nice to see him in and Pattinson who system but. Would you what what European inject right. Well. I think can in a lot of ways to me he was as AJ hawk 2.0. F I'm not super athletic like guys that. It's gonna struggle to get out play the when he gets there is gonna lock it down. I think he had a value to the defense but. You know it's not you know it's not like you lost a Ray Lewis or. I mean. That was not even like you lost really. Any thing done. Like Martinez is a way better player yes way better player so I mean he's really only playing because you need to starting inside backers and a 34. Com I wonder though because Mike Patton always talks about that killed he'll play a scheme to the talent that he happens. If with that injury and like nick Perry claim that he's always banged up. If knowing he's not gonna have Jake Ryan might influence him and a more like nickel sub packages or maybe even a little bit a 43. So now where I think it matters are not in terms of tal. Is there comfort level. Not every Thompson's insert yeah his audio net net as yet out now grant and especially without Dom Capers I think there's a comfort level for me right. But. Good and who's said you know today I'm not gonna knock assign him her Leo he's like he wants to temperate because there is right. Yes we did anything he wants the kind of chiller about a eight you know peace and what DC. Washington all those yours going through scenarios I think the best practices patients a this. But you know because. And said we would when he talked to Mike Clemens. He said that I think we're we're gonna dress the personnel. Right so it. To say the regular teen. Isn't that the man on the net and to get somebody from the out guide who deacons try to slam the door which I can understand because he doesn't want to demean. Tense you know Ted Thompson is meant during that Ted still wanders the hallway the you know picking up cigarette butts or whatever he does and you know he doesn't wanna go yeah we're pick up a new scheme here you know he wants the used in this long to see right he delivered on you know where teams don't know that year. Desperate need in your shopping in you're gonna buy some than others guys out there too I mean I know there loser Coleman who has obviously had at some god awful injury a couple of years ago. But head bounce back is in pretty good with the raiders sheer ya I at Cushing to. Well Cushing is one of these guys. He's Clay Matthews there's you know keep it suspended like an element its ease ease the guy is as tight as at and string. Let's just M I says at the I don't know oh. You can disrespect AJ hawk by comparing. Jake Ryan aging are never AJ hawk had a good. Good career he was anchors us a solid player he was not. Right he's in the U didn't live up to is really was a gap but he was salad and he was always available. Always I think AJ hawk is 13 or four games is entire time in Green Bay OK here's compares it would you rather have someone like cushioned. Or is a man who's like a Matthews who is a dynamic player played together USC to. Low round of the ball. But you know while the guys I. Gonna miss six games here three games a year or you want this city I'll succeed Jimmy steady Oca. Well I think I think you need to have steady guys because you need some sort of reliability. But if it doesn't. Really hurt cheaper say like you don't wanna build a team around guys that are always missing 36 games they're guys you put in the rotation that's a whole another animal that's why I think the Packers really needed this off season. To get some more pass rush help so that you're not dependent on Clay Matthews but when he can go out there. It's a bonus. Yeah but he only has maybe two good games this season. I wanna say last year yet what one gained in the Hamlet for sex and some like yeah you know he had just a monster game and you don't hear his name for the next ten weeks. And then somebody wakes us up again and he is another half way decent game. And then you don't here's name for the rest of the season let's go listen to Mike Clemens and his report. They he had. Regarding the new packer defense. I think there's a lot of things of McCarty is doing note too as to how he once had two runs things and in the installed Terkel on non. Most of it looks about the same about the pad is very up front here he says things like. I can't you know put in more than eight or nine schemes and at night with these guys Croshere you know it overlord of it was just two years ago. Dom Capers was talking about and by install section seven of the playbook he says. You gotta understand these guys are kind of swimming right now I'm given the quarry schemes and hiked. Point formations and you know Dom Capers probably overload the things he saw those last minute substitution in game which calls late and it. And it checks against what they sold the personal offense goes out there. And you know yeah that Mike Daniels run captures. 45 yard captures not to. Far away cash. Barely getting its hand in the ground for. Opponent stepped up football league can't have that happen you gotta have the stuff the truth faster and hadn't said a key senate again today. Because of the CPA. And because of the time that we got I wanna have you know less. Its formations in and game planning things we want so that they have sat down to perfection. And everybody in the team knows that and that we can build there. OK so. That that is definitely promising the year because you know how many times are relaxing games last year and no offense is getting a walking up. And it's total chaos and the Packers ball. And everybody is looking at each OK what's gone on what what are we doing Eric has run in in I understand substitutions. Bob but it seemed like a lot of chaos. And I think. And plus when you heard Rogers say. You know west with. Pat end you know with that hockey gave it just seems that there's definitely a new sheriff and what's your what's your opinion so far and a and the and the defense side. I'm cautiously optimistic I have a lot of great faith in Patton and he's Gannett. Turnaround brings a nasty. There's going to be a different attitude is going to be different hostile. With these guys I think affected. You know we heard for years about how thick down capers defense playbook was. I think ad is a mistake especially with the amount of young guys an undrafted free agents were constantly in the lineup. And forced to play because of Ted Thompson. So I think that it will be a better prepared defense a defense that knows their job and their responsibilities. Now it's. Do these guys have the talent are Wiig and get the same guy Clinton Dixon sucked all last year. Are we gonna get a good version of you know it was going to be like there with a lot of. It was a Tron Williams's said the Packers and there he thought the other team or the other offenses that caught up. To keepers as knew what plays were what I you know what the businesses they were all it's certainly seem that way because I remember watching a little of the Kabul my buddies. Who asked him we might have a on this podcasts. Are they out of jail yes there out of jail well at this. Trying to hold off. But any we wouldn't be looking and 82 it was you know a school and I'm here. You know it they're just getting picked apart. And it it. Is it Casey Anthony were. Guys who were let to be instinctive but they were reactive. Yeah I and I think that's probably the worst way you can play defense. On our is it it's really really old school but if you just go back to the golden era packer football. In the mid sixties wasn't really a lot of plays it wasn't complicated they were just so fundamentally sound that even if you knew what was coming. Even if you had all this skill in the world knew how to beat it that they were going to get what they wanted out of the weather is on the defense aside or the offensive side. I think Don capers playbook which is way way too complicated like you were saying that players had to be reactive and when you're on your heels like that. You're gonna get hurt. Because. You know it's it's hard enough rent when a guy's running at you full speed. To plant your feet wrap up in tackle on but if you're running backwards nonetheless because you don't even know where the play is coming. On or that day or so on top to use that they're ahead there a step ahead even your own defense and so I just. I thought Dom Capers defense. So many layers other word is wrong for them. Modern NFL. Oh is Kelly the opposite of the patriots went yeah I'll do your job yet. You know and handiwork to hinder job because they really didn't know what their job was exactly. And and the other thing too if you saw that thing on a ballot check when when need be. And he beat the Seahawks. Is is the preparation. It was knowing Nan you know one on the goal line the they called this one play to me you know and they were ready for the guy who you know. I mean so it's. The scout unit it's it's everything that's involved with it but sometimes yes let's worry about biscuit the simple stuff on irks. Yeah with the preparation goes deeper than just capers and and the mistakes that his system in and he created. You know we've talked for years about Howell. How old. Predictable the Packers offenses. You know the one thing that Bill Belichick does. Which is unlike everybody else in the league is he is. You know hosts sit there and have a game against the jets where he throws the ball 53 times in a game because he knows that's the best way to beat them. And then the very next week to be playing buffalo and he'll run the ball down sixty times. You know hill will completely change his approach depending on who is on the yes side of the ball. We don't have it yeah no where near. I think a prime example too is like think about just I feel like it's been for years now. Pretty much ever since Corey Dillon's time was up. In New England where they just keep like five OK running backs him and then just use whichever one suits their purpose that we. Like on any given week James why don't go for twenty carries a 110 yards and two touchdowns one in the air and the next week he doesn't touch the ball and a and so it is they have this constant flow of guys that. Really none of them are. The most part. None of them are special but they all have a specific purpose. And that he doesn't look at guys as guys who looks at guys as skills and rolls. In new England and the Packers don't do that there's like. I don't even know what they do you if it does at least on a defense aside the bought just seems like they've been just deer in the headlights completely lost for like. I mean obviously it's going to be wrote Vanilla you Oz here that during the pre season will be interest in the seat. Does it it. When you break in a new defense. It's like my my buddies say. There's cause MB a lot of special teams touchdowns early in the year because while it's early in the year in their work about the schemes if they would defense. Look look the saints last year for what day for Ian fortieth and they gave up and then once the is started to click. You know obviously others that the gaps in the playoff but I mean once after those two games now. I don't think packers' regular forty of forty but if state do I mean a year and these. Are. The bands I I pity you Anthony. Really do you have in the T bills call others say yeah I'll just take the whole season off. And better serve it starts like that back to back for a point gain on sick the whole seasonal aren't that the let the let's switch over to the offensive side of the ball. And apparently. The Packers have to had a great white wide receiver Arctic. Are getting back to Carol the aero and who wells and that in back in the day of bills trade journals guys. Ku morrow is either knew Jeff Janice is is is this another bunch of hype as we drafted. Packers drafted three wide receivers. And Ali at this. This kid is this terror in a camp. What is the enemy the team what's the deal. I mean I would I would doubt it. If he makes the team because there's always there's always some Cinderella guy what do that mysterious hand back injury and it's training learn and breezy spring training it. NBA's summer league whatever it is there's always some guy. That's just a superstar when he's going up against all the three is and then he put him in there showtime let's see if you can really go against real. Top tier apple caliber guys. And he tweaks his hammy or his gets lit up some bad happens. I don't I don't really see this going anywhere just because like you mentioned they drafted three wide receivers you know Dovonte snake in the team now. I would assume that. Because you cut Jordy Nelson that you. No matter what happens in camp Randall Cobb is making the team gets. That although you know sometimes we think that men won't be holed like a few years back current and Josh satin is all the sudden out of town. Sometimes these guys we think you're gonna make it art is gone. I think he's got a good chance of making Todd. You would as you would think Geronimo Allison is gonna make the team. That would could be interest. It depends it it it all depends on the the three headed monster. And I think of pressure release Jimmy Graham Mercedes Lewis are gonna make the team there. So. You know well we just basically nearly seven wide receivers didn't have any other passing options so I don't out they're gonna keep seven this year might be five. Have a five receiver Mardy I then I know that but I just mean options in the army are they are really. I thought our receivers but their they don't count towards that I I would rather they don't count toward the position group on saying it's like if you have two legitimate pass catchers as opposed to. A Richard Rodgers you keep in the tide under can he can block. Now okay wall we got two guys and catcher probably don't need to keep. Yunel welcome on more on the active roster of sixteen game because he's like the eighth option in the passing game. Mercedes Lewis is going to be your goal especially it is value is going to be at the goal line when you go good to Ted and set and he can. Easily do that blocked and then he's a goal wander out on the flat. You know alive while Jimmy Graham million double team I mean that brings up so much flexibility. But. How many times is Graham going to be in the slot he'll be interest in the CFA will see that that's one thing will pricey right away in pre season but he. You know. East tight then wide receiver I mean that's a fantasy football question to mean do you. Start I mean they were talking last year about as some of these guys. Current lineup in the slot so much are they really are tied in and yes I just think with numero. I think he's got a great chance to make and his team. Does anybody have any faith in Trevor Davis I don't need to see Trevor Davis such Holyoke soul and all year these reports she's rejuvenated. This an app but. Yeah EC these questions. But I pack his bags forming down does not have warming Geronimo does nothing for me in besides affecting he's got a fantastic first name. I don't know but I I wouldn't keep around just because of his name. You know he he hasn't done much. What are you gonna see each win is this guy when all these rookie guys that we have drafted you know. When they have to step on the field and face liege science talent they're looking at sighs okay. But you know and drama doesn't emphasize. These three guys do may be equity mania it's. Drops the ball or gets hurt. You know maybe Jay Juan. Gets hurt or you know let's wait I thought those guys despite an end to get a hand. Do right well what albums probably gonna get hurt and mean none of them word I think worth they like all taken in the fifth round or later. So op. The Packers have cut. Fifth round picks out of camp before I don't think all three are gonna make the team. Oh I think which makes it even if they're healthy idolized are brilliant and his team starts running back punt return secure creatures in the pre season. I think Trevor Davis is the odd man out I mean yeah I Eurasia in every part did his own two yard line yeah. I think I think Trevor Davis might be he needs the worst punt returner that I've seen on this team since Antonio Chatman. Now. I think he's horrible I don't I don't think yeah I don't think Trevor Davis has any business on an NFL roster go play in Canada broke. Then in Alton Johnny football. Our lets us go on the way back machine men mentioned the name Sify has remember I don't expect. Anthony who knows guy but this is this is kind of like it Jake Ryan type guy. Was supposed to be. And there's been all these guys throughout history of that dead and unfortunate become a bit of both ask strict what could of finance mark the enough for. Second round draft pick from Penn State 1992. Anthony. This kid. With Smart he was. He had the smarts. Of it's hard to compare now because linebackers were a lot bigger packs then they went there are lots lots stock fear not stock your 19 he was. The bosses schemes are different too but com. You know he was a kid Allison use Penn State and he was probably. One of the smartest guys out there. And I didn't I never heard this and Anderson before applause. But he had I think some of people have said they catastrophic. Hamstring injury. So only there again I was doing some research found because Yasser about this. Awful injury he had and think the third game of the year and yet some. Little injuries in Li pre season two so we really never got a good look him in the pre season but. And plus the coverage wasn't it wasn't like it is now training camp he did last have a training camp you know everybody was excited about him. And he had his injury I can think of is that thing must have been ripped you know and must have been 10 right off the ball. Really bad injury and he he came back in 93. Million. And then had another injury. And pretty much had to retire. He is now the defense of coordinator for university at Houston. He's actually he signed a billion dollar contract he still. He's been around football and the coaching side now and that makes sense because he was you know Joseph pause in on as his disciples and was a Smart guy. In and a lot of respect and now he's finally kind of chug and his way through the coaching ranks would be surprised if he becomes tea. Head coach Kris soon. In in division one but it marked and after rose one of these guys where you're like. I remember listening to the ones sports. Show that we had to walk in radio back and therefore only two hours during an L. Once today. And you know we're like OL once we get this guy this is who we need in this neck as he could tell. Ninety tool. You knew something was different. And and his you know this new Cordoba created in the you know the candidate could south things are kind of moving in the right direction rate from off the bat. But Martin Afro is a guy they were like. Oh yeah a case hurt out we'll come back in you know they didn't sailed badly there is. This is kinda out always wonder what could've then. It's a slight. You know so many of the safeties and quarterbacks through the years Louis Tim Lewis is injury had anything goes against. And it's Steelers. He was a pro bowler you know how golf what could've what what could have been you know with some of these guys on the Packers among mark mark is one of those guys. That you know is that defense they who knows that it would have been that guy that could beat cowboys and Indy five B gun to go and to Bruno soup will a year earlier who knows by. Yeah he is a one of those guys that. Forgotten guy but he was you is supposedly on his way to greatness and those wanna around what looks better. Better picks on paper but then materialism field is across. Their retail because you hear everything out of training camp this year and it's nothing but heaps of praise for Jerry year Alexander for Kevin King. For Josh Jackson. You know everybody who plays on the team is just Paul. Paul got her off to such a great start nor should be able to step right in and make a difference and Kevin King will be CV Juan. And you know it's just it's crazy. And you know I used to buy in that stuff for years and years and years and and then all of sudden you sit there and he sees some of these guys play and they just don't have it. And they get hurt and Jake Ryan is a perfect example. The Packers are back in the mid season form and training camp so we poll. You know we get our first ACL we're not even in a week in camp a week. You know. Erin Jones got a hamstring injury already. Control prices hurt you know it's just the list goes on and on its disabled story with these Packers. Well it's it's took its light their way across support ago I mean you know I you know a lot of stuff. From the Indianapolis. On from the media from Indianapolis and you know all the colts this colts they all realize a lot of people. Well solemn do a lot of people realize that a team that B 313 of the colts down the colts are to us it's going to be ugly they're decimated but we certainly. Thoroughly appreciate you joining us today Anthony. And Allen and look forward to do and another podcaster Jeff and a couple weeks and we'll see who we can draw rate in here. But we got some I got some guests lined up should be introducing a lot of fun as we take a look at packer history then and now in a it's it's it's chug chug a time it is it's gotten it's coming quick call fame game is this what tomorrow tomorrow geez. Time flies. So for Anders losses season the airline. And and finally justices there Jerry Kramer is going in the in the national foot. Now again it's about time long overdue is Hillary is now you might not know this might look at that mean I played guard in high school and because because of watching old NFL films footage of Jerry Kramer and Fuzzy thirst. I respect level just went up all of a bit here I was smaller than two room. Don't given them but he hadn't talked to him yeah very good down now was not very good but I did play we had dispute before pulling guard it's no. Nothing about I was horrible. I was like five feet tall everybody else was like. Like push and six feet so even if I was as motor and by now there's Strider twice is lost his mind at the glasses on him are now actually my had not it wasn't after until I started getting my bell rung a little bit after four years and actress Italy's in my side a little bit. Offices CT yeah that was that was a jacket and cap. You know. There is a racecar driver this turn us around their racing side speaking of that here's and values of worries and her nerdy. Nerdy. Like US army glasses in the seventies and you know back when you. Back act and army would just give me glasses and they were. God awful look in the nude or these injuries in Bailey's use its spring Carter don't Wolfgang. He got into us correct. Got a concussion fixed his picks. Nice as a parent if the ads as out thank Zia ready at the riches story out there and he hit it. He had hit just right in some as your vision can be fixed so. Heard some things like that to go like also disliked just pedestrian people is getting in car accidents also they're back pains gone right and I can just happen to knock something in the right way. You know I remember playing probably now majority of people but every now and again you get lucky deal playing football Leonel pads is with a bunch of guys but tackle. On Sunni keynote great great tackles with a big guy you know we were both analysts to to order honors. Open field. Perfect textbook tackle. And he hit me so party cracked mine neck from a neck cracked. The candidate Gavin noble rate of the shoulder in as I secret eat those low. Felt good it. Either is their idea but themselves but I'm that thought we thank you for listening and end up please join us again for another. Green and gold then and now podcast Jennifer allows you think you went skinny Anthony Mandela. Think you in on how can we hear real moral size of an a from the fin. Well you can listen to me and everybody else on the radio dot com out there 1057 up on the stand dot com but I'll leader in the on deck show. Every Sunday the rest of verses and I tell our men. To this point in every now and again I'll make you guest appearance on the big show the American up on C tucked away in order to give into the World Series there are bigtime no no I don't think they're gonna big time me Lou I can do enough out pretty good job nobody said it yell at me about anything so. Very feel like it's going all right. Excellent so and Jeff Egan join Jeff and I every Saturday for final inspection shall. Wells to tool on Saturday and now possible vehicle like us. And to unify the final selection show on FaceBook and also follow us on Twitter. At Steve's got keys ZAUTTE. And Jeff and Jeff underscore Orlovsky in saudis vote that odd name you're Messina policy right yeah. OR LO SK you know W and Nancy you know can we find you. On Twitter at. Anthony Mandela. Two wells while I'll look at that you'd in have to be an outline and now 640. My game was then there lolly get one lucky Theo and I am very good. Are you a thank you for listening and then. We like to think there are sponsor oxygen and here's sincere earth who's been cooling and freed all participants. Thank you for oxygen.