Parent Swap ticket changes at Disney World!

The World According To Sparky
Wednesday, June 6th
It appears changes are coming for those that have kids and enjoy using the parent swap ticket at Disney World. Find out what those changes might be looking like now!! TUNE IN!! 

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Also read another world according to Sparky sees Sparky Phifer with you from the Wendy's big show weekday afternoons here on the fan. And these Spitzer are otherwise known as any Spicer to Ontario and on the big show I of course came Boris here too. As we talk more about Disney World and does some breaking news. Not in the world of Disney that we have to talk to and that is the parent swap. Why is being changed. Miss K and Disney World and you immediately. Said into a state of panic on finding out about this crack at a right now what don't you like about. The way they're doing how power they change it for those that haven't seen the article on chip in coda account. So I mean it's not set in stone yet but according to this article. You're going to begin minutes kind slide it when you can return back for your fast past kind of like you do now by Brett I don't think the pitch use your time flat so right. Now the way it is for the parents want and you've heard other previous podcast we talked about this. Where if you're in line in your significant other is standing over to decide with your kid who's can't standing up to go on the ride. You just they may look over okay sounds good here ego then further line they give you a piece of paper like a ticket. And it's good for like among thirteen months and now arrogance that attach it to your magic and instead tracked now. You're going to be able to go back. Is it time or date sensitive. Is this is ahead it's high time sensitive. And you can't obtain another line until now has been uses says it can be stacked. High. My main concern with that is what year using the writer swap. For the purpose of a child that's not able to go on marriage yet. Is because that child is that young and if you're given a time cy in might not coincide with. George Daly plan as far as. Next time eating time back at a time whatever the time right thing is just so many different factors and the way it is currently set up. We can just come back whenever he it's convenient for yourself. Is my wonderful for a parent I can understand them money to put a restriction diet as far as. Coming days Audi music 'cause currently it's almost like few weeks or so ranked. But if it's like with name and the duration of your staying a war. That day sir meaning like if you had the fastest in the morning you were coming back later that day with your kids after they've napkin arrested. And use them and that would be per. David you said within seven days war what do you have to give it a thirty day limit that he said Jerry gets uses within seven days. Al some people do caller for two weeks or one of the case and be whatever sorry to inconvenience you but we're not giving a time you have to be back within seven days but at some point within the next week you're gonna come back and use your fast fast otherwise. It kind of goes away that you wouldn't have a problem. Now okay enough of it was played with him that day in May be the following day like within 24 hours now. Any you read Dennis them. You don't have kids how did you read it in what how did you come across the line I'm really excited because now I don't have to get married and has. It's the quicker on October. Yeah and it sounded really attracted to union are selling houses in order bride or something on the and yeah it gone but now I don't have to be that. No I think it's replied I mean if if you're gonna narrow it down to an hour. Mikey says if you have kids. That my network yeah. And you are like last week is scheduled hour fast passes for sixty days out now those Eveready and yeah just go back in and just that I instance only actors that to me right this is what I want and listen and Alan. I wanna know if magic kingdom closes out saying at 9 o'clock. Am real fast pass. Or the 8 to 9 o'clock hour we walk on at 845. Two days say you have to use your parents slop now before the end of the day got to get right back in lining goal again that's another request or how does that war. That's a good point that's what I want and I think. When they say time I'm hoping they mean. That they're gonna give you diss I'm hoping that it doesn't mean. An hour and minutes type deal like in normal fast past would be. What I understand early Smyth my idea of this Apollo I read it is there must have been people. Either fraud Julie making those tickets or whatever the case may be. And then coming back and never have a newscast passes all the matches are trying to get rid of the paper copy version of it. Which idea. And I'm fine with that it didn't just can go the magic dance or your room card if you're a Disney resort or however your want to do file that. I just don't think. Because everything that you said K each you can say saying day because for instance for us. We're gonna get there well maybe not every day the most theirs were to get their probably in the afternoon right ran to get up passable time jacks is gonna take his nap and actors now we're gonna head. Now after that it's gonna determine. How long were Darryl determine on how long Jackson is tolerable before we need to go back and beat up. Hold let me get to the calls or whatever but haven't been the case but like I said before. The other issue is so we have three fast processor started yet so it on the first. Ride peninsula. I it's a second ride when real parents want bright. You're sure my. According determining that it even got three fast passage yet to use it right away as a guy who identical issue another hmmm. That seat a dozen Annie says these are great fast passes that you're telling me. I can't use the parents swapped for OK so I go on a ride at 11 o'clock in the morning that's my first fast pass right now. Now I get a parent slot. Right that's what kept circling back to my next fast passes that doomed right from my parents slop I can't use until 5 o'clock this afternoon. I'm just a stock went up I don't think they can do that I think what they're saying is you can't fast pass. Can't parents want the same ride twice. At the same person meaning. We do without me sent right meaning. We we passed passed space mount it right now we are fourth pass pass we fast caste based non again because it's still available. What they're saying I think in your article is you can't parents slop again until used the previous ones for that second time going nuts that. That's why this scenario because that's like that Amy asked passes of current events scheduled for us cracked. Before we were aware of that even if you even ice. In this scenario you have no idea when the parents what time is gonna be or not only that but you can't spread out your fast passes right. Even in Japan etc. he still wouldn't know when it's going to be. I mean if they said okay so that if you go on 11 o'clock fast passed between eleven in new your parents swap will be between two and three. If state if that's on the site. And it says right they're here's a scheduled d.s or your parents slots are going to be if you go each our this how it's gonna translate. That at least is better than not know. Because that at least you can figure out OK well we go of this are we so gonna be there at this time if we parents slot. If we she'll earlier so we can parents slot earlier and get out of there earlier. Airs out there this is gonna be a disaster possibly if they don't do with the right right his right now it says they're testing it. Currently in the parks like training right. By nothing has actually been released like why did details exactly cracker Jack. Aside from the chicken company website website which is a group of such epic Kodak company data from somebody else by Dallas to. But again discuss that runs a travel agency or whatever so that they he gets and he lives out there. So he gets all the answer yes or no and I know you like to plan your day entirely out the light yes fast passes and that the parents swap thing now like you you're gonna have no wiggle room and well known not enemies now half wiggle room when you have a Butler right and there I used to mean when I know I dislike locked in my space mountain occasionally in addition in my fast passing go radio just jump on real cooking though there's no way to police are you totally out of it almost as you have to hit all these set points and nine he's never having kids that's what I'm just figured out not only. Tower fell stressed. What ten adding land in other rides that. You all are foot traffic would already be dispersed even more so now so why is this an issue on the set and is it because he's sorry but it is time to those rights. Well look you've been there you've done this I remember specifically. Under railroad. The last time we went the fast pass line was longer than the actual lying to get onto the ride if you didn't have a past the white tiger was in order. They actual lively people like screw this I'm a little regular line is quicker than the fast pass like that so that was happening. But they do think that door is fraudulent activity going on. And people you're selling these things on the side or handing amount or whatever and it's hurting on which source and how would heard many obvious pass pass lies. It doesn't affect you reserving a fast pastime because those don't have time on exactly so how does it hurt anything I didn't I know that there was gradual seeing as happening. Make waves that plastic cards. I don't know how people that it now I don't like and items and it just know that people have like stacks of cards and kept trying to seat their it would work for a tax or. Hundred cards in their hands. And like were you getting out bees from. Yeah like some he's making amidst all the mega money. Obviously bright and by any way to make a dollar in you have all these jurors coming in a dozen old don't know the difference what you're just kind of sit around a parking lot person out somewhere out on international drive wherever the case may be. Pocket musings right. I understand and eliminate that light Hugh in the process. Discourage others this is actually families that are spending the most right so this is that the deal is where you leave July 30. We're gonna get screwed in this in the beginning. But I promise you knowing Disney is they will fix whatever the issues are. And this'll be all ironed out and make sense and damaged only Matt but for the first two or three months we're gonna have angry moms like tank who. Are gonna be livid by the new situation that they have. And are going to be mad the entire week where there and she's gonna let everybody in the mother know about it while we're out there and I feel sorry for all of you because of humor and other commented dad's driver coming July 31 August 8 sold just hide just just tied the easiest Cummings has anything to resign just hi can that's her and she's coming for in the job. So we'll see how this goes in war pork package in Seattle goes after this 01 other quick thing here before grab a renewed Disney fact obviously we'll get to that. But we went shopping Indy. Yesterday canine and we're looking for stocks are in a landscape frown of where we live in ending on the sides of whatever irony and cheap she points at this. Lush cheese holes. Like purple flowers and like was at a tree. Shouldn't known only it's a lush. Kind of bush was that utter I bright sound now immediately I thought of viewing anything as a butterfly garden here at the radio station. Where we work as the yet to do it for corporate and whatever bad you did this old Lullabot. It would be a perfect centerpiece right. It's only ten by its all time box out get it and we're doesn't Bedard just out -- just put it right in the middle of the garden and then played everything around a -- sticks up nice and -- would be the centerpiece of your -- -- -- Google -- get it after work on sale -- -- butterflies are in the sandbox and down there on and brag just expensive and can't pay for will be beautiful will be -- -- I wish it would put them closer to water source it's hard work like in the watering can every day over into the and honesty and my -- Built up watering can in the end it paid extra to take care this do that. Com and now we're just kind of suckered into yen in Tokyo that the that host doesn't. We're OK don't worry the lights went out a delegate cattle concern work five no boring everybody lower according does not reach now now it shouldn't panic on our Dan what's the Disney fact. The guys have been on the monorail ride a monorail which is having issues and is constantly. Under enclosures with the issues then and while they had some managed falafel one monorail found. Which can't call previously would have dated we want to enriching just doesn't look that much it's fine. And literally like a month that we are back in about the same vicinity on senator I would run not comfortable locked. So they're doing a lot of work I'm a monorail and perennials gotten a lot arrives as well that they are building that's causing a ton of money to give you another former transportation. To get around this. Oral so when you take the monorail that cut you know you go and you see the spaceship earth the tank golf balls in my family's car it up. News the monorail goes all the way around in wraps around and then ends up at the monorail station yet. And the reason they don't viewed the have the monorail go around spaceship earth is there's actually a sinkhole. Those that built the station right before. You got to spaceship earth and let you off. There wouldn't be a monorail track there eventually just go to saint saying can. Even more money ran out lock underneath those things can yeah. My I ask you he won't hear our music singles in Florida that's true now don't have rights. Examines possible that is bother me as I wanna get off in the right they go all right I go around so I had an unknown in new play as it is the effective dinnertime and Spitzer to divorcee Sparky fiber. Thanks for tuning into another world according to Sparky here 157 FM the fan else.