Part 2 Disney World vs Disney Land

The World According To Sparky
Tuesday, July 3rd
Part 2 of Andy trying to make a more convincing argument for Disney Land!! Let's see if he wins them over!!

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Amber another addition of the world according to spark his we'd continue. Our debate up Disney World vs Disneyland T Sparky fiber cable or any Spitzer with UNB Spitzer the Disneyland expert on the show whereas he continues to try and sway us. I had to be out to view last week's podcast really didn't do much sway us other than the other way in favor of Disney World so we'll see what AD comes up with this week any all dressed up for the podcasts today what's what's gonna worry I'll just up there is important people here in the office so. There's importing people here is an office that's who were told not to look like scrubs that's an exact quote while I didn't get that mammal that is tell us apparently programming they don't care about us is just saw you people on the sales floor that they said not to look like scrubs my idol and now I forgot by. I'll go at Moffett Fergus podcast well that test Goodell to rent a Mickey Mouse lectured dizzy podcast they say institution and Al were Mickey Mouse tie. Whole deal and you'd and also at her coupon for tied I haven't I'll another question for you before we get to our our you're right. So here at work they got this thing called the butterfly gardeners some on her other that and he's in charge of right yap I still what we have a question or maybe I just have a question why a bird bath and a butterfly garden four of its for birds and it's something to do. Yet something to do list that it helps attract the butterflies it's human bird bath knows what what did you just make a bird bath. Leave it on any artillery go or also got butterflies now I don't know a whole lot trouble that thing. You really can't find suited you pitch it is much child that butterfly garden as he does the podcast keeping it kind of Miki bird bath and go to Disney. The U maybe. Now we hear about Russia did pack her church mr. lane I don't tell me why why anyway were harbored that that's what I don't understand. Comes from birds who yes I got bigger cars to Don our decks can be pulled down. Why do we want ever before we have a bird eater McCree who in their nine holes only. Number tears come going to help okay you arm after landscaper over the generated it's a Mickey one pound it's a Mickey bird feeder. Telling me he had on it and the whole deal that's vertical yet that is pretty cool Scott bird feed in it and they seem to like it's a target yet. Landscaping has become mine likely was really has I think was on an excited he has I don't think I've been a Menard just like it's twenty times in the last two weeks. I'm probably under now want as my guess have been there three or four times and given day. So scary I can't I at Disney World vs Disney land anti Spitzer continue to try and sell us on Disney land. Got some loose ends to tie up from last week care clinic idea put on the spot with desserts and so forth. Legged deer in the headlights and are sometimes Verizon coming after me. So I compose myself after the show. Yes he did you guys and email so he was ready to tell if it's. I think Kay an email about the best Disneyland desserts. And just some highlights Diana and is the top ten. Maybe imposed hitters and then after that the three things that economy is they have really good funnel cakes on mean street. The mic DC Mac or rooms. I suspect that yes I just don't know at a Mac news it's real wash the Food Network test and that's that's Hines is married seltzer doesn't wash the Food Network. That's all right though there's still time for you OK guys now also it's a character Apple's the one of the at a picture of an article was us and arrows can here it. All and it is painted Blake's older blues late blue and silver and it was apple in the front and then it was like can the full blown cared so like he likes for people leave him put on this thing come with instructions on how. It up and we. I don't know all right so okay so we got tackled for sign up her mind I'm not impressed with a funnel cakes can get that state fair so there's there's not much there president file cakes. You are gazing at Fung collect anymore on under Disney for the U tart apple product because I don't change your. Wade did he follow Kagan that was stupid and instead there's not care less greasy no way no I don't believe well we'll have to do a taste test yet. A viable Chara but how will be Disneyland so it'll be totally different and Hondas actually on the nutrition facts for the Disney funnel cake there's 25% more magic in the it is funnel eight C got and that's why he's our Disneyland expert there. 45% more magic. Adam and mark magic may be don't magically get the kids is not talking back as much maybe those give them two or three politics of networks at the turn now. Has it in spite your blood sugar and Tony I didn't maybe you'll be able to have one that all right god. Now an analyst talking about oh Disney World ten years studio out of town guests Disneyland teeters Hughes. The locals. And you guys are shoot me down about what's with quicker. Park hours of Bryant Park hours. The benefit of that is you can basically walked in any ride that you want so if you remember going to Disney World visited do you that it wasn't as busy as it is now apparently Disney World is almost ten to BA where you actually have to. Or the regular price is enough they're gonna sure to Baghdad. They're they're gonna raise the prize is the boy dad Richard Davis will be able to go to Russell's lot from the outside so it's it's kind of cool kind of a throwback to of the ninety's at least for Armenia media bit older for some though listeners there out there. But you can basically just lock and any ride there's very little. Wait times there has his own Disney World Fatah. That's why is nobody there they're all in Disney World the people from California troubled Florida to get their business experience. And now I'm seeing more and more in Disneyland. Rides. That are popping up. I Disneyland over Disney World. Because Disney World and have it no mind of seeing. Ul there's a lot of different someplace any talked about last week did you get a Disneyland vs Disney World for sure yet but once you start adding Tron a Disney World guardians of the galaxy adapt cot. There is just no way that can compete with all that. But both parts are gonna still always have their unique things sheriff's you know certain lands at Disneyland and it certainly into Disney World vice Versa. So I'm you're dismissed and down on the Euro only seen half the picture. Go to electric taste athlete who's Disneyland all we have to do Disneyland only going he's coming with absolutely. There's and you'll be able to point out cius allows talk about right here is if we go. Men we don't do what any says an eighty's to be mad at a psyche toll missed out on the whole experience he didn't do this this and this. And he says it should be the tour guide does heal as and don't live like right after a stop sign there's no hope for those of nonfat not at all now. Though some continue to medalists here. One of the cool things I was found out you guys haven't stamp. Property from all that much yeah yeah I ask when I was growing up we sent a proper yelled to that we sell property. A few times. And now the last time I San probably was the boardwalk. Hired me knowing how much has got to pay for it but we we stayed at the board lock and that was fine yep I had a great time that trip and now. You can kids are staying at the swan. Yeah. One no slime dolphin on a one of them are connected to tolls were to go sobbed so we'll go or staying at one of knows this time and that's right on the board lock. And talking to people here in the Dolan is in the thing that's a great idea because again. At night you can walk down or burn today like on the boardwalk and I screamed and ESPN's own have launched yanked all kinds of places to eat on the boardwalk session before it. So one of the things is so at the resort stays obviously is this complimentary bus service. I can take you anywhere on the grounds January wanna go with they don't tell you is it Sox waiting for. Sometimes doing for a half hour sometimes it's longer rest you know park might sound there's a guy you guys are look plus apps though acknowledged to be our boss apps we can see just how far away Airbus says they have an idea true but it won't tell you how crowded the buses sensor might be waiting for current. So the cool thing about Disneyland is he stale one of there's tons either the com good neighbor hotels which. Means they're not official Disney hotels by at Disneyland like OK we like the way you do business he can stay here right they post them on the web site. And there is three official does mean hotels at Disneyland to. You see it one of those he basically to mark wherever you wanna go so. No waiting for the bus if you wanna go to downtown Disney it's a couple of blocks away on you actually walked straight through downtown Disney land. To. Disneyland and California adventure time out but that. Downtown Disney. Quote unquote vs Disney springs yet. Tell that compares on Ted that California downtown Disney a shorter. Com are smaller. On distilling ESPN zone. Met downtown Disney and it's Disneyland. Prisoner was sandwiched there. On the cool cop Disney springs now T. They might change last Emma was there system downtime as it is our best it is springs now to indicted there during today's annual yet because I get confused when I see some of the news. You have to differentiate between Disney springs. Florida the ruining Andy's California experience they're gonna make it like Florida nannies and have nothing. If I could be wrong but I'm pretty share. I don't know what's your fair part of Disney's springs you're wondering if it's still in California I don't let let not necessarily Zack I was just kind. I'm wondering you know growing up as a kid going to Disney world in Florida with the Disney village. You know for so long the older part of it and that it was downtown Disney and then you know they updated a little bit and I disease brings is just all high in store for the most part again the rich and famous us where that's were shooting for an on Florida. So for me I was wondering does it's still have that old school feel of how Florida used to be with the older stores error or have they all been renovated are all high end like. Now what Disney springs has turned into that might think is now again. There we just saw this lookup which go to rejoin the big the big Disney store there revolve stop the once Utley three mile long. The re doing outside the redoing the inside so they're changing that whole thing up. Yang it's it might be kinda similar there to the way used to be there's less high end stores just 'cause there's less space to put them got. But it's a lot of flake Disney actually owns the store right and they sell like Disney merchandise Tucci and there and all these other people now. Right and that's and that's what Disney springs has become it's become wall. Higher end stores and they got a lot of good restaurants still don't to be wrong I still won't go on his to Disney's strings in Orlando. In my opinion at least that they got a lot of black hole foo foo stores. That are up and down and and you were area they descended on recently Ryan right so Leanne it's a Canon gets away from the and it's a throw back to back in the day what the accurate. It's just called downtown Disney district. And they're okay cool all right so so much does he springs yet. Now citing better than I was doing and people are writing about it they're just referring to Disney I don't know. And I've gotten disappoint you where I think we're going to be able to go see somebody forum in Florida and it's for California. Yet it but that's just a big benefit for me is now having a Q&A Boston haven't Diana you know go to restaurants down there anything you just walk right to it. Once you lock probably three to downtown Disney. I Disneyland on your left California adventure the other part they have there's on your right you just pick which one you wanna walk towards so it's a Universal Studios sent out yet. It's very condensed it's very straightforward and there a parking lot you walk him through to get their from Merrill tell. Tom I stayed at the Disney is I'm very I mean I'm busy does not having been there. That the resorts are on one side of the street and there's a gigantic parking lot and then you're there is the entrance of the month so I stayed at the Disneyland hotel which is kind of all the way on one and the downtown Disney's shopping district. And the parking lots and those on the left hand side seat on actually walk through the park in months ago. You walk around the parking lot no use walk right through downtown Disney sol the parking lots can and the downtown Disney is connected to the park yet pretty much different than what it is in Orlando there separate ends right yet we're downtown Disney and uses where you buy tickets for the parks and that's clearer healthier and Universal Studios you know right. Same effect her there and then there's the park right yup I like that batter I like how universal setup. As far as you walked through the bars of their stores and all that stuff again and then you walked Ian that I'll. So there's 1 day I am wanted to realists and visual and a stain at Disneyland hotel watchers will he get there. Usually the full Montague which is like roast beef and mustard and move. Pulled locked into the final. McCain actually sounds like dirty enough. Does that have. It's not a dirty movie to fool not to attend the former getting us when it's called don't white out brewers God's order for just a god. Andy and awful Montague side hey you could literally look through your windows it's like ten feet away sign propped on the elevator went down it was intentional walk to in my standards. Marked another ten foot back to my room Bakken elevator was done past and marketing right there and then of waiting for the bonds hopefully catch the bias. It's a thirty minute you know Basra trying to get to the Sanders plays so I just kinda like the condensed. Disneyland subsequent. You don't vote the more he talks about this resort stay thing in buses and on us. The more I'm starting to deride this whole experience of the buses with eleven year old a thirteen year old two year old. And to itself afterward that he got I take it it's going to be I think after this day we're probably gonna go back to staying at a house going forward. Get brought me the same room too it's not I'm I'm a little bit concerned about how to saga play out so we'll see all right now let's you got Andy. I got some concert to room. So I would say the resort schools at the three official Disneyland. Hotels these just aren't really cool progress. They're just pulls urges schools are they trying. Of the ten have Disneyland hotel has like an old school pool. Where it's called the pool which. Pacman Disney parks open you actually at a book of tickets. In January ABC the half and then depending on the quality of the guide. You'd after redeem the corresponding letter ticket so. Take it would be like to care so Brett it's not that cool and NC. So the club. Right now and one in the other hotels is kindness steamed after him. It's built by the same guy do wilderness lodge if you're familiar and with the Florida hotel it's called the redwood pool and that's basically says to slide and a cool now so. That's Campbell and in my things about it. But are they less expensive the Disneyland hotels verses the Disney World now so you wanted to get the cool very cool pool or anything your pain the same price or is he worded busy world yes of for that three levels of the hotel hotels Disney World you know yours you moderate steered value riles and Angela x.s. On they're basically all the blocks. Prices at Disneyland very expensive. Wedding entrance when neighboring partners. Those are little cheaper just 'cause they don't of the Disney name on there as our pools. I yet some us. With some of steam there really cool job but it just didn't he just forgot about Disneyland for Scott to upgrade all the resorts. Okay go ahead. Another kind hand is. If you stamp property Disney World you really do you feel secluded by non and steered Busan worries and troubles of the world can really get to you year to scanned off the grid. I'd Disneyland doesn't feel that way when year. Pulling up to the park on the policy in C tennis space mountain from the highway and it ruins the whole whole atmosphere. Once here in the park you know really feel that way too much to accuracy outside it is now. Martina across the street scenes space council leaders the strange to me. The excitement. Walking in and her idea but that's how I level fielding your email where it was in that when it's in the neighborhood. You know you guys even the dissidents are coming over the water or whatever else than your drive into the neighborhood you don't see any LTD and there it is lol yes this is Staten. Oh smack dab in the middle now they rebel that I put a towel on district and but. That's argue severe it's a surrounded by houses and there's a football field. Yet where so many other places like you have a boxer in his downtown that's where it makes sense to be here whatever and not to make Green Bay so cool not as much anymore. Either way. And it's it the second part there is Disney California adventure. They basically went and opened in 2001. Disney executives tried to figure out what's the cheapest way we can open a park here we go again that's. They don't care by the zero enough about Lauren talking and Andy and do not care to the point where the actually the built the cars land to like apologize for right now actually read dedicated the park says like an apology tour and Roberts ten years brats who. So they're working on it it's a lot cooler than it was when it opens. But I don't know if it's worth a hundred dollars a day or whatever there's very young and so I reflect all the way to California pay for air fares stay hotels they don't have cool pools with kids. And he's telling me there's only one part worth going to see. Oh yeah. They're printing cherishing the nostalgia of the yen original. Park you know he's dream and vision. And president beta and execute anything else are now. I can't try and. Gas and Disney land is worth a trip to singling him just one yeah but I don't got to know they're for a week for Disneyland angled their for a weakening get out you probably couldn't Pietrus Pallet T spent two days the agreement are so very got dizzy were all the verses and Disneyland time for our Disney. On fact remains that are so retirement. The union cries at Disneyland as the Disney World doesn't have one in my experiences the matter army talked about last week. So in the peak summer months they actually have cast members at Disneyland dress up as mountain climbers incline the outside of the matter more and like it's a serious thing. Real yet it's all like a man and it's not that big mound obviously but they're pretending that client hospital have life before annualized. The cool thing all the way at the top you can't see this as fears a member of the public now although at the top of the mountain they're sexy half court basketball court that they can play in the mountain climbers can plan that operate shoot some hoops. Race. That's a Spitzer is Disney fun fact that is the world accorded a Sparky until next week. Your health.