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Sunday, March 18th
Faith in the Zone with "Big Time" Mike McGivern and Pastor Ken Keltner.

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Welcome defeat in the zone show about sports and faith and how that to come together and Weinstein. Right now discover help people in sports walking face. But host Mike may give burned and pastor camp Kilmer. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. Welcome defeat in the zone on sports Radio One 057 from the stand. I'm might be different in my goodness he is back. And world traveler faster camp felt there. Meg got it last night I sit cast your pro anti terror signal invited she's talked to Pat Williams yep I'm coming up to Tony on and in Australia New Zealand and Palau. Five missionaries and twenty days and you know what Mike I think I told you before we started. One I learned was that John is at work all over the world and he'll use to ever is available all of that and I I even got. I tell you ahead in the coaching basketball since I got here live. Milwaukee and man they they want me with the national Palawan to England coach self years when we did when I don't know what no 180. For what time to retire yet I don't like he retires the national coach for along the Pentagon and I'll just do what you don't all the fame. Well odds you'll realize is that what is important rebel all of fair result that. Didn't see you guys choose to go on TV and an opera how they promote street in the zone you know I'll. Yeah though the former president of Palau won the talk baseball and I sir Tony and some faith in the zone stories with AJ Ellis and some of those guys. And he goes I want my brother and so the TV station here I want you on talking about faith in the zone. And that's awesome so there's joyous Internet Internet international now on the ice. My last name correctly you're you'd mentioned an ally the united. I'm just a little cohost Mike Cameron is the he has his backwards for Kerry yeah irreverent program note I don't get that station that Specter right. I could never figured out if you're tell each I mean I do too TO you give me. I release about today's show look we have Pat Williams. I'm a number of years ago and I was just few I was so impressed too timid and waiting ED win EE he can about the new book. And I've read some of the book some day it's coach wooden is forgotten teams stories and lessons from John Wooden summer basketball camps. I can't wait to get a cup because I re use of forward from John wood's daughter read part of it the pulpit that pat wrote. I can't wait to get my hands on it and there's a number of ways that we can do that throughout the show. Home to tell you all you have to do is Google coach wooden forgotten teams. And this pops up and you can get an Amazon or target there's a number of places to get this book and I would highly recommended. We're now joined Jesus senior vice president of the Orlando Magic and author of over a hundred books. He has Pat Williams. Caicos takes a lot of Gloria. I'm doing well. So nice to put it would open Mike and thanks for inviting. What pat you know even though Euro later magic took us to have a ticket to the blocks this week. You're still welcome on faith in the zone. I don't look up. Well. I it was a much needed win her and that any bit weakened due to make up for now. In Milwaukee is a Moscow and have dinner Carl ratchets. Meters. I'm a big Milwaukee there so maybe I'll slip and what it. You know what if you do if I buy dinner will go to Carl Mayer who will go to garage is a pass to catch fire we're going to chick filet itself I. Well that'd be a if you're a buyer wherever you wanna go mr. woods will be right there with tip. I gotta get really appreciated. If you base your time and and let's talk if we can't to begin with about this book coach wouldn't forgotten teams. This was really interesting to meet Patton I'm wondering what what gave you the idea to write that book. Well this affordable that are written wouldn't fastening the button. And so what is it ripped his team in the opposite the and so however. There was a big part of coach wooden life. That really had been untouched. And nose were of this summer camps that he it's rare and brokers offer many many many years in the LA area. And as we delegate count out there were. Thousands of youngsters. Who came under his tutelage. You know years ago so we thought what if we could like summit obviously adults now. What triggered by summit. Young men who were coaching you know and apple just. Boy acted the arts and it'll look at coach wooden well we were very important that we found many people. Read the tips and worked with coach wooden. Young assistance and we have many former campers and whose lives. Had been deeply impacted you know. Our property great fodder now. But what they ever have forgotten you know summer camps it was a it was a very very interesting project. That and we got a look at coach wooden. And a different angle. Well let me tell you about the angle there was a coach wouldn't. That everybody knew UCLA. He was there every day. Eating just lent his name. He was involved in setting up every day's schedule. He spent time with these young campers. Spoke to. Individually edit edit the as a group. That did photo so. He didn't just mail it any organized practices never force. It was fascinating to really get a look at this coaching legend. You know working in the summertime. Hey pat I idea and I printed out one page of part of the books that are read. Today and I've read it's much that kind of read the forward that read a number of of pages and can I I really look forward to get my hands on the book and I will. I'd sometime to greater moral and I'm going to read this book is it if fascinates me. I've been at bats woke quotes now for 36 years. Any time that act you re so that coach wooden and and I took this part of it because it it it it kind of hurt you will open and I wanted to shared. Where their listeners and it goes like this is a few years ago he said I was that you silly to coach high school basketball camp that human error Korea ran. Jim invited coach wooden to speak to the coach that the Kia. I was there with other coaches connected here are some whispering and laughing you were young coaches they just didn't get who coached wise. And what he's accomplished. They thought he was just an old guy from back in the Dane there's nothing they could learn from him one guy what's really disrespectful. I heard him say. A pop coach he doesn't know Ole. Anything anymore so why are we here he must have thought coach couldn't hear him but I saw the look on coach wouldn't face. He could feel. That the U could he could feel the disrespect in the role he was hurt I sought in his eyes. He was taken maybe I'm not relevant anymore. Maybe my time has passed. Yet coaches so humble and never complained when people criticized him my heart went out to him after his talk the other coaches filed out I sat next on. It was one of those moments were it was just he was so human he was hurting but he agency awarded by that we just talked. I want to let him know how much he meant to me she's being in their share that moment may be bought him. Even more. Pat I look I'm. Because I've coach so one I'm like what the older guys at. You are going to an end topic I could clinic or I guess you are hang out with some younger coaches. And I've obviously brokered here coach what but I understand that that were young coaches are looking at me like. Man this old guy that know what he's talking about anymore. Well I I can't imagine being somebody at coach wouldn't at the pinnacle he's abused. With out a doubt the greatest college basketball coach that's ever left. And for him dictate to feel that I I Iowa's for the story for those young coaches. Hardly great great story. Partly due credit analyst. Limit because there's some years ago. Other sporting news. A whole group of experts. And wrecked that it agreed to go to an American sports industry went from fifty. And John Wooden which ranked number one at a bare prior to. It's Lombardi. I had done actual it's awkward. The sole. People who know they did it follow it closely and market problem. The legacy wouldn't however. The people below you remember. You know time you saw. But there's a whole generation of young people. Who never saw Michael Jordan play. There's a whole generation. Of young people. We don't know who Larry Bird was. But I think about that. If it gets is just the way at the clock rule the clock works. That's why. I have bell it's important to write these four books that I don't quote what. Because that meant credit. Has so much to teach us. So much to learned from. Far beyond basketball. How to live life. Cattle. Out of practice working state gut yet. How to treat people. How to be available of people listen if you did if you wanted to get to John Wooden. These little 99 but if you wanted to get an ointment fly in from somewhere and country. Spent the day our effort de wit and it was there he he received Q. And then he he gave freely. Of is wisdom. And his knowledge. Remarkable. That's why I think it's so important. That we keep studying this man. In await our beyond sports. But really just starting about life program. He was a class. A class person and and his face was very well known pet I I couldn't help but look at what the late. Taken merge wrote for an endorsement on your book he said Pat Williams captures not only the greatness. But the goodness of John Robert wooden other than my own father of the greatest man I've ever known. That is age well. Mean Dick Denver was class and himself too and I mean going back to John Wooden Indian really outside of the stand the greatest many never known wanna. I'm I'm I'm still reach you. Well over the death of Dick Thornburgh. God knows what he's doing it is timing is perfect for the game bird was a long time for. And just. A classy guy. To encode in coach wooden had a wonderful relationship tick and liquids during the telecast. All of those are early this abuse using Hillary's greatness. And a brilliant coach wooden or were very close and that'll lot Inco and and I'll stick. I'm so glad that we got that border for. Just literally. Maybe. A month or so before government. So so I felt very fortunate. We are talking to Pat Williams senior vice president of the Orlando Magic. More than fifty years of professional sports experience Everett more than a hundred books. Included really popular coach wouldn't our greatest secret. He lives in thwarting you can you motivational speaker pastor what blogs that nineteen. Kids a hole I would agree I think twelve grandkids something like that. He's busy he's really busy but he's given us time today to discuss his newest book which is coach wooden forgotten teams. Stories and lessons from John Wooden summer basketball camps you can find out more about pat at Pat Williams dot com. Yoga for you to break guys. And we're gonna talk dictate to pat about his testimony late we do with everybody that comes on faith in the zone but one more one more quote pan and dot. From that from the port connect cold and I just thought it was wonderful pets is you can't go to John Wood is basketball fundamental campaign anymore. But through these pages a minute take you back in time. I'm gonna hope you experience was like to be coached by the greatest coach. Of all time. So put your gym socks Lee's tip the shoes grabbed a basketball and meet me in the gym in let be introduce you to my friend my mentor my coach. John Wooden and if that gives him a few coaches that was in the show if that doesn't make you wanna go and Google. And it and you pick up this book on Amazon or target or wherever. I I venue what you might as well not with two less through segment is that quote I'm like yeah I'm awaits tomorrow. I might that you would shoot like you pastor but I think I got a quarter. I don't take care Timmy might just can't tell you may well I thought yeah I'll mow them off like I look everybody there are little locate pets do you think it's not the ship for talking with Pat Williams. Cedar vice president the NBA Orlando Magic and will be back this is faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 Ab fab. The Fayette. Worn out of faith in the zone discovering people of sports in their walking me. Face in the zone. Is brought to you buying brook side Baptist Church that the host Mike and give Vernon and pastor can Kellner. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Unknown. A welcome back to feed them zone on sports for you 105 settlement from the fans. I might be your wants are pastor can count their. For brook side Baptist Church our special guest he's Pat Williams senior vice president of the NBA team your window magic. And his newest book and it's a good one coach wouldn't forgotten teams stories and lessons from John Wooden summer basketball camps. Be an apparent when when you started to dig in and and find out more about. I John Wooden summer camps. I. Until I guess you get to know that the same things that he was teaching his guys that you CO way. And the knowledge about life is what he was passing along to these kids during the camp right. Yes what is and it started with that wonderful story. That coach wooden. Old and dated idea the first thing he did it would teach the youngsters at the united UCLA players. At a put their socks and shoes on proper. You know pulling at sock on up over your political predict you'll making sure use booted out. So they're no wrinkles in the Sox. And then had a reinsert your foot properly and added fuel. How to get hung adjusted just right title Hastert should properly. Advertise down. With a double knot. So that they don't come and tie it in the middle of an important role. That it was all presided. Billboard blisters. And they'll. One little wrinkle. Once sock. But into practice you have a big blister. One of his star player is out first three weeks or so. Zoete edit any topic campers attitude that. There was interest. As we got a couple of personnel you know well and ended eaters. And they sit every morning. I get dressed for work. I think of coach warden that I put my like Sox on Brett you know you have to where we might note. I haven't ever forgotten how to put the Sox right. So those lessons from coach wooden. Don't have a stuck with many people like. Well tell one thing I think it's interesting about his basketball camps that you mentioned. Is that he was president and he was actively involved because I've been you know grown up as a kid I went to some. Basketball camps of college coaches and I never really been solved. And that that term the other John Wooden is out there I mean that that says a lot about his humility and his love for people. What you make a great point then he made that. Commit. You know Wendy they got him some friends into the idea these camps and he was a little reluctant at first but any dead targeted do it. You know I'm going to be involved. In any luck involved. He pled each day's activities. But he met with this young coaching staff. Every morning to a better tell them what it watered and how we want it brings run. And they never missed a day. Bo is somebody one of the young. Teachers are campers would pick him up in the morning. Again in their early. So that he could be involved. And and make sure everything was right. And then at the end of the campus that day they've taken back called. And repeated again the next morning. And what are my favorite stories. You know coach which get thirty he'd walk around the Q and make sure everything is right. At 11%. I never will forget this side of coach wooden. Gordon is drinking fountains where it's at spit out their golf. Overdosed. And Eddie we get a life you know a Kleenex or something. And scope opted acute up chewing gum at a drinking. And make sure it would throw it away. Some guy said don't ever get that site. That proved that he would really. Anyone's spirits that's the beautiful about it. Yes period of excellence there obviously. What downtown at what time in in his career even UCLA did he start the summer camps was was that when he was actively coaching eight EC lawyer was and after that. I think it would have it started really in the closing years of his career. But the bulk of it was after he retired we 65. When he retired. In 91975. And it's still for the next I I think it was thought into his eighties and so he probably. Where those camps for all every bit of your personal. Maybe even a little bit longer. And and and Corretja. You know in the course of oh what degree yeah turf or one week sections in the summer. You know due to the metal anatomy that's thousands of youngsters. Get over up. Seventeen year period or whatever. And eaters where. Were there under is that we would like to say under my supervision. I'd love that word. Yeah which used it with talk that way about his use Selig players he said. Yeah. Never used the word coach. There was no speaking speaking and it keeps you. Under my supervision. Yeah I I'm tickled by word. And they all Ralph for islanders said poly pavilion was the largest classroom. On the UCLA campus. And that's where coach wooden caught. And certainly any who is a teacher at art. You want to teach. Any isn't juggling man. And that never use the word coaching. Some somebody once asked him. God wouldn't how many years have you been coaching theories UCLA. Well I've been preaching here at UCLA now for for forty years. It was it was all about teaching not coaching never use that word coaching. Yeah and and that is dismissing the one thing too was he was a very godly man. And what an influence. Of his own faith that he could pass son as we talked with Tony Dungy and he's written some books he really speaks of platform. Platform gives you the opportunity to connect and to have impact. And well. That's such a good point is such a good point. Coach wooden was not an expert say let me put it this. It took greatest hero so. It in the world of all time where Abraham Lincoln. And Mother Teresa. And whenever you would walk into this country down the hall at the end of all. There was a little area where you pay tribute. Those two people. Taking pictures. Books about. Those Marines to agree euros. We also but he also said. My greatest living here oh. Is Billy Grail. Yeah he he made it very clear greatest living hero. Is is it I think it's fascinating. That John Wooden who listening bureau so many. We had heroes himself. Yeah at Eddie talked openly about Abraham Lincoln Mother Teresa. And and. No really great program you know the forward to the book and pastoral and when you get a chance take a look it was written. I'll buy John wouldn't daughter and in I loved. You know it's that was for dad and reading the forward. You know we we put John Wooden in specialties is as coaches. We'd look at John Wooden is you know that's just wouldn't he's at the top taking to deter her this was her dad. And she talked about how before every game. He had to give his his wife to thumbs up that was kind of a thing Natalie when he coached well when he when he played. When you played in and you know I don't know altered but he knows he has put all the team twice. He she's been put politics as a player and as a coach. And an exit daughters who look we want to do is because that was my dad. And I I didn't know until later in life how how important he was and how special was the relationship that my mom and dad at. Until you know I got older life and saws and dysfunctional. Families in mind what my it was just this really good. The only way an enemy be too good for green and when I was little but as an older I realize the importance of it and it was the forward into in this book. Is is she is brilliantly written. And I would again highly recommend. Go online and and Google coach wooden is forgotten teams. And you don't give UT is kitchen m.s engaged to a number of different places that you can purchase this book. And if you're John Wooden fit if if if your coach. That does not a ton about John Wooden which you run summer camps who read the book. Pick the book up and take a look at it. And you were talking about endorsements and Roth draw Roger who's the president founder of capital ministries wrote this. One we get a John Wooden summer passed ball camp. It changed the course of my life. The first stage can't I dislocated a finger on an outdoor court ram John Wooden himself reset my finger. That was our first introduction to the coach he later recruitment do you seal they were at the honor of played in four straight and suitably final forced. Pat Williams new book captures the excitement to life changed impact of the John Wooden camps. Had on me and countless other young people must read for any coach wooden fan. Imagine that you talked about guys that put their names on camps and might show Friday afternoon to you about the U warts. He was at the camp you reset the guy's finger when he heard his finger at camp and I just think that says a lot about who the man is. And and what he stood for and it was and to did you think he asked if he was going to be involved side beats really reformer or targeted Pat Williams. He's a senior vice president. Of the Orlando Magic. The author of over a hundred books including this newest one peppered for a get to a break are you feeling are you feeling now days you feeling good. Yes I am I was diagnosed. Over seven years ago with what typical mobile loyal robot. And I meant the eight Europe now the doctors are pleased that don't see any signs of it. I feel good I'm able to keep my full schedule. Well I'm grateful. That there is somebody people have been praying for me. I'm grateful to a team look good on colleges. And I'm grateful. Four of the show impact of modern medicine. That is had been so effective in my case. You don't like it got into it took a quick word to your listeners. This cancer was diagnosed. You're my yearly physical. They spotted so. So my message is very clear you're not. Neglect your yearly physical. And particularly commit them into a ordered. Yeah you know don't neglect could get it done. But it is our your your side however. If there is something. That I ordered all about it early. You don't wanna find out about it when it's too late. But don't neglect or yearly physical I think that's the message that I have for people. He is up Pat Williams he's got nineteen children fourteen adopted. For. From four different foreign countries and seventeen grandchildren. I call a Popper he's writer he's an author over a hundred books. And the eat senior vice president Orlando Magic and even though he beat the parks we welcome him. Here. It to me walk you guys let's get to break. Other sent debris caution wanna talk a little about your testimony. Also wanna talk about the NBA all star chapel. That she started in and continue to be involved with we want to talk Cuba those two things on the other side of the break this his faith in the zone. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Welcome back to faith in the zone in inside look at people in sports and Milwaukee save face in. Is brought to mind accurate basement repair. Here's host Mike we get burned and pastor can counter. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. Welcome back to feed the zone and score 31057. Happenstance. Might might begin a one sided broadcaster for Zion Baptist Church he's pastor Ken on our special guest. Senior vice president of the Orlando Magic he's Pat Williams did and able the put his newest book he's written over a hundred bucks. The newest one coach what is forgotten teams stories and lessons from John Wooden summer basketball camps. You pasture every every street through zone and I think what. What faith in zone is all about is telling great stories talking to men about their their journey and their walk. And then talking about their testimony and as we've talked about and and and as I've seen used. Might show some emotion. When you get to hear how all. God has worked in someone's life then and they've come to know Jesus Christ as their savior I mean it's. It's the journey is it's that's the beginning and that journey or that race that the writer he grew says that we now have dinner and you know. Since and so we keep looking to Jesus the author and finisher her face and some pet. We love here and help people have come galore and now we hedging on you shared your testimony before it probably we have some new listeners now in India. Another great opportunity for years to share with us how how you came to know Christ. Well I grew up in other sports like they'll like it was coach. High school teacher in Wilmington Delaware so that was play in buyer. I'd love baseball available to sports. Baseball was my passport went to Wake Forest later architecture. And then in 1962 Judas like with Italy. And spent two years as a minor league catcher in their system. That's silly so a better future for me in the front office and and I ended up in Spartanburg, South Carolina as a general manager of the Phillies farm club that was in. February 1965. We begin to have enormous success. Albeit good teams. We started drawing record crowds. Doing some very flamboyant promoting. Some national attention. Of the unit to focus on us in Spartanburg and I I was enjoying all that. A lot their success. On the fact that we were attention. Thought that that was. Ultimate for people and I didn't get a kick evident which. It was a big part of my life however. When all this you know beat get paid a little bit nervous this question. In my life as early as this older. But I would be totally built here but I sent to complete its. And then. A little by little. Interesting thing at the end happened light. They decreased in ballplayer coached in. With our team in 1967. And I saw something different in AME integrated breached. Paul Anderson greatly at its strongest man in the world came in it is demonstrations it's strokes strength one night before a game. In any talked openly. About his state city and in this mid nineties and it that was the most important thing in his life. And ended February 1968. And many young lady. It's singing group. Coming through sport and urging between an organization on Campus Crusade for Christ which I'd never heard of but I web. And afterwards or whatever so there's blood can these. I was able what did you try to impress her bit. They reached if you do get to know light water as well. All she wanted to talk about what the lord in your life. I'd never heard that for. It'd be a little booklet called the or spiritual laws have. Heard that but I record that night. And and said boy this is interest. I'm stuck his Christian thing so confusing in so. Unfathomable. But can I said this all is quite clear. So I sat up up wrecked this current and next morning. Answer to expand. Explain more. Social did. The fact that god. Really love Pat Williams and had a plan and a purpose for liked what that was a mind blower for me real planet purpose for life. That she hit on the big issues that there were seated in light never had a young lady tell me that. And she did and right idea where credit. Admit though and never drinker or smoker what the drug. What languages. And opened down. Which she made it very clear that we also. Potentially explain to. God is great love great wisdom provided. And Al. For us in this world who were also hitters and that Turkey's history again. Okay did assert that the lead in replied agreed example in great teacher. Great wisdom but he came primarily to die. As he is a little bit cross. And this really got to. You know all of mice and replace on his back. Has suffered and bled and died. And at that moment god was forgiving all of that student life. Past current. Future. That really got started in fact it broke my heart. But that you explain what the other thing it. I was good at it like Christ into one like he wasn't gonna plow his weight in air force his way. We gently knocked on my. My heart toward art and he wanted to come in and live inciting people that it's that was quite a concept of but he wanted to take up residence in side of it is holy spirit. And at that point. Only at that point I would be become a Christian. Well I can record date February 22 1968. Quarter four in the afternoon and I saw it out. Order our baseball team sport where new music godly man I knew he would understand what a wrestling wit. But he just had to meet. This leisure time. That is what we Balkan breaks or. You're just gonna hit it settled senator. So off South Carolina drawl. But this is that I just I broke. I broke a web. He urged. Through my arms around in my property it is suit collar role. But but but what I what I got straightened up like new. That it demining transaction had taken place like I knew I was always a new creation. I felt scrubbed out on the inside as election. Cleaned up cleanser. And I remember that moment like yesterday. So I'm I've been living proof. And you can have. In secret urgent. Some people you know. I can't remember a time place and all that but I can and proving it. You know you can be walking one way and then when Christ is present it you can. You can come to him immediately. You don't have to do things you can just accept him wherever you are. Any promises that he's gonna come in and clean you up these promises. Eternal light for you'll. And I'll tell you one other thing. You don't have to worry and face that brought a hell. Which I don't worry about it. He's just talked twice as much about fidelity didn't have it. End up and order awful place and and so I had a bird. I still do little. To get the word. But it best I can't have as many people like it and is it to come to cry east opponent know and invited me in your life. Be sure to be eternal life. Get short of an abundant light on this search with the lead your heart. Toward a deal in the U abundant life here and eternal life later. That's that's the best club or whatever. You bet we are talkative Pat Williams she's senior vice president of the Orlando Magic author of of a number of books and and we feel we're having him on this week because it in new book he's written coach wouldn't forgotten teams. I would highly recommend. Use Google that are go to Pat Williams dot com that's one word Pat Williams dot com. You know pat I a tea boy I I never tire and I know Mike did neither after hearing how. God used people how to use his word and how he uses Shanley in your life I. And then you're talking about what Christ did for so lacrosse and I love the one well the last phrases is we're getting ready to come to that season here where we celebrate. Religious death and he has his resurrection. When he on that hung on a cross he says it is finished and an angry words or that he tells Telus it's a financial worry paid it completely in full. Parliament that he didn't say it's almost finished. He said it is finished. And I today and it sent to listen to how god worked in your life and and brought you to himself and you'd accepted the free gift and you explained that so well. Insists so encouraging and so I do this and so grateful. You know for the platform God's given to you you know the deal wouldn't to share that and and for my own personal life I get up every morning and I I you know pan my I'm just. I'm just taken back that god would love mean a pizza and a son to die for my sense Mason I'm just grateful. For my for myself nation I can't tell and of people I tell people. You know if I really believe the Bible the Bible says when a person dies either go to heaven or they go to hell. Should I be talking to people. And you know 99.9. I had one guy Brookfield mall tells me the other day I I shouldn't. But 99.9 percent people always sit well did you cure about people that's what surely believe doesn't mean they're gonna believe it but yes she should be talking to home. And and I look and I love that about Japan and I thank you so much for sharing that and I just had one little question that the little girl that she meant that. At what what what ever happened there. Well I thought I'd done navy that the became your wife. Know a. Urging Eddie Johnson and keep it in nursing school at northwestern university in lisle Illinois. At that they were listening tour she's at CNET. They were going to be at Columbia, South Carolina the dictionary. That which would have been the 23 of February and I got in my car in Spartanburg. Control. Immediately. To Columbia. The teller what had happened. At and I had no idea of where they were where they were aware they were singing. I got under the receipts out erotic campus as some guys where might there be a concert. Or something and lo and behold I felt. And I slipped in and listen to the concert it was it was like that these are covered with a thirty year. And it and afterwards I slipped up would get up front saw on the comedy I thought. This girl is really going to be worried. About stalkers. But I simply went up senate instead. I can order what it happened. Well she just you know it's absolutely radiant as people. I knew I ended up. As a general manager to Chicago Bulls in the fourth 1969. I did tractor down. Tucker out one time. And then we have pleasant evening. But but that was a bit too there is there was no. A great spark if that would be. Good for that brief moment I used her mind and powerful way. It you'll be able to say think you're her one day in California governor yeah you'll definitely be of let's say. They accuse her again guys we've got to get to break other said the break it really like if we can't spend a few minutes. On the all the NBA all star chapel. On the court that Pat Williams helped found in 1981. He is some of these names. You know today have come through and I just wanna talk to about about that in and a couple of things before we have to let him go. Yet he is Pat Williams and Pat Williams dot com for more information or do what I did. Google coach wouldn't forgotten teams that's the name of this book is stories and lessons from John Wooden summer basketball camps. A book that ties just come out and out have wounds the author. I would highly recommend especially guys that are coaches. Parents of of of some of the kids have coached. Take a look it in the end you're gonna wanna pick this Boca excuse via a quick read for you I can tell you that this is faith in his own. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Back to faith in the zone the journey on how people in sports walking pace. Thief in the zone is brought to mind. Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin. Here's host might mean giver and pastor came cal learned. Plus sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. Welcome back to faith in the zoning on sports for you 157 happened and I'm like you were once a pastor can tell her. For Brooks are a Baptist Church our special guest pretty good one it's been really really good for me he is Pat Williams senior vice president. Of the NBA team the Orlando Magic. These author of of a number of books including coach wouldn't forgotten teams. Again go to Pat Williams dot com for more information or Google that Coach Williams forgotten teams and picked out poke up. He pat in 19901981. It story you helped found. The all NBA all star chapel. And interest did you know the inspiration. Of of starting that and it continues today and one note you're still part of it. Why am. A close friend of my ignored signs you what is the general manager of the Dallas Mavericks. Edit strong Christian. And yeah we talked about could this possibly happen. Norm got the blessing of the NBA. We were in Cleveland. And we set it up. We had no idea what was it happened we that we are room at the hotel. And somehow or other we got the word out there aren't enough people. I asked Andrei important economy. Oh home run hitters slugger and Indians. And powerful voice you know. The Christian city became. And enemy we had a terrific crowd we Norman average is thrilled. And and Andre. You know hit it right out of the ballpark. And when we came away saying I am you know let's keep doing so that next year that we were in new York and we we we did it again. And so we're now approaching almost forty years. That Norman is retired. Yours back from basketball so we we continue to at all. This past year. Last month we were in LA and I invited Dudley Rutherford BR speaker coach wooden pastor. In the LA area Dudley came it was just terrific. And so next year we're in Charlotte. We already have our speaker light opera. The NBA has been so supportive. You know they set the robot wars and they provide a nice civic continental breakfast for everybody. And it's on the yup it's on the agenda you know for the weekend activities. Lieutenant can continue down to save with a guest speakers next year. I yes. Eighties. And it pastors a large church and in Charlotte. And I'm having having a senior David David David David. Oh yeah yeah yeah he's a he does he's on sometimes he's on back to the Bible as brisket date yeah it we've had a lot of faith zone he. Moreover he's gonna beat up Laker Dean Smith. He's authored numbers of books and he's going to be our speaker. And Bobby Jones will be aired. Two. Maybe opened that thing it prayer. And what other singer and it'll take just an hour. But it's always very well received. So we're looking forward to. A wonderful event next. Next here in Charlotte so we continue long widowed and and the general Eric. He does damage and you got me as a king resilient and we all had a senior moment I was under. There. Exactly yeah plated North Carolina. That he's pastor of that church in Charlotte for years so luckily we will be there will be another. They're very nice event. You know you've talked about trying to get Tut. On Seth Curry on her or his dad dealt dealt. I think I believe is a member at the church Food Network and had a dad or kids in and that might say that might help us with the with that. Guys I can't think in upside I really can't pass it's great to see you you look great. You look can get up quickly you've been doing nothing but hang out by the flooded streets right yeah I don't who has shown throughout this sued the church has been really good you know that there's so. Yeah welcome home and I'm glad that you guys are back. And pat thank you very much good luck with with this book in good luck with the riskier the magic again go to Pat Williams dot com. Or coach wooden forgotten teams stewards of lessons from John wounds summer basketball camps. And trust who you started when you open that book up. Put some time aside his church is give it to you you know now wanna put that thing down from what I've read and I'll get that read here by the into the weekend. I I believe I'm going out of town. Our next week going. A little bit for Dave and news carried out a good chance to read it's so pat again thank you very much I appreciate your time. That's great by the guy that activity which. Yeah thank you can bet things are accident this is faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM. The fan.