PBA Commissioner Tom Clark joins Sparky to discuss FOX TV Deal!

Spare Time Bowling
Monday, June 18th
PBA Commissioner Tom Clark joins Steve "Sparky" Fifer to discuss the HUGE news of landing a new TV contract with Fox Sports. They also discuss the new digital deal in place to enhance what already is a good product in Xtra Frame. If you're a PBA fan you will love all this news!! 

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Commander qualify seven FM a fancy Sparky fiber which you impromptu. Spare time bowling show podcast or we don't do podcast necessarily. During the offseason but so much has gone on. During the time that we signed off from the gasoline spare time bowling show a couple months ago to right now that I kind of feel like everybody to keep updated on all the great news and I mean great news. For the PB 82 or a man who's gonna have a statue built after on the commissioner of the TBA tour Tom Clark joins us now Tom I don't. I'm doing great you're right it is I think yeah. We're talking on the New York actually right now these meetings tomorrow. We fox. Our new television partner. You know it goes and and today we announced the new partnership digital side which is ID call. Lowe's sports which you haven't checked it out yet. As the sports fan should vote or. Dot com and we're gonna start a new channel called low bowling. And extra frame will move there and so we'll have all of our digital and over the top content. Low and then we'll have all of our Linear or television. Moving over to fox and basically what it means way more bowling. We more reliable. And more greens storytelling. In you know the play is more I couldn't be happier so I would call. Somebody's got to explain you what the heck happened and I I'm John you've mad a disk what when that announcement came with fox I I literally I think fell over. Now when I saw the eyes creating what three or four nationally. The national shells on fox over the air fox that you don't have their cable or satellite TV news watch it here in the law against fox six. I'm an all these other programs including a lot to live programming on fox sports one I think the total number comes to what's seventeen off the tell my head in libel events. It is amazing how this whole thing started how long have you been working that. Oh. Exactly 1990. Like our box are on and I and big box. Oh yet is it started you know honestly I'd yours and win. I you mean the EO of the EPA. So I inherited two really good. Deals lose yet again and when new line. Yes yeah it was dark how. Partner and that happened in 1979. And one player another. And of course it's great yeah yeah that was our deal but. As you know. You know we want rolling. In the way it. That we. The match our goal and so I knew that that five year deal yet yen was it going to end in ornate old. So basically for the five years of that deal. I wanted to make sure that we were remain viable. And the seat belt use stars that we maintain our rate move. That we ended differently digital including YouTube. Actual crimes service. So that when an immediate end yield was over. We would have the opportunity. Re either renegotiate the yen or. It to other media and so really it was a a viable. Oh. Under against really all and and getting it is or and so he's the we were able to negotiate with ESPN and they wanted to but I'd hire contract we have the right. Then it. The right. He be content to other networks and other digital network and we went to work on that and that was about a year ago that was very it was our products over. Where we were able to start. And it was. In incredible pride as our. Television networks and digital networks where interest. In the media and interest didn't try to content that we provide in the and it's been reading that we provide excellent program. And box and a move the best offer and no we added we get back ESP and has India chose not to match it and that meant. That we were going to be on fox and them. It means more hours of television and you know even better than that you know marketing person at an hour. You know the different. Studios box will actually be our LD. So I don't think John that's the best news of everything you said so far. All that's awful. That is beautiful that was really the most important part from maniacs. Besides human rights he was. Was the fact our selves and that's why I'm here in New York meaning about cell morrow. And they're gonna have the opportunity to open title sponsorship on the all these. Determined champion gone down and and and our new PGA player out there were starting out box and so it is that it they've got the chance to sell all and we'll of course share in revenues. Based on their souls in addition to the rights fees and blue spot is committed to line growth this together I mean eight. They see something in bowling. They knew we gamble that great. And and they know that they are quiet as we say you know fox sports the way they treat. The transport and it brings a different wrinkles in the game. And we compiled what we already do and really exciting start you where there are really emerging. I really think we're gonna take opting and by the end of the deal. It could be a whole new world. Of the PDA emerging as kind of I mean we're not crazy we don't think it's going to be well you know it can be greatly. But we certainly think that. We can be bigger than we are right now and and be at a point where. All the bowl in world will be really proud and you don't. Tom because I was gonna ask you about the marketing obviously in the sale security answered that it is in that question. But now for the for the bowling fans that stay be gone the World Series of bowling and battled DO assault all those taped telecasts. How would all these live events and everything else where do we go from here is that the World Series of bowling idea now goes to the wayside in favor more live events during the course of the year. No the World Series get better. Say they love the World Series on the idea that everybody on the world 10000. Days. We have multiple champion. And get what what it means for is we're doing it mark is going to be a full week. In mark I think it eighteen to 22 where we are live. Or I've been right. We will. Finals so it went when you're there in Vegas. By over the yeah. And in the scorpion over two games up and in the world championship and they were all back to back in it or hate and aired later. Now were able to news we're gonna have to either. Monday night. Final live on that as well then the scorpion Tuesday night live that's. And so and in Poland with the you know the PC world championship. Be analyzed showed that during week in March. You know the only real sporting event going on at that I'm mark that as with all while. It's kind of war. If by that we keep it down to the finals sixteen or so and on Monday Tuesday Wednesday it has nothing on television and Puerto we're gonna rule that. And if we can start a traditional area remarks the World Series ball in the spotlight live. This is unprecedented in bowling histories so and that come from out. Laying out you know what we can do and the fact that we're incredibly flexible in how we can schedule and what it boxes that. And fox unlike billion yen in no way is that the ultra program. So when we are. During via belt he's. For example we have our first show of the nineteen seasons on January. That wild cards Sunday. But we're gonna you know at 11 AM eastern so our our shall be over before the audience starts. They're moving out in the spot where we can succeed and not be against. The and a bow in any case and he week. I like to acknowledge everything you're saying so far are so let's talk about these this playoffs that you wanna start now the TBA two or hows that gonna work out next year. So for the first thirteen. Should goes on third event of the twelve and even opt will be counting points. Or performance from players. The top when he wore after those are events we put into what little women and bracket. And world go to Maine which is become the best place for us to play polling has incredible fans. And outwardly remain in and have with them and that being at ten week series of elimination. On Monday night prime time on that one. All the way down to the final four would be wise. And you first on fox the big box. And the final one on one championship match for a 100000. And who knew how much money did you. I regret for help. Well he act crazy and that would have to imagine the bowlers themselves have got to be just giggling with excitement. Well. They're either doing they're not believing that true yet. Well believe it it's it's it's it's true it's damp drew this polite a big one other thing here before we wrap up the podcast and I wanna tribal would you talked about. Extra frame moving now. On to a different place in the article that I read talking about it they talked about better production and everything else. So these are they providing new people to do the production everything that goes along with fit or how does that work. Yet there they parents aren't completely. Of art is bill Oliver early rounds are over. There. Other. Special event and other events that are on the copper. And there and art and art are completely they'll be a lot of the same heat all. Of these Smart as the contract out work war. I'm mark keep people on actual frame. But for the most part they're gonna take it over and you know they're really mark emerging. Digital sports. Media company with a bunch of people. It was and global high tech pilgrim down there I'd blow like it leave them I mean. I'll call it the I was. Older but he knows that building. There always is with a ambition was really impressive meat ball Nate and there are a terrible. Balls seem I mean there are figure out how to what better way to present this war and apple chose to. It is that I didn't is that. How do we do documentaries and different types of Egypt or. To bring players a lot and a well it's really odd some years that an hour also there are also. Right while our that they can put them on their. On the platform and everybody that factor in our girls he. These grandfathered in the same tomorrow nothing really changes. The and that are now. And our our you know one little coup and apple the in places where we really work the war. So involved. Really exciting. I don't know if you've got to terrorism initiative doubled your salary for an Auburn south that's all I gotta sanity. If you need anybody to represent you as your agent Malcolm do economy need commission Unscom duty just raise your cannot then I'll tell me man I'm always all over you tried to get new ideas new ways to make money and everything else for the for TBA India you just hit a Grand Slam and all this stuff I'm proud of Yonhap euphoria and a member other I commissioner of the TBA from Wisconsin just kill and it more than any other. Around at this point Tom Clark so happy happy a man and the Ford talking is season goes on. I'd target thanks a lot of really appreciated. I support.