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Friday, June 22nd
06/21/18: The Wendy's Big Show, 5 PM Hour - What should the Bucks do in the draft? Do you agree with Brett Favre? What is the state of the Brewers starting rotation? Ramie and special guest host Bart Winkler ask YOU to pick-a-lane LIVE at Cue Club of Wisconsin.

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You scored key. Hours but having crashed in Bern. You end. It's time for the guys still resent the topics from today's big you know. And let you pick a lady. Pick a lane. Brought to the legendary Great Lakes dragged away in union. Growth for the 2018 racing season continues yeah. Great Lakes dragway dot com for this season's schedule daily track updates and to purchase discount ticket packages. It is that time here on the Wendy's big show live from acute club of Wisconsin in Waukesha how obvious Matlock no Gary knows sparking all the Roy department lawyers said it with me for the first three hours of the show can't thank him enough for that after hosting. A morning show that is no easy feat and had dropped his home for the last hour at my left is the one and the only built maybe Todd Schmidt bill how are you this evening I'm good man it's one of 57 up on the bench today is yes holing it that's what has happened talk a lot about how these. Our bench is here on the fanned out deeper than it's ever been with quality. Quality talent and that will be. On full display this evening with the aforementioned baby couch along with Ryan or clot might Maxi we'll have via fan basketball draft party. Here tonight at the Q club but was not in walk is on another guy. I have a lot of faith in on that bench Anthony Mandela back in the studio he's got the latest voting update for us for a throwback Thursday presented by. Masters he's what do you have for a sentimental things have gotten. A little interesting element to before ramming your on the board. He has one vote and Billy you're gonna like this. Zero votes for Bruce Springsteen help calm my. Yeah nobody like you or your kids you honestly not a duet but I don't ultimately a wonderful and it's basically a leader it's a two man race right now it's between Ricky Martin's skillet skillet just pulled ahead. I don't know what's fueled his that's his that's fine. Now I don't know what his skill at somebody described it to me as a Christian alt rock band in the not get a in the style of the fighters won a 57 FM the fish we. Christian station late while 1250s and that's a real throwback urged both these. Go back there at its fifty used to be a Christian station before it flipped through to a sports station well I'm I'm glad that it did this you know. Now you myself have jobs I think I read there have Ricky Martin. I never thought adds that sentence out. Rather live lobbied a look at let's skillet burden higher and that is a great song that's pretty good song you're gonna see me dancing a lot can now I want skill as it. In the seat big greatly directly percolate right lane when you're hoping the Bucs do tonight left lane you agree with Brett Favre and that. Tackle football for kids under twelve should be outlawed and the return mind how far can this rotation when healthy. Yet the brewers 4147991250. Can tweet us at 10 god seven. And the fans let's obviously start in that right lane and BA draft tonight the box with a number seventeen pick if you listen to what Gary wolf will set me joined us earlier in the show that'll be up. Fan on demand at 1057. FM the fan back I'm there could be a lot of movement and shaken. In the first round of the NBA draft tonight including he says that the books are as active as anybody and looking to move. Lightly down but he didn't rule out the possibility that they can move but maybe tops what would you like to see John horse that the Milwaukee Bucks do in the first round of the NBA draft well. He said in his press conference at one of the biggest issues as he got to find guys that play with honest and it's tough to think that there's not a guy that can play with honesty so versatile and use you pointed out get from Creighton. Because you shoot the ball from the outside. I only a couple of different ways I think that I think grace and Allen. At lot of people are not gonna like here and that I think personalities is. A a prototypical shooter in the league that is ready enough to yet defender in May but when maybe his atlantis' a dozen. Match up right now. And in you have the opportunity to its out work guys need that for four years in possibly the toughest basketball conference in college basketball on the ACC. And the other guy that is all over budget different. Our mock drafts that we've been looking back it up to this draft it is his name got brought up in your walls that he doesn't know he's going to get their. I and that would be odd Jerome. Robinson broke from Boston College was the ACC score of the year. I dominated the ACC term economic team that was like the twelfth seed in that tournament and really really good teams in that lead. A guy like that who's who's been proven for the last couple years. You lot take the scoring load. Off somebody like yeah honest when maybe it's not ball so well and he's. Not able to penetrate the lane as as flu flu Italy as he was a lot of times in Boston series. They they focus cents stopping him fifteen feet. And not allowing him to it to attack the basket at will. Like he was able to do in the regular season you gotta gotta can score. And multiple different ways and help you out somewhere around on the defensive side I think that would be a good idea and also to even Jensen is another. That really really like my spot my thing with grace now and I. The Nintendo seems to be the name I'm hearing more than any even with a box at seventeen over 40% from three it's up to complain I think with grace and Allen he can definitely shoot it there's note there's no debating that Bucs need a shooter. Tom. I like guys like that element dole was of the world or or the layer right the Larry Sanders them world. Who can mix it up with the other team get under their skin maybe maybe force a technical. On the other T you like hobby bias true yep ask version I like guys irritate their vote for shirt get under their skin and and get their head and maybe force them to do some things that they wouldn't normally I. I don't like a guy like that on my team like having guys on my team other teams eight I think that that's a benefit. But there's a fine line between Matt. And just being flat out dirty and trying to hurt people out there on the basketball court and that I don't want my team that I don't want. Near anything that I root for and I. And it's a very fine line I'll add some real real fine line and a lot of people. I watched them duke basketball shoes to make this judgment of this going off highlights and the Chandler and the chatter that you hear around those highlights lot people think grace and Allen as dirty play. But the one thing that I do like nobody mentions on he is definitely the flavor of the month he he took over that final four. And at the spectacular championship game and ever we kind of remembers him from that is. Feel like he's like 66. What is wingspan doesn't necessarily match up for the rest of the box roster where you want like a 74. Wingspan forgot it's like six to. And and that's you know all like theme that they want right. Even chance though they say is probably gonna project better as a defender on smaller point guards. And that's kind of one thing that that got us struggles went right went if he's gonna be the ball handler right you need somebody in there that can defend that one. But still step outside and help you on the offensive side babies maybe slot over the off ball guy that that would make some sense do some find somebody that can do bowl forum. That's sounds like the guy I like it seventeen which is a great stand out Tyreke Thomas. These little undersized at 63 bought. Fits right in with the bucks because he's got a sixth and and a half wingspan so then he fits into the all linked think he was a two time. Big east defensive player of the years they know he's gonna give me everything's got on the defense of side he does and he can shoot the three average fifteen points last year. We've sixty to 5141%. On three pointers late. Defense three point shooting that sounds like everything that the Bucs want and need. There at number seventeen and he's he's been in college for a few years I saw him play actually live a couple of different times when you play a Marquette yeah and guy gets in your face and he looks like you can come in and healthy now isn't is not that's not a project that's what you need and highlights I like Carrie Thomas but I in this guy's scenario. Is trading up into the top ten in getting tree on an awesome I know is polarizing some people don't think he translates to the next level. I does that agents are beyond its driving the lane with three defenders on him. Opening and opening opening things up on three point lining kicking out wide open right young. From like seven feet aren't last well last year's leading scorer in college basketball that could be a thing of beauty I think. I think a guy like yacht is exactly what train young means that the Alex ray young is exactly what. Totally needs because they're gonna play on ball different sides of the court. And it's both gonna it's gonna open up all their offense of games wherever they are so that's the right blame what are you hoping. At the Bucs do tonight 4147991250. Where you can read a sad 1057. At an offense moving through the left wing Brett Favre. Telling Alex raskin of the Daily Mail today that I he would like to see a proposal by the Illinois. State legislature that would make it legal for kids to play tackle football under the age of twelve. Go national. He says I think it's gonna take someone who has supported blood sweat and tears into it. The state level at the start. But we have to adopt this plan into altogether the body the brain the skull is not developed in your teens and single digits I range. I see these little kids get tackled in the helmet is bigger than everything else on the kick combined. They look like they're going to break in half. Brett Favre wants to outlaw literally outlaw make it legal. For kids under the age of twelve to play tackle football maybe Josh. You play tackle football from I'm assuming a very young age and all the way through college woody think of this proposal by Brett Favre in the Illinois State Legislature. I think it makes a lot of sense I really do in me and football took me places where I never thought I would go at it taught me lessons that you know. Shape your life and any changes who you who you are sure enemy you hang our with Gary at Le Roy. Those guys will tell you you know time and time again this game gave me. So much it's hard for me to want other kids not to do it right but if you hold off two years I think one. Your limiting the opportunity for coaches to be unqualified and not be. Able to teach the right techniques that these kids need to know in those in those early years of playing ball. Scary as is one of the biggest components for further USA football and and being. License to help coach these kids and yet all the guys on his staff they all two camps they don't want to clinics. And they knew how to teach the game the right way. It's tough when you got 553. And fourth great teams all across the city. And you don't necessarily know. How met where all these guys have have gotten their their qualifications and where they evolved it's stayed in where they've studied and how they know how to teach the game. You push it back to sixth seventh eighth grade I think that that's right in the middle school age you can have it work. Qualified through the state you can have it it's centered more that you know you have to go through our WIA qualifications that tibia middle school football coach or some like that. You limited and I think you can make it. More structured. If you push it back to you gotta be twelve years old play tackle football you can work out of go and run a corner route when your plates like football and two years older urge your second grade. You know how to run to the right side answer try to find a hole. You can learn the fund and the on fundamentals of the game and still have kids love it. And not be hitting until your twelve years old I don't know what the drawback is because. A lot you hit it right on the head earlier in did you say you make a rule for something that doesn't have one and people would freak out. Yes part part brought up that point that people are just afraid to give up anything because of these slippery slope theory that okay well it's. Can't play football until age twelve and five years at the side that age twelve business they've staged a plane and they won't play until fourteenth. And then later on they'll move the age the sixteenth and then eventually they'll outlaw all the whole NFL will become a flat yeah flag football for sure and that's that's that's ridiculous mentality that doesn't allow us to make hardly any progress as a country and I just went relief Barton. And really deep but that literally is why we can't get anywhere because somewhere along bubble along the line. Being reasonable and actually being willing to compromise. Became a detriment. The people's political careers and and persona and image. In general let's all just be reasonable I don't know what there is to lose. By kid not playing tackle football before the age of twelve some might say well that's gonna affect tackling later rob because they're not getting the meaning. Not as much muscle and Hillary of doing in Europe you've ever seen a kid under twelve years old play tackle football the trading isn't working now most of the time both of these kids. Our tackling with their heads down with hardly any technique or four. Or kids don't have their hat on a swivel because they just don't have the reflexes and the instincts to to be ready to take a hit yet. At that age that the training isn't working for kids that young and on top of that. We've learned through the science that it's not the big hits it's not the it's not the concussions necessarily that are that are visible and apparent to you when you're watching. That are causing CTE later on yes it's the repeated. Minor hits to continually is that yup it's a continual it's it's offensive and defensive lineman. Viking helmets out literally every play and the collective effect of that if you can take two were three or four years. Of of that kind of damage to the brain out of the picture. You're saving a lot of people a lot of it and a lot of strife now maligned and kids are gonna play beyond the age of sixteen and seventeen a lot of us don't. Might be preventing CTE for them altogether for sure because you're eliminating half the time that they would've played football. And what do we say we're not saying you can't play football until your twelve years old we're seeing. You're not gonna go full padded football right there's a lot of flak leagues Phil rivers I T. To do that that's the video of him. Be up just look easy football that it's hilarious he's jumping around at all like a two minute drill in practice and just losing his mind he's got a laminated play sheet everything. These kids can't be more than eleven years Austin. But now what I what I was seeing is like a protective. Almost let there looking helmet that they have like back in the forties and fifties that people were playing regular football way. These kids are now using when they're playing flag football. And that can eliminate some of the random. Bombs and brilliantly idol and so that I want to. Where you know you can still teach kids how to block with low base and proper hand placement and show them how to use leverage. When you're doing it without pads on Robbie like you said kids are going to took some like the kid up and it makes it's they watch these guys aren't on Sundays and Saturdays make it look so easy. Right at the reflexes you don't understand how quickly that have to go and how how immediate those reactions have to beat. You allow the kids that develop as athletes. And understand their bodies more I think it does a lot states and that's the left. Link you agree with Brett Favre that tackle football for kids under the age of twelve. Should be outlawed 4147991250. Or you can tweet us that went off outlawed it's just a nasty and I heard the fan but I mean it is what it is it's exactly what it right but I think that's also one of the react. Outlawed right. We're a moment maybe chat about what went. What is apple imports. Reynolds and aren't you moving due to the return. How far do you think is brewers' rotation with a healthy including Jimmy thousand. Can take this team 414799. Pulpit he can tweet us at 1057. That's on the fan of this came from a mark's reaction here for the first three hours militia to which we. By Joseph Zola who and a pair phrasing downs are amiss characterizing Jolie's centrally set though for those of you clamoring for no cinder garter Jacobs to gram. Think about this yet when Jameer Nelson gets out yet Jimmy Jay Sanderson. Contact Dave beaten. Junior era name. And Jolie just seen. Who's out who's the odd man out and my answer is. Flickered out at any want to vote because Jacob the crowd that the and Ellis and a guard are better pitchers that anybody there and the truth is that that rotation that five man rotation maybe to I don't know if you agree with me. It's probably not good enough as it stands right now to take you very deep into the policy. The betting on how good your profits are open champion and the situations that you put them and I I do agree with you it doesn't match up. You go and look at the Houston team that that won the World Series last year and is gonna be right back into the playoffs this year. I think I would take every single one of those guys that is in that rotation. And start in game one couple of a playoff series that the brewers are going to be in right yet and yet Verlander my callers even. Armed. When you look at Jimmy Nelson coming back. It's gonna be it's really really hard for me to immediately plug him back into the top because. This is one of those injuries and he talked about it I think you guys played yesterday on the big joke when Jim and I were talking to him last weekend. I'll not let it on the under anxious on the abduction and it's it's such a complex injury that he's. Re learning. How to continually throw the baseball that many times there yeah at Washington and repeat his motion the muscle memory is all messed up that he's been doing for for how long. It's tough for me to slot him right back in and and wanna give him the ball game two of National League divisional series. But knowing Jimy Nelson as the guy he is in the competitor he has and how those cute in that locker room respect him and like him. I think that's who they would. They would want Jimmy no current. Sender garner the robber OK okay and Atlanta that Liza maybe gave too. I. What's the verdict of the rob says it's according to LeRoy Butler phrase I had behalf. Let me have a all of them. So prozac Wheeler and their two and get back to the question when healthy how far can this rotation take the birds out deep into the playoffs should they get to the playoffs do you think that. They can go you know around it baseball's a weird game yeah that was that was really really loud it felt like I might drop now that's not just talking about all of our yup it was OK things. When when you look at how the playoffs go it's whoever's the hottest team and with the office the brewers can't happen at times. If Manny. So let's put that together. Com I think that team can stack up with just about any of them in the National League really. And take him to the World Series. Why not okay because we just because we don't know what's gonna happen. To rob the rest of the seizure. I mean many match Otto could go to the Dodgers at the trade deadline with Corey seeger down they could just become the freight train that they were last year right at right and sweep everybody. Or the cubs could get them and and move it Addison Russell who's kind of edit under performer for that team for awhile. So there's there's so many different things that are gonna happen here in the next month and a half. That the way it stands right now I like this team's chances as good about me. We had good as any we've reset the big topics discussed on today's big show and you get the final say out of rightly. What are you hoping the Bucs do tonight left lane you agree with Favre that tackle football for kids under the age of twelve should be outlawed and the return mine. How far can this rotation when healthy. Get the brewers 4147991250. Can tweet us at 1057. Half and the fans' hearts skipped out of here. At 5 o'clock and thank him for joining us has yet to get over at Miller Park. To do some tail gating and watch some baseball because it is the summer season. 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Well it's bubbles pulls you stick. Just tell him right there (%expletive) in the shutter council grab like for oracle while there. But before at 730 update this are those things down and you're good for the next shaft while. Nobleman who would be able might be good for off. Or five all right take about four more about it or review stick are two of those and on a sour divisive they're the perfect spectre you can also check about Obama. At Robert specialty meats rocket shot that up for or at vote money saving coupons at for the rest of meat shop Roberts specialty meats your home town butcher. Were lots of acute club up with Johnson in Waukesha fifty cent wings until Ted. Traditional or ball was the eleventh sauces to choose from happy hour specials from three until seven eaten and your dollar domestic time those wings and it's insane until closer really get a really really good part and I like a cute couple out of date shared one of those giant pretzels before a whole lot of artists so good dude. So it actually about that's left and taken home dislike of this. That he called a pick a quiet with a bad children do get through that her purse right after this this. Won't do it a little bit of. Android although I'll maybe not Brian or box Michael magic pill habit and basketball draft party. Starting at 6 o'clock out here if you blunt public announcement Waukesha Immelt will join the guys that since super stock and some post game as soon as the brewers and cardinals. Though final out at Miller Park right now we're in the midst of Great Lakes dragway pick away. Got some breaking news in the NFL we got to discuss and just 12 but here's what you picking from right plane what are you hoping the bucks game tonight what point do you agree with Brett Favre. That tackle football for kids under. The age of twelve. Should be outlawed and the return of mine how far can this rotation when healthy get the brewers 4147991250. Or you can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan and you're treated at 1057 FM Fannie says this rotation. Mean this not sit remake the wild card game would you trust any one game playoff I trusted Rahm. Or four more than what we got and let's say they end up in a one game playoff maybe couch and let's say for hypothetical reasons. That that one game playoff against. Another wildcard team is that Philadelphia Phillies. We throw out a guy who looks like he could be. That next. That's great ace in Major League Baseball. An air Nolan who do you count or they've. Draw Jake area where they are cute he could also fight in the USC's rise of BM Cy Young either one of those guys Knoll or area that what's your counter. Well I think we're gonna feel as good as they view about the guy who you put out on that mound to start a playoff game right now I'm throwing you leash is seen. He's going out there he's gonna start the game how many have hater in the wings and at Jefferson the wings I'm an African naval. Ready to go from possibly four outs I got Dan Jennings what I need to go to a lefty of haters already been used. And stack it up I feel are right and I think the offense and can put up runs but against anybody else that somebody's gonna throw out. So this is contingent upon the often if the offense could figure out especially the bottom of that lineup. Let me let me see it I'm excited for and I think they can hold down the fort as long as they need to. I know no means is that a dominant rotation soon but you look at the numbers. There in the upper half of Major League Baseball. And they've got them to a thirteen game over 500 record right now jury. But the playoffs is a whole other animal 1000%. Different beast altogether but if I'm going if I'm going up against air Nolan who's also never pitched in the playoffs. That's also a different animal for them mr. that's why it's air yadda I sweat a little bit more but I just saw the burst for the eight against area so I mentioned some odd. Breaking NFL news ESPN the first to report that the NFL is expected to suspend Buccaneers quarterback. It was Winston for violating the league's personal conduct policy and FL network in Sadr Ian Rapoport reported. He impending suspension stems from Wilson's involvement in the alleged 2016 incidents. With an Hooper driver and his failure to report it if you don't remember this was as I said back in 2016. Winston and some friends were taking an override. And according to the super driver Winston reached over. And this is a quote from the Hoover driver quote reached over and just grabbed my crotch. The driver also added that Winston kept his hand in place for 35 seconds and didn't remove it until she asked him quote what's up with that. Which it has denied the accusations. I believe the driver was confused as the number of passengers in the car and who was sitting next to her. The accusation is false and given the nature of the allegations and increased awareness and consideration of these types of matters. I am addressing a false report. Immediately. However the NFL says that he failed to report not only did not address it he failed to report it at all to the NFL. And this has now been under investigation by the league for two years. They obviously found enough there and that he suspended for three games. Now I did certain inexcusable I guess that's the best way to put it man. That there's there's no reason for that to go down. You got all your guys there right somebody somebody needs to be smarter than that right and he is obviously the most. High profile guy and amongst his circle of rounds it if there were other NFL players in that car with him. Don't care he's the most high profile guy of his friends and that behavior is not okay for anybody. You gotta know who you are duty and the fact that. Eight you already have a track record and history right and people are watching you for stuff like this from his days at Florida State. And you're a public figure and people are going to recognize you and this reflects badly on you on your organization. And the NFL as a whole. And he's been in the league for what three years now man this this now he's a veteran this was the team a team is putting their back on right and this was the risk that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were running. Yup and tonight's the NBA draft and you know what BA teams are are looking at this and really doing their due diligence and everybody that they draft tonight. So they don't end up in a situation like this. This was an inherent risk. In drafting Jamison Winston given his track record 1000 period Florida stepped. You knew that this was what you're getting into and if what you said depending on if they're more NFL players in the in the car with him. If those are his boys that he's been bad with for a long time we know these guys like to keep their inner circle once you get to. You get the fame and fortune and everybody wants to be around you so a lot of times you wanna keep the guys that have been with you over for the whole ride with you. They got to have your best interest at market they're going to be with you too. And I don't know if there is alcohol involved or whatever the case might be. You just simply can't do that it cannot do that if you for anybody and especially if you're somebody as high profile. As Jamison Winston who has the the cloud over him like you said he's already on track records that you've got to be Smart yeah. Will it quick break and then now we'll bring Mike Maxey in the mix. On the Wendy's makes it just looked over surprised yes we're gonna bring you he's reviewed. That binder that he's picking up all the draft stuff is like seventeen pounds give through phones going right now the app you like better is navigated traffic Kevin gates. Sports toys. Not comment because for our fair draft party. Since we started doing this thing for over ten years now you'll be alongside. Maybe couch and Ryan or about four. The fan basketball draft party June night starting at 6 o'clock. Again out here at the Q club fifty cent wings until 10 PM traditional or Obama's eleventh sauces to choose from. Happy hour specials from three until seventh two dollar domestic pints. From seven until close that's all gone on here. Look of Wisconsin at Waukesha you're working you can't seven until well yes that's true he'll be here after. Until close those guys how about this Europe aren't allowed to come out drive home. You view that could happen yes it definitely I am so what you do as. You wanna get out here 6 o'clock Oberstar the broad strap show yes you know I'm out here. But call yourself an over driver. Don't be dumb like James let's right. Come out here hang out with us at two dollars Specter of drivers who dollar taps right. Some fifty cent wings we're gonna have some fun outstanding and Tim Allen like you said you'll be out here. You know who doesn't want a seat him now he'll join in the mix and a mix and some brewers post game talk its neighbors. And cardinals go final out that Miller mark approximately eight draft with Mike Maxi. Of our. And draft party right after this on the when he makes a lot of your club of Wisconsin and walked show. We're back Thursday that about. He's doing merciful end here just a few minutes Lou Vega had been bringing us out of the brakes all afternoon on. And eight a lot of covers. Not that anybody asked him to do and I don't know well he doesn't need a lot of covers on that Robbie backed off that bill maybe Todd Schmidt sitting in. For the last hour we call him out of the pool man. Four partly clerk who. Really put any opens effort through the morning show today come in particular five and I are strong up the Wendy's Big Five and a third that's that's damn near eight we didn't rush to predict they. But the grid after bringing in the bullpen cart and there's no way I was running out. Out at maybe it's not she's his nights just get started you'll be out here for the program draft show along with Brian or not and my Max if sport was not counted because. The pro hoops draft show since we started this nation along with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer now. This'll be the second time you're doing it without Sparky Mike a couple of years ago chuck and I. Posted with you win another time Sparky fell ill are you ready to carry these jokers tonight he rated and we'll see you happens and tiger and it. I just both the right thing. He's got more air density. Yeah that's your call mile long shot yes I don't think Sparky never had that much here before we get it to the drafted as part of your guys thoughts on his got a big head might you come again that's true. We on this this pie in the sky thinking for job as of that crew above all people who was talking to hero who it's not that. And up first is that I'm jealous of the warriors when he sees this and and part it hurts your heart. That's what you know that you're going to get it because I'm not going to stop and delight yet and then. He talks about the possibility of LeBron James ending up in Milwaukee he says why not he will be a great fit he went eight times to the finals and that means that if LeBron James signs with us. We are going to the finals that is not in any way shape or form a possibility is it in your opinion Mike Maxey of LeBron ending up in a Bucs uniform look at shiny new arena in in in the Bucs uniform notebook and a finals again. Probably yes no immunity yet LeBron stays in the east he's going to the finals. That's a foregone conclusion whether he can be. The snake to rein in the warriors. That's not a thing now I don't think he can do that aren't let's get into this NBA draft we've been talking about this afternoon. What are you wanna see the Fox News tonight what would you like to see the bucks treatment not what you think they'll do what what you like them to do. Problem as I covered a draft a lot of college bass players I find myself easily focusing on one. However this year I got a lot of guys that really really like I want an athletic wing who can shoot the ball. OK I want someone who can match this field would be honest who can maybe take some of the pressure awful lot let's go. Someone who can. Committee contribute right away. I do nothing much at stake I do not want like a projects in that it's a frantic global there I've seen in a mock drafts he's not ready nordic here. Terry's not rated contribute picture. The Bucs need the boxer a playoff team the need someone who's going to play. And contribute right away. I like the idea in this this is Imus got to the degree of LeBron James rep bounce it up maybe options are. Throughout the afternoon I don't know how possible this is I've put it through the draft machinery and know exactly what it would take. But I'd like to see the bucks movement to the top ten. And try and snag trade young because he had Vietnam is driving to the lane drawing defenders taking it out to wide open tree on the three point line. It's very very appealing to me like meg yeah I think both those guys are exactly what the other guy needs. Yes and no I. They'll give you Rhode Island wildlife got to throw it out to him that limited range. How ever I would create tray young is a great point there. And with the ball yachts can't take a little bit of an element away premium yet atrium and be able to drive it. And also. Be able to come around a screen and be open I didn't use these multi path I asked if it's giving us it works. The ball nearly situation now I'm all for as my match I love. Syria supports poised knock on the co host for I don't know twelve years running now of the programs draft just markets out tonight maybe tops Ryan Moore about. We'll stuff being admirably I'm sure though those guys will be out here until 11 o'clock to mallet. Joining them in great specials all night long at the Q Bob what Wisconsin in Waukesha no better place. To take in the NBA draft tonight thanks to Gary wolf well for joining us of course thanks department the present then on the first three hours of the show if you miss anything on today's show fan on demand. At 1057 FM the fan back on presented by John Paul's Buick GMC and Greenfield come back tomorrow hopefully Sparky is to you that was starting at two.