PODCAST: Sparky talks "Rent"

The Wendy's Big Show
Tuesday, October 3rd
You may already know I really enjoy musical theatre! Check this out! I had a chance to catch up with Sammy Ferber , one of the stars of "Rent 20th Anniversary Tour" at Uihlein Hall in the Marcus Center, Milwaukee October 3rd through 8th. Get more details here.

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It cease argue fiber from the Wendy's big show here I'm a fan being joined now by Sammy firmer who plays a role of mark Cohen. I into I have played ran to twentieth anniversary tour that is app the markets that are. And obviously it's a good two tickets for that day if he'd like called 4142737206. There they're from October 3. Through October 8 I'm looking forward going to sing it. Myself first things first I know Sammy you're involved with the last time they are here in Milwaukee with the very same play right. Yeah we can actually get Milwaukee but we hit Chicago. You play yeah lap last year. But the first you're trying to anniversary tour and I was ending on pummeled by your actually and the understanding that small. Boy oh boy saw how things change in a year or so hot in this role come about where you actually get to beat this guy and a. Well I hate that worked really hard and out not a study and then when I got the chance to go on at I believe it would be. 190. Seconds performance of last year. I got to go on for mark. And they were really happy whit whit what I had done with the character and though when a opera went out for this most recent year of the tour come out and originally offered my original roll back. But then one. That's amazing guy for those that that never been involved in the bullpen in this process as far as. Trying out to be a musical or ending like that set the scene of kind of how that whole thing works. Great so I would happen to be at a production of rank at NYU. Bright when it sort of capping the tour and though they sent someone from the team too much production to be at anyone. Would work. Bring in the call back. Though they've they've gotten me in a couple of my other cat made. And be victims and their entire spring break going into everyday. Doing. Fame material or various different group of people every kind of went in the richest more and more able blow people act in the room. And then I didn't hear anything Byrd for a couple weeks. And I eventually. I actually got a lot of rejection. From the team. Yeah I now competent and but Bennett about a month later on they were they had put out another casting call under the looking for mark. Though I ended up emailing it beat her acting director and essentially saying. Look I know a guy like he kept bringing it back I got the final call that. But it gave me a note let me crude unit on the right one for the job. And other risk pressure. I ended up getting. An email in the next 24 hours with a note from the team and at that they've seen me for the final call backs for the next round. And but I went in one final time. About. Or month after my initial others just. And then I found out that I had booked it. In mid June after my initial audition in the early march. So at that mean estranged I didn't realize it was a formal process in order just to get oh yeah so now they put together the ensemble right and you guys this is going around the country. Byrd ran the raider anniversary to work so all published GRU ice practicing getting ready for you or she do your first show. We we had a couple weeks that we're purple in New York we had about. Four weeks the Brooklyn New York learning the show in the music and the blocking and all that kind of stuff and then we. Had about a week. Pat Wear purple thumb where we added in copying the light then to that and all that. And bend it like that where we're on the road. Now as far as your schedule goes as you travel across the pressure obviously your share Milwaukee the third. Through the eighth senior perform pretty much every day for me off days you get throughout this tour week to week. We get. About one a week we have Monday's wherever usually traveling to the next city and then we don't have a so that I. And then every other day of the week where were aware performing. As hectic schedule for sure I'll read the twentieth anniversary too were odd if you've never seen rents. It's a pretty movie musical would you say that this is that this is a deal where. If you go to this place I called musicals plays the same thing I'm probably string and I caught all the same thought he got on the for me Dell our I love going to plays ides I I go every time there the markets Sadr are and love going me in my girl like. This one here. Is what are here it is a little bit stronger in its meaning. Om and really what you can take out of it whether you're an adult or whether you're bringing the teenager to it there's a lot of stuff that that goes behind. The message you with in rent. I. Completely agree though it though for those of you who don't know. Brent all of a year in the life. Of that group of bohemian artist. Living in the east village of Manhattan at the height of the aids epidemic. I add up all of them that they deal with questions about life and love and and creating meaning analyze when you don't know. You'll be alive tomorrow unfilled because of the nature of the show a deal with a lot of those really deep at substantial question. You know not knowing that. How much time you have and and what it means. Leave a legacy and entry needing it and the per bit of love. When that you could die tomorrow. When you talk about. When you duties after parties after these Michelle sometimes you do after parties ensure throughout the country are Milwaukee normally there's an after party after. At least one or two a month. What are the responses you get from people that are seeing for the first time. We feel out of teary eyed and a lot of people are really really hot by it and you know will we be a lot of people who have grown up with that not a twenty years old. Myself included. On the until we meet the a lot of people who look. Hello how many times they've seen the show we had people that we were somebody at 100 performance of brand. And and then we offer the people who you know all the mean no rent by word of now there are no it didn't blow up and and that sort of edge and their so. Surprised by how deeply. Is resonate with them though it is definitely. A privilege to be doing a show like that. We talked about this shell it's been around twenty years obviously that's the twentieth anniversary tour at the market center again tickets on sale obviously now I can go get two tickets. I had the markets on October 3 through the eighth. Is there asserted a demographic is it our attention being older audience it comes to your shoals or how how would you categorize. It's funny you app we actually have a pretty wide spread these have. And ordinary and you know like 48 bit either. Man I stand and that's not right mounds tournament what do you just call me old man that hurts. Now now without court not but but that the people who. Where around the age of the characters twenty years ago of the people who lived through the brunt of aids epidemic. We see a lot of those people but we also be a lot of younger kids. Who know of ran because though the impact that had. On musical theater you know it was very much the last generation panel that. Maybe revolutionize input either. And Peter in general with it use of rock music and if you'd eight you know and Nutten no other self had. Talk about eight the lady that ran dead. And so you have a lot of I'm middle schoolers and high schoolers who. Our. Creating a bit of rent for the next generation. I don't want to say that I that I really like. And I assume it was probably happening to I don't know how how old are you now that you call me old. I haven't won one OK so it was definitely having no when you were highs collateral manager high school but I know even when I was in high school. And my high school that my first high school I was in dated a plays every year and they would sell out and they were. And what about our high schools in the area for doing plays. So yeah you did that intro early our mother your high school or not being able do some of these plays and have data on Broadway data Denon around the country. I and then those kids get that understanding and then all the people that that city get to go into a shell that may be isn't as expensive as a Broadway Show but still get right word about it now all when a play like rent clubs maybe they seen it before and won a high schools where the case may be and now they get to see you all the Broadway version of. Yeah aperture I mean we get a lot of people. The stage door after our shows saying you know I played mark at my school production are you know I think mark get my eater camper or whatever it is. Everyone in the haven't really personal connection to the peace which is fantastic because in make them. Some are most passionate audience members who are hearing in moo Ing in and you know. Didn't giving up so much to eat off of and they are performing better. I was semi fervor I again he plays a mark Cohen listing comes up. I any get October 38 after market Sadr so obviously you're a young guy so what's what's the dream for you at the end of the day were you wanna be. I mean I'd love that look that bad probably debut. Currently I'm I'm happy to be playing one of my dream role on national tour. But yeah I definitely my belt. On that Broadway stage then. That's awesome and what when that happens McCauley me like all right dude here you go don't realize a lot of analog Kessel got us. Case said he did it take so much for coming I look forward to seeing him come to show on Tuesday night. And what do forcing a play. Grab it you betcha various Sammy forever again checking out at the marked as senator Rand to twentieth anniversary tour still trying to get your tickets. I'm 4142737206. 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