PODCAST: WWE SummerSlam Pick'ms

Cody Grant
Friday, August 17th
Bumps and Banana Hammocks Wrestling Podcast: Cody Grant and Bart Winkler went down the card for WWE SummerSlam and shared their picks to win.

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They wrestling fans were backlit and other podcasts myself Cody grant and bar wing cleric. On our bomb some banana hammocks wrestling podcast summer slam for the fourth year in a row. WB's biggest paper due this summer will return to the Barclays center in Brooklyn New York it's this Sunday beginning apps. 4 PM on the ticked off main show begins at 5 o'clock excite a finesse card's thirteen matches in total and Bart. This card looks pretty stacked. Yeah and where vacuumed away we've taken some weeks off. We had a little conference in Chicago. And we also had other excuses but doesn't matter we're here and we're introduce more consistently but. Dude you really crave. Audio content of our wrestling wrestling has been garbage this summer. They have managed to build a decent card. I can't say that I paper anyway I can't say that I'm super jacked for. A lot of the matches I'm excited for I'm curious about the outcome of lying and I'm excited really excited for another. And honestly Cody the rest I'm not. You I've not. Ice I don't agree OK you disagree so I'm not night. In years past summer slam I was OK it's like wrestle mania light and really pump for. I'll watch it but I try won't get fully invest until about 8459 o'clock. I'm curious first 3 matches. I am really excited for one match some cunning and the same realm as you except for there's two more matches on this card. That I am really looking forward to the outcome of the match because I really don't know what's going to happen it can go. Multiple directions. Hubbell who offer those matches I'm looking forward to centers of power on the main card were sir the tip top shell. I mean just doesn't take our show's got some decent talent on them yet Russo tomorrow night a mixed tag team match. Again CR Hamas and Alina they got either they came up from XT a few weeks ago there are smack down right now. Good wrestler. Is Thomas. As far EL a good match and Seiji styles a few weeks back. No really no interest in this Russo of just wrestled for the WB championship and I was on the kickoff match this is typical WB book and. I watched any of this build up ice fast forwarded it the almost guys seemed interesting at first and then to me has few rescind our I don't. It's entire is a killer for me. He's awful he's our heritage on if they really have big plans for this guy and I I heard they do it then. I would like to see him maybe how action quicker Ruth sit in line they are all tied up with the thing with who English. I don't like that. Yet and intrusive being in this match editors just in the title match this can seams beneath them and how the fact he put and I kick off match. I guess I will pick. While on its interest in it's kick off match some faces but who were in the face is probably Russa. You gotta give Thomas the only here. I think it stared C to have Thomas win because I don't think this match is about our messed I think it's more about Russo a lot of native English. And the fact of the matter as an English has been costing. Lot of matches and that is all ages makes sense to have -- up and wanna lose with eight English causing. The a distraction. Forcing then to lose in May be reception. Finally says it's seal later agent you know and they break up. But it was a good thing and it barely breaking up for the sake of a break up. Good thing going I like aggressive day heat you know like hearing that and an across you know why I don't know I don't know why does as a threat to just gonna happen. Because WB dozens I had this conversation when I grappled yesterday. McCall he's a big wrestling fan he's been busy the last few weeks he hasn't watched a lot of that site silliman and everything what's going on what he knows all the names. And we had a conversation and Emma. We should get marked. Yeah you come on top wrestling you'd talk really old school he's like Chiapas us I mean when you watch is the new school wrestling to conquer and see. Made a comment that. WDB. Doesn't stick with ethics. They have lightning in a bottle now at points campus media just crush it and way too early. And this is exactly what they're doing it's not like eight in English is lightning in the bottle it's a source it's a good thing I cannot board a bit. I like in English and recite together but they're going to break him up because it's mystical but getting these costs in the matches and ask and start. Lead to a feud and it seems like they have in May be. They move on to the next thing before the stories fully fleshed out. I think you can do more with Rousseau and in English. What that is I mean that's for the writers to come up with a it is it does seem like a break up for the sake of a break up if that's the way they goal which we both hate and sold ball take moments. So are most alma summit to talk show the next match and kick off shot to beat team you're currently rock tag team champions. We face in the revival. The sense they've come up. Have only been buried. They have a chance does match. Well the BT I think is better as a novelty acted naive put I've footing the stress and then you've almost cheaper in the whole division don't you think absolutely. I would like to see the revival wing here they've at least. They've been very but even period of high profile spots so there's at least some recognition there get the stress on them. Build a mob show people how good they are at actually wrestling. And go from there the problem with the revival for me is they say that they're not good talkers. And they're all about. The wrestling which is a fine gimmick but the one guy is still a decent time and the other is terrible. Not that chains mustache guy who's the other I don't names. Second guys awful yeah. Like the line dude he's a Sox. Eat he would look he's nervous to be out there. So that's probably a problem. This podcast really is geared to fans that only watch study to be as we don't watch an XT so we don't know these ties gains even. No I kind of going through bark and XT. You really XT and they when you're just beginning on the roster like on this here and Bartz and XT. As I don't care about you tell you in the big feud in apple is also all those guys and I steered different. Emma the RWB. I'd be room was he on ax to older levied on other vials name why why should we know their name auto feel bad now we another name I don't feel bad about it I'm just saying did that and you know if there's anybody listening there that is an XT Smart or you know in US and Smart which is all that's all great signs but they were did. Extremely clear. So I'll watch an XT when it's on if we can now not gonna watch it now. Now watch and now I'm not going in the network to watch his show you got to plug in HD MIT too much or be a yes for Canberra America. But I have a PS3 it's the same thing it's still another step up can't make it appears worsen violent Wal-Mart Amazon. I wanna today all Wal-Mart. It was more expensive by today I'm Alison at town for the weekend some dude dude we should play Madden. Online yeah. Okay all right it appears for Digg it tag and wanna buy from Wal-Mart though feels leaders are going to be broken. Why. I don't OK well let's get back in the wrestling solitaire on a big revival. Yeah out of the revival to not bad it's I don't know although because. The beating just won the straps. Madonna before they had Zack Ryder when they US title he lost the next night. Sensing and have as wrestle mania moma yeah I'll take out take the revival here. And looked forward has seen their run as a rock tag team champs. Not a tick off match center Alexander. Verse drew grew lax for the crews race championship these Enron anymore no they had their own shot to a club lies they arrested a match I'm wrong. I look Sony more. Mil but that kind of way it went away when Enzo that yeah she can because not they have the tools I live show which they tape Brett for smash I don't know anything insulting to champion retained a Kissinger Alexander so. Sort of the main show announced since Kinnock Camara burst your party the United States championship. Randy Orton was involved in this. Little bribery he's just some. Troubles outside the ring right now if you heard that story Bart now are basically. He's touching his Dick and shaking hands or writers. Here bother us at all didn't. There investigator Randy York right now and former WB writers have come out and sad this is how ran your greet the new writing stuff. Put his hand on his pants. And then. Put his hand up to shake their hand right in front of them all the same time. So I mean I'm not I would not get in that. Wanna judges character but I'm not why am I not surprised. If I mean that is characters are played on the game. Jerk bring that to the bring that to them why not get sick man loves bring in real life stories in two wrestler for a match Randy Orton should put his hand down his. And attacked at a run has taken Sega hand yes yes that's the all right Suzanne teach writing stories here Randi or in. Are not in this match though. Focus on should stay injury I think your title here you think so. I mean I don't know I guess that's a logical thing to think with him and hardy. I they took it off party for a reason he's old he's heard all the time solutions he retains. Daggers that is just about a good champion so far. I if you would have asked me before I looked at the current hot Louisiana cities champion you even now I want to know that he's been just nonexistent almost mighty I tell you I watched. As fast forward Terrence and stop it if I see some yeah like. It's used to take me tiger least forty primus are smack down because I watched most of it I'm going 510 minutes. Yeah three days there's a lot of bad stuff on a lot of bad stuff were tied up and other things. Are golf fawning inner tramp we have brewers. As I am running out of time for this story. IC watched the replay and Hulu. But now that move into a new place and I have table now have DVR so below fast forward just like we do a price start raw like at 830 on Monday. And search smackdown might get eight and on Tuesday. There's a draw at the from them even doing it now or the 9 o'clock Howard doesn't matter. So excel this last week dean came which is now was glide you wanna talk about that sill as you're working weighed on the match card. The woman's championship on a smackdown cited your champion Carmela. Is taken on two challengers triple threat match Charlotte's flair to his assets and win today cost is now on the hard. I ask is not even on the cart. So I don't a lot of grand Beriault. Tosca undefeated loses a match or wrestle mania Charlotte her first and and can't get over on Carmela. All right so Carmela keeps. Winning even though she shouldn't. I feel like they wanna set up a flare backe showdown. So separate them from this and somehow have Carmel win. So you're saying basically have a rivalry. Between Becky and Charlotte doesn't involve the title yeah. And keep that in mind they're gonna do this all women's paper view in October gas is a means setting up links and ask for that. You gotta fill holes show and he could synar challenger for Carmela anywhere on our roster so. I don't know how will happen but I will take Carmel and everything and taxes on shockingly clear on Wednesday and he did say that Carmela. Really does need to title right now shot flair doesn't need a time Becky could you could use it. Charlotte flair doesn't need a TT could use a I like the way they're building Becky right now. I mean she won their opportunity to faced Ramallah for the title by beating Carmela Charlotte flare was dark for how long with an injury she comes. Acting gets right into the match. And when she beat Carmela to get into the woman's. Championship match you saw Becky lynch watching from the backstage and just the look on our face how disappointed she was. Because she keeps getting opportunity and this goes back to real life still a lot of people. Myself included a deputy let's just impasse over multiple times. To have the opportunity to hold that title even though she was a first ever smackdown torment championship but I think this is a perfect time to. Build Becky lynch against Charlotte flare. Because it's always been perceived that player was the best out of on that once you viable team her banks and backe and that he was always as a third wheel and their bring that into story like Carmelo said. The reason why you were the first smackdown woman's champion was because Charlotte flare was on raw and smackdown. Sullivan Becky turns on Chara and I can see that happening yeah absolutely I'm gonna take terminal. I agree GR NASA I don't win the confidence full I taker pretty yeah because existing walker relative they just had to be ousted the work and so hard again over and she is getting better on the Mike Julius. She's getting better as a deal. Illegals bothers me Howell into the women's part of you are leaning in that offensive. Was an offensive you just seem more like. Willing to an excited to talk about the way I and I like women's wrestling in the man's no I don't lol you know what. I like Elvis Presley Alec they humans Alec oh it's a bliss over raw love run drowsy Marty says she's tomorrow. I think declaring their shell I liked back and forth between most of woman's wrestlers their talents in the ring I. I'm all for the ones revolution. I'm not saying I'm against that. I'm just saying if these matches or in the car and I went like miss them. I'm not watching the women's paper view yeah wanna. And I don't care what's that's fine. I'll be watching I watch every day for the Al boxed. The greatest royal romp that didn't happen women on the show. Yeah that's true yeah site it's. I don't think I dear one way to the other I just. I like women's wrestling like men's wrestling like RS. Summit that Carmela yeah I'm with dark Ramallah the next match is a match I know you and I this is our favorite match in the cars and match week highlighting it this was. The box seasoned. And this is because of the bulls this is that matchup this is the match for circling are scheduled starter Brian vs the midst. Notes I don't know line. A three part series on smackdown was awesome it Dini to response. To watch the made his first eighteen Dan O'Brien on an X Tia aren't this season when he was a pro Dana brown was a rookie. All the way up to their talking smack exchange. And although things in between. And the last few weeks has been great and I'm really excited this match addicted built that well engineer Brian and ms. Balls talented in ring workers going to be a fun match here's how great story. Don't know who I'm taking a wins yet. Well the thing about this is a few debts paying. Attention to the fact that these guys met and had there and XT pro Feng eight years ago Lotta times in these views are kind of almost divisions what have you done lately thing and forget sort of the history or the guys fight a lot. Like Lesnar rains they fight just because they fight there's no real. Personal thing they can make it does a goal this is a personal thing. And this is one the only feuds in WB right now that is personal. And anything you need more of that instead of just fighting for the belt. I think it's good to fight for something and sometimes about can be. Part of that. I. I kinda think there'd be. And our office because they think they should back and I think they're gonna have ms. when it and I say that because. This feud is so good there's Daniel Bryan wins that's the end of the story to me. So. The ms. needs to win either Joseph wink cleaned or do you think he'll win. Political blow with a wrap doesn't see all the right on tap. I think it's important I think the mid should be Brian with one his moods. Like the running meet yes. I think that there should be. Dining the mission when he should do it. In the way that Daniel Bryan when. I now I don't know I I'm curious to see where this goes on the card. We don't know so we're not going or the car and it should be last. And don't think it will be it should be. I am afraid I will predict the myths. Am I adding a lot of MIT are hard overhead but on the thickness I'm gonna say GM Brian wins this match it's really is sitting next. This fight again you don't care because you're gonna you know see. What she wanted to see. So what I'm doing right now sometime who I think is going to win I'm not saying who I think should win. I think general Brian's going to win I think that's a direction WB is gonna go because when you have these personal. Feuds engaged in this heated and seem history trained in a Brian and the man is I don't see how they don't put data Brian over. From the from their viewpoint I think Dana Brian. Hey hey is always been the guy that. When the odds are stacked against him he overcomes that aspect has stories the ultimate underdog. So I don't see them. Have in the ms. Nguyen unless. It's in a disqualification way. Or if its. Ads are now no decision. Some like that to continue to feud adult but is this summer slam two. It I want to pay off that Summers. Even though it's a one match there. And I mania. So far away is already. Want him distracted a little bit I if you have Daniel Bryan Wayne you're showing the last chapter of the book before you line and read the rest of the story. I agree with so I'm gonna take them as a menacing they do the right thing I've taken its options WB do the right thing. Never that's why I'm going to amber. Next match on the card and we know. Order this is just. Going down the list off ziglar the IC champion. Vs Seth Rollins. The big story here I think that's even bigger than that championship the fact that. Sap rounds shield brother dean Ambrose. Is back he return on Monday night. And did he looks like and he looks like the Hulk. But get some guys enlistment and and it looks like triple H two out of Gaza mean that showed dot Ziegler with the hair and shelled dean Ambrose to and Axel triple H from like. Ten years ago or so xxx and now it's like. Dozer district which territory. I lights his return. He had the same look on his face and a time he walked out to the times you've left. And my prediction is dean Ambrose is darn it cost sat rounds IC title I think he's turned seal I think this is Indian out of the one of those. Personal feuds were looking forward to. I think that. It seems pretty obvious that it deemed turn is coming. I don't know if they do it well. And don't seems to obvious. As soon as dean got in Monday. As siren you're saying watch for the turn watch for the turn. I don't things coming. Not yet getting a star in the future. I don't know no rings and Rollins are still sort of I don't know. If for some whatever reason I don't feel. Like it's coming commenting dolls to retain. But I don't think there's going to be turn OK and do you singles too obvious do you think dead teen Ambrose and sets rounds or go back to the tag team division. And on mean they might still they might still stay tied up and in Cannes two on two matches with. MacIntyre and Ziegler and I just keep going to ask you and yet I just I don't think I am I don't think they're ready for that term. Okay. So I think they are ready for the turn and I think it's a great. Story line you can do as far as sneezed as a feud before. Oh except rounds as they deal with Ambrose has to face I think you. A lot different this time around with rounds as the face and Ambrose is a deal. And Ambrose got hurt in a match you Russell sat so there's your story right there he didn't come back to say you don't have my backyard just like you always were. But you still great sympathy for Rollins says he's the face now. Ambrose has a deal is just eases credit I guess this is a gut feeling. Or sign up we both are agreement that also the rural will retain the IC title. Our next up on the card Brian stroman vs tab and own wins stipulation in this match the money in the bank. Is on alliance to and a bronze trauma loses in any way. You'll lose some money the bank Soviets China now if he gets disqualified. Them money in the bank briefcase will go to tab and Owens. I don't know all. My Tiburon mean he's been comedy matches. I think stipulation is that a day. It's an injury because we all think bronze gonna cash in and night. I wanna take Collins I just and I need to get opera. I think they should give us talents. I think Asia and ads and the reason why it's not that I LeBron stroman and he's won a match to arrest serves. In WB right now so as to have an Owens Osama this is really isn't. Biased decision I just think that tab and Owens. Will benefit. More from the money in the bank briefcase and bronze some pro some doesn't need to break X now and then you can you can. Ever get screwed over in a way today. Given some sympathy. I give them more of an edge has this invincible version abroad stroman. I wanna see. Bruce Banner bronze stroman. I don't see incredible Hulk Bryant's room stroman doesn't do enough to make you think you can't beat him. You know I mean. You know he seems unbeatable exactly yeah I agree with you in advance but I don't like it. And if cab annoyance the way. You can still. See. Ron strong in this match and have them lose a briefcase I mean you have them need to trap on all winds and only just. The savvy he'll outsmart them. He gets a briefcase. An impostor taxes and later that night. I like tavern on the briefcase I'd like that idea I like to cannot Ron Cummings Russia won the money in the bank briefcase match in the first place. I don't think he needs it he's not a guy. That you put to brief the briefcase is those who go to guide and needs you guys that. Maybe needs it needs extra help to win the title Odyssey omens a former U universal champion please architect a ton off a proper Roman at this point without the briefcase rod can't. Realistically. I like this scenario or Owens wins it. I do not think they will do it. But I like I don't think so it I think bronze keeps it I think front pins and and he keeps it. Money in the bank may be catches and we'll get to that as we get to the main event. The blood of Brothers to smackdown tag team champions. Averse to a new day you know my son abuzz Brothers I'd get what they are subtle like it. As you start to come around them Isa Ono I like when they I like when they beat each other. And did a little bit. Yet that should be to stick this stick is. You you you love competing in your that you just so addicted to the pain. During the matches at your beating up the other guy he also beating up each other. Not to like costs in the match but just because. They essentially get off time being slapped in the face and push around and it charges the mop to take the other guy's ass even more I think. But even so it does feel like there. You know it's a czar on the bar back and Shamus it just feels like the bludgeoned Brothers are competing in the division of wind. And then everybody else is in a different division just don't feel like they fit. It just feels who different and I'm a go anyway. I think a lot of champions that are retain. And I. I think the arrogant and too I don't I don't see why you would. Taken off of mount at the plate either putting the titles that I guess and Danny I don't see why you project on new so I mean. I yeah I'd I got a bunch of Brothers and has matched two. Men really kind of uninteresting to me as a smackdown tag team champs but. Are well pretty much every tag team in the division has been champions already so. Apparently you so's to their back from the new day is our Shamus I mean you don't really have a tag team Mary Meehan. Should've thought about that when it brought up authors a pain you know put them on smackdown happened north of the blogs and Brothers at. What makes sense. They can stand up to a bunch of others as far sized. But that's not the way WB think sometimes. They'd really need to listen to this podcast more often agree. Osce bolivars baron Corbin and and a match I releases don't care about. That's in dollars sense coming up when he first came he was exciting. I I tax cut interest in hand now supplier of Saipan. You know. I can do without them and they're Corbin is trying to cool on this new role in all you loud and as a constable. And yet she try to get our corn burns the nickname number pitcher but that it really go over too well. I think in dollar wins this match and I think he's as talented done. This may be the met this may be placed as a match right before the main event. When they showed the Danny O'Brien. And is video I thought what is fined fined dollars and 68 years ago. I was just in Gabriel. Same guy. I don't care more fan at all. And even Z visa dean I'm gonna carry that lasts. But who is going to win. Yeah Symbian fan and the economy standards and now her. Lots of lists first runner Rouse he for the Al raw woman's championship. But some less you know how I feel like her at least among the best women's champions we've seen the last several years run arousing what this is our fourth match. Are they allegations. Are yet we it's a difference on the misery Dan O'Brien all the only one we care about right now. The fact that not passionate about I guiding Rouse he's gonna win I don't either I don't I don't think she will I don't think they're. Ready to put the title on us I think they're gonna do it I think are some whistle when might think Roz is doing the title. I just feel. It's trending their way. And I feel like. It's gonna go on with the overall theme of the night. Which I'll get tuned moment upset on the just sitting here that's when I do I feel like arazi is gonna win it. As far as ready mean gender my hall wasn't ready or Melo wasn't ready. Ron arouses our way more talent than either of them and she's there every week. I EID. As flexible as of the title. How is she gonna be Iran Iran is gonna kick her ass. I really am confident around a decision any. Help change how you help them Lisa fox I don't know where Mickey James says if she comes back to help she's gonna need help may be summer slam it's Brooklyn. I think give it to around arousing CI disagree I just don't think she's ready also don't think front arazi needs title do you need to be ready to be a champion. I don't think she has enough experience. It WBZ you hold that out she's a great job like I lover she's been great on the might just heard in the ring. I just think she needs more time I don't think they're gonna give for the belt asteroids is just don't think so. Well I do and I don't think she needs of animals on a bank in money. Output point five bucks Thomas national ads. Had a one ounce I get to the one but you get to doughnuts. As you know and mutilated no better than died and I'm just and I got feeling. You have reasons you said. You were really confident in our arousing much immune to any art it's a one on one match three torrid five bucks they are passing down for. No reason other than your own food foolish pride. Not say I'm Natalie del meander about a year because I don't have that kind of money does is throw away Tony five boxing has some wrong and I'm gonna arazi I'm wrong a lot public 25 bucks looks of us retains title. Now. Wanna not much into one ounce and when I'm betting all right moving on the next championship match for this WB championship on the smackdown side AJ styles your champion against challenger Samoa Joseph. Son Joseph wins this match claimed how to enact Carol opens because they'd done a horrible job building this match. No thank you and styles. Not disagree that they Simone Joseph takes over all they're all getting their rocks off on win streaks lately so I'm gonna keep styles on. Styles already passed GPL for long as smacked down champion's only hours away from politics. I don't know punt was what 434 days. It let the Lester pass punk dude does different fell around. Yeah I don't know I really don't know. Simone Joseph wants is matched those winds are cleaned jokes may be chokes and now. On the ice house taps I think he goes unconscious. And lose the battle and Joseph goes Arnold being Iran I'll have to wrestle mania. Ben Gurion thank. You Wanda on this one. Now it has a free 2.5 bucks or miss now on. Here's a topic about styles. Don't want this part about this meet with this one out here for 45 dollars. You'd get Tony five dollars from me is AJ styles and run around Z both win. I get Tony five for you if Alexa bliss and Samoa Joseph both went everything else happens scratch. OK okay. I'm looking out. Along the reins. I'll light keep doing that you wanna stick with styles and similar jump at it that well they're just say I don't. I don't know what else there is this not as bad bill bad you would think some knowledge over it has styles would be awesome and it was kind of what belt he has. The WB championship. Yeah I can't find it was tile like the sincere knock on barbarous ages styles and I did it happens amazing. Did all his. I mean crazy ass chip is now. I've wanted to (%expletive) merge on these titles. Don't touch it don't worry about it. I think Brock Lesnar is gonna win. Yadda I'd. Probably. Brock Lesnar is meeting with officials. And to I saw that 4 o'clock eastern time. Talk about his future. And I think they're really gonna go for it win or you fight your seat and Jerry I think they want him to show up and USC event with the title WB bell. Now something Iran arazi is gonna win and it's going to be very USC. Nights in Brooklyn. I just I think lesser seen in the USC yes. I think that Brock Lesnar is going to retain. Once again. And you're gonna I think you're gonna see all the reports is savoring easel and Raines I will be rains. And then they're gonna give the delta Brock yet again. So. My question too they love how annoyed fans are. You can't give a tomb again. More Vincent man. What do we learn amp M where radio boot camp Marshall boot camp has said nothing. The wanting us from a well. I think unions are analyzed they love you they hate you. Your gut yes you're in the middle. It's not right. People hate him sick man. From Brock Lesnar right yes so why would he take the doll off of rock star. I don't think you and gene Vincent man also loves cross promoting he loves getting his brand. Are we to be out more the mainstream exactly so if he works a deal. Which I don't see why Dana White would turn it down to where Brock left rock walk out with a WB title. Do the ring. I know they send a big deal with fox. The divinity fox is Dave idiocy. But that's it's going to ESPN yeah. And there's nothing. I think that Vincent McMahon likes more than having his product on sports center. And so I think did with you run arouse it was just on there with the you're seeing any as the end that's more exposure. As it validates him as a sport only oh ESPN covers elegant sport. I really getting into Barack. I agree with you I don't think it's your rousing. The woman championship I think universe title anyway dropped off probably to. Not take away. The attention from Brock and gas but I I still think. Something that'll happen and I because that I I don't have a lot of champions losing. And so I got almost look at it would champions an analyst and get to the revival the wind and imitate Ron arousing to win you've got to have a switch of one of the big. Adults in my guess Samoa Joseph. And so that's why am I I didn't go with browser. Brock closers IDs or retain two I don't think Roman Arnold and give the delta Roman I don't think there are. No time soon I think I'd issue drawn as champion for romance and I don't think bronze cashing in either few ones. So now with that too. I just wonder how you book you just don't haven't come out. I mean had that Debbie the simple way they don't spring of a lot of questions and as a frontal and right now I practice Russell of the ruling national Roman arranged by as a front coming. Or maybe as music hits and rockets out of there or something like that or maybe Brian. Doesn't come around because Brock squash is rains. Maybe. Seen happen before eagle perched wash Brock. I would love to see Brock I'm ruling a 42 match as I mean I'm Brock Lesnar who. Almost more than it used to eat away WB Twitter put out a question. It is Brock Lesnar good universal champion yes or now what do people say well most people sentinel. He's not. And that's why it. They're gonna keep them I agree I think I think Brock does retain it. Summers' slam this Sunday I'm excited to the show I know what you're trying to up and down. Zephyr Monday the next night to see what happens after the show. So alas a match is due in big card's thirteen that happens this Sunday kick off show at 4 o'clock main show and sets fives. From Brooklyn. You see heavy that's the theme of the night for Bart. And I'm Cody and asset. Gomez Gomez yeah I'm with you on that the tribunal and sit up.