PR specialist Sideman talks Hader, Brewers

The Wendy's Big Show
Thursday, July 19th
07/19/18: PR specialist Gail Sideman joined Gary, Sparky and LeRoy to discuss how the Brewers are, and should, handle the Josh Hader situation for now and long-term. 

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Joining us now on the great midwest bank hotline PR specialist at a set fodder I fighter on Twitter a Jeep publicity once she is Gilles Simon. Gail thanks for coming up. They rpm up before and happy birthday to LeRoy yeah. Is. Mining. My Karabakh is Simon and Garfunkel in memory of my dad you thought they were awesome. Nice like get through live their lives over the sirens Simon and Garfunkel whom not an Austin. Gail I was glad to get you want to talk a little bit about this your arm from their website. All the people that subscribe to the website to get emails and it's has rested and refreshed the burst into cocker season second act. And the picture itself. In the email when you're looking at it. Has for the five brewers lined up when they get introduced. On the field. And instead of showing Josh hater who would have been to the laughed. They decided to crop him out and at a Marlins player on the right instead. Think. It going there at eight years in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Way of marketing right now speak terms that but recently. Released from promo videos without change the Winston. Low net. Yeah that just trying to pick curb and damaged. One of yesterday's Tokyo from the beginning because your cut in the business. When your first are not with the client and you know how to social network is in some of these guys are relatively young if if you give him early. Do you all go through their social network hosting our how you handle law that in the beginning. I wrecked Lily I ask. I want. Password I want them to. To even think about them help what they post and social meeting in Atlanta because all that passes. It's. Arguable. And if there even a little bit older before social media is but he posted on the court or something like that. I wanted to know about it to consult with stuck to searchable. And you never know what it's going to crack up and we've seen it in and during the NFL draft we've seen in this case. And it always comes up at inopportune time. You know one thing about this is is. Now were talking about this you know coming up so far as much responsibility. The lead holds. In having players and their league that have a past like sore. Much responsibility a team holds. For signing a player trading for a player drafting a player that might have this. In their background in not doing due diligence how much. Responsibility do you put on the leagues and the organizations. For not checking social media. That he usually are especially today they're pretty diligent about looking into. Players' social media pass. The leak not so much that the teams in particular because. These are the guys that are going to be fate of their organization or have the potential would be that they that there organization. So you want him associated with your club with your city with your brand you wanna know what and has passed. Yeah I guess I have a question could all of my level was almost you put on pants because you would think parents. From Amman told me an early age about ego. Being negative overall but certain things decked ditch in trouble and she always talked about it because she felt like. Most teachers or find out about an LA via bad students of this I've got an early on. Seem like Japan's or did in the past and some that is and I don't know why. Your mama Smart first of all. And a lot of these parents I don't know that they that they don't care that they don't know what they're cute they're posting. And let's face it we see a lot of stuff but an adult or posting these days. Yeah. There's not a whole lot of discretion on the air I'm going to ask where the parents well they're posting garbage Q. And I'm not saying that it. The kids following. The parent to roll and then something that you guys were talking about yesterday that sometimes you are raised and helpful like that man. And you just do kind of what you've been living wait until you get out and the world by yourself but at seventeen years old. And an athlete in particular you've been out about a little bit and you should know better. I was gals who I'm sorry parents are not getting past. Some of them are just not good example on their own. You. Great partners that I think she is gal Simon joining us here I'm the Wendy's big show has served upon fresh here on the fan. OK so going forward that if your are at the brewers or eighteen dealing with. Decide a situation like they are with Josh hater then how do you perceive going forward because. He's not gonna suspended or nothing like that it's got to go to a program that Major League Baseball and burst agreed upon and that's about it so how do you how do you go about it. Moving forward. I think he'd do it sensitivity. You don't put him in your marketing. Material right now I think is an and we say that all the time when athletes get in trouble. Their actions forward. Are going to make a whole lot of difference there after they're going to speak louder than words so it's not going to be one of those things where. He can say I support that group and that group right written checks for her a nonprofit that represents. Minorities are at something like that he would he'd done. But in the meantime the growers. Will be Smart to do what they did today and just kind of keep them. It from the back keep them in the storage room as far as marketing notes. But my concern about this whole thing is you know you're at home. This week and against the Dodgers. And how is this gonna goal when he gets up in the bullpen he does not killed companies can be sitting out there. What how're they gonna keep people that. Wanna get after him called a racist a whatever else from screaming down at him could you north bullpen as a Miller Park help people stand over the top U. I just wonder how they're gonna control. They won't control it and as we've seen. Time and again it'll probably be friendly at Miller Park. And when he gets on the road at one it'll be termed brutal. And he's going to have to have some thick skin because that's that's something that you brought upon himself which he all but. But yet to realize that he was essentially an adult when he posted and so you have all that in the more than a wait and don't get to that. I think this is different than for a PD's as an a personal attack on anybody. When you do what he did that's personal attack and two groups of people for shore Max more than two groups of people. A bunch of people personal tech and then themselves as human beings. He decent person I am a human being at all you may be mad that brought to the guy under the bus that he cheated all that okay fine. So it as a perfect to putt I go Adam has hardly keep set but what with what hater did I think that's a little bit different I don't. I don't know how a little bit concern especially when you get liquor in people at Miller Park here I do good in and of game situations and that I think it's gonna be one of his toughest obstacles going forward is. Mentally can he block these people out can he block people out on the road that are screaming Adam and everything else. That this could really affect him I think gold forward. Well right definitely take the mound I think they're going to be a smattering of food it's not. But a lot of them more than a smattering of growth so he's claiming have to be prepared for their hands. IA I think I said yesterday that. Is it something that he brought upon himself but it didn't have to happen is representation. Should have. And informed him that the steps could be damaging. Or advised him to lighten social media accounts. He now is. I mean he's he's set to take. The brunt of everything. Because he either didn't get coated ice or didn't get any advice. And you enact a little sense Aaron. If you're brewers fan do you still want him representing your club or don't trickier just so long that he winds. That there's going to be a double edged sword. You aren't a lot of companies nowadays know before they hire someone and snoop Rama mayor social network. No question. No question there I mean and I accept that talking about what we're stationed and I've said that in my he. Younger nieces and Nazis came to bat and that they know because their parents their teachers has told them but. Anything that they say anything that they write in particular because that's out there forever. But. They have marketing people and and other organizations that other people in the organization that are looking. To see what they posted and land. And sometimes they won't get higher because of that I've actually were instances where. GM wouldn't bring a guy and because I mean you want a fifth round guy and he's. Hoping that kind of stuff that catered at. Well you know the other thing that is. Interesting about this marquee business journal has this. Watch adverse appeared removing with a Friday promotion involving reliever Josh hater. Despite controversy over racist and homophobic tweets haters say when he was a teenager gullible lot. He delivers all star lefthander. Reliever visited MillerCoors more Huber earlier this spring while fellow relievers Taylor Williams. Help brew high heat imperial kilns and her. As prize giving it's a dodge Miller Park fans who bought a specific brew off take you get a free twelve ounce faced severe high heat. Our Mike drop blogger brew divers commentators. Bill Schroeder met a paid the winners of a fan vote between the two. What earned the title of brew master from MillerCoors. And as of right now based on everything we're seeing. They're still do in the promotion tomorrow. They called Miller controversial Milwaukee business journal called Miller course postman for MillerCoors declined comment on the record site in the Friday's contest is being run by the brewers. Miller course isn't advertising or marketing for the event and get off that lays it in our mail or call them. Some days. Sure the brewers are happy about that either. And the brewers PR SS is pretty Abby and it'll be interesting to see how they handle this because that's not something that used to flock and say hey we're gonna do. We're going to do the event regardless. And you know people are rather Smart Aleck remark today there's bear full well that they're going to be dog out names with a beer should be called the Matt's gonna be out there. You know go to orange overall record record deal. The Miami Dolphins. About said that they're going to do is off topic here but they're going to Spain. They're all employers up to four games. Are if they protests don't investment. I just saw that in on the other outlets and neither. It Vienna helped put itself in a bad position when it put the new policy in place first Obama and it's not doing itself any favors the teams are not doing them so many haters I. Putting out statements like this and saying they're going to find their players because. It's the people are already turned off on something that had almost gone by the wayside. I if it's not good as we head into the NFL season I'm at a stand I'm disappointed. Because I'm always standing up for these guys who have only exhibited their right to speak. And and the matchup has spent a lot but aside from Matt. And and if you talk about the NBA. And the NFL. The NBA has a lot of support from their ownership. And it has appeared in the last year that the NFL players not so much. Kirk. They'll face a much for coming not a really appreciated and territory and as you got to order. I think it's a publicity want. To listen. And you know I'm a firm and people were living in an interesting time right now and I can play as I went. I first got into the business like that if you don't want it on the front page of the Wall Street Journal they'll say well now on saying don't say it don't write it. Yeah I'll be rate is if you only look at raises come. That's what you must or this. Being me you know I and I that's one thing I've heard recently hard not to be negative I will say something that I think it. It that's structurally not correct but it won't be mean just being mean because what aren't. Yeah Iger to Gail thanks so much for coming up. Isolated that aren't thank you so much again appreciated that she's gale Simon out of Redmond West Bank hotline start renovation journey with a symbol giving you pre approval from great midwest bank. Dedicated providing perfectly personalized home molds those right here in our communities. It's 1935.