Pro Hoops Draft Show: Hour 1

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Friday, June 22nd
06/21/18: The FAN's Bill Schmid and Ryan Horvat along with's Mike Maxcy provide coverage of picks 1-5, LIVE from Cue Club of Wisconsin.

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Come to the fans exclusive car. Coverage of the proceeds draft live from the pew global Wisconsin and want to shock. This is the Milwaukee Bucks draft show with special guest Mike Maxi from sports voiced. Now live from the first Centennial mortgage mobile studios. Here's your host Steve sparking Pfeiffer. Welcome met everybody gets the pro hoops rap show rob sports Radio One 57 FM the fan I'm bill Schmidt maybe it's how much to my right. Is our guy from sports boys dot com might actually been doing this for. But does it years not it is 1213 and now this is only the second time spark he has not been able actually you know I I appreciate you welcoming us here. Would open arms not a problem you guys seem. Fun editor in there were jacked up. We are jacked up Markey Seve and taxing them at that time zone but we're gonna try to I mean and everybody that's gonna come down here you club was counted out here walked just 4454. South grand view boulevard. We got some specials going out tonight fifty cent wait until 10 PM. Traditional or Obama as they got eleven different sauces you can that happy hours go on until seven with all the different specials. And seven to close they got two dollar fines and now my guy on the left we're gonna have to keep him away. From the two dollar pint it's a close that's right or plot was also joining us tonight so so no no Beers and tell. At least 10 o'clock and I want to thank you guys for Tanzania moderates out paley owed diet. Now with the white at home so I had dinner all prepared for the night grilled chicken and vegetables nominee gets some wings in May be after the show a couple of two dollar yourself. Thank you for having me am excited to talk some hoops and get out of watching this at home. By myself like a loser right for sure it and there's no place you watched as you've been here for so many years is getting. Here it is live shot. In the fox canceled shortly shortly in. And usually the plots had higher graphics though fans have been a little bit more plentiful. OK but I'm sure that their just stuck in traffic haven on the plus side wait until seventeen and which developers that might be a little bit more rowdy guys here. We can tell that they are usually round you can then after three picks after the bucks on. Mike the seventeenth pick has not done the bucks very well here I think some fans might remember the last few times it at seventy. We shot on in Egypt. Well I'm in both situations. I was against the pomp I'd forgotten I wanted to latch or just know DT Wilson was not one of the the other time when I want to Bobby sported the word and move and they went through coverage not on any. Yes this is not a good number. But it could be Phoenix's so I guess. Though with the trade so I guess right now. I guess we're gonna get a good player but he's awake he's theaters. There's a lot of depth in this draft. Mike it's it's interesting that you bring that up that it could be Phoenix is because when when the season was winding down there were guys that didn't want. The bucks that your pitch right. Get a game because that wanted to match up against the Celtics whatever they didn't wanna see the 76ers but it looked like you were only gonna get this thing. If you were to succeed or higher. And tonight you're gonna get an opportunity to build to a team that is a playoff caliber team right. Now capsule a lot I think I think the thoughts. And I am hoping that this pick is also a guy who contributes to that is the boxer on the way up. Obviously Boston missed Boston looks like they've media powerhouse museum for a long time talk. Leave when we do not know the situation in Cleveland. Com that you got philadelphians on the rise they keep it nice player you can contribute self. There's a real chance that they get for maybe even read seed if things go well so I think it's important teammate he could pick someone who can come. Who can play right away especially with the second unit some of who can you know give up Middleton and yeah honest and hopefully the bar is back. Some expressed. And now hopefully rockets it is because we didn't mention his name but he was a second round guy that you were able to pick up right there's a lot of value that we've seen now come back into the second round. A spot in the Bucs don't have a thick tonight but they've said they're going to be aggressive. And try to get one yeah especially with a lot of these names as lot of wild card issuers NBA draft the NBA draft changed a little bit every year like 510 years ago you'd look for specific shooting guard for a point guard. Not usually depositions anymore now it's your big man if you're seven footer but you have an outside shot there's a chance you're slipping in the draft. You know it's not just you know play with your back the basket power forwards and centers. You really have to look for the best available they can't say hey we need shooters I mean if there's a rim protector out at seventeen yet to think about it. Are you definitely do on. Fortunately all the right protect its knowledge that big men. Pretty solid effort not to end this thing has already rare hour early on his right he would not be at Mitchell Robinson he's such an unknown if we don't even know he could tree next to me. Because you're right the bucks need eats better. John Henson is. He's not. I don't think he. And they need to upgrade particular role player out of his starting salaries undersized that means what he gives you. After lies is great because lacks the physical needs that you have especially right they've been out like human psyche you out really want god that guy steps and we don't have to take a draft pick in use on another per share big guy at the top ten pick it that's now sitting there you're wondering if you could use him. Well a lot people think and are not ruin him but we'll see we'll see what happens hopefully he made some strides are you brought up a really really futuristic game and then Mitchell Robinson. You can fill. People in a little bit out what's going on with this too he's he's one of its most super talented dues in this draft he's a former McDonald's all American. Doesn't have a college the calls on at the moment. Well what OK so he was the top ten record coming out of high school. He decided to go to western Kentucky's next you know remember there's dot father. And a relative. Let's wants it might be cuts in that but I can't remember who was but. Was this was on the staff and basically got him to western Kentucky which is obviously not powerhouse because it went to mount. Duke was cut nobody can went to one had a lot of opportunity get a lot of opportunities and then I think that he either released. It's got father or there's a little bit of rent. He left school and basically instead of going overseas making money he just dedicate all year to working now basically with the Indian mind. So but once you played here so I'd seen him on and viewers highs fifty to middle the second round. It's crazy that it to see how. Just one decision that these guys are making. And for a lot of these guys like Robinson it seemed like he had this night in mind last year when he was going to use plan and I'll be don't want it done it nor do we. And it's kind of similar to that to trade young who's obviously a much. More well known prospect he's gonna go probably the top. Ten possibly top 75. Depending on who you talk to tonight. But he did not go to a powerhouse in Oklahoma due to a home towns. Ot make exactly and now. And it also helps flower for Lon Kruger has been a good recruiter for sure he's been trying to keep all its. It's kind of first is that number one pick the right war he's so. And I think Terry Young. Mean obviously the message is that we went to like the Kansas or Kentucky you'd been overshadowed by the players. He went and basically boosted his stock probably when he thirtieth. Slots are gonna Oklahoma in the man. So. Yes he. He's basically. He made it rate decision where mr. Robinson in a bad made a very very what is it. You know it it it it's gonna cost them every which way having its rounds that might lose when he spots because that decision. And we don't you wanna talk about money it was an aggressive today which is now I will say this is the spectator. Vantage point out there had been a YL. That we had com. Jalen Rose on the broadcast in what he would do what does that break down how much money somebody that was the comparison that made in the lead I love the comparisons that we're seeing him. Just all through draft night. And work we're gonna go to the top of the draft right now because we do have to talk about the guys that are gonna go 12 and gathering eight. I haven't David Robinson comparison in here I heard DeMarcus Cousins earlier today. The duties of freak shows he can go number one. Separate box I think it's pre I think that's relax tonight I do like David Robinson I'd like. I do you like DeMarcus Cousins. Comparisons maybe a little fuel him beat I don't think it is college I think to beat the college and you know right now I think he could turn into that. He is going to be her effects in Phoenix. Perfect I feel like every four. You know once every maybe like 510 years is the guidance of mergers being number one draft pick like Andrew Luck for the colts know six lorries built like a linebacker he can make every NFL throw and I feel like policies and that's what I said about country. Does it scare you would although that he's not a dominant and protector. I know. I think of that. I'd I'd like the fact that. Have you come and contribute right away yeah I just I see that. I think the rim protecting will come yeah. His defense will come obviously you'd like a player who probably love it or defense of mine elect Obama or at Jackson. You know with the office to gain. But I'd I'd I'd work and I guess it's funny that you bring up John because I think it was like three or four years ago especially after the Greg Oden thing I said I would never invest the top five pick in a seven footer. Anymore just because they scare me and associate them foot or leg injuries issues then I just get scared I feel like. Especially to the east you can disguise and the ticker richer which we're here without Michael porter's not a sinner but you know we sought with pretty much every Philadelphia 76ers pick the last three years. That we scares me a little bit just like European players like are they gonna come overs this guy can be healthy when your best and the top five pick does does that scare you little bitterness here franchise why it's a little bit. OK let let's look at it this way I agree with you 100%. But would you rather have to Olivia and Jabari Parker absolutely it ended up for apple right why don't we are wonder is this guy ever gonna play I know. I hated you when you to be awesome if we had. Shall it be we would be where Philadelphia is now. He do you understand doesn't know yet where I mean so. I agree with you and I was on the terrain handling it added dram retired that owed but in this draft show that I've done with Sparky I said. Always though it. Now it's things changed when it back then right Isaac got to vote. That you don't take note. And drain it becomes a boss. You don't. But and that you look what that is and haven't worked out but right worked out doubtless yeah so. Debra you're right. I feel like that's the craziest thing the big guys now you're not really looking for rim protector rebounder he could get that you know fifteen maybe even in the second round if the guy doesn't have an outside jumper he 6117 foot people are really looking at him as a topic anymore. You gotta be able to knock down shots and that's why I absolutely love Obama because Obama. It did not shoot well lit from the outside Texas but guess what I've seen lots of video with him and work out shoot the three and he's shooting at a high clip. And I think some teams are going to pass on him and they're going to regret it. Now is Obama guy that that you would think teams where the boxer again back in the late teens that there's an opportunity for them the going get up. Get up to get a guy like him in the top five no way. There's no absolutely no way the bucks if that Bucs don't have enough ammunition that's that's the big applause and Celtics haven't nothing nation but Obama is that you now want apple to trigger. That Boston team is so scary there's so many different ways that they are OK so you've lost you. A crazy LeBron I'm just called it crazy that Brian writes it no business being the best way to put it right I mean he took over and he took over proved why he is is. In the conversations with greatest of all night so. That teens why would you take team when brown off that team because Galen round is a root reason they won a couple of them exactly solid state. Tatum and brown we're just magnificent. I know each will beat him had a bad game and there but it's it her second first here. And I said that you know great being went down not so much from Gordon Hayward went down obviously that was opening night when carrier we went on us that this is the best thing that could happen to the Celtics because they were gonna be two warriors this year anyway but Jalen brown got their playoff experience was a monster in the post season. Jason imitate on the same thing they were so good in the kind of at their bumps and bruises aloe really not related went to the Eastern Conference finals where a game away from the NBA finals. But still I think that's the best thing because now they have their playoff experience and they proved that mean they're very solid players I would move them for anything I would not move I don't I won't even with the why I love island I don't know how I play because and I forgot like every so much every day about different view draft guys in different. Whatever it's someone made the point that Jalen brown could that he's such a good defender. He could be quite Leonard two years exactly to a player why why why would you. Hey why would you give Gregg Popovich that than be the next polite letter. That younger bird that is why pop pop pop which turned him into aids. Do you really does superstar particular topic since he might not coach outside of another year another two years or whatever the rumors going to be next week do you think that that's gonna. It's going to be tough for San Antonio to bring a free agents when you're got quite letters and I don't wanna play for this team anymore Tony Parker and puppet and that she got about that injuries that you feel like. They're adults yeah I'd act a bill that their votes which especially in the west because they're just gonna get beat up on both state. It doesn't matter they're gonna get beat up on Houston. Yeah it's I think if both I think and it is the drawing board to get rid of life for what ever they get rid of and nuclear percent of the lakers. If you get some prices don't care about keep him in the west don't worry about are we aren't yet sure when or where you're going with them. Just do what you can't get your best package and if you hit it if you want us on the Boston hold out for freedom or brown. That's that's the same thing that Chicago was picked last no the only in our up. News Sacramento is gonna get better sooner or later and they're their picks aren't going to be as I arsenal's next you Sacramento. Saw. Yeah man they need my beauty grace you have a full time if he's got so much firepower that's why he Danny Ainge calls myself on a night like tonight I've now I'm giving him that you know what button and paying him right now I'm not working any deals with that guy he's up to review laugh at these warmly and what was the Belichick and yet what the Brooklyn. Thinking. Think people want first round pick they gave them like 7000 per topics they're still use them I mean granted they treat wanna get married but I mean. One yeah. What do all right one of them and they and they got the rest of and that got the though is that trooper mark Dell moves yet. It's crazy man they have they have so much fire power they're going to be a fun team to watch. Are there will be a lot of different teams that are are at a lot of firepower they can do a lot of different things we're gonna gets a lot of and I have one question for Mike Maxi. Sports boys dot com coming up your after the break on what's gonna go on we talked about the Andre eight looks like he's gonna be the number one pick. We're Sacramento golden opportunity they don't want it needs a lot of holes that they need to fill in a bad for a long time and you gotta you gotta pick particularly. They're gonna try to be somewhat there it's actually gotten the terrible they got a decent summer a lot of talk about that after the break. Mike that's next in sports boy's doctor Albright or Bob from the fans here out of my left and we're live from the Q club of Wisconsin in Waukesha. We're here to vote in the mobile studios brought to my person you'll mortgage. Talk to mortgage broker Peter read Djokovic go to FC and dot com person studio mortgage here without the mobile studios were the key club of Wisconsin. We got two dollar ball boy or two dollar buy into and out of for the rest of the night it's the fan pro will draft party here. I'm a fan will be back with more confidence. In Milwaukee Bucks drag show live from the the first Centennial mortgage mobile studios on Sports Radio. 57. Bill's been what Mike Maxey has worked boy's doctor rob Bryant or body as well here. It's blocked blood from strapped show here at the Q club all Wisconsin in Waukesha point or 54. South Koreans view wolf or are you gonna wanna come out here we got it decent swings not out until 10 o'clock. We got two dollars perhaps going up from seven to close and we got Mike Maxi droplets of basketball knowledge on you. During the show and during the breaks that you can only really get yours or you might well come on down here my. We are talking a little bit before the break about the top of the draft. And Sacramento seemingly as a top five people. Every single year they're gonna have that you make that night but but they had the seventh that the only one at second pick what the lottery it. But it's pretty good they feel like they should be in the top five of the draft the last seventeen years because that's just how sad that he has spent since the teams of Mike. Maybe there usually by Chris Webber back slapper that they were even go and that he was both state and local state. They really were down early or you're the movement use that Chris Webber like dreamer green is not the problem is. I don't think there's good fiscal several won that series against the lakers sort of make me question in the NBA officiating out of it that's when that's when things we do little sour formula is I love it if you like everybody did everybody loved that game. Unless you're living in Los Angeles right yeah Missouri want to die hard Laker. But you've seen me and I don't know what's gonna I don't know it's. But it's got his work cut out or I'd like the draft picks that day at I'd like them moved to me right I mean. Georgia's pop the public on this a couple of years ago probably one of the worst. When they made it a draft a tree with Phoenix but. I like the move would get gear box last year I think he's solidly dart I didn't really think that it. That was the start of the building. And he got Justin Jackson when the plane pretty good enough. In the season so I was a big fan Justin Jackson at north Carolina's business that you put a couple pounds of muscle on this guy he's going to be superstar which is still to be seen but I really do like his game. Oh absolutely elegant game mom. I I think yet unless they can find a free agent that you buy a Wii it's harder Anixter yeah tonight I see them taken a big man again this year. They seem to big men every year. So is roll the dice and see when it work well. Last year they got a deal with Mary dialed the out Perry got out that play out here they've basically set amount even richer here. I I've been doing little Hutton and they want Bakley and they want a team that Lee Giles in the front court. So scary that's scary offensively and scary yeah opposite way defensively so obvious that the two of them and can get better defensively. We went beyond this some like your look at your look at it make legal too so we're we're seeing 27 voters to choose. Re here centers or once you looks like with a badly yes topic please look at more personal I think he's a better score than eight. I think he's got a little more range they he could possibly be here with the widgets that are Nam. Where eaten even though it did play kind of before last year in Arizona but he wants to be the number once he wants but he's going to be the center and us Begley. But this policy in place that are in Sacramento as if that stuff like that that decides. But. I think his. The promise they have drafted Sony Bateman and on the pigments bordello. Yeah gala this year and I can't score colleagues died Wally Stein is that this that I'm a better score that can't call time unless it's an adult now with. Alan but we're gonna have to get you over a playground it's he could test that theory I still think that I can I. You might be able score a couple of days are put up forty. But out of slot that you actually were active in the front. Who are gal pal Al if you in the game that it rent right or bottom readers voted out of the Q follows Johnson and Walker's job like you continue to look through the top guys. I'll look at not etched. Tells a little bit about his duties covered over public or real victories Albanian he's gonna go top five looks like it. Yeah I definitely rates economic draft or the guy. I think that she he had buried lie of viable consideration for Sacramento however. I do understand their dynamic. But the roster they've you really won't post story that's what it so I Atlanta right now with public docket is the point guard is he awake. People who the has a little bit every ounce you know I hate this term this is a but he kind of fits that bill. But he is. He is a multi talented multi tasks players he's done everything in year old basketball but it possibly take them. He wants vanished they once banished now is your real accurate. They upset. That's the Moscow and now remember defender but I think that while they wait they it to upset right in the final four nearly it won a championship. He won MVP nearly. The hits them. AZ and that that's the thing about what I see him is Bryant is he wasn't playing in like a bee leaf like where they the bucks republic the oddest from. What the top if not the top. European weakened in the world that love the way the games played in Europe I really do it's just so much different but here's the problem I'd like that and BA Alex the spreads on. Yeah but the MBA is so different that the only thing that does scare me a little bit the male watch highlights of this guy. I sonic game winning floater like literally does not like three point shot yet on one lake. You could go in between the league's ET bureau Stephanie well his game. Buys it when Toni Kukoc was coming out a real long time ago there column Michael Jordan you're right he was this that the only talked about with this court vision how good the pastor was. We call yet he could score any six woody. I think he's safe pick and I think he sells tickets because the guys kind of like a cult hero already. So if you're struggling franchise Natalie struggled to get Winslet struggling to sell tickets and he put his name. All of the billboards and I think people are gonna wanna go watch him play so we say eight goals one we think that is going to that is what the preliminary reports there. Atlanta's fielding calls and lots of them for number tree. The word is that they keep the picnic monetary package how ever. I think someone might be able to entice them by Orlando. On Orlando one that I'm here Mike is I just super routes Dallas wants it's no worse way. So we'll see and know the bulls would likely get up number three but they they want Obama but now. I there's a lot of action right now and Atlanta and Memphis a four. They ages scouting weaknesses and don't give me some good then there's this there was. Sitting in the chairs like stirring the pot that they're out exactly what they're gonna do they have all the options the thing with Atlanta and Atlanta wants to get rid of base more because he's now part of their plans in the old and a lot of money they like get rid of homily they wanna get rid of all the garbage they have on the roster and he won started. Torre prince who is Bennett he's looked beaten by south mall or. He's part of the plant and last year's first topic. Jon Kyl that it's got to the power forward so now they got filling holes all around finish Ruder spike on he made it open as well they county line. He's probably gone they get a lot for him so I. I'm really curious how Atlanta plays this draft whether they can add multiple picks for the clippers have multiple picks and players and they're dangling that. That Bill Bennett or outlet that I have moved to move into the top five we I'd like to see Elvis com. It's good to reinforce it it's Schroeder is a funny. Situation for me man because like when when you honest was the pick for the fox true as the guy that. I don't a lot of all goal line I thought about it who have got a great situation happen in. And like he said he opens his mouth and and really just ruined what he had down in Atlanta and they were going through a lot of changes Bryant we we get that might who alters now. A trade off for the bucks they get poodles are here after they decided to just kind of scrap whatever they had going on in Atlanta they take the three pick. Your goal with our markets you yet you do. After I think he's as they play I think he's going to be exciting we don't really know what his ceiling is and like is that he's selling tickets they're connected seats there butts in the seats and I think that's really more especially when you're what forty games yes exactly Atlantic they add they had a heart acts on the island nominee was there it that's those crazy how messed up big domestic franchises and a couple of years ago would they sent five guys the all star team they want while sixty game didn't lose again for like a whole month grind. Yet that's right ended and then LeBron basically ended them just like he's added every other Toronto what if Padilla he's at it and you know what that's funny is that giants beat an MBA degree was all the young guy right into it. As they've all attitude the that's the that's funny you said China has ruffled talk about dismantling the team to get into this draft which is crazy because all year I was reading these different pieces on how they study so much tape and it became such an unselfish team calorie DeMar DeRozan finally you know he develops a jump shot. They pass up the outlook for the better look at this team still beat the Providence saint side you know what looks like children and summaries are armor of these rates are on the right lo these how how how many teams that the front destroyed. The Chicago Bulls with a probable that there are adding that that's a lot I thought Indiana Pacers would vault door without your hair grow out your youngest the youngest MVP in NBA history. You think things are looking up I mean there's a shot that they're gonna get LeBron remember that the hot I mean everybody has thrown that rumor out of router Dwyane Wade. Another team is completely dismantle didn't they make a big banner for LeBron they were trying to get everybody out by the UIPS that are there will ultimately it is the rock showed up to united Sadr are the hurdles that are wherever they had a meeting at and they gave him a pair of Michael Jordan's shoes and they sit and you believe she used. And he was like no good back flip them back happy glad he's at it and it didn't help that their growth as record yet they're grows didn't show up although the claim that he did but yet you've got Carlos Boozer at low things heal up and then you go to Miami. You got beautiful women who ate at your best friend at that gas that which are you good to finally get to add another lot Carmelo or do you want her spot yeah. But we're good at 1998 that was a wild schemes and people talking talk about Chris Koch like he was just a note it was. It was funny. Adam silver is walking up to the podium for the first time he's gonna kick it off right now it's a quick break we're gonna go pick by pick it's the probe strap show. Live from acute club hope was not to come and out join us we're here it's all about 11 o'clock at that he Mandela the sports flash coming up next. This is the twelve. Tony eighteen Milwaukee Bucks draft show. Sports Radio One 057. Right here the U club. 4454 south grand view boulevard. Or here in the live mobile studio brought back for Centennial bank doctor mortgage broker here rat Jurenovich. But right now it's app Percent to deal mortgage might Maxi sports boys dot com fired up for this thing. A lastly I can't wait. The great thing kicked it off there at the Phoenix Suns are right now on the clock right or bots over year as well and we're gonna go pick my pick wants out of Silva walks up there. Anthony Mandela's ridicule me up in the here and we're gonna get right to his pick. We're we're looking at the operate we've been talking about a for the first half hour where this Phoenix TP go. Be careful what you really. Really really good guards if they get a big times. Oh absolutely at all I mean think about this for you got you got Devin Booker who I think this I think he gets this done as a great shooter. All the Arab point guard away from really being a really good to eat and then right as of right now the roster make it to us Jackson he's coming off the bench you know. Man. That there might be that they might be moving in right. Rex yeah I hope so crime is having that team. What we're out there for for spring training that franchise it's appropriate how many people are involved with the Phoenix Suns down there yet but you have some good young pieces TJ Warren on their rosters well it's going to be interesting to see who's still out naroff but it starts its arts event with Devin Booker. Absolutely absolutely the season as a player and team. Pomp and we'll see if they it and with their pick sixteen yet to personal picks that you get a point guard and maybe start him that we don't have to bring back Belfort feet. Because oh for me that he's more of a packed up and Annika I don't see him as a starter. You know. They they got pieces. I was a little disappointed with their draft two years ago wanted to marquee there at the very vendor. For one it will please the positions and essentially. Neither one is the most about the so either we're all that good I think the other night he looks. Mark he's Kristol of the better than regimen so I mean do you think they give Boca the Max this year. No probably let of the restricted and then give the Mac this all booked up to a forty million and cap space in 2019. He gets a new deal subs trying to think what else we could add other pieces outside the draft maybe couple letters type players I've got that there already to win right now no but if you could get better point guard. My legacy. Theory go Adams over at the podium. It. Very close. Number eight number one overall pick here it's what you ain't seen no surprise any of us here. Now that's foregone conclusion and likely to talk for last played thirty minutes. He's the perfect fit for them they have struggled. I mean Tyson Chandler. They put Brett. That there's been plates that are on the Alex Plante who is awful he's not my expletive yeah that's been their senator my notes nature is always room that the stuff. I doubt I got that draft out like I he comes in he's the starter gave one mother. Yet he's NBA ready here's what's great about the guy he's like seven foot 1261. Pounds with a 75 wingspan he's probably not even done growing market many decreased nineteen years old. These freakish with that attitude toward year's lucky you're watching it play the bar what's. Even that your bank. It was not probably what he's thinking about the Barkley said. But you you look at how physical he was there showing the highlights right now like watching that viewed in the pac twelve and into the tournament. They go down in the NCAA chairs and everything that was swirling around that that team and that University of Arizona basketball program. You knew he was going out but there I didn't think there was ever a question of any time that you step on the war was given everything I did not see that out of him. No it and I know there were reports that that's basically what the loss on him. But I don't know you have some upperclassmen and still growing auctions and a lot here for sure does a guy that did it himself those guys had their heads and Miata frivolously I'll go with it almost offseason did not get the ball he was getting touches like you don't hear in the second and a game which is ridiculous when you're the seven foot 1260 compost player how to do I have to. I I like. Waited for their teams you know weekends he thinks that Watson yeah because obviously the I mean they're schemes that became and a 9 o'clock at night that's a little bit past my bedtime so optical but I got to see him get the ball and it tournament. Now like once he's got the ball and he knows what to do with it. But you're right the lack of our I think it'll lack of guard leadership you know elected two guards. I don't think that the new hot in the box you know ain't used to play with another seven footer so old they clog the lane and yet you know which helped. So it's versatility but still he was he even played a little further away from the basket and out like. Com at mid range game is dynamic. And I think it's really gonna help. Especially when you got Booker spreading. Guys play nobody spaces the floor credited at a book yes it was that dangerous you're not going to be able to cheat off right. I think eight and no this is one again yeah it's going to be the favorite to repeat here just because of all the dynamic of their team and I think he's going to get a lot of opportunities. He's going to be a lot of fun to watch this on the offense side the sounds are not get any better defensively there's the gonna give about a 115 points probably press I guess we're gonna wanna bet the over the Phoenix to plan. Probably put. What impresses me most also about is the fact that he still played good last year when that whole mess was going on editors zona especially because he was kind of the center with these ideas of everything that was going. But that that's kind of impressive man is that he still went out did his job. You was just ridiculous that takes a lot of maturity for you I I like his character I really do and it. And you know I mean like he's swagger he's chippy maybe he's confident what you can do automatically allow guys to hear my got to be like at borders. Static her act in the late French guys now her life. He's never showed any kind of disrespect or the reporter anything no he just knew he was going number one he's got a need to work out for any other teams are ready no on the number one it. Median Booker we're gonna be like cash checks check Ogilvy and I'd like that that was gonna become an that was a great time and you know that's part poker game let me help. Hookers in the past. He insult bookie hooker can do to pump fake and take a couple dribbles then. All optional wildcats that's one part of his game that I I don't think it's nearly enough credit does not a team player that he's fast before they had forty got help me. They actually played Booker at point guard. Com which I'm not a fan of because it takes Booker with. History then I screens mean it would create his shot what it was. What they needed to do it kind. To compete I do like the fact of Booker can't create his own Jack for the public that was like it knocked out coming out of Kalish was because that he was just so stacked Kentucky that you didn't see a lot of Booker. But he always had that ability to create his own shot he's one of the best pure shooters and now how do you double team ate and when you have Booker around you look and not and this is another reason. I don't know what that I really wouldn't walk out I. Well for them treated at top ten victory on takeover but that would reach. Ridiculous theory go camp Sacramento Kings up here for the second day. The Sacramento Kings select. Back to backs. I've Beckley or a power shortly by you probably not because of these teams with Terry Giles a couple I think so I think he's probably a place that are. I think he would have played center in Atlanta to humans think that because of the team make up our I think dials though Lou that more perimeter game. It let's just listen you know things distribute these now he's nasty he's got so many post moves and that's. One thing Mike that I do want to ask you and Ryan were brought here after the break you're gonna take a quick when you get back here. For the third pick for Atlanta but I want to ask you a question about these two big guys are weighted to different conferences. How that prepares you to play the NBA we'll do that next we're live from the Q club I was confident walk picture off. The Milwaukee Bucks 48 team pro strap show comes back right after this. Fans exclusive coverage of the pros draft live from the Q club in Wisconsin walker shot from the first and studios and talk to mortgage broker Peter read Genesis. Centennial mortgage yeah this is the Milwaukee Bucks draft show it is Steve's argued Pfeiffer. Particularly. The Atlanta Hawks select. Don't share. There was the third overall pick for the Atlanta Hawks bills bit babies out. With Mike Max you sports was knocked off Bryant or Bob might go. We have a trade could. This and ultimately the figures there the break the fact that I bet we'll be going to the Dallas Mavericks. And now that it's not it's that is peculiar that the could be awesome good dockets blame in this. Dallas could be next year he was drafted by the Atlanta Hawks if you're at odds might be going apparently the deal is pending that tree young is available at number five. So I'll Dmitri Young will be here by you that's according to reports Powell ever IA also kinda. There's those oil as well. While watching mystery that happens is that it's that thing. Not happy OK okay so so we're not gonna do when he was what was on their work or try to bring it right when. Adam silver goes up to the podium Iraq or about was also. Just up in arms. A little excited about this trader. On the senator loan you one year after he could again they're just here and in particular murders being innocent human here. Because Lucas he's forgotten in this whole thing can handle the wrong. Moving in little balls that your backcourt and then until you get rid of Wesley Matthews play and it's awful hours. You have you have plenty of options there. As you lie as you continue to cover it just breakdown where these guys are going to fall we do know. You Europe Twitter years seeing exactly who everybody is spoiling it where these guys are going. But Luka garbage package is gonna go now to Dallas he's gonna play with that is that you hear. But let's let's take this step forward if they are going to get trade young and that being the Atlanta Hawks. We target of selling tickets guys that's gonna sells tickets absolute. Lee and that's probably mean the reason that and that while there often the of them intruder. We're gonna deal and these more guys are gonna just roll it retool it's roster obvious I'm gonna wait to major victory in the past five because. I've been fooled before that we LL yes we have but as of right now it looks like Lou if not it's even those four and a half of the Atlanta Hawks will be in Dallas. So that. That's the that's very interesting. My my I think that's the thing that I like the most about this line is. Your goal with a fresh start. We're trade young. If he does go through to Atlantic here and he's health says the three slot docket is going to lose to Dallas. Trade your it's gonna have an opportunity PP the guy in an organization and I think if you were going to make this deal and dedicate yourself to what. I almost felt like you had to make that movie showcase that he is our view is going to. BR franchise right. That and he's in a position our like you said he gets to be the guy any candidates to take those growing pains that's what's gonna happen in Atlanta you know reduce gives you look at defender he could be out the next level data through his own shatter team is gonna put a big wings 6760 defender rademan shut him down. It can be able to get shots off so I'm excited. And you mentioned it meant selling tickets and ministers in Atlanta people are gonna wanna go watch him play best. He's excitement he pulls up from what went outside and cordial stuffy Larry and he's got a lot of stuff period up from that's the range. I see them but there that's very adding up all mentally very obvious that Al. But Mahan misses it and you know he's hot he's. The tea Arctic for Atlanta audience this is this this could not work any better. And 10 wait I mean there's quotes right there at the sellout. Balance all this stuff I. His excellency guys. Isn't here just now we will have all the information blogging at all not that age yup that's right it's so awesome because the date apple. That's like the scene with the draft express guys I mean. I've I've put up 7000 mock draft right want them to be right now I mean. Chat boards to put up 400 spots at the week up right draft express double. It's I mean I even I even Twitter no matter what every caller I said. What are you want to. I got a response business they've got to know what I would vote. And leaving Yahoo! to go to ESPN was kinda like when your favorite player leaves the organization go to the Yankees he shaved his beard. Mean elect him. I department now is the enemy or or out. Or argue that defeated by him and that he went and jumped on you want to rings look them yeah. Yeah like yet at 31 lead gotten that shot 728 games seven. And it disappeared because it doesn't work all sort Caldwell who can Kevin Durant were the sports network and New Orleans or. Now that focus accurately they're going to be that they expect Mike backseat knows it if you look on Twitter but he is not. Going to talents now look for Adam silver does know you it's argued that as fuel for all for a while. The only reason I've seen it. It because I was getting the heat of the trait that was the only real bike I'll under the impression that they weren't when we're going to we're going to give you a break. Because you're our guy. Worked boycotted. And we're excited to hang out here for the rest of the night were key club of Wisconsin that's prevent this place this week I use the coverage here. Right down the road north Carroll university we you're out here. My sister flew in every four nights a week. William Poole. And in tonight you can be on your George Hartwell was till 7 o'clock we're gonna go to the podium right now themselves. Or yeah. Eight draft. The Memphis Grizzlies select Jimmer and Jackson. Understandable Spartan goes in the top five. I think he's offensively V. Challenged yes. Yeah yes kind of like Serge Ibaka surges first two years in Oklahoma City yes and and yes he search market sex it's always great outside the united not but I. I just not that he's there's Jackson junior fan. On and I think Obama will be one I think it's quite the pro here Jack's views however. Obama refused to hear his medical the Memphis I understand them passing right plus I think tiered Jackson may be able few. I'll play next the markets all square off fumble what. Umpqua as far as. How it took Wendell harder. Michael Porter here I agree that went Carter Michael Porter do you think they're looking at the upside just because of the fact he's also eighteen years oh. So I mean he's a talented player. Played in the Big Ten. So with the physical player while leaves the you know according to everybody that just preach the big tends to account and he also he fits the mold you want a big guy they can choose from the outside my look at his shot though the market. I'm good. I'm so our. Outlook guys from this state I don't know why I mean IDC dream on ended up working out up you know everybody's benefit and nobody sees it but he's. Says the player. Atlanta swear I'm not going to you all can see that's why Mike Max is always that's your. I don't like like what I mean it's marquis have conversations over the phone might throw them out there and tell what street Mike Green as I can't. I'd add that you know I'm not be missed the fans. I don't like miles bridges the thicker so it might be it might be a bias thing but. I think Obama's view that are pro and I I personally think Michael Porter junior was he is back right will be a better. Wrong if this is interesting so your right they Chauncey Billups is doing the player comparisons that I watched ESPN broadcast. And he's giving Jerry Jackson junior a joke you know what comparison. Obviously he thinks he's definitely jump shots I don't think that's what you want for the fourth pick in the tri band joking Noah had some really good years there is the year where he was an MVP consideration granted everybody else on the bulls' roster went down here grosses fourteenth knee injury but don't you know look became like the team's point guard by default scary. Walker ever rebound that was this high triple bring the ball up court. The average like six or seven assists a game. But no I don't see that comparison whatsoever. Unless you Michael ugly shot you know I don't deal rosy comparisons. In his words really ridiculous bomb that I don't that's it that's a tough at a for years lacy Pearson as far as you know is it appears. It is now appears so different they're so hard because players are so different and they're also playing any differently. Right right it and I would hope that you you better hope for than joking right nothing to keep at Connecticut Ro yeah. But. It's hard to get a good read on some of these guys just because of the system does that play even you know everybody wants to talk about these guys from duke who don't always pan out because the planes such a great system with your shots. But now here's my point. He goes to Memphis right. Memphis has Marcus hall. If Mike Conley junior. My technologies suffered an injury we all know that this goes my analogy goes so it Mike Conley junior is healthy. There are a playoff at least I believe there with a healthy markets for sure what is he gonna help. Contribute to a playoff team that's great question and I I don't know IC a little harder it would be able to keep contribute right away. And I think Michael Porter here with them with a knife back would be able to help out. You know the committee went with another of the that they struggle on the wings you don't proposal because it would kill races under edit that. Do you think the grizzlies keep that team together though obviously probably back you'll get rid of Michael Conley junior is that deal is that crazy how big Mike Conley junior Campbell and they gave them that money a couple of years ago I. I couldn't believe it and I loved his soul but I could see him being packaged around the all star break if they're not in consideration are on the trade deadline is another playoff team yeah I could definitely him. Consideration but everything I've read right now is. They plan B in fact it makes things. So I mean and they overlook. Three. So tree you know. We'll fly. In the books. And as you'll go the bush straight guy is the fifth Beckett when he eighteen he'll go to the Dallas Mavericks it appears that he is on his way to Atlanta. Client or by. This is why you have to be very careful who you follow on Twitter this time a year because everything we've heard in the past month or two history young could a lot of the first round altogether. You know he's just the prospect. Can't create his own shot too small and we hear this every year I remember Doug Gottlieb. They obviously. Went off five notes that curry got your attitude is aimed at this guy is gonna be a good player at the next level blah blah blah is going to be able to create as a shock it is shout out. Get lost offensively though is that you know an outlook it's funny now look at top ten that. But like you really like this. I do like them and it's not just shooting it's his play making ability and the yet he got in the game where it went to a system he was passing to a puts it nobody's then he hit one freshman. Recruit that what do well with them that it in the rough you don't know it will not be drafted. Not at the other players will be drafted and he hit point two assists so he's basically passing that guy at the YMCA so I mean. I man but that if you put him on NB a roster where he can run an offense like Atlanta. The ball right phone back around and come back around it keeps you in the early eighties to just got a great Albert I don't you guys see him courier same player. But they can play this type of people that Greek court vision I think he's he's got the better court vision doesn't have handles and thinks that period that are on Hillary but yet sprinkler. We'll see a lot more coming up here at Milwaukee Bucks Prejean broke loose draft show here outscored 3:1 o'clock seven FM the fan. Bryant Korvotney here as well as Mike Maxi. Was forced boys dot com we got plenty more coming up equity medal at the sports flash but we're back with vick's six after this right here man.