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Friday, November 10th
11/09/17: Producers Dive Bar: Packers, Bucks, Badgers and a LOT more! 

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Welcome in the dive bar addition of the producers here at 1057 FM the Fey and act cat and Jeff or allows gay Greg Janet. Here to kick your ears asked. Greg what's going on rather embodiment I would doing. A hero. The manager arraignment. Pissed off that football season's over already done it is is not a good time to be. To be of Pakistan that is Fisher scan said. It really is the is. You now are losing another year of Aaron Rodgers prime noon yet and that's says Barbie is. You lose in the prime loan possibly. Deep bass quarterback to ever play the men know a year flushed and the toilet. But before we give is that depressing talk we get a huge show for you like all ways. Gonna talk about. And tiger's. Gonna talk about the underfed and years. Gonna talk about your Milwaukee Bucks. And I were just an African wing in the fourth segment talk about whatever the hell we want so works for me no sounds sounds good hopefully you guys are buckled up. As we ain't Stapp and so first segment the free can Packers man on real. On freak in real. Martellus Bennett. Tell us spends. In this is doesn't show what type person mark tells Ben it is I don't know what does yeah. He was mainly content will be on the Packers loved being part of this community. He's close to Chicago also he's close to his family. And he and his drive down real quick and then Erin Rogers geezer. And then. The tides start to turn and all of a sudden. During the bye week you know that. You do your team's not as good use to be obviously with with a Aaron Rodgers on the bench. And all of a sudden. I might be retiring after this year I can't say for certain. But I might be retiring. And then all of a sudden. Phantom injury just appears via. And he's now out for. Two straight weeks would this phantom injury after a bite and mind you so. Where you order before going into the mine and now your hurt. And now today. All. The New England Patriots picked him up off of waivers then. Observe a collusion. Cooler in the NFL people go back there. While he wanted to go to thirty wanted to go back to the next best quarterback he exited bids were numbers don't wanna do any way the Packers know better target their money back in we'll see if it happens or not. He was claimed off the way were so that's nice because of majors now assume the rest of his contract into the bags or pay any of that but. He got mad that Aaron Rodgers. Is no longer play. Knew that the season was awash in when a Super Bowl he's not gonna get his numbers. So people's budget garbage. When he gets shipped numbers anyway you dropped the ball that is very even. Didn't look like the tide and we are getting no we would we went into. This year and we talked about agreement Packers on previous podcast before the season started in under the options when they got to but it. Everybody and their mother every ballpark that even in this city or state or area. Nationally. Said that this is a anomalous mean. For the pads and Aaron Rodgers this is a definite upgrade over jeered him and you volleys peoples and or will they should cap Jared Cook they should've kept Jared Cook. Funny humorous and it is a joke about it you weren't bad they got pretty generic argument is that although difficult was nice piece but you're after the government owned by you thousand upgrade. And now everybody is bashing dead dobbs and some of its right police said. But this park is it because you thought. Robert does but it was going to be anomaly you Bartow but it was good to take. This office the next level and when he didn't do that indeed dropped everything that came his way. All of a sudden it was our this ridge here gaga was revered god wants and when they started Martellus Bennett a sob would net them but it does about it. You got what you wanted hopefully the Packers did you were signing ball as bad as item like a little bitch yeah. And have fun in new England and you know what I hope your shoulder really is or where it aired ACL because your problem in boats go seven bags with the brawler. Duties such that he's a total bomb and I'll tell you this in any in May me furious. Or listen in the big show when the whole retirement tweet and stuff came out. And spark he's on there and says all he can't blame them you know maybe wants to be healthy later on in life and in. But this and that in this neck excuses excuses excuses. You're damn right you can blame them because the Packers put three had a three year deal invested. In this dude which. And many says there aid gains in and now talks about retirement. Well if you would have been upfront and honest with the Packers when he signed and put his name I'm nick Karen tracked. There's no way in hell. That the Packers would assign them for three years there's no way in hell that Ted what brought him here. And got rid of Jared Cook who had one of the most memorable catches in packer history. That sideline catch against Y I Dallas. So you don't. He played games said there you know to roses retirement crap out there and still is people here. Making excuses for him. Drove me up the free can wall man. Up the wall I cook all. I couldn't I couldn't handle it and OK so he acts this way and you know gets his wish although. The best quarterback in the league is ergonomic Bob back to Tom Brady. You know just weak ass move. You know and then obviously. You know the stuff with his brother comes out in the video and all that that his brother's story about Vegas was a load of crap as well. There's some serious African problems in their family man. And I don't feel bad form. It just it didn't it boggles my mind it boggles my mind I'm with the argument from minimum and it's a little. And it go back to New England. I have no love loss whatsoever. Now and I act like you said man I was a horror percent on board I was excited I thought the Packers offense was gonna you know. Turn the page be unstoppable. Open up the middle of the field. And then he drops this and he drops daddy doesn't score if he doesn't score one touchdown in a packer uniform. Is garbage absolute garbage. It increases. The low. That one there what does that agent exactly in mid may there one catch ended combat. Again as Dallas on the final drive he made. A long catch. That was probably the best currencies be mated baggage in form by that he'd enough and he did nothing he was he was a boss of assigning. And in Orion was Lisbon to. Bill Michaels so today. In my way to work. AA and they're talking about whether or now this rule. Hindered Ted Thompson from going outing beauty and more free agent because this puts us sour taste as well. And I really hope it doesn't because it you're gonna lead as Jack wagon. Put a bad days involved when it comes to Gordon in free agents then your olden. Washed up anyway you should just leave. Oh you know he said there rookies so obviously the Bennett's sighting was a bus. Ahmad Brooks that dude can't stay on media and a field he's heard all the freaking time. So you know I was pumped about a lot of these signings in new. We're quaint you know we're talking about injuries. Isn't just smears every single year. The Packers. Have in. It and lose amazing amount of injuries compared every other and of our team yeah. Total bids are training is ever their head doctor or what it may be. But things need to be changed because you always have people hurt and would soft tissue injuries or woman knows what. How why can you not keep people on the field why what is it you can't blame on the Cole because his. On the other teams up in the gold of you can't win of the facility because Packers facilities are top notch up so it asked to be something. So the only thing you can point oh. Is your training staff. So maybe some need to be changed one giant steps and you can't keep Gabriel now. Pre injury that rider's car on that can't be rented but. Hamstring injuries quad injuries I said injuries by exits off. Tissue muscle injury a year after him is that after years here and being. Prevented them in the right steps are made it seems like. He's and you haven't done. Liberals Ahmed burst and now they have those injuries. Is every Cisco no but I don't backers and he's got a he's. More Q what say you there on the big vagina Martellus Bennett. It is up our Twitter at 1057 producers Eric Gregg crew really to add Jeff underscore or a lot ski. Now I love been fantastic segue into the change with the Euro training staff and all that. You know so I obviously we watched just a complete. Complete. Hoops show on Monday night against Detroit just god awful performance two weeks to prepare. And they they looked that bad now. You view flip down and chuck and went clear on Tuesday morning in. Everybody Ali have fired head prior my take fire you know dom player everybody. Well. I believe me and you have been saying this firm what. Two full years now from so it's about time all you suckers get on a freak in the right train of thought here. Because meat and you have been saying how overrated McCarthy is. How you know just it it just sits socks and every year is a freaking disappointment. The one thing that really is there to me about McCarthy right now and we talk about his play calling even with Rogers. Is that you didn't you're not doing anything. Going on they're looking for any rendering quarterbacks because you said I have. This guy right on the and it's been in my system for three years. He knows my system he knows the nuances you know as the checked on the nose to change plays he knows this he knows that he knows that the other thing. Where why are you Colleen. The games. Like your soul scared. You are calling in the game. Tuning. Not get blown out here and an up and blown. What you're you're you're you're taking no chances whatsoever if this guy knows profits he's been there for three years just lack of goal. It's a once you have to lose your clearly. Gonna do it in this conservative game plan to all of these girls six interceptions. All six interceptions but maybe it's. Forty points. Or more yards. Just see what can happen. Because right now. Until the ball. Hard and it's men have come under fourteen yards are you kidding me and let jewel. One quarterback he's meant to do what. Throw the ball downfield. Stop all the conservative game plan. Paul if you're this great coach would you said you were last year majority isn't totally hooker was our goal. Then let's see it if you do it's one thing. It did you know you look at the patriots in the a celebrity goes down. Or suspended the first four games of last year. OK Jimmy G comes it. Does that Jimmy G and the dinner. I know I'll say it did you go embers and debris there yep so are the other two games. They don't want every single one of those games they would want it it would Adrian won three in 1210 would you go Brusett. And one and one would Jimmy G yeah. So. You see these guys putting up. Good numbers. Because it's the same system. But what. Lol what so what's happened. What's happened is Aaron Rodgers seems your ass when you called garbage as play calls are minute timeout you called the same side plays. The entire game you just run in different formations that's all it is your not a good player Earl I don't see you putting guys in motion. I don't CU ME barge formations I don't see you doing anything to help her wide receivers get open or to rob young quarterback. Give an easy throw out there and a bunch formation have one guy doing it Ed one guy doing well another guide you'll pull some pain. To confuse a defense in a bunch allegedly knew that noted over the Gordon did you have. It easy throw more than you ever running back come back building right behind this whole closet that was Aberdeen. Eighties why don't solve. The you're doing nothing right now your gonna conservative game plan and it's clearly I work he'd you have nothing to lose how many of them than lose just. Go out there and played the god. We're in game. Yet it drove me crazy before. Before Harley's first garden everybody's liked. All well I really hope that the Packers simplify the offense and and do this in and make everything easy now Herman and just simplify. The offense. No he's been here three freaking years he should know the playbook back and you know front to back. There should be no simplifying anything the reason why you stick with this guy instead of bringing in the veteran is because they don't have do. Limit the playbook can you can do whatever the hell you want because he's been in your system now this leaves me to. My question. Of the year which is in my questioned some stealing if from my neighbor. Okay he asked me. Now. McCarthy comes out and says that a home lays his guy he doesn't want any any veteran hunley is capable and all this good enough to get to jab done blah blah blah. Is Mike in idiots. In just a bad evaluate her talent. Or was she just straight out lying. To Packers fans and knew their Conley. Was course script. I I think that. In McCarthy's mind he thought he could make this work with harmony. He thought that he was in a put on the out there and you know call a game plan that was going to be success successful. Specially institute deepens that you've played now all of New Orleans diva has been playing better the last six games and was the first 23 games of the year. Andy trades defense they'd do have a decent secondary. Over Quinn in and and it's it's layered good defense of backs. But. They're not world beaters that you're not going against the Denver. You're now a gold against. Jacksonville. Area of the visits duke it out gold against Baltimore's defense from the Ray Lewis days you're not in every scene. An average defense and so I honestly thought I honestly think the McCarthy bodies have put on the of their and he would do okay. He's not going to be Whitney's. Has to do the plays that your call. You're not setting them up for success in a setting. Air jaws of for success in essence I'm Montgomery upper success. In setting any of your players opera's success with a plate you're calling right now they're so I don't think it has anything do duel with a at a value later talent. He's just been lucky that ever since he's been here he said Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers yes exactly that's what he's got argument will air route went down. You said Matt Flynn who was also criticism for five years and yet she knew what was going on but then you also had cynical Walsh who was John Morton and I mean remember lawsuit the Robin Scott told me in was it was it Joan. Do roots. The engines a bunch of garbage men and it's a bunch of garbage your play calling is atrocious. You need to do something because the whale looks right now. Yeah it'll with a another brigade president clearly your defense is an open you write your defense can't even. They can't stop anybody. Do it Rodgers goes down. And I I thought to myself. I was talking myself I sometimes do this. As said type around. As Sid this is a perfect opportunity. For Mike McCarthy. To completely change your mind about him. And if he can sit there and take Brett on. And he can win. At least half. Of the games. With strongly and get this team into the playoffs. That might prove Teague to. That Mike is a decent coach. And he has. Puke all over issues. He's wet the bed and he's you know easy and crap sandwich is whatever you want a freaking call. He Sox. He sucks and finally. Packer fans or start to wake up now look real quick because I'm tired talking about this team. Go to his game at Chicago Packers are six point dogs. What what's your prediction growing. That the bears and Ronald. That and that's observers these job. Mediate he's adding if he's had started one for five teams. The nationals five games he's a total of six completions and he's he's he's junkies garbage but you know what they have a good running game. I mean they're gonna run all over the Packers they have a good defense they're they're gonna stop on the and they're whose game is the guy I really don't know what they're gonna win another game this year and they look the way they looked. Against Detroit. I do not know they're gonna win the game is here because it looked absolutely horrible and what's worse they use said they had two weeks to prepare for this gate and that's a. You've put up yeah after your bye week at home. At home two weeks at home and that's what she show up if it it's adds. They've clearly the rest the other night when a game they know the browns. There ill Moses that Alibaba in the way they play against Detroit they will lose to the any ought. How am I said that's when Rodgers first got her. And I'd gladly have pasted by a lot of packer fans they know where are asking combat zone as they they stay in the hunt. There are bad week 1516. And they give you Rhode miserable well he had thirteen bids inserted into his car. I don't think he's going to be out even able to come back. Even now when they say he's there's a possibility. When it refers Abbott said he's done the double play out on for arming and Edwards have every single game. Your foreign twelve. You get a top five draft making guard grabbed either the best lineman available. Libya best defensive player on board. Now they need to get intelligent never thought you would have when Aaron Rodgers is playing quarterback that can. Possibly hold only take it to the next level so you could win. At least one more super ball with one of the best quarterbacks of all time because if you don't what do visibly just wasted 2.5 years. Of two of the top ten quarterbacks of all time in Brett Favre and it writers and it's sad and it it frustrates Beebe of management when you see. Our ought. Just jackass of a quarterback like Eli Manning. Went to a Super Bowls because he had players and a team around him to help him get to the Super Bowl and win it. And good coaching. So okay wall our listeners are as big a degenerates as we are so give them a score so they can go to the window wouldn't and lose their mortgage. Twelve to seven. 127. I'm very every give the Packers less credit than that I'm the say 276. Chicago beats. Beats Green Bay so and so who take take him bears and give the six man that. With this with this garbage there were being forced to watch it's it's unreal. It's unreal. Well I'm I'm done I'm done let's let's talk about some happy when we come Baghran talk about the undefeated badgers. That's sounds better doesn't have. Well I guess before I was trying to get happy too quick Milwaukee before you jump off the bridge. Shooters shooters on Twitter let us know what you did to scores going to be at 105 several producers Eric Gregg crew 82 at Jeff underscore Orlovsky. You know give us the score your prediction. Three and out jays remind me you know do you sum to give us give us two reasons why the Packers a might you know not even winning game but might. Show that are somewhat respectable. Because right now it's just it's it's awful it's absolutely awful we'll talk badges we give back. It's CI dive bar addition the produces here I want a 57 FM the fan but jackass. Welcome back to the producers dad bar addition here I want a 57 FM the fan that can't find us on Twitter. At 1057 producers you define mr. Gregg Janet at Greg crew 820. And me Ed Jeff underscore or Los ski so after that depressing and segment. How about the Packers. I asked Greg if we run of the Bard to a couple shots and come back try to get happy again he said now. So we're still sober. Normal banana hair appeared topics here in the bar afterwards why known a number of them little head start never heard emerging that is true. So what words are about the badgers the art Dem feet. Wisconsin Badgers now before we give in to their matchup against number warning Iowa. Here. Coming up Saturday 230 kickoff. Greg Wisconsin's eighth in the latest playoff rankings. Do you think that there are too low. To high or right. Where they belong. In their northern along. You're gonna see some movement. This week. If the badgers do win this game against Iowa. Woods they're favored to win. They they should give some how because you have Miami played Notre Dame. So one of those teams is going to Catholic source convex. As some of you might know or may not know I remain. Mary big Florida State then nobody is perfect and so. I have he. Immense hatred for Miami. I think today this weekend. Might be the first time I will ever rooted. For Miami. Because I hate Notre Dame them much more and burn insults of realism this sockets exactly. I hope Notre Dame gets crushed. But so that was God's gonna get some help from one of those games from Oklahoma and TCU played each other. So you should get some of them way as well. Georgia Auburn played each other. He gets them out there measures in one room. You never know you never know they could get some now. The problem is is that. Wisconsin hasn't. Done anything to impress the plant committee they I completely understand why they're number eight. You yes you are defeated. What you're not beating teams handily like you should be teams not by. Any means was I mean you're you're you're being mean Illinois by fourteen points. You should be beating them by thirty if your top. Ford team in the nation a playoff team Bahrain for a possible national championship. You should be raw Sheen. The challenger plane in the Big Ten right now. Because the Big Ten is down you should be absolutely demolishing them and you are now and that is why you're sitting at number eight. And you'll are the only ones Wisconsin. As a team. You'll only person in the blame is yourself. Because you're not taking advantage. Of your schedule right now and just crossing these teams. Taylor is the start to other tailored to stuck. Porter broke. Has looked beautiful this year he's steadily junior. Offense as a whole has been atrocious. They're defense. Has started out slow in games and picked it up in the second half but even then you're still on the east teams get back in it when you should be. Just downloading them they're they're they're not in my opinion and out of top fourteen of the nation they don't deserve to be. It is they go undefeated. The rest of the woods I don't think it will because they're go to either lose the bid though it was a Michigan they're gonna lose the Big Ten championship game. But it they'd somehow miraculously win ball of those gave little console players. Wear it well they play. They're gonna get absolutely smashed. Okay now. Do I think Wisconsin's top four team in the nation held now. Because the eye test they do not pass the eye test. The offense does not pass the eye test and Lucy has from the year. He injured his leg just had surgery. Arnett. So he's gone their best receiver on the team. Porter Brooks socks okay he throws horrible interceptions. Some games he bounces back some names. He doesn't and he looks scared. And the offense is is garbage the entire game and they rely on the defense. The problem with Wisconsin is that they don't play complete games. They sit there and they look like like crap in the first half. And then the defense gets a bacon at the offense does just enough in the second half and they win now they did pick up a nice road win against Indiana live. Suite which was the one it's 67 point game. In the fourth quarter. I think it was 2417. And going into the fourth quarter and then made baseball repertory importance in the fourth quarter. That just haven't because of Indiana having bad turnovers are on their side on the field. Yeah I was trying to follow that game while this has sucked in down Long Island's like deer gone out of style led the bills. So I sit in a water park trying to watch it on the TV just didn't blind yeah I dated dated dated and they yes they won by eight. When the 21 points when he points in my that but the game was. A lot closer than the final score indicated there they get them. Okay I'll say this Wisconsin can go undefeated this season and I believe that they will I think that the I think they went a a real tight one here against Iowa. I think you they went another tight one against Michigan and I think they're gonna play Michigan State in the Big Ten title game and they can they can win meant to. I also think that they get shut out of the college football playoff now my thing is is that. Very they're gonna get shut out of the playoff. And it's not Wisconsin's fall. Is not Wisconsin's fault that the the that Tehran the week. Redheaded stepchild side of the Big Ten. And they're not on the big money big balls out Boller side of the big tackle any dare fault that they got placed in the shootings at. It's all or not and his team. One every single game by a score of 56 to 1063. What any. They ought to be our top ING Renault did you know. Maybe it's not elect if they were blowing teams out. They mobile and they are right now but they seasons ugly against. Illinois. At northwestern. And Indiana. At Rutgers and whoever else crap teams they play barely beating these grant teams. And at RT. With a Big Ten being down because the big and just had two teams in the top six and state. And I'll stay right bolt on the goods guide of the big as a matter is the picture. Doesn't matter. People love the big they are by conferences so they'll be out there and they didn't look like crap. Against these John. You either won't. You're your own words you look at the engine not be in the please post that's not a top five county it's all on the there all argue. They're not a top five playoff team because restore our strength of schedule. Is garbage and the reason they're straight to schedule is garbage is because all the good Big Ten teams are we. Inside the big and Doug. If they wanna be available washed it it would just kill every single board they had let's see. They killed Utah State. They beat every you by seventeen they beat BYU by 34. That you beat. Northwest of bind nine. Which you should beat them by more northwestern is that good or lesser story about a brand the Italian mobile playoff rankings Nebraska down Nebraska. By 21 argument that you go to Purdue you win by eight. You barely. Barely beat up Perdue has been horrible lately. You don't do anything special against Maryland you'll beat Illinois by fourteen and they knew. Were only up seven and Indiana going into the fourth quarter. You haven't done anything special. Anything special. It's because they haven't played anybody special if they played in the Big Ten east and they played against. The Ohio State's the Penn states and Michigan State. And all that was closer plate. Number form of the plate clients and they lost Syracuse and their head there ahead of Wisconsin who was simply offer and is plain that they've. Auburn's big wins there and have every down. ACC year this year. Bearing down they haven't really played anybody special. Can't be beat Auburn by eight points. They beat Louisville is fourteen they cross the mobile goes down now. Virginia Tech. NC state all the ranks in the top odd topped one neat moment in it playoff rankings. When they've played them. So you know. They've played some pretty good names. They pleasant things. It's allied Wisconsin. You know but like consider it's no fault to Wisconsin. Because. The teams on their side of the Big Ten sock. It is it is what it is but Leggett said I like this I fully expect Wisconsin go undefeated and still get shut out and I hope. That they go undefeated. And I'm not rooting for them to get shut out but when it happens I hope this will be the catalyst to get it to eight teams instead of four. However. The caveat that I will give here it is say one agave on a college football show you can listen that I'm demand horrified seven of them spandex Arab. Little shameless plug their. Is that. We win they increased the college football playoffs. From four. To eight teams wish again do and so what. One C one mean one. Because they have a contract for the power. To implant them and they make you do it to them because they have. TV cartridge that they have the payout I don't think it should be aid teams but doesn't matter. Wisconsin undergoing a feed my caveat. Is that when they increase from four to eight. They have it written in stone that it cannot change for 25. Years. Because I am scared that they are going to tinker with it the same way college basketball is. It was perfect at 64. Now it's at 68. Now people want it expanded again which is boggles my freaking mind. Leave at all. You'd get it to eight you put its sentenced only can't change for 45 years. And need just in jewel in your evident eight would you have him as each power five conference. Debt and are loud and ours is going to be in there in the near through rockers yep we use our severance are meant to live team goes undefeated. David got slow blips. But it will stay argument is probably get a phone and the power five in a go undefeated yes. But if it's nowhere state university is playing little sisters of the pork. And beating up on these little garlic is crap team yet evident that all hail now noted no gravity and they are that a team goes undefeated as being part of our prime conference yes. Yet that I agree with and gabbana. But it's it's not gonna happen does not in a matter because those counts and go undefeated. This was say you Milwaukee. We'll put added we go out there wasn't content on this I geared they're gonna lose Iowa. You would bet on them. Well look I went out there there was broken opal a media rich are Malarkey let us not deals Lauder who argue drunkenness. It is up on Twitter at 1057 producers add Greg crew 82 he's the crazy one on the Smart what had Jeff underscore or lastly. Now when we come back nine and three. And it three was Tibetan and it was odd years. You're drunk already lose Iowa loses Michigan lose big and James Polk army drum for weeks. I. Yeah we'll bet on all three of those all three and adolescents are now. I don't care the loss surgery games. I had anyway. Greg's Mike is off it's going to be a solo show from here on out when I come back. I am gonna talk about the Milwaukee freaking bucks Eric Bledsoe. What does he mean to this team. Blob blob blob blob block your racquet with the producers pick one up by seven FM the fan. Jack Jack. Welcome back to your producers dive bar addition dinner 157 up on the stand back cap. Jeff Morel asking bragged Janet kicking your ears asked where half way through. Greg the box pick up Eric Bledsoe. And don't give up but should give up by the moose and a protected first round leader. Not bad what do you think about what they had to give up to get a. I had the abuzz over a bag penis and he's he's senator Lugar had you get rid of Munro who. Wasn't playing as many minutes says. As you thought he might be that scored presents you with a of the men's last year I went to gold watch that I went to the game. Win here yeah on his head is 44 point. Amazing game against Portland and I was there I think yet you were there cover in the game of the admin role played a total of two minutes a game that's being missed every schett that he took any say he's rolled the par and the entire time. Minerals not part of the offense he's he's not part of their offensive scheme. Yes he was good office and scored off the bench. But he didn't do anything free defensively. He wasn't that this amazing rebounder and so you didn't really give up that much except for his salary which is does it costs. In a protected a lottery protected first trumpet their. For a guy that put up 21 points and six assists last year. You got him for bag the units you should be very happy with that deal yeah now I've heard people talk. Even on the station about all he has bad knees while. You know what. A lot of people get injured a lot of people have bad knees slated basketball you're seven feet tall you're neither be bad for a little bit. He played a majority of last year and Romney games he's missed over her on the ads. All that many. It's 66 at 82 this year. The and that's the most games have been rest if you know these players like the rest every four games because schedules old brutal if it's if it's easier playing professional bass is not dead brutal. Anyways. So. You gotta gotta give score. Shoot the ball penetrate. You don't always have to have your artist of the ball you don't always have their Brockman with the ball. You now have a legitimate scoring threat next you yeah Imus. Would Jabari out in Milton not hitting assesses here. I think is a very good deal of hundreds arm. Our goal. The money or earn enough money for Jabari. Makes of homes get to delve a no look he's he's a contract as is wasted away. Get rid of Colette events because he does nothing but missed threes. There and then you have room to do what everyone. Get a little larger tax whatever maybe. Money is nothing to these people right now. There's a lot of teams that overload your text who cares about money all you are cared about now as a box bad. Is what this organization is doing. To proved he got this they want to win. Because they've got the bolts. In four years your stroke. Then you have to prove to you Armas right now you're only goes pro beyond is adjourned gonna do whatever it takes. I've put people around him to make the bugs viable contenders. Year in year out too when it's not a good that's what got us the goal is one of title so whether that be in you have to. Hit the luxury tax and pay some some pines every year. You're doing that because if you lose your honest you have now put your organization. Back to where was. In the mid two thousands. Yeah you know I agree with you man what they gave up four. To give Bledsoe. And nothing. Absolutely nothing Bledsoe you know they fleece the suns forum. And you know because Bledsoe said he wanted out all this and thank god he did because are the sons. Didn't play their cards ready little they were idiots have been at the minute utes had him now plane. You just lost all your trade now in his edges and fairways is considered till we get the bass Robert. Will be born knowing I could get a good opera has gotten a plane so we're gonna let it sit for a week or two he's still not gonna play. He's gonna get rested and let them to trade for this guy for next enough. You know you may get low balled like crazy in and and good because you know screw Phoenix we hope we're box thing. So law so he had good for the box man great move they you know the first round pick. You know the NBA draft is is is such a crapshoot man. Once you get past like pick sixes like 5050 who have these guys work out amount in. The first tropic to to given up. It's louder protected them and it doesn't even matter if you knew you hope. The next four years when this pick is gonna be delta the suns has been given too much points when he wrecked. Then there in the playoffs every single year says going to be at least. A fifteen pager later oil. And what did you do give fifty big as you think DJ Wilson when he hears is stat line for your one Reba. It is it the it is it's it's it's a matter impressive you know the only thing that worries me is the injuries and you know. Like you said you know a lot of people have bad knees won't ship welcome to Wisconsin man Lugar for African football team you know so we're used to people getting hurt. But you know in Torre eleven the only played forty games and thirteen he played 43. In fifteen he played 31. Minnesota injured. What they're also be. He decided opened up a lemonade stand and make up the save a lot of money isn't there an out show in his career. Sums on these rookies over eleven minutes in and out it he was knocked his even. Well what he played forty games he was at a just over eleven minutes per. Seventeen minutes per in the thirteen season when he played 43. 34 minutes per when he played 31 games and when he fifteen so he was getting time. So you know but it's a great move man he held that offense. You know yeah honest needs help. I'm maker has been a very big disappointment so far this year. Sorry says Florida I I hope his son bounces back. And and and gets his stuff together. You know it's it's a wait and see game on Jabari Chris Middleton easier you know you know what I did I think about him. You know he couldn't leave any day and I am I assure Zell wouldn't shed its year. So I think that Bledsoe adds a lot now. You know I'm an interim moose was great last season he was the spark off the bench. Score to you know it in look like he tried a lot harder last year I was a moose man and I'm gonna miss some. But he was struggling this year man his shot wasn't fallen he looked slower. Every time he would go up and on the court it kind of looked like every step hurts and good for him because now. Monroe's gonna go to Phoenix there in the 90% chance are gonna buy out has captured many go wherever the hell he wants. So he can go to Q a contender with you know Cleveland or San Antonio or. Whatever team wants a wants to pony up some cash for the moose and and bingo and chase a ring so you know good for him. But I don't I don't see why anybody can be upset with Bledsoe trade. Mean their means that in. More scoring. In. Another guy they can handle the ball so why it why would you be upset about the strange case of he has some injuries. What are you losing at this point in time you know lose anything like you said you have to proved at the artist. Your try to put as much talent around him. To win a title because you need dads have always seasonable. Well and this is a lost year anyway. You don't get Jabari beckoned so you know they're what do they say January February. At a minimum at minimum so you know. Usually you lose half the season would Jabari or more. You finally get him back you don't have to be good until next season when you open up the new arena. So you now have a good peace in Bledsoe. To sit there and jell O with pianist now not a sin Thon. And Middleton have unfortunately these days. And then when Jabari comes back you've got thirty games to sit there and gel the forum together. Where next season they should be ready. Straight out of the gates going compete. And make a serious run in the player. If you look at what this. If I was cable out of this planet right now is I would have Brockman at the one. Bledsoe at the two. Snub the three youngest of four and maker has had five who everyone. Because that way. Brock and still starting and you still have his defensive presence. You still have his outside shot you Bledsoe can bring the ball up as well can drive and his complain pick and roll game again honest. You have got guys who can drive and dish it out to Bledsoe or to us now for the three or stock and for that matter. And then you have Middleton coming off the bench. Who could be your know off the bench scoring Egan B York Jamal Crawford that comes in and puts up 1718. Game. Mean that six man role and easy grisly photos and play a good idea right now is nuts in the ball well but I'm saying he has. He he has the tools. Any would have the opportunity to do it if he was. The six man on the bench. If he was a good player you know if Middleton and Middleton will have one grade game every ten days. And then he disappears for the next nine days. And then we'll have another great game at all. I haven't been bad and each year. Are you shoot a lights out and then it disappears and goes ice cold so. Hey I've got no faith in him I would start Bledsoe out on the bench. Running the second unit I would sit there and give him a good couple weeks to sit there in jail in practice. And so flight debt with with pianist in them. Before I would unleash him on with the starting lineup. I think did. I think did Bledsoe will provide more offense with the second unit to beginning. You provide more offense there than you would lose by moving Middleton from the first unit to the bench. But you know. Estes he would ruin. What say you more T you be happy with the Bledsoe trade you better be you're dumb. But hit us up on Twitter at Mora by seven producers Eric Gregg crew ready to add Jeff underscore our Lonsky. How do you think the box. Should integrate Bledsoe into the lineup should he start should he come off the bench. Should he does sell popcorn cotton candy until next season so it doesn't get hurt. Let us know hit us up on Twitter now we come back gallows prize saying his center talk about what. Ever that help we want. I liked it. Only it were running the ship. All right that's coming up next Dagmar dish and what I parred seven FM not fanned. Jack man welcome back last segment that dive bar addition of the producers here mortified seven FM the fan act have. Jeff or lasting Greg Janet. Greg. The second was gonna be good ms. time to talk about whatever the hell you want. Greg what's on your mind. There but Jerry Jones. And him mean in any war in this of the NFL does and so back to buy you some in the NFL because you don't want to go the countries Stanton. You're showing yourself. You're one of 32 owners in the NFL. So by usage in the NFL you're selling yourself. And I've heard that there is rumors that he talked about eight different owners instead they don't allow him to have this lawsuit he's in the sue them personally as well. The only reason he wants to sue them is because he's been a little crybaby. About his star running back he'd suspend. A little later it's just like Robert Kraft rubber Chrebet Roger Goodell where boys. Rather they want and and and nonstop daily wind Halloween parties together their Bert and Ernie. And all of a sudden he was spent Tom Brady almighty god Roger Goodell the worst person in the world yet and they were very Jones and most pork. Pretty doubt until expended. The woman beater and a the molester flexible element shirts during. IRAs Zia. The gathered pledges DJs in night clubs. Oops play the song man can't blame him for that the islands also idiots in photographs and settled we dispensary. Oops. You're more. If it does get suspended for your gives credit for everything. Just take it spreads and Goldman note. Goodell has made all these owners a bowl all the money now yes ratings are down the last two years. It doesn't matter of NFL still the biggest product out there and they're still making money by the bowl and so Jerry Jones. You hear more on you boys been aboard have been a more since you fired Jimmy Johnson. Any haven't done Jack went here. Organizations it's the best thing he goggle where is your stadium because that is bringing of the value of your cowboys. So you know what Jones. Give up. Give up please give up this lawsuit. Your kid is lost in court he's gonna service suspension. Let it play out let ago. It does really is extension sooner or later because all the rest the owners know what he's done for them. What do you like him get out or not he's done. Good by the owners. Well the funny thing is is that. Win the announcement that they were gonna give give Dell the extension came out the owners voted unanimously. To offer him the extension. Unanimously. That these Jerry Jones dumb ass signed often said yes encrypt oh. And now all of a sudden disease suspends. The alleged you know. Nine genius Zeke. Now also these public enemy number one and absolutely ridiculous and added could really use the what else is ridiculous. Is filed NASCAR. Bubble lawless Jr. or Darrell Wallace junior recalls and Bubba. He's gonna be the first full time black driver. In NASCAR. Since 1971. And Wendell Scott. Gets announcing it's a full time ride Richard Petty motorsports can drive the iconic 43 car. All that full time next season congratulations to him. Now. The comments. On Twitter I'm sure you could imagine. Were very less than classy shall we say by many a NASCAR fan. And I'm sure you know the turn that they tuck. Are you regularly imagine because whereas NASCAR the biggest in the south. End. What happened in the south 300 years ago when moon here they had that issue down there yet and who wouldn't like it and itself. And they lost that battle and they're still are about to this day. As majority. Owns a majority a lot of people down south still wave that confederate flag then so that doesn't surprise me at all that these. Ignorant people. Are doing. It's it's it's ridiculous is such a bad look. It makes NASCAR you know it's as NASCAR makes America Gloria makes America look awful but. You know NASCAR has this stigma because of the confederate flag stuff. Be you know because it's known as such a southern sport. And all that. Bubble loss. Not only is he a talented driver who's had success he's one truck raises. Competed very very well in the X trinity series. The kid's got talent. He is universally loved in the garage known as one of the greatest guys that you can be with and be around. In the garage of NASCAR. The kid that could sell anything any company. That especially because he's young. Any company that is targeting their Prague products to want me to light 35 year old guys. Isn't eating if they don't put their money behind bubble Walt Smith and it's just so freaking disappointing so to support. And you know said these people are sub that are putting these hateful comments on Twitter in the Internet and FaceBook and social media whatever maybe. The only time their room for a black man to succeed is of the plan on the football team and then you about president boys and Mamo. There were their room for the black people then but god forbid you join. All white sport they're aware that it's roared down south and they're gonna probe of beta. And it's it's it's sad but it's not even just a southern thing because. He gets so much crap you know black Iraqi player through he had cramp in Canada you know he got crap everywhere he went in. You know is says it is it's brutal and you know just is even better people than you know. C'mon it's just it's awful way but the good thing is is that. These that these people you know the racist people and they always show their ass and they show who they truly are and if you're paying attention. You find out who they are and then you can sit there and cancel them out where you don't have to listen to their crap no more so. We got to what else is on your mind. We also have an ad aid podcasts since the World Series ended our last podcast was before the championship series yes. I wanted to know. Your thoughts. And the way the rest of the playoffs played out. Are those fantastic World Series. In Houston did NetSuite like I thought they would because. Surprisingly the Dodgers actually showed up. You know I thought that the Dodgers were gonna spontaneously. Combustible for the World Series they didn't do that. Some of those games were so memorable man gained three game five. Zoo yeah game to game terrible isn't the when they get from a bank for the home runs and measure means net Odeo they have eight home eight homers and I can add to the six and and and you know runs unreal man is it wed game game five. Yeah gave five winning game five it was game five game six game 55. There was six linguistics yeah no one in seven. Yeah. Team that's right so game five. Was one there 113 twelve dead that was trucker shark cycle. That might possibly be the best World Series game I've ever watched them. And all your sentiment W would you put some and and on Twitter about it. It it was. On that team was unbelievable there was you have got to go for an up and yet Daschle come back tie it and for the the Dodgers go back of seven affords. Back and forth it was a phenomenal. Phenomenal game yeah it does tiger do the grocers was it was great. I in my predictions were wrong. I head to Dodgers. Houston World Series ahead Dodgers went in because I thought used and in. Have the play of experience yet to do it. But I'm gonna ask you know you being your code being a cubs fan. We talked earlier. Before the season last year and after the World Series last year and we said that the cubs have all the talent in the world to win the two to three more World Series. Then and we've agreed on that sentiment right do you think that Houston. Has now taken over. That role. Yes. Yes they have been the cubs have so many holes in their pitching staff. And then they have holes in there in their lineup AK Jason Heyward warmer Zobrist hit worth worth junk. So big the cubs have a lot of holes. Houston not only are they young. They've got rock stars and L two day. You know I how could anybody rooting as Jose Yeltsin is I've put forth I know. He is a midget playing a man game with big stones. Power onion power man. That guy is great Correia. Fantastic. Stupid Eddie got engaged right after. Right after the game seven. You know you win a World Series he gets an array you know its that I need to give a ring it was old lady are you stupid. He got tale comment out of this guy is just a year. A little. Okay it says she's alleged agony and ten years mr. axis yeah okay well he had there was a hundred other miss Texas is the babysit their dividend any want it. Yet also stupid move buddy but you know he's awesome. You know they've got a lot of talent and a team it all comes down to pitching and can no pitching stay healthy can pitching still be effective what's. Raising about the Astros is that. Baseball on any drafts. Is the biggest crapshoot for your first round picks him because you're picking guys from high school. You bring guys that then played cowed but you don't know what's gonna happen read to them they hit. On every single one of their draft picks and you had a Correia via stunt until they came up through either valid vetted. They came of the come through there weather systems. The Venezuelan system they have down there he him do theirs or use assigning. And Nash and young but they dread the Korea stock springer stud Erdman stud they drafted. Pitcher that they traded further closer. Just to put everything all together you have a good salad young team. You just got Berliner that you have relative and a three is Berliner looked. Like Barack Lander are already twelfth. They'll when he got to Houston. And thank god for Verlander has got to see a lot of Q Upton in the receive a moon Dow's phenomenal. And OK I trash Sparky little bit in the packers' segment bacon segment one I give him credit Sparky was all Lynn and Jeffrey Lou now. The the GM and Houston said he wanted Lou now. To come to the brewers before they hired Stearns. All that sparked looks like a genius in that more in that regard because Lou now man you know managed caddie put it together. And and hopefully Stearns. Learn from being the organization. Because he came up through Houston so we went to leg or organization. Anyhow the brewers out. He's got a hold your draft picks hit them but the problem that the brewers is that they exceeded expectations this year. And they're not gonna have. Top five pick going to Astros had for seven consecutive years. Brett. You know it be interesting but Leggett said. You know everybody thought the same thing with the cubs and then this year happens in is over his aides quickly the bullpen turned out to be a while walking pile of poo. You know this is holes. Just popped up everywhere that they need to do is you've got you would take advantage Houston has take demands of this. Leg you said while their players are still young and still under arbitration. Because. Once Korea. In. Springer. And a two day. In Bergen all come offer contracts. You know retain each one of those guys when he's a million a year wreck we ask you widen nowadays payday that could be forty million. For five years from now on these guns are to come up now Houston's of gigantic market so you might be able to paid three of those benign view of me every single one. I tell you what shocked me. When they had hurricane came through and leveled Houston. I had no idea Houston was the fourth largest city in America hits. I didn't know I didn't. I probably wouldn't give ten or fifteen other cities before it finally got used to it better against. Weather down there is John awful why anybody would want to live there did she want vast warning for a seven it's awful. I don't understand what it's the fourth largest city in America the bloom a month. Would Chicago LA new York and then Houston they're not that at a government via New York to LA Chicago in use and then I noticed our newest top five. I would guess that Dallas is bigger than he used Houston's huge. I guess. That they'll the Leno. Yeah more thoughts and that there. Gigantic brainy yards. In a moment to prosper arena far she got me beat I don't want that only had gone. Up out of my thought is. Into the dive bar. Leos go get drug does the best that I view it all of that attacked our Milwaukee. This is our word done livers tuition time to get hammered this up by and what are you get any random thoughts. Euro. Don't you think about Bob Wallace yeah a lit bubble Wallace what he did about the World Series what did by Jerry Jones. Send us pictures of your of your wives and girlfriends. Add Greg crew 82 Ed Jeff Horner score Orlovsky at 1057 producers. Greg till next week. Let's go get hammered. Milwaukee raise your glass here's tells life.