The Producers Dive Bar: Lamont, Sith and Pipebomb talk Bucks

The Producers
Thursday, January 25th
The Producers: NSFW! Sithlord, Lamont, Radio Joe and Jeff Orloski talk everything Bucks right here! 

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Welcome men to a special edition of the dive bar on the part deuce or 0157. FM the fan deck and Jeff or last DA got a couple special guest. And studio. Love months. What are you could follow him on Twitter. At LSF and JL SF and LaMont. A man I'm good man is as lot of stuff going on I'm I'm I'm pumped up man. Man it half. I am ma am I don't know manage it's it's it's crazy as far as the Bucs go man there's a ton of stuff going on there do we got that we have to hit it we have to hit it we gotta talk about it we got I hear you are right and then you know same legal disclaimers last time. The voice alone can give you ladies pregnant. There has Lauren looks up mother (%expletive) is this where I just start cursing now Warren left I'm just kidding look at what's going on and what and I live in Madrid and he got out and aunt Sith lord they are yeah as off all of us a lot of it you know who the hell he volleys you guys you and she my final mile. It's. They're not it. So you don't lose we come in you know the brewers are making moves left and right Packers are fired everybody except mediocre might. There deserted and talk about the Bucs talk about I. I have followed Jason Kidd catch it can't hand. Well let's. I know you're still wiping the tears away says you have right solo you know a lot of when you give your thoughts on a Jason Kidd didn't bricks. I was and correct move to do I don't think I mean like again if you have a top five player on your team and you're at it's like figure there has to be some sign of improvement from day one today. You know pick you you're three and a half folk and there hasn't been any. And you have a top five player your team there's talent around on you have to you have to Ari Parker coming back. You know like I said united in in a video tweets on the other day. You know it's like that though the bloc shouldn't be at. The the book shouldn't be like it's sit around 500 right now trying to get to Bard back in just inch over 500 they should be destroy roaming 500 like they should be knocking on the door of that that the seventh seed staying in the eighth seed they should be knocking a bid on the door becoming the fourth seed or a third seed you know and that's solid Jason Kidd and it's all on its Holland John Sweeney because there has been no changes solid you know time to goal. I wanted list yeah I mean I agree you know just. There's a thorough on top of that just rewind it back to 2014. When Jason Kidd got hired I mean. It was hot out he got hired we traded him was that one draft pick to draft picks to Brooklyn to get him. I mean it wasn't as we signed them we train traveling we try to draft picks you know. So kids when you get older you become a genome don't traded draft picks for coaches that don't know what they're doing. Did it and you know that first season you know. I'll admit I remember exact the world Oro was all that a friend's. Backyard barbecue when our disease akin news and I'm like man you notices this is good this is Jason Kidd and I didn't even think that he's never I mean he calls to Brooklyn you know and I thought he struggled in and I thought that. Garnett Paul Pierce and com Joseph Johnson. I thought Vera they were the ones that really. Got that team to the playoffs not Jason Kidd so latter really think like you know. Yeah you really don't concede right I mean brat who has set a CNA barely made the playoffs so. I I didn't think like you know does duque culture my god is the hall of Famer. Were born to give put back on a map by that move alone. First season was good and again it was it was all chemistry you have Zaza you had Jerry Delhi. So again I think was more of those veterans there are mixed with the youth that really. May things click you have. Odds Jerryd Bayless seen on other got a guy like the net team. I think her son might have been an a team. Just everything was clicking and then you go to the next season so number the first season with them okay we all know Sean Sweeney. Runs the office or did the defense correct yup Sean Sweeney Rosa defense Joseph priority rose offense so you're one I think the books were. I wanna say defense and efficiency I want to say there were third in the league. Seoul is great you know ever ever there was work of foreign. Year two and I got my notes here. Year tool. The books dipped down. To 22. Kits second year. And Alice Jabbar Parker's rookie. A martyr to bark park was injured most in a year he came back. Around all star break I believe so they went from third to 22 and then the next you're there what's in nineteenth. So well before we came on air here were talking about. Jason Kidd in the adjustments or lack of it's like do you go from third. The 22. To nineteenth. There's no adjustment so dolls my biggest gripe when Jason Kidd we all saw. We are sol was all wrong but Jason kids Semitool part of part of the issue would Jason Q was the lack of adjustments he'd make adjustments I don't know of Phil was he was a brilliant enough to do it. But he just didn't do it and we all saw what was happening in need did not change one thing right there. My problem would Jason kid the says the goal. You know sitting down half the game looks like he's bored out of his mind you know like he's got harder other places he'd rather be out there and doing his job at that moment. Is you know I I do have a problem with basketball coaches. That don't call their own place that sit there and let the assistance run the timeouts. You know obviously the assistants are making the adjustments if you know like there's very few under Jason Kidd that ever happened. But I got a problem with that you know in football. And then head coach is though alone quote unquote leader of men. And you know Indiana and pipe I was perfect world the office of coordinator calls the offensive plays. I want the main guy drawn up the plays taken charge and leading these guys to get the job done just aren't enough Jason Kidd didn't do. Yet you know you well and and speaking of that you know might my problems with Jason Kidd are our. If you will than it is even on the basketball court I mean like how it's obvious to a blind man that you. You know there were no changes being made but like when you hear some of the stuff come out. You know eight it's it's always after the it's always after the fact to a you know like. Him playing mind games with that you know it's like this is the kind of coach that you want for your team you don't like it there's like nobody like dumb thing. You know I see it you know he hits his wing and a tie Yana sabbatical ball you know because he knew that was a star he knows that that guy's the franchise. But it's like. You know I heard someone say the other day and missiles like the best point that that that I heard made about the whole situation it's like. A good coach doesn't. Run plays for his bass player for he runs plays for that the other guys you know because your best players gonna go up there make plays for you all the time. But it's like everything was of everything that they did was look focal point three goddess like you're playing yeah honest. 42 minutes a night because like. You your make him do everything on offense. And on defense you know and like a Smart coach tells like you're where in the tread off those tires they're gone home meet you don't you mean like what I don't know and it's like an and that's and that's why the guy's got a goal and and and where there's smoke there's fire you know like all these reports coming out that you know he he's a bad guy you know he's a snake he was trying to he's power hungry. Well it's you know for a team that's as young as. And as we have right now and a new GM new ownership. I don't need some unproven coach call in the shafts you don't you mean like. So it was just it's a I didn't want him there in the first place people made fun of me about. Whining leery drove him to. So man I mean that Jane Mayer Giroux and and how much the same boat as you Larry Giroux. No he's not gonna hit grand slams as far as you know the coach is out there that are available. But marriage was a damn good coach RNC's track burger we did in the land that yeah the damn good colossal I was happy when we got Larry Drew yes OK that was that that was a good pick up so then. I mean. I was at Jabbar Parker's press conference over to Eric I saw you are fan yeah I remember that you're yeah right in there so we we were in there. Jabar Parker calls up everybody's gone crazy they're clapping gets to sit right next to a Larry Drew yet. AA in October after Laird Jew because he was there I felt like he helped make that draft pick he was there at the press conference. And probably a week later. They fire him so. I think they even hired her got Jason Kidd before they fire earlier Giroux. So it was just knew it was as messy book you know back to your point which are saying about Jason Kidd it's like. I think another issue was and we talked about this too before he came and air re reports and just want to almost a year goal you know today. Jabbar Parker and the rest of his teammates at this players only meeting and it. He talks at a media and he was very bad with the details of the meeting and the next day he's benched. They go to Jason T at this thing we'll so of the benching. Jason Kidd says hey you know as a team we voted and we voted that. His discipline would be that he will come off the bench. Which insane yet in that's insane hour remember going nuts over there thinking like. I'm not see and Jabar Parker's LeBron James but there are certain guys that should be able to get away with certain things and in that was sold small insult peddy. So. To me he. Vols are the small things that you can do to rule on a team to kill chemistry to kill an attitude and remember. Yesterday or day before yesterday before before first practice that Joseph proxy ran. As the interim head coach they interview. Malcolm Brock did an interview Chris Middleton in our read between the lines they both said it was a Florida beat you might have been John Henson read between lines. Everybody say it's such a positive environment DSL router out of it and went out that if village Jason Kidd wasn't so positive. Ten act out known about it at that at the gas. I hear which is weird because legacy that he looks like he's half dead on as I. You know so I don't know when hell he's an element of these guys because they can turn a ball over eight times in a row right his facial expression doesn't change that he doesn't say anything just stands there like a freak inspection. Right like sometimes the coach has to get fired up get a technical you know that's how you rally the troops behind you. He didn't know any of those kind of strategies either I mean I just don't I don't I don't get it you know again just because you were great player in the league. It doesn't mean you're gonna parlay that into being a great coach I don't know why anyone would think that. I will say about Jason I got a lot of come on here and be like it was all may well pretty much was all negative but if that being said there were a couple of good things that happened because of it and that the number one thing being I think it brought a lot of notoriety to our team. Which hadn't been there forever I mean before he really did come there and I mean obviously Yana says more to do with that this now. But before he came there he put us I think we keep put us on the map at on the map you know I remember listeners some national you know radio show what the time. And they were talking about them Milwaukee Bucks on the app be honest to god with you tear. I don't think I had her like since I started listen I like sports talk radio I don't think I heard a national source. Ever talk about the Milwaukee Bucks on that sense it put us on the map you know you how how long had a Intel you signed ESPN highlight. Yeah all right how long had it been since the box played on TNT right. Never. You know but that's what's so crazy now is because you know they fire kid and then you know what this shows I watch religiously every day is pardon the interruption. Yeah I will bond saying oh my god I can't believe they fired Jason Kidd they have more problems and Jazeera. You know are you got all these different national guys and you know all the wrong move wrong move where. He'll hold disagree writes it says though and I got buddies. You know common MI nick talking about. He can have. Law like the bloody mine up Carlton yesterday he's talking about big fire Jason Kidd had given enough time you never had Middleton Jabbar Parker yeah artists on the court together. Blah blah blah say they're a lot there Paul's. I said first and foremost army I don't want to bolster your possible first of foremost assess how many books games have you watched this season. He said ten. And I only ship available lied and Ali Rodriguez well he said then that means three out of your credit artists like I asked are you watching what's Jason Kidd I mean. I say he enters players out there are Simba coach has a job to us at what the players are adorn their being instructed by their coach. As this are you paying attention to that are you watching a lack of adjustments. As they do watching ten games insane that Dell was too early to fire him give me a break like you sit. They had more than enough and they still have more than enough. Well and I. The that he sequel was the one behind almost doubles most who still one behind Doug bell roster are you know already it's like. Yeah and again you don't we're not there we don't know if there's discussions between the GM and that but I mean it it seems like. It just a lot of those moods have Jason Kidd written all over that meant in my opinion and he's I I think another thing about Jason Kidd is I think that. This hall of fame career to he had as a player like he he like if you watch him to media has that. That body language. I do juror your head coach value not a player anymore your head coach that got that arrogance yet that that's a previous life like as far as the head coach an MBA you haven't proven anything often you shoulda saw that she saw and you can't make adjustments on the fly. You seriously think he ever gets another head coaching job no I don't think it does. It's done it's it's where it's six seasons now of mediocrity yes yeah and you had talent yet you you you don't Amy like that those Brooklyn team she'd always older talent couples guys are all are all stars you know they want salute you know Paul Pierce KGI. And didn't do it ratio on the play their two I don't know how can go Allred I but they had Joseph Johnson joked yeah whatever but you know the gusting yeah I was it was a decent team league he got under fire all of as screened it Brook Lopez Rennes Le. They won 11 playoff series with the zero volumes I mean they're a nice team and the I don't get on at least one series with the I get out in a dig out of the first trial remember him for it's irrelevant anyway I did you know they went nowhere but with a box you I mean it's like you it's like you went to the playoffs funnier than anything go to the playoffs and we went to the playoffs that third year in Powell. We're creeping into the you know just squeak him by at the eighth seed again it's like insist it was to it was. It it it was time before now and you know like they just did it Powell because like or Sunday it was just delaying the inevitable and if they have that's how they thought about it penny at a golf yep many easy. He power trips people forget that Jason Kidd Vince yeah honest yes I piano quickly forget that he'd been shot as he's Vince Chris Middleton. We all know he bears Greg Little roll. More re sleeve this Malcolm Brock then heat and bring him into six minutes left at halftime. And I mean is this stuff like that meant to me that kills a team that kills the chemistry if you've got players that are not happy better offset. Dead the vibe is bad it's a negative energy he wants to be around that people are gonna flu arrived. An atmosphere you know what I mean so. I you know. Happy to hear they're saying they have things are positive right now so weakened I mean I I I still think his book seem to finish ten games above are really do. But I mean you look at that you look at the schedule the schedules more favorable you know February 3 into the season so they can get there is just a matter of are they going to add a big dated their lack and a big right now in edges that nothing allowed to touch a kind of off topic for a kid but. Do you guys think. We obviously Greg Monroe came off the bench but look at that Greg Monroe's. Affect on the team his side is the scoring punch off the bench and in look at what Eric Bledsoe brings donated to a satellite Bledsoe. But who has the bigger impact on this team. Between your between Bledsoe who ansari would be early and let sewing Greg Monroe well you know that that's what's so funny I mean like I cited a few times on Twitter it's like you rob Peter to pay Paul and I mean. You know my thing with Bledsoe is a slight. If you. If I had to choose between two white wine you know fight if I'd if you know I just had to pick between one back I admittedly I probably would say at one point sold but now when you look at the results it's like you know all. First of all it's like Malcolm brought in seems like he is a better point are doing point guard duties okay like. Op let's also more athletic is what you're darn right he's a more athletic player you know we can dual have been more but it's like. Do you want the ball running you know and another thing with bringing whatsoever here is you've taken the ball ought to got us a stance is that a Smart decision right you know again I'm not I'm not the coach I don't they can as. But I understand the point you're getting at here and it's like you probably needed. At this point great men role more than you needed Eric Bledsoe you know. As you don't have a senator you know any and also he's not coming off the bench you don't you you at least having great human role like a guy scoring a double double coming off the bench like. Think you you have to have bench play in today's NBA you know you look at like a team like the lawyers and general accounts are slump and right now but it's like you have to it is that just one through five anymore it's like you gotta have one through 7128. Yet and that web we'd all right. Well we have no rebounding you know. We just we don't board at all yeah and you know if taken I don't. I don't want Greg Monroe bag you know I said there and watched him men were every step looks painful it looks like it hurts him you know order run up and on the court. So you know he he brings a lot of positives he was great when they. When he first started coming off the bench the impact did he made was fantastic. And it Tom I'm a Monroe fan I I like them but. I go out and stick in the bloods. Yeah I'm not saying you know again like I can't I would I would choose personally I would choose plants Olbermann Rolf but it. You know just how the team structured right now and like what we need I it's like it's really kind of a tossup between so I mean yeah I grew to tell you roll roll roll Bledsoe to. Images. When this story happened I was in Phoenix and I am a box had also everybody coming up to me talk talking about the straight and how. We ripped them off and blah blah blah. In the first thing I thought was. There's no way that this trade is completed without getting a big. Back from Phoenix or another trade being follow. What would this story. So I'm a little disappointed AA and in John Horst I know he went out and they say we need to score so he got to score. But may you have to you you can't roll Hinson and found maker mean. Now I don't know where I was our road John Hinson off you know but will more consistent playing time. I'm I'm more and his team now but John Hanson is in the starting sooner. They're back in May not for the money they're paying him either and and you know that's another thing too like I don't like John and send lights. He's played better this year you know he like everybody asked admit that but like. It's in his contract only Della dole was contract alike for the because you don't again I was for a Twitter obviously I'm the guy we're all pretty denied the right there but like people like really like these guys you know and it's like. It it's it's inhibiting us from making like on a move that would help us more in the airports like just just give read a bomb just to make pitcher and that's why I was Jackie. We're still here eat on the way here if I'm playing longer do we have to eat. The letter that until we can cut his well hold full leave a whole year yet because he keep reaching get out of it if he can't return to play a grade I winner Dario and another month. For him to come back yeah I mean date data really put a timetable on as they say their I would I think I was like a limitless a sixty day limit or something where. You know if he wasn't playing and there was no. You know basically path of return phone that Randy and I think I will from I don't know maybe there is I I've never read that before but I've read that it like it peas and if he medically is not cleared to play they can get they can get economy itself and that's what I read anyway. So well all right so let's reset here is said the dive Vargas in the producers 1577 the fan that cap. The sweet tones your gear and we've got a month follow him on Twitter and LSF and number one box Tamil mind and Julie I'm I'd say I'm number two to sit in our own does. Thank you know words can make out in America. Or follow him at Sith lord AA yardages some random bastard they've let me put it this chair pipe bomb to push some buttons. They you know what man before you go on. Our member. When I first got on Twitter army before even got a Charlie villain way of introducing the Twitter really does he was he tweeting it. At halftime yeah waited like two week period even Internet for a minute that's a whole scene was that sounds dumb as well so do. Where it and I remember a found a tweet any say it. I got it Skiles told set I got to step up for some like there whatever shops Charlie V know anyways. I remember when I first got on Twitter. Like before and am and I thought like literally Al's only books fan like in the world literally math so army rug out on Twitter and us are meeting people like sift India and I thought we were only two books fans in the now you have it in just army Twitter school may have because. Me dude is sold many books fans out there are always so many Bucs fans some over stupid but. Orchard there's so many books I'm not I'm sure a lot of they got pretty stupid. Well I can't let viewers say an earlier LaMont you know everybody things you're an expert. And then you sit there and you present and how many games much. And right well then don't talk yet and yet you know if you're not paying attention than just sit there and shut up if you know let the grown folks do the talk right right Saul yeah everybody is an expert on Twitter like. You know. I I don't we'd all that much I got people that come Emmy for stow it's funny like when I'm doing updates is that. Have come up effect after who has his dumb bastard Orlovsky did fill up at Nader out. I don't go man knows that they're over like 34 minutes you know MF and me up around. Yes again that's mean there was or are. Had they showed up real quick 80 so right when you when Nate when you actually tweet back at them when they're talking all their B Yasser Al yet. It also everybody you know they get to Twitter muscles and all that good. You know it's it's funny because I've only been in Milwaukee now five years old and so when I first came up here. Often meant I didn't see anything but man. You know yeah off all my guy and now you know and and that is because you get hazard decked head to toe Jamie in in big bucks a year right now. But Messi and all over the place I was down in Mexico last year and a kid from I don't I ended up this other young and his Jersey. And I sit there and I wanna to his parents when they were you guys drop all the New York yet as that which gives got a yellow canisters Riley he loves ya yeah. I'd never had a lot of bad yeah I I never thought I'd see today yeah unstoppable tag arena very early so we. We pick one away game eagle two per year. So we did so far we've only done. Deep we did universal Pepsi Center yeah. Boats got blown out and I mean I've been Indian a few ties not taking him Indian alas here every time I go to air to get blown out don't believe it or. I heard that I'll play a size one of the nicer arena's side has carried out overseas man gadget ankle holder I would now use it okay I had read a comment though. So there was a kid behind us they had yon is Jersey also axe them like hey you guys from Milwaukee. Not they were from there the kid it was pacers fans love ya to death so was cool to see that you know. Well it's one that we say that that's cool but then when you remember last year when Golden State came in volume and knows what that litter you know and did that you know had a curried Jersey other putting on his Jersey now let me ask that that you know I'll grant. That's how you did reach tweets on Twitter hi hi I have strayed like yeah yeah bit weird like that you. You know it's more it's more like here in the players I mean there there was a time and I I hate to admit it I mean I'm I've always been a box spam but you know. There were times where I was like I don't know how much more abuse sack containing annoying mean. And it's like I I I would like always pick a team I've got well boxer gonna finish 500 Solomon watch this team and see if they can make in my team for the longest time out I love bisons Steve Nash Niagara my hair out like him don't like that and I was in his hand in all which Steve Nash told Phoenix or Dallas Dallas Steve Nash yeah I mean Phoenix Phoenix Steve Nash was cool but like I like Dirk a lot at that time to invite. And you know I thought the team to win a title but like. Those at that time I think the lakers are still Killen and they just could never get past communal slow Don Nelson and all you have men hello yeah Nelson man. Or is it now that the kid era is over now do you give Joseph front. Are earning his job or after the season saying he gets the bucks into a four seed the five seat say they've made to second round. Are you given him a legitimate shot to come back as head coach next season or are you still pushing his ass out the door brings some Nielsen. Do you there's no he'd like I'm telling you guys right now on you can you can rack me on this like he's not coming back. Liked it it if they won the championship then he's got he has a slight chance it OK but anything last no way because they do it's they if you I don't know how much you guys listen alike some of the other like national podcasts and all that stuff out there but like. Everyone keeps saying and like anybody who's anybody keep sane and that this is the number one job in the NBA like this is the most it's the best position that's out there again and new arena you again and new practice facility you know your comedy and you've got crap you arguably the next best player. In no in the league that you're gonna be a coach and he got Chris Middleton you got Eric Bledsoe you've got to Barry Parker like. There's no like they can't screw this up and it's not time delinquent it's not. Time to roll the dice on somebody it is time to go get like who is the number one guy out there I don't know what that is I'm not I'm it if you're looking for me to tell you why I think should be the coach I don't know because it's it's I don't know who's available yet it doesn't matter if it only matters when Dole's guys are available when you take the vast wind. And for people that think like I heard a lot of people say to what you were seeing people LaMont about people defending kid. It's like. Well you know if you there's one guy follow on Twitter. Al outlook tallied his name out of it right now but that is just the biggest you know Jessica follower and we're talking about today. And an adult doesn't always ask you okay I don't. If Andyaat B is shout out to buy his his snap Chad can CIT puts those boxing goes up there too but anyway anyway it's like you don't keep poisoning your so it's like you don't. Keep poison yourself like you don't you don't stop. Putting poison your body because you haven't found a cure it's like you stopped because it's bad for York. And then you look for a cure later and that's not say what Jason Kidd like you don't just continue. With Jason Kidd because you don't have another. You don't have the answer to who's coming in formats like no you stop that. You reassess and then you find a guy but you don't just keep you know all. Killing yourself you know because that's what you're doing right now in all. Yeah LaMont you think front he can do anything to earn his job next season. I don't think so I mean I think that they'll give manner view I think I may have given an interview buddy media call it stated they they I mean. If if if he gets is that a conference finals. Then he show me something I mean he does come from that great pop mystery. You know who has produced a lot of very us very high quality Apple's if you will let's put it that way armed. But as far as him getting the job map out also added there's anything there he can do to to get it in mean. He runs the offense so. To me he's really she is not like okay he's gonna show us we can do. He really is are always been showing us what he's doing you know what the offense and I'm not a huge fan of the Bucs offense. It's a lot of standing around there's not a lot of movement gore nor did a lot of notices in throw to got to get right at the op Ed I mean there's a lot of in order clocks down a 32 when you're taken a quick shot. So I don't at all think he gets the job in this is a hired at the books really paints her rotten old exit prick I mean church yet you've got to hit church you know having to act now and got here. Not already getting hit a Grand Slam here and likes this is sit like. Who was the top guy I don't know a top guy is. I don't know that Iraq Cuba and I idea which or Sam but it's like took the job he's not big enough for the job right. The jobs bigger than him he got on that level yeah go go ahead there I mean I don't know if you. I don't know few goals. With the younger coach will she go for more veteran coach mom. Meet personally I want a proven coach. I mean there are exceptions guys like Sampras self I would like to see. Maybe not I can't say like he'd be a great head coach but I think he deserves an interview I think pull potentially. Do is based on personality I mean he's been an assistant coach I want to say nine years now. Age is based on personalities are different personnel at in Jason Kidd you know I mean he got bit on the bench he's he's been around coaching a lot longer in Jay's kids. Again there's a personality. If you wanna go old school a lot of people go in my neck for saying this. But I've heard Jeff Van Gundy was to get back into coaching. I Daryn username. I keep here in Monty Williams now Puerto Martin Williams culture record he hasn't done anything yeah what I love with what Mike Tisdale votes to like. He hasn't done I am I don't I don't get like. You know again maybe these people know more than me about it but. I don't it's like what is he done I it's like I don't I don't want someone that's like learning on the job I want someone that's like been they're down that people tie fizz go to Miami Heat at saint yeah that's out there and say you know he's a good cause but. Like I now remember when he they want a couple championships he must be good like no you won those championships you know LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. You know but shout out to Erik Spoelstra because he still get that team I'd never I didn't desert. Ulster was that in here he came here he's proven themselves senator what are they what about I mean Doc Rivers you know he's named yeah cause drug Gary Ellison on the big show Gizo in the mood October doctrine now and I'll tell you this you know. I know I was kind of on offense. But because Geary said Dan rivers. Hell no I. Because you guys listen big show you know high school. And Packers in I'm right all the time because of what was Nostradamus have an episode got. Rivers I'm all out gave game well then I'm all you know I just look at everything like from a you know of what kind of talent did you have where did you go within a night he said. He you know he well he you don't with. With the clippers anyway I think he never ever got them over the hump you know when you have phone or a nice team may have yeah as treasurer and night they never did date net I don't think they ever went to the a conference finals never yeah how is how is that possible egregious I never. They have everything they got me even at Jamal Crawford off the bench again got Apollo talk obits I mean they had everything but. I. I mean he did it a Boston ball one time you know what I mean gap in in to me. Like I mean W and it was like the perfect storm it was a perfect storm don't get me wrong Doc Rivers is not a back coach he's a good coach yeah but it's like you'd like George Karl for example you go back to 2002001. Books. How good that team was if you really look at that era it was a failure. Because you only have one on dad I I totally agree you know what I mean. Totally agree though that Doc Rivers I would say. Yeah of course he's an upgrade from Jason Kidd but it's like I actually try to think cool is a hole could be the next guy but it. I went home and it's every time I make the decision anyway you know and that's and that's the cool part like. So don't worry about it you know like there's enough talent on this roster right now that like they're gonna make the playoffs and I bet Joyner front teach you are you know usually want when a coach gets fired. You know a team rallies around the new call which you know and wanna play our foreign you know an impromptu you'll probably end up somewhere. Really Janet you know maybe stays on with us as an assist or some might that buy it. But again light stages stated that there again night they're it's going to be a guy who is not only in name. But is a proven winner and who that guy is I don't know yet but that will be asylum. Reza me. So I think for me in the way I I look at elevated high on his I don't I get tired of the same old retreads. You know for the most part. And you know the reason why there retreads is because they have failed in multiple low race. So the NFL does it all the time like where you get these coaches they get fired and get rehired somewhere else and then they're they're 34 years and they get fired and somebody else is jet. How many times do you need you can't Tony yeah you know he's going to staying in Houston though yeah they would you know he's got it going good now but yeah it's. I just feel are reluctant rock. I'll buy the warriors AA is comment that's gonna be great matchup man. That's going to be good matchup but you know what I always think like back to Dan Tony when he was with Phoenix. And is good SEC this plan. I always. See Dan Tony's teams choking in the playoffs because that's as they always gonna go really deep and because the defense just turns on and play out brand. People you don't turn a T and start locking you down on night didn't Tony moved. And I didn't totally minority into number two and a list right you know it used to be the spurs it used to beat the spurs are all I you know we were talking and you made the greatest point you know and the west is not what it wants war was tag at either when he met. Might might Giuliani and over here yet and let's not tell that he would shall be out and so but it's like they west is down on you know it's Timmy this season and the NBA might. It's his it's bad because you don't I keep telling everybody like take this back for me some wind somebody out their list and like. I you know I got 500 on the warriors you get the rest of the field now Mike has its its gonna be the lawyers and I like it let you know even it's like if Kevin Durant goes around it they still have you if they've got everybody you know what's it staff curry goes down they can stay at Dell state they're still went in it you know like there's just there's no way. And I'm too cheap to ever paid a five under box and on. Have I don't think it's common uses get a cell a couple of cars as how half half half. We are radio Joseph here in the studio just finished up to bill Michael show. So. Does bring him in here because he's a books expert himself. Now joke with a question we're asking here is. What does Joseph prime. To earn a shot a legitimate shot at keeping his head coaching job next season. Or is he screwed no matter what what he does arrests in what besides obviously winning the title you know to me. I would say he's gonna have to win fifty games plus. And they're going to have to win a first round playoff series and make a serious. You know I don't know forcing game sixer game seven trying to get into the Eastern Conference. So you think it deep run in the second round yeah. We earns pride tee shot says it's his stick around X I they give them all a legitimate chance toga yes. I urge you get a chance I mean I think he's getting unity or video but like I said before John Arnold you heard us talking I mean even if they won the title. Yeah well I don't wanna side on credit yeah. Say if that's a pony here but an even if they got to the finals anyway like I just don't see you at like they're not. By adding he's not big enough for that for the job at hand he just showed it he's too short. Isn't quite little and I was at a shot at me it has. Good for not look at it. ME eight Kabila the Greg Gard effect where you know huge is. You don't you don't think Greg Gard is going to be the successor to the badger basketball program you know I don't Betty yes. Well that's a whole another topic for all other fish in a twelve but the thing is like Gregory had to prove a lot of people wrong and the badgers got on the crazy Ryan and there you know he got the job. Do what I want Joseph Friday long term no I don't. Armed but I'll say this. We're Joseph Brown Deer. You don't darn well he's an actor to be involved in personnel moves trying to make trades themselves don't tranda. You'll call the shots over the GM he's back and do yes he's too out there coach. He's to be focused on what's going on on the floor. Let John horse to his job is not really get a good idea as to what John we're sizzle pop in cassava Kemba Walker stuff yeah you and I was crazy I've loved and all that off yeah area I want to know what. Let me ask uses. Why. John Walker why yadda I don't I don't get it into more you offering for Kemba Walker yak it's got to be Braga and what did it but Jordan came on sad that gay said no way you must disable any yeah now. I loved and all that offer was eighty head to a Ben Jabari head have been there a bench a Milton was on there. Rod then and then maybe one other guy whether it's on her. Big Jim are you mr. amber and then yeah for sure I'd be all are on for cap and I don't I still think like again I'm not a big that's why again I highlight I sweat Malcolm brown in the we had duke has like. Yeah now offensively like he is limited but like there's defense civilly he can guard other point guards that are you know slightly Kemba Walker Eric Della dole like guys and you know what guys is bigger than you good luck you know on my kid you know I think cam obviously kemba Walker's the best under the guise a mansion right. You know defensively their little guys are liability item like I don't like that. The defense. You know I mean it is so radio Joseph let me ask you words come up this well. What do you see we're talking about okay who is the next Bucs coach I mean who do you could. I mean you we always say that the Bucs have to hit a Granada home already got a hit a Grand Slam they got to get this right but who is out there. It's like trying to plan at the next superstar in the NBA I mean I like Messina from San Antonio he Jesus. Community comes from the pop tree. As far as drug task that our parents and adoption to arrive at that. I mean David fizz stale from what I've read about them is dale he just seems to get a tie honor respect around the league like everyone just knows that this guy he's got a serious future. And the grizzlies I think they need but we did a lot of the day or two is still open. Hey they side with guests all which was a big mistake and it's an aging team and they felt like there is this allegiance to Gasol. And it it was a big mistake I think they should've hung on a phased oil fizz dale. Would be an interesting idea. I I have this crazy idea and I'm discussed brought out there enemy. Tony I heard they have seen it that I don't know much about him. He's got a yeah. Record he's a good defensive coach at Virginia you've got Malcolm bride and the players' form. If Bennett comes over. Bennett has he has said the world of Malcolm brought he loves Malcolm yet and there is there is a ton of respect between those two guys. So when it comes to trying to get your message going in this locker room this bucks team. If if everyone looks to the president that called the president for grand ally they like Malcolm Brockman Malcolm brought it he's gonna say lock listens. Played to the sky for years in Virginia just give a chance that the good point so. He could be Tony Bennett Timmy could be the biggest dark horse and all the spoke would Tony Bennett. Wanna leave Virginia where he's got so many things going right. You know what like number two in the country now so yeah. But would he Wanda Lee Virginia where he's done a lot to come back to a scouts and coached the blocks. Right I mean in this thing is who colleges like. The leisure is way longer yeah as a way longer army really like like bull right for example you had a job until we died if you wanted it or another name her was coy about these dire teased our plan around orchard interns duress. Another name I hurt was Kevin Ollie Rick Pitino. Yeah see Ali I you know Ali was you know he was hot stuff because you know what he did we UConn union but what's he done since right. Well this thing and college basketball and misses another point though. Is that. In college basketball at lucrative schools at the schools that win anyway it's the culture is bigger than any player a Gordon okay horse in the NBA. Like Jason Kidd as much as you get as a player you are not bigger than Yasser right okay salt like any idiot about you it's about Janice and that's why like. It is their that's interesting that you bring that up radio Joseph and like it would be it in each receive higher but again I I'd pick just gonna keep going back to light. There's someone out there that's bigger you know on like he's got any they gotta go it's like it's not time disk it's not time dubbed experiment right it's time to win. I mean who was it is a Kevin McHale as it. Now isn't it well let's just so Gundy I mean I do Jeff fake ID pipe bomb I know I don't like I'm OK let's listen now I I. And I would sit highly looked and I think he's a groove too I mean like he's a cool okay. But you know I was and every much you know on the podcast fanatic and I was the low post. Every time it's uploaded and do when Jeff Van Gundy is on their man that dude is not college signed right Mikey knows everything. Skills and basketball is eggs wears so pins so fast but OK so before we overthrew what's your favorite part kiss and what better that is where you I got one out hot and say hey. They give out. Jeff being gonna become. You know they have goose there's no doubt about it I don't really want him to be the coach Brad sane if they went with him my kids understand why she big you have like you know proven winners and stuff it but you never know. Who taught you know that's that's Steve Kerr was can be searched the freaking slam dunk he'd turn I didn't I think anybody in a go to guy is yeah eczema. But you know I think sneakers a bit like he's a better coach a Mark Jackson of people bringing up like Mark Jackson too it's like whoa when you've got light. You've got like. Four out of like the top ten players in the NBA lights. You should win a lot of games shooting you Abby would do it I mean anybody I mean it's like Mike Brown in Cleveland he wanted a finalist to the sort of final step to me it's like. Eighty I tyra loose sucks to me to me he's not a good don't want that title anyone at tidal. I mean. It's weird to its very that just speaking about this now it's very hard to evaluate like a good coach it's like the only one you can point to first juror. Is Brad Stevens yeah and a grad Steve and I am pop a bit I must say pop no. OK I got one more Spoelstra. Yeah yeah yeah there have. What I've started to figure out where in this whole debate of you know how much as a coach impacted team just look at the coach. Look at the roster that he is still work when yap and look how well their plan. And that all telling I was wrong what Erik Spoelstra is a mere centimeters you Mugabe that goes they hand them out like Spoelstra. Gets in this situation he loses LeBron he loses bosh who loses wade and now like okay nobody. It's on you and you'll remember hub and Miami once last year they were horrible. And I double they're all bets in Paris bolster. And then they got really yeah they change scenarios and now imagine if like you think LeBron would rather be on that team McCain critics have Zito all. I mean their right but I'm trying to give it up on my phone I think they're right behind him in the standings I think that a fourth seat right now yes ideally are that's and I think they're only like behind that may be a gamer I have yet Miami's they are right not and then in my Amos 27 between a wise thing was to when he started in nineteen to a news. Do you guys think that the cats commodities this season no no no I don't either and I don't love it I hate. Well I. Hate a strong yes Sith lord loves him some projects and that you now listen nobody's perfect and I found out I. Now let's send dole I'd I think it's getting into the point. For LeBron and I think he realizes this that it's like. It's better did not go to the final standard blown out again by the war like what you it's just it's just hurting your image at this point. It you know it's like again would you rather it's like who would you rather lose you know before the NFC championship game or lose in the NFC championship game I know how I feel when you know. I know I felt we lost Super Bowl in Ohio felt when we lost those two NFC championship games in all. Real bad about it you know NASA and that's the thing it's like you know what just after awhile it's got to where and you. The strangest thing in all this this Eastern Conference feels like it's. Beyond wide open yeah in the box or Nazis in the moment yeah I hear it's just frustrating hey we'd like Laura the Celtics are our directors. LA Boston by Boston too especially when Gordon Hayward spent yet. He showed by the way Soledad now he's our only set shot yeah he'll be back this season I actually decades afterward. After the injury oh god I can't leave them I thought it was. I mean it was that was career ending yeah first sought you know half. I was ugly that was freaking ugly hat. But yeah I I hold. On one hand I want LeBron make the finals and lose yet again I bet you view you know just because you eight. How many finals you wanna lose to king James. Asked hall yeah. Back back back on the other hand I'd love for him to get knocked out in the first if you leave and Alia. Ali. And yeah app I mean probably but I mean again like I this Vick has even even as bad as they are right now they're still what I mean they're still. They're still POP3 team earning CAR I mean in the east anywhere it well top five in the NBA without LeBron if LeBron leaves. No no doubt with LeBron I'm all crank on an eighty team makes you lights aria. That's a goody is you know a lot alike carried to kick. Is this in the east we have it's finals I heard I heard that. I read this today as a matter of fact I heard that. Eric blessed soul and Paul George was plan a for the cavaliers Doleac you know and Isiah thomas' plan B yeah I mean as high as they at Thomas thing like I said from the beginning like I did think that would work and I don't think it's going to work. Another still working him in he's not really in game shape. But if you just watched that happening if his doesn't. Fit you know what I mean is they have no they have no and police chief Nolan played they did that are at our they rated the worst. December abandoning NBA this pretty bad they were at one point right. Good luck yet. And the lawyers like you know again they're like the 96 Packers. Number winds babies for you know Amy and I don't know where they rank defensively but they're really great yeah in Al. And offensively that the bats I'll. We had I hate the warriors. What can we just annoying Golden State's gonna win the NBA yeah so to speak Morris yep but that's why the you know even if there were embraces led they'll stolen yes yeah absolutely. Yet there's still it's what it's January's season got eight more months of the unity in a crackdown on insanity he's never isn't too layoff say go for two and a half months it's insane for. Up guys so it does we can swear that it's a can't we talk Kelly yeah. That's our best at large cabin out. I. I so we've covered that you know kid deserved to be fired site and narrow we covered up front he probably won't get a shot. Two to come here and and we all her road to hell out of the fans saying you know who we want don't want nobody knows so what. Is what is the goal for the bucks the rest of the way obviously you know we all wanna win fifty and we all want to win a first round playoff thing. You know series vote what. What are you wanna see from the books between now and the end of the regular season. What do see the books find an identity I felt like when Jason Giffords got here and I think it was luck but I felt that I die Dennehy had their team was defense I think they were third in defense of efficiency. I just wanna see an identity like. And people shall mean when I say it is a blip. I healthy Jabari Parker to me is the number one option in a box office. Followed by yeah Imus. Chris Middleton. Probably fourth air Bledsoe flirt people like dude your crazy what do you mean Jabbar your regardless I mean yeah does does what he wants to do. Guess that a cup I think. Jabar guess that a cup so Anke Jude and can show you know he can do at all again if healthy. But I do is I wanna see an identity what. We don't know what the identity is our defined identity and wanna fire some consistency notice like. Win three lose three win too loose too. Does Jessica says Siro and this if you look at the schedule to skip the schedule is favorable news sort of books and I think. That there. I gotta go 46 and 36 the rest of the way. I'm Joseph what are you wanna see our in the books are resolutely. Algebra Parker will be the biggest wildcard that's I think the obvious thing and you know I'm not fully convinced Jabari Parker will be the same Gymboree Parker I saw last year I I just I can't be convinced of that. What his performance is going to Hijab how far this team wants ago. Originally NBA this season at 47 wins. I'm gonna cut it back just by a couple miso at 45 maybe 46. Is I just don't know Jabari can play on the same level. All the deals are a look at what he's getting ready here you looks good yeah it's pretty darn good in people we get all Burmese they don't Joseph shut up you don't gorge dark about it but I. He's gonna be the biggest thing and I also want an all. How is prime T gonna use Parker. Is he used Parker I think you'll use them to come off the bench to start but that at some point does he integrate them into the starting lineup. With the other three guys or does he take Middleton or is he take blood so these take someone off and haven't come off. Now we talk about Middleton plane solo without yeah honest maybe it makes more sense having little to come off the bench. And provide joy that I just don't know if you can Celek to Middleton right. Because melted I think a good short fuse you react you don't you. Watch Chris Littleton in. Love Middleton among them like the president middle to fan club but if you rocked one of my first owners are film since if you brought blocks Middleton play. Like you know when he's going to shoot. Oh yeah I dislike no matter what he's going to shoot the ball. And asked my biggest frustration with film sold. I mean what are you guys do when Jabbar comes back I mean do you leave him on the bench. Or do you integrate them like you say radio jolt but there what you what you're starting lineup. What is your starting lineup. I'm either I either want Middleton or Parker to come off the bench for the rest this or I Maher I don't want all four of those guys together you know if it's a late game situation you need offense you're down by 456. Points. And if you want to call for little or all four of those guys on the floor find do it. But. It's got to be one of the others got to be Parker or middle ten. And then it all hinge design you don't you want to Tony Snow bank and starting lineup. It is wanna go with the Kabul guards of Bledsoe on bribed and we've seen that quite a bit now from kid. Yeah I'm open to pretty much anything at this point the fact of the matter is you're a four players who all scored twenty plus points and that's. You this deep exactly get better as does not Bob makers' liability. And it it if they can't get a Tyson Chandler or Andrew Bogut or someone. Who is maybe maybe Marshall calmly is the savior of the bad little the other night it is better FIA Akron I can and I hate to even be negative Nancy here. But do. I can't stand found maker right now and I know it's not his fought. Think he should be in it if we had a big man he would be in the how much worse can be easier Wilson be. I'm just let me see a little film just a little bit of them. In a meaningful game time situation Aristide angering her highlight Cyrix all right actually I mean it's lesser competition he had a double double I mean he could scored a ball obviously yet that's in the is he doesn't seem like Eagles really hard. Yeah kind of like. I'm not similar deals not trying loses like that lady every cent dad. Beyond what I wanna see out of the box soul like to its answer a couple questions as you guys went over life. Did I believe they have to go to when he six intended it to fifty wins that's not gonna happen out there and there's no way that's gonna happen hey hey now. It yesterday at my day and we may look at that schedule I remember wind. Fear the deer year I think they went like they only lost like eight games down a fine job out every racist yeah and it paid them all that money I don't know any disappeared. But you know people I got to touch a looked into it like Chris Middleton like guys I don't hate Chris Middleton and that is not my thing. I'd I don't I don't like when they you'd like and I think this is gonna change under new coach I think front you'll see this too it's like. Dino and I think Chris militants had has been forced to play that like one B roll but he's not a one B guy okay he's more of a catch and shoot guy OK he's more Blake. You know it's like gates have a you know he he chooses not to get to the whole buddies like when it's there he key can get to the hole he's not a guy that's gonna ever. You know break your rankles OK and I think he takes bad shots at times but. You know again like I had somewhat tweet me once like if he played the same role as Tony snell. He'll play Chris Milton would just be like. Ungodly and I I think that's kind of true locate pipe bombs over here is sickness I like you don't need to I think Chris Middleton thinks he's more than that you know it's like by the way he plays like you can tell their sometimes he doesn't defer to your honest. And that's why like winced once Jabbar comes back like you don't need all four yet. You don't need all your scores out there all the same time you know don't need to start. It's an annual remakes such a big deal Bala. Who starts the game ball what do while the guys really why they wanted to finish the game and you know more than likely you're gonna put your best five guys out there to finish the game and Jabbar in Allen saw everybody like yell but Jabari Parker anyway he's going out. There's no way coming off the chewy CL not playing in any games he's gonna be your sixth man he's gonna come off the bench okay. But I think coming in the next year they are gonna have to make a decision and you know between those two guys which guy comes off the bench and I think. I'd rather had you know with Eric Bledsoe is probably sit going to be the starting point guard I packed in transition we need it we need to do don't run. And your best three players to do that are Janice Jabari it's an airplane itself. It is clear to say period is it fair to say that Jabari can give us fourteen right off the bat. Yeah yeah I I think Jabbar I want to win and that's realistic animals with that don't see surprise of Javaris. Starting when it comes playoff time OK well he will be. You will be anything but the thing is is do you you mentioned bring him minutes and off the bench I mean obviously got us goes back to small forward. Yeah right I I really don't think Chris militants personalities and a light coming off the bench. Well on them visual data and ultimately. I'm sorry I don't drive I go I'm just saying again and hit nearly his contract's up to it's like are you gonna pay this guy over a hundred million dollars you know and people make such a fossil over his numbers though chilly and it's like you know it got good number he's got good numbers but it C would you take a guy that scores for less points on 98 and you know you're insane for you know for forty million less dollars ultimately guys like better out there also looks now like we days. I mean look at it like this to you know Christmas and has good numbers but just a Matt this is well look at. America Chris and it's a with a good coach that's gonna put him in better situations I said then a video onetime you know like a danger Jason Kidd makes Christmas Alton worse right and here it's okay. And a good coach will make him better than he has. You'll see mandate you know middle tonight on hate in some. I don't have as much as I hate you know are shot Vonn but he. Is she yeah Irish aren't. Clark has had a million is serious Miata milk carton. But you know you know somebody's gonna have to sit Middleton down a Muehlegg Heyman either you're coming off the bench or we're gonna have to try to get an element. That dude is not coming off the businessman and I had to think there up top male like since said you know there's times he doesn't have thirty honest when he should. Like you said the mom mr. president of of of militants fans you know he takes bad shots. You know he's wildly inconsistent you know the way I see of these shows up one game every ten days and the other nine days he's nowhere to be. Well you know what the one insurer agreed that this has been Chris Melton is most consistent yet these and yet OK he had a little bit reckons this yeah but he had the bad stretch here recently. I think overall. Guys are going in the air might. I think he can give me twenty points and act in a easily give me the I want you can't prove and he. Taylor states when he points and I two I mean there's there's efficient basketball and I'm not disagree like again I'm not I'd I want Chris Middleton on the box like every team can use a guy like Chris Melton has said that a thousand times too you know all. It's just like you've got to put him in the right situation and him being like the focal point of your offense and some nights. In my opinion just isn't the right situation for him he you know he's better at catching and shooting the ball you know he's better you know he's better rat like. Don't shoot the like Chris Middleton please don't shoot the ball before you look towards anybody else who might have a better shot you know if there's not one available go ahead and take it by. As we know our right bobbled it and he's like man who now are rather paid Beasley. Best I mean we all know and Beasley because they you know I think I don't think BZ like Jason cater. I think got Yahoo! yeah income demo but Beasley was guys locker room. And you know I was very surprised he was. He was a really really good do in the locker room and a lot of players appreciated him I a lot of doubts about that because he's had a reputation probe we end. And that his head wasn't going to be in there no he was he was a really good influence. Your question Joseph nick is obviously you're in a box locker room did you notice like any like any of the stories that like even Geary. You know sad that like. Some of the guys were talking to to Q and did you notice any of that when you go down there. Non when they let us in the locker it is not an always you know what I'm saying why did you ever hear like any of those things that were reported I guess you know I'd I don't know how works I've never been in an NBA career before. No I mean usually because there's only certain times you're allowed to go in the locker rooms sold pregame. I never knew pre game we never really even need to do pregame but I was in there the other day for the for the kid firing. And you go in there and it's usually budget all the multiple half the players are sick at their lockers or other phones don't ever that they are due on. On and then you just kind of go over and you can interview on you usually the meat. Kind of files use so you put the Mike down her husband Mike down. On you might see some of the coaches come in and out I saw up front tee com Manny gave couple guys some handshakes and like OK let's do that yeah do this. When I was in there that day Henson was in there. Kilpatrick was in there Thon was in there. Jason Terry was in their for a brief Montana that he went out of the court to practice. On but it it's just kind of comes and goes you don't I'd never really see Jason Kidd. In the locker room during immediate heels whether it's pregame purples and same thing you come in for post game. And usually half the guys some guys that didn't player into tenements are using gone and they're they're not even there. And then you'll see if your guys ice and op Middleton might be ice or not got us might be ice and up and then they go to the showers and on the comeback. Yeltsin does do one interview yacht as it takes on an hourly I. I heard that stood at the new year night longer than you are now this is so you wanna talk to greet you signal wait. If I look I don't blame them I mean like it's there's probably some nights for your yacht masts. Well it a good or bad game just like you don't want to I relived back to you guys that I yeah. And because I've been in there where he says not tonight guys and that's fine and if you don't wanna talk at night save that tonight guys. I make me sit there for 45 minute yeah I don't know. And a top headlines right now and Burma. I want to bring one thing you'll what do you guys think about because this the other thing people that I it I'm not I'm probably more bond ET on the the attack on this. What do you think about like advanced stats in the analytic side of basketball. What are you guys how do you guys view that. I mean am I like simple you know army at SA. I say less is more. I mean I don't jacket what is is now some are really got into a really pay much attention. You go back basketball in the eighty's and ninety's I didn't worry about that (%expletive) to me you don't let me get an even matter in in it was better back then yeah so. I don't know IRR I again I'm not American it you know I just don't know much about and I don't care to know about it. Yeah how did it for me I think advanced analytics works in baseball. Is baseball is a one on one teammate how we will yeah each right it sure theater. He throws it high and outside here's your average writer first and last call variables yet you can't use in in mind. My mind you can't use advanced analytics. As much in. The action sports basketball football c'mon you know was just a freak in genuine axiom in football exactly you know what there's garden you know I enters their starting but I I don't trust him. For me it's eye test and you know and you know. You know you watch it enough you know I don't need some some dork in a pocket protector tell me what the hell I think it sucks and whose good right. Would you get to see it. The thing is. Doing this for a living you know you want to have all the facts in front have you you wanna have all all all the biggest things possible help your argument. NI files on these analytics guys for for basketball I do believe. Analytics is an important thing. I've I've really come around of that especially in baseball for example I've really come around of that last year's but like basal my arguments on analytics now I ranked. The same thing here with the NBA it's more. And more and more complex with the guys that I follow on Twitter. Half the time it's like trying to understand a foreign language pack. I'd so it's like and it's like they came up with this on their Roenick in the NBA does that all while hey guys the NBA is you know they got people who are you don't looking at these advanced stats and use and an aunt who your players or European and and it's like yeah they are but they're not using that. Chart that you just came up with on your Mac. MacBook direct right all right you know like they're not looking at that like you're looking at that barrier like I figure trying to convince people use your C insult and nobody else is seeing and it's like I am not you know people again I Google I call the stat nerds I'm sorry I apologize about that but like Lucent. Mike there are people that understand the game of basketball fire superior than I do and I I understand that and some of those things like I'm not knocking. As you know it's it's it's it's coming into basketball no matter what might get ready for it because it's here you know all. But like again as you were seen Jeff there's so many more variables it's like you know the plus minus stat for me for example it's like. I don't it's like well. We you're you're you're taking like this guys plus minus a round the other people that were around him solace like his fault that nobody else was playing defense at that time. And you got scored on thirty points so he you know I mean it might. You typically guys who play more minutes you know aren't gonna have us a better at the a plus minus and a guy who came meaning you scored. Fifteen points and two minutes and he was and her you know that's like I just I don't get what it's telling you you know for me I look you know and I also feel that it's like if you're not talking advanced stats you're just to mediate who looks who watches the game and you're using our test is like no I don't I'm not just using Mac test it's like. I watched the game and of course everyone is going to use the right test that's a certain you know your. But it's like that I told box score as like not just looking at how many points I scored how many rebounds that he had how many assists that you have how many steals the rehab you know I wish they made a stat you know I wish to have the justice debt due to pull up right on like a box dot com how many four shots like I created an and things like that you know because those things matter. But you know old. Some of these are just like K. I'm never gonna figure that out I don't care to their you know I agree. It gets way way gives way too complex for me and I am very black and wine that's out that's always been my purse out of doing this for a living. Very black and white I Tess is big thing. But I am open doubles and only explode once once these guys start getting annoyed graphs and charts and and and and all these like categories. Okay guys that's that's too much for me that. I just can't manages to what's thinking indirect practice going you know guys you know we got to stay at for Lewis over here I don't do it don't. I I you know I I get the guys in the front office are going like well you know they are looking at it for food they're trying to get to the team or they're gonna draft and you know Hollywood and you date should be doing that but again like that the players on the team like I can't imagine our. Using that to get federal. Or or worsen our there was one thing and this is my last point I have to get that I'm sorry dogs got on my at my last point is. When I was in that lack from the other day pre game. Obama white board they have like a big white sport when you want okay an American or give anywhere any secrets of the box but. They had down their keys for the game like they had ten offensive keys for the game and ten defense of keys and then off to the side. They had like each player for the suns and they had like one positive like really positive statistic like up. Like three point percentage are rebound or something something that they were really good wet and then they had no own weakness. Some kind of like we percentage point about something that they do wrong and it just went out down I'm like OK at that simplifying. Right where it yet just some thing. That's what you need to be paying attention to and that's something you can take advantage right. That's where you're over complicating and that's I'm saying like when it winning every win every you know action and an NBA game a slight. You know lightning fast it's like it it's your. Why are you trying to make a problem more complicated than it needs to be right and that is my issue with that like I don't want all the variables and trying to figure out you know what's wrong here and Erin Erin this it's like I want the root cause. You know this guy over here is bad at defending three point are solved why don't we try somebody else. Under the ages doesn't like like does Bucs defense OK if it's a blitz it's a blitzing defense is designed to sin tool. Defenders to the ball right. Unfortunately yes okay and in in the as a result it's supposed to make they got offensive guy comfortable in his balls and float a pass across and desolate. The bucks guys going to be in the past ladies Minnesota ball. But it doesn't work so why are you still doing it yeah Australia when I look at defense the scheme there train a cause chaos. To the ball handler. But by doing that with a trap mean you're leaving tomorrow but you're leaving someone open and web notices with all the bucks offenders there following the ball's going. And what's happening is. There's space scenes they they're forgetting their spacing their forgetting. Where they were there other guy is their follow the ball annexing you don't ever once in the paint every once clogged. And now everything's wide open right corner so it's like there's not enough awareness right you gotta have more awareness you've got to have more aware his butt but also you have to think okay. This is the system I wanna run. Do Y have the personnel to run the system is the person ride a curious enough yeah they are Smart enough if not. You have to do some that fits what you have wrecked and I don't think. The books have. I mean. From what I've heard I don't know how true this is because I don't really pay attention would Dell's deal with Q was there. But I hurt that they run Dayton most of the same sets. Defensively and often offensively that Karl Lowery and that was a war veteran team they understood more you don't have that here sold you have to adjust that's my biggest replicated he didn't adjust. I just don't see how what all you can do like despite gates' soul like creative with defense anyway it's like. You know you're the plant one on one sometimes a double team a guy sometimes you kind of try to shift the the other team like India as spot you wanna go it's like what else besides that is there really is do we don't all you can do in the NBA is try and make. I shot is difficult as possible for a guy can't tot John right you don't solve. I just get frustrated aware okay. All these box players now other peck and the pain they're leaving shooters wide open on the perimeter so if they're gonna take that shot fine. But forgot these can we rebound right yeah really is rebound well I think the ghost. Camry and got four guys. There there there's one guy there's a big man and then there's four bombs around him and yet the big man as the one that gets the rebound yet yet. I. I did what it was so here is some. What is thy maker way. Who 29. Like senator ounce world. And I just think about in my bigot like like John Hinson. Like Johnny it's in light like. When I played basketball I was considered a big man yes look we boxed out you're rebounded the ball. Dare source law there are so out matched size wise they can't do this so what are they doing. They're slapping the ball and they can't grab this that are slap in which is trading the fast breaks are an offense off for the other team. What when he was you have to get a bigger I have to got to do what it's like they have one guy standing in the middle trying to catch the rebound and everybody else drops back I mean they must have some methodology for that. But you know if it's helping you on one and its killing you rebound the basketball to golf. Well the fact of the matter is Gerard Parker coming back. Hopefully he brings the offense and you just gonna have to outscored teams every night that means a 120 hour and thirty points of the put up. So be it has announced that the defense can better I have to go all right are you are not set Jeff it's a pleasure Brothers I guess. While there is revered jar of follow him on Twitter at radio Joe's sports man who carries the weight on the bill Michael show that I. How does all that brilliantly vigorous it allegedly not allegedly kickback act. A lot like Joseph I got to get out of here to my livers twitch and I'm gonna go yeah I am or how hot so. Since you know we have by the geniuses in a row I don't know give a minute two minutes closing statement anything that you want to say about the bucks. LaMont taken away brother. A man I don't have much to say am just really quick a wedding get it says citi's earlier and Joel's leaving ominous there really quick I need his opinion to. I say. If you put Chris Middleton on the warriors and you put clay Thompson on the books Chris Middleton is Klay Thompson now now now now yeah. I say I asked her do you try to get that all hell now. You trigger and yeah he's already drunk on all the time I got radio jaws will spinning right now guys. I still think Klay Thompson says the little bit more consistently he. As a college 100 Marleau if you put clay Thompson on the box I can guarantee you. With kid as his head coach that he's not Klay Thompson that you see on the Golden State Warriors kids gone now man looked at a future I'm just saying. I'm distract I'm trying to process solid behavior tell lane. Let's see if you're telling middle sent hey you're just taken threes uses for it through points at the end three streets result that's we want from you. He would to the eye could see him getting better with that and being very more reliable with that I sleep in late Thompson's. Yeah. Our shifts are meant that I picked this this. Okay and and before I give it to sift. The next podcasts. I'm gonna bring heat I'm gonna talk about why. The Ray Allen Trey was good golf guy. This guy hey listen I I never I never got are Joseph Richards photo I never got the story is that not okay. I never got the states to do notice a but I am bored to break this down for everybody in I guarantee you. Actual at least understand why they did it. You may not like it which you'll understand why they did it. Hey I just I'm gonna finish up here right we talked basketball long enough you know I while wanted to shout outs winner in the power Twitter like I'm I'm here tonight you know. You know is somebody might think it's a big deal somebody might not the whatever for me it's and it's a pretty big deal and it's like it's all because the power toward I'd never. I had him and met anyone of these guys in this room tonight but it would it was because of Twitter you known it's like to start conversations with people and bring in Mike the box community gathered not I think it's really awesome and you health for the people you know lack a fight if I throw a tweet out there I put a video while there you know tell me what you think about it if you disagree it may disagree with me but it's all of you know if you if you. If you agree with me and that's cool too man but liking else twitters and amazing tool and you know I'm I'm here tonight because of its so shout out to everybody that follows me and like. Did you know to show me some people file man because I I I love a new interest in file dude. Yeah I agree and add gentlemen thank you you know my closing thoughts Liz get out of here and go drink I found down you know. (%expletive) on Thursday. Thursday's so thank you everybody for listen dive bar addition the producers are 10577 the fan back out. Big days to LaMont follow him on Twitter at LSF and Sith lord add Sith lord they are and I'm just some average Rican radio guy so all I thank my. Raise your glass appears to life.