The Producers: How will the Brewers do on their 9 game road trip

The Producers
Friday, August 18th
Producers Dive Bar: How will the Crew do on thier 9 game road trip?

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Welcome back to the dive bar edition of the producers here on 1057 FM the fan back count. Jeff or allow skiing Greg Jan Ake kicking your ears asked. As we turn to other brewers. And big nine game road trip coming up for the crew. As we said today Thursday night they are just one game out of first place one. In an answering to a one game. Does you know. Tough road trip coming up starts three in Colorado. The Rockies they lead the National League wild card standings as we speak. They are also fifteen games. Over 500. At home. Actually I'm sorry they lost today so it's fourteen. Oh I'd. It's out here now given your forgive you add the tomato to motto but that happens fourteen games over 500 at home that's going to be a tough series. From Colorado they then go to San Francisco who's. You know they've heard. The brewers are up fifteen games in the win column on the giants and they got him fifteen in the loss column as well. So. Severed Cisco struggling mightily. Then that they face. The free can badgers. The team alleges doesn't lose but I wanna say I saw a steady yesterday. That since. Is either since the all star break. But I I wanna say it was before that the Dodgers are RM like at 840. Winning percentage. I think you're their last 55. Games. Dave Warren. 47. Number one yeah some might that. They only lost. Eaten the last 55 games just some crazy on real 51. Games old verve by laundry I think they're they're. Their pacing towards like a 118 wins yet the pace and set the all time record I think the records a 115. Or sixteen by Seattle. Who got swept out the first round play our studio where government zero while the regular season were self oriented. It is OK but yeah a run differential for those Dodgers a 214. Unreal just absolute plus additional fourteen plus. 214. Seeds it's it's absolutely. On believable but anyway let's stop focusing on the Dodgers. Greg. Well okay Milwaukee led skewed because you're more important and Gregg for and mean. What do you think the brewers are gonna do on this nine game road trip three Colorado three in San Fran three in LA with the Dodgers. Let us know hit us up on Twitter at 1057 producers Ed Greg crew 82 Ed Jeff underscore our last week Greg. Now I ask. I think they are going to go five in four on the road trip in and if you do that. That's plus oh yeah the navy you end up. Above 500 on that road trip. For the road trip that 500 for the season but for 500 for that road trip in your five on four. You're send yours and pretty. I think they're gonna take two from Colorado I think the take two from San Fran and I think they'll take a game from from the Dodgers. Certain pages do a Gannett. Garza Woodruff and Anderson. Audience Colorado Anderson you don't know what you're gonna get he's come of the DL. So that's a little worry some but in united phase and any. Knocked down Cy Young war war winners in in Colorado. In the one thing the brewers do well and they've. It went away for Robin they've been doing well lately. Is it in the long ball polio and that works out pretty well in Colorado yeah yeah. So it is kind they're they're trending in the right direction on the various Carlson they that they join Colorado. Sabre Cisco. They don't have phase bomb garner would supply us. I think the best we the president the best of their face and is some marginal. It so it usually take to you also have. I was Davies and Nelson go in this series those geared to more solid pitchers the last month. So take two from them nice thing about the Dodgers. Is. Even with Kershaw dollar still winning but not and a face Kershaw is upon us. You do have to face Yu Darvish who's been very good ever since his command areas. Made is doing well form what their whole pitch everybody's doing well for the doubt humanity insists it's. Crazy when their door and I was watching their game last night Maine. Were down. They were down. To go in the ninth inning no problem no. Reruns. They they all would know they they want with a one out slowly they had to. They're just you know trying to get by and they did and easily problem. So I have daily intake five before. Did this Davies prison well Nelson has been struggling last couple games were before that. Really had a goal and in and the month of July. Judy Anderson bag could be a plus if he is. In the same form he was before he got injured. Cars they don't know you also would typical times and a series what should look good in his in his first in his first out in. Now is that just because they don't know. Who we is in the known dawn the stuff he has and he's in a do well the first time around. Could be but who knows he as long as you got offers behind you. You bull pens are to cover as well. Enables stud. Swore Zacks look America. Haters. Look at phenomenal Kia so. In view engage your starting pitchers just. Get through six innings then your seventh hater is swords out in the ninth enable new go to golden. Yeah IE I agree with the I think. I only go one better I think that the crew is gonna come back from the West Coast six and three. I think they're gonna sweep. San Fran. I think they're gonna sweep. The Iraqis. Patties and I deeds are gonna get swept by the unstoppable machine. That is the Dodgers now. You know like you laid out with a pitching. You know Jimmy Nelson you don't know what you're gonna get because the last couple outings so that could be rough day could be fantastic earlier in the season. Jim Nelson I'll pitch Clayton Kershaw when they went head to head. So if peaking yet you know obviously Beck today and he gave urine in fantastic shape you know Matt Garza is always a toss up. Woodruff you know he's gonna have I think a decent role because it always takes teams. You know at least once. Two times usually three times seen a pitcher before the guys start to hit you can have all the tape you want. But if you're not stand in the in the box and seen it lives you know we face a pitcher for the first time I think. You know I think that that her junior puts in extreme disadvantage. Even going up against somebody like. Kenton made Eric you know. Any of those guys. So I think that's gonna work out well for Woodruff. Are the bats you know just fantastic. You know I tell you it and you know my love for jet being the you know and that you know I've got his Jersey. I changed the name of both of my sons their balls now named jet bandied paralyzed and at that and I just kind of rolls off the Hong. I got a tip to love him I can't show it to you because it's an up it's in a private area. You know so I loved I loved the guy but I tell if many free can Pena and you know. There is just here he is great. He is great. The way that he. Roland you don't keep in the runners at bay throwing behind guys picking them off. It. It's very impressive I'm I'm very impressed with banning any of these. Done phenomenal and everybody was soul worry last year when they turn to Lou Correa and what are they gonna do behind the play where they knew we on the plane and Maldonado look like a complete bomb last year he was in many Canadians come in and he is. Don fun nominal. Mean he's batting I think. Hi to eighty's to eighty. 8839. Ten homers he's Sony can be clutch bat oil Mary Claude van idea and defense leaving you can't get better in the league I don't. Does know is he's his arm is unbelievable. And there another good thing is it's Stephen Vogt is right around the corner from coming back and before he got hurt he was red freaking out as well. So you know it's just. It's it's fantastic like you said everybody you know thought the sky was falling when Luc Roy. Got traded and the crew were in better shape now than they were with Jonathan Lu Croix. So you know so that's great see so I think they're going to be fair test that Leggett said. I'll take six and three for the crew on this road trip now the only thing. Is wall the brewers are facing Colorado. San Francisco and LA. The cubs have the blue jays the reds and the Phillies. So they're not you know relief face in any world beaters there for for the cut. Blue jays can do some. Of blue jays Kunduz and damage they are offensively they have enough talent where they could. They could put some runs. Oh I know I know Ryan and you know IA says that you know it's a fairly easy schedule of the the cubs just split. Two and two would Cincinnati and a four game series so you know IE I do think the brewers go six in three. But I will also take six in three for the cubs in the same nine game stretch so I I don't see a Macon up any ground. But that's a win. You know for any team to sit there and go on an extended. You know nine or twelve game West Coast road trip. And if the brewers don't lose any ground to the cubs. Jill take debt any day of the week man was saying those guys. Hopefully go one way tickets I don't. Merry men they're though and I mean they're just as hot right now is as any team in the league in in there. Right now the RO I have premium members. One full game in Amber's. Twofold as we and the cubs as of right now but there's still. And they they're still playing their leading in the tires or no eight to twelve. So that'll be. One and a half and a half game behind the spurs and comes respectively. I've yet to Saint Louis they've got. The pirates for four so attended today's game one of their four game set then they got the Padres and then Tampa. And those are at home so. Four on the road ad Pittsburgh and then three each and home I injuries and raise. You know I I think I think whom we come back in we when we revisit. This no obviously next week's show. But. We were you know pretty much smack dab in the middle of it. But I think in two weeks when we come back and we look at where everybody was. I think. I think the brewers are still going to be right at the top. A game out maybe even tied. For first place. Non wrong I'm I'm you know and while obviously Mike cardinal hate is stronger than. You know ten million pounds of steel like you know and I'd be discussed me. I'm count them out. I don't think teams all they could yes there right there but. I and I think it's a two man race in the central between Chicago and Milwaukee and is crazy because. One season started nobody. Would have said that the brewers. As of August 17 would be. One game behind the Chicago coast rent. I we'd both on on this podcast before the season started thought the cubs will walk away. When does have an hourly work with the divisible walkway with a leak in it. And they are not played up to their potential in the brewers are played well well above expectations. And it is gonna be a race of the finish and it's gonna be far no watched a bit easier on the watch. Odds say man you know the brewers had Monday off and now they've got Thursday off. What a boring. Rican weaknesses band. You know you get in to you at least I do I get into the routine where you know I put my kids to sleep. And then. I'm sitting there watching the crew. And we're there to be interrupted because of two off days in the same week no this is a 25 days. You know a torn Fred games and torn by day's news and you broke two off days in the same week and that one of them was even because of a fake rain out. Now that this has enough. Yeah oh. I miss I miss watching baseball of teams that I wanna see. And you know what it's it's it's good to hear that from from people in his ugly emotion that Simon as well and you did have a last year. Last year and is waiting for the CNN I think at this point last year they were fifteen games under 500. So somewhere around there yeah I loved baseball so much that you know. The brewers could it be you know and ten wins this season it's still smoked the nice thing about this team and we said this earlier. In the season is that. They play with such passion and they have such enjoyment when they're out there and it's just it's great to watch because. You can see that they're playing for the love of the game and are playing for well they are playing for money but. It's it's not and so anybody operas are to be the superstar. It's because they enjoy playing in the enjoyed playing with each other and and that's what this team is doing so well because they. Will go to war for any guy and blows it Tuesday. It doesn't Trevor shot got beat up in the elbow. Very next batter. When the brewers will exact dazed on the mound want to note Davies went throws sixty miles an hour with it if so did hurt the guy but. The smallest guy on the team just or somebody because his guy got hit yep all dat is Dan tests. Yes there is great and I love it. I love oh let's say you Milwaukee other car the crew gonna do on this nine game road trip. Three Colorado three at San Francisco three with the Dodgers. It is up on Twitter at 1057 producers and Greg grew 82 Ed Jeff underscore or last gate. Another quick break I gotta go smoke and I I come and we'll talk about the McGregor. Mayweather fight. And what your interest level is in this fiasco. We'll be right back Iraqi with the producers that dive bar addition here I want applied seven FM the fan of jackass. BC sports 1105. You excessive.