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Saturday, July 7th
NSFW: The Professor & Pipebomb Podcast, Episode 5 - Anthony Mandella and Jeff Orloski are joined by special guest Bill "Baby Tausch" Schmid of the Tim and Tausch in the Morning podcast. We debate whether or not the "wussification" of America officially taken over football and give our optimism grades for some of the Packers' new additions. IS the Fourth of July the BEST holiday? Plus, what do we all hate the most about Tim Allen?

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Welcome in the producer and pipe I'm proud gay is here one of 57 FM the fan dot com. How a lot of pockets going on at the station now. Tim and house pack is among Sox. It's awful but it's taking over the world. And just because those guys are asked holes were doing our own bed producer that's right. Yeah put him in their place have so little Billy Heidi one good guys good. Hey that's really saw it turns up the bucket heated display at the that your. Idea and don't have jobs apps but. Then there's baby salad from the Tim and gouge horrible five KS which I listen to every guarded. I I have an article not so obvious this subscribe to that are any of these other podcasts on the radio dot com that makes no sense. Well I I will say one of the reasons why that you might wanna subscribe to all of them. Is because you know you and you enjoy the people that we work with yes and that's not enjoy. The station. And you wanna make sure that everyone is it's feeling good about themselves their own self esteem is high. Arm because we are encouraging. And trying to continue the prosperity of every one that we work with the second. As Korean is pretty applaud on a lot of. (%expletive) that's good or you can listen to a lot of the court it's nice or Youkilis to America's we don't get a lot of air time in you wanna know how we think about a little bit yeah for yeah like it absolutely well we got an awesome a show for you guys today. Talked little Packers little brewer's little holidays. Little random you know whatever. Pops in my mind now one thing that it's about a week old but. The Minnesota viking. Brett Favre. One had to lose supports a passing of a federal law banning tackle football for. Kids twelve and under and sol what I can wanted to do and I know it's called the professor and pipe bomb I don't wanna go to him to throw this one and big beach house first because. I want you guys to listen to the wrong answer. Before you listen to the right answer so Billy do you support the vikings. Thoughts there. I do I I think that in two he. Stage of of the life and and the progression of player. These these guys these kids wanna mimic what they see on TV right and and when you're watching the NFL. You're watching some of the best athletes in the world be able to have this violent collision play this game that we all love. But. It happens in a split second and and you're seeing these guys that have been trained to to make these plays and make these. Kinds of hits. For 1516 years and then you know Stevie comes in here he's nine years old his pads are hanging off of army's helmet barely bats. And his coaches haven't played football and sixteenth 1620 years and theirs there's a disconnect in how the game to be teach and disconnected how these kids can continue to two to roll. As athletes and I hit. I totally get that the philosophy can I sort of play attack football. I'm a hypocrite shows it's heroin and I was I started playing tackle I couldn't wait. I I ran all it's my dad let's armies or like two weeks ago. And I was I was driving home with them ahead helmet. Came with its body that was sort site. You were out that you're obviously weren't as big as you are now or are you still as proportionately a large and you're Julia where the aperture and I was I was always one of the biggest kids. And IE I played up a grade because I was all a little bit older I was one of the bigger kids. So I I took advantage of it. But. Looking back in hindsight and and and seeing. The hits that I took later on guys in the game spy sped up and the competition got better. When when you're taking those two years off and and the twelve years old is I think he can. Misconstrue because it's like. It's like you're in sixth or seventh grade I sort of plan when I was in fifth or fourth grade and those two years. I think there's enough that you can learn in the the development in the enhancement. Flag football and the ways that you can teach leverage in. Proper technique when you when you learn those without the pads I think it becomes that much. More. Understanding to these kids when when you teach them that the pads are a weapon what they are as protection and and year you're still using. You're playing body weight that you now you have something on helped you while. Whereas when my first pair shoulder pads and into you know when I was a junior senior high school. I was using it as a weapon. I saw that I had something that I couldn't come hurt somebody whip and that's part of the day. But you teach how to play the game through leverage in body weight at the lower age than when you can put the pads out when you're twelve years old. I think there's more. Understanding of how the game can be played and how you can use your body not just the equipment to. It's given advantage of against your opponent pipe bomb tell me why. I am I'm wrong well let's let's hear from the professor first let's see. Let's see if I'm out numbered her row or five got an ally yet no I agree it a 100% other dangers that. You (%expletive) serious Emma I'm a 100% serious. You don't go don't go playing basketball. On a full size rim right away you don't play baseball full sized diamond. And so for for all sorts of greens because kid's bodies are capable of competing with things that grownups do. So it's if it's not right for them do that in his don't have them do that don't have that don't allow them hatter in soccer either for that matter. On if it's that much of a concern don't let him play don't wanna play ice hockey. Well certainly they don't you check in hockey until you're in high school pretty much across the country in different leagues. They they do take those kind of precautions and other sports yes so I don't know I mean I think there's a certain amount a calculated risk that you take in everything that you do. You know it's I think people are quick to point the finger and kind of with like a football is evil kind of thing well like football is ruining America type thing. Every time you get a car and you know you you go to Hong grange avenue here and take a left on highway 100. You're of the risk to someone you know you can get a car accident but that doesn't stop you from getting in the car. On you know there's just there's certain there's certain level of levels of risk that are OK and certain levels of risk that maybe aren't OK and I think it's you know use that car analogy like you have things in that car that helped kind of moderate the level of risk they're taking every time you get in a car. On site to meet this is just moderating a level of risk it's not eliminating it because even without the pads these two kids can just be you know running around and so this like clock skulls. On and get their bell wrong it's just it's like tag on the playground right yeah I heard you and everything so in autumn I don't really have a problem with and I think likely you said he teaches it teaches the game at a fundamental level. On which is you know if you ever watch packer film it's very obvious that most guys on the defense and don't know how to tackle. So I'm all for teaching kids fundamentals and then you know maybe it doesn't have to be twelve but just whenever. I'm not a scientist of the scientist decided. Well you're as close as. As we have to decide to send yeah it's really absolutely. Tucker we have we had just polish. A yeah from the polar scientist yeah so OK. You're both wrong okay first of all I'm not let the damn viking tell me how to raise my kids are okay there is there. Now the second ball. And Brett pars and astle. Second of all okay. Twelve years old why is that the magical number. With all the push by the NFL for the whole heads up program re teaching all these youth coaches how to. Teach tackling hearted teach proper technique it's gay teens safe for every single day. Agent OK so you say all you know the and a helmet barely fair it's in the you know the pads are paying off these kids were there hanging off all the other kids that are playing to. It's not like little Timmy who's twelve years old is going up against a sixteen year old and frequent smoke. He's going against other stupid little twelve year old kids you know so. You know doesn't that also doesn't that raise the risk though is because then neither of them know what they're doing neither of them can can use the equipment to the right. To the right effect I get what you're saying he's got caught up against high school. But he's going up against another kid that doesn't. Understand the proper advantage and disadvantage of it isn't that just is dangerous. I don't think so because especially like assembled the push for the improved coaching and improved methods in tackling her. And you know they did general was suffocation of the sport in general that that's been taking place and all sports. It is safer for the kids now no wants to talk about the fact that sacker has more concussions than football. No one wants to talk about that all of precious little Timmy and a soccer field runs more of a risk of getting you know seriously hurt. Then people that play football because. For some reason football and it's you know whether it's although all the sheep led by into the concussion movie and seats. ET and everything like debt. You know whether it's this massive pair and Aaliyah. That old football evil in you know you play football in by 35 you're gonna drool on yourself and commit suicide. I just don't buy it. I don't buy it. The heads of football and he Berea jab is a really really good point is they have made it so much. Maurer they've put the the emphasis on on the teaching of the game and and you're totally right. What the NFL is gone is there are making the game safer at the use levels at that point but what I think is also happening in the same spot. When they're doing this heads up the ball movement. And her noticing. That there's too many people that are teaching the game. Debt that whatever. Qualification heads up football training that you can get your still gonna go back to their roots there's still gonna go back to the roots of sand and when I was learn how to play the game. Thirty minutes a day you Brackins and Jeff your line and up Oklahoma general. Or were lighted up or work on tackle well tackle Alley was the one that that we use to do so via you'd have ten guys lineup. Everybody's face in the middle. One guys that at the end of the line on the right yeah others at the bottom of the left and Iran around the guys and you meet right in the middle and whoever gets out as the winner ball in the ring. And there is I I. There there can be a place for that I I get it there there's a toughness that you have to have to play football but when your. It's a ten year old kid all you're all I was seeing when I was growing up was Mike all stock. Running over linebacker goal and indicted for a touchdown with Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Was too important. You know how chisel Alley at ten years old at every day that's awesome. Every three days and ebitda as a etc. that's error. That's where however much training you can get I still think that there there arts and enough people. That I don't wanna say they're unqualified but but they haven't. Gotten a grasp on exactly what has led to the concussion movies what has led to the fear of CT. The repetitive nonstop hitting of that had in clinking and and not inside your head against the ground and there's a lot that you can be taught. Playing the game and like you said not learn how to tackle. You can do that with your body weight going into pad in figuring out hog rolls finding the technique that it it rings. Two at once you get the pads on your understanding in the body the the Mets in a mass muscle memory is as dollars again talked. The muscle memory is now builds up in you is you're doing those Oklahoma drills he returned exactly yeah you're hit. You see I want to be on. But here you're your fight in the way. That you've already learned that your hip strive through and answer your power gets it's not when you lower your head and you try to ram on through the lines so I think when you. Give the opportunity to learn the game the fundamental levels of just your body I think it's a lot safer by I did. The fact of the twelve year old thing of how that's the magic number to. You know I don't know that and that number would be a great level is how I would I would see this coming down to. If if it starts at seven for. It's two years you can learn how to use the equipment you could have been playing played football for five years now. And then you get you years to learn the pads before you get high school and for for the opportunities that I've gotten given me for playing football. You need a couple years again and high school before your now on the front stage of trying to play at the at the next level. Now Anthony. Well I think you're Connie getting out of a little bit there I think that you know when someone like you says that on or someone like Brett Favre says that. Who have had tremendous opportunity dealt them by the game of football today and still have the on the peace of mind to look back and say. Yet you know what in hindsight some of those things may be those weren't the best idea. On but in in the same vein I would go back into it again right yeah and just but just you know. We know we you know we've experienced this not a different level. You know we're not saying don't do it lowered to witness saying let's just change how we did we can be smarter we can be smarter about it and I think a little I think part of it too down on. Like and we've kind of been kind of beat around the bush a little bit. On a lot of these things all factor into like you talked about muscle memory. On and you mentioned thanks to Jeff a lot of this just breaks down essentially until like the speed of the game. That if you don't have the muscle memory the pace of the game moves at nowadays your just your just yes just sitting duck. You're you're just sitting out there waiting to get your bell wrong it's the old philosophy of if you're not going a 100% playing like you're gonna gets right you're going to get hurt and scared that you're gonna get hurt you're gonna get her bright idea that's and that's a 100% true. So I think there's an underlying aspect here about the speed of the game. On and it's different for us because we're all guys that watch football. For lack of a better word professionally professional football watchers are pansies and it's a pretty professional football watchers. I don't know how that would respond you know of fur free single folks at the ladies can. On the search he's a man now I'm a professional football watcher yet. That we can keep up with that and like you baby township played. But it's hard for me to believe that for the average NFL viewer across the the country that the speed of the game at this point. Is even captivating because it's so bang bang for the casual viewer that they have no idea what's going on until they see the replay in slow motion. So I don't think it's actually even a bad idea to start. If you start at the youth level it might even help slow down the game a little bit because guys are going to pause and think about making these right decisions and I think he can improve the product. On in terms of the audiences reception. Arm when those kids do get to the NFL level because right now bush is so quick. But it's not even a good product in the rest can't break anything downtown must not ignore their professional football watchers apply cameraman can't follow it it's just too fat like you just watch film from like ten years ago. It's like watching a flight football game let the YMCA over there off the bus. Out in Greenfield because there's just so slow and it's just beginning so exponentially fast. That at this point the product the product isn't even the game the product is highly compilations and video replay. But I love that you brought up the effective though we're hearing this from. The vikings' Brett Favre in from baby house because if you ask nine out of ten football players in the league today. They will say that they would take ahead hit over somebody taking their knees out. Any single every single day of the week. Double the short term benefits of that are a lot more in your favor you keep making millions like you're getting your body guard could take your knees out your Don. But but there's also there's also. Of a brotherhood feel to it like if you're gonna hit me hit me where I can see you anywhere I can. I can respond not taking you know below the belt shots I I agree with what you're saying you know one of my concerns is if OK so we sit there we start these kids later so now. High school football is Peewee football and college football is high school football and and the quality of the NFL game. Dips down to college because these kids. Are starting later and yes you know OK so maybe some of them you know obviously they're not understanding it like a fifteen earned eighteen year old and high school. Well I don't year old who did. But they're still starting later. But I disagree I disagree with the with how does the seven on seven game is going how. Travel circuit is going in years you're showing. These athletes are becoming better. Then they never bad. But a lot of it is Jeff because of what they're doing in the offseason without the pads on already like ram mertz have you seen him throw a football and pads. All you're seeing him he's going to be the court records about probably about three years all your seeing him in two is is in shorts and and throwing at these seven on seven clinics. And that is where these guys are learning. The the route running in the skill progression that the com the coverage skills understanding leverage in in running routes in. Once you can learn how to tackle the tackling might be a little bit. Are there behind but if we learn how to play the game. At a level where you can break things down and learn your own leverage body weight style I don't know if that's going to be as much of an issue of. We started out to segment by having the professor the smartest man in the room mr. Mandela say. That if you watch the Packers defense you can tell that there's no fundamentals at all on their team. How does starting these people. Later in prove the fundamentals when you have professional athletes they don't know what the hell they're doing one fundamental wise anyway in the league right now well I think at Walt. You get a broad rugby yes you see other tackle and rugby union. And it's it's forced upon keeping yourself up. And hitting between the chest and that means mister senator Gregory right in the center of gravity way to take guide now and and finding the leverage points it's a lot like wrestling. Where you're you're finding ways to manipulate. Somebody's all and force that is don't know elaborate for a leg lock and call it today but later that the thing and and and the figure four leg lock it so I will put all the is running at somebody and diving head first shoulder first. India you know their Chester up and other shoulder pads and trying to take him out that way so I think once you once you break it down. And you keep. That element of protection away at first. You have to rely on the leverage points and you have to line fundamentals. Yeah and I think. You were you're just kind of getting added a little bit Jeff but the the underlying thing the fundamentals. Adding adding you're taking away time. Doesn't make it better or worse they're still practicing the wrong things with that time. But here is assuming that every kid is practicing the wrong things are wrong well not no not every kid but but certainly a lot of them think about how many times like even just like with a sport like baseball where. They they need a Little League team in some kid's dad doesn't know anything about baseball he's like yeah I guess I'll do it just so that the kids can play that happens and other sports too including football guys that don't know how to coach yet. Our coaching and that's not a knock on. On van as guys like they're doing it for good reason they want kids to be able to play. On but there's this common misconception that practice makes perfect. Practice makes permanent. So if you practice at the wrong way for more time. You'll continue those habits into your older if you start later but you're learning at the right way at a later age that's going tat that's going to help when you get down the road. I hear a word he said after practice makes permanent that is such (%expletive) and gold. I was writing it down right in here announced that a cut their credit to god duo when my style teachers and guys and I'm really not passionate game is like you said Anthony I have I have gotten. Opportunities that I never thought I would have because of the game to probably be here right now out there there's a very very important and Carol you might not be able to get the intern ship to get the foot in the door and get my whole thing we don't winner of item in color it. He did in ways that I I could have my ready for the match. Jin but. Where and when I look back on it. And I look at Blake went I was playing at this look at this age. An and don't don't think I'm I'm trying to simulate playing college football makes you. Able to teach football I do do not agree with that you can learn the right ways that that teach football and coach football even if you. Never played the game but but you understand what the game is most of the best coaches were average players at that when I went growing up I think I I think there was one coach that I had growing up. That played. Football at at a college level. And like. If you said there there were dads that were coaching the team who were the ones that really all they wanted to do was was hanging out at at the park and sit lawn chair and watch us practice but no one else was going to do it so they had to run you through droughts yeah. But to just point like you said earlier man. The NFL is taking the initiative of making this game say for the youth levels with the heads of football clinics and I Geary. Is a huge component of it he taught the game the right way and I I commend him for that. But I do believe that if you just take one to two years off the bottom and I don't think it's going to have as drastic of an issue and drastic of would change. That it did now because when I was playing their moms that in one market point football because the top gonna get her. If you teach them how to play the game when there's not pads and all they have is the only the leather padding on her head to make sure that when you clank heads you're not. Making full contact ground shaking and shaking your head around. Com. I think you'll you'll teach. Parents not only players how does that play the game the right way and advocating game. I think too there are some people. On and I get it to could it it's hard not to get yourself you know you get a little bit juice when you see someone really just. Crack and pads on whether it's on Sunday or Saturday or some Friday Night Lights. Talked attache during one on ones you know whatever part of the week if that's that's certainly a part of it but at least for me and I think for a lot of other football fans there's just as much enjoyment watching. On watching the strategy in watching the Atlantis is on display disguise making plays that even with Al the on almost grotesquely violent aspect of it can still be a really really enjoyable sport to watch this watching guys still executing blocks hidden holes. On out of the backfield running routes tackling on slime balls out of the air and on there are enough things about the game itself that I don't think the NFL. I think the NFL for awhile. On the they're coming into their own. They had to predicate their business on being violent because that's what made them different. That's alum makes them different anymore. On so I think they need to look at what their sport actually as an instead of branding themselves as the as the violent. As an incentive branding themselves as violent and making sure the are keeping up like this super fast speed of play and as a violent aspect that you suck highlighting the things that also make the sport. Compel. Up I love that tie a bow on. Now I like it violent it's supposed to be violent. I think people are overreacting. If you just look at things that are changing today you know EC guys wearing pink shirts now. EC man bonds on grown man's man. Things are going in the wrong direction leave my football settlement act here and then leave it holds that long and you are you do is on Nightline not a dogged by Bob and I are gonna go to Oklahoma. It's always I'll hit it whistle and just let me down not the united Elvis or the votes to one it's like we live in a country where the votes don't count. I. Ever break the politics it's the LO but yes. I'm lowered its CNN. At that he would beat. So that's definitely not at Fox News. And Escobar and all of its 11 is what is tires Wear it to the book and it and it isn't gonna do pitcher about it. So would do little lightning round segment here. OK death is not an option for faster and a review. Huntley. Kaiser. Or any other breathing human being for the backup job. This season while now for not talk for four and president yeah did you have them behind a healthier and rot. I Kaiser. OK. I would agree Kaiser. I think I think he got a really bad rap in Cleveland last year because first the ball on. Basically no talent anywhere on that roster including him. On especially wet without Joseph Thomas going down there there's that's a modest scrappy but the team as you could possibly fine. On the offensive side of the ball and it's really easy for us disable all look like guys like Aaron Rodgers they step right in our guys like Brett Favre they step right and those guys inherited some pretty good play makers are pretty good. Pass the white organizations yeah at some key positions and also had a chance to play with some good defense is that could help them kind of managed the game. It makes it makes picking it up a lot easier. On John Kaiser. Could play Notre Dame and they're been in many a and interviews many of the idea you know when everyone call articles written. About guys of coach to shown Kaiser and how on his mental capability of the game for where he's at. On exceeds where he's at in terms of does his physical development as a man. Like he does it he's still so young and so lanky but he hasn't had a chance to Connie get that grown up football body that you really need to excel at this level. Kind of like John as a basketball. You're what do we see you an honest is body cut up to his on his effort in his mental capacity and passion for learning the game games it amounts and is shown Kaiser is gonna be the second coming. But that was not a good first impression in Cleveland. On because he can now I've got anyone there to help pick him up. On and because he wasn't just he just wasn't physically ready to be thrown into that starting role he played for Cleveland so we keep on the ad team as the default starter. For sure not now do we have a clean sweeper you are you gonna go with. I think your point number seven now I think you know every other breathing human case and hill back here. You know yeah higher grounds on video. A Dolly Parton. You know all. Anybody you know we obviously hunley you know there's no way in hell I ever wanna see him play another down of football for the Packers. Kaiser you know. OK so he's Smart and he and he's a nerd that doesn't mean he can play. And if I had a dollar rob Manning was a pretty big I I think I had a Peyton Manning won a moral right in order actually all physically you're right I think he's more impressive physically the tools that he has he can. He can play well you know then that's I would be willing to give him a shot now. You know I sort of wanna get into the hole Peyton Manning thing now because. You your remaining fan. Among Manning set ball. I wouldn't sand anymore a Manning fan in particular the man any of the other. People that have ever been in a go conversation at any point in their careers you would put him in ago conversation in the conversation yeah I don't know chain he should be in the conversation he is so overwrought. Okay Zito he's got two Super Bowl wins wins. You know the second warning that would Denver when he was horse (%expletive) and he sucked and he rode the coattails of the Denver d.'s okay sedan can we wipe out Tom Brady's today Adam Vinatieri won foreign. No because why are you had to drive and down the field and open why not format here Payton Manning sought to put them in position that Denver game you can't you can't win if you don't score. And then the first one he won. He played and in deserves an asterisk because he beat the Chicago Bears in Rex Grossman and a Super Bowl and if you wanna say that that's a legitimate feet. And and something to be celebrated I think you're craze. But any. Not yet. The move on. Guy. Confidence levels in Joseph I statewide yeah it was MI via podcast for another day I. As I was getting it and I have we could honestly weakened probably between the three of us. Or probably even just me by myself like it probably roll fleck and our podcast is going off about. The gold argument any given sport. That might that might be our next installment Ayman. But okay cabinet level and Joseph Philbin had heading into this season are talking like a scale of one to ten type thing one it's and data have. Eight data have does is only woody. OK if only five choices I don't humanity or I don't junior at. I literally didn't know what you meant by that. I'm like I asked for the ugly. Got a positive and a great sudden even know where you were going with that these leaders and how we view and I've had a little bit ago. I don't I think the lowest rate ever I don't know report card was like a demon seed now I don't I never I never ended up finishing with half. But they are definitely times when when I got scared you were down there were fishes tall man when you when your son or by violent like about a week and a half before before the report cards might. Element of I would say confidence level and Joseph Philbin on in this like deceit plus B minus territory. Aka that's just me just because if you see is see is average. I don't think it's going to be. Significantly better or worse than last year but given on how well he workaday Aron and how the offense looked the last time he had a crack at it. Gives me reason to believe on and what he's able to do also last year with on Indy just kind of make shifting something together here is part of the staff there. It gives me more reasonably that it might. Be a little bit better than last year as opposed to little bit worse but I don't think there's going to be a big improvement would you grade be different if Philbin was calling the plays as opposed to it. And now I don't think so I think I think their equal caliber mines when it comes to drawing up drawing up a play. Calling them throughout route sixty minutes of football bill. I think the comfort level between the two is going to be really really good again. An and what that that's who had the opportunity to do when Phil and was here the last time and just. It really sounded like Joseph took a lot of pressure off of Mike midweek. I'd in the organization that the setting up of how would the game plan is gonna look at the meetings are gonna look at the structure is luck. There's a lot of different things I had coached played. When when you're going through practice plans and and making sure that you're able to. Dictate how these guys' schedules are going to be when you only have a certain amount time with them that's allowed by the leak. I think. I don't know if you're gonna see NEC and he'd. Changes that you can really quantify. In. You know that the run pass splits or how many times you see an out route compared to dig. But. I don't I don't know why you wouldn't be encouraged at that they they were fifteen and one in the best offense in football. When he was here last time so. I think I think some people too they get caught up in like right now Sean McVeigh's offences the hot ticket in town right. Just like chip Kelly's was on just like the Al wild cat was on a Miami. On it ultimately boils up it's it's not that complex of game if you do it right. On and I think some teams. Like the rams this past year. They don't have the right pieces in the right talent to just play solid fundamental offensive football so they have to drop crazy plays and hope that they can. Hope that they can how Smart you are at the dictates of the town the half and right we got to dictated Dundee have so I think the packer offense for a few years. Just hasn't had the horses in the stable and they've been trying to pretend like they do. On and I think that Joseph Philbin coming back to town and having gone and come back might be able to kind of snap them back to reality a little bit in terms of the personnel and a. Well barrier rarely in my the beach in a positive and even idea I'm a little more. Positive on this sunshine and rainbows and pipe bomb and as my middle name man I think to go to the B plus say I like filled and I give I think your grades I'd say it be okay. So yeah you know I I think he's gonna make make one hell of a different. Mike Patton. Eight. I'm so stoked a put it I put it would be a body got shafted so hard in Cleveland that team look better under him in Cleveland with less talent than they do now. Then that team has looked in basically my entire lifetime. Yeah passengers want him yet and that and that wasn't even him. You know focusing just on what he does that was him in electronic handle you know all sorts of different things and the defense is in New York with the jets were great when he was there and ball well and selling Josh they were great students leaned right. Does that I would ask for the Cody or Dick and I'll. So I'm I'm stoked on stoked about Patten I think. You know like us talking for with the horses in the stable type thing. This defense is really really low on talent SOA might not materialize your one because there's just not that many good players on it. But in terms in terms of scheme and fundamentals and all that I'm stoked and I think that defense is gonna take a huge step forward. I'm bill. Yeah I I agree I think they're gonna they're going to get better as time goes on I don't you're not Tennessee finished product week one week three week five week seven bye and once you start Roland. And Rodgers keeps in in the acute in the race once this weather changes in the mid November I think he's going to be able to. Have taught enough as they're going to have him. I got a lot of rookies are gonna have to. Probably look at Josh Jackson plain and in the nickel coverage. Legislature are Alexander's going to be. Either one that you were threes those guys are gonna play. And Betty and however much Robin Williams can give you that he can continue to play at 35 and he looked really really sharpening played from my pen in Cleveland to I think he fits well that's last year he was one of the best cover corners in in football down there in Arizona. It is playing across match Peterson right same breath. That he's a lot more pressure on Georgian black rose to deal yet sure does. Ice I think too that's on. That that speaks the level of the things that Dom Capers did. They knew that from on Williams laws and number one corner anymore perfect fit for a team like the cardinals because they didn't need a number one corner. I think that Don capers for a long time was either in denial or that the team was and I'll. On just deciding what these are guys so they'll work is their packer guys yeah and that's somehow works and so like right now your drinks from on Williams in a much better situation. To possibly even you know when this is also it and on the way to doubts sharp depth chart shakes out. Could even be like the fourth option. On on this team because he's not a guy that can just go out there and are number one anymore like he used to do we were when in super bulls. He's got a very specific skills and what he can and can't contribute and you put him in that position does exceed. If anybody keeps takes care his body man to run Williams takes care yeah it does now like Matt Albers. Yeah I mean or ot Matt Jones I was I was watching network earlier today bowl receiver old receiver to quarterback service here that was drafted the first round. By the jags and through like the pot the drafting it was the same draft that. Rodgers Packers 2005 but five wide receivers taken in this draft this is the name these are names Troy had it and had a run in the first in the first round spot while Troy Williamson's are off and I believe eight OK Mike Williams of the Detroit Lions was the tenth pick in the ground. Matt Jones was the 21. Can't even remember the last the fourth one as a little odd at Baylor and a and Roddy White rapped about it 28. I'm the only one because he's good productive in the draft but. And and that the best part is Matt Jones they show him like. (%expletive) where they kind of years now right. They just stay out there as well and all the front yard slant and his bucket match goes well these guys I think Justin Blackmon might be watching that drafted his kidneys like something that's gonna be me that's going to be it. What I like about how you feel about the the defense of fraud that. Patents gonna have to work I like it or Daniel puts pressure on quote again. And they've got depth finally and I think that I think they will pick up one ward. Towards the end camp I think they'll bring somebody in. Just because you know obviously with the NFL being copycat league and also the success of the Eagles head shuffling fresh bodies in constantly constantly. You know we haven't had a sniff of a form of a pass rush in years. And I think it's about to change just having green laughed yeah. Exactly but if you've got two or three guys in the middle of the the defensive line that. Your you probably have to double Mike Daniels at this point yes you. Kenny Clarke made it. Made a pretty good case for you gonna have to double him in the run game last year yup yup that that leaves two guys possibly hooker since no joke Larsson played all right time show us Howard was solid. And that. That's how you open up one on one matchups for for make aryan Clay Matthews they're going to be the guys on the outside I also think that Reggie Gilbert kid is intriguing. We're watching it a little bit late on in the season last year he's eight and I Roy love sand loves them might Clemens thinks he's tremendous. And Clemens also is I was talking a lot about. Boy requirements that we Anemia sack and unions sorry that he just what's easy. I went in the same brown for good this did call. Men's hammy shirt on when he was talking about these guys nobody wanted to do was it my soon as you know follow it seems OK I trust. I trust a sure loser I love it the most. And then I trust a stealing sandwich might clemens' the second most. When he was he well sorry David stop that dude but those. When he's fully clothed that is athlete Paula I don't I don't believe the words that. I. Did. You think it's a club that. Arctic he's he is always an easy Il growth Hawkins in a lot of letters to me that that that. Let's move on to say easy tap here. Is a 4 July the best holiday of the season I hear. It's my favorite. My is definitely up there man it's my favorite because my favorite things to do are on the outside. With preferably with cold beer. And with grilled meats and that's pretty much the only holiday that it makes sense to do all theory Oca. Bill out in Wisconsin like you could do it on Memorial Day or Labor Day but you run the risk of a deal like 45 degrees and raining and let. On Monday I mean like that's kind of what blew about the fourth of July this year like being Wednesday Wednesday that relate to Mondays in the middle. But there are on Friday results for sure around them when you look at it as well. Com. Like Mandela said I have a few hobbies in life outside of prefer a watcher of sports columnist the highlight to date drink. I like to tardy. Only to grill. With a beer I like to play bags really believe that we play some bags on the fourth Nellie were beaten here played Beers being abused please agree game I've ever played definitely and file your days on some centers. We started out with it if it with your. With two polls about fifteen feet away from each other pipeline Oca you have ai and Andy beer bottle. On top of the pole usually easily PVC pipe or better yet maybe I'd like to adjust our Jessica just like in others that David Conn in the bottom of the beer bottle and rest it just kind of restaurant owners and I had teams of two. You're you're on the same side easier as your teammate OK so house rules variations but yeah. OK that's one way can I let go you know as Lugo left foot and a lot of different ways but you you explain differences so walk around with with your teammates on the side with you then and you've. You fire the frisbee you hit the bottle it's one you hit the hole it's one. If they catch the bottle there's no point if the bottle it's the ground it's appoints there's an opportunity to score. Three points right if you were that when that beat two Tenet Paul and the and he can be tricky it's it's a trick shot. The speed of the game is too much just like the NFL but it is because the bottle before it hits the ground it's it's no point Alka OK you hit the if you hit a so yeah maybe it is. So if you hit the battle and I but I catch it do you get a point for hitting the bottle at one point for hitting the bottle but you don't get a point for Horry hitting the ground so yeah even if I caught it it's still one point when you up okay but and then if you drop okay that's where you three points and because every time the frisbee it's thrown. You gotta have a beer in your hand. And you got to catch the frisbee out of the frisbee hits the ground. It's another focus that's okay threes you hit the bottle you drop the bottle you drop frisbee it's three points large jets. And chalk in the Wii play trying to nail it's of these guys can't catch it will bring us out of there are definitely more tried it that you got it admitted he got hit it but on. So that's part of it but the other thing like that was your variation of the house rules mom we do a little bit differently is that are trying to figure some stuff out and down. So we we went on opposite sides of it like bag so. Yeah like bags on just because for us we didn't it just didn't seem to make like a logical sense 'cause then you're waiting like one throw. And then back like you you can using constant motion if you're kind of throwing it to your teammates or to speak it it's sped it up a little bit. OK it's O. Agassi's hot we did it was like every every turn like I caught it then it was. You know like site through right catch a throwback that's my body's heat throws. And after a while then we also we we negated the the catching a frisbee points. Arm just because. He has withdrawn with a bat but also with the kind of pipe that they you hit the front of it it was bouncing so far back the other way that there was literally no possible way for okay play catch but that's the that's the speed thing at the lowest era plane like a wooden stake some economy. You know. It'll come out fall into it you have a chance what it was they work out it is easier that was ricocheting so hard not to recite screw that so it was. Two point to be at the bottle one point if you hit the hole. And then if you call the bottle just negated the gain to the bottle had hit the ground I couldn't even guess venture to guess how many hours span. It's fund he's shipment funded knives. Actions as my favorite holiday you don't have to buy anybody anything and like you get as a residence and adding to think about me you drink all day and you watch ship Lola. Don't want to be better I really they'll present that your buyer of the fireworks that some hope please I mean I have some deals law office I think that's more fun you're talking about I'm not I'm sure these expand sanding it. And top of the explosives hit. But I love being like within five feet oh yeah like knowing that there's still like them. Little bit danger. Should this thing is that the cheaper. And yeah. He gives a blow a lot my argument like those girls haven't seen from high school at the pool it at all and you know that's when other applicants would occur. I've talked to don't need is jumpin all it's not a pool party anymore the you know they're they're selling your behalf to all but the I. That the guy to close the show. Everybody. Named something. It's absolutely hate about Tim Allen Anthony and I hate about Tim Allen when people tonight on meet people and I kind of had not long ago it was like it was Michael is that like late may early June I wanna say to you draw blood. No he just pulled it on in it was the most terrifying things have ever seen on the ethic Bruce. You were there yeah ten gets acknowledged goes they've had it right. It turns around our president didn't department does brother got sunglasses. And I could still see the crazy in his eyes he was ready to. Before yeah yeah that you wish you well I think. Any books. That's. Yeah. Actually you know builders developers have to object to throw the book that you zones. Now that while he did it. Yeah. Bona. Your whole body not a beat this one audience and you start lap and so are not greens paid it's. Well we're talking moan clumsy it's an industry. Got the anger started out enemy line played as a like Budweiser. Dumb bastard like I don't like an advisory there OK art in the same boat. Is his last professor pipe bomb podcast. Again Tuesday that they used to seeing things mileage rightly. Will say I have and trying to move towards the diesel version but in this. Regular bike but well not usually usually I I go off where they the ones that black crown thing for awhile. That Budweiser and make cents via the crown yet that was that area are. Black there's not selling them and add bullets led that would end Terrell Paul Levy yet but it was their premium while. Bought like don't even waste time. And now they've yet he. Its assaults color now they get some (%expletive) and presidential numbers and there's some she is. It and I don't know silent on his most organized and I and try to law or bush lattes or some drama is down yeah definitely those two I'm I'm partial to if I'm gonna drink. But usually well I'm now opting for the red can August I think there's more flavor Margaret yes. But if I'm gonna go for light beer probably chug and I'm probably drinking all day. Adamant ago bush lights. Well it hasn't Eugenia that why you hate him now. Com. Acting on your reasons for you but I regiment now my ego way. I think we it's that it's not the Taj and ten podcast. If I mean it just starts with an eight after the tee it makes sense to yeah. And I would. We have some times that you'd care and he's he's particular to fall. And he is he's anal to a fault almost like a Joes and soul what he will not pocket aimed it. Yeah. Eagle is far. Certain date and why it's lakes and makes it look there he's right about the way it needs to cut highlight. But he adds. Well Timmy can be passive aggressive at times here passively aggressive to a couple. You know like you said exactly the right way to go to. Figured out. Knows what the doctor doing things Tammy. Thanks by an what you know is right in the same name he's right it is good ones were on the microphone we're all with that we want in on rights as an infinitely better in my job because of working with 101000%. 1000% absolutely and Tim is one that sit there and you know. He will he will take standards and of Korea and you know he's loyal and he's honest and he noted the wheel guy under the symbol for yet. You know knew exactly now 1%. But you'll and anyway I'll go look. At it. I'll bet against that as rapidly to other. Be I don't know at all or it's the Laverne and Shirley theme song. The guys on the yeah is that makes earlier nature. That you like in subscribe. ITunes and and radio and odd comments in talk more about in in the producer podcast. That that says yeah. Out of balance or. It's him into. Brewers can average box cut everything man and according to Sparky for you know the world according to Sparky that's tournament and it WWE podcasts. Cody. According to the coding and decoding grant ran or about podcasts. There doing one Nazi every Wednesday and a lot about gambling wrestling -- a minute right now. And even was in the podcast I'm in after analysts and and I'd like that you guys bull will fire couple shots and schools are. To you guys have been floored so you know finally at those and shoot your way oh pipe and the professor. Professor and yet liberals batters. You know you yet you voted slightly glittery life here easy Gonzales on Packard and a Rhode Island. You know you (%expletive) voted me most likely to be arrested in years AT&T. Idea what was voted to ask you Ivins could put the odds I think what as I'd like. Pocket Angel. Which I think you were on the middle of the pack I think what you like fifteen to one. Went up if you booked at white man with no windows hello guys. That and then you know the mid season Johnson. That's fair and and to be fair also looked a lot worse before I found the dents into it. A class and a rather. It's not a religion at least. That an Angel but ultimately it I would never even dream a break in the low I was like four ones. That they've bombardier folly on Twitter. At Jeff underscore Orlovsky. Can we spell that because I think some of our corals a few words do not know how to do while ski announcer name July a spell out there there is no W note note W and it's ORL Ol even those pronounced. Or lie it's OR LO and the ski. Perfect house where US. Bill Schmidt radio radio Mandell at Anthony Mandela known underscore you bastard yeah. Take Jeremy tentative figures (%expletive) it professors to make it easy. So what I heard something today practice. Makes. Permanent permanent. But in love this. I love this all right well yeah I learned that kind of thing in school may be if you showed up. I better things to do you have been yeah. I've noticed you go ladies and wouldn't let me. Are. All too album it. Yeah. Quality not quantity. The up and lock it.