Rahal: We can breed the next generation of drivers

Bill Michaels
Friday, June 22nd
Graham Rahal, IndyCar Driver for Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing, joins us from Road America. If some of the veteran drivers leave the sport, will it be bad for IndyCar? How’s his car racing?

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Graham ray hall as we continue to check IndyCar Racing here even myth I'm getting active it's great to be up here mean. In a road America is this unbelievable place at you know really ideal ideal circuit for for our cars. Pull the mother nature meets will show up here from mother nature a lot keep us dry and so we nicest weekend I am I'll open all the all the fans everybody that's here. Can have a lot of fun and we always get a great turnout is always a Lotta Lotta people are great buzz so while we're happy to. It is so Tony anonymous and are on our show yesterday in our studios. And then he came in and said which I had not heard but he said that you talked AG points. It's my last you walk away. Yeah I mean I've heard that that's what you. That's what he was looking to do yes. I there's a lot of guys at his age that that realized he noted that the time is times near there. You know Tony's been doing this a long long long time. Just like Galileo coming into this season I mean those guys have been around since I was a kid honestly. In so. They've had tremendous careers they've achieved a heck of a lot. And Tony's case winning the 500 winning a championship. Very few people ever get to do that and so lot. You know I'd heard that but I hadn't heard from him directly. He he said yesterday and I kind of said wait a minute you know is this is is a visually kind of smile he says well from not sending another contract. It is what it is clear which are found interstate we saw a lot of names over the last few years in NASCAR walk away some feel that that's for the sport. If you lose tone if you. Who's Helio some of those bigger names have been around awhile how much his efforts were. Oh let me hit it out it hurts a little bit but at the same time you know the really good thing is there's a lot. A young talented. Guys out here that have already started to make a name for themselves. That are gonna continue to make a name for themselves so you know guys like change I'll Rossi. New garden. You know these are guys that that that it party won races here. You know Ross he's case when in Indy 500. You don't hitch Dancing With The Stars everything else that he's done you know he's he's made a name for himself for sheer. And so I just don't see it I don't see that organization massive debt from it but there is no doubt that you know right after this I go to the autograph session. And one of the biggest most popular guys going to be Tony cannot mean he always has that Tony. Is that personalities that character tonight that people just really are attractive you know he's. Such a loving you know fun loving easygoing guy out if it's going to be it's gonna leave a little dead. The good thing is I don't see any way possible that Tony's gonna feel it get out here ever come back. You know he needs to gear head he loves IndyCar race he's going to be around it's obviously been doing its. Yeah I mean how long all of so. You know but they're probably the best thing. Is that it's it breeds opportunity for new young guys to comment and the difference in us in NASCAR. It is just 23 cars here this weekend. That's the way it's always meant it's like IndyCar races ever seen a forty car field in order we wanna see a forty Garfield borrowed we accept a forty car field we can't have forty cars and Eric. So it's going to give some of the younger people opportunities some of the young guys cold hurt us coming up. You know Bryan herta son who's who's doing a great job. And actually his team is owned by. Steinbrenner the third or fourth. You know George Michael who's a who's a great great young kid who you know. Obviously the Yankee heritage speaks for itself but just affect usage in IndyCar race and the families getting involved in it carries. It we can breed that next generation. A team owner and driver so. I think that that's good. When you started this season youths that you're excited about the car that looks at the party aerodynamics of the car. Races and your fellow how how has this car progressed the cars really good out you know I think it's coming along way in. Here in particular at this track. You know it's a fast. It's fast no doubt down the straightaway you are absolutely screaming and so that's a fans got to see this and I grew up Watson. The lap times this morning paper almost if not quicker than what we did. In qualifying last year already so you know good good start to a book. Now it says it's yeah as I said it's always great to be back here we we we were on the Gail yellow you know collars here at I'm guilty of a local company it means a lot to me at an associate with a is I was sixteen years old and they give you flexible those are critical over anything yet I'm working on a forklift trying to OK I know that's not what you think about gale but with Galen now man at two coming in. As one company. I have a shot at Indy we work out grammar health reform to work out you lie quiet cars and stuff like that. But I need to I need and need forklift to moves stuff around with. That's a market. As we sit here actually in the fields weak I would grab rail which. We'll speak your picture here if you throw huge gap which is the reason you're open the what did you write the performance shop really at all spurt from you know my love of cars that means anybody that follows and it's a grammar. Twitter FaceBook or whatever I mean I'm adamant about. Car free of a car fanatic and so yeah without a doubt it's it came from that. I've been tuning in mass on my own cars until the little kid and it's just grown from there. Meant we were talking earlier guarantee you this was in here and talk about the track and talked about. Bombs in kind of you know a little bit penalty. How does that affect. Indy cars especially under was is that the purchaser and guest is a little bit of a hop to it yet there's a couple you don't buy the Briggs under there that goes into the carousel. The Canada corner it's quite wealthy now on the breaking. You know at eight tax the middle mid point in the corner and on the examining that that there's bombs all of this plays but. You know that that's had a fine it's part of the character in the cloth that that makes this place special hit anywhere we go every track is a little different. From that perspective at any track gives you those different challenges based on that so. I'm not one of these guys like in Europe they want everything you know smooth that it billiard table that's not really what I think. The highlight the great track but. You know this place is to the test of time year after year to year you know winter storms are summer's heat or whatever maybe. You know this track still at sands test time and it's it's a great place to come and race when you get ready to jump into the cart Indy in the DC fire the engines that it that is such. Gadgetry field rates are a huge. Would you ever is the adrenaline ever different. Once you leave there every race is a race for a drive right. Yeah oh yeah I know the general levels the same you mean like come here you know Sunday for sure you know I will be my in my Hartley raising will be ready to go. Everybody be excited to to get this one under way. You know this is race ten on our schedule. If so what we're really at the crunch time now I mean we have seventeen events in the on the calendar but you know from that point on here. These are huge raises a yes having it be in these massive. And it. You know it is the biggest in the entire world and the recently got his victory cute but once you get the car in the race the race well yeah what you're getting here your heart health downing you Hispanics got to go out there do you thing. I'm ebitda like you just said that's the way it is anywhere. And I mean I can hear America same thing once the green flag drops. It's still on me you did go out there and make the best of what I've gotten try to win the race. We were talking earlier in a couple of guys Tony as well who said this is of course you can pass a Lotto. Yes a lot of different areas but the one thing I'd love I loved it go down hill watched heard five how difficult mr. fired. With all that's and all that area make mistakes you know your over the wall bulletin fives though is it it's an inviting place to push a little too. A but. You know over time into dark alleyway again watch today Saturday in Atlanta some great racing on him not an alliance led to some great race and fans. Had come to love and appreciate and expect. But as Tony said you know you can pass an eternal one hear you can somebody gets a bag that's their ability to pass in the three capacity to five pass today. You know in Canada corner. That that's not really typical right I mean a lot of places that we go to you know may have wandered too passive zone. Not. Literally almost anywhere on the track right and with the cars nowadays with the overtake button and then in the in the tire degradation that we get stuff. There's opportunity to pass to and so it just. With a place like this just makes it that much better approach ago you know the push to pass Cayman to read that as some years back but. The what is that like when you hit that part here to you youngsters that hear excuse because if you're talking forty or fifty horsepower Cain. Like this morning you know we could use it in practice for a little while and I mean your talking. She's probably a close to ten miles an hour eight unit eight to ten miles not sure that's a lot that's a lot of speed and so. Around here it's its massive. It's massive amount the last time. Species speed obviously and the ability yet to pass. Always great to talk to you were batteries get here real quick what's your jobs be hitting straightaway or right around 200. Yeah yeah I think I would be surprised that it draft to see somebody tickle it. For sure you got fans are waiting to see you took that out of Redmond cocoa we hero a pace they say there's always today program right I'll do this for compliments. Here in our studio to the point creek RD rentals and mobile studios. Thanks Dempsey assumed power.