Ramie Sits Down With Comedian Greg Bach

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Tuesday, August 1st
08/01/17: Ramie sits down with comedian Greg Bach to discuss the upcoming Milwaukee Comedy Festival. 

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Robin Mack laughs here with a good friend of mine have very funny comedian and he is the co producer of the Milwaukee Tommy faster you can find out. Much more about it and key comedy fest dot com it's Greg but Greg Howard this afternoon I was so happy that you called me a good friend because we're good friends our good friends like I love you Greg our I love it -- -- there and you'll be it'll be too late by the time anybody hears this but you'll be tonight performing in an event I hosted last year switches the roast of Milwaukee put on by Milwaukee record back down let's just say for the folks are listening to a now it was a lot of fun and they can hear it at Milwaukee record dot com that's right I forgot again in the allies now they'll hosted a couple of funny so how many years is now for the Milwaukee company. This is twelve years old we are preteen official twelve years or twelve years in a festival that actually started solely as a sketch. And him prof festival in in very small space in 2006. Has grown to aid. A really will grassroots. Funded. A festival that includes some of the best performers from all over the country and some years all over the world and we've grown its suit. Include partners like the turner home ball Roman and and chain called once great stuff and there is the the official kick off event is that Lakefront brewery are correct on tomorrow with the we're listeners on Tuesday's commute tomorrow at Lakefront brewery we're gonna have a great lineup of of people from Chicago and Milwaukee. And actually from Indiana too so it's really going to be a fun time you can find tickets had empty comedy fest dot com as well and your part of what is at the unofficial kick off tonight the official unofficial kick off center for a more becoming a festival. Presented by Milwaukee record. Yeah it's going to be a good time and nothing about the lake front event is that we have. A special beer for that night's how nice comedy fest drew I believe it's call a mom and I'm probably wrong in general on but we also have. We also will have special pine classes that night's. With lake front logo on one side and are little more to come as little lower on the other side so it's a really great partnership we've grown as more the company was Lakefront brewery. And that's that's a monthly showed that they do there at lake from birth I've done it before and yes it is I mean it is the top notch comedy show yeah that they're putting on there's the lighting the stage in the the seeding obviously the food and drinks now are great at lake front it is I mean that's and I can't wait to get back on that show it's a great show. It is really grown in a very quick time to become the number one basically independently run show a I mean it's not a comedy club but we treat it like a comedy club it's seated you get food and drinks. You get a great line of comedians and I mean when I did the show. I headline the show back I believe in February to him and there were a 150. People there. And that was the largest and in the next one it was 200 in the next one it was 250 or 225. Me just grows and grows it just. And the Sunday night's show and stretched it so much fun that there's like 250 people there and yeah. I mean you just you can't get away from it has become a really cool thing and I think one of the Smart things we do with that show as we take the summer off to summer can be very crazy right sort of come back strong at. In fall within that series we have this special. Wednesday addition of it for the comics are able now what what it what Steve was what will follow lake front operate in the in the comedy festival this year so it'll happen as we'll have the we'll have the event at lake front on Wednesday and Thursday we'll have a Milwaukee showcase at the underground collaborative which are in. The which is in the shops of grand avenue right call on Wisconsin avenue so we'll have more love one show there on Thursday and then on Friday we're gonna have. On another show there. And then we will have a a special show a chain call. Which is featuring the Cahill cast of a movie called this is mag and one of performers we got Lana Turner outperforming. Julie Meehan name is I'm sorry if I'm totally butchering that payment it got to my Everett and then Deborah Wilson who was on. Mad TV for nine seasons out there so it's a really big deal as can be really great show showing caller believed it is. An untapped resource and a diamond in the rough when it comes to comedy of sons and I don't show their scene shows their aunts and if it perfect venue. Or 250 people to be there and enjoy great comp and you've. You jumped overload at the underground collaborative yes is a nice venue that I I think not enough people know I don't agree I've done a few shows there and yeah again top notch production terms of lighting sound everything else. Oh exactly I mean Matt Campbell who runs that runs that theater as well as the executive producer of Milwaukee comedy and the festival. Has spent years. Updating. And installing and making it just a professional lay out for four comedians for performers to come in and utilize the space installed. A beautiful barge and all the work himself. And he's just a workhorse on it. And it's the way it is also another jam in the city that people need to know more about and we you can remove this year from the next act feeder to view the underground clever because. That's the home market common thread we wanna make those two places synonymous. And the headliner for this year's Milwaukee County festival I think I now I've only been following the company festival for four years since I've been doing standup comedy and this is the biggest name I can remember numbering in for headliner and that's Michael Ian Black yet. Sure a lot of people know from his stand up he's done. Sketch comedy and M prod he's on the gym gasping and show him on TV when I love his character I'm on the on the on the gym gaffe he had show on TV list. He's actually one of my favorite shows a Dingell a lot of them play which was a show at which was on NBC many years ago who. Once again create character he comes from the legendary sketch comedy troupe that states which started right nineties and MTV and you know there are. There are so many people who came out of that group who've been doing great things Justine in the past five years but old since they since they broke up. And he has amazing he's authored eleven books he's toured all over the country all over the world. On TV and movies he's written. He's in the wet hot American summer mum shows movies is in effect the new ones coming out this week so it really can't really perfectly I did not know that yeah I coincides perfectly with the show and yet we and this is the second known as uncertain as the third year. Were doing a show the turner hall ballroom. Where we have that big final act last year Jim Kirk and Brian post same before the year before that and his this year we're keeping an attribute tradition of Michael Ian black and it's just going to be great chip and one that is that that Sunday the Emmys Sunday the sixth of August and tickets are available you can go to MT comedy fest dot com. To get those tickets. And if I I I don't know if there any all access pass is still available but if you get one. That pass includes all of the shows but all the shows honestly are very well priced and we got. I believe we have five shows on Saturday then I'm no I do four shows on Saturday two on Sunday at the underground collaborative or we all the UC. And and the show at the turn hall ballroom so I mean you have. Over a dozen shows happening in different locations all the city and really. I really shining the light on great comedians. And I and I'd we've talked about this before very I don't know people. Realize the the level of talent that we have on the Milwaukee congress out of blown a lap of ball away by it when I first. Start doing stand up here in Milwaukee I mean we have some really really funny people here in the city. Funny people and not just funny but also really hard worker right of comedians who are. Just taken the reins and and begun new shows in new open mics and and really become mini production groups to really. Put out there these comedians that they enjoy from you know a lot of the midwestern region we bring in people from other other parts of the country. But really showcasing Minneapolis Chicago Madison Milwaukee Green Bay. The Appleton area mean that there and Iowa they're all over the place in the come to us and we try to put shows together form. And really give them a place to show that Milwaukee is a very very good place to do comedy and has put under very very good comedians and. This is as as well run a comedy festival. As you're gonna find anywhere and it is it's it's real pro am needs you talked about Matt temple yeah he has all his t.s crossed and all his I's dotted I mean the thing is going to be. As as well done as any comedy fest of anybody's gonna find out there. Yeah I'm immediately AMOCO producer and this is my third year on staff and Caitlin McCarthy was Michael producing partner. You know we came men and really when it comes down to a man is treated a template. That really just works it works to do we need to do and then we've done is we've. Look at the festival every year and said what can we do differently because for awhile it was only a next act. And then we said our right we have turner hall ball from and then OK we'll do was show at the UC and Howard do we have. We have turner hall we have shank you see. We got all these locations and we're just making him better and better with every year but it all started with that kernel that map start began list in 2006. And he is built a very great tradition. I plan on checking out at least a couple of not 34 of the shows. Over the course of the weekend there's the thirty I've interviewed you for this. And I said this the other two years this time I mean it I'm a chronic procrastinators great I'm going to submit for the Milwaukee comedy festival. Next year and hopefully no clue will tell me. Utley went a little reminder on the phone okay and it will give them mes some timely next year or they'll say tell Ronnie two. Tell Robbie to apply and then I'll get after friends and family viewers say. And then Harry puts pressure on hey hey mama Mac laughs don't give many dinner until. He gives us the mission to end because c'mon now submission date that's a very old reference my right yes yes this can find out more and get tickets and if there any all access passes that's all that and KE comedy fest dot com once again by the time you listen to this Greg we'll have performed. In the roast of Milwaukee and you can hear that at Milwaukee record dot com that's Greg back. Good friend of mine very funny comedian co producer of the Milwaukee comedy fest right dolls tournament the demand appreciate.