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Faith in the Zone
Sunday, January 7th
Faith in the Zone with "Big Time" Mike McGivern joined this week by Rocky Coyle.

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Welcomed defeat in the zone show about sports and faith and how that to come together inline speed. Right now discover how people in sports walking face the host Mike may give burned and pastor can kill her. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. Welcome the faith in his own on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. I'm Mike we give her fine solo this week my hope is that pastor can tell they're moving back in studio with me next week. I'm excited about today show their chance to talk to our guests for a while. A couple of times this week in fact I and he's rocky coil. Former pro baseball player also works with the UPI and a chance to be rocky through Tom Royce or just want they term Roy. Rocky are you doing today everything going located North Carolina. Well yeah god is here now like guys are we in. The now I'm over here right now. On the on. I think quiet here. Yeah I'd idea they would you guys got how much like a foot of snow probably not ready on it may be against. Maybe it well and it now that we would add that I'm from they're gonna. Now it's better than. Bill you know they created the road and all that you know people missed out. They don't bile bread milk and that they'll all tell. You know what not a not a bad way to go their pocket that'd skewed to be. It's gonna be late 25 the host here broke sumo like either tonight over nighter or sometime but. In the darkened thirty in the thirties by Sunday. When this is gonna air and guys it's how about going on playing golf you you'll see guys walking route Doug Schoen thirty degrees were were tough read here Wisconsin. He should be I grew up and now Intel I was when he for a in the outfield. You know and it's started now and then it's Williams on the mound. You know. And needing throws strikes anyway says it's time out from LA. On and I'm from being left fielder was from Ohio. Let that caterpillar and I are either not been out. I've from Ohio. Very worldly outlook that we ever go all out first time ever oh well. Doubt it it that's awesome familiar right Mitch Williams in throw strikes her well Billy. Well imagine it and it would build but no blown sideways we are off and when he was you know nineteen or one. All we couldn't throw a strike the big let alone in Reno when it was thirty degrees you know it was pretty it was pretty area I didn't know what. Bad. Here we are to market a rocky coil and in a way I've looked at his Twitter account my family. I had steak for life mentoring and speaking player of my daughters and granddaughters. He's what he's all about gonna talk a lot about on some of them the the things that are going out and rocks like I have to tell you. Theirs is there are similarities that you rocking grandfathers. We love our kids we lover green kids. Rocky was led to do some things that that I have to tie I. I'm open lord as the top team unique in that drugs and I'm not sure I can handle what he's going to right now which is this adoption and I love the pictures rocky. You've got a beautiful. The Hamlet in order to talk a lot about these five girls at that you've adopted a parsley is six common up. In the world so in fact Ross going to be talking about Abbott fund which is adoption assistance for Christian families. And as we talk about that throughout the show uncle one apple fund dot or. If you feel I'm glad there's a way that you can donate for their thirteenth bonded there are some things on that website that I didn't know but until I got a chance to talk to rocky. And that went on that website and there are some really interesting stories. On things that that they need to. Through the outlook funded that you may have some interest in it again helping nighter getting involved. In more Woodward the other he rocky would start will be talked about grown up and in Arizona is that did you go to great scored high school everything right in Arizona in Phoenix or. Incorporated. One. I was born there. All there. I. I start playing ball. And in. There was a lot like all my buddy up with a lot. Yet the oil port that. Oh I. Rock. Rock. And rock. I'd start that. Ball. Out. At about oh. And you know I like it. Did players. You know worked up about. Where all start. At. All that time. It. Might sound fair in arts work out. And at that time for a only my word about game plan. Might. Not that I'm. I might yet. At the time so. I'd like for your. Eat I would argue better holes there but he. Back rock. For a the last game out there. Right line. Story. That are out here. You know what a blessing on your son like an early age is competent and and might act now. That in my dad still lives. I'm not a bad. Now. Right. The first time. I struck out. Mop the rock. And op and back. Here and there that might make like you know hey let out. Lol and by every girl you start cry. Or at. That the whole thing. Bite on. It and Edgar. Might active in there that to be up out. In the eyes. That I'd. I'd the goal. We. Never got. Out he it would cry about that. And our. On our. They lifted my at a news. Rocco rock. Are being called. Here or. Your hero for more. I don't care and all of mayor. Here April all. You that that means don't ever forget that. I love you. It. And the thing I ever. And that he could be that the only thing ever earn. And what might add that. Might never be here want all. Played out sport Letterman and ice cool basketball baseball ball. I want to be there right now. And I did play pro ball but it was interesting out allegation that. Without my dad you know and later on. Belgium aptly. He came to meet one more time. It rocked that app and the great thing Everett but when courier. And he told me that. Belgium progression aptly. Right or say your challenge me if I'd died that. Try. And guys. And out the out. Aired the Romans with me you know you know that one out out under all in all. The weakness in is that the dot. Right that was about my name. Is. He brought race you ought. And you know I. Burst popped. Out about the I'd I'd. But. You know and I went up I. Went to the doctor's office. They told me. I might not ever were shattered and it was my senior year which. You know degrees your vote now it. That's when all. Realize. That the bull and think that this world. I did read I pray and I Ortiz you know your real light app might. Light elements that might mine I'd ever been. Warm. Most are they ever app like in oh again and work. There was a transformation happen in my heart I never back ever. In. Oh. Mail we are tock that's awesome I get goose bumps up my arm he's rocky coil. Former professional baseball player Ross who works with you PRI. And and the guys over. Tom Roy the guys at UP ID do great job. He rocked him for get through break I I did some research onion and I found dead Hamilton high school's all time baseball lineup. And number two in that. On our all time great baseball lineup never Q and there's rocky coil I'm gonna read what it says. But she's a player you possess speed and power drive me rides coming up clutch. He went went on to play mesa community college you receivers owner played in Oakland a's try to blue jays organization. He was also pretty good darn football player on a state championship team. See you talk about a multi sport athlete we may talk more about that. Rocky had been might 36 your coach and basketball mostly to high school level. And done you want your kids are playing multiple sports and and I love the fact that you were three sport athlete. But they talk about the greatest in some of these guys out that she had these are guys at all played you don't play for the Colorado Rockies of the Cincinnati Reds it. This is an awfully good line of it is nice food could put together but number two left fielder Iraqi oil. He really get to a quick break up there says the break. Will continue to talk with the with rock human ask him some questions about walking worthy when he was a play a Minor League Baseball and on the two typical placed it. To continue to walk worthy will get sesame answers for him. On the other side of the break this his faith in his own on sports Radio One a 57 FM the fan. Worn out of faith in the zone discovering people of sports in their walking me. Face in the zone. Is brought to you buying brook side Baptist Church that the host Mike and give Vernon and pastor can Kellner. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. And welcome back to faith in the zone and sports Radio One 057 net from the fans. I might do over again flying solo this week pastor can count there hopefully be back in studio next week flew to fort seen him. Our special guest rocky coil. Former pro baseball player. In fact rocky I was look cadets. I was looking at your your numbers as you go to single double Tripoli baseball. You know you hit the ball everywhere you play. Yet other current street twelve that are you know. One thing. My aunt and when I was born well like you know. Though it is about. Ability ought. To be at the ball. On high school you know. I only like 56 Ian. And college you know as. You know right there and then pro ball but things out. Outages that is one displaying the bat. And played defense diet and we will or. Hey rocky why do you think. You didn't take that last that big step two to go to Q in the major leagues. Well what happened was. Back in but the numbers. You know I just believe it was not a mile wide. Out of and but then went out and triple. Triple play. That app that it was over your double. Again. Well what DA animal long story that I'm currently got out like that all but like. I know that. Nobody really decide me. And everywhere and now every now. I'm here. Eight that this church I start doing it meant I ran mine it was an Alabama. He urged Alabama that ought to pray about leaving baseball. Come and help me is small church of error. It was like baseball would start working in my heart year. And spring training in 88 I am locked in Beijing as props now like. Nine dot com Meehan ministry has disappeared. You know a lot of people look at my stats they aren't there then where were you know. Oh about are there along out of time to talk about it but it got work art which in. We understand and I look back now and I can even had a block in meat from move on those. That was you know like. All these things happen in my life like one player personnel director. Name Carl. I thought you know and in on in 85. And yet. And let the team and at the outlook to make though and that group that BA and we want to suddenly be a bite at all and championship. And so CNET debate cynical to Tacoma last day of spring training. I am. That we act. Oh. And I never understand all these years and I'd it was the player personnel director game might be right. I mean on court to be UPI. Yup he's about he's gonna get he's been a guest on the show he was a great guest. Let this guy cry. I called me and asked for my forgiveness. He that year. Oh I would rep and they won the contract with now. A date in. Because about the popular player they need act there. And you know instead of you know move on. App and but you know. Not one racked. Up a lot. That's why I met back got it later in the minister quit but I thought that was not a lot of things like that that happened. You know I know I think it's all my life and and and after it went back role. And was ordained in 91 and work in the inner city Alabama at the project that. Started our megawatts in the World Series. In emptying garbage he's an idiot enemy like that have been doing that BA won it in and the blue jays won two. They don't look that your failure be able stake. The enemy tried not mean people months and he really didn't make it out like you know need to smile I've got to promote should really got. You know the enemy out a deal like your failure. You know like in I am is that that in itself the good news of Jesus Christ you know over the years. He is rocky coil yet he is a former pro baseball player also works at UPI ever again we're gonna get into. A what's going on in his wife soon a couple of things before do you that I made a mistake the first segment he go to Hamilton high school and in Arizona with two Coronado. I school to court has all time greatest baseball lineup card. He's number 21 there and I loved effect zest speed power driving in runs as a coach violate the wind coming up clutch. Either side can do it when the lights get a little bit brighter. And you know wide in your hands Durkin a little sweaty he's a guy that did obviously in his day. Could hit the ball in field that needs. Had some great opportunities to minister to people throughout our single and in double or triple way. Rocky week too I like to ask guys that that that played especially in my league baseball. You look at some of the movies like bull Durham and and you see that. You know mightily baseball there's a lot of temptation is that a typical place for a guy that wants you to you walk were the and and certainly serve Jesus Christ that's a tough pleas for the for them to be I would thank. Yet I gave my guards around eighteen about starting college so on that point on it up late and what really but it is here sold out the lord when what right. What I think a lot plain and urged. It was something that was real to me right was really transform light. Look at will be on the raw and it brings tears to my guys did it today that he looked out. Fodder for him then I thought that year so one thing help me on the road have that ability. In smiled while ago and so I had died at things like UPI and baseball apple. I would find out on the scene there what the guys that work that had similar morals that I did. I would hang out there are bibles that on the started we started you know what against that we would see guys from other. Lord only at a we at a point RI. Our art that we were at the guy I got back from other. Week we are revival. On the Wii. Bat I think. Pull them by. Actually were angry that because nobody dies government by city let these guys party. And now you know they want the party are like ball where is. We were out for permission uses political about died you know. And we were young and let's keep that on the so we are intimately decry that prayer meeting that night went late. I bet there's one thing they struggle with that we would all these other animals so. It could go that way you know loan on the in the when you haven't ability. And eat in a year or in the word you speak in the lord. In them burst you know and that I had an off the light you know they're from me. Route all. Built to this date 36 years we've been together. And that's that's awesome we yum and I this show and I love that I wish pastor Kim was here he'd love the story about the pool it. And wherever he is user on the a plane and I'd just recently and he sent me a quick techs you met at a young man it was a did division two college basketball player. Who wise it is except Jesus Christ two years ago in equities you'd be perfect for for faith in the zone and if it was good we we army had AJ Ellis who's a catcher for. Did the Dodgers at that time he actually married a girl from walking across north for the winner. He should go I'm the only got a codes north for the winner and he was telling the story he was catch him. And the catcher for the giants' Buster Posey got the batter's box and they had done baseball chapel. Prior to this game and and AJ Ellis foot company city impostor. How good was chapel the date Matt can you believe book of Romans how strong it is a buster called time on bouncy AGE. Book market. You know get ready here against clean Kershaw. And AJ Ellis is like you have a commute to just think about what he talked about the book Roberts how strong this wasn't. And I'd busted face it what what what are you doing this and and I thought you know what here's to Christians talking smack right there. You don't try to kill them up is due to talk about the book of Romans. Hey when you win you were in Minor League Baseball right kind of easier then for you walked weren't while you were in the locker room outside locker room. Well it was upheld the break out in lock I felt like. Disparity got the break got greater greater speed up in the world but wheat belt united that there are of and tried that and indeed they're front and act one guy. That won a best players in May sodomy everyday in the locker room and make our way out lap and you know and every day on. You know mild days I would want fighting out. There that box early and Lebanese and that might testimony. And then 1 about 3 o'clock in the morning and knock on my door and cry and and you know in the world I would you don't hear cry. On my case you know you. He was struck. I'd been. Morals and he does that I need help but you know well we don't think money man it. Unit up for re even cried that night to watch what order of the day. And you know it's they would bat boy you know like got to act recently. About what thirty years ago was signed up with the other pitchers in the cool when he had me tried to do. At the time I loved the lord. It would add it that well and held it up I. You know I've played with him in the ball and it would like to crichton or by. Need. Instead an elder and is urging their lords even now. At the time. You know what's going on but we stand for Christ you don't loudly. And he use used you know you look at people and they sense the spirit of god. And the lava crichton now you do. It is the love of Christ that is the power got it even that would be. Looking for answers there and for. There Logan for heat of late is that satisfying when you and your side. There's a greater now got home and powerful god. He has he has. He's. Here is rocky coiled angry we are discussing a number of things and I promise I keep teases in the third segment. We talk about some things that that rocky and his wife are arguing now that. I just. I might just fall down approach him for doing this they've adopted five of possibly. Looking at maybe a sixth. A girl that he's a grandfather he's like me and Andy these said the order was was leading them to do this some adoptions in and when you read this story. And I'll tell you were to read it. Really incredible miraculous get to a quick break of the separate Daschle talked about. The coral fairly adoption. And to. Boy I do look at that picture and in. Personally I'll kick your coverage for you know that right. Oh. But I. Mean that say wipe. All I ever. Met him yeah. That's a hey trust me I'm the president of that organization. But you combine that there's room porridge is looking at the pitch I did answer it all the time. My wife now with a high school together. She asked me asked me out like the after graduated from high school she does it remembered exactly the way that I do but we've been together ever since. And I did I still get that people looking Kohut are you kidding me how this happened my mom still questions that. People can get to a break again his rocky coil. He's a former pro baseball player works with UPI without Tom right wanna take Tom Roy for the introduction. Two Iraqi coil Lucy is beat in the zone on sports Radio One a five set at them. The band. Welcome back to faith in the zone in inside look at people in sports in Milwaukee famous face in. Is brought to mind accurate basement repair. Your host might only get burned and pastor can kill her. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Okay. Yeah. Welcome back to beat in the zone on sports where do you want 57 FF fan and I might be different. Flying solo this week pastor Karen Keller and hopefully we got cute studio next week with me. My special guest is rocky coil former. Baseball player he works out works its UPI. As well rocky Tia Windows 7 things you're doing you a lot of baseball lessons right now. Yes I bet he's glad that I do all my weapon ministry for five years but all in street. That we all have been oaks and adopting. Little girls that it from overseas though I've been vote on it in Latin. Also. Haven't nonprofit or life. That would work like ink or. And Wii U apps for it inner city is. We do that inning and I still speak urges then breached you know again but mainly haven't spoke. Earl. Like. As we brought in our life. He can we talk about that you guys were. Yes first set yet to two grown children and your grandfather and in. You go to article that that I read. Which is on it is. Www. Abbott fund dot org. Is where you need to read this article picture of rocky and his. His kids and wife and and three of these grosso it's I think it's an older picture by. Talk about after prayer they had through adoption world and and the lord was leading you guys stick. To adopt some kids from from different countries and you know the story is incredible. Right I unify holder of the girls. There 1513. 121212. And really my I'll start Merkel. And I work in one. Oh and eat everywhere in. My wife was working at hallmark is that you know. You'd have PE teacher you know if you wanted to be and one day at late game in the and the lady. Added a little out from in Spanish. Not that he told about it. In really the lord that is that you look at what was next our life. The awards that carefully you know that are and that's where it all started. Adding that burst thanks yours. Forgot to move in from he would like. Oh but you know that. On or talk about it option there's no way she ever adopt. It at that point. And so you know we looked at Guatemala. And my daughter. In what about India. Oh. He. Went. No we we thought okay let's go check out wide. Girl had been burned elected I went warriors all of you like thirteen fourteen ounce. I saw picture ever outward arc. It's a long time to look at year by these bureaucracy. Volley salute air attack on that might not yet while India in collier let guys were re. Not like. Here but the org. You know at odds are one day and a much rot. And the lord I just start we have pulled over her picture up one on top of my truck. Lower. I was we mean on the side wrote it short. It ain't the daddy. I'll be your debt. A joke oh I've been there and of course I'd ever been but like. You know places we shouldn't even partly be probably we. Across the war at all honored. Uttered it before children note issues. These light. And a little girl walked up to. Your outlook or all I am minister. And locked up in. Court ought. Are. Like them. Where my heart in the lead. And there Wright matter that it rocky or you were scarred and broken you bet no well. And and that's what I realize. You know. We look we think we're in urgent problem that got by the hour. And dot org got art and you know we we did that one. We have to make it a lot area in. All right we studied what did you you better. And that burst. That people here I would hear what does little girl and why would honor and and I know your op that are out or opt in here and a in the courtroom in Asia voters ours. Bryant and the judge let patterns and I'd like nobody would want. Home like that that's all it. It. You know being an Irish everybody views that you would might take you to swing your you know. I'd been sector arm I water. I want. I started. And you know got art and art. Art. You think that it be there we go back gators and that in six months we finally daughter worked there there's a lot to this story and dot artwork and art went back in only eat there mom. Ordered sit down and down in which he was Korean and never came back the gators wondered for days. And then you know or ever wrote that in an orphanage and yet and throw a lot and that we got urge you going to be at doctor one day. In Italy quart eight page you would never be function. He's just the most beautiful little girl and you look at the picture Evernote that we couldn't go to India anymore so we went to China. Or in there and nobody adopted it have been. We winning got little girl called out each and we got Abigail. Got Al. And Allison was curled it we have we. Wet and there's a lot story that. The bottom line we he. Worked in the registry and that it. They want about any pain but again that thing is that because nobody would want them. And so you know and we got all girls. He. And AD like that at his aunt were warm. And that Abigail wrap it up that they are local courts that and then out there and wind ain't otter eight he's you know he was older. We got back home. And you know we got we trying to tell people thought we were or. And and one of the girls that one TT and Al Abigail. And protect human right mood and give us that we had no food yet. Backing getter and so we know that we got out current fourteen. And when he turned fourteen he thought that we think on beginner. And you know a lot of money raised not act in. A short that we made it three days there were working for the rest easier. That's how we got by and recently found out that little girl India yet accurate about age out. Our 888000. That they need a budget girls girls under the week we're gonna go backward I'm. Probably where people in you know back up in part. That's been but he had that. You know again we are talking Iraqi court about so what's cool and I need to options that he is. Given his wife has done an. Rocky were a couple of Irish guys get tears coming down my cheek because well what a story. This is the war is ledge you did doing great work and I can't wait for I can't wait for people to take here. You know this story it is Miley is incredible. All it is simple lord you know that it rock scene at me at all saying it transformed my life I've been. You know people were like figure out did you do that. On the tight sump and every at wake up at one model Earl. W yet burst one not that there's going to be by the human one app for. Bob owed debt. And I'd never. Out. Should shoot we've fives are willing to share that. Sure. Recchi the be yeah your biological. Children. Very comfortable and IBC it's this is one. This is a big failing out man. Got it may take a look what I am I'd go to. An ally. I. Oh. Art. Art. Art and we did it. I thought it was a it's a miracle all. It's a lot of money. Green. You know got but he wanted whatever it the money the optical its dot calling dot that we went. And it and it that the dot you know what that puppet I'm at the dot when you're as well. And that adoption of children and whatever orphaned and widows there that. There's a power got your well there it is amazing and it's a powerful thing and I'm very humbled you know and you know were not heroes. Been here because it was am and he's the one against war but draw. My career at these things that I know. Indeed they might burst went to adopt you know. It was him it looked un unbelievable I remember. 8101000 dollar purse I'd like him as you know I'd say Gupta and. Thousand and that any part of the Meir it is one out. Now I've got to back you are or want. It caught me out number. And in just like a truck Ian but mine's the built in the IR BC I came over looked and yet shot. Up this week and now. But I haven't bought. Like. That. And you know how it all. And he died I agree on ever. Open Ike. In that I went to bed. And I couldn't. I'll be in here it is. I don't mind I'm. Up other out port element. Are you make up about this injury and all the labor. What about. It or did not start dime I. May get that personal Earl started off. Start up that brought you out out and got. But about. Lori that are out there. It's Abbott fund his dot org EB BA. ABB eight Abbott fund dot org and you'll go to the coil CME adoption. Here's a way to donate for for for for these guys is awaited donated to this fund. With it which ever does great work its adoption assistance for Christian families. And the more I read on it's the more I looked it up. The information that dead that I look at Dave really impressed with the work that they do we've got to get charged a quick break. That we just kind of jury short fourth segment. NM and asked Iraqi very quickly for a life by eco wanna know what that's all about and we'll Dudek quickly and the other side of the break. This is faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mac to have faith in the zone the journey on how people in sports squawking today. Faith in the zone is brought to my home windows and doors it was constant. Here's host Mike wing giver and pastor can kill her. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. Welcome back to faith in his own on sports pretty 1057 out and I'm likely to begin flying solo this week special guest she's been a good one this has been a really really good show our Iraqi coil former bout pro baseball player. Also works with that Tom run guys over UPI. He rocky earlier in the show you talked about ten nonprofit that she do for life to number four life ink dot org he tell me a little bit about that. It started up probably about. Twenty years ago and would basically what we do and we speaking we knew I would try to scholarships. And we view outreach you know we work urges through local organizations. And you know we tried and for is of all ages. And you know we tried physical emotional spiritual mentoring kids. And so we try to go work in army camps and we have different you know thing you know on the web site you can bet a lot of it is in a lot like he's speaking places. And we also scholarships and and the answer really agree outreach and also vote on teaching is so it's all about mentoring and helping. You know after school and things like battle there with their school work. It ain't it if I brought you up to Milwaukee can keen you'll laugh at you beating his softball will be a better in the church south partly. I'd stuff. And got up 58 years old like kid I tell you what I can hit it gap anymore. All uncharted view and I hit I have a right handed hitter and try to hit that the right field lied so acute. Kid Shockey can go to the rights like try to get to second base. At a graphic art. Art. 8282. Quick questions and forgo retard but spent a lot of time in Alabama so war eagle roll tide. Well I'm not out there. Airline. All the art I'm in that like I would poem on. Bottom that football Alabama. Went I mean all of Bear Bryant and a sound you know it in active. And all that note though. Auburn. In Alabama and Auburn and I don't. Artery read one oak tree there that it ever win on the opt out there out. But the war. I could that's. When were you are now and we had this conversation chuck Sullivan general manager here. He he is in north Carolina tar heel through and through. He doesn't want you say the word duke he has a wife Sadie coached Kay he don't like hearing in fact about twice a week he walks past my desk. And he says hey by the way. And Tar Heels are still the national champion. And I go I know why do you why I know that he was edges wanted to remind you coached that the Tar Heels are still the national shares. As I know he he understands all that. And he is just such a North Carolina turtle guy does not want he has a point due to ever winning game. That's right in I have girls eat it hilarious that unique and UNC and bite as he that I want to add a lot. In the pretzel and that it would logo for UN. I had. Art or whatever. Will they went oh yeah. Wake Forest game in day. Out but yet. As of yet it yet here is your people don't realize. It was not the places they try to do which all in Alabama. And North Carolina. Is that the Erie and bite and bite. Hey Ellie Ellie partner who might direct boss she's a sales manager Hershey. Or her husband what you while Auburn. And we had this conversation this morning and she said you don't understand. It's war eagle in my house here Wisconsin wherever we moved to its war eagle. And roll tide she's that we don't look like it's been alive time Alabama suit that we want Alabama beat Georgia. Yeah maybe but probably not I if US my husband who graduated from Auburn he probably does not want Alabama to win the national championship. Dull it's just like one Butler vault them all out. There. Open network and I'm telling you man that was. It's like that here and it's great it's. I. Alabama Notre Dame. Football and O Mike and I thought Alabama and mayors here at Notre Dame. It saw some. And they still hold a grudge. Steal all the crushed. Pay cut. In aid that you know I got to regret is that I just want people who know if you get a chance for wipes the number for a wife in dot org. If you want to take a look at it so what rocky is not proper organization is I would highly recommend Abbott fund dot org as wall. It is or hasten to go ahead. Will come speak it out and speak out like about adoption. Or you know off. The year roots and whatever else so I'm you know we we do that you. Yeah I would die by blood to get shipped to Wisconsin and Manuel may be good the batting cages us show you how right now it's bad you know totally kitty views rocky coil again Abbott fund dot org. The number four for a life in. Dot org you know Lastings CAD or your father must be awfully priority right now rocky and talent. My dad you know. Pro baseball. I called. All of that. That. Struck out. I like yeah I remember. Obama product and what. And we talked everyday even being here don't need New Year's bowl. He work to the rescue mission eat these people he works at the that idea Foster care home also helps prisoners. With their transition back in the I'd eat that we don't bibles that he sent to elderly women. And my mom pat. Years ago might add. In in ministry now on one. Out there and played golf one week. That's awesome rack who get wrapped this up but think you so much. Keep up the good work brother did he's rocky Coyle thinks truism it's his faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. You've been listening defeat in the zone with host Mike and give burn and pastor can help now. You can hear feet in the zone every Sunday at ADM. To find patch shows exclusive podcast sporting contribute with an inside tip for guest simply go defeat in the zone dot com. Kate in the zone is an inside look at people's sports and their walk in faith. Join us again next Sunday for faith in the zone right here on sports Radio One 057 FM so fans. Well yeah. The games. Hello sir. Noted.