Is Rodgers handling the young players the right way?

The Wendy's Big Show
Thursday, August 9th
Is Aaron Rodgers handling the younger players the right way? Favre trade ten years later as a fan do regret it?

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Kate you can be a little bit too much for some of these guys that. I think all three don't got great athletic ability it's read through their obvious candidate you go up to speed with their rock. So 83 you know 640 skeptics he'd. South Florida but he dropped that touchdown pass on the last play Sam and I from Aaron Rodgers. That are and came back to the first thing on Monday they get the correction he caught a nice touch down virtually the same play over the middle. So it's a little bit better about themselves but you know he's a fifth round pick who. He's look at it two or three guys like a guy like corporal. Well a couple of years with the Bengals that might edge him out for the fifth or sixth wide receiver here's another I think it would be fun to see. John Kaiser in the second half dropping back and throw one deep to number nineteen. Equity aiming at same brown I have been talking about. All man that'd be awesome and the editing and on defense. You've been waiting here but it Spiegel number 45. I'm out of Wisconsin. He looks fast and I think you know I'd love to see pat let him loose and just see if we get home with a quarterback in appreciating. Now on with the heat I would think he'll on earth. Absolutely. At what about this the new rule that the referees are saying they're gonna lead in the caution of throwing the flag with a new helmet rule. On the they have go on for this year that all the players are concerned about and the coaches are concerned about represented their gonna total flight and they think it's a penalty and then afterwards. They can figure out whether or not they threw the flag correctly or not it is it's gonna be a flag fast you think tonight. Yeah in all I ask Mike Patton and about tackling and I asked the rest about flags policy you know poor tackling and fourteen flags and I. But in all this Alex camp his dad was wrapped. And he just got promoted to white cap after the hockey league. And a cup jet trip what those guys you know it stepped down retired. Jeanne as they're torque. So he said. You know. Honestly sit. We haven't called this with the speed of the game. So we're gonna try and call it when we can somebody else will be on the phone with the New York right away to say what you think they're trying to work under quickness. Did to turn those decisions over with quickly. But you know he saw a couple of new calls for they would call before. In the hall of fame game between the bears the ravens. And then you saw a couple of really stupid call just typical for the big tight end come over the middle. And the safety is is just trying to calmer this guy stopping the ball carrier and he puts his head what has Selma. And mr. but it's like the distress to his chin strap in April flag as they. What's the defenders supposed to do give it to six from fort tied it. And I agree with you 100% Michael we talked about it on the big show the day after that game and and our first taste of how this is going to be called. I don't know if you're watching it with the sound up but. The the referee the refereed expert that they have their in the Booth with them and Chris cow's birth for saying. The same thing you're saying there's not a lot that that could be done to avoid that but the referees in in the spirit of the rule got it right because they're just not gonna tolerate. Any thing but the face mask. Touching the opposing player they don't want the forehead or the top of the helmet. Involved at all so I. I'm I'm not saying I like it I'm just saying that date according to the if you wanna technically call the rule the way that it's written. They got those calls right I don't like it but that the calls right. Super Bowl 52. Over a thousand yards of of yards of offense from both teams most in the history. You've got not from Jennings with his decisive hit in all were cook over the middle. Big hit. Let's keep their flags in their pockets. Very entertaining game if they did that every Sunday in upheld never actually about ratings and revenue. That's my Clemens find more of his work from Packers training camp and tonight's pre season opener at 1057 FM the fan dot com. Our FaceBook page and follow him on Twitter at my comments NFL are embedded Green Bay reporter Mike you'll check in again with you but next week different. My Clemens joins us on the great midwest bank hotline start your renovation journey will be simple and convenient pre approval process from great midwest bank. Dedicated to providing perfectly personalized home loans to those right here in our communities. Since 1935. Is Aaron Rodgers leading the way leadership lead will discuss next. I'm Wendy's big show right after the. 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And only real fame listener you heard a thousand dollar roster bonus to all you need sellers thousand dollars cash keyword. Here radio news variety PAR I ETY. Two Y eighty now protects the key word to seventeen E'Twaun and messaging data wheat supplies tight group. From the clan. It's that game heads to the seventh inning and Allen bill maybe Kotchman in the plains apartment athlete baseball post game show. Coming up as soon as that game is over later on this hour we're gonna look ten years back. People within the Packers organization have regrets about the way he Favre. Packers relationship ended we want to know if you do that's coming up at about 335 right now we want to know. Wanna talk about the current quarterback you think Aaron Rodgers. Is handling his young guys the right way for 147991250. Can tweet us at 1057. At them the fan lots of new faces on the offensive side of the football for iron Rodgers to trying to acclimate himself to three wide receivers. Who were drafted in the ether or J. Crew Murrow in the mix there's a lot of youth at the wide receiver position and other than Ku Murrow. Rogers a couple days ago sounded a little bit frustrated with some of those young guys after practice session. Much for you guys as it is for that guy to let him know that I'm watching. You know I'm always watching. Whether I'm in the player now and the play we're going back to the room. You know I've so addicted tea roster player that he was in on he ran a certain route he was open on around I wasn't a quarterback we came back three practices later same calls same coverage same player him run in the round and he wasn't expecting ball. The president wants Eritrea is your size play reminding myself at the time to get that opportunity again we're to vote for Paul listen. When you're out there on common and come anyway I have confidence in him he's in the right spot all the time he makes contessa catches you cynicism right where he prices like April. So it's also reminder to those other guys to see what looks like. Seventeen SA looks like eighteen NASA looks like 81 that's what looks like eighty that's what looks like 8489. Those guys are cracks like pros that's faced economists in this league it's not you know some of the stuff we've been seeing cracks in his repeat mistakes. So do you have a problem at the way Aaron Rodgers is handling these young guys 4147991250. Can tweet us at 1057. Offend the fan that the I think the one issue anyone might take Gary is that he's doing. A lot of it into microphones in front of cameras and guys with pens and and pads of paper in front of their hand. As it is this stuff that should be addressed and he should be saying to them on the field and and keep them behind closed doors. Well via our exposure usually that. Urgency this and here's here's one thing. It's not like he's talk about our radio rights are so lucky would've too cool roads are they act. I soy three days ago and I saw you on their route that you really don't mean giving you gave applause and so what you talk here right. Beat you to answer yet. Yet that's exactly what you say it is thought he said he's solid Jake who broke open on a play three days earlier in practice and he wasn't quarterback. And whoever was Kaiser homily most likely didn't get him the ball he said look when I'm in there remember that and during it. Be ready to get the ball that situation is that it looks like you can get open. Now. If you have that same conversation of three receivers. They draft. I don't know I don't either. If he's not got to prop. It for years. Broker. So you're your your daily talk about calling guys out in the because we don't know what goes on behind closed doors. I'm assuming that air Rogers talked all these guys today Thorpe. I think. If it's listed are over the last 23 days. These are scenes could be Aaron Rodgers won't. Every team right now and that. Gary is everywhere every V you're a part of all of roar Jerry is talking about that you are bought property talk. Remark that drew a tart but every. If BA. A reason why he of course there are about by the NBA or Mickey or if you're gonna go all the Milwaukee Bucks. So he's talking about. He's seen all all coal. This year Japanese ever being a bar brawl are already top. And this was the original tirade from Aaron Rodgers couple days ago after. The well I'll just let him describe the effort that his his younger guys showed near the end of practice. Cummings numerous criticisms we've had its I don't know how you made in recent years. Clearly have more to play within our terminology on the cards. And it's the upper levels very low consumer kind of. As for his sport the energy level all level broke carded card assertions are. Reviewer concert that we were all we talk about out. So being that we're guarding the other team opera play they have they're not really are played with some of that stuff. Do you say but it kind of draw say. We had a scout team coach if he was the debut on each car they hold the big cards now got you say. This play this way he put it it's hypocritical right. The goal we or he wouldn't write me. An ego big play this way he put his they have left that he wrote after. Let's not Gaza or the right to left reverence army that was brought that was new to the I think about it. But we did get a couple guys are. We here but anyway. So he's talking up I don't know well that we have some but I think they. Maybe answer a lot coach you know what you think about Rogers advocates of Val report goes. These guys those rookies or are. They don't count. I have that right here this is passing game coordinator Jim Hoss tiller on on. Exactly what yours talking about him. The scout team what would happen you know that's the first time grant scout team so again the same thing first time he'd do something for young guys that never done before. Yeah Jake done before he's done this season that stuff so he understands the process. Any anti you know he understands the process obviously so. Geronimo understands that kind of process that does that history has never gonna scout team probably and if they were was piling their freshman. Way way back and it wasn't the same way when and Ross steps involved in the huddle with. But the scouts. So. That's a huge difference in our goals back to what to do how on this team news and how they got to give these guys caught. So what do I have a problem Roxio now. If you've got to give these guys. Up to speed he's got to give them devastated. Listen there's not hundreds or restarting your black head college. You gonna have a place scout team that you go to have to give a look at if our quarterback Aaron Rodgers our rob hardy corner mr. scout team. You better be or answer to a scout team. Applause they're gonna give up a little bit better chemistry there we'd all it would have at after the give the teachers are. Those guys. Do you think Aaron Rodgers sorry they're immune to step on either but no they do. Do you think Aaron Rodgers is handling young guys the right way for 147991250. Can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan Gary you should do you should drop cards on how to make sandwiches because that might sound like a simple thing but there's an art to sandwich making and Gary Ellison. Is an RT east. When it comes in Islamic. World war boo boo him due to what you really good. He's right now you have what you go from there mills to airport market don't want to get the guys. Cedar Knoll are the major turn of news all this week I thought I brought a little throwback 32 bit our colleague Gary Austin T. BP three. What does that stand for dinner whatever I have three of their affair of the big day watching golf this week I like to throw optional fax. With the Arab you're towards a preview beach Jesus wrecks like Puget LV what a hundred year history. I'll be golfing archer chip fair. Our have been eight players who want to break your arm their first struck both personally. He gave Bradley. Water in his debut back in 2000 that can ever again. A lot of all but I I do go that deep that Watson makes premier beats it teases for every character. To watch mixer beat achieved for recipes treated by the founder back in 1930 died a perfect will for generations. Would you tried to block for the first term it's hold on one with a book the perfect fool for watching the current. This has been and other Gary. BT. Like to keep your sports fairly fit this summer start by your local paper market account an effort to want to buy a day to Watson it's a fair. Do you think Aaron Rodgers handling these young guys write 4147991250. Tweet us at 1057 it and next FM the fan well in the rugged and yes you lower oil for two and our listeners. Who we love so dearly right after this on the Wendy. Whose lower scoring assists and we've had. And I beat me in recent years. Clearly have more to play movies and our terminology on the cards and the upper levels very low he said its fourth. So as Aaron Rodgers not pleased with his younger guys after practice a couple days ago we're asking you do you think Aaron Rodgers. Is handling his young guys the right way for 147991250. Or you can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan Gary doesn't take huge issue with that but also understands why. These guys running scout team for the first time. Maybe we're going full speed on on on their first drive how about you 414799. Topic do you can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan Sparky would say human. For an I like it. I a big fan of it and part of the reason I'm a big candidate is. These young guys kind of got to know what's expected of them in practice. For the regular season as well there has to be some type of bar sat. For how you're going to practice on a day to day basis now whose responsibility is to set that bar. I don't know Gary what can answer that better than I can but in this situation apparently air Rogers who decided he's can be the Wanda to set the bar if you guys have seen hard knocks and I've got a recording an album a lot of quarter off from the show already but. Drivers Landry chewed out his wide receiving corps. As fellow wide receivers did Saddam for not giving enough Africa so he's taking the bull by the horns in Cleveland's I'm gonna take control this remission just doesn't happen. Aaron Rodgers is doing the same thing in Green Bay from the quarterback position now should that be Dovonte Adams gauge said the Randall Cobbs gay Chevy to position coaches gave. Should that be filled n.'s job McCarthy's job I don't know I've knowing all I know it's a quarterback is the one that is in the media doing itself. If this gives them to do a better. And do their jobs that and a higher level than they would've done it without him talking. As long as there is some type of result out of him doing this. That's fine what we can not have happened is we cannot have the star quarterback in going to three young wide receivers and not for the football to them because he's not happy with how they practice. I don't see how that benefits anybody if you want a war with them in practice and tellem hey look that route frat row sloppy did you you've got to cut that off batter or whatever. Fine I've got no issue with that. But we did in game situations and you're out there and if they're open near him and but I really like other practice salmon a partial the more I'm thrown at double coverage of Randall Cobb or something stupid. Then I'm gonna get irritated nominee get Matt. That's how the stuff. I don't want to seek and I don't know if we will see it or not I'm not so you're saying Rogers will do that. But there's a talent a place to send a message and once you're in the game some guys open on a Q what the rob looks like told the gamble and let's move on we're outta my practice and what are we in game situations. Throws the open guy regardless of what the rob looks like. That's how I'd go about it now. Tactic today Gary whose responsibility is it that is to make sure that the receivers or any position is practicing at a high level. Plot and doing their work per site is at the position coaches that another player at that position is that the quarterback won its offense or how does battle shaping up. All the oboe. It's all the books to the premier guards are talkers communication at crucial first a lot of different. User position. First look of fear could be devote our rental car. Probably it's not allowed troops would be your quarterback Aaron Rodgers. But when you got a quarterback like Aaron Rodgers in the way he carries these well could be the first round. Probably got you know probably waive your background is but McCartney those being urged him to handle. It was pitching coach. Or with players. On that our veterans. Or or if you have a hall of great quarterback. There are Rodgers so you you've got to our priority of guys acting can argue that you know. This is not so what is that helped it would if you just say Rogers goes offered the position Costar Group. To partly out of doesn't you know that to happen. One they backer bar they've backed Iran is yes this is our goals titles beat his which people's beat. On that good as long as you know he essence for which he showed why as the star quarterback I just wonder. What is you're never out do your. Departure atoms. Earlier on history. Yeah also balls used was that route runner outs on James Jones insider in. Most thought he was going to be cut two years ago yet. Well that's what these guys. Really brought. Department I don't lucky because he. Paris among the guys. That was really establish an already good. Before he got here while he was here. These guys got to play. One of these guys have to have an important role is offerings this year what do one of the rookies you're talking about yes. You won albums gonna be I mean one off the fourth receiver at work yes one of those guys. Is talking to catch a buck thirty balls this year what. That's true I mean they're gonna somebody's gonna play a significant role. Is very critical role our auto. It seems like who grows the leader right now off if you listen to the buzz coming out of camp could grow seems to be the guy that that. Rogers Rogers likes Brian good returns to has taken a liking to. We bottle to his name yet that's does it welcome what does any local guy but bull 12 on this on this tomorrow OK okay. I haven't you love best I have it's clear to break down I haven't seen hockey play. Gary has LeRoy has Rami has right is he as talented as three guys they draft bill but he does the fundamentals better. Records. He's already but it is a brawl. These are appropriately. He understand the gain correct he knows where to be EU is with the angles was inning. Yeah yeah sort of work for gifts so again if you or the early does your raw power correct. So if you're a Green Bay Packers then won it comes time to cut down the roster and talk about who's going on a practice squad and who isn't. Are you going to risk letting one or two of those three guys. Get through to the practice squad. I cut down day and risk them go somewhere else habitats are becoming big play threats for somebody else of course sent them to get what your door is sure to go for the safe play have a guy you know what he is. You understand he's you do what's right. Verse says trying to smooth out the rough edges as a seizing goes out with guys that have mortals tonight. That's that really is going to be the question for the Packers front office and coaching staff. Right did you have any issue with Rogers dressing down has young guys in the media some. I tell Obama your members viewed him I said that that thing is. What is how he's got debris everywhere I go to the room relieved on that yeah I didn't react. To keep your movement. I. Devin Harris County thousand fish did they ask me a second route big well it may look at these cars so get up at the tired. And is this they have right left corner outplayed who have received a subway just went to a sack Marley. Just went. Pear wrote. You own a row sat. If you gave look at these day and always on it's a word. M and go hang on Miami Dade dad gonna you can't these dangle guys did all they. Talk about. Left and right. Well on Oprah gold at instilled in regards to know how. And I know dale tell you. This but you know. And the paper poll what do dressed down 08. Of the app is in himself. But I got. I got it you know send up to volley give off is a good look. I wasn't about right at the line outweigh the quarterback knows that our new guy on the corner to note whatever. I got into hubris and I take it personal that care. And as I handled it like a man. And he has to let these guys know if you can only bacterium and ask him about. The shark advisory. Each choose chemistry. I always said he kept one from ours is right certificate yeah yeah yeah. And they sound. Good I mean it. Thank you so I can't that he cares. Applaud him for that we denounced him and or do. Cares I want to win all of our. Exactly. The only issue I've I might take with it is. An I brought this up at the start. There is there's if he didn't address this with them personally face the base before he ran to the microphone and sudden. There's two ways that a kid could go. One. Year fresh out of college 1202122. Years old Aaron Rodgers speaks dammit you listened. No matter if he set into a microphone he said at your base Aaron Rodgers speaks you listen he's a legend you're just start and earn your stripes. The other way that a guy can handle it. And I think this is all based on under personality. A guy might look at him and go man you're just. You're just standing right here before you went and walked over those microphones you weren't just standing right here menu does say a word to my face near you Ryan. Had a lot of meat to the media. I think that's that's how some guys might see that if he didn't address this with those guys on the field first I think if you're gonna. If you're gonna lead and and I don't mind guys criticizing their teammates or or. I'm mark enjoyed touch and has got you'll combat. And he did that I mean it's. And I don't think that's a good thing to do but at least he did that to the guy either run to the media and tell somebody you know what I mean. The bill was bad and pregnant due in Durham out there is Rami was terrible I don't know like a minute practice Kobe Bryant my. You if you speak. If Buffett yeah I killed what did coach say you pass me his ball about Kobe. And Shaq. And they got don't coats did not get the Kobe right go to this guy how well he wanted is the you do not tell you'd. Say okay argued in a fitting you so that. And that's why some muzzle political that. Oh I mean so you wall. You don't admit the greatest you busted the game and I'm OK and you Rhode Island and the brunt of the play with a broad true. Don't pass the ball bars and get you more at all and Colby Berle yeah that being there recipients. We don't have a guy who Rogers Kermit the two. That wasn't tidy and they went back there. It is too much and then they'll just right. But. But it is today it is that day they knew how. Who are a Joker to market. To be worked out in north out of work to a vertical market Rogers Hubert. Run to finish your point. I had made it do just that if you if he didn't say that to these guys' faces and then went descended into microphones and somehow I say about it rub some does the wrong way you could hear it. That's I don't have hours. That it works right into questions about your Buckman you've got a Cadillac you know like the that you had urged. Jokes are and a there was a Florida that's around. No other sums there's some attitude I think with the Kabul these guys. It and that's the war but for the most part they're gonna shut up dramatist saints then once they're on the semen and make their stamp. Then you may see a little more of them talk again next couple of years not. I don't think you. I don't even think the biggest soccer and three and m.'s gonna say much until they know what they're on this roster not practice squad is one thing you do not wanna do. Is cross Rogers and then be ignored. Not not saying one of these guys is gonna step to Rodgers and say something on the same. If you're if if the point of leading and coaches is to get the best out of the guys that are leading yeah and you've already rubbed them the wrong way by calling them out to the media before you dated through their face and that's not maybe the best way of lead char. Yeah I'm I'm down zoning district. But geared to me as Rogers is a catch 22. Could be does this say something is complete I don't get the men dropped in another. I mean. We're hearing that the guys are not lineup and there's not sing Wednesday. I want that out I always thought that it was out outward care. This is to. Get come on. I mean it it. Got replaced four. Park home. If they're resting your that I don't want that's. A coroner right all of this comes out with Roger saying what he says and a Martellus Bennett on a he saw what he said. Not talking about Tom Brady now has it was in a podcast. That he did win if I had a feeling maybe or something. I'm talking about Tom braver Aaron Rodgers and plan would both and he said Roger is clearly has the stronger arm than Tom. He said but it's a lot easier to play with Tom Brady. Go on for no because of all the communication that goes into and how he's constantly talking his receivers as far as. Ward they want the ball was more stumble for them hundred AC wanted to run. Are certain route to get certain covered first is how he sees it and going back and forth. And maybe you don't necessarily get out there Rodgers it's kind of Aaron Rodgers way or the highway type deal. Which is fine they're two totally different styles but. My point bringing us up is you hear about the cast communication between Brady his receiving corps is the constant communication. That we don't know about we don't see happening between Rogers and those three young wide receivers. And you tell where there was me. In hours Aaron Rodgers as soon as we drafted those three young wide receivers I'm making it my duty. To make sure I am console in communication in those three I might have been invited them all out to California. To come work with me for a few days before we go to training cancel were all on the same. Same wave like meg sure they run the routes that they want everything else I know what rob is gonna say design a running very well oh how ball they reach out to Aron. Now this isn't about lunch at Wendy's. With try to its. Clients and often o'clock. He doesn't care. I what it's warm Florida and our Niagara. Different Andre after it robbed me of Steve platform alone what nuggets are small INS world it's a point now Alford doesn't I don't. Does it and I'm sure enough of them dish from favorites like the double stack junior bacon cheeseburger ice chicken go wrap. And many more available participating Wendy's for a limited time don't forget to download. The Wendy's at. You can get a date is double what I have a bottom had a juicy be a lot with small Fries and a drink for just five dollars but young must Dow global when he's got to get it. It's the real deal a whole lot of delicious ladies were for just five dollars download the app to. What a quick break on the other side speaking of quarterbacks handling things writer may be not so much. It's even now I want to watch I'm sorry god and the like I say you're gonna get it you know shocked electrically they'll break I tried so go ahead or very little direct but I didn't mean it is yup. Immoral but your about double dip ordinance aren't against anybody besides hockey picking up the rhythm that's the natural break yeah I stopped talking and done. I've pollen now. I apologize Jesus that was that was my bat will hit a quick break away on the other side's beacon of quarterbacks handling things well or maybe not so much ten years ago the divorced. Between Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers was made official they have regrets do you it's the Wendy's big shuttle be back right after. Ryan Mack globs along with Steve Sparky by virtue former Packers scary Ellison LeRoy Butler keeping me company. Bumpers Padres do battle out at Miller Park fort two brewers right now. Bottom of the eighth inning two outs Tim Allen bill maybe Josh meant. Who I think is dancing on the other side of us tonight that we share what that is. While the case. To music the music does ring side of the great Kia started up caregiver is doing these stirred up there apparently disturbance himself up cooking it up Jennifer my foot off and it took semester for a whole court to court. It's good to ballad bill baby just rid of the blades part of fleet baseball post game show coming up. As soon as that game is over right now we wanna note ten years ago Brett Favre was traded. What do you regret as a fan for 147991250. Or you can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan. And today at jazz are mine made a pretty thorough breakdown of the whole divorce between Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers I think there were. There were two. Two mistakes made Arab well more than two mistakes one major mistake made by either side in this old divorced one. They had to know that it was gonna be insulting to Brett Favre. Apparently they didn't but they should have no matter what that it was gonna be insulting to Brett Favre to essentially try and and buy him off with that twenty million dollar marketing deal. That they offered to him that's I think that's a slap in the face to. To a guy who's the ultimate competitor like here just take this forty million dollars and go away so I. I don't I don't know how they thought that was gonna go over well. I'm I'm favre's part the whole thing about flying in during family night after they already told via. That they are ready to move by an and they did watch your back and then going up and saying in the in the owner's box to to watch that portion of family night that was. That was a look at meat type of move and I I think Brett Favre would tell you that he he may be regrets that in an honest moment today but that's. That's what they regret and that whole process what are you were as a fan regret because things. Got ugly people turned on the Packers people turned on Brett Favre. People were booing Aaron Rodgers. You all had a number four jets jerseys and number four vikings Jersey is issue Brent spent ten years later here we are everybody's one big happy family again he's inducted into camp and he has nothing but nice things to say about the organization about Aaron Rodgers. And everything is lobby Dhabi and happy and happy time now with. The the Packers and Brett Favre. And Packers fans weather that was not the case then and fans certainly help we hear I'm on the fan participated to some of that ugliness or with our without it. With our car that we used as people to go and beat up with a sledgehammer take to get packet Brett Favre for what he did to Packers fans so what do you. As affair and regret about that whole thing 414799450. Or tweet us at 1057 FM the fan and. Talking about the Favre acute that we had amenities but I really aren't you yes I don't regret that I don't hide or heard anything that I said a lot of IR. Yeah. I I don't outrigger and any of that stuff I thought. We were pretty much on top of the whole way a lot of people work angry Gary and I. I know that for sure because we were anti Brett and pro Packers and there'll ocular over. Anti Ted and Mike you want them all fired in and wanna Brett Favre stay Italy was eighty. In their a lot of people that didn't necessarily believe in Aaron Rodgers thought he was gonna suck and they're making huge mistake about Knoblauch. I I guess I'm sorry I mean Greta Van Susteren crap. What Fox News that he pulled. The whole thing like Ronnie said about training camp and everything else hadn't people mowed down or trying to talk to home and the what is all that crap you pull the Mike is when he was with the vikings I just. For immediate there is absolutely no regret whatsoever on any thing they're probably should be heard Greta some your fans and on some of the fans standpoint fell. And those of you got booed and yelled at Aaron Rodgers and training camp. It wasn't his fault he had nothing to do with any event I don't like him that's stupid so there should probably be some regret their format. That's on the fan base in I would think by this point those of you that work. Are anti Mike intent does one realize the error of your ways now and realize that they made the right decision made the right move and doing what they did. I'm moving out Aaron Rodgers I would think the full muscle blow up with people apologizing. For doing the Packers wrong ten years ago all the way they did because Scott Knowles who were more muted the Packers Ron actually supported the Green Bay Packers in that time for. I'm done. So you have no regrets at all you have considered that at all probably just that you are overused and I think it's just a safe place for me going you don't have to do that every time discuss and don't you don't have a time I'm gonna tell you that term I'm done I could get sure. Like I'll a little hammer. I think it is or is engaging being done doctor Bruce I and that way we now were all sanitation always a talk over each other. So they're gone done so that's like Gary ever guide your turn to diets like he's never talked over somebody just got to make sure he says and does he doesn't do Tia git go ahead Gary talk about. You're a mile tracks already Hyundai west L Sunday Greenfield and then tell me when you're done side and I don't. I got under way after all these days green promote different aren't they worked balanced right now do it. Bridge. You shall. Creating new building strictly due. Ask her to move cars were ready to CO cars. Great great pressure that it found it better or law price instead it was caught. They edit international auto hunting right now in west Dallas on Hollywood. Aren't air policy America read. Dave Richards he's gonna make sure you give the malls possible deal or EV do or used vehicle all of these children or old slot. Ghostly today the temperatures are done. What do you regret. As a brand from the whole Brett Favre Green Bay Packers divorce 41479950. Treatise at 1057 FM the fan now I'm done without a break in the Wendy's big. It's our dinner former Packers LeRoy Butler Gary Alison he is live from WNFL studios. In Green Bay the Packers take on the titans to open the preceding tonight in bill Michael's. We'll have the greeting goal post game show us there is that game is over as soon as the brewers and Padres game is over. Tim Allen and bill baby Tosh red standing by for the blades farm fleet baseball post game show presented by admirals hockey for two brewers right now top of the ninth inning. A man on first nobody out Corey can able trying to close things out right now are you glad around what do you as a fan regret from the Aaron Rodgers Brett Favre not Aaron Rodgers Brett Favre Green Bay Packers divorced 414. 799125. Year you can tweet us at 1057. FM the transport is has nothing he has no regrets. He has no apologies to do about Eddie wood how about you LaMont on the northwest side you're on the Wendy's big show it's up Lamotte. What well you I have absolutely not. To regret. I'm actually glad it was over. I think Brett Favre hijacked organization for quite some time this will retire on all of this and come back. I would tactical combat acting guy you would in Iraq Justin behind him. Maybe it's you know the first year second year who knows and rod as I would add to a three championships as one. Nothing nominee we know that their content. Brett Favre you know it could be that the Davis Cup become the quality. Not fade away from grade one of the great thought our quarterback ever play again. The audio of extra stuff. The gateway. Both their. Attention. We appreciate because there's now two on nobody out to watch another nobody or grits enough to insult our. LeRoy. Is it too long I mean he's walked to pursue that I mean yeah not not the. Here's the thing when you play for our organization and you play with a guy. You don't listen to have to had an allegiance. Is the brands to brands and that is bigger than the brand. Here's where. Lewis shot dead fans on this. As for reading my slippery. I didn't Nazis. I did not are telling. Being Geary went to a soaring and I'm telling guys aghast and in line for hours. Just so I can see is purple for years. And I know they say I ignored him who know did not. Three hours. Rodney Leisle so long legacy. This. Ain't about them go well he won't be there. Batman so you don't really bad odd man. And the police in labor and it was to see. This is it's. Well. This is not heard of Twitter like there's a weighted is much easier way to troll people now it is huge block from where I don't play them to do that I'm only positive. The only negative wanna muscle to be yourself Polaroid picture of your per orders humidity lockyer than the U doubters over you need to win mine for three hours. And that's lasted. They we've hit on you low in this guy. Was a Pakistan. Allegedly. And I've I've I've never thought it was like this is not embarrassed. A budget gap is like come home in. Just. Work it out. But when they got into the jets a circuit maybe it's over. But when he would whom. Madonna's name. I love Madonna or allow. Or my favorite as he does in all of elders you does a lot of her lower back you your money air big I love them almost motivated gouging it. Oh. In this gap. We'd have print on. Arm out publicly that he's the Q I'm not that there's got that Brett Favre. Is don't possibly. When he's got the silver bullet. Did your. Eyes and show the viewers here guy. Now that bears here's a couple of greens out redone and redone buyouts and you know what I'm out and here's couple tweets that have come and it tries says dance. Absolutely nothing my loyalty and the border crossed the line and it's bring on the nice guy twelve greater than four. He went the next guy Conn huh same way. Geno the boy tweets I regret not smacking some of these far fans booing Rodgers. Even two of these today even to this day these far morons who can't admit he held this franchise hostage for years with I don't know filed retire. Glad he's gone any biking Jersey in the hall of fame he could stop that. They Garrett isn't that Gary it's good that people today hates. There with far right. There okay. Has.