Rongey: Cardinals have enough to make Wild Card

Brewers Coverage
Friday, August 17th
Chris Rongey from 101 ESPN Radio in St. Louis gives us the low-down on the red-hot Cardinals.

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Let's go to saint Luke shall we in a talker but he Chris Rongey from what I want ESPN radio in Saint Louis. So Chris first off let nature take it's that time and joining us this is a hard charging cardinals team right now what is ignited this team. Well I think it might be a convergence of a bunch of things bill I think it's first orbit at a lot of roster turnover I think it's all marine. Out here and actually it's like 44% of the Tina popping around that. It's different sort talk about close to half the team that different a lot of that in the bullpen. They electoral Greg Holland because he would not working out their clothes are you supposed to be their closer for the beginning of the season. That did not work out as you may well though they hired a new manager Mike Schultz. And they made a couple coaching staff changes market basket is the hitting coach it just seemed like all of these things. And launch it kinda help and I'm not somebody who usually loses my mind about. Major League coaching it and managers collecting the players tribal almost every. In Arctic sometimes we make too much of what managers and coaches are big league level let. Sometimes I think it does help and it does seem like all these things at one time and it started to help. It also met carpenter has been a really good he's been good about the B middle name now. But spent an exceptional. In about the last while. Looking at the coaching changes we saw this in Cincinnati they got an immediate bump that fire Bryan Price next thing you know the turn to win ball games. Do you expect this to continue is this I guess my question is does this team talent wise at the capability to continue this. Or is this one of those hey there's different eyes looking at us now different opinions different energy in the clubhouse maybe in that began it begins to Wear off after time. I think we have enough to win the wildcard or won the wild card spot I think that totally doable because if you look at the rest of intentional leak. Pretty much preteen that your your. Worried about. Has a significant. Flaw or to work three. So it's not like you're in there and that includes. The Dodgers and certainly the nationals they just awful so I don't think they're going anywhere this year even though that team is stacked. Pretty much every team in the National League that they're dealing with in terms the wildcard is. It has got some issues so I think in Everett. I don't know how long it the managerial change how much of that is affecting everything because. I eager right a lot of times apple with a team like you mentioned the red. The bulk because there's this discomfort in the club house ovals like oak actually got a manager fired. I think feel different now we need to start climbing better. And I think it's kind of what happens sometimes but usually wears off here I know about this guy. Mike Schultz is very well lights. The clubhouse seems to be. More com. Comparable but it could be calm and I'm not so sure that under like the need there was a lot of static because a lot of players to may not necessarily liked going to work every day. But I eighty I do think that this guy communicate very well the purple anybody who's ever set about it in the east. Very good. Talking to individuals he's very good at listening. And I think that it kind of important in baseball nowadays I think you need to be able to do that some temperature. And he does seem to make everybody puke comparable. People in the club house. They seem to have is back. Soul I think that matters I think that is helping whatever is going on. If apple alone are not to get into wild card spot no I think the team that. Is good about to be able to get our despray I don't know what kind of noise they would make if they actually make a play hospital. Com looking at it it this race and I'm gonna ask you kind of give me the helicopter view. The cubs we know our very talented team the brewers have had a little bit of clocks going on but when they pick a -- he picked up yell it's. Obviously they've made some movement in the stock company. And they seem to be all and if you're gonna start to really hedge your bets on this race do you still stick with the team that's been there done and the Chicago Cubs. Or you look at the brewers as a genuine can compare because are you having obviously a lot of affiliation Chicago. You look at the cubs is a team to beater do you think the brewers have taken a little bit of a downturn but offensively speaking they've got enough firepower to be able to go up proper pound against the cubs. I think the brewers couldn't but I still do think the culture of the thirteen probably in the National League in the end. The recent Ford is their offensive legitimate and eat without Chris Bryant. Being available to remedy order book available not quite as good typical Chris Bryant. They are very good offense they're very at all but there are excellent defense and and I think because those two things. Are strong and really got an issue with their starting pitching double eagle one thing that you don't want door opening victory Milwaukee is that they got becomes. Perfect add some pitching issues and the unless Jon Lester totally figured things out look at yesterday. But it looks totally figures things out and pulled making cada. And it doesn't figure things out there and had some issues critical to guys do they're gonna be all right I'm not exactly. Salt on Cole Hamels. Though I guess it's possible change of scenery is going to help them out. In the long term. I still think their team in news is probably the best they are certainly flawed and so because of yeah I think there's there's. Pretty good chance for Milwaukee but being greener it have been done I think it might be difficult to make that up. Obviously. They would have to believe that you encountered sixteens. Where would each other that right yeah yeah. OK so I mean in those games here at daycare there's scared and that's around during those so I think a lot of it will depend on how those. Six games go the certainly there's a chance from Milwaukee at capitals beat the colts are still oppressed people. I wanted to ask you also about the atmosphere right now in Saint Louis expectations are always high you know what it's like if the FC north I mean. As Packers fans always expected championships so to a cardinals fans they always expected championship is this a playoff atmosphere but it is an eco. Oh. I. Expect it back to 500 not to go from there but it is this a playoff atmosphere at Saint Louis this weekend. I'll yeah I I think so I I think there will be well here's the problem. A lot of last year because they missed out on the playoffs. The cure for so and it sounded like sixteen. They miss out again last year and order very good team last year. Are on and the the way this season started there's an eight in in terms of Saint Louis interest a lot of apathy now. Having worked with the White Sox I know the difference between whites are apathy and cartwheels at the and the difference is about 45000 people so. Even when people here are not necessarily on board with the team they still kinda show often and they're still quite a few people will go to the ballpark. Are sort of you have seen this year a lot of no shows and a lot of tickets are sold they've they've so politics it sold more I think that anybody but the Dodgers hand. Order safety yankees. I'm so they do very well in that area but there has been kind of a lot of you know I don't I don't know are really like gold on the ball. However in the last month. Because they haven't played a lousy baseball. Because they've got some of that a lot of young talent the team including a fierce debater who's there or center fielder. He really good plays that position really well. He does that a lot like thinkers. There's a little bit more energy around the clock the last few weeks and it was the beginning. The beginning of the season there was a total apathy down here of course separately was seen. But there are a lot they're not going anywhere so I'm not as excited about it would be normally but I think things have started to change and about the last four. Good stuff as always Chris that's really dug deep and I certainly appreciate your time thanks right now listen if anything it's going to be exciting with its three team race going on right now. Now want to let the world doubt you're worried about meaningful baseball in September and the way things look back in June it and you know it go that way so. What's we'll get it done man. It's out ratio fell to yourself. Artillery they go Chris Rongey joining us on the chatter or college that are hiring drivers right now you work harder to reach their eighty plus years that we can get that call. 844 prior to go to Schneider jobs dotcom and it's 840 or pride or go to Snyder jobs dot com.