Roy Henning joins The Final Inspection Show

Final Inspection
Saturday, November 11th
Roy Henning from Great Lakes Dragaway joins The Final Inspection Show

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And join in us the great midwest bank outline. It is Rory and dean from greatly stray loyal welcome news show right. Thank you very much people are you doing. Pretty good against the against the most important question we have is. Because MB open up the world still this year. We are going to attempt to open one more day tomorrow depending on how the letters jurors. All these people are asking. You know those up honestly I was sort of combo we have enough. Not interested in people calling and emailing and texting and Lena last year there or not it's warm not welcome honorees are Carla more art. Yeah acts acts on Kazaa there's a there's a little bit a low or warm and up here looks like mid week Denton next week but I don't think that's an extend in the next week and so in may be our. He had this time of the year were only two on Friday night Saturday and Sunday be. You know our religious start you start your what like 2 o'clock in the afternoon seems alien yeah. Well. So were CO2 weekends and you know it's just he had an important that the war between the Merrill leak. That's a potato we had one of our one of our best years ever. And now we only had about when he ran out period as compared to like 68 last year so I'll. Yeah that was very nice. Excellent yeah I know that course so we appreciate you have an assault for the agreement packer reunion out there. And the only two it's so much fun seem on the old cars off their one not during the holidays and during the labor rim. Memorial Day weekends. What other hi spot through or altered. After this hour. Well the the the straight week a straight week was it and monstrous success. I think we get somewhere between six and 7000 people there on. You know at 10 o'clock and 1 day after Wednesday morning which is just unbelievable. To either turn out for that. And you know he'll brother spent some carmakers streaker brawl are pretty good. Mark cot Tibet which can hit the streets. We had to go to order you know troop our biggest ones ever Avalon at Memorial Day Labor Day get a little bit of rain on labor to respect herta. I'm unfortunately. But other than that though and you know art during the week. You know attendance is up a lot. How we've push you really are due to bring their own cars. Bring your own bikes that are you know on motorcycles and things like that we are spirit sponsor. You know them are right now it's important to working with them again next year. People really seem to you know enjoy bringing their bikes start up our motors electric Kool. Excellent and then of course next year. 2018 now they can get season passes campaign. Yet he gets he's in that sorry for dale irony on the web site. Don't think we raised prices and right now might debt and are working on. Some perks for the speed and pass holders. More notch area whether that's going to be possibly maybe. You know an appearance by you know all big name professional drag racer that can be available because he's in pass holders. Are we might be doing like gay a pre or post at least decent party just for this season older next year. Or bounce around a few ideas that this winter tour see what we give them in addition. You ought to the good deal that rarity you just buying season pass so it anybody out there think about doing it. This year that we in the year to duke pursche. Are of course easiest way to do that is going to greatly straight away dot com. Four you that your Great Lakes these stories you collar and. You had a great record great economic. Were like liberal arts teacher list there and hat and you know all of our memorabilia and it over the which Parker. You know offer the Christmas teas and pastries and people can you know buy stuff and give it to their favorite span. We've all got some good news here Leah yeah I just got to buy a jar and little. Right here in yards and triangular sponsored. Can you possibly air. And at least loosely so Johnson bill ought to do is now. And other product around the racetrack but also we got the Johnson bill is on our Earl. Interest sale arteries or you can body can make you. I honestly is. As good or better than making it on a rail and you can do it. All throughout the winner figured George Foreman girl. Little. A little you know places but the sausages. You just press the botany wait until or capture it danger it dawned. And you join the walk outside but pretty cool. Sort of on a work on the on the left side as well have more things available to our customer and. It in the small world department amending. Hammond Indiana last week and in my body has a 65 Volkswagen Beetle to rate trickster rate care. Just so happy goes you know I was in Milwaukee and had to pick up. The transmission for. And I go not muffle go Eagles I did you know with a net app. In my buddy has is up by you getting in a departure is you just picked up this votes this beetle dragster. Yeah yeah we get the transmissions form and in your seven or outcomes which nobody acts are brought you'll like not restore Raleigh actually Orleans. As he locked up the doors and artisans local promoter I'll be back with that and. That's all they get the humor you up yeah. The cannon guys I like to be great to work with and yeah you know it's it's it's are being able to you know that's great you're on a regular basis bill looks like motors and Italian night through the racetrack it's a lot of guys know the racetrack that he didn't restrict well so a lot of trust promotion you can focus on really straggler. Right in evokes way in the vented side is really really picked up and not at an all in the past year as event and a lot of those in against or whatnot and and though the old the old bosses. Was at 21 window boss is a man I mean how how big is they've gotten for you guys. Well that was really because of some of those a lot of show our you know like eighty slippery and lots of things like that what they're reviewing cars they eventually make it either mostly beatle closely blots. Closely and saying. And so we've built a few motors for a vote shows. And also just renew people's interest has basically. You can't talk you know go up to three people that are over the age of 3040. And at least one yards and a couple swear. Look at why and or created a meter who want you to roll around in mourning her keen and won his and so. It's still a pretty inexpensive. You know all our car had to get back into you know in the grand scheme. Classic cars. Besides those 21 window boxes that are known her honor thousand dollars but other match. You on a regular on cart driver around it's still pretty inexpensive and you or build motors. You know restore the only one that may get an owner has the United States or trying to a you know keep manufacturing in the US and Brazil Mexico and stuff like that. Well with all the thousands of cars that you seem to air off down your tricked this season. What was the craziest car or the most unexpected car that you saw this year. There's so many gipper won a couple of them. And I mean I look at our laws because it was a guy it. They came up from Louisville. And he would be in nova. Other tracks and he's got an experimental car. The you know history is designing basically. And use it all these different tracks turn turning it is time now. And raise the an opportunity came accurately straight weeks ago. Attitude among. Our line. And he ran his best quarter mile time. Any racetrack accurately. And so the guy like it city's building your own cars. Something that look like anything now guys write about next year. Or event like. But he indoor track you know rent a contract for an afternoon made three you know in Baghdad today. That app and any tract that was yesterday. So it out pretty cool aid and hot rod Drake week. There was a lot of you know there's me you've got guys right now. In a way in east Asian way. You director and cargo trucks. And never even remotely in beetle that made about a mile track every single tracks. And get a run and eleventh lull in you know recorder now in all Beatles that was driving on street trailer. Embarrassing thing I ran a low for a team with my work whereas met him on 1990s though now at the of another and at the another character or make another piano so. You might buy W beetle. Are at it and I'll I'll slimmed down the so I guess bit and it till. Jeff and I both saw Le Roy we certainly appreciated and now best select for the Tway eighteen season to. Yet they keep very much looking looking forward to next year's always. Next year Odyssey is the Harley hundredth fifteenth reunion. And so we are hopefully to be involved. You know with some Harley-Davidson. And some a lot of smaller circle next summer. That could be going on Labor Day weekend but the bill look going to be all summer so we'll have our our standard event and there are going to be adding some new and interesting things so. Watch her website what are FaceBook page and lit into the fan. All right sounds good sounds like a lot of fun or Roy any non trying to us an agreement was being how money should check out the way of saying greatly straight away dot com and we certainly appreciate. The third. Their support of the show. And now greatly. Our veteran. Great midwest bank is very committed to personalize common sense lending since 1935. When you're in the market to buy build or renovate or refinance for the great midwest bank to act now to discover the benefits of simply local banking.