Ryan Fannon: Divincenzo is a star in the making

The Wendy's Big Show
Friday, June 22nd
The voice of Villanova Basketball play by play announcer Ryan Fannon joins The Wendy's BIG Show to give an inside scoop on Bucks first round draft choice Donte Divincenzo. 

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The voice of Villanova basketball play by play announcer. Ryan fan and joining us here on the Wendy's big showed what you know there is another great midwest bank outlined Ryan how are you this afternoon there. Great to be all what you guys just got back from New York to adopt would monopoly or 24 hours what are non lethal 24 MarketWatch. While chat now what is it. Couple title that not while key pitch and so you guys got an unbelievable job as a great star in the baking in the I don't question about. Yet that that's that's an outstanding run that that they've had over there at Villanova congratulations to you and everybody. Involved. It's clear something up for folks around here I tried to cleared up to open the show but. You can do a much better job of it and I can being in the position at. That sure and there's this misconception. Amongst some bucks fans who are happy with that with the pick. That even Chen's though is a one game wonder that he made him seem made a name for himself with a thirty point performance. In the finals last year and didn't really do anything other than that folks saying he would have been drafted until the second round. If he didn't do what he did it. On that stage clear that misconception up for folks that he did a lot more than that in his time at Villanova. Yeah absolutely did secure the guys that are. The thing is Jay Wright's program that its cannot state and not is the play your development which in. The time they get dirtier so much about recruiting rank I'll have to play your development within don't know book is absolutely off the charts. Watching dot K Egypt he came in it hat that looked. Is freshman year he had the foot injury had a Richard it's. Always hot at the O. And the heights in the athletic center I remember seeing early on a ticket it's just a matter time before it's competence closing its gains blossoms. That he's gonna be at BA player on the road you could see from we first came to go all out at the Delaware player of the year. But this year on the best team in the country that went 36 and four in orders six turn amid gains right averages seventeen point seven points per game. It's a good diet that Al urged over thirteen point two gay Ford tapped rebounds. Shot 48%. Almost almost from the field in close to 40% from three key was. Very very huge part. All of the great scheme that bill early history one of the best. Teams we had a college basketball Italy in the last two decades so he is absolutely not a war game one the. It yourself odds are that he plays with some swagger how is he off the court how is he with teammates housing in the locker room. He didn't yeah the cool custom I travel with it and she is just incredibly respectful. So well like. Yes you know signing autographs he's great with kids. Whose parents are great people. I mean he is just there's this thing now all eight doubt I travel with the oval and it starts with Jay Wright talked this gig right just. Culture and the kind of respect you got to hop the beat Villanova player. And you recruit great kids from great. They're so that com and then they keep tutelage under. Even though the sock or be sure mr. Richards all so he set three years in college I think. The whole walk to needy he's got a lot shocked me and he's a class hour every way shape. Let's talk about him on the defensive side of the floor walking Bucs fans look for on that side of the floor. He's an able defender that locked it after it lost Jake he charges. You know he's combo guard that has an underrated it or beat people talk about it is shooting guard in. All the hype about the Michigan game but he's a combo guard he can handle it very well. He could play point it did for us a lot of times. We brought in needed a rest during his time. You know in the come by yet at least 34 happy skinny vertical leap from the siege at trump that this. Lee perks and he's the guy that. Eagle at Villanova Jay is the guy's incredible offensive freedom but if you don't slight heart you don't play dough oh so. The difference of whole mindset is spared a huge way and Indian BA we almost don't play defense so. Al playoffs anyway but this is the guy that actionable comet in wanna play. And that's edited it goes along well with this duty in general and I think why the bus truly liked him and why I'm excited Foreman this is why one of the bucks pick myself. And that is kind knowing your role and fulfilling that role that ass if you buy their head coach clearly that's what happened at Villanova. And Milwaukee he may start but more than likely he'll probably come off the bench at least in year wind and being able to accept that role and then do these are the best of your abilities without causing a problem. He played forty games off forty atrial about this track you can vote for pensions thirty those forty gates you break the sixth man role. You'd break the team concept. He was the sixth man of the year in the big east he was outstanding player of the final four. You know there's a lot of talk about the 31 points get pitched yet fifteen point six readout until almost brought a campus in the semifinal. He's he's the guy that I think I'm just. We all our traffic I'm so excited about what. He mentioned those upside could be a star in the NB ATV is really. Tell us something about Dante di Vincenzo at that we might not know. Our political accurate swagger yeah he. He'll be he'll be it died that I think that you won't find that all. Will end up being someone that will. I'm album unlocked and it west opt for the market that matters a bit out there a lot as. In you has this friend who is it. Did that quite a bit wet guilty in a way I just think he's a guy that. Off the court on the court in the community he the guy that could end up being just. Just get so much better every year accurately see him and get the time in. And in fact that you know duke coach wants to run out there walked so good. In open court I'm just can't wait to watch. That's why I can describe his. So well rail and I'd bet. The whole community's gonna walk out there every appreciate it up just thrilled for adoption you know they all major time ago when they're ready to draft few. Well you know why. He show not only by his performance late the year that showed all year and wait performed in the car buying and the way he crashed. NBA executives at all most personal meeting there was no doubt on my goal at 1641. Range. Column going into the last night in later right there in the box obviously were not for optical Jeter's sixteen became righted their lap seventeen then they got got that. Clearly that they walk in and out worked through it they'll vote for him. You guys should be thrilled to get a great young man that can really play action and we are only a couple back in the traffic it to change. But it only truly love basketball. It's spent like well you know a lot of good about it and I I'd I'd I'm gonna try to work hard hit dye lot. We want to get that GME. Execute work out guy. In terms of that intangible that reaching more out. But I truly truly loves the game you're that you are. Talking with Ryan fan and play by play announcer for Villanova basketball here. On the Wendy's big show before we let you go there was another guy from those Villanova Wildcats. But I want to ask you about that's Jalen Bronson as a kid. Who won two national championships there won the championship that is high school high school that I grew up just down the street from so. I'm a big supporter of Jalen Brunson and and I sort of followed him through. Reading the Chicago Tribune and just lot of friends and family that I have in the area who watched him in person. And I understand how a kid with that pedigree. It in terms of what he accomplished both on his as as a team as a member of the team and individually. Slips solo in in the NBA draft what is it about his game do you think that folks don't think translates to the next level. I think they don't think he's eight incredible athlete and we dealt so many of the guys that went last night. They get trapped about potential when they get so caught up in all he's got about high boat got to be just at all which are actually. It points and had everything. Parties are like lightning quick he's not that. At least sometimes that you see it gets to in the first round but I'd out of that 26. Thirty. If you didn't go there aren't taught at worst would slip between Turkey wanted 35. Important rapper circuit fine art the greatest winner and a little history that he would beat on their hides deep sense. But in terms of a single player that made a bigger impact in Villanova basketball history. I don't think you'll find one bigger Jalen boxer he is all. Biggest winner simply winner that's ever been around everything is about winning and doing the right way that's quite some sort soccer's this year. And still want national player of the year cause it's all about cheese. And that whole culture BJ bill that's what. All these scenes are gonna be relevant to the public it's because they're not about themselves they're not how can I help make the team better in it by do. What happened that relieved as are a product of that. That's Ryan fan and play by play voice for Villanova basketball and I guess for the last few minutes here on the Wendy's big show given us some really great insight on Dante di Vincenzo. The first round pick of the Milwaukee Bucks did you do you have a nickname forum that you that you according to while his playing at Villanova I know Gus Johnson. Who does box games he he coined amid. The big Wragge who did you get did you have a nickname forgiven John's wife is out there. You know we are so far without wanted to keep you referred to Rick Michael sort of are countless another 100 yeah yeah Delaware. Soccer Egypt was a highlight in the back high school sleeping under welcome Delaware just. Take all for don't you pick out and get the rim but this. So stupid ones that we act for him I'm achieved a lot like that it's the versatility. And in saying. That the coach act from goat you brought these cynical view is versatility. His ability peers cheered you're there and rebalance. Score in transition score pull up our arc the rare. You know guard out of it and he's got a great one I'm really bull shark. Brian thanks slot for the time in the incitement really appreciate it. Our category aren't in or reported the operators are now or. In the air thanks lob man appreciate it.