Ryan Wood talks Packers

The Wendy's Big Show
Friday, October 20th
10/20/17 The Wendy's BIG SHOW: Football Insider Ryan Wood joins the boys to talk about the Packers upcoming game against the Saints. 

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I put this guy's on the inside. Now here's green Bay's football league insider money in wooed almost man. Brought you by PNC insurance and independent. Insurance agency for your home audio port commercial business means that. And it worked inside the Green Bay press gazette. Knock off every Monday Wednesday Friday right here. On the Wendy's big show there is nothing great mid West Bank now fine how are you this that. I'm doing well. It's got really good man it's a beautiful day to be outside the box fans are fired up heading to the Bradley Center. That's a good day and always chuck Freeman is gonna be out here shortly with a sandwich board that says your future ex husband dot so. We're also to go out here when a rocket to go. Air robbers but not the IR today. After having surgery yesterday to to repair the broken collar vote like Clemens pointed out to me that doesn't necessarily mean he's out for the season. By the rules he can start practicing again in six weeks potentially come back at eight. Are you hearing anything if it Lambeau over there from the powers that be that they they're holding out hope he may be back this year. You know I and one where that old media this week that it helped although he returned. But it's not impossible. Eight weeks theoretically he could return the eligible to return. As early as December 17 that the Carolina answers I would take that chance of that happening are stream. Remote. I tea. It there's still in contention in the weeks sixty weeks seventeen you look at the Internet schedule. Vikings then have alliances it's still a race in the NFC north. I'm sure will be tempted by it just comes down to whether or not physically he can do it and one north Phoenix specialists like talk too early in the week. That they could in the writers physically able to play again until two weeks after injury and the reason for that. Is and so works the pole. And it took them the muscle retention or lack thereof. When each week he's unable to move to. Right children of football the muscle was going to use weaker and weaker and Easter morning are conditioning program there's an app via. A rebuilding of the muscle in his shoulder before he's able to play if you come back before then you're risking injury so. He made it really of that it liquidity in order to order Elena lies. If there's a chance it could. Return by the in the heat and nobody that they definitely while they've left that door open. But it does sound like it's helpful. What about the offensive line where we look at that and music closers on the well the book in Columbia like David Bach or am Ryan who moved from the reports today. Oh August it was clear from concussion protocol on Friday. They've bought the aria you know hamstring. Got a little tight. Something he missed four games gamble height. In Minnesota but he's been able racked. Report I'm as far as Elaine Taylor that are thankful I was itself. So that's certainly. Sunnis. Likely to miss Sunday's game. Cortland was added to the reports Friday with a back injury and is listed as questionable. I have no idea is is. Possibility and likelihood of being available Sunday but. The bet you that you're you're you're is that two tackles that are out there are ample locker will be playing against sir. Of off reports. Let's get over your record let's go to the well we're far. Explicitly say here. They're not playing. I mean. I mean victory here playing steered in the back yeah I think that was the oh on the left there are that you would appear in the world there that you clearly the other you had it with this. But he was so afraid you have answered and it talks he backed off into that got caught the ball. What are we doing back there for figure that you know you'll want to go Africa. Well today we assess their defense. Just pocket and that are really egregious pass interference penalty word is we can grab their agreement to record your game. But just talk implement it in our. The bottom of the quarterbacks have charted that they're they're playing in the secondary like the ever served well. You they've they've they've etiquette policies here there's no question about that it be surprised that they were playing well with we're live with their the last quarters on depth charts. Everything will play you'd Wear your collection protocol. Obviously at the ocean to Mexico and Dallas. Eat in not playing that we get to vikings. Is the number one quarter right now so for him to be on the field day I imagine he'll be mad so Michael Thomas and that that speaks for the secondary. That our house is questionable. Which with a quadriceps. Really don't know what a player not it just seems like it's up in the air immortal burnout was among. The four players that there were ruled Al I'm dealing with a hamstring so. It's is that nobody he's probably the most important player on the backhand and and they won't have and that doesn't help but. Merely getting. Came back and at the top order that they can get the pot house to. That alone. Secondary. Yeah drive by the way your Twitter is fantastic. Use as we know that we gave you always on the point. Now I'm with Jones by almost brought a bag back immediately you'd like you like and Jones. My mind the quality you'd like. Ingram and tomorrow it now with say it is. I'd say you're a parent and all hope is to started off weak economic change. Yeah. The running back at him I guess that they got art and Ingram. But. Certainly it was going to be interesting is whether or not they they play aired on more they were cursor between him and I Montgomery. Last week in Minnesota and I'm Montgomery as a matchup problem those it is it likely passing game. Pretty bad messrs. linebackers and safeties but. He can meet more valuable with Aaron Rodgers quarterback that. If you would come up some room you know with with a rush the quarterback you got. Five that he would admit to receiving. Targets on the field wants. When Abby a quarterback like on the that the best friend. The consistent. Dominant run game and I think geragos best chance for. Soviet era they've they. India Harry touches maps that I think that most people on the unit that would take the things back right now what's your prediction for this one Bruntlett. They would enter. And it's a very five point seven but the reason I think a beginner but I think the Packers and are going to experience. What most you know so those who each week they player rod what I mean by. Is I I think he gets the bad thing because they're all right arm is gonna move the football more than that last week offered a look better. Very good chances of more than two shootout won't look back and forth our scoring games automatic. You would take your air rocker he's playing. In that that is home stadium in a shoot out. He gets to suggest he did you assume that there he has won a way to make more play. That's all they were back on the sidelines this weekend and I think you know high scoring game Drew Brees just sort of find a way to make one more play much like Aaron Rodgers says it's on the week in week out. The Packers on the other end of. We've got saints winning 35 to twenty savages what she sent rightly that that's right. Or games aren't meant a talking all about it out Mondale's appreciate. Are there. And Bryant would joins us on the great midwest bank hotline great midwest bank has been committed. The personalized common sense let it since 1935. Which near the market to buy it built right debate or refinance. The great midwest bank dot com to discover the benefits of simply. Local by game.