Sean Grande: Roster vs. roster, this is a good matchup

The Wendy's Big Show
Monday, April 23rd
Boston Celtics play-by-play announcer Sean Grande calls into the Wendy's BIG Show to discuss the Bucks/Celtics series and how it might play out over the last three games. 

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Joining us right now on the great midwest bank outlined his counterparts and the radio voice of the Boston Celtics it's a pleasure to welcome back in. Sean brandy to the Wendy's big show Sean how are you this afternoon meant. We wouldn't have been found to have had around the same time we might if if this series goes far enough we maybe should try that we should possibly drug that. I love her truck series like 1617. Days. It's body goes on on the NBA playoff schedule is a pet peeve of mine Johnson please don't don't get shot that I can't stand how they spread this thing out did you have the bucks dead in the water after after the way that they they showed well didn't show up for game two of this series and down 02 years Celtics. Well I'm not at all because I just thought it was a very difficult forecast to start and acute at the beginning. Well they'd be six point two part four games that would that sounded about right to me obviously wouldn't be able to receive short game was queries or state laws but. You know I think when you look at it throw regular season. And look at the raw you know washed her guest roster. I think that there are people that think Celtics would have been in good shape optic carrier ring Gordon it would mark Smart. Off the Celtics and the had a pretty good match up look at some of the god himself has had to play significant minutes in this series that was not really what are really the plan. And now the one thing when everybody in Boston's kind of going up these 20 and is great maybe ease your thought. I said the following. Don't get into a seventh game when the best players on the that's the situation you don't wanna be in with if you the Celtics now you're you're you're staring down pretty producers right now. We just say game three was kind of loan I'm a little bit shocking for the Celtics. But in general not not only from the crowd sampling by my health physical all the sudden the boss came out and decided to play in that game. I think more surprising that the Celtics didn't answer argued in the fact that they have like where that this shall exceed and what it takes step back before our own stated that they. So haven't really had a seat it's really been one big game Jake. It just like take a piece out and people think a lot they can other piece I think that would be thinking of the peace and somehow. I think it stayed upright and got the repeat what will bite you know be without Gordon Hayward can start carrier being the last. The road of the year you know outlook for the Gupta lodge in the browser not Smart so I think would. There could become accustomed to them up and I think for three days sister my actual my partner and I kept saying well the books are gonna undetermined amount. And try and have to play top three got the pulpit bully ball point guard. Eric Bledsoe I mean it made all the sense in the world surprising was that it really took a game and half the Celtics. No nor good bye to your first as I think you're usually right if you look at the ball officer that was with our battery one without Gordon Hayward. And just to save of the shelters were to lose the series. I would have anything that. There are a lot of balls for you should be very happy with this team looking for when she read those two players back in the mix. And what you're young players have been able to do I think grew up a lot more without carrying warnings were. Well I think of anything sums up New England it would be just happy go lucky no matter what even if things go bad. Yet at that covered pickle I'll probably get happy. But losing in the first round but. Of course symmetric that's sort of like. The lesson you try to bring you look at look over the wall. But look at the Portland privileged but could be here they just had now after do you have been swept out of the playoffs for Barack. But the children that without all these guys has been an amazing year where a legitimate coach of the year. Conversation I didn't want to. What they did this year as we go the couple people to accept. But yeah I I think they're they're becomes more we sort of accept the reality that you're up there trying to win playoff games. On the road. Would the second round draft pick Jimmy usually plan to nip it meant abstraction Larkin who couldn't you. Couldn't get a job in the league last year is quite significant minutes. In the poll the so they're a cobble together a team in the high end talent and I think you get the sky and the fact that you're LeBron James. Our high end talent but equally important when you're so. So I think it's a good so that's why I think the beauty of the series this. Given the box BLP. And you know Christmas open finally getting all the attention he deserves has been star player honestly I think it's a great. Match up I think new wave of scandal probably have to work on that being happy without but a Matt yep you're exactly. Dollar songwriting play by play guy of the Boston Celtics before the series started. We argue on here you talked about rebounding being keyed a series you thought I laughed and said on a box like the worst in rebounding. Now looking at the three games possibly left in the series what now is the key. I will let me get let me give you this may or may split up outlook for the number one because being legal here. Milwaukee Bucks now all five of the top seven shooting games against the Celtics Richard 86. Five current the bucks shot 50% when only two other teams did. The entire here that the music and the Celtics I give it otherwise that they're getting any player. The Celtics had he wasn't. A 28 consecutive wins went out rebounding the other team by five rebounds. It went back to Lester twenty when federal they did it in both games this weekend and gospel. So everything we thought we knew about the Celtics what you know correlates to their success. He kind of he kind of have to totally I think what the Celtics learned you know turn rosier. Galen brown Jason Tatum is that the value of every possession. In these playoffs and playing with a high level of intensity and you can't walk your way into the game you can't get pushed around for quarter two and then suddenly find it. The Celtics earlier this year everybody had carrier most ad market Smart game. Haven't liking what they were down 161718. Points and they were able to come back at games like yesterday. We're very commonplace for the Celtics they would find themselves down huge and they need to come back and steal it or get within two or maybe take a lead in the and Friday less than it is hey you you getting punched in about the playoffs particularly on the road. Those gains will disappear from you quickly. But it is since I can made them the two guys that play well. And you know. Third the third and fourth game were the first two games are Morris and rosier and they didn't shoot very well you know mark Rosen was three for twelve. And Marshall for fourteen and I that her detained but I know what's the thinking behind. What does Boston think of Jabari Parker not playing the first game fourteen man as Intel and then jumped up between. I mean what do you think they're thinking is what. I think that they can with the hope they were hoping that he would wake up. He's got that he would. You know that clearly there's not going dollar would bar and you get into dangers that you feel like your health at the start should be starting. And the team playing well you know without you you got to cut the work you way back extorting certainly. This sister in the NBA but it's truly other leagues too when you come into the lake and you're young guy. There is that naturally. Instinctively selfish thing we want to establish yourself and you do what you do eventually give Natalie your your reader. Maybe get more into what this is the danger of having audio player still trying to trying to find their way up into Aureus clearly wrestling with right now. The other part of it is. Players that are not necessarily starters and all players are read on it in the playoffs there this is the only stereotypical and about this series they tend to play a lot better now. And all of a sudden you they'll adult Jabbar park on maker of the heat difference and the starting five again starting five in this series it's gone off. The difference is that the bench and tapped it felt expects no the thought it was going to be given all the injuries but the disparity between 69. In this series has been at at the recent boxer or come back here to YouTube moment. I UCLA's. Tom Brady anywhere around the Boston area I mean that. These doubts that there was no on. Here. You're you're you're talking about you want to appear to be happy that. Three I don't mean that they were gonna appreciate it you'll take. A generation. Before you look back at. The fifteen years and realized what was accomplished here and yet everyone just waiting for the pitcher to draft a quarterback to get a lot. About you know Tom Brady Bill Belichick always says it is people in different parts of the country because their genetics their DNA seek a certain amount of drama and con. The same everywhere. I'm here to. Is to change it. Will more probably morsels served plays well yeah you know. At the end. I. It's got to be a thing and that will be like yeah probably at this joke about some guys there's been oldest guy in the world terms under eighteen Everett China it's like arguable copper. That's Andre did the Celtics play by play announcer the Celtics radio network. And our guest once again here. On the Wendy's big show how serious of this series goes goes deep enough and and we can find a good window for UN Ted Davis to join us at the same time I think we could make swearing in radio and that's there. I. That you and I have good advice upload here's a look at that like man I would be like using my hand and popular something. I want you. Yeah or are we're all out of we're very lucky to have we we appreciate tendon and his and his skills on the microphone and we appreciate you joining us for a few minutes here on the big so thanks a lot shot. 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