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Sunday, January 14th
Mo Pinel, the co-owner of Radical Bowling Ball, discusses possible changes coming from USBC.

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I'm ball cello here on the fancy Sparky 5000. Stretch out pro shops and that's what we call the spare time those cell is located in new Verlander and of course don't swallow. The king of extra frame. Over at the PGA dot com good morning gentlemen my elbow. Good morning we're giving her dancing shoes and this morning and watching you guys dance around here you have to you have reason otherwise. Home like six blocks at the source and Milwaukee today for those you listening on the streamer around the country or world or wherever you I'll listen to for the PBS stuff. It is hold outs not out I was told yesterday but it's even more coal and our sports have snow tonight tomorrow and Tuesday. So I believe the forecast yesterday was two to four inches just northern walking up to five inches and a whole global warming things early complied again folks when it. Allergan now old act that and have been a political talking and praying that I don't want anybody getting in that OK itself. Today we have your guy coming down that you talked about our we've talked about numerous times on the show I'm gonna join us and a half hour. So 9:30 I central time so go ahead tell everybody who he is high metabolic. Well. His name is small kanell and he has my master instructor is my daughter says is he the ought and you billions Luke Skywalker he's a pretty much saw. So. I met Moline 93 in. And I owe everything in my knowledge to him I've stepped on to probably Tony right thirty of his classes over the last Tony for years. And that I would say US the most influential on what I do for a Libyan I don't mean trillion. That and I'll bowling balls coach gene any obviously works with the guys on the tour to a lot of and a national type level owns several ball patents on wade blocks. Currently co owner of radical bowling balls with the current LE. So. I can't say more than anything and of of thank you to him for everything and at least coming. He's been around a long time he's done a lot of revolutionary things cycle giant trade earlier this past summer on PB 52 hour. And Johnny accede gives credit to mole for winning a big term and obviously new Tuesday in New York City. Beckham in 1975. With a unique Juli is on most the most corner on this game long long time it's going to be need to talk to him and Houston's its own what's the polio point Baltic knows you know it is such a meter. Some see how how that whole fate workshop and we're having a lot for reasons not just to tell stories like you would him. For back in the day this is it going to be Star Wars revisited demonstrates how bold action is that. No okay so so what are we had a lot of talk. Well we had effort goes on about 34 weeks ago. I'm talking about the changes. Possibly. Future changes that are US BC air everybody is looking at regarding bowling balls the way that they absorb oil. How they want a redesign the way blacks of the ball and and put more limitations on what I guess the manufactures can and cannot do with the ball and so mole on New Year's they put post on and FaceBook I thought was quite an arrest in and then. Also rattled out of what people wrote after his post. And so it's it's going to be some just good general information on what possibly could be coming down the line and what it means for all manufacturing. Elements that the. Many Texans manufactures and include in so far by the US BC in by the technical specifications department there well what might possibly happen in urban just in this big gigantic. Secret conspiracy. At Arlington man. While Chandler these articles says that he has. Talked in work with the ball manufacturers or have consulted with the bombing attacks are slow to start against him. Soleil in order to see if he Wright had that talk great abort because. I've had my sand on this yet. When you guys talked about it while we talk a little a couple weeks Scully brought the world we never really got into a menu hours balls talk about Hillary when Phil was in here we left ourselves. Three minutes and get on the shelf and hit an hour. We'd ever really got to do it all lab botched op well we will Tyrod deviate just not going to be the same order as we normally do it. I talk about some different. And it has to do with bowling as an industry and it has to do width. Locally here Milwaukee to a certain degree as. I'm because. So. What was it a couple of years ago or whatever on the deviate too was in town murmur that fourteen right. On and I went to the qualifying and all that fun stuff. And I was critical of the ball in center. That they held qualifying remember this and I was up Bolero this and I was mad about just the quality how the whole thing was set up may look like him in touch since the seventies. I mean it was. And they was very good at all and I I realize that's where we always have qualified everything else. I wasn't imports and the pros felt this way OK now oh okay meek but I took heat. In the community because I was god forbid I should support Milwaukee the PGA tour how dare I be critical. Why do look I get in my opinion my opinion was that boys are one very gut and to NASA the U I've been back to bone setter cents. Never won back. OK so that's that's Bolero so that's that's and toes. So now here comes. Rumblings in words and marketing. And marketing. At. Spending money for advertising. The last time. Bowling alleys we've got castle Wayne's night they spend money the lane that's what he spends money. JB's I'm 41 he's been spending money and doing email blasts into a bunch other study published little puppet. Mean he's been spending money throughout the market as well. What you get past like those three I don't know how many other boys and Israel are spending money marketing themselves. So first of all that was groundbreaking for me that they were promoting. Can. Not only are they promoting it that might he say. It was like we can go out two weeks ago. This Jiabao this new bull. The ball they're building a bowl eligible walked. Actually they are they're getting a ball bowling Alley did you hear about this. At its undocumented immigrants Brookfield square Maher right and it's sat her out of Chicago. And they're gonna they're tearing down the old cedars. Because that's going to be closing. And it's going to be a smaller imprint seers so that's what's yours is or Ron Cutler suffered Sears already gone there to close out want Bert Fields where moll. There to turn that down at an open up a smaller version of their souls going to be mainly like if tools outdoor stuff sober clothes and all that. No longer in right so they open a smaller version what's the name and at that facility felt that's coming out of Chicago uses. And now I'm so so what it is is it's a facility cut again it's like I say to bullet setter. But within this facility. That's due to be two levels I want to say can be bowling lanes it's going to be laser tag. And then it's going to be whatever the stupid name of it is based awful which is minor statement is everybody's in bumper cars right. Then there's like a ball that I think it's like like calm like one of those things used like for. Lacrosse. Like cut borrowing cats at the type deal and look at drivers to use that there's the ball and others like a basketball hoop. In your drive around like bumper cars that teens you have to pass the ball back and forth. And in trying to score tight end. That's the count that's the main attraction. To this is that Kenyan Amos who plays. Armed but that that's what it's going to be. And then on the other portions of it is going to be. Though bowling lanes and and the laser. So that's Parikh. I had heard so that's going afterward that's that's coveted Brookfield now what apple matters is that an effective Brookfield I don't. If they I don't on the Internet Leno like it may just in the open bowling all the time is is gonna say and just be a fun experience and that's more entertainment. And any females I mean that's Maurer. You know and it didn't peace or try to do something like eight years ago they probably still got their bullets and there yeah I I picked I picker whatever it. They're talking about taking get out take annoyance out yeah snapped. Action so it's worldly ball as if I were only ball that that early on never heard it yet so that it's a bugler Google swirling ball downfield to fight it wife or you're going with this high regard I don't I just got sidetracked right tight about all building a bullet points just. A whole lot. So she's like a bill global. Always blame anymore babe what he'd harm Obama. She's like yeah yeah yeah shaky I'll fight. Well she found it. And a whatever might not do that around for a hundred years. CNET. Site looked so yesterday. Last night there was like I don't know midnight whatever. And I'm checking my email him I take all day yesterday I personally now not working now. And sure enough. There's an ad promoting Bolero lanes from new before yesterday. Free bowl a free arcade play. And I think that some title food specialists a non. I've seen. The billboards. And all this other stuff. How cute here you know coming in they dropped mud into that thing it looks like. I'm I'm not been over there yeah leaguer Wednesday nights so you see the remodel like the whole thing okay so what's okay let's start first with the basic cuts. What do they double the lanes themselves are they still the old Lane's still bill lanes the way government touched wings haven't been touched our prevails but the lanes there's touched us touched artsy gul had tagged to be there to work. New mail asking units. Bad media screens ever repair Orleans employees watched the football game that's and so there's that's TVs above the waves are all above the pins Obama pins now. Nobody else in the market has that that I know of brand new sound system. They've really chemed did color scheme of red and black the Canon dark and things up to Canon make. The media massively pop out. Stand out hardwood floors and some interpreting drilling in the bowlers area. Well yes and no because it's those people's attract so many have slash am and it's hard for you to get through their bulges but and he yet but there were gonna meant to beta green carpet squares are those doubts about it they're learning it's a little bit of a learning processor and articles on. But they've generally your job. Very remembers a Burleigh part of the big mean. That's no longer. All of ours that's where I got to sit to listen to people talk crap about other people that was on harm or death that's going to be Stanford a couple of different things that might be happening with the nothing's for sure I be easier today something like that. Because a lot of other Bolero locations. At least as well. They've actually change the name of the corporations now no longer bowl more MF they just announced that they changed the Bolero corporation. They want to old portable literal because the first time time Shannon. Came the Joaquin stumpel or the cat heard the name and siren is one that's for the wheels were parents have released are common place. And that's why they re names from the centers it was use the ball more senators Amos says in the regular listeners. And now they've renamed whole corporation bowl. Corporation so what embodiment west then answer me that still as stoke sales ultimate aim of forces Stiller. That is all I say I think in west I guess but then it's going to be an aim apple more like it's still named him after so Leila so Blair was gonna have its own they have their own brand of late bowl lore is the top end recreational. High and food all that minutes bull I wanna go back I want to go back to is to equip for goodness. So you're saying the bar that was the bar is no longer a bar no lawyer bar. Do they have a bar to have service pars and course but there's no actual bill are you going to sit and watch game correct that's all that's gone. So that's like it mapped to a certain degree I'm 76 the whatever it is. That's how that is now that line. I was just in that one. A New Year's Eve right gasoline sold out so we go over there. And they put in unexpectedly there arcade area they put in brand new pop a shot gain at the box portable war pacers won all that. Obviously put that in the base still have their regular bar area. They've had they haven't gotten rid of that bar area and answers small mean that are very personal and yet as well as red light or twelve yards twelve chairs or something like that it's. It's not very big. But other than that that's that's what you say they haven't done a ton of money into that Nina I'm sure it might be coming in future but it hasn't as of now okay so go back to yourself OK so where apple Lara now until it's so damn. And arcade to right. Yes larger Kadant. Redemption games the only yeah the world's attention and he's got rises and some are not now is that where the grill used to be. Where the drill used to be in the stack were used to medium itself Feldman known and that's a fairly Mario Mon. And an ugly little while here have an office that was in there and okay and removal oil well so I couldn't be more proud is your city be far event in pairs in the GM he was a gym there for awhile now he's the easier mantra from we see there when I was there. Paterson in what I saw what I saw. No what was the last days of I believe appropriate for retired well good that was a lot of court one I was a lot of corporate at the time. Now let them do anything that's five but that now that that was horrible I I'm telling you right now you do it every watt. That plays felt like I was in the 1970s. And there were certain aspects of their place Fella can. Touched in longer than that and they spent a million dollars in 2001 when the ladies and a tour or in orbit tournament team. The women's like the man she was released in national tournament came in 2001. So they. Put in tables and chairs and repaint the walls and spend a million dollars from the and synthetic lanes where Bolero all the ones that look Acosta rob like paying Warren chairs and tables is not a million dollars and yet they do it all you have a right so that was the last time so don't and I coaches are still the same yes salute approaches sandalwood Britain's. Might I heard even last night someone came up to me that BR. Do you know anything Phil bought them clothes in the twenty foresight as to cited als. I bullet point four sides hope now it is it's a recall Wednesday night governor they about a closing market Soviet why would they resemble the purpose of that. They are a lot of parties is right that and that's when he force it needs to go for them to lose the Lehman's. Is injured premium. And Friday or Saturday with a big group for corporate percent and that I don't think that's when secrets. Anyway I also read somewhere that Tom Shannon sold off. Some of his shares from the bowling Alley aspect of it and salute to one of his. Business friends that now took over the name of the bowler rulings I read somewhere like I am I'm bowler. All you know my nose and run an app yet knowing or is that they re nimble more MF to Bolero corporation scope and you know McCain answered. Is is. These are capable of concept and more senators across the country sparking might be cool on this but my concern is this this is total Tom Shannon. Direction of going toward the recreational boar and lose in the sport policy but the thing is admirable and Wednesdays it's at three mentally it's been their fervor of polar a three storm writers. I was an art agency and their making sure we stay there we have fifteen dollars it's a price on this year less charitable act helps to keep you lesser. We bullets points that we bullish sure issuers seasonable when he five weeks so we start week after Labor Day were on the first week march button. 25 weeks it's 500 bucks a month league last year at the lead after bush at the league banquet with 540 hours a. That's that's great but count Shannon's animals since day one has been more toward the recreational side that he did that very care for. Pro league bowlers are asking us a lot of riskiest. He's old school I'm a wanna and we all girls school Columbia and the mother used her cell war all old school to a degree. Just just answer me that's. Do you have. Into Berlin. And you guys have a beautiful bullets and either no need to watch your she put more money into that as you go but there's always a touch that that's and really check. Do you guys have league play let time you open the time you closed seven nasal. No we have every night though are and that's cut out so you haven't had nights you have a Blake swipe. Seven nights a week yep 630 to 930 and house's full week problem first Leino lastly where OK that's very good at. I'm guessing. That most facilities can't claim the same dozen doubles facilities struggle. To have it that many leagues in each of their house's. So because of that. And I believe Shannon said this equity took over. That in his mind he was gonna happen fueled multiple bully senators and an a La market. That would be one dedicated for league play and Al's touting a new focus there and then the other ones we're gonna kind of fill in the spaces with the entertainment aspect ethnic. Now I think it's happened is he looked at Bolero which parents worried that idea from and the massive size of that facility that can help bulk. I can do bolt why aren't I doing bolt because war ignoring a whole group of people. Here's a prime example please of weevil Wednesday as mr. 8 PM around 24 scientists. To sizable or for people men there's twenty partly inside forty inside. The forty inside has some music than about ten have very stern at 750 for practice they booked a group they want to expand more lanes there one useful point port side. And because it just simply told them no and they simply confuses happens for a leader. The very they sent everybody email asked nicely big move is that the 48 said the house and for inconveniencing you everybody at ten dollar food certificate that vehicle that shows a commitment to the league bowlers. They still wanna get these recreational people in there. But they know they value us as league bowlers 25 weeks a year that hey we know we're gonna inconvenienced you guys gonna make you guys wait an extra 1015 minutes. They give us fresh oil on the lines like we and the other sent house. They gave it to about foods to together and everybody was blocked and everybody was happy. Yeah its system and plan C that's. That's customer service I think I think you have to take into account for this thing sold like that the boiling over in some six street for years eat. Yes we spent if you what the day of who is liked to point out the door guarantee lanes. Because as we are on New Year's Eve is busy for bowling and Newsday. Review book ahead it was like 25 or whatever one's right. So with that you got two hours of bowling shoe rental. Our. Two slices of pizza three chicken tenders. All the sort of contribute pitchers are sort of behind alliance which you can drink. And party favors a giver really hatter of noise maker whatever right. And that it was that what I call global whoever is in the dark bullet type stuff that's what it was all night. OK if I'm a lot that's pretty good deal far. So we shall we do what we're getting our shoes out of for the six starts it was like 68 o'clock and told them late in the night it was her for earlier pick for the kids. Make your cubs are right that hey I'm the manager pace for comment while looked had to come back. Guys got kids were like yeah share charge given as gift cards for the arcade ankle check our RK aggression against south the hope we can test of all what ever. I had to do that that was not included in the price of admission or anything of the sort priest came walking around. But it's that's have a customer service because what you saw was you saw other parents go well how cool we you know we're gonna get that that wasn't in included at all. It's that type aside take the next step what Phil said with a league members moving to accommodate groups but if you move on. Let them know that hey we care but you were gonna Google some an extra. To move you at that point I think that's that's a huge deal that would come back. We'll talk about the next step in this whole deal here and counseling start tumble she. We're still talking to the break about a sold fake because. It. You understand my frustration and it may be you do if you listen on the shelf last several years but I frustration around. Bowing out just on their hands up and I about it now that we can do it is what it is we're done. I say well. I'm not gonna app is where I got hurt other people are gonna water. Golf ball out or advertise this to me. Give you a free marketing Lawson right here. Where do you advertise. Sports talk station or stations that have a high. All Mona female listeners I say the Dextre can set them on the police station in town or whatever the case may be. Where you ever ties that's where you advertise your bowling specials or whatever else. I'd give him a one we have. Our Milwaukee perks right here are building and that's did discounted coupons or whatever you've got crew pot. I just wide in girl she has got a group bond throw bowling setter with. To what dollars for two hours a bullying. And all this other shot I was like for how many people six people six people were warning about you your ball. OK now tell you right now. That place that's doing this deal they're banking they're gonna make their money. Where food and beverage correct that's where the bank and a and there are litigated to art I can only use it like. During the week or whatever but that's that's what it is that that's how they're gonna make on it. Never below centers linked to gold that degree. In order to give themselves up to try get people can't. But everybody is got to do something different and leads about boys that are at least their marketing through that. As far as letting you know that they're alive where they are not every bullet centers that right now as far as getting the sums up a billboard. Build both alleys around here who runs commercials are boy had a castaway and I are getting another example. Catholic theological in receipt. We said Alan him. Last year. We sat down we now from sales guide me if so large and with just a couple years with ball Cho. Too big shall style but I. I don't really know it's working dull generational budgeting we packed additional. He's like so the sorghum. I want you to promote a five dollar Fridays for brightness was last spring salt. It's gonna be summertime. And nobody cell always gonna advertiser the advertising is nowhere else shall we packed this baby. It's on you it doesn't work then I'll know what I've got. That's it there works your full credit. Slammed. Wall Walt pac did he couldn't have been happier right. So obviously it works. My point is is I don't understand either a white probable center and you don't invest in it if you can't invest your voice center. Then get out of it it's like porch restaurant impossible are rescue. You watch these restaurants and bars. Just just global what one episode it was. Up it was a brother in two sisters the sister wanted to invest money take out small business loan and updated and modernized it and get it back up to real tyrants. 27 now we're losing money we're not doing that were out not doing it not gonna happen and just sat there it was a golf club. Up on January inning they dysentery lost or on the verge of clothes or not they may have close even after restaurant possible but then that that's the type of stuff. So Weis summit like Bolero happened it just makes her about the industry it really doesn't get me pumped out. I just think they have them the money to advertise where I think a lot of the amounts are sinners don't. It does well. You know fills that with me and I'm spectrum cable and advertising for the high school full. That's true or oil advertising doesn't want proprietor fail but that's more free apple I plus planes class not to mention orbit examined shows I'm going to mean there's been a lot of that have been there for. A lot of years of the wasn't working for him they tell me stop our man correct. I mean Terri Catania over most closely and he gets a lot of group uses smoltz or stealing senators elder. But he make sure that you. Yeah exhibit its money back on food and beverage. Now this same idea that you have with minor league sports or whatever else. Tickets are our lesson and an expensive but at burning man there's gonna make it back on food and beverage that's how this works. Bullet gonna have to be really any different now your food camps. Mean it's got to be decent. So and that's that's that's like castaway and raising good food. Mine's on one he's got. Irish sports bar and the whole deal so he he upped his game which he took that over and invest a lot of money building that think. So you have the different JB's I'm 41 I got great pizza homemade pizza so there's different aspects you guys over new Berle and have a huge. Full bar area that by itself would stand alone Richie packed every night and recent turnabout shall there and that's that's a big help so if you have it. You could use a really do yet that the other thing has not. So the bar area by US. I agree I don't know maybe they're doing is not meet any time anybody came in that place I'd offer a blight to gave a free ball. Gave a free Bolick average average build a kid all the receipt on it. Did you how many people are saying that table each get a get a free ball in whatever it is so there's a party before you get four games a free ball for eating our bar area. Four games of revolt object results are not cross promotion because you very well may have people coming into that bark is it's an awesome bar with a flat screens and everything else. And Kobe get Verity eat and drink 'cause they love the bar or have parties to best parties and all that's all I've been a partisan stuff there. And use that to promote the other side of the bit. Does it makes all the sense the world and a five bullet may guys throw free appetizer or something got it to get them back to the other side they've never been in the bar. Is you have to really good and eighties to gathered in the same. Agree they sets but that. That that's why I again we should maybe have talked about PBS but I was you fired by the letter opening a 'cause I I I ripple and I wanted to make sure that I I was even keel and level headed about this or wanna give them love because yeah this tape put their money where they should've put the money years ago. And now I would go back over there I'll see. Realism the people there not play next year yeah that's good stuff and you watch like they're open mauling all that other stuff will immediately fell audit injury guaranteed. It well why apart the reason is the marketing it. Now people know that it's there. That that's something aren't coming up next multiple radical bowl and we'll talk about these possible change is coming to US BC re medical buyers of new bowling ball yes might happen. State saw. That's the way it's spare time always show. Here on the fancy Sparky fight for quite Albert failed rivals and joining us now on the great midwest bank hotline. You call him yelled at. My daughter's as the call your doctor said he's noticed and I am a young skywalker you because he's got a lot of brilliant guy joining us now as well Fidel for radical bullet here odd start time militia lol thanks a lot for coming out. My pleasure gentlemen are you okay being called go to and you go whether. I'm going to be ready there you wanna call me at Lowe's is not late for dinner us. I that's good stuff. OK so I will lead the white start this thing off because it did this is really. We have cart itself being a lot from time to time and I I tell him and him and why get in their geeky talk. And really technical talk which sometimes loses people from time to time but in this instance. I think we have the kind of have that that talks of people kind of wanders little bit more about what US BC is possibly. Talking module with the bowling balls what they're gonna requiring. For people are liable in US BC lead or whatever else what they're going to have to use more can you describe what they're kind of proposing at this point. Well I can go by what I now. I've not seen the written proposal let the via US BC has sent to all the manufacturers. And there's two areas. That they wanted to change the specification. Now let me start by saying. Any sport these rules and specifications. Because if you don't have them you have chaos. So yes we need rules and specifications. There addressing two areas. One it is. The design of the bowling ball. As the amount of total differential. Let an unreal ball could have. Total differential for those that are not. Knowledgeable in the area represents the flare potential won't ball. How far the actions will migrate as the ball was done away. That's what causes. Different oil rig on the ball issue throw the other areas specification of the water they want to address is C coverage dot. They wanted to control the ability. Of the coverage shock to a global oil. Now let's start out what. We give you an idea of an area that I think we need it needs to be addressed and I haven't heard anything about it. In any sport. When you change specification. And the golf ball change. The site blue baseball who change. Parameters none of that change a football. Most of the governing bodies will argue. What they're attempting to change and why they're going to do it. And then. Tell you the documentation. That says. This change to accomplish what they're trying to accomplish. Mighty. Surprised is that I'd looked we have heard so far nothing. From the US BC. The power could be a US actually as to what they're trying to accomplish by changing the specifications. I have no problem with the changes specifications. What are we trying to accomplish. Somebody described me why we're doing. And show me the research and documentation that says this will accomplish the task you're looking for. Does that make sense these guys sir does. Look at what has happened this it has sent out a letter to all the manufacturers. Talking about what they're trying to change. Then they. US peachy. Visited. At least a three major manufacturers can't. Comment on what they went to the others but I am aware of the fact that they went to. Muskegon. To. Visit Brunswick deviate radical they went to. Optimism though to. Visit India I would cherish for brand. And the and they want to. You're taught to visit. Storm product which has three brands. So in that accomplishment they've visited ten brands I don't know to what to anybody else can explain what they're trying to accomplish. So they talked about the change in specifications on the differential and also on the cover up. There are some areas of concern. That arise. From there intent so far. The current specification. On flare which is total differential and nondurable. It owes six so. They wanna reduce it to old war far. Kept us very simple procedure we can measure that. That's easily measurable and it's very accurate we have RG swings. Do we I'm sure you've visited. US PC headquarters will be missed a Milwaukee emission would you of the guards usually mark. That can be done and they've been controlling actions the system mobile which will be in place. So that's not a problem. And now let's talk about their coverage duck. That he sent the procedure to the manufacturers on the cover to back there's a barrier a serious concern. Where the coverage sucks specifications. If you go through them indeed help. And you use accepted. Statistical. Practices. If they measure the oral absorption ability of a cover stopped. The error rate on the task that they're using is 33%. Now as far as I'm concerned Indy ever ready. Of 33%. Basically makes a test invalid in my opinion. Well and then our court ordered what and no but I mean you time oil insertion and let's go back to the seventies with the soaker and dime Tim. What keeps somebody if you guys may picture bowling ball of these radicals force a manufacturer Boeing ball. With a certain oils or shall I rate what's it to keep you were prior anybody else it's a league Bork from sticking a ball a bucket of MEK inside. And and looking even more subtle but not artists such vacations everything ones will. That little slow bowling ball to. Increasing oil absorption rate will also softened the ball so that's easily check you to deliver a barometer of over 72 Roque. Unless I go to of the habit unless I go to the US BC national tournament nobody's come and in my league with a two runner. Now. A wealth that nobody coming immediately rejected the check a lot of things subject ecstatically. There's there's not a whole lot of things we have done much just the way it is but let's just talk about it if there has done accurately. Currently the way the test was explained. To the manufacturers. The error rate is 33%. That means that if you do the same test. Three times on the same ball you can get a result that would very 33%. I don't even have to talk anymore about that door guys. Not all you don't but this is this is my question again I'm I'm kinda fan on the show I I'm not in the technical aspect of things. But but as a fed on the show I have lots of concerns about a but my question to you. Is is this technology. Going backwards I mean it would just be like. Going on the PGA tour in time and they have to use. Would woods now the metal woods or god can use those anymore we have to go back to the the way it used to be back in the seventies AA and use would. It is that what this is because that's what it feels like to me. All colored balls. Past. That are. Oral absorption vast. The only thing they don't pass. Is that differential. So reducing the differential to 045. Is just gonna reduce the player potential of the ball. I don't understand what they think they're accomplishing that may be thinking they're accomplishing. Reducing this book potential of the ball by reducing player of the ball. I don't think there's a direct relationship there again we haven't heard from them exactly what we're trying to do. Right so let us is that snorkel what do you what are you trying to accomplish OK number one and two. Which researches say is history to accomplish what trying to conserve until we're trying to. Yeah the other thing I have if a fan perspective I could test like this but since you're on the show all askew. I'm told a fair at all with the ball and he says OK so if this happens he said it's only change in the differential whatever else does that mean I can bring and it's my local pro shop they can fix my ball I don't have to buy me one. Or does that mean I'm gonna have to buy a brand new ball. If the differential will be unreal ball is so world war five. You're going to have these grandfathered certain amount of time and that's the merrier. Trajectory that we can what I executive. They're gonna grandfather it for so long and so you have. You can use this ball for so long and hit the ball. Doesn't meet the new specifications. When the grandfather clause is up but you have to get a new bowling ball. That's correct but they've already done it wants it changed. The differential back here in. The early 2000 always go to host an actual. Yes. That was the biggest name all that I was thinking about when two things that I thought about right away was just like you said as what does mister Murphy trying to approve. Dubai and as number one was he trying to prove and then number two who's gonna police that. I don't our nightly basis in your league or turn meant. What they'll have a list to the balls that that that are approved. We've got to do is look at the vet also not on the approved question can use that way it works right now. There is a list of approve all of the company every Tuesday the US PC. Update the list and so if your policy and on that bush can't use so what doesn't change anything there. Yeah but the bottom line is why his heat trying to stop tech now we don't know he just try to mode I know that's what is way to find out is. What's the reason why we're goodness OK let's look at it from a different perspective let's look at after the bowl a ball per. Perspective of the bullet while manufacture perspective in. So if this occurs and obviously you guys are all gonna have to make new ball animals but the same time everybody's gonna have to buy new bull balls sold. Did did did bowl a ball manufacturers may or lose money in this deal. Depends on the implementation. Here's what's gonna happen if they grandfather. Existing technology. For. A long period of time. There's going to be a lot of people saying. Take this all and 06055. If I don't wanna go to the lower that Chris I personally feel whether you are not. I'm getting the damage on this increased player. Therefore I'm not gonna buy another ball. July after. You that this is critical here in the pro business perspective. If you make it can sure. That is not fair to the super if you make it too long. I anticipate will lose some of the manufacturers. We will not be able to survive because it could hurt sales possibly. By people samba hang onto the ball better ball quarter they reduce suspect this was obviously a better ball than what they had. Therefore I'm not gonna buy it on the ball taught have to. There's an area there that. There's a concern on our part that we could lose some of the smaller manufacturers. In a team that's steering line and I thought about that as far as how log grandfather's other grandfather's a year. Or something like that that's not too long for the grandfather's like five years at my. Be hard on the consumer. My my opinion which is about it's just me. There are warranties on bowling balls for. Two years is the general warranting right now. There as a brand that you would have a three year want to put the boot the warranty that exist currently on any manufactured bowling ball. The vast majority of this two years. To me that's the natural crap out if there's a warrant it and that's two years. Then. That would be I would not. Check the grandfather anything less than that but it can go much more than two huge potential manufacturers. And guys I've been around this business a long time do you know what work were different manufacturers throughout the world now apathetic. Bowling ball manufacturers or a positive force. In the business to ball close they advertise that they promote. I don't think anything that would was detrimental. Or would probably look to lose manufacturers would be good for the sport. Have Selena. I've heard I think I got cripple the PB atrial. I mean you got to look at a trickle down effect does this start from the PB all the way down to your average league bowler in effect will be eight. Take in the NBA has the ability to separate zones less attention to. Rights they don't have to go about we just BC does outside of the red US open whenever I guess I would be the only thing but other than that. It's all their own specifications there on their own for US PC but where I think it does a fact it. Would be if you start losing bowlers and start losing interest in books you'll wanna spend the money going to ball balls and would you Seymour league play come out of this which art US BC sanctioned. And you obviously start taking bolts of OK we all arguable balls or to be all wanted to stay with what we have just not be sanctioned and where it was gone with this well are there. I was in the small town and and doing you know how much trouble. I was just small I can't really remember it is exactly what what what which wanna watch and I was talking to. Couple proprietors we were not that we've ever shut them aren't at a drank talked about things let's. CC in the water got it right yeah exactly we were talking. Somebody that was there wasn't aware of these. Local English teaching associations except that there. They were down 300 league bowlers and it was a small association. Would have 300 league both this year. The proprietors that was there which were very knowledgeable Miller a couple of them from town we're pretty much. Most of the Boeing has shutters and that kind of level. And they had put our business is up. This year we're we're having we're having good decent year up business this year. So mom. I said where respect. Is there are down into sanctioned league bowlers in Europe in business. Maybe we're not losing all of worse we're just. Not having really sanctions right. That is on the most of that we need regulations we have chaos without regulations and rules. No question don't you know. Iron well thanks so much for coming on now we got to the IMO the shells going to be coming closer sure maggots were commercials play itself thanks so much for coming on the show man I'm sure we'll get job another time. Okay you got to take care that the mother accused. Let's do it again after we find yes and by the way the US PC committee is meeting the end of January. To decide what. Implementing what they're gonna implement a seven out of pocket to do that. Deal dot we will definitely do that for sure multi T that met thanks so much for coming on. Ordered Democrats are memo opened elf from radical bowling jars and Redmond West Bank ally committed to personalized common sense lending. Since 1935 when you're in the market to buy build or renovate or refinance discover the benefits of simply. Local banking does a great midwest bank packed cobble come back to talk about his comments straight ahead she. Welcome back. Desolate stretch I believe show the white I didn't go talk so much morals like I got a second flatten out our our day. And why I he'll go back to quickly doable but also their from wreck bully thanks so much for coming out and hopefully you'll get a body get. In the future probably February be my guest but he said. Small little town 300 last week members he took that if he beat that to be body must get section leagues. Fisher. But I don't think that's what it is our I think the reason your all is because open board is all families are bullet with their kids date diets high school college kids are. Her. You'll different people. I think that's why it's up I think it's a section which dogged US target these guys I was a but that's how I would read that goes back to start the short Blair awaits what they just did that all remodel. That's why you do what you do this because you have at least yes those are important what you have to fill the rest of the pacer got to get that have people like senator. If that's what people try to do it I think they're doing it. The right way that's what I felt like to talk like your again. And Albert capitalist anti or pro shop our spirit that pro shop it you merlot though brawl for extra frame over a PDA got a Condo showed it right. But I don't know that yet still it will send it to a choice of football talk to next Sunday here at. Michael.