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Spare Time Bowling
Wednesday, January 24th
Dwight, Phil and Sparky talk with PBA's Kyle Troup and Chuck Weiss of Tremper girls bowling.  

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They'll cry over extra frame deviate got jobs. Right offered. Strolls on in right for the music I guess so yeah possibly seven seconds that's what's up guys itself or headphones and he's already you know I mean I'm glad you're here. Early in that is just I had that Russert I thought maybe when allegedly murdering his last sub out at dinner we just have expressed the same place and I'll listen toy store in the dark. A Sodexo murder in handling him and it's like Freddie and daughter Ashley Islamic Nokia's commuted should show on Sunday and then man shall. That was their dude man as they're through all my community that's an awful lot else and they screamed yeah yeah that's done has learned that. Time and the ideal of course former cohost of this show. And now line help and on next frame from time to time as Lawrence of repeated Erica yet he helped to set a World Series of Boeing we had those. I agree wrap up YouTube shows about every part of the world's usable in Sudan in the few times arts are coming up on today show crowd troop. Everybody knows and loves him his huge row. Coming up I'm up fifteen minutes from right now 915 outs it's not tape so hopefully he answers the phone at 9:15 in the morning. And we'll see what happens are also coming up by Jeff Weiss in house from Kenosha cover girls. A bowling team. And a longtime friend of mine from back in the day we used altogether will talk to him coming up two. What are your thoughts first Dwight and felt a Jason Del Monte winning player of the I don't think anybody is too. It shocked that he won player of the year. You're not surprised or if you know my vote for him OK so now having said all of that. Where's Del Monte starting stack up amongst the greats. They said a couple of weeks the best all time after you won the world champ ship. He's won 14% determines he's bold and it means a better record and Earl Anthony as than the mark Routt Marshall Allman any of those guys. For winning percentage tournaments in the I need to highway actually called agrees of all time at this point right now. You're calling okay delight not quite as or attach the old school solicited fought at the go ahead to a well where is he like tenth fifteenth. And all. But here's the thing that I tell customers are in this the week in the shop as you do you think he's received this much. If he because he's not an American bowler purses and Australian bowler vs international player. Let's just say if we had an American player that had his talent. Would be easily go to say that he was the greatest all time. No he's got a new bowling ball coming out of the drive and independence from these would be on it and it was a means than home. Hundreds of little lakes were on across the screen mode stock and saw this and I don't popular every time I don't know what's going on over here with these two with jargon as dire vice additional money your eyes kind of lit up over here so I think she may like they'll watch could be wrong that's what it was like a he's got charisma. Writing any India's great interviews. He's great with the people when he doesn't that's the a look at the castle lanes of and they did a couple years ago they pack that join everybody loved agree that there's going to be a percentage of people out there that because of the two handed they think Andy's chi. That's when it's gonna come down that's all people but but but again I've this is I think American or not. He got put on the map because the two headed bowl and because ESPN caught odds and ESPN. To blow him up. So now Natalie what's yet to hand bowler but then he became the best bowler on the tour it's one thing tibia. You know lot of trick pony or whatever. I'd allocates fun to watch you but you're never gonna be amongst the best with the act crazy shot it's fun out to look at and laugh Sadler Russell he tries hard but this dude. Not only be up at the best currently. But he also helped influence much of other people came out. Absolutely any influence in juniors also are seeing more and more are. People try in the two handed her or the one handed capable CN and that's that that's I kind of think the thing that goes along with the okay. So we go from there we go to rookie of the year. Now obvious erected I'll be completely out of the rookie of the year you could've. Sort of point a veneer for me it says set all take a rookie. I was said Sanders going and that's why throughout thought it was about two and ended up beef was there anybody else close to Sanders fell it was just him right. No lack came in when he made the top five at the world championship they mean he had the idea the title. Some people try to take an oil but because as a plastic ball event when he won the ability Hardwicke memorial Memphis in June. But yet to get through an amazing field any no matter what balls and they're handed a PB interment. And he best of the field that event and should it wasn't a fluke mimic the top five of the world champ ship across and fort through patterns all the different changes need to make you gain keep up with it. He did it made the top five that was a locker there for me wells what it even been out there tell you see these guys weekly basis. One. Detained Brothers. You know with the finishes at the masters this class is an addict yeah it wasn't it wasn't as big uses been in the past him. We just fight who went all the respect because there are so many as I like to call young guns right now on the scene of the PGA tour right now sure you'd like has more young guys tonight Watson these are guys. To start getting. The self stylish and you've seen some his guys starting to get themselves established herself what threat right. Would you talk about Jason Del Monte. And where he goes do you think he plays it continues to play as log as a norm duke at some of these guys or do you think it's it's not gonna be out. I'd. The travels the biggest part for Jason in Australia ATR flights each way to get to the mainland and it's going to be part of it telling that financially he said I don't think he usable. It's probably pretty close I'll have to match and I would think he can live off of his buddy's daughter ready and make appearances here and there and have people c'mon watch him. He can do that make a ton of money to for the next 1520 years. Everything that they have thrown at him like they did with Earl and his data to date myself they trident. The PB try not to make Earl women and girls stole one everything and they throw abnormal what do they do Earl. Change in the wind conditions and his site so he was and and TV all the time there was tournaments were girls the only lefty in the top fifty. Right Errol one. Because it was users are minute and it's time and that's what I see with Belmont today everything in May throw at him he's able to figured out. You know the one thing with me with with the Monty is not only. As he helped himself. But he's also up the tour marketing. Does have everything thinks that he's brought with him you know we're sorry about while there's not another Pete Weber that's an issue. Okay right there's nobody necessarily with Pete Weber charisma the glasses the crotch chop all the south signals with him right. But Doug Monty did bring eyes to the TV sets. For the PDA to work that may not have been there before I think about much else up to inspire younger people the ball that may not fumble and before I I think he's that type Butler. Any doesn't Wear the black cat like Pete does his the lanes but because of people are in the ceilings like as the black. But because of it will always have to at a bowling and beckoning whatever elmo's I know somebody's gonna beat them again it was two hand what he does do some things he had to seize it to be kind of jerky if you don't try to double bowler that you basketball Belmont to what he's right on -- or whatever what he does account or Revver already did that Pete a couple of years ago at the masters retake his champion through an MP it's fallen peak at all peeled back yes. It. Our staff kick in my wallet you're sure what it's all head game that's what it is it's just how did that you mentioned that's what it did so that he excellent point. I don't let my hero is I have called myself a lot of attention to anybody else but that that really is. What he yen's value look at the next wave of bowlers. I don't see it again right now I don't see that guy does get a break people necessarily to the TVs unless it's true. Because of his personality the hair. That donation right everything that right everything that you've got going for him I think he breaks up. I think it's exit and those guys I don't know if they bring people's additional under the wire. Yeah I mean. Yes present in his news personnel is building Morey did refer summit cutlery goes there why during camera but he still. Kind of a quiet guy and you know there's does not the one guy that is the must see other than Elmo right now. On the TV telecast the recent a lot of people's minds troop will be if he ever gets the point. Where he gets are winning and used to have a super flashy in his day. Obviously not the talent that Kyle had spied copy obviously with his out it's obviously their third child absolutely. In the other number up until eighteen months ago when when Kyle won the summer swing the wolf that the some mystery guest. He wasn't a full time tour player he was working a forty hour week job managing a Wendy's and trying to get those born daughter on that and now he's. Note full time peavy Torre and seized really made. The subtle improvements in his game to get himself up to the next level and get himself. As a contender for these world champ two titles in these major titles that four perform as you are trapped. As these are your viral delight Allred did the umbrella and by those suspicion gets okay. I'd Dwight they're coming back to you OK so your top Clark. And you're try to grow the sport to try to grow the PGA tour. And as Phil pointed out how true this cut it to say turn what Scott. That's offs. Mean to have him in the house is going to be a big deal you know that. She seemed pretty happy about that I don't does that is a lot but he's got a lot. OK so Kyle troop. Is coming back I think is good for the PB 82 or not I don't know how many other state tournament happy BA players coming or not. I'm proud that our state does have a PBA player coming and it's a young hipper kind of due back to relate to the people that are bowling not that far removed from that. Got the style X to have five aunts and on TV. So I love that I just wonder how many other ones that are across the country. Where these guys and not showing up and and being a part of bull once again it was cuts of being a little bit different because clubs sport right. So whereas stunning Illinois from a mile high school students like associations and it's more you know they run that just finally to do any other statements like. Given NBA players Sharia but their high school basketball term all the right. Jabari Parker something by chill out and covered up and not pay and pay our opinion the show often don't. Doing you know began of the guys have been wanna see some real so there on the doing it yup so policy promotes from the loss on March the watch the preschool kids of an account that's going to be there. Say that that's the thing that's a bake shop free August saying across the country I think. Bob Bob Clark I'm trying to figure out how to cut deals if I can't try to get my guys. In front of some of these admirable it's Ivan just the state chairman and mean we have the showing a memorial Marciano I would put inspector sports write a page is gonna be the last year. Last year was the interest Haiti's ended used used before and it's a proposal Parker Bohn presidential. So I mean it's it's those tickets and for the kids these estate for about the last. What four or five years and they have a program in every year it's at least yeah. It's at least four or five years they've been they've got a bit better running. You know Weber lure one year duke was huge plaster believe. For is for those who saw how is that received. I'm very well from what I'm sure customers have Tellme yeah they show me pictures of them with the pros Bryant who we'll talk with chuck and his daughter and share their stories. But the biggest get picked Webber look. We talked about people for I love Pete myself and it had an opportunity tock tick away from the bowling Alley. And World Series of Bullocks get a Bartok and whatever else. I mean myself I love Pete because. Going back to the day what we did the Miller Park thing when they were a year -- the pro am I bowl in the slow everything at Miller Park with those guys. He is one of agents if you guys but one guy that every single person I talked to that was on his parent loft. We just apple just thought he was funny and engaging in was taken pictures and most. He really. Got that aspect of it now. It's different obviously if things don't go well he's on tour until for the what is mood may be like right they're immediately following that but as far as dealing with people out and about. I don't know. To me I I like what would he break now how did the high schoolers. React to seasonal Alice I mean how did they react to say Pete Weber I mean like Joseph Weiss of trappers are I mean he watched from growing public I did. But man how do our kids react to him because they see the glasses the craft shop and all that when he became a personality it's a different generation. You know I mean these guys here where classes ended the crotch shot so I think they're gonna respect them because they know who they he has obviously half heard of him. Paper ideal but I think you're gonna end of CM. Kyle troop. Maybe have a little bit better interaction because he's younger while he needs to get our twitch her dad because that's where they are can. It's weed out what's topped your sweater things on Twitter we Twitter. Yeah little nice to sell stuff they do a lot of FaceBook. He's a big feast of footprint of the got twice during that it would be great if obviously he came in this tournament and let's say that we even had a handful kids. But I'm a big Afro for all nation type of wind as we talked but every great B Watson saw that would mean Pringles and that is a great market. I I kids at their place on I think it's a great marketing. But again I want to prosecute don't just file on a pro space you have like. Five or six boys were in the same deaf girl and you pretty funny. All right coming up next we'll talk without troop if he's awake. Say tickle fight out Catholics are double children so yeah. That old show I've qualified seven app and the fancy Sparky sniper. Along with like Albert spare time pro shops in New Berlin they'll brow next to frame deviate Jack Johnson. And the new and exciting going over by you guys. Oh yeah was tired latest release coming out of the new balls from other manufacturers are actually. Gonna have our demo they. From Mars from have an eight which would get out near the series. And a raffle off a ball low or second week of February we're gonna have. Tuesday night and Pamela nights so they're gonna and introduce eight new balls between the four brands and then the league bowlers can triumph from. 639 and then we'll open it up from open play people can come in from the street in tramp from 9/11. At night. So the is interchangeable grips to get close friend have different spans and each manufacturer is gonna have two new ones for just the last three months the year and nails on a just tournament bowlers getting ready Lotta hours. And yells go on. Extra effort that imagery evidently and a half an angle and on your bar area this week. Bar examine ranking is they are the bar. Ill house elves inning on on Ellison. Now about a more of course not I'll tell you. Coming up this Thursday night from six and the bill Michaels by they I I don't will be operated it as we run down house necessities to eight as we have done by Arizona in the it's this time yeah about Wilson's about RV is our aria and the army anymore that's but yet. Thought the last my title of the year I would dumb Michaels and whoever he wrangles ought to be out of jail with them talking football. This Thursday night tell over there and gone Heston he adds I'm in the same items they're trying to write nasty fog. OK Sam what I tell employees of their plays what's going. The world. All right guys joining us here in studio eyes you can tell how to do not answers phone I suspect that might be the case when I said it was going to be live by Texan on so we'll see what happens. Joining us here in Syria title high school bowling from Kenosha translator. A C. Sick girls earlier how did you say women's team shall I say women seem shocking look at which which is better. Girls girls team aren't so he's still girls team on his daughter's in nationals try partly rejoicing girl I itself. Girls team here in studio alarm with his daughter are chuck so for 61. Tell us why you brought your daughter other than it's it's your daughter. Another reason you have nothing if. She knows my daughters are to come up with Meehan. She's a senior this year going on to museum for all. Figured nobody knows what you see amassed. I memorial centralized. That. Central Missouri attendant misery in The Who sees that and the jennies what brand is going team what's our asset. What does it it's a mule. On meet you'll. All know. I don't Wear on you want your shirt mean go to school. She's small elements and then going to in my account whose daughter was on and off for years real. Are that by the very very strong on bowling team suite where they rank this year. I don't know so not sure I don't think they are ranked this year blind. They are shown a lot of improvements this year and do very well Paula as their coach Ben their four. A lot of yeah to probably the same one that into your account and some kid had Palestinian. Homes Pulte Homes yes it ran Ron Ron yes he's right there for a long time. And did a rough will be only from our for the Chet the back to back 300 slasher is a freshman on the team at central Missouri this year. So there and they're going through and it's I would say rebuilding program but. I'm having her as a freshman on the team she's out to priest strong efforts from what I've seen and on some stuff fathers of FaceBook postings. So they've been doing well a lot of tournaments. Countered just say attacks me. So he messed up he decided ball in term and after all this weekend and Intel make. So. He said. That they're four frames ahead and he might be a look call and I'm like I meant so we'll see if with him. On the shell sell final what he's up to okay. So for those that don't know most of you don't know obviously chuck Weis and I grew up back in the day and that was one of the main reasons I want him coming your Gaza the so. Bag a decade there were a group of us right I mean there was himself on other guys nobody else knows Keith Anderson Jim caps and so forth. And our group together and I'm sure you've probably told you done this before. I've said it on the show numerous times about you and others that we all grew up with. If they would of had bowling teams back in the day I'm pretty convinced we would of one state considering how good the ball was Donna can notion at that time and there were. Was like there was like two or three guys it was probably a dozen guys that role pretty good bowlers back. Oh absolutely engine camps in my campus campus itself. What did you call the study was really at eight values east he's good now now as a fisherman yes yeah. You know we had an opportunity in high school like that you you know not at all well there was even if on that we at a junior tour back in data we did every month every other month crisis that was it that's all there was and you know it's it's crazy because now we're talking like old guys are what do Kay says. But I remember specifically back in the day. Bowling down there and people talking about not everybody but a couple of guys arm up boy he'll get the PGA tour whatever else and wanna charge friends Dana. What really. Claudia religion Musharraf but. Unita sponsorship money you needed money in order to even have a chance to even cracked it in that was the biggest hang up with him. And I have to imagine today it's probably still huge and a feel for a lot of bowlers that are trying to get to that point. Especially with as sporadic as of tourism me yet the world choose a Boeing and and these guys have obviously been ops and sent to pick up the Japan cup this week and the big for every unit and a couple more weeks and it's that's especially when parents Herbert findings of the do while you're Roth tour's all they can afford you know feed yourself and keep a family. Right almost a second job taping him. It means back in the day having you rumble with the chancellor and obviously all the time was there ever consideration for you remember what it would take to to get it employs. Absolutely and and I watched pros come to town and watched how many games they had a ball on March on the at a live out of a suitcase and I was driving everywhere writes I fly you're dry out I wasn't ready for an -- you know it's the lifestyle I was not ready for it did I enjoy blowing. Was I good at. And made sure but I didn't want. We'll leave home. Mbeki mis it wasn't. Just walking the terror appeared to feed him bolt as fields are so spot. It get through this Monday morning rabbits wives right there are a couple of guys over out there for board for 3040 spots in the tournament if your day was if you're not terms on a Monday. The awaiting another week before Campbell and other matters general off fire. That was the big difference in the eighties at those feels were bigger and it was a tougher way to get even just. In or regular tour event if you didn't have this Tennessee dad has Earl or Dick Webber's America. And I use Boeing with the champs even though it was a local show I always looked at it is I could and when that shall I am I gonna eat again no one's against the the whole world or at least and and the whole United States because he got to remember every city. As that same talents off I always Kenny looked at boy with the chances of Raikkonen won locally humming and when. And another city. And you just look at the number of local. Bowlers there in the US DC hall of fame like curators just each effort goes those guys. And they went on to in the eighties right and came back home after a year or two in the shots should money was gone and indeed make a tough time believe I don't have time to get back in your real job I I think as I mean Eisley. Delight you went through it probably at a different level and obviously chuck did but Sanaa you have. Kids or whatever and now she's decides the bowl look and so forth but now you have the opportunity to help culture. And now you obviously are going to college continue to bull to summoned again back in the day there was a lot of bad available for any of us either. That that has to be a completely. Different mindset for you to be in that position where you can help her grow and help all the other girls grow as well. Oh absolutely it's it's tough at times because she is my dollars she'll. Like to listen to me too often she does village knows my dad either remember that or am. We elect list repairs in knowing but she's she's doing really well on in it is fun. To teach. The other kids on what I learned what I know. And let them early in it and coach for four years now and it's it's wonderful to watch them all of a lot from her freshman always hello this idea. After his ethics. Taken our returns not Soledad and Larry she's ex tiger all quiet move. You know have been mortified that you watched us all what we're. You would have bed mortified joining us now they're midwest bank hotline he is here Kyle troops from the PGA tour joins us stuff. I'm a gasoline spare time bowl we shall see Sparky Pfeiffer Phil bro and Dwight altered for the spare time pro shop Kyle thanks lot for coming on. Tiger academy are meant so where were you ball and now what what tournament or UN. A morning throw them a game down and South Carolina that got out that four port on the order to make the drop down. Are you on your damn mind. In order to five and a more. Couple relive and Syria particularly. Home to industries while Charleston, South Carolina there's there's worse places to be in the world renowned South Carolina I'll take that over west I'll take that over Wisconsin at this point. What we're talk about this before Ed. Jason Del Monte obviously wins player of the year. And talking about where he ranks among the greats and then we are having a conversation of okay so. He brought all these eyeballs to TV sets dubious time people Webber brought eyeballs to TV set. As well and has for the last you know 10152030. Years whatever the case may be with T. But who's going to be that next that next personality that helps to bring eyeballs to the C to the TV set. I nominated view is that guy on. Where we're youth. Think about the it yourself being in the next few years you see yourself kind of being maybe one of those faces of bowling it is ours how you see your future going. Yeah not really don't like to look too much and so like your land on the Unionists stuff like that I mean it that way gorilla that. Not that plea bring them for the Korean like. Like he's but you know that's kind of the role of a place to come out all in. Father always says his first goal opener playing a spectacle Falwell. And ya kinda try to live by that as well on. You know bring some bring some player total planes and it brings more flair to this sport and you know we need some more excitement other than. You know just walking up brought strikes. If I could make. Yeah I'm more than one show every year and a half of them like the PV elite. Maybe a week it. Start getting some more study appears. That would like to be but I doubt that deviate that is the can. Grown in my game you know Fillmore competent whatnot and here the more on the ATP announced our affiliate or comparable. And the more complex yet the more exciting or obese. Hopefully we can fill that role on a couple of years. You are music to my ears and if I was Tom Clark I give you a big old because I mean from from the perspective all of you know I don't entertainer. And a bowler and I think that has been lost along the way. With a lot of guys that have been in position to be that entertainer as well. And I think blown you know more opportunities for not only that he did but for themselves too because when you get to a certain level now why do you have debt Twitter Kyle. You you need to get on Twitter at. Some flight yeah and now mega act them out. Oh I'll. Yeah I guess and it does he need to get outs would announce shorter game baca yuppie guy what to quit I tweeted out. He's not on Twitter homes not on Twitter. I'm but from that perspective do you fight so that in conversations with some of these different guys it as far as what you just said. I mean you know there are some of them but you know honestly when I look at it you know the players Al Gore. I mean I don't really see too many. Your characters I guess he correct that we have a personality. But it. Very drop in comment. Pretty drops toward things like he's the older guys are there moral fashion in other folks on the game and the younger kids. Yeah I think you're drawn up having to appear at my father and I kinda got to witness a different style falling when out known. While the younger kids. You know I'm still young and oil that he outlook and they understand the entertainment bottom Vick and the other focus on a game which we're all reliving them. You know can be a tough living at Thompson can't blame for your partners try and our on game day. You know hopefully you have tried does start in Trenton. It just brings more excitement to the sport of weakness or doubt them or what that. Yeah mom and yes percent and the doubles event in our guy interest and you know weren't an outfit like mine so. All of and that's the part that's that's a start working on a much yeah. The work pomp and opera but this year well Ohman a little bit better but it PRD. A music's stopped one outfits. Yeah I'm working on a little found that. Well you you we mentioned earlier in the show that Phil said that you were at one time were confer Wendy's and and so the question I have for you was when did you decide yeah I'm gonna make the tour full time gig. Yeah the other actually you have when he first sixteen manager hates me. And you're not managed them out they'll all all on the on the tour in the regional circuit wallet origin and it was probably. We'll see April of 2016. Not quit but I've been thinking about it you're probably in the world period before then so that I could just. You know make that leap and really dedicate myself fully to the sport unreal and put in the amount of work that are related to him did it and it was the best bit of allies some. You know once thought that if I had a lot of my friends and got on orbit you know I told me I was probably about two years late but it you know. I was still one that guaranteed paycheck every week or you know wasn't really a law my partners. You know little behind the eight ball to get a head start on the ball and that you know I'm glad I made the decision and you know through report and oil apart. Well CNN I'm the oldest guy in this room he actually I was during your dad's generation actually had your dad as a as a pro during the pro am when they came to marquis. Any it was a pretty flashy call for a guy obviously in his area did you did you get all those ideas from him for your outfits. For sure that the that the true tradition. Let out gonna Terry bird. Yeah ever opera ball regionals to sixteen and the colorful fan the other solid color pants and the button down plain shirts which was. Who felt pretty dork and I. Grown in the most solid round of the that a little bit the other going to be entered this centralized. Do you think your can't get you ready for the first scene that you were around him when he was out and on the tour for all those years. Yeah I mean I don't really think he was thinking about it that way but it unit is being exit travel and you know being involved and my whole life and kinda. And that we learned some things from him he's also been. Pretty hard on the hit on it that we want that the comforting loving father whenever I would bolt that. It up about buffalo them yet actually probably. Maybe a bit apart from that I am now on I'm thankful for how he did raise him I. And now this week TV tour start up again DC Japan invitation you were part of that on next Saturday and Sunday an extra frame. Is Japan ready for F for fish. I like got multiple on the frugal worldwide. I'm going to be bringing it full force. Want them up and I want for the dorm parent extreme but I'm actually gonna get the ball people who are. These and takes linemen. They were yeah and her weight dropped in the. Yet and that's what I was asking about that earlier so. Mean would this whole team fish they that you guys got going you bring things like that with you to sell when you go to do different amounts. Well I mean I kinda like you know when America or Japan out of spring shirt giveaways. You know I really I don't really bring the merchandise which mean a review of our web site and what are. But yeah. I kind of feel like that. They event of the situation a little bit on the air ball properly there. Trying to sell merchandise and take a take them you know a shot off of the PDA in the bawling. But you know coming up first merchandise expand their program up like that but I of tournament let that FaceBook and Internet failed. And I am still focused on the ball went on the air. Violent than bring some along with you with a nice big moving truck and I just pops open the back in the parking lot. And they sell it on the back you could focus on your bowling when you walk out how much we make today has 600 dollars not bad mad I was balling him. A body Henry here was as solid all the merchandise all the backlog that somebody that you could trust that and yeah I'd imagine the fact the PB should be on board the team finished. As stuff as well I mean. And get this team fish on Twitter. We have a FaceBook and answer your hand you know that the Twitter name. On and I've never grown to be a part of Allah that we have to have a talk with Connor picked pretty pitifully little more on the Twitter games that are going to have more on that I'll try and demonic cow made back of the. Nothing else just heard for moments like today like when you're on radio or doing TV interviews or you're on the PBA to work. Just be able to throw all that out there because that once you get the followers are similar to FaceBook or instead Graham. And then when you decide that you do wanna make money off your merchandise. Then you can deal start promoting it that way too I'm just looking off remand for you know O'Donnell that's yet that that's oldest and I know you gotta get back to bowling and your turn missile thanks so much for coming on and I appreciate it. I thank I mean on you back to take care of areas. Hi Gail Fisher to my team fish bowling dot com team fishbowl and act out. I didn't it was very hot like committed to personalized common sense lending. Since 19351. Year in the market to buy build or renovate or refinance. Discover the benefits of simply. Local banking visit great midwest bank dot com. I'll tell you right now if I was a pearl but yeah it was a switch places with scout troop. And I had a big bro politicians that when I'm out number one I'm never so your panel all in on trial for that but if I turn around and I saw a group of people in the crowd that had. I debate Rowan a pick kaine and adamant. Command tell me that when impetus mind telling your faith absolutely but but again it's about making money to for dessert that this is all great. And he says why don't latte or the sharp from the PBA. But but if I had more time I'd like no you're helping to feed via the more stuff with people walk around wearing a bowl or any thing. Is helping to deviate too with people commented TV. To watch you bull regardless they buy their stock from PGA dot com or from you does not matter. At the age is getting past some of the option X moments he seems to have like you know as youngsters at the Russia right he's our yeah he's out there yeah. I'm unavailable or are. Outlook up back like there was Gonzalez asked bullet shell continued titled aboard about a high school board without chuck Weis. Here on the fact. So. Desolate stretch I've Bolick show here on the fancy sparking fights. Bill carollo. From extra frame PDA got a job in the light of her spare time pro shops over in Berlin chuck Weis coached the girls team down and I can ocean Trevor. I'm according here as well and we were talking that she's gonna get too global. In college. And continue on with a bullet career so my question to you is. When you get that situation and white's daughter was in the same situation when you get in that situation. Is it for you about that bowling team of as far as where you wanna go. Or is it about the educational. Things that are available to you. And the programs that are available to you what was it for use that drew you to this program in Missouri. As a senator users mainly because of the location at Stanley down. And for it right how do have family down there don't you. When I forgot all about. Okay. I know not just the mobile experience. I figured I'd get more lane time. Going there at Darlington like higher school early and saying ample for a hiring school and it receive Alain. And going to if Alex's. Basketball players bowlers on same thing I wanna sit and watch a play right away I wanna play as a freshman I don't wanna wait a year Z and that's and that's sure I mean that's that's college football as college basketball and she's pretty much said the same thing for her. I don't listen to watch out wobble right away. It UT improvement as a team nobody says are going to be eleventh ranked. For years now and she's a senior advocate beat second or third ranked in the country eleven going to still pretty good Alia I mean let's be honest in your right they're not owned or the top ten program. On the role that are there any other girls I'd your team on a trapper. That are Kenny bowling past high school or what do you think. I think my friend is going tan. Milwaukee and I think she's thinking of double in a while not a 100% chaired it she's ethnic. Is that same coach Gil over a Milwaukee and yet Chad's source and then he's Oscar. Yep and a lot of other girls also are Whitewater Whitewater's ladies are extremely thrown under a state college. Data division three for NCAA with Whitewater so no scholarships. Pollution musical barriers so sought help fund raising. Let's funded by the school because it's an NCAA sport there. Fewer VW markets close foreclosed young players razor almighty to determine determine overall these weekends how's that sheet. No not at all so how unbelievable record. And that is. 45 so he forced you to ball or did you model not really I was raised its latest on a surprise. Shot. I'm shocked scene although the boy's story is about this is one I got into my career field to a radio. I mean I cannot double as the hours we work is mean morning through to tonight right get off midnight 1 AM whatever else I know opportunity. So then we started this. Radio station sport such station back in 2005. I ended up eventually doing the more action. And at that point that. One year we can actually a box post gamers are that the fine work then wiping out against Armenia do anything. But for the one year we did. Love bowling league that's where I met Dwight at the kiss FM's morning Lee or whatever. At the bully seder and some six Oklahoma ran. I embolden mind around ten years or whatever was at that point. I came back password again. I game back out like wonder on my friends honorable slaw I shut. And 215 average was it. 250 never got to bully ten years I suck I thought that there are good at all I promise you we UK watch Meebo you be like how did you ever shoot fifty. Glad to be all hot shots are gigantic and you have so much room to miss it doesn't even matter what was trash talker when people with you. Yeah I saw him does that mean the third all time money and stuff to back that is on the I think his teammate was chuck air every Indian guard medium you know he was our Marshall host it's just my daughter and my wife and and in these guys are trash talk and meanwhile our Megan's Michael he was the best in the league it was him and then mile as far as average went to. And I'm just like OK you hit at the switch on me and I kind of sad to 725 the enemy and he has games he has psychotic. Here so I like the view. Ever see delight overboard to stay away from on the always on and 1980 he'll talk TV it's a whole serious boy is unbelievable. Stock now I love it. Everybody get go being away from its so long and then coming back and seeing. What it's like. For from that perspective for you and then having your dad and growing up in the bowling Alley. And then having other girls on your team I'm assuming we get a girl up the bowling Alley and have potty happened bowl as long as you. How is that because like all of us auger of the other bowling and nowadays doesn't seem like there's many kids that are Bolick from like age six or seven all the way through high school Leo. Well it's just you find some people it come to your team that aren't as experienced. And when they come with you every week and you just try to. So you're gonna helping Sylvia we all kind of help and give advice to ultimately if we noticed they can make an adjustment we try to remind them to make an adjustment when they go back and. That's current how's that for you chuck when. You know they come to you because I we've heard stories we've had high school coaches come out over the last several years on the shelf. Anti about how some of these few blood noble and experience they decide they just want tried and see how good they can near whatever the case says. And you're really starting from square one. And haven't built a mop at a much all the rage than what you would want it to be. All right I think it's actually better because they don't they haven't formed a bad habits over the years answering your start from clean slate. You can start him off right and when they're older. They tend to listen a little bit and understand better. Sure it's a lot better sometimes as an older age with no experience at all how common is that amongst the girl programs US competing against to have. Women on their girls on their team notable as long as your daughter. It's it's pretty common maybe about 20% real yeah. And there's a lot of kids expression trooper grove dependable now it's like a tight. That community right so jacked in pretty good on there's a couple teams Alter this year that have. You know two or three girls and have never bull before. I think Waterford actually has a girl that's it for an exchange do that they are she's tried here in it. So that's mouse button on the line that I'll what do you seemed felt you see it think it's more common with girls or boys where. They have humble before and now they're trying it for the first time and recently it's. Or the and the women's side of things. I know for the upcoming. Midler classical Kessel answers the young lady from missing part just sort of blowing this season. And has a very kind of worked our way up into the reserves are on the varsity. So the young ladies are kind of taking too are the ones that seem to be picking up on things a little bit faster and it can be a little more valuable part of team. Quicker than on the boy side of the equation. All right tell here. Still broad light opera take a quick time out we'll come back Cassel late spare time bowl shell I have more questions and maybe a couple stories coming up next on the other sent. So yeah. That's why it's very tabloid shows he started fiber they'll probably like all great job was done according hanging out here from Kenosha Trevor. If this is just surreal to me and I've got see this dude. For once things like her twenties maybe dad's been allowed since then right away and ivory. He used ever be on FaceBook or whatever else. My dad's is like well out of this are faced accounts like sheriff's office. Did. And anybody that is actually present at FaceBook which there are many of you. Because I'm not allowing fans necessarily. He Franzen yet FaceBook. I don't post anything. Like Molly Line item I don't post anything that'll really wanna be on their anyhow but that's how I found listed Alice appraise our guys yet right. But I saw like a policy think. So. You're a trapper. Ranked we were at her does she have any of the same teachers that we had back in the day. No none of their own effort throughout I think we forced the mile including Bradley hit at the history teacher. He's he's not teaching anymore but he still coaching cross country team he has yet to be like eighty. Young yet to be a third agent has fallen into Belize and someone that. So I don't know kind of stories your dad hold you move. That can pay you whatever I pull up and see what do you dread another a Jeep Cherokee to jerk right. At what did you have a weird high school and marrow yeah it's nice. This Camaro and it was it was the real deal right there that tomorrow we be blasted line. Well when we played tough leopard app as well as any tree gas hovered over and over about it we just turn that thing up and wave we went back in the day. Around Kenosha. The other fund stuff. That that's always fun about mr. wise. Is an animal he still loses. Yeah that was the most humble guy in the world back in the day either you know he knew how good he laws what do capable of laugh at me. And you move this dude do how how embarrassed as I once I got on the radio today. And an illicit but but in fairness to him. I mean there weren't a lot of humble guys around cedar mean what did you say pretty much everybody kind of had an attitude about them that was bowling back in the day. Yeah I mean a thing of a couple of Tom I'd keep Anderson. Only had an attitude about it and com member can pop always is he was he was high and yup I'm at right he had I eyes. War and flipped off and then through. Things on my and they and that was my god. Partial or does that bring about watching boy is it you got all the bad bully Boeing's spark yeah I was very very angry young kid Mariane you're capable of it varies and I'm psychotic. But I kind of I grew too white you are still holding to it. Institutional beat Jack gray he bought thing I mean I get Becker is about sports I was in the air but not about bowling. Well you know I a secret for a couple of years you know quite a few years ago because I got to competitive and dangerous sport anymore. And I'm like I can't do it is so I too gave it up and she started balling a certain innocent and I got baked into it. Just have fun and it's much better when you have fun and bowl instead of trying to be so serious. I mean and now I don't I double and all us open all that's at one open bowling New Year's Eve. For a couple of hours whatever does that turn off lights bowl whatever mostly kids. Both are to suck. Does that mean they don't they don't have any interest in bowling league or anything else they're just like kind of what the Nadal Klain and whatever happens happens and we just go out there and have a fun time not in any. Competitively situation and you're disappointed being burned out so I don't bull tournaments anymore walking walking away attended a you still believe they'll give you Beverly Whitley right. Furniture not life not and I've never quit league and me editors were readjusted public substitutions and and rarely. Yeah I've never quit but I cut back usable for its and we hum and its Wii U motion. One night so that's that's normal and it's really able none right now because you your health your health teacher but I didn't I didn't in my program I was five nights a week. I don't wonder you have all your physical for all right thank you write your body's astray Q your body was the most memorable week. For next week four nights a week at the back of mystery. Your back at all and then at times and bless all of you man I miss it so much my job calls I N I can't do anymore. Hey congratulations and in Guinea go to Missouri and go home. And I should be a lot of fun silicone kinda got delayed to be a tough match to battle for the district three top spot go to state today so I don't second. Yes and second by a one match points behind and yes as long weekend for us all who's your coach. Marty or another while ski surplus ski yes or all players before. Yeah herself and you know she used to be a trip through which people know she's a coaching Indian trail that's what they did it take all the good ones from Trevor. I look at great football program that's exactly what happened in the football program if I not done about.