Spare Time Bowling Show

Spare Time Bowling
Sunday, January 28th
Steve "Sparky" Fifer and Dwight Albrecht are joined by GMBA Hall of Fame President Joe Natoli. Phil Brylow joins the show from Japan after the PBA Xtra Frame event. 

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From. Welcome Matt Cassel played spare time bowling show here on the fancy Sparky Pfeiffer. Along with fly all break and again we will have killed rival. Live from Japan coming up here. Just a matter moments I talked to him on the way have. And he said that he was about to catch train so. He got that train soon enough he would just taxed me when you off the train and then all we'll try to get them. Last night in Japan and we'll find out what happened and extra frame tournament special over there in Japan I saw pictures. Two white. All the different foods they were eating Phyllis posting stuff and all the different places they were gore. I've ever been to Japan and it looks like a lot of fun in the wireless is SS beer great experience for him where any of the guys that are going over there right. I think the par there's ever was when it was Montreal. All Canada yeah I never done that either. If not for those who have been his whole life. Okay yeah that's Sunday am hoping yeah that's that's on the panel and it wasn't like them then they're like I've been blessed I've been there three times. I had no interest and none whatsoever and I and out again. I was younger obviously back in the day it was a the child back in dale three times that I I got to all my parents. I just I mean. Wahoo. Is Chicago. Or not she just sit in traffic jam. Waikiki Beach you're sitting in traffic and allows people would be junior not moving you're just sitting there taking forever Pearl Harbor toward authority Pearl Harbor that's awesome that. Our Maui. Was getting to be were Oahu was. Last time I was there and I'm guessing it probably is there by this point by the time they've expand as much of that hat. I guess or to go back like the big out of class I think still isn't commercialized nearly as much as the other two so. That might be more worth. Well leak they continue in in Japan and a to use the same bowling alleys correct for this tournament our honor. Itself and its Tokyo on some and I would think Somalia army I'm not sure for I'm not positive for sure blasts. The umbrella when he calls and Dwight do you. Have decided to. Infiltrate the studios this week complacent fill up a where if not one but two guys eventually the other ones are period we started early and it yes if you're listening we wish our way early. I have to face from his own I got up early. I mean get earn that summer at the church probably. Well what's who who joins us now. Well right now in the studio all the guys actually don't mean in need an introduction because they've done reunion does nobody can seem hat okay well at least I. But obviously I I. But I think we would need need an hour between Joseph and gusts obviously just hear their craft and I don't know what they solved on the talent. But John toll is joined in this endlessly to John toll you've never seen that the toll rate. And then Justin heiress. I don't know there's there's supposed to look like so I'll find Alice in. Heavy would you consider every Greek. Are Greek Inkster look Rodriguez yeah. Boy you to do and that's got to meet interesting reaction could save you fuel rocket together. Oh okay so why are able to hear this. Woodrow. At. Contact me a couple weeks ago and and message me about you would like to come on the radio gust obviously. Talked to me over the summer over the all famed meetings. And asked if we can have him on to. Talking and just think these guys are that. While it in their prime were probably the top in the stayed in in in the country obviously him I competed against all of the bomb. Calm when the back in my graduate days while others yeah I did it on the problem is they're still doing and I'm not only physically you glad you had handled the Dallas in the Ukraine exactly but no they're still at a very high level learn and Gus is the national champion until have you ever won an eagle. Thanks for bringing that up now wow this several top fives and number one right that's it so I mean I guess I guess my question I have I have. Lots of and continue your coming in. So for from this perspective so when you look at the staid old boy in. Exciting he threw big it could just talked about this. I'm putting you through dig it could guys talked about this round suitable in Wisconsin. And southeastern scouts I guess maybe as much as it is the Russian state. Give an idea it through your eyes how it's changed in transition. From when you started bowling. To kind of where we are today. That's a heck of a discussion right there I think it all goes back to. To scoring conditions playing conditions I think. Used to be tougher I think that. And there was a point in time when super Pryor's. That there are score system was too subjective they used to send people out to inspect scores and then drew tournaments instead of where you have turn reason you have these wars. And then the proprietors and I can't blame for this wants something. Easier they wanted to take some of the subjectivity out of it so that's one short oil started him. ABC said you couldn't block a lane was short oil and that turned out to be may not accurate you go there. But so I think it goes back to there. A lot of team bowling back then. Not as much now yes association is trying to two bring. That back at a higher level at every level really but at the higher level as well. So. But it's it's certainly not dead it's it's. It's just evolving. What about. That the people themselves. Without our help their bowl and now verses wire was. When you're kid verses when you went through high school college and into where you are now. Bowling now is in high school in school bowling program in college you can get scholarships back then I was a little tougher that you could do it but there weren't as many I Wichita State comes to mind that doesn't make that back then. But now it because it's that in school bowling program is in high school and in college. You have some tremendous young players. I mean I've you know all of the Hibbert families have already evident here yet. So it's it's on the upswing in my opinion because of that history because of the schools the school involvement. Seems rare I don't know where you guys are on his butt. For me I think. There was stereotype attached a bullet for a long time. I rebels rob them coal country renew EC movies I guess who has run a country as much there was here. You know you go to bowling Alley get cigarettes. You're drinking your moves and he smoked cigarettes had a good tiger playing cards with a regular car absorbed nudie cards or whatever you may have your guys' team. And your party and that that's what it is near. He would say it's an escape from your wife or whatever the case may be and then they have a women's leagues and got away from the guys. That that's kind of what it was and then there were those that were really competitive. But there was a bunch of guys that were kind of like their kinship or friendship that's kind of what they did. And then when the winter was dot those same Yahoo!'s one on the golf course played golf all summer long and in transition back into the bowling Alley. Do we see that same type of kinship or friendship or your seeing the same guys in the same ways for that many years together and light shaking a set already. No I hate I don't I don't one of the greatest leagues they believe Joseph I and gusts were part of was originally started as the cores laid all stars and com and great sponsorship and went off to Carmel tube and and then red carpet in. And they are single or belt. The bread and the brandy was your sponsor yep Indian beer. And for amnesty to Korb element and it actually was a league that viewer actually asked to join. I write fears. Sure yeah. That's true that was a greatly. To spark East Point I think you still do have some of that some of the names have changed but. I can think of ten guys right now that all together all the time that's that do vote what you just said they grilled Alfredo and and they come back and able again so that's still around. And there's another tournament at speaking of the youth and and I guess what we can look forward to in the sport of bowling there's a channel min ski started she's she does a great term ends there in his arms if they fill. The bowling senator with youth teams and that has helped as well so what of that from from that. That that perspective Joseph. Oh tojo and a toll here I'm a fan. From one yell at you were growing up bowling as a kid. As far as how would you please Wear these then verses what you see now. Back when I was growing up it was called AJ BC. And it was huge we had turn immense. You had city tournaments in state tournaments and you qualified for that just like you do today. So that really hasn't changed that much the names have changed the organization has changed just went from AJ DC than to. Two. I just one flanked by. So I reported but and that got us why DA YA BA tank riot that's what was when I was blown wide view. The did this is for me something and again I don't I mean I've got to maybe a torment can turn to next month's lied and got his poignant but. I grew up and chuck why Susan your lashes Trevor girls coach Doug wrote alone together. All we had. Coaches that were on the lanes during our league's every week to say two or three coaches I would walk around labeling and help everybody get battered soulful. And that I think was a huge chow now. Do you still have that now he's youth leagues where you have coaches on the lanes with the different leagues on Saturday mornings doing that. Some some of the sinners yes I know. You have the coaching program to the gold silver bronze scoring program and know that village apple has won Neil. We'll push react was one of the probably the best and fortunately passed away a couple of years ago but. He kind of did everything in for the kids up for that program Ottoman nominee follows now. I believe it's three or four different pair parents are actually taken over what that one may ask. Yeah he did it all yet saw while respected in the area firfer development of youth ball lane and getting coaches on the lanes right. Lot of that senators are have been. Volunteers come and parents come network with a canceled. We had that when we were grown up at Bolero. You know it's interesting because like I go back and I. Again is taught you what I know so you all can jump in Tony. Right robbery differed on how different it may be. So a little back down at Daytona rank them to share in lanes where I grew a bowling for all those years. We had great. You know who's there and preparing was there overseeing all of us although for all those years you groping drift. He'd be the guy you jets anymore as you walking to your shoes whatever watch warm up. So you have all those guys but to me now. Maybe I'm I'm crazy but like all vols guys that were there are either still there. And then the guys that came up with me are all about getting back in now that there and they're kind of helping out in that that seems to meet you didn't. To be a family that at all kind of stayed together. For that bowling signer and help now the youth of today and so forth in doing different things is that more common. Or is that more rare to see that have longevity humble house with pretty much the same people there you're a year. Sometimes it depends. I know. I can I go back to brown near lands right Europe and we have the same thing you had you are in those same people who they volunteered their time. Their kids probably mold and they it it was I think less structured than than it is now which is good. Right I think it's better now but and it's all cyclical it's gonna you know there's ebbs and flows and ups and downs and I think we're on an upswing right now. Yeah I did see it in. Yeah again I miss talking now received from from my perspective I think there's a lot to be said with that because if you're parents. And you read your kids and it's the same group of people that you know Entrust every year. It makes it easier. To sign them back up for bowl in the next year because I know with a coaches are going to be I know was giving reineck al-Qaeda and all my surroundings all the way or write notes can kind of marched pretty much the same group of kids. Which are about this in the past to where. You don't you have opened bowling which is a big deal nowadays obviously and I've got an article appear from the journal sentinel today on the Pelosi yet. About Ron want entertainment content to us Alter it and get its act global but. When you have opened bowling. Like a sunny afternoons pervert temporal pummeling her sunny morning running to the families out there. We Dole's age you see kids are born of their parents should just be again just fliers said learning to Connor and if there's high schooler sort of a daughter whoever is a lesson. If we have bowlers out there whatever. I want you would sell boy either when they returned their shoes or while the ball walked down and give them a flyer for our youth les Talbott make inside out. And then make you least shorter it's just making you flee from you know September it'll April or whatever it is. Make it off fall winter session and then a spring sessions gives you a second chance to get new kids in on that second level. And I I don't know that necessarily have a dog I've been overblown budget possible centers the last couple years. With. The two boys and there eleven of thirteen I've never been approached by anybody at any bowling center. About you've bowling or anything else ever never not one I mean I think that's a missed opportunity. Because. You bring up the conversation but if somebody dared no self that are another about the youth leagues and how works in price all that maybe he could change minds well. That's exactly what liberal on bull does we have actually. A shift. That goes from August December and then a little bit of a break a couple week break in and they have a second. Half of the year worthy restart up all over again so just what you're talking about. I agree with you and that's actually I don't know about Gaza but that's actually how my brother and I got started with the parents talk is about 56 years old to your parents both. In both the mumbled reparation. Don't correct although it's not my uncle your uncle yeah hot that. He. I can't. Huge sports fan didn't play a lot of sports 'cause when he was twenty some years old he was in a car accident and a full body cast O'Malley and so my uncle was very active in golf and bowling. And he's a went actually started me. I think I was around three come over and get you on Saturday mornings and that your whatever morneau was a Sunday morning both sunny morning. I mean debt. That is amazing. So then which he kind of like you're like coach and all that's up to the kind of went along with a yeah I was lucky I'm not brag and I was lucky. I was naturally good at. He says stand here throw out there and I did and it worked. That easily that easily imagine the finer points I learned later from. We we live two blocks from rounder lanes Jerry stars. Owned the bawling senator still lives above the senator and then he start and he was a very good all reasonable thing. And he started giving me the finer points and from there. I elevated to more experts I guess and then went on the tour event. Oscars as crazy. Are we take whichever August hitters and intimidated or to describe. I. I don't envision this year yamana that you would agree anchored it and I I. I was not expecting what he looks like out the size of a hole lead when I saw when you want more legal soprano live. David George outlook that's probably a better luck they could have welcome back Catholics or its abolition here on the panel to what Phil brothel a couple of minutes. Definitely aids their top ball excel here on the bad health forget all the bowl against Cassell plays right now. Unlimited calling six systematic. From 10 AM to one he had 10 AM 1 PM. Castle lane highway 31 in Racine got that so log house feel on the inside. Still Michael and his you're doing great job done a great customer service great bar area. Just so a phenomenal place. Kids a lot of castaways re seeing a. In six five per person includes she rentals. Rentals are free with us an element of bought for three hours from 10 AM 1 PM every Sunday. Castle lanes in racing our way Albert is here. I just I was Tyson back with Phil Brown well in Japan you'll join us. Coming up by about twenty minutes from right now to give some idea of what happened last an extra for internment over in Japan. In studio. Discuss you know iris in Paris. Market. And John toll. Joining us as well so. There were items on the docket that needed to be covered so I wanna get those out of the way first so liking an anti counseling others suffer like I wanted to bring up as well so Dwight the floor is yours. NM and armor run this pass both Joseph and cuts in that favorable climate but over the summer. Sparky. Her US PC for years now I don't know how many years I was just ask my wife this last night. When the delegates go to their annual meeting. Jan Murphy in US BC has been trying to pass this merger merger is basically. Local associations streamline mean if you wanna pot that's what I call a streamlining. So Joe's here it kind of give a little insane and what's the merger on that in town and and then I have a few questions from a guy and like other associations across the state. All disposal a jolt to agents or CC's. Part of the Purcell new association. My two bits is I hear it's a great idea I mean why not consolidate. More slow associations. A bomb. Home more mines RO. Thinking about what's best for boring now and in future. He and I know arsenal solutions great job running tournaments and stuff soul. I'm happy about your association. News. At times there's a few things I don't certainly agree with I know they have already. The best interests and our hearts when it comes to. Try and go to bring to sport's future and future air mall for. I agree and took a long time for that to happen yes no and the association does do a great job they do have the best interest of the bowlers in mind. They get a bad rap sometimes. I am on the new board I'm not talking about myself. But these other men and women they volunteer their time and there's a lot of tournaments and they're there every weekend for the bowlers running the tournaments. Is it perfect no but then I wouldn't be any fun trying to fix it either with so. The merger happened and Milwaukee merged with the tri city association. The women had merged previously now the men and the women merged and that's where the and then US BC emerged as well when they had the youth organizations. And ABC and VIPs. And so they wanted to it it's a good ideas gunmen because mentioned your not. Because of the overlap in services. So you consolidate you have less associations it's easier to manage and in the in the long runs better for the bowlers so. What became of that then was the merger of the halls of fame and so that's where we've had some discussion back and forth. The association. Came up with the committee which on the chairman I'm also the president of the Milwaukee and bowling hall of fame so. It's been quite an eighteen months to have to bring those together. OK. So. I'm not a big fan of mr. Murphy got to begin with her cut at. You all seem to like what he wants to do which is fine. So he's our time are combining hole frames. So what's that discussion like that discussion like well. A person's in yours he's not in ours so now we're making one hall of fame so I guess he's in or she is in type deal. Obviously those that are involved there original discussion and it is there. Is there a conversation out who's gonna be in this new merged hall of Famer who's not does everybody have to go. Re through the process. The qualification process again with. Everybody involved or does everybody in ball automatically get into the new. While that's that's good question because it's man and women for a so. Right now if you were in your already end. No matter what you're not gonna find yourself not in the new one because no urine does your committee decided now you have for one and not for the new and you're you're grandfathered era your in the women's you're in the women's murder in the men's and the man's what they. Are trying to do is combine the men and women together together right the problem is. That's the old Mars Venus saying the men and the women do is there's different the men do there's different what's the difference. The man are governed by their entire membership. So if we want a change or rule it goes to the entire membership we have one meeting a year. The women are governed more by a committee of the association. So it's a handful of people as opposed to seventy different people sure. Sierra hole for me was about started 1960 twos or fifty plus years. We've been around it and we sort of standard as far as bylaws and everything else sure well boarding procedures here. We want to keep it intact. And that's our forefathers started this whole frame right wanted to make sure that we maintained. It's 102050 years. So I'm I take the site don't want to separate from the new association to meet Tina Warhol for game and for that reason. Brett and there's a few items that you know we didn't. That were brought to our attention and collegial senate. It's not just one or two people ordering. We have worked harder membership sporting and they all agreed that we wanted to meet team. Our status as the Milwaukee Bourn hall team that was instituted in 1962. Soul as to restate every now on the beach and concessions and wanted to try to merge its. But we need money giveaways certain things. To reiterate our boarding procedure mean that we we conduct were mourning goals. Our banquet facilities it's just. And it's not just you know if you bought surged fifty plus members. And we boarded on him and wanted to keep sending. A so what's an acceptance. The next step is as far as the association is concerned is they are moving forward with. Possibly another hall of fame with men and women combined saga ideological. Way to do it and then there would possibly be two different halls of fame and as you question. Apps I'm I'm I'm I'm really not not up to date on the Internet. Many people that I've found over the course of time doing this show with two white don't even really light pole and Melissa they think were phony. I'm so I'm gonna try and help everybody out here so you have your ball golf fan. Right all these guys are able golf carts where can I see him. Working we've you mean what NIC was in the ball bullet hole. On the source for now on the association website okay gardening and exit a suggestion here. Or up to me term suitable to hold him right exactly right yes right. Arm but I think if. If there's going to be a new hall of fame person he or whatever the case may be I think it would be cool. To have something somewhere wherever that may be. To signify who all is in one way or the other because. There's a lot of different reasons why. I think one of the reasons why is Francis for me apparent sign of setting out to a soon to be two year old at home right. So when he's grown up he's older whatever it be cool you know I could take him over and he liked. Yup he's bowl games that guy you know he's he's one of the best in our kitchen touch with him at that guy does a show with new radio show is me. He shrank in the radio hall of fame now delight in that you know if you ask you cut it you go down the list and you can tell stories and what ever and if it's not mean maybe it's his grandpa talking about guys that he bold with a whatever. And you have that or I wanna be. There are now Walt I wanna beyond that before I wanna be wherever now. You know who gets it. Think you have to go a lot of your weight in gold hit a storefront or something and and and make it all fancy dancing and all that self but just somewhere where it's displayed in a bowling center somewhere. And where you can get any Bolero seemingly has been a hub for all the old schoolers for a long time it seems like. On a now they just did their whole transformations I don't know if that's the place orbit somewhere else. I just has to be somewhere wares displayed were people Knoll helped smuggle over their golden boy and assure my kid that that wall hall of famers. And a and Valero has a what a nice little display window where they use to at least through the remodel it down took it down right red barreling stony by the Tony that actually have all the hall fame members and a plaque all of their names and all that revered. Right down the street. And 84 and Greenfield actually I believe behind screens five and six has the same plaque when all hall famous names on it. I daughter was there for interment last year and I did just what you did they said there's your dad's name up there on that hall fame plaque saw some of the proprietor is in town. Do have that up their there was also talk gears and go about trying to get it at Miller Park to. Well that. And that's still a consideration and your right Bolero had that we had the displays a picture of everyone that was in the off and going back to the beginning there are now sitting in my basement. And we're looking for a place to display them anybody listening has an idea I'd be more than happy to hear that idea we talked about possibly getting at the airport. Little display there so. We have talked about it hasn't happened it's a great idea it's a wish of all of our Israeli and all the past presidents like gossip about Greenfield and Hank junior and myself. That's what we're striving to do we just haven't found it yet. We wanted to get some more ready soul that's where a plaques. And more also report writer's block plaques. And every three or four years with the addition of the new inductees. We prominently displayed and Molson senators so if you go into one of the senators you may see that now Molson independent. Or providers purchase these things. We replaced. The names for free every through servers now. But that's the only notoriety we get. Some plaque and like they have something else in. Whatever like the regular column payment or the national name as jerseys and balls and sir articles that sort of hold him when you have I don't balls anymore lap as far as avoid malls you boldly back in 1980 file I'm sure those are off. I got on I actually I was honestly. Innovation and bad call and I always tell you why it to them in the basement you know I see my for my first national title my TV guy with your readers just a short ball that accent that's the national and minus 300 at the ABC national tournament 1983. You still haven't off here Weisel said. I'll. It's going to put it. Go there it goes to cut a visible doubles faults at the end of the day of life heading off a fake OK so. That that's everything you wanted to cover. Is there is or anything more that you guys wanted to get out here while we have your arm. Phil coming up in about five minutes I want injury and whatever else Albert Albert can I mention one thing to. The association has a golf phoning it's like our 55 year it's gonna be Saturday July 14 that western lakes golf club. It's only 75 bucks a person. If your interest in La Mina. And then I also have some them and Joseph obviously those debate to a if the bowlers out that are are listening and wanna join the new association and our annual meeting is going to be Thursday may third at 630 at Valero. You can go to the website it's and made dash US BC. Dot org ORG. And hit and other it's open to any bowler in town if they wanna comment on Omega different. Only at all also have the city tournament. Going on right now and others two or three weeks. You could pick up any entry blank two. New association a liberal website the website you can go to. He entered TV venture out you're allowed to enter three times change in two borders sharp singles doubles soul the holy that are pretty listening get Alter. OK so if they wanna become a member of this this new group or whatever. How much they pay you kind of responsibilities you have meantime Judy as meek what all the have to be a part of because every has what some is gonna wanna knows how much time commitment to act to get this I believe very another six openings for directors. That correct yet every year. And then what does that mean how many times a year do you guys meet we meet at a time commitment retirement you meet one Sunday every month although now we not having a meeting for the next three weeks because there's so many tournaments that we have to volunteer or to be yet. So it's not a huge time commitment and one annual meeting. And it's we would love to have some new new people new ideas. What kind of demographics we have. It's skews older. As that yeah. That's why we have youth organization as well musket man has subcommittee as a separate committee yeah okay. Because that's my other feared this whole deal is. Makes hang out polite and l.'s other old guys like you all can't. But he's where the future is going here I mean you guys obviously are getting any younger we know that passionate you have and the law that you have for the sport. Bush. Is there that next group coming behind you guys just as passionate and loves the sport just as much that's going to be able look kind of carry this torch moving forward for the exit. Years I victors are you operate now people rate behind us access but behind that gave up. With the high school born in the college boring. It's taken off and it's up to a and I know a lot of writers offer free boards and schools Cher and coral out of them up and it's not just water to proprietors it's taught a lot of absolutely he had. That's instrumental. In peaking boarding forward because we never had that we were young. We got our junior leagues were taught by mothers of the borders now mean we have to have certification to become. Legitimate Cole yeah just good I agree. And that's were were rated right now so we know there is a gap behind us but behind that gap I I feel through can be pretty strong. I have missed I struggle on this show every time that we have a high school college bowler in heroes into it. And they get done with that college and then they don't go off to an adult league. I coming late to get out of juniors took the hit a ball. Lease an adult tournaments what for both of you guys what would you guys sent for a message and trying to get that youth into an adult league. Excellent question that's not you know of when I worked back at the bowling congress there is. And not now it's I think an electronic gap there's so many different things vying for your time itself or when exactly but. That's not new you know after that that the the Youth League you missed out on those kids from about eighteen to 25. And then they came back after that and they were off doing other things so that's not exactly new. Hasn't been a real solution for that these are either. But it's not new it's it's. But they do come back three of those those. Egypt are. If I'm running reject again because. I just think there. In time Clark its anatomy all the time. Whenever I do stuff like this of the commissioner of the PBA. And I'm OK with him getting mad because they deal to hear the realization tubes are more stretching in different ways tell businesses market themselves what are the case maybe I was gonna tell you. This radio station did we start and we'll get to fill brow low in Japan. Here momentarily. So when the radio stations starting 2005. We look for a religious station with nobody listening. An and for the to sports talk station and and try to get ourselves on a map. And out you know fast or for two dozen flights today. We're doing pretty good and compared to where we were and others to other sports such stations in town. On that are still struggling. To keep themselves all flawed and trying to kind of keep up what our case may be but. When we started and I I got over here to help start his radio station. We decided that we weren't gonna rely on marketing dollars and billboards and everything else. We urge you take in our own hands do we had to do. And take chances. Birdie I agree with that than because you've got to get the word outsold by three individuals to. Crowd tell these high school wars it lets me just ask so what we did was we made flyers on my computer. Here in the radio station right promoting our our post usual after brewers games with ten around myself. And then a bunch of us staff members took our free time and night. And we would go paper cars. And Miller park's parking lots they caught us and kicked us out. And then we go back and we do it again and then one they caught onto us we made this huge battery reserve over a bridge over by Miller Park and held onto his people or driving out reading our banner. That grassroots marketing I know. Sounds kind of stupid or whatever the case may be. But I I think. I'm in certain situations when your fighting for the entertainment dollar as much as you guys are fighting for at this point in your talking about trying to get. Younger people that are bar hop and in doing whatever else to try get them back into your bowling center I guarantee you. If you Madonna water street and Donald I'm and then their for years but. If you're down water street in you'd probably did a quick survey walking on water street of those people that bold growing up. You'd be amazed by how many of those kids probably bold growing up. That our ball anymore that are going to Marquette and would rather go out drinking or doing whatever else. Instead of being in in a bold facility Seattle how much sense to play with an circuits from all over the country Niger this isn't just Milwaukee kids is our kids from Illinois Minnesota are contrary to Marquette we have kids that interred here from all over the country but they go to Marquette or they go to Milwaukee or wherever they may Gallup. And then they come here obviously to do an internship I series. Of the people that your trying to grab by two to bring him in now I don't know again. Years were out of college. Born the brewers. And thirty Marcia group came in is they've made a determination. We are getting college kids back in and we are building generation of baseball fans that's what they determined because they knew. That prior to them there was a huge gap where like my age. Not a my friends cared about baseball growing up because her parents were taken because their parents and entered the reversal back for salon slate lost. Tons sold with a Bursa. Table we're going to we're gonna give you unbelievable ticket prices and worsen bosses to New York colleges to pick you up and ring you. Over to Miller Park and then ring you back or whatever the games dubbed they went all out attack. Wish their marketing everything else and Alec billboards but just on the campus of getting them to the games lighting experience that. Had a fond and then bring a bag what happened. Those kids now been out of school for 1015 years. And I'll bring in their kids to baseball games and now they've built a generation gap and out started to grow at bowling is kind of situation and we'll talk about what's coming to solve urgent rituals were moll. I mean it boldly setters right now are kind of in the Earl little mini war against everybody else entertainment dollar and to meet. It kind of seems like. Thereby send their with their hands under the lights are going well will go back to the seventies and eighties eventually I'm just gonna wait history repeat itself there's no guarantee that a little. There's a not so either Oregon bounce way in awards gonna sit there and and wait for somebody to walk through our door and I think that's tough. Castaways are racing to advertise and gestational brag a little bit. Without the problem. Couple years ago he loves bullet and she just wanted to get on board so he got on board sold this last year he wanted to see if it would work year round. Instead of just on the ball show but just to make sure his advertised now I was working. CK us promotion said I'm not advertising it anywhere else except your station in this pops. It's on you I'll give you full credit he doesn't lark that obviously it's not work and then I got to figure of 100. Fine well it popped. It was unbelievable he had unbelievable success where yet kind of modify the promotional little bit. He's like I was all you guys now once and I didn't do anything anywhere else that needed newspaper read into anything just you best so war. That's got to took a risk rolled the dice it's Alexia the works because there's not a lot of bowling centers necessarily. Advertising on the radio or on TV your way in case may be what's gonna happen is. Mark my words. These two new people coming into town here one is from Chicago they're gonna be everywhere billboards radio TV and that's otherwise they're all over the country. They're going to be everywhere to before don't want you sought to do with Dave and busters but that's a bowling so that means you're competing gets a rate hurting the dollar yes. But you'll actually see bowling lanes in the commercials or whatever they may happen. These sure. You're gonna see bowling links like us at what did you also a website you CSN bowling lanes it's not an actual bowling center. It's an entertainment center in with bowling lanes in it that everybody is reading about today. Yes it dollars and. Absolutely. Two things one. Yeah media suggest what would you say to go attract these people that you're talking about people going to that senator and and saying you should be in a league basically. And what I'm saying is don't want go as great promoter why he's not and he got cold right now our president but my my deal is this. I say arm when you have a bowling setter in your knee area attainment area whatever the case may be. Everybody's gonna know by bowling center is right by wherever that is I mean I mean Sosa and I love Dave and busters don't rob my kids but if I'm near Dave and buster's and Sosa. Al Valero or whoever may be in that vicinity like that what salas MF Wes Allison whatever. I have no idea. How that they did it just. Run on itself and all I can save as and I don't know. These people was horrible management and aiding care and it what the wayside. That was. In the biggest tragedy here you could possibly fine I don't think all the time I saw in Q what I've bolt there'll what they're liable the bold before it's all followed was oust. There is no reason when you have all this is is a rock I would water ivory have west and Iran also this is is going to look. We want you come down a bullet check it out because you work here in this business we're gonna Tokyo but this deal. Going forward gonna give you 30% off plus whatever whenever you comment. And once they come in I. I get your bill now you can't have crappy pizza you can't have. Crappy one Alberta because I did you cared you ball doesn't mean that it's all done are you still have to call over the top to sell your product. Past customer service. Has. Has to be the thing. And what we did if you think about it to the entertainment dollar. If you think about geek in the family of four to packer game too bearish about O box game. He's right now I'm a she's a girl wrestler for a Packers event for me to keep my boys to old team aside tickets. I can drop 500 dollars easy easy for me to go and take them bowling I could spent under her dollars each rumble through four games that we can eat have a drink. And have a great afternoon absolutely right and I think that's they should pushed a little bit more arm. A source of leaks structure goals. You mentioned sort of bought internships. In radio. Back in the PDA. We all ahead of Granger visions Granger Alter it all went wrong at all I Ezra at the end if you don't have that anymore I mean he conceivable he's all right major feel of professional sport. Ask you this audit portal Broward only Japan but could. A lot of nasty little bowling centers on a Sunday afternoon. Noon right Packers are playing. I'm or senator you walk into city deviate you're on TV's very rarely. Meet art and I just I can't argue it's not yet. You have all these flat screens on the lanes right all of the pack into a Packard maybe it maybe all the white out and some cubs have a complaint to. That's how this or we're all yelling. That's the best of the best I got to carry it there's a pack teaching your right and the bowling is Sheila you wanna watchable you go watch over here. I'm telling you I was at his facility near Berlin for five years ago. And I was just having lunch and he didn't have a bowling fan. And I asked a sick new please turn into journal problem return and and I was watching and RT the group of guys over here I don't know they were bowlers or not they really weren't paying attention and was de Monte. Arm was bawling. And all of a sudden he's your Bedard started watching it. And somebody got mad home probably rash but somebody's gotta match. Or something and they all start to laugh too bad dudes old. All in all crazy whatever they watched it all the way to Vienna bought another run during sustained irrelevant we're gonna lead normal watch and this so I don't. Don't think there really boyfriends I don't think there really knew what they were watching. But there have fun watching it and it was even got to the it is a gift I get anybody this or not but that's what I was back that I just think there's so many things secondly Dodd. And it just a bunch of people sit around gold well. It'll work eventually but you've got us that marketing dollars you've got to figure out how to have marketing dollars and if you reason to me is I don't have any money you should go to bowling Alley. Because you have to have a marketing budget every single year all the respect putting your marketing budget into. As I'll call in radio. 24/7. No matter what anybody says and the realization they're not going anywhere. That's what you're doing by spin negative all the publications you. They're they know when you aren't accompanied by just point that makes no sense would do is tell people they don't know you are or what you do. And get them to come in your facility are now come out preached the whole show on the outside the supposed to be about Phil Rolf from Japan he still they're not fall asleep I mean he's up next. So yeah. Please welcome mat. At desolate stretch of bullet shells these are people ever going Albert. Being joined now applied films liar loans had a great midwest bank hot line live from Japan Phillies still away. And it's approaching 1 am here in Tokyo. Alia that in Tokyo for all the journal leukemia while all right so I. There's no seeger here this is gonna be on ESPN or anything so we can talk about. Who want him and you'll be able to go back to watch is an extra frame later you're up in the middle of the night but a dog bear your champion Brett. Number. 7204. Over Carol troop. Troops are literally double third straight spear and and now. There are up an eight acre. Who hopeless there's an open for him in the sixth and it was pretty much. All over. But it not bear out the night Fran how worthy I'll bowl and facilities there as far as people showing up and supporting. You loose Tokyo port bowl it was pretty peck at it no doubt about it. So what are final bit weaker always done a lot Shia alliance for about forty feet network Poulter rose the all the way to handle it now large and of course there. And the transport the bowlers no matter what nationality so. Sure Helen John was made its anchor finals in the last years now. Got bumped up a culture in the second match. But even so you see anybody leave him in a lockout because the hometown paper without the without a cap this year. I did people react to tell troop. They loved it. He got dominate you detect police chirpy and check presentation. Cows whatever picture Al he the pros taken over the role last week on the show. Well getting brought a picture and yet the fans left and then Evan gets Ayman Al Ahmed. Watch a picture particular culture what was done a lot of what all five players that made the finals now the main one the youngest player trial you've had an. One allow it to work was he selling shirts. He remembering an hour of course not why woody iron that's another large. I give a lark nobody has yet to order county were in an adult not activated all. Yet there I see you bet yeah over the last week that is another opera. To that is some other irritates me. This dude again he's got to win but. This due to be one of the faces the PGA tour going forward he's. Donna marketing might in his brain already because he's got his whole fish website or whatever else got sure it's got everything else. And I am not worried about seven on the PB. Mean that's like yeah. It's PDA. Far the more of those shirts walking around her promoting their sport because they're promoting you don't worry about all the sulfur stubby got take advantage of that OK it's adopt America out troop. Who else was and that that their final TV match. Aetna. At least I was and finished third. I losing pitcher in the semi finals. Marshall had finished I was so was sport that's a real good TE fighters troop had to make a lot to do all the way to the championship. I'm telling you what the people that I'm sure there's a term and the 399. That's it description watched around what everything in Japan. Professional players are born at Shapiro would alliance. Nobody anymore. Will buy the moves are make and try to get Smart and figure out what was going out and then damn beer in the right moves that the right time was it that the first article right here Saturday. Mean the good moved Sunday morning Atchley atoms of the first stint there perhaps in that letter. And just don't tell your men and beer much talent all the way through. And Indian bureau do with them at the end of the event. Japan's version of extra frame. Better that he loves what it's what we are pulling out of its chance it. Bounced back a little bit of the old school feel that would reduce global bald mountain. Changes it was there should the world or visible or not really well army uses about about clean out all weekend Juan. Phil I'll look at the scorers. That our post that I am PBS website and it either looks like the guys were. Lost her either found I mean there are some quite a difference except for one match between the scores. Is that again because of a low blood in and some of the pros figured out and some of them didn't. Well I think that it would that the format that you were looked at her pastors who you have sixteen PGA players. And 32 Japanese players. And so you have all worthy of a brand new lame pattern no one's ever pulled out before the dragon 45 that 45 a pattern. Little different shape and agreed to recede before and it took awhile to figure out it all points or two really long ball back. I mean what Anthony camp it was clean determine averaging two it's one that doesn't happen too often on the PGA tour what some of their 222 leading an at bat. And so once you got another look the question of spurs are up slightly at. It was going to be games where you get five guys and the Lane's review Tucker these stretch out to 78 to seven with Simon's Nortel. 24224. Over. I was sought to resentments and caliber really should have had a 300 game gonna attempt Fran I mean I thought he'd been in Iraq. Bank panic and. Hey what do you do what you're given a little Walsh nobody does that play. Us. Paris at all that we got we got a rubber out of somebody talked you edit they still projected at. Are due out you know and you betcha there is still brawler friend he did not come back happiness so. Got a Packers have a break almost at a comeback for the rest of the show. Sorry it's it's not stats are right about got a guest here from Corpus Christi, Texas sir you are. Yeah. Do we got Gerri unfortunately. Hey. The what we're gonna have good credit abortion are all twenty years ago. Well I thought I was trying like ten years ago that they were listening so. What do you guys think you. There's nothing at all urgent is gonna help a lot of competitive all the at all or just another boutiques so a lot of. I round entertainment news and I believe it's gonna bring our borders and charity. And that's the first stop getting them introduced in the sports for people whatever and Donna before. To experience what it's like to have fun and if you could take all of minor percentage of most people and talk to Orman and get him involved a competitor born there might enjoy it no we go from there are. It's going to be structures entertainment and it's our job to turn Amanda component of absolutely yeah legal bills are now Diller for the cast late spirits I've always show enjoy the rest Seve your morning and don't forget the Bucs play the bulls 7230 back on the air. Lucky buster it's a post game show this afternoon generals.