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Wednesday, February 14th
Bowling Show: Sparky is joined by Diane Welhouse and Jeff Richgels from

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On the local links to the PGA tour. Couldn fans welcome to the gasoline spare time bully show presented by the Milwaukee area Napa auto care associates now here's your posts these marquee driver on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. While debate desolate spare tire Bullock showed here the fans these Sparky Pfeiffer. Along with the aforementioned a delight Aldridge and of course. Along with the why we always have this guy joined against O'Brien joins us today have a great midwest bank hotline I don't fell. Pretty good sport and done here in Carolina. That's bad weather we've been up and remorse no I think actually more slugger and Akron area this week and seeing back on them want you owner along well. You're here you know woke up about three inches of snow all this morning with smell still fallen. We've got freezing rain this morning and afternoon taught accurately. Now. Jefferies arrangement funny our guest so how's it been for qualified how the crowds there and I was we have a live show today sold I'll be fun to watch on TV later at noon on ESP and. Oddly what you need it's what the court opinion on an old building and and not take away in the soldier. On the transit market forces speech in Carolina as an amateur Maryland's. Just candidates report Portland center treat people ram slots. And the meat part about that was probably half always at each spot were high school age kids or younger. So that the fans really come out sport repudiated the patrols what the rams last night it was an out of pearl island. It's been a really need to soldier preacher is in Nadia Akron area. You have the fans obviously out and mean that go crazy and wild and then you have fans that I've seen on FaceBook and social media all week that have. The word that I keep thinking about when I'm watching the clips is the word respect. And how much respect the fans have for the players the players have further. Johnny pitched really last shot thrown in competition was a strike in the end I'll start hug and amend. And any can't help but get teary eyed Phil when you see something like that. Yeah we've been here Janine extra reboot that night out returns last shot you just fell ill help welcome the players and fans here. Marshall Allman we have only long an instrument whenever we took the break. The fans were swarming Marshall for autographs. So that the respects there and from what what is it with some of the younger. I'm proud you know there are bringing their kids when they had to watch and there are high school last time we are here now desperate which has long in an. And I Simon ice storm in in the it department that some older players and and it's it's it's been really neat. The board of all ages whether it's you know tried rightly. It's seven years major. Tournament leader just response and it's 42. Does that that the the respect from the fans is there. Oak Hill that maybe but I TV it's not. Because your your field today Sox are outside of spreads and a Del Monte Andrew Anderson DJ Moore and Matt O'Grady all goody. This is you know what you want for live TV with all due respect to those three who I don't highlight of their lives or whatever the case may be I get that. But look at dal maligned here. Ronnie Russell and a great name either but at least he's been on TV a bunch of times he's seven dollar denies Anthony silence and if I would've taken that Marshall Katz 95. Armed Leave It to Beaver is tenth Todd door he is eleven tiled troopers twelve Vijay tact it's thirteen Chris Barnes is fourteenth. Many evils guys wouldn't matter. What exactly and with the format of the term December armed they had to return a qualifier Monday. That allow players one regional titles or. PPP if he tells the offer the way into this field. And Andrea Anderson is equality per machine he's basically a rookie Lester in his last year was his first year on tour. BJ more action a couple of times and they'll strike isn't immediately. So it's rally Puget an unknown entity we just haven't seen them. Along really are together inside amateur Wiltshire is appalling. With all due respect to the TBA league I I don't I I don't know for sure what the audience is for PBA league verses what it is. For the Wrangler Lee got ESPN throughout the course of the years I really don't know how how many of those people mobile DJ Moore is at this point. We'll get a chance obviously you're ball today and the door to one on notre a lot of people those bets you'll read it the only damage you know I keep this US papers the world that the 2016. Medical World Series avoid. When he is president didn't make any other shows but over each other at every game is the two time. East regional peace BA player of the year. And in all of pro shop studies who doesn't it up the ball on tour as much as you like. And pedal wildcard in this whole nature of the ball great all week but almost packed sway at the TV show position on Friday night. I shot him in the 150 and barely held on the Mets sent the show who's ranked near the leader. And they'll Montana make a late charge to make the shell get up to third. Almighty. Almost missed the top 24 on Thursday yeah at 237 let's give it all fine. Are barely held out right you'll watch what are struck the first on the tenth frame I would have passed Belmont deeper one report in my normal and out of hand. Is that a bubble going for his record tight I thought our major title. That is absolutely crazy hey god desolate yet obviously to two handers again in the field what happened cal troop because they were showing a lot of clips of him. During the week Phil on our social media shouldn't 300 and then it too many nine and he was working the crowd pretty good which is obviously exciting for the fans went ahead of him Ted and fourteen match. I will I'll tell you what. Blasting aliens used in match play by the time I get the Friday that they were just absolutely brutal and is up posters with 200 land. It was huge it was actually future unfortunately for true. He got that I hand you struggle a bit and double got a high end and he stepped up and up to 32 important as normal. You do things with a ball and all other players can't do and it helped film where a lot of other players struggled in the house and natural death double up in the top five. And why do is briefly talk about TV show last week fell we also diet while house here in studio or be talking with her. A throughout the show Jeffrey heels coming up in the next segment as well. Is our doors of a breakthrough. Last week of the PBA ITV show Serra rash was on TV last week. That's all ballots als a breakthrough NC that in a while shot crashed her racial air so that was something we haven't seen on TV. Sarah rash is pregnant again yes that's correct answer Russia's pregnant yet hey let me ask you let me ask you this Phil G light. The way that that celebrity. Show is is setup. They don't treat it and make immovable pastors sometimes especially with the celebrity shootout portion of it I'd like the format the shuttle because. It chose not what it take to get you'll dvd player. Anybody have some really TERRELL OWENS who's really worked on his game Prius all. Really were kind of games when they have time. Just still see the talent level the PGA players entered. You know that the guys cut off the street to kind of make it a hobby I do like that doubles format of the show. I think it's a great thing but yet let the one ball Rauf and the thing I need to move little bastard that the only thing that I don't really have no change on the shall. I hate that aspect and how is my long complained that they talks or have Burt and a day that there was no reason. That show could have been an hour I would've been five verses dragon I think along two hours. I but I will say this and guiding it to seem a World Series born I was that was back here to search stories from you wouldn't harm Clark everybody. Luke he bats is for real I mean there is no question that duke could flat out bold the best I've seen of anybody that's not on the tour. That's come from a celebrity standpoint. Oh absolutely I mean if Nokia's turn organist game he would be a salary to a competitor at at a minimum. You know the only a couple of weeks to really working in the forum the world Jew boy this year and come out and so the hardest part for him to really conditions bring up things transition because these oil all the talk housed at Wright doesn't change which doesn't repeated or. So when you got to go one term at the world cheers and Pam your votes Jeremy Jones knows they've double and I was paired and other Arab Evans on the dirt you may wanna make as big jump on the left and Tommy got a lineup of what it started but moved stalled throw the ball all time to get that perfect game. That everybody saw an extra frame and YouTube and I moved here hospitality just a matter a lot of parts reading what you right to our tour. White so this is the dia so this year for World Series of bullets you're gonna closer shopped out. You're gonna gold being a bookie that's coach at the World Series a bullet can get them on a TV should. That's Richard or may well. All I'm sure you are now he's got a lot of might explain to the thousands of people that I take care of that and that in the shop though locally doesn't matter who makes so much money a cover up for it relief. Yeah it'll be content award. It's it's on prop I thought Phil I thought it was an entertaining show and left several times during the and I agree at certain point to drag a line. But he could tell that the crowd was into it but I in my opinion Oscar Newark new is the comedian he stole the show especially when he fell purposely over the advertisement billboard I mean I just I left well out. I thought he was hilarious. From what I heard cameras on cameras are not sure he was just the light of of the entire show taping and are talking a couple guys that were there were in on the show. It is there was there was some real news some real filibusters. Probably can be gotten repeated out there that I had and that. Deftly that split personality shone for him. I I was pretty impressed until it says they should read those like a fill him last second or somebody supported each fill in forty Mel. I don't know I had beat it at that November or so. They actually they actually keep that right after the alters the boy. And they said the reason was the last second replacement he actually greedy just thought that lol. Jumped straight ball or whatever may be that you would see somebody that's honorable role he was actually a right with a through striker whatever diddle. Talking in their did okay assault that has pretty impressive are still face a much for coming out. You know I in a Sunday Indianapolis speeded sixtieth anniversary championship. That so many of spin and a big big next Saturday opera some extra frame we have the immediately draft at 9:30 central time. I'm due library from woodland ball and then not Saturday evening at five. PGA hall of fame induction ceremony and devious sixtieth anniversary celebration. Chris Barnes and Ryan Moore two players going into alternate measure. So who's your take for today for TOC winner. Desperate. Yeah I think yes herbal out. Are all on the television and I think that we were not a shocker and goes to art in the finals that that will be the story of yeah he's dead in those two aren't finals. He would the only advantage Anderson has completely outside part of the lane brother right. Better than a lot of the other ladies Canada Hughes whose eventually long. Something gets torn up in the mill in their practice Aniston might be able to pick out right during the TV show and that you media sector for the young to as the first national title. Awesome I felt like you'll talk to next week. There is still brow on the Redmond West Bank hotline if you're looking for a sip or immediate pre approval process your new home construction renovation mom called great midwest bank. Committed to providing uniquely tailored Robinson's mortgage products since 1935. The topic Jeffrey is one of the frame dot Capcom in the momentarily but I said in house. Was Diane well house majority sear OIV cast late spare tire bowl and show. I saw I texted. White last night and I said hey just silly now we got by him while outside a man I said white. The article that Mike McGee ever send me about you. And to which you said I'll wire you know which he has an old I am very well and I said I don't attend the showing to the walking wounded but we've both been through their hip replacement surgery is. But Diana had a before they even had the word hip replacement. Well you had before it was popular. Apps yeah. Alison usually everybody is experiment now are us. So what are you what are you because you're really accomplish bowler and leave from an early age right. So how early were you accomplished. I'll probably about 21 each you. 22 where you do like TB USA stuff for. I guess and the teen USA in 1992. Okay and it's not I was dabbling on the elite east tour in the regional tour at that time is while I was with the last ladies too before this acquittals and that. Now there was a big Thai border was only store well aka. And then I don't dealers and I never went on tour I train to go on tour for about four years of dealers and I didn't go is because the United States only congress offered me a (%expletive) They just bought you off pretty not sell at that time I thought it was locally here yet some green and I was I was in town doing something fourteen USA we ran a class here and the coaches approached me and said you know at least we're struggling a little bit have you thought about a career in in the office instead and I said no and they literally took me from the bowling center to headquarters right there in my bowling clothes and still need front of the executives and said this is your girl and two weeks later I was on staff will redo on what did you do I got into turning its back so western with a young American bowling alliance is an assistant turner and manager I was there for ten years and when I left I was the director of collegiate bawling. You know I'm not follow we have. One why did you leave. The beat they move at that point yet young women still are hauled ass so you knew it was gone. Knew it was coming out I went to the merger when you we yet we are IDC we went to the merger and stopped and we knew that there are bigger changes coming. I just left for personal reasons I was married at the time looking to start a family I was traveling a ton being the director collegiate only imagine I was on a roll every two weeks somewhere. I'm so just kind of back off the travel little band and and focus more on family I decided to change careers. You know one main that we always talk about and there's lots on talked to about sill have no fear but that but. But one name that is something for me that I I I guess I get a little Liam worried about we tried before a near. Is how colleges. Kind of find bowlers. And how that process all really works Nolan if if you're in high school. And you do wobble collegial or whatever else. You all are they going to fight me I am I gonna be found. What do I have to do because. Say in baseball there's a million differed. You don't turn and shooting it in to travel ball you can get into. There's on the east perfect game things which is an organization that you travel all around the country get into their profiles armoire in the whole deal. All these colleges get it. So that I know all my kids involved in that college will see that that's a lot socket a lock stock deal. But for blowing to me it seems like almost more hit and miss it to a certain degree able to have to. Analysts said your old tapes out a comparable yourself below the more than you do about the sports. Actually and that that really hasn't changed from my day when I was looking to go into collegiate bowling. There's unless you're doing things like. Junior team USA getting yourself and and bowling and some other national or regional tight you turn America's. Where you might be able to get more recognized it's still really topping nobody's coming out and really overly scouting. Use players at high school. Why. Great question why you offer it dirge morsel from women because you know winning is an NCAA sports. The guy on our laps you know and that's probably never gonna happen. Soul you know from the women's side there's probably a little bit more scouting going and then there is from the men's side because even though they're organized programs a lot emerges considered club. So then like Wichita and stuff like that. These are pretty much going from Y what are how are they fighting their town. Great question how they're fighting to tell its local a lot of times and it's those students that are all participating in a regional and other nationally bands. And yes sending tapes if if you are a good player sending resonate tapes getting yourself out there and known has to happen. I think also that they ever had that name for so many years that if your upcoming high school to vote college. Bowler you wanna get down the national team that's one of the first colleges that comes to your mind. All the girls from the Burlington plant last year from two years ago to a bomb went to Robert more experienced that was school. A lot of pros came from that school. Now this last year to more graduated. And they are now all remain together down in Chicago at Robert Morris we Pannemon studio so they continued their French ship from the face. The level now to the college level. But if you're the boys are you really have to audition ourselves as much as anything else and I would basically anything Q if you've had you know fellow high school students go there they know your up and coming player I'm sure there's that word of all things that went through that says hey Johnny back home is it's a stellar Jay lane here hurting. Yep graduating next year you wanna check him out now that's report she has died well house. He is right Albert and the spare time pro shop in new burly coming up next Jeff riddles of eleventh frame dot com speak to him straight ahead and cast lanes starts evolution. From a local links to the PGA tour. Couldn fans welcome to make gasoline spare time bowling show presented by the Milwaukee area Napa auto care associates now here's your posts these marquee driver on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Welcome back to and it's desolate stretch up Bullock show here on the fancy Sparky five or light Albert and of course Diane well all sink in studio with us this week she's got a big event. Outside of bold nicely Kim if her thoughts on that in the next weekend. Amanda with one ball. I'm loath him most are now we're LeRoy is makes me yes. Joining us now is Jeff ray Eagles from eleventh frame dot I'm gonna guess had a great midwest bank hot light. It's Godard Jeff. Now march I've been listening in here hi Diana how you're doing them are we all excited for this show today. Yeah we should write op beta is history but potentially huge history global. Yes if Belmont he wins. Right right if if O'Grady wins nobody cares and those other two guys went in person wins or whatever nobody cares luck. Not if you've ever. We need young players to come in and start winning and everybody's got to win and first appearance. Don't stop we we've got a knock job guys you got Ole. The young nods on this odd PDA to a right now I'll why they have big shells I need big stars that's what I need. We have Kyle troop Bob that show I said dude you need to be our dvd to get Porter county all this stuff and go all they did so here's an opportunity to DR TV live show gold do it. And obviously he's not very that's what they meet they had shot rash. In a meaningful spotted for they. Had to get back to happening out lies some of these other guys like sleds and has stepped up about his deal other guys have to stop. Well yeah I would agree a 100%. But you know you do have the normal for history and you got to figure out there is established himself now hear him EJ involve owners probably your top three right now enough in the world. I would Jeff wrinkles I hear of extra frame are violent friend not top let's not about PBA viewer ship via an article up at eleven frame dot com. I'm talking about that how is that stacked up this year vs yours taps. Well it's been pretty pretty fascinating and it's a really complicated down if you look at that this story I wrote. And eleventh framed our common Tom Harkin had long discussion about that couple Sunday mornings ago. Maybe three weeks ago just all the cord cutting it and the people watching it on YouTube been delayed and different you know everyone talks about what you gotta watch live I wanna watch live it doesn't matter I can't watch it like what you can watch it live if you have ESPN. The lucky at an apathy have DirecTV or something like that. Being yet hardly anybody take advantage of that. And yet hundreds of thousands of people watched the show. Arm you know when it comes on cape always Walter's bowling show and it just tells you that. You know I. They tell you a lot of different things were mostly tells you that there's just a lot of people that love to watch falling in don't really care if they afterward they watch and why they might not even know that it did this to the lives for a lot of those people at. It is fascinating numbers in the you know today we have everything we want in the next three weeks here like shows at noon no NFL. We'll see what the numbers are numbers were pretty consistent so far the cure for the World Series compared to last year. Why is that Jeff Whitey what's your opinion and why people don't wanna do that app or extra frame. If they are really bowling fans. Well I I think that there are a lot of people that love to watch bowling. But they don't need need to watch it you know it's not like. I need I can't. I have to watch this light or a smack useful for me if I like watching a packer game some predicted. You can watch it after game tape what you can't see that you want to watch tape or you're a real not that breaks being down on the both bawling you know we have so little mainstream news coverage of bowling that I think. I huge number of those people that watched the PGA show that are eight don't even know they're not like they don't know the results not a real hard core people do know. That do all the result than older probably of that few thousand people. That are watching on the watch ESP and apple were you know on ESPN three dot com when the social are on. Lives when they happened but for more people you know they'd probably turnout on the table and I love watching bowling I don't in the don't even know who won so to them it is effectively life. OK so. It lets you listen to additional for the last several years where we went out the World Series of bowling crop or roll the tape innings in the end. We kind of told you that it was taped. It doesn't sing a mashal broadcasts and its tape and beat it to Saber forty earlier in a month ago or two months ago and it doesn't say so. Again unless you have a bowl and shown your community or you live odds aren't FaceBook or goods hang out at forum. Message boards or whatever. There's no way to know the difference one way or the other salute complain about that are the in a die hard to geeks. That are trying to find the results of everything gals of feel like he gets spoiled and all of that. My body respond to them as miracle winning anywhere so. All the respect I really don't care about you all all I care about is hot and why did the thirteen or fourteen year old who bulls in league. To watch my show runs on main union mom and and watch my show on until they knew how to like a high school bowler who is born in high school. Team play and sunny morning to come home and wash UP BA side may happen and how do why did those people. That's why care about if you're 6065. Years old and are taught me how was being in the seven days. Not idiots aren't like I wasn't yet and that's relevant. Because with elders you guys are gonna be out of the X here. I need this next generation helped hearing this sport forward. That's who care about so if these kids have an idea of what it takes to get them a watch it so far. Last I checked Jeff is all over social media I mean PV based on Twitter top Clark sought Twitter the bowlers are our Twitter from what I see. Not a FaceBook dot but from a tour stepped weather all over in the Gramm I'm not sure how popular they are against the Graham. But that extra frame they forget social media plus they're all bushels backed up now for YouTube and all that other stuff I think doing everything they keep you from that standpoint. Yeah yeah I mean if you wanna watch it live but all lives that are the FPM show. If you're hardcore you can watch them like for everybody else there's. A million different ways to watch it. It's amazing these numbers there are some of these old shoulder on YouTube armed to have more than a million views and all of our people are just casually come across that. You have to go wild in search for it to find it. To watch the PGA show on YouTube it's not like you turn on your TV or planning a piano and there's bowling either people who are true hardcore. I guess AM is what you would call our courts and they're they're spending trying to go find it on YouTube and watch it on their computer perhaps captain to the TV but. I think these skipped. Mobile world or shall all have over a 100000 views already on YouTube so that's not really something that maybe gets measured by advertisers it's. And Neil and an app but boy it out there I mean that's that's. There's still a really large amount of people like a watchable. You're new euros and number game Jeff. Or. So you you you've heard the numerous announcers they have a new car how much it's sponsoring do you think they deal. How many wide sponsor reads. Read all. Here here yeah right everything is sponsored it Bergen everything aria. So why in the world would he be different if you are the PB 82. If Gil what if I'd also your website bigger Broad Institute but if extra frame is Jordan deal. Why weren't huge has hammered the entire year show. Like. It is at or below near Iraq. Probably coming out of every break Katie if you what does it look while I was like check cannot look afraid dot top suspicion is only this much. All of that's like that he hated getting between shots. Segment hated it did go get to the next break. Lead they should always be to get or. Dirt good dirt like a live show like today you'll shell. If you sign up today give it a half off for the first year or what ever the case is. Because they overlap or do what they want that or what goals are not alters our TV they control the content so but David LaMont to promote it. That's all I cannot even talk with a player rep like guys he's got to pace eight. Salt from that perspective I think that's kind of wasted opportunity be a little. I would agree a 100% in on Tom Clark has said many times that right now extra frames a little under 101000 subscribers last night it checked. He said if they could get to between 50000 manner on a 100000. They could really begin to look at making enough money off of extra frame because he would drive advertisers into it not to mention the subscription fees which are generally much like five bucks on basically you could brought up he get over fifty dollar he drug or current advertisers and all let me start. Getting enough money where you can start talking about making them real tour again which is everyone's goal including top. And network where are these hardcore bowling fans they say they want want bawling and they can't put up five bucks a month. Two really big yet we have the we have the power to change the PDA. By doing that. My bread and then tell us your questions. So it it isn't a ball the five dollars a month or is it about how many subscribers you have to take to advertisers. Know what it's more from what time and explain to me. There's like a point at which it's sort of a tipping point where you get enough for then you can sell advertising. And you can make enough money up I think I thought that then. Spybot tomorrow. To adopt or I'm wrong. So if that's the case so like for your website you have to go to let forgot top pay for your website you have to put your email address at your password right. Yeah and then you can type a soul if it's just all the subscribers and it's not necessarily about body obviously money is good. Why did she huge is cut a deal. With the youth boldly. Leagues in this country and be like hey if you're you've boldly you get a free subscription Baxter for an eight. Here you go figure that. Ed real well what's your what's your short eighteen or whatever the united Youth League. But you have to pay but if you get its act afraid attribute you get it. Just think all polls kids are gonna spots or get side up. That are gonna tell other people Bobbitt. What makes sense I mean I know you're not in the five dollars a pop I get that put it this is about fifty to a 100000. To get subscribers and all you have to do to verify that you habit. Is Scholl views and show email addresses or whatever the case may be what does that. Well that's good questions for Tom to answer there. But obviously that's all great stuff or church. You know that they have a deal with BP A eight a home where every bowling senate to be PH center which is small government. They have extra frame. If they wanna act three. And where you could that there are. Colin capping it or whatever you call it out all these bowling center but you're going global and better do you see that up their. And we on. Delight so I got all or for you when you go back today five out of it all happen. And then ask why you don't broadcast I I just had to pick up the drop the table right off the table here Jeff because I never even heard of that. And I don't think there's one senator isotope test for yesterday they better put TOC activate. During city tournament at number one right. I really strangling some and acts. There's a home. I'm pretty sure about that because I think Tom talked about that when they meet the global new deal on the one of the things they were doing as part of that was that they give extra frame. Are pretending to through BP A any owner that wants that so that they can show it in the bowling and that's get eyeballs on it it's a promotional now everybody log in the air are got to get this at home. The key which you just that is if anybody wants its soul might follow to that is so aid to the ball and senators know about it. Men may have to reach out the PBA tour. Ordered the PB 82 work sent a letter in the mail saying if you want it here's your username and password to sign in. I do not know because your ass and be part of a global grind through bta. I'm saying is it they have to call or duet like that about it'll banging up the Mets decide what happened I got a raw were sorry. I know you wanna talk some more like we got to go inside and while last year I don't wanna waste your time alright I did in the West Bank how what he is Jeffrey eagles' Jeff thanks so much for coming out it's always fun. All the things start to care there is Jeffrey Eagles eleven frame dot com has the story up right now talking about. Some new renovations. Coming out in Nevada. To the stadium decent stadium upgrades out there's a big -- checked that out. If you're looking for a simple to bigotry approval process for your new home construction or renovation long called ray mid West Bank. Committed to providing uniquely tailored concerts mortgage products since 1930. Why aren't like I said die and while house is here we'll get her thoughts and we just talked to Jeffrey goes about coming up next. Bug back castle expect apple would show here on the backhand. He's like five or play Albert diet well miles here as well. And Diane what what's your official title marry an executive director Pat's papers are a lot of letters next your name I have no idea what had time. CD at W sounds sounds on the mound wealth of that I know what it was I had allowed to ask your. Oh okay so merry of improvement shall coming up next week it is it's the out largest home improvement show in the country. We have over 250 exhibitors I've 150 who spaces starts on Thursday at noon goes through Sunday at and and where's that. It's at state air park in the exposition center -- just how much is Kosygin. Ten dollars and advance to the go team lacking eerie dot org to buy tickets are twelve dollars at the door. And you have special guest there's throughout as well we do we have folks like lament look. Melinda Myers easy we'd all -- Arlington aren't yet you sat here all the time yap so we have her we have LeRoy Butler you're talking about earlier and I cooking demonstrations have Mac it she's probably yeah yeah and then and we also have nick construction guru he comes out and talks about how to work with a contractor what you're looking for in terms announced yes so you don't to Patrick should say and how to find contractor. I'm we've other cooking demonstrations by other local shops and things juice there's always something going now and that. Whether you're there'd actually find contractor or not there's a lot of cool things to it's an experience see feel touch and you all day long. Images to say announcement for the future. My wife does not get excited over much. But and there's a quick white story here but she absolutely is who'd each GT now he needs and and she is absolutely love but the two twin property of others out cape so she's taken a couple students from Emma solely down to and some conference. And I'm in heaven general my daughter and Texas Roadhouse and she's enemy of the messages that she ran into the property Brothers while of course my daughter and I are taken back. Get your picture taken with and get your picture and does this year this is your one chance. No she goes and gets all the students pictures taken with the Mets that's my wife so if you ever get the property Brothers up. I guarantee you that we got to get a picture or my way. So I gotta tell you are soaring now. Having you are Gary radio show and a station. So let me give her hosts. So this was probably years ago I guess it's like can't you might have to have filet and other than that I. So I thought it was for whatever we thought it was four out. So I started going well OK I don't anybody right now I do in Knoll that. Mike was inning did me gas or whatever so I start working through social media to get guys to come off. Sole chip gains and I we're drug messaging back and forth from fixer upper. And man the property brother forgot which would group. He was Yemen new meat so he barrel back and forth and then you know his younger brother whoever's in charge of the shall most initials match channel. Salt out how to work and all this. So I go to the camera so dude saw I had those visits. Moments he would Mary guys whatever whatever whatever that's that's how I was like devastated house. And chipped day's other shell or whatever the case may be like shows like patsy Joanna like fixer upper right veterinary members she and yet she's tried every parent and she's pregnant that's that the shows yeah Joe's daughter she's pregnant or have an election. Yes oh opening act counterfeit yup. So all that I'd I watch that shall all the time Brohm Brothers all that stuff. I have to imagine one day eagle places in May do shells that it's got to be easy Palmer. Yeah right Jack Frost and other days and we try to bring it into our shows there are a lot of money to brought him rather they're a little bit atom bomb my budget range as the bill LA drew off. Because like Brit I get a top immediate personal secretary to be did you brick have a hard at. You're gonna pay through the girls but you're she sought to stay. I mean and and that's why they're bringing in the Milwaukee for the shelf are OK so you do that. I'm aside how much are you wouldn't bull and still after the hip surgery and everything else that you only had one I've had three hole. So much for tunnels when I was 28 they Al reconstructed my ship with my own bone and he really didn't know what they were doing at that point still problem that they did I mean that was that was strategically done because I was so young and it could have a hip replacement because at my age I would awards rule on my hip replacement within five to eight years. So they were literally went in and took my bones are reconstructed on brought new cartilage into my hip socket and to opt that was my first surgery. So did they blame it that it was some them with your genes or was it would that it women and bowling. I yeah that's a great question we have a lot of debate about that because we all carry the arthritic gee it's a matter when it's going to show itself on and for me being in net hip. If I pushed my doctors for an answer they went eighteen years opponent my foot to a fault line is they had no other explanation it was sort of back. Rare thing that happens to someone of my none of your friends had. That doesn't work soul is so then you have a first line at 2828. When they did Allen 820. Some observers felt was bad that I had a steel bracket put into holes steel bracket I had an L bracket with six balls that went through Miley to hold it together. Henman a body a year and a half later that we took that out but doing that because I didn't. I I had trouble. I well I got. They because they took those bolts out and they were so close together it was like compare both having a broken leg so it was eight weeks of recovery they're Shula and then seventeen years later. On that call finally wore away as well which I was blessed they had no idea how long my existing. Bone structure would laugh so I was truly blessed seventeen years later and finally than I first replacement. And I feel like a million boxes from Alaska three prisoners so called your other. Awesome no issues I have no issues anywhere else and now it's the hip replacement I got I am no issues anywhere. And how log is this Apple's last twenty years so probably when I'm about 65. I'm gonna have to do this again. Back to duty. I ask you figured I'd suit your god like 85 where the kid duty Borders stock. And so that's it. When my customers is still Boleyn. Names Johnny's in the lead EDs and and he recently with his left knee and he came in just this week and told me. That he went to their seminar again a year later but he was one of their early. Candidates that and that's not covered under terms Fiat in our country and other countries it is. With the way that the FDA is up here but he he had actually the stem cell injection well where they actually inject the placenta out from the woman pregnant woman. In every gross cartilage and so that now there. It was only at that time just available and then in the knee in the east now CN hips and acts and they are expanding and and and so that could be our next. Wave of the future verses replacement but I was right there with fuel cell 2008 I had both my hips replaced and there obviously blaming an and the only invite. That summer I think one of my populace as always to see rush might I'll act favorite Neal apart yet Hummer. Capsule I never some of their their prime so they beat in the market listen in of course that was a nice present to myself because I just went through. A lot of trauma would double hip replacement. So well was a Saturday night at summer fest and so obviously security is that and it's Max and I completely forgot that I just had my hips replaced and I get winded. And the guy wants me to empty my pockets while they're ready on the right into our moment that asset and just like oh that's right I have both hips replaced I start cracking a weapon whatever small smile on his face. So. As flawed yeah. That's a flawed and off not pass and that's stuff ash just ask easy Stossel so your bowling again and yet. Better than ever but I would have got a great Miley are strong again I can I can fully function get down band. Yeah it's now. A toss cigarettes or at diggers that you were actually go to a threat to get your thoughts I'd Wear woman's bowling is. Today. Verses that you were was when you work. Attendant to the two were vs where the tour is sure the second version of as it is now do that Sharon. That's why it's very top only shows he Sparky five replied Albert. I am well house check out her marry home improvement show coming up next week at state fair park. Ten dollars in advance how did he get the tickets we'll watch Neary dat or very simple very very sent. To make sure to do that all right does so obviously back in the day you were talking about getting out on the tour. Things didn't allow so too were now comes back all these years later and what word do you think. A woman are now you bowl immersed as me anywhere they were. You know twenty years ago. Why I think the fact that it's become an NCAA sport has really helped continue to keep women's bowling a live across the country. Amin a creek that recognition in the scholarships that are out there and and just being inside of that all professional athletic arena. Really changes the game on a sports. So Peter program going from mile high school bowling today although not easy as we know even turn it into the NCAA level to get recruited but. The high school programs are there the college programs are there of the tourism back so for at least for the ladies I think there's an opportunity keep this alive and thriving. You know it's funny amiga is when S tour went away we always talked about that. Tan and footers and you get done bowling Carlton and that's a great day. They still allow commendable. The PGA tour and they always will all of you wanna competing it's meant trying and on. On the TV show and we've seen that obviously occurred this year. Because there are a lot of really really really good wood and bowlers just they're like there are a lot of really good man bowlers now to have your own league. A two where you can make your own money. If you don't wanna look trying to compete against the guys in the PGA tour to have that still be there. I caddick compared to maybe it's unfair to WNBA tour where before that was created wizard of playing college basketball. You critical play in Europe or you were dot. And once that was created that allowed. Why it'll open opportunity that was never there before I think it's a great deal about I don't know how profitable this. But I think. The longer it goes the better chances at hats being profitable place. Absolutely I took all missiles over the summer in a put him on a thumb drive and a Plame in the shop when I open and so we have some TV at least on the T. On our our TV in our shop. I comes in yes and he goes is that like this and know this is the summer series that the ladies had Andy at this is is that exact words. Well I I I missed that 19 typically never missed any of them so I I'd be more curious to know what the viewership numbers are between. The men and the women. Two hours but I I I have Obama and all the shells over the summer on a thumb drive and a claim in the shop everyday. OK and that now I'm not on the buster snow on the men. Diana name and old law extra for middle. And. She bolts. Born geek. Yeah look actually pulling geek at a hole that stood a clash of frame and it. Is she did all what action frame how many people do you think know about the women soreness. Correct but I also think I was saying that that is to meet that speaks volumes when you have a diehard our core bowler. That is not at her whole life and a high level though admiral that even existed. That talks to me Bob brand awareness right now I'm. So they kind of sort of promote Batman TV show once or whatever it is. The women's tour what is that it promoted. Boom. When one makes TV show that may maybe Pomona. But outside of that how often is that to promote our judicial blackout. That's relevant to all women sports. Bowl. Tack out that's not fair. And it's not fair because the PGA is not the level of the NBA now that soul. In the MLB dot have a female version of the NFL doesn't have a while Thursday dealt football but it's not affiliated within a file so that's. Not affiliated either in this instance here people work off of each other okay I'm in this instance here. Somebody watching T Ol play a rainy Boston wherever the hall of fame. I can be wrong but. Most women don't gulp all I can do what he did NASA start necessarily but if you watch PBA in you watch. Maybe I'll Bel Monty sense and or whoever somebody else or are these other three guys that are on TV today. Watch all like don't lock out pretty good ball like her like to garner whatever the case may be. So I think it's easier to see yourself. Bullying. Right on a tour and competing. Vs watching the and a foul or watching something elsewhere you know it's it's not think I'm just saying. To a promotional stat like. I don't think. Like other things that there's it's of it's gone very well. I just I think that's an issue that they have to figure out how to do a better job I still think the all that CB and S ports and that's US BC. Right as much as and nobody watches CBS sports network. That's the problem. Knoll by. I DirecTV even have that ability to get that channel unless it's your means extra four for the sports backtrack. If you just look at ESP adverse a sparks fox sports want you take these big personality yes skip Bayless right Shannon Sharpe in these guys. And all those guys humor and I'm from ESPN or their numbers were can't. They've put on fox sports what you like. Would and don't always watch zero people from a damn millionaires already sold them to a 100000 people 35000 people do all happened. Right thing happened. Just nobody watches those channels outside ideas get there such a dominant force yet so we call all runs it yes bull war on TV while good okay. But you're up against it I mean your whole we up against because there's not a lot of them are watching you know it would be differed if you said okay. Were always get a beyond this state this time. Year round this is gonna be our channel we're gonna camera camera camera camera but you don't. You fall from network to networked extra frames a network to networked actor frame we're kinda all over the place. But now if you're a jumped. You always have a way to watch everything. Like to me he BA. Does an amazing. Job better than anybody else I've ever seen as far as being able to let you see everything they'd. Yes including the draft for the key BA league entering a. Parts has done a phenomenal job in growing the TV to humiliate us Diane thanks for coming on fixing haven't any concern talks. Well maybe see if the show again this year I awaken her for an inning guy and all that yeah he's our one year yep I'll be years ago beautiful art saw again Arial improvement shelf coming up on next week and stay there parked it short tickets now. Enjoy the rest of your day talk to next Wendy's big show old tomorrow afternoon at two. Doodles.