Spare/Time Bowling Show with PBA Commissioner Tom Clark

Spare Time Bowling
Sunday, December 10th
12/10/17: Sparky, Dwight, and Phil are joined by PBA Commissioner Tom Clark

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Capitalized on top bowling show. While I sat and act that the fans see Sparky Pfeiffer. By Albert brought these very time pro shop in new burrow in the morning to a morning Sparky. All right bill over their fill bridal course from the PGA tour extra frame I don't pretty heavily in Forrester eighties and today yet ESPN right Smart today Okafor to it as well and joining us in studio is the commissioner. Of the PB yours are putting NetSuite the boss you notice you're from is Tom Clark put some of the morning great to see as a unit yet thanks for coming. OK first before we get to Tom let's say some itself. Last night a wetsuit to the family we want to Milwaukee wave game last night. And for those that don't know bad McNeal who used to be a host on this show until something's happened. Is. And is it has been. The guy that and sea lions and c.s via Milwaukee wave games also now is helping on an extra frame to PBS right up to suck the grocers Brett okay. So that's the time for panic. So I seemed and you win gains before but I'm telling you right now and heat the heat. And Joe Brown who's one of the ANC's for Milwaukee Bucks and got to be to the batter and sees in the country when it comes to doing what they do mean. First of all bands old he's old. And I I swear to god a I don't know how he doesn't man and I really don't he's heard some third or something and man hours sitting in my seat to on. It's like old in the year older than me out how many ranchers and right out all the these guys feel authorities I think he's I think you might feel the need a forty won't. Have you been no way to get I've seen him in action yeah yeah yeah okay so does your last night. It's Harry Potter and so he's got is Harry Potter glasses out right he's got his. Liz rolled on its star for whatever they weren't Harry Potter and never see movies but whatever. Guy east stand up Joba now scream and yell and everything else. OK so this is normal bad stuff no big deal done right. Somehow we get to halftime. Dude I'm telling you he's going to get hurt somebody next stop him. So then at half time they have like dazzled dancing comes on doesn't help in a big offtake. Then. These guys seen these things where it's like a bubble covers that top half of your body and then your legs are free you can run around and ran into each other whatever else. So these people wherever the company is in Milwaukee it's our I don't remember your name. I'm gay people out there and these things and they're kicking a soccer ball and running against each other. Van is not a bubble. That is just in bands close man's gonna play goalie. And guess why they decided they wanted to try and take Taliban and multiple occasions. That could've died. He could have died. These guys anger out other guys and girls and those things are what they were the big game run and starts on each other is howling into each other. So big it's all of that and that coal and senior whatever this girl from KOH against she's looking at bad shape apparently you're gonna die. He gets dodging endorses again better you than me at this point. Many doubted that field and flop around on softer and another thing it is amazing. Age I don't know where he gets energy at that age. I've no idea rival. Chrysler no no idea whatsoever and be like I said I thought I pull to have strings watching your water. I'll guarantee you that. It was more he took a bigger beating when he bowled in the PGA tour event. And people here in Milwaukee on. Out there about that bigger readers are driving the Fed as we did that we do that the air that all jury may have taken a bigger beating working about. Fifteen hours a day I'm extra frame at the World Series you'll see stats bear this out they are afraid. Tire Iron Man and always lied I get that we had one meeting with a Morey was blind flat on his back in in a hotel room so I think he had a rough time and Reno as well all competitors but not all that's right I don't I utility and it takes a beating keeps on ticking at Merrill that and I just had to say that that's made definitely brings an added. Energy and entertainment and and that's Upton PBA needs we have a really good MC two he's actually the EMC for the Orlando Magic are all cubs all are tolerant Stennis and he's a great. And that he had big big part of trying to get the fans more involved in the obviously new wave know it in on the hire the right guy. That's just I mean you've got the wave going on the Bucs are going on at 730 this game was going on at 6 o'clock or whatever it was. And are okay crowd I guess for the Milwaukee wave item in a wave. He would probably like two or three years. Palm but it was a lot of fun man and he keeps you in a game the entire game and the music's playing whatever else but it would not a good MC. That that that takes away from the product. Which brings me Tom Clark since he wanted to weave in the PDA conversation sorry and all I'm sure that's. Five X except all the more about it. But so tell me this so when you host your your events the whether they be live whether they be taped. All that stuff that happens three during commercials and all of that. How important is that TU as commissioner of the PBS farce the fan experience for Eagles fans that are there we always silent about the T besides things us at home watching and so forth. And that marketing aspect but. The actual live event itself how much handing your preparation I'll let. Cycles and it's critical I mean we put most of the planning and preparation in that investment into the actual shows the TV shows that you see to make sure that those fans that are around those two lanes that are in action. Are engaged from start to finish and that's something like the World Series of bowling it's even more important because yeah we're taping for shows in one day. So he'd people are there all day long and and they love it but there's down times in and you try to keep coming gauged I mean I think one of the things about the PBA is that. The traditional fan. Can tend to think go bowling as a as a golf clap type of sport and we must all be quiet because there's concentration going on. And then the new fan in the people you see like at the PBA league in Maine are going wild the whole time and it's a lot of fun and so. We're trying to find a happy medium but it's. It's difficult sometimes to get the fans. Going. And not be afraid that they're going to impact play you know it's a tough sport that way in Siberia Doria. He's got a crap is so that's the first problem that gap and Gloria lucky watts silence you don't want a brutal out rust or shut up apple is just fine then once he knows like at the PBA league in Maine. He wants him as loud as it can be because he knows it's happening you know problem is is when it's quiet and then there's a random noise. That will start marais Tiger Woods edit a PGA event when he was good been all all of those things. I get it now. Did you talk to the boards of like what would you rather have would you rather have a quiet for would you rather have that I think them almost a 100% would rather have. The fans engaged and loud and had an agreed time. And the problem is exactly as you say. You say that but then if the fans aren't mr. and then all of a sudden they only do it right in her release now they're only upset because well there's some bad time right now you know soap. But the you know at one point in the history of the PB there was actually a time period where people said let's get the fans don't and they mandated. That the fans be cheering her man as opposed to what they do in the PBA league in Maine where it's it's real it's organic. But when you tell people they have to each year. That becomes like you're watching the wheel of fortune or something you don't it's like okay let's talk Clapp was we have to that's not a realist not foreign. And so it is it's it's been an ongoing. You know issue for our. I think Suez and at least the World Series a bullet from another couple Beers but back that mean you're gonna bowling balls and had all kinds of stuff going out and I always thought it fly. Because back then I'm in and out of two the new digs yet but expect it at some point. You have people walking from the casino whatever else so that they'd they'd ask for May take out they're US BC car wherever else like this is gonna be a good telltale sign of poverty these people Bullock ever somebody's he has walked it and wanted to rest for a little while. And you get I mean as a 90% 95% I'll pull Pawlenty has BC carts right winnable ball whatever else that has to make you guys feel good to. When you do realize that a lot of these people are born fans are coming in to see the sport verses just people looking to wrestler by herself. There's two sides of that too I mean it's great that you have hard core fans that really love with what and that's why they're there but. I don't think that the majority the audience may be at them at the fans at the wave game. Are just hard core cell soccer they're people who wanna have a good time all those people not been bad so we need to lead definitely need to reach out to wider audiences of people that just knowing this is going to be fun. And I don't know if we're there yet like wish we need to be. The other thing too is obviously with our sport. And the demographic our expert we still have that. Major you're being in the baby boomer age and it's I guess the bowling fan of old. And in that air we were all raised to be sitting in the crowd still silent so the pros have no distraction only clap after a strike. And I I think a lot of I guess fan in the crowd still has that analogy and I you're trying to change. That way of engaging them in two of the show. I with the Newark route. I visited the killer kids that that it that it's definitely indicates some merit member of last year at the players championship in Columbus. There was definitely a mixture you know it was. You know actually the best example is in Maine because we have that event. The the majority of the of the fans are bowlers in the bowl poll league at Bayside bowl in Maine and they've really turned bowling into a fun experience even when their bowling so when they get the pros come to town they're going while from start to finish but there's a lot of people that don't bullet Bayside that actually buy tickets to come to that event. And we can I have two sections and there's one section. Where it's the more old school fans and then right across the lanes at the other side. Are these wild fans and you see the difference right there any of these people who just aren't. Be quiet and respectful and in other people who just want to be into it and their wearing costumes in their own cranes so eat you see that the kind of the past the present the treasure all at once and down. It's tricky because once she go too far one way or the other is can actually get in the way of what. What's really great about watching bowling but Tom. We're reaching a pretty happy medium I mean. If you watch a show and I'll use your music strikes songs and music at it each player picks a song only wanna play when they get a strike and you know and you hear you know you see. Does that one do them was from and or something like that a few years ago and played like that there was like camels on a plan something. Now. I'm getting at Andres Gomez knowledge saga is almost guarantor frivolous or charter flight while World Series bully me TV show. It's scary thing because then we asked them afterwards like dude what was that size element. Tim experienced players cameras and open the it and they have a couple of Mali and answers of customers amber Bahraini yet thanks Sonia yet and they play the saga of is what in the world is. Or whatever it is going to be. It was very funny but that's. That's a loving you get Hanigan and I give everybody's personality has a certain degree based on raising they can we get some players like Kyle troop for example that he's got an awesome personalities one of these guys in last year when he won the doubles. In Maine. He pulls his pick out piazza have a bronze winner and his wild outfits we know his dad is gonna be troop. And what happened in the day after one in Maine he's on ESPN news or sports center he's in my interview that he's becoming famous. And so it's great to see that he had a great World Series of bull he's on today's show. As part of team USA that's an opinion is he's just an electric performer and his song and ovation given away I will. This song is Humpty dance and or if that's the hot. Up and out there and out how to Kim's team wrapped the Humpty dance drill it right here and he should do in this studio and data out on us because they have this that's the kind of personality that people connect with. And identify with wanna follow wanna be a fan of and so we're happy to have guys like that. The problem is what's the problem as. You need more of those personalities and and you need him to be successful on top of that so they get out in farm everybody in that is. A problem to a certain degree I think with individuals sports across the board and music NASCAR's a team sport but. Everybody cares about the drivers and crew chiefs and it's about the drivers and that's sport is could have find itself a lot of trouble here. Going forward because all their stars are retiring and going away and now they're gratified new personalities and that's going to be a problem for that sport. And for you guys. You add the rational Monty and all that other stuff and now as we talked elastic on the show these young guns are common. And here they come little boy they're coming in no in waves. At this point. And you have got to be just super excited now the personality aspect of it will figure that out as they go in the more popular and how this whole thing knows but. If I were you and I just be giggle and looking at all those young talent common. Yeah it's you know I think the way that we will talk about season they're they're bowling balls are extremely exciting. You know what they do to the pins is extremely exciting. The fact that they're young and it's in new wave is really exciting but they really do need to learn the personality side and it's not of him again it's not a force and you can't go to someone. And say look we need you to be more excited you just need to hope that they understand that connecting with a an audience. Is going to actually help them in their performance when you have the fans behind you. And a lot of them are really you know sometimes shy or feel almost too much respect for the game in the history of the PBA and in the light in the understand you have to take your turn and but you know what. So Pete Weber in ways term Marshall feminine ways turn -- there weren't that way they came out Lambeau and they end up with half the fans AM at the fans don't worry you are but they were taken their eyes off him it's always up for at. You know when I watch when Amman. TV bowling I do not want anyone to turn the channel basal and that's what that meant that attitude I always hope that every new kid thinks about it that way. And there's one guy financially set to turn the corner with how is really in the crowds on the show up determines again and it's yes percents and it is for real is journalism he was we had some my feast of my press conferences or in the answers blowing. And yes spurt was phenomenal. Mis sit and talk to counter from when he was by himself time and those. The space for my press camps is really what some players personality show this year at the World Series goes on the do. Yeah that's there was. Grades a great thing that we did on a FaceBook and it'll keep doing that throughout the year in and continue to let people learn who these guys are and I think that once that there are more comfortable speaking in knowing that hey when I won that's a lot of people listened. That will give them a look up a little bit more when their bowling not just looked down at the at their feet. Look up just you ID if you just connect with a few fans. You'll feel an energy that will actually propel them so. A desperate one that you definitely want he's he's already got all these different parts of his personality that. Are exciting. From being young too you know he's got the sleeve tattoos. He's from Sweden he's about 65 or whatever Heidi is he throws the most powerful strike ball. That anyone has ever seen in the history of Borden. And and so he's got all the elements any great health so varieties contain he can repeat. So he's another one that's just. While OK can visit one now I know yes the but I wanna you wanna feel his energy and he did a great job main bone as part of the team when you know. That that he was not ended up winning the doubles with Kyle troop maybe Kyle actually help bring a little bit out of Yemen and so I think you see him like during the World Series to. I don't think a great job I'll come back and now we'll talk about it's more than young guns that are coming up at the PB 82 or that you should pay attention to and I want to. I about the young verses the all dynamic on the tour right now that's straight ahead. Here hobby Cassel late spare time bullet shell on the fence soon. That's why expert doctor Bullock Cho here on the bands these are 25. An obvious very tough pro shop and liberalism. We'll brow election frame TBA that is job of course of the boss commissioner Diaz Tom Clark a decade. Decade. While we do if for decades it. Kumble who well. Let's put that this is the great way to look at it from me is it's okay is that we're born in L 89 years ago they've only know one PBA commissioner ultra Florida's was that the World Series is the 617 year old now and he's amazing Nino is the future the you know which was my first year was his rookie year I mean we are abroad normal along in the and my second serve worst year right in the middle first or second year right in there. Was the fiftieth anniversary of the PDA and it was an awesome night and in Las Vegas and we remembered that there we've. We ran down the top fifty players in the history PB eight. And this year or so is his sixtieth. And it's gonna be another awesome year where have a big a celebration February in Indianapolis. And our hall of fame dinner we're gonna look at the sixty greatest moments is he OP I'm I'm. Is sort of a sofa fifty you're in Vegas yet. Sixty you pay Indianapolis in the winter. You've got to get out now it's off with a Wimbledon as woodland bowl is probably. I might be the best borrowing senator in the country really amateur days I've. Well you know what I about a settles I guess it was aren't huge house it's hosted every. Major championship in PBA history of the masters and US open them the German champions the the players champion every single every single big term. Has been held. They're so having this it's going to be called the sixtieth. Anniversary classic right and for all PB members to bone this. Big events will be alive show. The hall of fame. Were conducting Chris Barnes and you know you know our beyond player in the history of PB and run more. And Don Mitchell who's one of the first proprietors to go in. To the PBA hall of fame and he he's it. I he's gone he's passed but his family will be there and he really started to would symbol for all and so everything kind of works out per share Indianapolis is really a heart of bowling fans so we know we're really happy to be in Indianapolis. For that for that major events so. Yeah and Indy. Current position for the last front amassed a summit pitchers like thirty or 35 bucks again and end and they. Filled house pretty well that's awesome and B soul it's about pretty apple in Johnston island Indianapolis is you park your car and walk all over downtown Indy gets where you wanna go and when and that and then when it's Nolan wintertime. You get around downtown Indy inside. Walking from building buildings now watch Skywalk you don't have to go outside. At all which is an chemicals that's what helps to. Op OK if you make a roach it is with a solid what does a five hour drive that even yeah not even five dollars and I think I will be going through their next week and they were probably elements we can Hollywood rumble you'd love it and it's it's gonna be more from downtown as. Or fifteen minutes yet at all on that Senegal Aetna and seven new lanes. On that yet or maybe more I don't know exhibit 877. Yet they put they put in new like a laser tag at the end I think these are more. You give you an Internet radio to some built in OK let's let's let's talk older we get more about that's issued anniversary. And some of that stuff coming up and in the next half our initial Boller get back to this young guns thing. A that we have that the young vs the old I guess to a certain degree. How is that going in from the aspect of I mean we brought up a Monty or whatever else. Mean you've got obviously some heels on this tour than Dallas to a for a while that's one allowed to admit a lot of money for themselves. And I you've got these young guns are kind of coming out of seem drawing headlines getting on the TV shows people are wanted to talk to home. How how is that dynamic working on the tour. Well I mean it depends on which part are you talking about from a come. Headed of standpoint and who the the playing fields and the formats and who was. Advancing in making it to the finals it's still a mixture you know he saw norm duke make it to the finals of the US open right. You know use and then you see guys like EG eight Hackett. And yes spur and this younger group coming through consistently. Making it to the top. And so I think that they still are able to compete. You know fairly equally when worn or the others on and they have different types of skills that all can can be shown off. At different times of the year in NC really don't know who's going to. Make it to the top a lot of people talk about what you gotta have higher revs and higher speed. And generally speaking you do and that's more the younger players but it's been proven time and again that. You can have crafting this and experienced a run at yet and figure out a way to keep being competitive so on from a competition standpoint. It is it's it's amazing when you end up with a matches that are like. You know Jesper Svensson vs norm duke I mean that's fun to watch for any bowling fans the passage that doesn't really happen in many sports so there it's great. I think from a standpoint of the older players. A respecting younger players I think that any of them that are still left out there. You know understand what it takes to make a sport continuing propelling it to the next its spot and they were all young at one time church so they like to see. These young guys and they like to be in awe of them and that I think they even look at him sometimes and while fact I would just learn how to maybe make spares a little better. Over things that that that to them our fundamentals. That that this tour will have a a strong future so they they like the idea that there's a new great players coming so. It's I think it's a can only be positive. Tom. A lot of the I'm not out on the tour Q and fill our every week saw I don't see the young and up and coming kids. What percentage of them are now only just to hand it how much more to handers do you see rather than just the one hand a traditionalist. You see more but it's still. You know there are still a minority me at the World Series I think has some more out of the 195. Players there and heard from 125 countries. You know why wouldn't you say Phil when he maybe 22 point Anderson about our unified app when he fired herself so that's a that's what 10% in 10% of feel it's almost the same as left handers and left it. You know from a percentage standpoint of who's out there. And still when you look at it EL you have yes spur. A you have Balmoral you have Anthony Simons and those those three and there are. You know by almost the the old man in that group Bret thirty you know Anthony is barely twenty still you know yes spurs barely 2320. When he four. So. Two handers dominating curry tissue earlier really anyway I mean how many how many two handers made you know shows and at the World Series. Now Kyle troops to end didn't he mean he made the big war in the world championship. You know Obama did well yes Purdue well but. But. A lot of times people think well the two handers are dominated on it's really more like one is dominating Belmont over the last you know ten years. Has been an awesome you know almost transcendent figure in the sport. And he's Warren you know. Eight you know as we talk major championships and sixteen titles and you know in those ten years. And it's done in this exciting way in this new way bowling two handed so it makes you think there's more to handers really than their art but you see guys coming up Nissan team USA Crist by. How was it to him player that we haven't seen on TV yet we will soon. Nominees come up through the US ranks who would that style. When we were at the summer series at a map walker should use you took him aside and use that watch watch this young kid. Bull in it was easy tack get them. Will Mel if you were to take him aside and say you why you gotta watch this guy bowl who would you that I great question we have that. Now in the EJ was meant I was blown way the first Thomas I was IQ and camera speak well you know and all of you know actually who I was doing that was that the World Series. Was yeah on a farm from Thailand. I discuss any one of PBA title in Thailand this year in came to the World Series and he's one hand player. And I just love the natural reactions that he'd be like a great curveball pitcher in baseball Regis and watch this guy's ball. It's his got a natural lake of Mary on Rivera riser you know right in the skies just when he lets off his hand in US bobbled them in it's it's gonna dance you know insult. He was exciting for me about it you've felt yet. He's actually on the show today out Mohammed Rafik it's all right whose Malaysia he just watches kidneys to see a smoother form of of Bryant some and I'll analyst silent or yeah I am I'm makes the ten about answering companies could under pressure he had the bowler roll off which showed cows ought to make the USA vs the world show. And he just got up there and just stepped up and just kept on strike after strike and he just makes depends stance. It's a lot of fun watched the other one that I saw was an and they put clips all the time on FaceBook was one of the Japanese spinners that shot 300. And and World Series of Boeing noted how the world's attention or credit that was a dream world Beaulieu. Yeah the spinners really have never had much success in PBS. Okay yeah I think they had a lot of amazing to watch Sparky relative to the one they use a lighter ball and then come around ball backwards almost since then make them the ball hit the head opinion anywhere. And it's more about pin deflection and is. Power and so they figured out this way but there's certain there's a kind of a limit to what they Campbell so it's when that when the wind conditions are extremely difficult. They're like impervious to rolling conditions these guys so. When the really difficult and everybody else is only averaging 200 right they're gonna win but if everybody if the shots more normal you know or even. Even from PBA's standards you know 220 average let's say then they really can't compete because they're always in that 210 you know right. That's crazy and never that the adolescent on YouTube something aren't coming up next a look at dinner conversation with the boss of the TBA the commissioner. For a decade he is top Clark joining us here I'm a fan and I coming up next we're to talk about that. USA vs world that international field to the PBA tour. And how that's working out we'll talk about Strahan saw. Welcome Ben just Adelaide it's very time bullet show here on the fancy sparked by the two at all. Spare time pro shop in new Burleigh bill riles. Extra frame deviate that child. The boss for a decade now. Did you more or we started at a a you know I think gave. I says that's enough for about a year and yeah I remember walking into the download in the hotel lobby after I finally decided it's coming off. And the first person a slow news Nelson Burton juniors. And I remember he didn't know low laws. It took a minute for people who you know whose wild for awhile in the first year than that that I can walk down a bowling congress and people look at me you know because the we're used to it now. On the Volga. And only late in Bayside bowl that was great the one year I ordered you know sandwich or something and looked in my little tag him. And I was. And you know they'd try to find you to bring your energy and it was just said bald guy yeah. That's premature I am now the ball that's awesome. Mr. leukemia but yeah all the old guy. I. Get your your thoughts on this gives it it's something that. Other leagues. Got a little the NHL going through it for years and some feel that it works against NHL. I don't often does in the NBA definitely has been going through it here as of late in that is. The spike and international players into the sport here in the US and there are some people that are of the belief that if you start getting more international players and stars more than you had US American or stars. That some people does not tune it anymore because they can't relate they'd all they can't pronounce people's names were the case may be and and there are. For whatever that's worth I think that's kind of stupid to a certain degree. But that's kind of the belief. For you the World Series of bowling the international flavor stuff we spiked up. Quite a bit under your rain obviously in the last decade which I think is kudos to you for for doing that. How do you view that that aspect of it. Yeah I love about it but I do understand that some people are put off by and they feel like on the east as a come over here and I am either taking our money taken our attention or what I can't root for their name groping my name right of the woods and still our biggest fan bases the US so. You know if they don't if those people I still want them to be fans so they need. The two feel that they need to root against them but they still stay as fans of the PBA I'm fine with that but. But I would hope that they would understand look the PBA's stance for the best bowlers in the world. Period so I want the best bowler I don't care where they're from who they are how old they are what they look like it doesn't matter. We want the best players and the game has grown internationally. Mostly because of the BBA and because of the PBA players going overseas and spreading. You know information about how to get better at the game. And and because of our reach expanding and things like YouTube and extra frame and being able to be in front of more people it's become a small world obviously because of all of advancements in technology and and so it it I think it's been awesome to see you know and a lot of fun but I get it you know that some people are put off. Was watching guys like Tim Mack overseas now and helping draw the players over to the World Series of Boeing. How important is that for the PBS that get some of these. Outside payment late to make these or much anymore. But he's more player present how partisan to get for the PB get other you know people help them find these young talents bring him over. And great ambassadors are Sean rash we're and we were talking about a little bit I mean Sean is a great ambassador. A lot of players from from the US that have. Gone over consistently. Make friendships everywhere and and and they can identify great players and I think that bowling ball companies are important in that because they wanna sign the best players. Because we want the most exposure and they want the best players throwing their equipment so they do a lot of recruiting and and and looking at people and trying to get them to be part of the PBA. You know when when you talk about that that part of it on an ambassador part of it. You know me my head's always always rolling a tractor a different ways to marketer or do whatever the case may be. How you view your relationship with like high school bulletin for instance. Because obviously you you view it some because you have. What's the dudes name I can't from the guy's name that does that you turn meant that after the Kerry neck or back. Obviously he's been a ball for quite a while and that tie in and they do that. How do you view that relationship going for especially knowing that. A lot of these kids are coming Roberts is fresh shot a high school that are kind of pop and Obama to. Yes it's great I mean first on too close to it because my son's in ninth grade now so he's I imagine he's going to be guys mosquito high school JV team so I was just at a high schooler yesterday at Sussex I'll act wasn't. It was it was great it's because the parents get involved in the kids are into it and them. It's awesome to seeing in that walked down and walked down I looked. Up on the monitors and a PBA bowling playing. You know I think these kids all want. 11 I think of those kids and I see guys and they clearly your kid was playing they normally hit well yet most of the people that I know that I am their MM I'm very biased and that. I'm not afraid to cheer by the way. How this year olds I've got here so I'm yellow out you know come. You know so. But. When I look at the kids and since I do have a son I'm really close to it. That's that age and I see how he consumes every thing that he does spot every sport everything it's on his phone for the most. And then it's. Even secondarily on his laptop right so that's why we are tried to stay ahead of the curve and get as much content as possible. A valuable arm phones and non. Computer through YouTube through extra frame. An NBA. Just in these kids' hands and what we're trying to do is get them in the habit of the lake edge or just use my son's example he's he's actually to gamble so labels to hand. I have before we go I say our our right. Have you watched your video yet because I want him to watch the Alamo. Or high school or Anthony Simons and for a half hour before bulls get that's get that through your head that look here's how you post a shot here's how you follow through. Here's how you how you use your demeanor. You know here's how the kind of moves you wanna make. And they can learn from the pros better than they can learn from anybody and in the old days you couldn't do what you can watch once a week may be. And CB may be a star that you want and that's why everybody took after a certain people who were on television all up at their but now you can get much traction. And information. And so many different ways and in social media so. The kids have a great advantage and that's why I think they're coming out really better than ever because they they can work they get more information and learn more. Younger than ever before. Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock Annie ABC now he has FiOS but ABC we. Watched acquire our family it is right and Ari and that was filed by a viable to sportsman that was our Saturday afternoon after spending all morning and Boeing Elliot junior leagues. So we lived and died first Saturday afternoon. The biggest in NIC. Real quick with a two handers as as a certified courts. And I obviously yours and being a two handed tool that the major difference Dicey between a Elmo and our school is their footwork everyone. Never looks at work. But the footwork and amp for the two handers that are out there and I just had another two hander young boy command little guy in and I told them the whole story about Jason Obama team during the week in the whole deal. Live this stream look at he's number one in the world least make it a couple 100000 dollars a year you know I mean the guy's doing pretty good but. The thing and I told his parents as he got to get and a walk faster or must have that skip step and there. Per share well known what's funny is the two hand you don't had to to me is it's still very controversial and announced in there yesterday watching. And actually wasn't my son up but it was another kid who was two hander in this high school league -- in near another dead. Because there are a royalty ruling I don't think this didn't he watches his kids wrote and he just says to me. And that to amble should be illegal. All my job at an all out all I hear it all the time and here I mean I posted a video of my son bowling and I had guys on my FaceBook page say. That's good it's sad and things of that and I just said to the guy I didn't save my son to I didn't say I'm yet. I exact kind of make rules for borrowing and I said you know. And if it was really really easy I think everybody would be all right you know question and it's not and I said it's not easy. And you know take it from there there's advantages to it there's things he can do that but to me if it makes you excited about bowling. And they're actually. Era but I visit easier rate bully each attack it in the giants are six that are raise its way from our ball speed there. 511 and a 140 pounds an idea that sleek. Eight years so many comparisons about things against in any sport that are just ridiculous you know we were. In people were talking about the US open and in talking about. You know. Well it was it was such a difficult shot it was to drive people had to move inside and loft the ball too much it was all lost being in that you know almost throwing back up but yet when it was bill that the burns squads of this term and really probably when my not what determine organizers had mine so. This happened but the but the example for why you didn't have to do that was norm do nor made sure he was playing outside and you. And you can't use norm duke as an example he's a freak of nature assurance and and that's it would be like we were just at that down during the Chris Paul bowling event last week and and be like talking to a six foot person saying look Chris Paul complained yeah. You know. He's six foot right in the ambient L he's a freak of nature he is a once in a generation once in a lifetime norm duke is is has that talent that. Is not teachable you know and them. So is it it's just funny how people use different in the things when when people complain about two handers I was. We're second chair if I do if that's going to be your read too because they knew what determined play out in. Alternately. Two entered doesn't when the German maybe you know ego would be cuddle and yeah no question attitudes sometimes can blow your mind. What I say in the shop all the time is when I have the humbly come in and it's growing and number's growing as I. This is how I worded AC to him and I looked right down enemies in him and his parents found. You have a gift that I could never do. Take that gift and go forward to embrace it this is our future. That's values in the shop how do you coach. You can't coach Eddie and I tell my side you'll all watch Raymond Taylor right there it's it's about the footwork again and generating the ball speech this young man had probably a 500. Robredo and probably through ten miles an hour guess with the ball debt I caught a coast to coast all right. Yeah they'll look back home alone is also a once in a lifetime. He is an unusual person yet with his talent. So you can't expect that well if I just bowl two handed I'll be like Baum well that's like saying if Bible one handed I'll be just like Pete Weber. He's not right now what you use him as an inspiration news and I had died he take ideas and try to do you know but it's not like. You automatically become better than everyone because you to him or the other Lampanelli. You as a commissioner on the TBA top Clark joins us for what more segment counseling spare time all we shall talk about the sixtieth anniversary season coming up next. So. Desolate it's not always show here on a bad with the commissioner of the PGA tour. Clark. First TV show cubs up today right top ESPN's. Death. Noon central time here one on the East Coast and it's it's exciting what the thing is that I really loved about this is mrs. kicks off a World Series of bowling coverage in the USA the top five players from World Series qualifying. From the USA made that team in the top five players. Cut five international players from qualifying median national team and it's so it's star studded we have ten great players on the show but the guy that. That I. Can't wait for beta watches Marshall Coleman who's the captain of that team USA and the only no no he's a cat he's but he's my manager Mike. He is he is this the first time. You know that. Bowling audiences will see imminent in a competitive mode. You know since what 96 and pray last title and that was even after a ten year absence of being on TV a lot so. He knows how to bring it and and so. I was I was just excited to give him really that opportunity needed to use competitive juice would cap to the other two it's due Williams off I don't out of all out of out of my zone marketable and I'm in August at all. Tyler School of Law. So how many gunners into an international team has Nomo and Spence in and Larsen and Rafik who and Phil talked about it and can't wait to see Tom Barrett and then the US team has Kyle troop it and Tom small would Ryan some Minnelli maybe it's rose the most powerful strike ball yet. You know at least in the top three or four you've ever seen and so it's it's good show yeah sounds like a lot of country. Which about this earlier documents left but the sixtieth anniversary. I sees and what can fans expect to see from a TV coverage side of things that well you get to Indianapolis February is our big month and is sort kicks off on Super Bowl Sunday before the Super Bowl comes out with the Chris Paul and that's always exciting and a lot of fun system did celebration of bowling. James Harden is a whole lot here so he's Zeum. It and then the next week though starts the the series Ron of liveliest and shows at 1 o'clock. Eastern time on on ESPN with the tournament champions. First and determine a champion is going back to Riviera lanes. In Akron Ohio where he had been for thirty years so we're really happy and excited to bring that event back to Akron. Then. The next week we go to Indianapolis for the sixtieth anniversary classic and that's gonna be really special event. Then the next week rely began with the players championship from Columbus, Ohio so we're in the midwest. And we are alive with the major championships. In its the sixtieth anniversary I think people are gonna a lot of fun with a quick question for your time before we go in your greatest moment PBA history oh Yemen number one you know it. I gotta repeat Webber and and US the US open the fifth US open meaning strike to win strike to claim a strike yeah claimant and he. I can almost pick and missed the talent. How are you Don Johnson too many being awesome gives me chills everytime I watch and you know what when. You start talking about. Sixty years in defining moments in players and all that stuff in the box. The other night a two game and it was Friday night. In their top five power forced it this is their fiftieth year in. And it was awful. I'm at that's Marcus Johnson was one vin baker two and and just fell off aside I'm Ned Yost is a power forward at five but I mean I got personally it's always on the list of half a mile if it was it was horrible it just remember major remember how bad it was gearbox for her life I guess I'll. But when you start putting together lists hustle play that are you going to have. Our top sixty players lists or anything guys who are we at top sixty moan greatest moments and I players. Not players we did the fifty players. For the fifth that it isn't that the sixty great moments and so you remember things like Mark Ross 710 and yes right an even bigger and an even. More. You know. All encompassing accomplishments that sort of became moments like Earl Anthony being the first of over a million dollars this year that. But we have on an awesome panel of a committee that has been voting for a couple months and we've been narrowing things down and there's been plenty of arguments and this should be on the list and this shouldn't in his. You know so. I know at the end. Not everyone will be happy you know well how it ends up and I don't even I don't even know how to end up yet and we and we didn't finish yet. It's still at the committee stage and we're just narrowed it down everybody's ranking them now but. It we're gonna on ballot through every shows you see those specials every show that's us will be awesome. He asked the commissioner of the deviate to work time Clark thanks so much for coming in appreciate it thank you very much go bowling everybody and that's a new big umbrella sponsors are he'd be proud goal bowling proprietors are behind the I'm on this Friday time we get sponsors that's right that's what and at Clark PDA at Clark TBA. Is the Twitter handle Tom Clark and yeah you talked about. Thought Yeltsin to mr. for ten years. Losing hair. She ran a double play ball a guy for I mean he's yeah. Is there for the time but Marquette beat Syracuse you give a crap on them and a path Joseph either I sit here tonight everybody here today fantasy football weekly coming up next presented by Dave and busters until Barack Obama.