Sparky and Kay Part 2 Review Places To Eat

The World According To Sparky
Tuesday, September 11th
Kay and Sparky tell Andy about Hollywood and Vine (Character Breakfast), Planet Hollywood and Kay's 40th birthday, House of Blues, and Rainforest Cafe!! Did they catch Jax or did he get away with something? TUNE IN! 

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Ever another addition all of the world according to spark DC Sparky Pfeiffer and he Spitzer cage Boris here as well. As we continue reviewing the restaurants that. Kay and myself in the Fam tried while we're at Disney World I'm vacation. And the last episode review ESPN's own BR gas and Crystal Palace. At the magic kingdom this takes us two. Hollywood and buying and we were had done the breakfast last year not to breakfast to dinner last year. And this year K we decided to do the breakfast. And different characters. Again for dinner or breakfast last year. With Halloween time so we got Mickey goofy many although regular care is mourning the breakfast is Disney junior characters. So. There is no pampering. Now it's known amateur he or she is hurt her favorites you put. Well yeah I know like. I yeah I have no idea like stacked next Athens and yes I got fans and NJ from Jacque in the never an empire that still line. Yeah it's so easy and is there maggert Sophia is dying. Shortly. So Mamie till tambourine and Tokyo spite. That's a promise does Disney junior things there is changing gears right position as last like two years tops right itself. So that that is the deal there if you go there. Quick story about how this all ended up soul. We have a morning reservation obviously has Brock missed for 915. And Dem magic hours extra magic hours were from seven any right. So browser and get up early we're gonna get there go on slinky dog do all this south haven went fast passes for later and everything would be fine. Well this was the first morning that we knew more as we're gonna work Boris because at a morning family so I wasn't going to work self. We got there at lake. 830 quarter and nine somewhere in that area right. And we're looking at the times on the app and Toy Story mania that plane was like what twenty minutes yeah you gotta go something like that yep. And Davey K and the kids have never done Toy Story mania in Allentown as we've been there I've done in the they had not done a day Don buzz light year. But dates and governance mr. me. Sounds like look we gotta do this because once again you're stuck with this fast pass system Horry couldn't get a fast Basque terrorists are mania. So much we got to go otherwise is not going to be shorter than the stress the there's gonna be much longer we got to. So we got as we're walking over there. Anti canceled their case I would wish you mean getting matter and matter any as we were walking over issues like we're never gonna make breakfast for Turk fifty dollars and this isn't gonna have a low block so now against cyber walk in there were locked and there might. Is this don't know five due to do to do sea org are. Malawi south. Receptive than the potato head room as where we ended up stopping that's how far we got to those events oyster remaining we got into the detail ever in the talked in detail the talks everybody in line. That's how far we got. And then we sat and we waited. And we waited. So that's why I like grip everybody's mad and indeed as the boys wanted to eat breakfast she wanted to eat breakfast now we're gonna mess out of the whole thing. No idea or any breakfast now and already a charge of the box that on right. So we get out we get on the ride. We do the ride everybody loves the ride dinghies it was like your new favorite ride or Logan's and it was his new favorite road favorite Logan allowed Nelson does not if Tehran I love this ride. And it's accurate early buzz light year whose which is not accurate at all as far as scoring goes ago competitive family we do. You wanna be competitive misses 100% competitive and on the money. So we got to see who the true winners were are amongst us. Which I IB Logan. What happened in your match off the lawsuit now malevolent but he's a hunter so he would be chief. I'm yet so we did off the ride and we determine a line that once I was over. I was gonna spread across the park back to the opening of the bike to the beginning a park. Hollywood minus. Trying get there and look and remember we have a strollers read an article an external right controllers leg got to come west so Logan liberals like uncommon which OK. So boom we get done we run out and I'm on I'm not a run right. I turn around by a court where look no low Michael he ran out so I'm it's continuing to rock. I did up to the host stand at 930 on the money 930 so why it's just pour down my face armada Breslin. Asian nation. I tiger right and she's like laughing at me and she's like you waited fifteen minute grace period and 930 is 915 so you're gonna. She goes to be artist who view shields most places in Disney World are getting hitched for the fifty bucks a much toll notion so. Most times I won't happen or there's just no word which either completely sold out that you as we have opening so it's not a big would have been a big deal would walk to your person running again. But either way south. Thanks so we got in there we did that. And OK but Jackson at that point still was streaming. And not have to manually care. Act I mean Protestants. It was usually they're right by daylight to approach the children take pictures Yang talked to then in ninety high five and he wants and. I was losing my name your kid in right but the food how I would remind very good might holy worth doing against. You have little kids are like 45 years old whatever their into the characters. It's worth the price admission for the food is the face value can use much you want. It is worth price admission whether it's a dinner or the breakfast and an ice cream to Logan with ice cream in the morning over the heat of the Yasser got ice cream for reckless. Now in the morning rally and yes that's all thanks so that was a Hollywood and buying breakfast so that we did that then you suspect they are jumping here there and I really like Toy Story mania. And the Nintendo Wii system actually has exact copy of the game seek complaint through levels. Between your trips and like unlike the secrets going going easily. So throw you gamers so it's. He media like to an entirely remember that game yet to Nintendo systems ago Seigenthaler Feynman really cheap if you don't have one and and the gains from like five bucks pine county it's August which ranked. Nintendo Wii Nintendo Wii you had a Nintendo in a dead ringer broke course right. Yeah noise that's going to happen OK so That's Hollywood and vine breakfast next up our planet Hollywood. At Disney springs. And this is my favorite restaurant are non period and a story I've been bragging about a thousand mother the first time. And what it is as you walked in and it's like huge dome what what's the actual official plane and a planetarium planetary yet so it's got a huge dome on it now. We what the first time last Memorial Day detain Jackson. Became jacks on we ended up I'm. Which technically is their third floor or I cult or second floor but your raised up and you're like sight line of two gigantic big screens all over the walls. In front of unit play music videos. On if you go during certain parts of the day and weekends or whoever else that camera that's spy on tables. Or sing alongs the whole deal. The burgers I got hearing from dinosaurs and dives that's like twenty bucks yeah eighteen points and they're gigantic. And told we were toy box and spices on there really yeah a bit to actually delicious. I passed it this time. In misery he curiously largely Devlin and I each order passed and we could have shared past yet incoming link and it all came nineteen mixing correct yeah I don't like him a symbol there was just way too and yes so it's worth it the again this one it is my favor but so that is off some. The rich or doing whatever this place. Last year Memorial Day weekend was his case saw on the menu on the outside of the building. What he shakes localize them. You can explain this. There in Mason jars and frosting on the outside an east hand he Hewitt and demands and while iron right and Enders. Candies coming out of the middle long bombs out of the middle of the centers aren't they one it was just like. Soccer like the unicorn sacker and of being it was a piece of birthday cake at. Stuck to an embryo is just amazed at Lewis and and this was awesome because at this deal. Was fun because. I Wii such use it in the birthday shake as it turned forty. And the Jews like OK I sounds good music to wanna put massive jump on the big screens for a clutch yet shared group. The C was not happy so we put happy fortieth birthday cake bulatovic street. When it went up I want to take a picture not knowing that they have one or dropping cameras zoomed in on our table. When the message went up on the board so you weren't even there so everybody could see you taking your picture of the stream from the camera shot or whatever else of the generals we're getting on her the kids at the table or whatever painfully clear up high Nat defender guarantee this time we were on that very topple. I'm last fall when we're on the very bottom level I will tell you I do not like the very bottom mumble to get it just takes from the whole experience liked. Did you stay wait longer whatever is much more worth it to be on the set I'm not middle tier with a top tier than it is on the bottom you right I agree yeah how about you. I've only seven now absolute on the one time I was there exhausted and a weight yeah he had held a it is don't do Indy you'll really get a choice unless you ask for it. Once you get there and so you're willing to wait you know it would fluctuate a guess at that point but I recommend you like it I loved it it was guy had a group season. Person I was with had like take me an independent in over at the barbecue them. The less I dislike of how you needed to rest announcing on trouble ball times he went out seat in the same day. When you mean one UW barely you know most all right I'm troubled misses yes you got clarinet death planned out together. Exactly right then the other place we went to house of blues. And Disney springs now this came about because we were gonna do. We sought and Donna Morgan had to do without the boys I think splits to help. On in Disney springs that's what we had reservations for. That's a pain in the butt too by the way I don't like it common complaint about it now. In order to cancel reservation. Or make a reservation day our viewer to jump through a hundred hoops in order to get it done if you're in the middle of your vacation in Disney World like you can't just. I'm your phone will not a lot. So then you have to call a number. And then in order to cancel sports the wind. I'd call this number somebody at somewhere in Disney World answer all I can't do that arm after connected to Daschle splits the bowling center. So that I got a quick connected all the way splits Ville to cancel reservation. Well then we seem okay house of blues. Can't make a reservation under fall on your app because your your petition. You're eager to reference a war lie you to book a reservation. So then we had a cold air rain and maker and Kohl backed away whenever she can now conduct a house of blues in order to make a reservation dale. I don't understand the point all this. I'm sure they have a good breezing Disney World but that's a pain in the butt you get penalized for being a Disney are indication into Disney World as far as reservations Mickey Rourke. Shall. We day like today will change. And yet kids you moods or chains and sold one plan that you have might not pan out he might change your plan. And a White House meeting we were all we are gonna make it on time. Because we had spent the day fishing and our day off from the Disney parks. I would doubt who wanted to go fishing rights are so we did that outside a distant parts if you want information on that just DM yet Sparky radio and I can tell you where we won and holding. On very cool park I think they would agree Scott splash pad for a few of our smaller children. It's a huge thing huge bait shop in our cafes and until you all about it it's not sign a touts outside Disney like all of the twenty minutes half bottle and it wasn't that far we ran Condit terrorist. So the like reason for canceling has. Or am I gonna make it going to be like as a reason we are still like a couple of hours ahead or whatever else we sought to go back change whatever else and get that. So now we all there to go see a much it is wholly expanse of light year crazy like. It was. Is it like 25 dollars up person. For our or something like that to ball to bowl ads all include eating. No so that's like a hundred bucks from the jump and you're just boldly and turn out that's it that's all yet. And that's all it is what name was this man no it wasn't we nice. Sunday night and son and I yet. Because I've gone floor hitting just thirty bucks a person I got a meal and my three hours a new willing not anymore Wednesday not not not for us no wow shields and you and class so much so that includes what you know your mini get your just ball. Much. Litter box so that we ended up getting in some house of blues just fine so we go over there before was really get. I was really I agree I enjoyed the food the atmosphere is really nice year ever been a house blues I'm not sure I'd never been a house of blues. Prior to this one now we have been in Nashville all national Europe yes we did get a go to one nationally right. I liked it I thought the food was really well worth the dorsal replaces the heat indices spring's I don't do go wrong an annual rate up loses. The waiter you Israel knowledgeable he ratings Blair's last suggestion that his suggestions are spot and yet sometimes people say Oz is really dead. And and it's not as they decided. He said it was good describe what it tastes like in and actually was like that was even said. Like if you don't like it I'll take you back no I'll get you something now. Never write that name. And a guy he was he was very good so that was house of blues at Disney sprays around Tommy gets a part three Volvo reviewing. Our restaurants we were out we'll get to next time we still got four restaurants. Ought to get to and including the one that we thought might have had the very best food of all of all in magic kingdom. The first Andy who aren't so. The new thing Disney worlds doing is they're eighteen dinners and breakfasts and making them character. Dinners and Brian France which means they on opus today. So I won my fair restaurants the artist pointing at wilderness lives just decided to go character breakfast. Bet you that in order for seven or yeah. Is just generic tacking on a Bethpage at any of these hotels and get the exact scene you see evil characters in there I have I have no sympathy for you because the wilderness same place screwed up whispering gaining cafe. So in general there scoring awful I'm staying away from the pretty sad about seven or herbs and I like how everything's gonna just be that the stay right with characters it's going now I don't like it so I think we'll talk about this another time what what is the best option for Fam is it relieve a phased out or is it to sit down sciele but the kids money but we'll discuss that further or not the point he's anti Spitzer. Doesn't like some endorse cheesecake I'm Sparky enjoy it until next time part three of reviewing restaurants at Disney World here on the world according to spark about.