Sparky and Kay review places they ate at in Disney World

The World According To Sparky
Tuesday, September 4th
Andy gets his fast passes...will the family agree? Sparky and Kay review places they ate in Disney World!! Which was most expensive? Was it worth it? TUNE IN!

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According to another -- world according to Sparky sees Sparky Pfeiffer Andy Spitzer. The fact Lewis miss K Boris here as well. Should we announced to everybody the winning date that we picked out on the podcast or should we tell friends and family first then announce on the podcast. Russia announced it here Eugene how severe yeah is close to our minds yet I love Leno has told me I wanna know. That's to be very controversy. Just gonna tell you right now they did in the near future. What is near mean here. Within years and yet you very controversial and I'm sure you'll have issue with that thing into notes I will tell you often hear probably and I played very controversial. I'm Cheryl get brought up on the big show. And I'm sure you'll not like it either but. I think it's if you love us and you are friends and you're going to be fairness you have a problem with the gonna guess you're just not going to be there whenever my indicted again of course you can sometimes be yeah. OK so this is the deal. Well what did the plan is to get several reviewing the restaurants are we all went to. Mean K and the boys went to a vacation. Back in early August I guess would be now. And Andy. However before we get to the restaurant you finally booked fast passes after all the family drama happening yeah it was him. So hot hot and tackle for your trip in October so as I walked over to my parents house my dad has solved. Did all the reservations of the hacking and watching if you knew him well I'm blocks from my pants so incessant. There comes a handy manual and embarrassed our guest from last half hour drive and making dinner mile come over and picked it up and go back to my house in January and over and practice yeah. So walked over there. 545 fuse and justice foul mood because it's 5:45 in the morning got logged in. Non it took I kept reloading the page and seemed to take till like 605 for me to get the option on the web sites is like I can booked 6 o'clock is when it officially starts were six aren't yet it just tests of real mind to load and driver came up Sus signed Ling at the button. Got all of fast as I want mine train deserted backed up to five Torre fives. The Thursday we're gonna meant kingdom wow yeah. And then the avatar band sees it wasn't until like six something you hit it right now yet to both of them but it's just it's crazy how those reservations just go and are backed up everything bingo. I'll give you a clue. Don't ever do that again. Why being you can give to it and get through much quicker using your app on your phone and then using that that's a much slower process. I know I would never ever ever we learn our lessons with us the first tally what I will never ever book any reservations online. On an actual computer. Because a it seems like just everything worse quicker lets you never have problems getting into the apple in your fast passes. You can click through quicker that's so that you have there. That that happens and that's why I say if you are if you go on the Disney app. Do you need to downloaded and and book your fast fast is your dining reservations all right there on the Disney album you don't have just makes a lot easier. I'd do I'd just I'd be had been all of. Their website is at just going back years sometimes they're good their website just as I have to ask. Have to give up your father quarter to six no more. Now it's all part of it. I got a yet all the info on the it's under his account so you can learn password the first half and well yeah how did you not just pass were for the app on their job. Hi yeah I sent you got everything done and you guys are now the family as far as. Fast passes in the morning verse in the afternoon so everybody's happy Yasser attend the second fast ascent picked during the day it was kind of as the kids are there great. If you back to though it's no great. You're gonna miss some cool if you go back on it just kind of the the essential stuff that they are excited like that's frozen ride organized. Later in the morning right I just read some in a map that frozen right but that counsel Lanny but the it is. Most. Evacuated riot act there as far as stopping and having to take people off to fix it in somebody that light. Multiple occasions stuck Wayne it's the backwards like. You a big turnaround and then you have backwards to only get stuck before it went down. And is out there I wonder what their reusing some like Norway arrived late as far as right mechanics yeah. I seek an older stuff in there even though it's a quote unquote new ride what they said because there's safety year measurements are so high in advance that it splash of water will create. Shut down. Yet how. And the only thing a marriage saying things. Goodness gracious I thought. For anti TU I didn't like the fact the you can only pick test track or frozen out right so they don't play into guiding our frozen yes Sullivan boys men and test track in Jackson and I went and frozen because I hate test track in Jackson obviously came Gilani at some. Can't figure Devlin in Logan is now cancer and went for grind it. But they're too scared for us to be backfire Parton apart then Steve got stuck in such a liar at U. Spot I don't mind test track and test tracks not one where it it's just a little wind either closing it down additional rain drop their closing it down analogous. That was the most sensitive to getting shot down at any moment based on what other than and I rather rods there yet. Article also you have an opportunity gonna go on a good muses if it breaks down you get. At a faster and act right exactly so that's your days are tough let's get to the restaurant reviews. That we had from going there and we're gonna. I don't know I put this in exact order he does in his by myself kind of sort of but we're triangle and his exact doors I can as far as how we. Did all of these in order of the trip SO ESPN's own was the first night there. And I'm gonna just say this had him and other ESPN's own before they'll got shut down. This is the original ESPN's own for the most part there is no. Arcade games and video games and all that crazy crap art far it's restaurant sports bar it's the original way he has Kindle was built and then. As Dave and busters and some sort of sick clowns start coming along. Then they decide what we have to do with third so that we have to put video games and everything else won and I was in Chicago. Our own team and so there I don't think so I don't think on. That was just like it was a small bar restaurant and and the rest of the it was like to source the ressam was all video games it was an arcade. Worth a couple of TVs with some flu horrible this one here I like this one here the food on the other hand. Isn't as traditional. May be as you would look like I don't. The food is amazing to write home about it gets beat the best when it is his burgers. Into. Stamp ESPN grill stamped on my bun yes that was probably the coolest putt. Yeah it says Louis and Seattle are abundant not a officer burger all prices are crazy like that IDS canceled like they weren't out anymore out of control than the rest of on the planet Hollywood is probably. As far as a burger goes is probably the most expensive burger we ate at twenty bucks try to bucks in my. Guess BK menu. It it was okay. Yeah players that is up and nothing is okay and to write home about I guess I was like go and ESPN's opens its original line him I'd slow is like to appear around aren't lacking he needs and the neat yeah I don't yeah there's site. We you do go to another place and warm up we'll get to coming up on new replace it just opened our rights then the next day was chase berth at forty years old birthday. As I would've went 27 the this Oscar powerhouse China. Then we have DR guest. Wish. Iowa fully admit that I am guilty. So I learned she was time I'll be our gas and everybody else Osama BR guest Howard will be our guest in the castle. Thought it was dark castle. Castle. For do you outlets hugged the castle. It's Cinderella castle where our our Beauty and the Beast now to sort if you do the beauty of these Cassel. Look. It was awesome like if you sit Beauty and the Beast. This is as cool is again it's kinder I don't think what do you think do you think it was pretty cool. The Beauty and the Beast on. And yeah. The ambience is now weird time in about atmosphere patents in the rooms that because they got like three different rooms and now you've been errant. I CNN cited avenue in there about OK okay so here's my take on it. I like that way that it was decorated. And we chose lunch Merced dam because of the new Lola. Whatever they call it's like a fix dinner at a three tiers yes you can't choose what you're getting. He can't choose what you're getting like I said Yan. You don't have like assigned seating the outer restoration but it's like hey you need to go find an open tables and bar. Silly walks through the U whole room right couldn't find now remiss Sue Bird are you can't see anything so don't sees you. No wow Wyeth now he had so I wasn't quite expecting that I knew that you had to order your food boys they like when you walk into but that's another thing. We got lucky that we person. But otherwise you wait in line and then they tell you okay go to that computer over there and make sure yeah I panicked and that's really where I kiosk so you don't even have any human interaction other than the person telling you to go to the kiosk to play shorter we had an actual human being taken our order. At a kiosk that didn't work apparently specialist for one like their signature restaurants that they relative that's that's a really weird to me. Yeah that in so. I was OK like that ordering ahead like you would and a the calendar and you have to look at the the board that's fine I mean and don't have cart path that serious but then they give you days sly AK rose bro is that base well. Yet as we weren't staying at a Disney owned resort sell our magic man didn't work. That restaurant. That you need is bro is a disk being kind of like we need to repair and may have you can't put at the table and they know where to bring your threat. So it's just visit. Red staying in so you've elicited a table and then they know where to bring the food base and that device. I GPS and you have to like go wander around looking for a table it's not fit your party size in the whole point of a reservation was eight. Would be able TC Tucson where basically your party is the and so toting around a two year old a thirteen year old an eleven year old don't you wanna be there in the first place. I don't know I was kind of disappointed would that be ties you just start out frustrated right away. So you try to look at stocks. But you're also trying to find a table at the same time. And then you going to say it and then they bring the food out Indies carts that are covered. It don't bring Jackson's. Yeah I think that the kid that was bring our Fareed. Just couldn't get it right the whole time there I mean he duke went and came back like three or four times trying to correct stuff. He won new and very that he he was how much are a tough time for us so we're pretty much all the eating in and he finally got Jackson's order. And so. You know how long it takes two year olds eat rat and ended up Blake taking his Turkey and putting in minutes ago cot and freedom around the park so everybody else would have to sit there. But they were out of like you ice. I out of ice in the soda machines sold. I went up there wasn't they had decoded your own Barry diet beverages too so there were out of ice so this first comes up dumps a couple buckets of ice and walks away okay it's now I got guys. I listen back down now we OK I wanna go back and they're out of likes. And so I outside somebody get nice import more buckets of ice and took an apparently wasn't working and you're also out of quote unquote adult cops they were out of dot com and don't allow Clinton came up kid out of bed that's a refill those Padilla. If you have a lookup and you have to keep gaining amp from your table been blocking I mean. I don't know I expect anymore. With how high demand in reservations our rights acted alone in March and for them cost and right did you have dessert there. Did you know we all had a great stuff I did not Logan but yeah. I had glimmering cup it was a delicious it was OK yeah deserves organ. Was okay to the food is pretty good I don't think it was the best meal we had we bowl kicker in the best you know we have a time when and then. Around that the most expensive that was it right by. Yet still pretty pricey and multiply and choose very pricey for lunch the most expensive only had was that night for dinner also on k.'s birthday we we've spent a lot of money k.s and I got. As we excuse. As we should use forty years we should spend a lot of money right so we did that one. On the radar picture taken outside the castle whatever meaning can it. And then now we went and did magic kingdom and then at night we had reservations for 845. At a place called Crystal Palace. Which is our main street trying to buy like that hot down planes or whenever my Nathan's hot dogs whoever it's called. On rate debt okay. So this is this deal here how much say my frustrations. Frustration is we get there early right. And I had had it all set up love. An advance that I wanted a wind tunnel and I want and stick it was also advance so I get up there I'm like OK we should never yet he was this insistent. Yes sir no probably got it. So we're waiting also we have see quite like I have our reservation time. Okay these I got up there she's like you know because you press the window and maybe later than your original reservation that civil whenever I put it in and had a consulate. So basic as manly about window. Where I just also the window but then there's an all he becomes the window at the review said you could see the fireworks if you set by the went up. Dole's been able at that table and outs of the fireworks there's no way because on Donnie was hanging over the window blocking into but he aka friends. So that's hogwash may be a different set of windows you can sit by. All that I wasn't happy about and the second thing I wasn't happy about was Kirk I'm sure they're looking and looking I'm told what to say to signal. Only time we got a birthday cake coming ball nominees fools back and forth up and down for food. Amicable Mikey you don't eat in his birthday cake your dad. Then the waitress or get out the quake zone and so fully she still running back aboard the Jackson and I'm all over this waitress calls like where is the birthday cake. On SARS or it just from its not marked on here what kind you wanted. Mike is not marked on their eye and I'm telling you Andy and getting apps think about it. So eventually finally like. Out of we must have been an hour and a half and by that time was like quarter to 10:10 o'clock yeah she finally brought out the birthday we billionaire real Iran Bryant hit it was like a chocolate whose birthday cake would like Hannibal chocolate Mickey Mouse ears yeah it was delicious L yes it was awesome nice chilly here I've got video she glared hammy. Originally she came out and then she loosened up but she was fine with that on but it was so that mean that that that food was good that night too and that was a character. Dinner as well Winnie the Pooh. Yeah news cameras are gonna around it's just joining it to about tiger we had you enter your salt we need to care school. Yes we got Sheila Tigger and it was a buffet style. Com which obviously the boys and everybody likes her night we just what money they say just who don't. The boys do though so. The guy that really good food the buffet I really enjoyed the food there and then of course. On the birthday cake at the end and nine K was nice enough cause we saw writing on like the week. Carry this top the most here on a second ago about how we not hear them. So she ended up we and have given other half of the chocolate cake to table next to us who's asking about how much it costs of everything now that's. Is it you just have to look like you want to finish itself but really that it was delicious yet so it's like a moves like chocolate mousse yeah I thought it was really good all right. So that is Crystal Palace Ambac gets us do day two of our journey Disney World. We'll continue on talking more about the restaurants are coming up in next week's podcast. A lot still gets you out through the rest of our trip whether it be. A place we went two for breakfast at Hollywood studios multiple places we went to a Disney springs. Also another place on the boardwalk that we went two plus animal kingdom and other plays a magic kingdom so lots to stay tuned for next week's podcast. Ally and I'd Disney attributed idea painting a sweet guy just fine and not a trivia fact I got I didn't wanna throw out there than I did book. The Halloween party that's exclusive for the vacation club members of the contemporary. And they highly encourage you to go as a cost him. Nance picked down might cost him what do you think my cast him mr. incredible now. Buzz like now. Now one of the pink elephants from pink elephants on Perry a car Sox saw their ego I love it. They sell those. I've found on the move goodwill store. Yeah pretty much I decorated with that doesn't work it's gonna work yet as my theory Disney sunk your parents are going. And that's after they leave Diane and stay in a couple of extra days. Here so one of the sport by yourself and gone by myself yeah I mean. Why are children who. Did tell the problem. How dumb this podcast that there any cheese K outsmarting a night you don't.