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Monday, March 12th
03/12/18: Spring Training LIVE - Tim Allen and Bill Schmid talk about the Jake Arrieta signing and hear from relievers Jeremy Jeffress and Josh Hader, outfielder Lorenzo Cain and 3rd baseman Travis Shaw. 

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And welcome in brewers fans it is another edition of hot stove weeklies last spring training lives presented by the Milwaukee admirals hear on the fan. Tenement house Billy Schmidt Tim Allen. And some brewers. Information for the next hour we'll chat. About Jim Carrey I don't or lack there Jake area and ability disappointed in. Now outside they're up there at this point in their idea I didn't understand a reason why you wouldn't. At least pony up the money I understand maybe why he wouldn't have signed. With the US I I think Vera is some factors that would lenient towards Pennsylvania. Over Wisconsin but it besides the fact I think it was I think it was a major mistake. Well will seat because they lost out on Lance Lynn also signs a one year twelve million dollar deal. And now that leaves who left on the free agent market in terms of then opera. Top of the rotation type pitchers. And Alex Cobb and that's about it. Is he would bow I don't know he's he's not a number one vision thing he has or at least he thought he was when he was commanding like eighty million dollars at the start of free agency. Yeah so will lead channel little bit about that and and whether or not you guys wanna see that pitcher signed as a David Stern is general manager of the brewers here. Does he go ahead. And pull the trigger and finished. The deal here I mean piggyback on top of what you did with. A guy like Matt Albers a guy like Boone Logan a Gallic Lorenzo Cain a guy like Chris student yeah Alex does he seal the deal with a another pitcher. A lot of people see should and and a lot of people like you don't have a deal that. He's he's halfway is halfway there now finish it up but Woolsey is still there's still love what. A two week two plus weeks laughed. By the offseason we'll find out. What's going on there the brewers in place as we speak they were down three zip went ahead and took the lead 64 now it's 65. Last I checked bill. Still the same same breed at 65 as they take on the Dodgers over their. And Taylor Williams himself back I'm out on the mound and and heels looked really really good all camp Jim I think he may make this team. Sparking now we're talking about that we are Phoenix we both think that heats he's one of those guys it's it's gonna. Little bit of a surprise and say man you're on the team none are refreshing breath 75 rumors okay this and that doesn't mean that the back and forth in that bullpen from triple way you. To the big year for sure but as big a bull pens. We will love focus on that in the second segment of the program today. As bill Michaels is out in Phoenix at Maryville had an opportunity to sit down with. Bold chairman Jeff Frist and Josh hater going to play huge roles coming up and just. What seventeen or eighteen days from right now when they fire things up in San Diego so he sat down with both. Jefferson hater I'll also on the show Lorenzo Cain and Travis show off so a lot coming up here. On spring training lives here presented by the Milwaukee. Admirals and Billy fox sports Wisconsin release or TV schedule. You know I've said it before and I think a lot of folks agree. That you know. This day and aids with technology the way it is and and a million different. You know TV channels and bad news. Why isn't every single game and it at least the professional big four sports and then. Football baseball basketball hockey I mean it shouldn't every game be televised somewhere on some platform yeah I couldn't agree more I don't understand how. How you can get caught get away with with not televising a game especially Tim is in baseball. Where it's so vital that you are you're making your own money with your own TV contracts like the NFL and and somewhat in the NBA but. EU makes so much of your own revenue that goes directly into your team performance and in the ability that you have to spend. On your team at it almost feels like it's like its dropping the ball a little bit not to have it. Or is that just me. Now. Now I I think I think you're right and they and it's it's not a it's it. I'd look at then you know the the TV coverage of these professional. Organizations as basically commercials and there really are their commercials for your product and the more you get it out there at the more. Commercials you get the more hype you get around and etc. etc. so they they've released their off fox sports Wisconsin schedule. What's the tally yet. For at least fox sports Wisconsin game 155. Games will be televised on fox sports Wisconsin the exclusive local television brighter also is showing. There'll be seven appearances on fox sports one throughout the year. Okay and then you figure from MLB now where and you would assume. In no that there's probably very very few. That are not going to be covered you know over the years we've always had basically. Midweek afternoon game even. You unite voted. Is this game and that's not a TV and what it's going on here. But that's good they almost got to the entire regular season games and of course the post season games. It will be if they don't televise one of those that we will throw some kind of rally then there's problems gathered in the Bergen had trouble and reverse it. Buy out news of the week here since last we spoke. There's a handful of players that have signed contracts and and this is sort of just dot the I's and crossed the t.'s. Fully under team control and then Travis jaw. I'm not particularly pleased with the with the amount of money he's getting but that nonetheless it is not much you can do about it he understands that so. He signs jet bandied Jake Nottingham Keon Broxton Brad Phillips Domingo Santana. Zach Davies Oliver Drake. And Brett Souter and Tyler weigh out all inked deals in the last week or so and we have our first round of cuts Billy I don't know if you caught that announcement. Sent out of the young big league camp and that doesn't mean that these guys are gonna play in. You know cactus league game or two because they're constantly borrowing players from the minor league side there's. As your group of six or eight of them now walk over walk back and forth depending on. What the brewers have going in the big league game but the cots that were sent out that will not make the team Marie CO do you bond. Martin's lot of oil arm. That out yet what there's a gap. This is not surprising that doesn't mean they how to lose these guys is it just it just a formality really that. Way way under team control here for for all of these guys Dubai and Marcos to upon Adrian Hauser Jorge Lopez Nottingham. Freddy for all Adrian house or Tyler Webb Corbin furnace. John parent Luis Ortiz all sent out. A big league camp so that. You know Greg council told us a week or two ago we are in Phoenix that it's almost running like. Like a football camp used because of so many so many bodies in that clubhouse and out kind of loosens up just a little bit. With those guys out of the every morning kind of shuffle. And and the daily routine but but again. The other players I just listed that were were sent to them finally site doesn't mean you lose some a lot of people I saw somebody on. Social media say that why would they cut these guys while they're not. Cutting them from your organization relax. It's in Belgium. Yeah everything's going to be fun so there's the good news of the week if you will and the big bigger news I think is. 25 million a year would you have done that. If you were general manager David Stern's are you disappointed. First of all in that if you wanna jump in here 4147991250. As you listening to spring training live presented by the Milwaukee admirals admiral sent rice coming up at 7 o'clock. Com. I'm a little disappointed in that. You the lost out on Darvish that didn't surprise me I mean if you go back a couple of months Billy I don't know if you're call. He had met with. The the Chicago Cubs brass. And did he not do that with out an interpreter. In new. It's of that told me right there that there's something cocaine in Chicago there for Darvish uniting get my hopes up for that one. The air yet I think I thought here in the eleventh hour not that were you know right at the cost of opening day. Couple that couple a two and a half weeks laughed. This I thought he would may be swoop in and just sign him. And I thought well Jake Ariana was probably gonna wanna for five year deal I don't blame them they all want the big money the guaranteed money that. Long term deal. And they they don't get it done and it turns how would you have signed area at a to a three year 25 million. I would have done it every day of the week and twice on Sunday it's am I I was a big fan area at a coming in a free agency I think what he's sends your clubhouse walking in their. I I kind of joked about it on the morning Joseph earlier today when I talked it to chuck and art. That the look what do what do did the Houston Astros last year when you bring in a former Cy Young award winner and Justin Verlander and the boost the confidence and it gives a locker room of guys were for real if they they they wouldn't make this move if there's now if there's not a sense of urgency here and and there's a very very cool calm and collected. Confidence brewing with that it would that clubhouse. And I think the opportunity you had sits at just give it such a jolt of energy. I bring it in a dude that three of the last four years has finished in the top five in in Cy Young or top ten Cy Young award winning. How won the cy young and when he fifteen as a 308. ERA in the playoffs I thought it was just a really really lost opportunity. Tenet's add somebody that you don't get to see every not every day. I mean Jim you've been around this team for how long does less and you saw a guy that won a Cy Young award be available to be signed a free agent market on March 12. Yeah and not a trade. A viable free agent that is attainable. And that's what's confusing to me a little bit Billy is that. You know you go your goal so far in and in your manager. One side or the other one side and general manager David Stern says mama I'm bolster my offense obviously amid a trade for yell it's a sign runs cocaine. And but I still stick what my plan because those two moves. Do help us for now. And in the future and I I do agree that it it is vaults. In and he has said that for a few years now that. And the moves we're gonna make or not only gonna help us now with they're going to help us for the future and it made sense both galaxy game. But that you'd you'd think wool. Are you gonna go ahead and piggy back on top of that war. Are you doing this step by step up and say hey man let's not get the cart and head of the horse. Let's hold off a little bit we're still in this gradual opt rides were still sending as an organization. Let's relax a little bit we've supplemented by signing. Wade Miley. On a guy Arnault. Those guys are viable options Major League big league pitchers that have had some success in the big leagues. We think we can find a diamond in the rob were confident was act navy actually sassy and and and Jason Anderson. I am a little confused by it's it's almost like. Okay yeah you wanna be diligent and I think to a degree they are. But is it. Fully woods yet is it fully. All win. I don't think it is no I I don't think it is either Jim but I I also think they're trying to get that that word out of the brewers dictionary of of going all in her are going for it. This this program that they have put in place now is not meant for just one or two Uighurs I mean when you make those moves like Cain and yell which. Those got to have at least when he twice on mine. So I wouldn't say it helps us for now and helps us in the future. Yeah Alex is going no where. Right canes go now where no drawn is still here for two or three years Santana is not going anywhere Shaw is not going anywhere you know it. You can't say that signing area auto would have been for now and the next two years after this year and in. Now you do look at the money and I get the bean towners I get the get those guys this is the business time and I understand you sign Jake Gary got a 25 millionaire brawny at when he million. Keenan twenty million not your sixty plus million on three players. Shop scene in his eight million not Europe over seventy million dollars on four players. Think about that. Or players at seventy million dollars in Milwaukee. And that that's like if you want to draw comparisons seat go to the gas station EU you have fifty dollars in your pocket. Choose to buy lottery tickets and in you spent all twenty that are 25 of it on the biggest lottery to eat at fine. And instead you decided just to go pick it down with a couple of two dollars and wade Miley and and many go up a little bit more and you'd maybe try a ten dollar cross word with with Jolie's chassis we didn't want to pull that trigger on the big one knowing the kickback can be more. You might go to ten dollars on the ballots right yet ten dollars and Ellis I was a good one. That they so McCain won might have been a slot machine one may be worth about 101215. Some like that. And they will tell you the organization will tell you what we're always going for it. Well are so close now you're upload that there aren't baseball team no question about it they're going to be a good base right. You're so close and and I understand which is what you meant about Verlander don't Houston if it is that intangible. That the rest of that clubhouse as wall we did one. Nice sweet waits here we go yet here we go again let's get in this thing. Self. I don't know I was it's not that I'm disappointed in the area a thing but it's. A slightly maybe. 4147991250. There are some cons to it also and I understand it we've been burned by this before from free agent pitchers. Veteran free agent pitchers I get it but she can't compare. At least not yet you can't compare Jake area. To Gypsy. Mean I don't know I don't know that yet I don't think gee I don't think that's fair. Will get to Kyle in just a second here also watch coming up after this break. We'll hear bill Michael's yet to sit down. Well with both Josh hater and Jeremy Jeffers Jimmie Jeffers the DJ in the clubhouse that's for sure he's got control of everything. You're listening to spring training live presented by the Milwaukee admirals tenant house bills read Tim Melanie or sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. And welcome back brewers fans spring training live presented by the Milwaukee admirals I cannot. Wait. Texas we are two weeks away from Thursday. I really can't wait for our are our grill out that we're gonna do on opening day. We ask him the good times. Yeah and I don't know if it's break in India station rules I got this'll sausage. Agree Oilers in north and then north again be safe but renowned actors. No it's it's fine. In the five little slots in there discovered the thermometer built right in and so when the middle one has put the proper way of them they're dominant. Unser someone who gripe somebody Lehman but you don't really save that for a podcast we're just making it smelled great speed. Studio outside layer hicks company you're just after work out on the race. I taught a bronze so light you know Bronson and I'm not doing all the compliments its ketchup mustard bombs and rocks that's all we're getting that's all you get from him now yeah that's right. That's right you have someone do it fine. We'll do it but it's not yourself they'd say Sanderson has been announced he's going to be the opening day starter for the brewers here in the 2018 championship season. And I had asked him about that when we're out in Phoenix we'll have that for you coming up in just a big Kyl let me get to you at 7991250. Are you a little disappointed Kyle. That the brewers and pull the trigger on area. Well I'm not all that disappointed and I I appeal or the money situation. In hand I think what's going to happen. Is that there is that though oracle intimacy of starting with what we have right now but before that trade deadline and in July it is either water troop new creatures. I'm a brewers team to make an immediate impact for big time port. Okay I'll here's the deal on that they'll. If they happened to stumble out of the block and and baseball teams do that and it's no indication of how good they arts a circumstance man and you know the ball doesn't bounce right maybe there's an injury or two and yet. You get out of the blocks who with a I don't know lets us assay for the sake of the argument attend in nineteen marker something like that wouldn't that then hold them. From making that acquisition and then they'd hang their hat on and now we got to help on the way Jameer Nelson don't gonna come back here and about a month. No I do I mean yes do we know who's coming on back. They're gonna bring him back slowly and if they want immediate impact they are gonna go on out and they're gonna get someone that you're gonna expect then the and get to like. I never expected yell it's never expected to have a back again. And they're gonna pull it and you're gonna be like I mean I know that it's gonna be a big time game. And they're good and someone you're gonna. Just app. Well here right Kyle all right thanks thanks a lot now conversely if they do get off to a good start let's say they go seventeen intent. Eighteen and ten. Now. You're just sit there the year trotman. Now now you're just you're doing almost a home run dance because then you have Jimmy Nelson come back and then you have the flexibility in that sort Kyl was getting too it's a money thing. It does provide you both a fight at least the financial flexibility. To bring in another Frontline starter. Mean eighty you can look at it both ways and and it's just it's all about please for the love got. You're off to a good start. Just get decent start keep yourself in it I think they will. Pretty sure they well. Bull pens can play a big part of that Billy as six of the spots as we've been reporting since we've been in Phoenix that six of those spots are copper. And there's two spots open we mentioned Taylor Williams is a little while ago. He's got a shot at this thing's on DiNardo going to be a bullpen pitchers use our children's literacy and obvious starters eatery on that bullpen. Lot of different opportunities here there for the most part there are two bullpen spots open. And two rotation spots open. So you can go and a number of different directions here. But one thing we do know by the way that also nuisance we spoke last Corey can naval put a little bit of a scare in us yesterday. There's been some tendinitis there but he slipped on the mound as a little rain and in Phoenix and no big deal that nice job giving everybody a nice cardiac arrest. Showcase earlier early on here. But again the cover your flank who's the closer of course does doesn't get it done or is is that neither whatever I mean that that that has something and I. And you got guys on the free agent markets and EU we we talked about the starters I think everyone's focus on that when when we look at pitching. There's guys on their free agent market that have been bonafide closers. In in the big leagues Greg Holland had a crazy good year last year. He's unsigned Houston street has been closing games since I was in fifth sixth grade and he's still one signs there's guys that abetted that position that. Later I can't maybe one of those is is a guy that you bring it bring in for one of those lottery ticket kind of deals. Is Jeremy Jeffrey is the backup plan in the back into that bullpen and he might be we have discussed that Josh hater is he the back up plan I don't think so because I think they like him multiple innings. But let's hear bill Michaels who is at Maryville baseball park. For the good chunk of this week and an opportunity to sit down with Jeremy Jeff for a sand Dallas here that. Alas this was a team that have many expectations that your you guys do isn't it different pressure. On known releases this is. I think it's ago. I knew him dropped him Stewart you know because glasses. Not Nasser who want it it's yours it's seen its new pieces. And store you know. You guys were pretty strong in the bullpen especially the second half of last season I know early on this season might. Not a war if you guys down but overall give me your assessment how you guys look pitching it. Everybody wanted to blow to ski and authorities. The main focus. Is everybody. Well. Accounts and and being amputated usually stressed out as much as possible to restaurants. You know what is wrong when it. The powerful and keep them. On. Biggest criticism of amending always usual mundane when it works their grade when it doesn't they sought. So it that being said how you win win counts UGU guys. You know my question is. Do you guys get a feel for how you guys are working or do you rely on his feel for you guys are working oh yeah we we communicate agreements. The expert. Team communities. Once we season. The cardinals were armed game. Like the first two months and then we'll be with. Guns. That's. We communicate. That. Well personally I do you feel off enough to. Let him back. You know the offseason. Move. We'll stressful with the market you know. McCain says he worked with a horrible. And that. Yeah I'll bet he does feel pretty good because it is the he has just anchored in that bullpen for sure and they're gonna rely on him or for whatever reason he pitches well numbers uniform will take that and wherever you however and that's the words are as easy as just and examine them. Absolutely any he did mention the communication. And in a lot of managers will say well I have an open door players come to me in any time and much like a lot of employees to employers. And bosses are underlying us they feel a little intimidated do and that and I and I got that that's and you know every facet of business. But it appears that council does have a very good relationship with the with the ball to his team will hear from Josh hater coming up. In just a couple of minutes but chase Sanderson. Was announces the opening day starter for the 2018 championship season. Now will go back and hear his response. Of a week and a half or two ago when I ask chase what would it be like if you got the knot on opening day. I think it is due to be honored and humbling. Tegra that in the words you know. Could be of disease could be a lot of fun you know I think the days and get this team start off on the right foot you know these days important regards your truck. Warner five and I've been. I've been four or five in the rotation in this that's the case that's fine outside as a matter Rea. My goal is. But this gives a short period of time in my goals away chip chip and Milwaukee that's the main goal and you know if that's opening day that's number five about harassment in my park. That's a great attitude from chasing Anderson right there when we chatted. Just a week and a half or two ago we'll take a break here we'll come back here from Josh haters still to come. Lorenzo Cain and Travis shot it's another edition of spring training live presented by the Milwaukee admirals admiral sent her eyes coming up. At the top of the hour at seven taos hear on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. And welcome back it is spring training live Swanee eight team as that we are presented by the Milwaukee admirals admiral said arise coming up at the top of the hour Tim Allen baby house bills med. And Dawkins a brewers baseball. Jason Anderson named opening day starter. Last Jack let's check the scoreboard here brewers in play right now against the Dodgers in cactus league action I don't think you happen to see that. The Indians pulled off a triple play against the brewers yesterday while you're you're gonna focus on the negative so I guess I'll have to be sunshine and rainbows the program tonight. G managed only with a Grand Slam. How about it today. And a big come from behind ninth inning victory yesterday for the crew. Who's this open skid. Opus was involved tested hero was saying and I'm eighty knew he'd give or if it was and it all again. In a brewers three run rally to get a victory yesterday and their up today again and combine it today with a 76 victory over the Dodgers I'll take on the Texas Rangers tomorrow. Nicely done another win for the brewers and cactus league action like Josh expert whose count. I am. Definitely. Let's go to a bill Michaels and his sit down with the brewers left hander Josh cater. Last year you guys were pitching like you guys were kind of the strength of this team especially down the stretch so give me your assessment and how to pitch exit is right there. All of this stuff is really being you know moving. It's the bullpen disease RO was. You. We got a bunch of guys that come on you view you know memories. We needed to when the ball and that's what it's about the same mentality. Every day. Right. You know concerns that yeah we got. Company pick ups. And I think her really have a good beat you missed a business network and extra pitches and we're gonna get the job done. Last year you came in like a ball of fire units are really big moments. Is that a huge confidence boost Missouri nerves in this series is something you can build on or is this is something which is every other day no big deal on good. You know it's it was actually really easy come and visit old enough and last year and you really come. Heat to line him into the right place at the right routine. It's and taken that from. And we are comfortable up there it makes everything easier just. And do but I knew how to do and you know it's been my strengths and you know and played out pretty well in. And just continue. And learn from you know my mistakes last year and you know. Fix those cheers. Going into this camp was or anything in the offseason did you we try to develop another pitch re trying to work anything in particular. This time audiences around. So last year I mean obviously everybody talked about the price harbor moment that was huge for Yorkshire. Like looking in all the different moments you have last year when you talk more about the mistakes because everybody knows success she can handle mistake she can't. Anything stick out in my he said I need to do that better. Not really too many things to say I just found more so its elections its location. Make sure that you don't get to him in an error in it's. Smithson classic there isn't much cost. It was sort of injury Jefferson Orleans talking about the way you guys communique was Craig Counsell. And mark how old you guys say OK I'm good this day I'm not this day. And the use of the bullpen give me your assessment kind of how you been used in how you feel about yourself and how many times you can go. Yeah half soda right now that's where we're trying to figure out you know what what the view boundaries are on you know just trying to go out there every day. It's. Good chance that wins them on the communication right there on that part is once you. I mean not being too familiar him. Terrible seasons here. That's going to be different for me you know. As my things he emphasizes that you communicate would mean he figures. Works. So last year lot of guys and his team try to make a name for themselves and I made a name for yourself in a different pressures this year. Better or worse a little bit different. As saying Montel is saying each year. Always working on things and trying to get the best site being. When it comes to the game is being prepared being ready. There you're correct kind of I wanna say laid back guy a little bit as opposed to some of the guys in the clubhouse on all the personalities match. I think it's great. You guys. Back guys that are funny. Yeah campaign. It's dispersants. That's. Recovery. An act and I guess OK cause I ask him intentions and and do plumber means money staffers. You got leaders here to. He. You love puts him right track and you know make sure everything's fine here. Nicely done from bill Michael's right there and you can tell Josh cater Billy do you and Ivan chat with him for. What a year or two now and he gets this hero almost every interview. Just maturing. And you know that the can be a challenging interview for sure. He definitely becomes more. I don't know what the what the words say is confident her or heard strong in his answer seemed likely that. When we first started talk you know he just was worried that he was gonna say some wrong now. I think he knows he knows exactly what how he's gonna answer just about every question when he comes into it maybe that is just a sign of being around the Timor. Good job from bill Michael's right there who's at Maryville baseball park he's back on the air on the network tomorrow at ten. But you also had a chance in knowledge that would Lorenz okay. And what a lot of people. Still to this day still to this minute say well where you do onion a plethora of outfielders are Santana argument the Ellis steeler Santana is wrong there's Phillips there's rocks and you're set there. But David Stern has pulled the trigger on Lorenzo Cain and he's gonna play a big big role bill had a chance chat Warren's so just coming back Woodson looks like. I know I'm not not a lot has changed you don't loan limit through turned to me is canosa books and young players now so I admit that some just. There's some learned their bodies you know learn personalities and still learn remains. But as a whole you know and government is almost over and. Pretty successful in Kansas City so when you talk about championship club announces camaraderie chemistry there's a lot of intangibles that go into winning. To give me a sense of how you feel about the clubhouse. It's about different that those who you know a lot of a lot of young folks on the green and you know chemistry isn't through the roof and Allred to field. There's a lot of similar is. Physics. Series that. As a group has really wanted to win over a quarter. Pete and certain victory came to compete within months and it's going to be a lot of a lot of time though Lotto picks I've seen. On the senate side knows about wanted to you don't feel so and they will see what happens enough Gordon has. At least elevating a bit sold at different golf from a Kansas City ballpark to Miller Park that seems to be a band box has got some different nuances to it. Playing out feels a little bit different but as far as being a power hitter being Vatican put ball in play at Miller Park you gotta be Canon has smiled at questioner you know still. It must have been nice to get to his fourth. Same time and I've got to. Vermont's us through my game you know most of my life I've broken modular thing toasting themselves. It definitely definitely gonna. Be nice in near enough for Liz Islam movement picked. In a day of analytics. Where people look at war and people look at different numbers such as Oprah has. Comment when you look at the outfield you guys have now it's it's it's upgraded I mean you guys look what you guys can not only do you personally I can really put the ball play consistently where they struggled at the end of last season. You know on that's always been part of my game you know. I've never really got you a little bit it's you know thirty home runs so I don't know got a got to do another way excellent as well promise of an all around player in do little bitter over everything. Oh and now. Hazardous Meehan and myself and the other is going to be you know. Huge huge distance teeth removal you know. Heartache and so it's just. As the validated at home versatility of a phenomenon has always had some real quick trilogy goes the the American League vs initially big difference or not. Our own for me you know just do NATO so long analog got a you know I used to seeing same faces face in the same is just to see a lot of same pitchers each and everyday Sola. Amuses learner and learn and help pitchers there's going to be based us geeks and you know what's a hit it down an alternate who are. Brewers outfielder Lorenzo Cain there with bill Michael's here on the fan and about four years ago or sell. Remember this Rami Mac clock and I had a conversation about. Doug Melvin and and the philosophies there. Power hitters and and building a team around. The ballpark in May get. You get eighty games at home 81 games at home and and why would you build it there and get a power hitter gets some. The Russell Branyan in here and get some of these guys in here that can pop a three run home run. You know and about forty years ago this really sort of think and it's a game changed fully almost fully analytics. You know why would that team. At Miller Park be built around guys like Lorenzo Cain and yell at you guys have put the ball in play in day I'd use determined I use this term quite frequently Billy. About pinball players union and just rattle ball around corners rattle them off the walls unit and play move the line on base percentage let's go. And I think. That's where David Stern's is that right now. Understanding that that the ballpark sitting give you some home runs might as well as Dick. Eight ability to play at anywhere you go right is that we are sands he had not just this find the gaps get a base hit and and just keep the line movement get. And I think we're gonna see a different brand of brewers baseball here and I wonder. As we get close of the season of course wolf we'll talk more about it but I wonder. If the managerial style changes. For Craig Counsell with what he's gotten in that lineup while and I know a lot of people be very excited notice Tim earlier today they'll Michaels was doing some FaceBook lied while he was due in the show. And they were doing bunting practice and so don't worry everybody they they did you practiced bunting has many people wanna now. Absolutely. Because Travis show won't be laying down a lot of bonds thought this coming season but now we'll hear from Travis shot is next you're gonna jump in here a couple of minutes left four of 414. 7991250. Tim Allen baby touts bill Schmidt it is spring training live presented by the Milwaukee admirals admiral sent arise at the top of the hour here on the fan. And welcome back it is spring training lives when he eight team presented by the Milwaukee admirals. Cannot wait. Two weeks from Thursday the brewers are gonna. Opened things up in San Diego we'll get the 2018 championship season often running looking forward to a lot of fun stuff this year on the post game show. Tune in on all will be saying and will be Danson will be talking to you guys and we'll hear from Travis shot here in just a second let me squeeze in June. You know all it Jim you're on the fan wants evidence. Hey guys article good. They just a couple of things first not you're talking about area that was the position the ball. I three years it's 75 million for a guy whose arm. Definitely dropped ought to the last two years. I don't know I am I'm really well at least it really engine you'd you'd like to see area to hear well. You know at 25 million a year but not. Not necessarily the guy that we saw last year in you know it will be either through years. Yeah and as I said Jim I think that the biggest advantage of not signing him is the flexibility. That you've got. The point gap because again come July. In what you think you need an arm. Got the potential ability to go do what you gotta do. Again though the key point is thanks for the call him the key point is get off to a decent start. Mean just get off to a decent start hitting it you're not gonna do any basis and make sure there majors area yes you you have to be in it you'd have to be viable you gotta be legitimate in the numbers got to bear that out they're gonna dissect the numbers Uga but. Because I think about it they get off to a good start not only the flexibility because you didn't sign area not only the flexibility with with money. But also the advantage of having Jimmy Nelson come back the same time and now it's one coupons to add to. A rotation that's already gotten off to a good start in his keys this year you wanna talk about gains. You know meeting the same thing on game two is 102. And 162 we saw what happened last year coming up one. Gains or not they got some come from behind victories view where you thought they'd lost in the in the come back in and steal that victory. But I think it's Paramount for the flexibility. All of acquiring a pitcher via trade whatever might be. And that happens human it Jameer Nelson come back. That could be one coupons which would ensure a very fun summer. City of Milwaukee. And the state of Wisconsin when it comes brewers baseball let's squeeze in a couple of comments from Travis does he said down earlier today with bill Michael's read your thoughts on campus far. Cancer are going well. Everybody's kind of gel and all that and learn some new guys in the clubhouse. I think offensively we're going to be very good team. Which is a lot of guns. Think. From from everything I've gathered some farm and it's all its own laws and I think when it's five right now. Like our pitching and pitching carried since they have. Capability of our rotation. Back in bull pens and extremely strong. When it. It is difficult to carry over say confidence her. Charisma of a team her own your character routine from season to season he can't be if there's a passionate. Guys it. Pretty much position player wise it's the same guy minus and we had a obviously watching Cain that decides that it's it's the same group so. I think going to be pretty easy period this year with a team that has his much. Talent offensively you guys looked to have. Is it typically you have some guys it may not even make the squad is it difficult to kind of look around the clubhouse knows if you had so much talent. I mean it's a good thing don't get me wrong with that there's going to be some guys are really talented it should be in the bigs who won't it. The amateurs in the camp I think everybody knows what those positions are endless battles that are going on right now it's it's going to be. In the camp there's going to be some decisions have been made. Especially if it's the same group in here and to really excel. It is what it is something we have the data thank you sense can help us as a team and individually there's going to be some guys that are going to be upset. It's the nature of this came right at that position before. What we had previously himself. At some point all these guys in here and I. This is important. He and there's Travis jaw and he's he's right on the money and good teams that's what happens to good teams they got to cut loose good talent. When you start you know measuring who's gonna break camp there's only 25 spots at. Lot of options a sudden and it's. That's going to be interest and especially galaxies whose you are in the nets and one of the top scouts of the mall. Keon Broxton who prior to yell at you Cain was poised to start in center field. Yeah and get his 14850. Games out there minutes. There's some tough cuts that you'll funny guy art oh wait Miley. Some of these guys are going to be disappointed here. In just a couple of weeks that's gonna do for us admiral sent her price is up next what's new with the admirals billet. Not a whole lot as we get ready to go into the playoff push about four or four weeks left in the season. Off onto a road trip three of four or two or three excuse me victories over this past weekend also Jim got throughout meet the famed baca Hamilton curler for Madison this past weekend nice her boyfriend's nuts cool dude I think him and I would have. Really really good time to. Catch it. All right we'll talk to you again next Monday night another edition of spring training live presented by. Those Milwaukee admirals two man advantage ticket packages still available check out Milwaukee admirals dot com. For all the information like to thank bill Michael's. For grabbing some interviews. As she is out and Maryville baseball park it we've got live from Maryville tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock. And that we'll see you again as I said next Monday night for maybe to house Bill Smith my name is Tim Allen he does have the great night. And a great weekend remember as always smile Milwaukee the world will smile back.