Steelers QB Landry Jones

Faith in the Zone
Sunday, July 22nd
Faith in the Zone hosted by Mike McGivern joined this week by Pittsburgh Steelers QB Landry Jones.

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Welcome defeat in the zone show about sports and face and how that to come together inline speed. Right now discover how people once boards walking saves but host Mike may give burned and pastor kin Kellner. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Welcome defeat in the zone aunts portrait you want a 57 up from the fans. I might govern alongside my cohost he's back. Pastor can tell them from brook side Baptist Church pastor and I do that golden grain might do anyway yeah. Looking forward to that yeah I you've been taught about this one for awhile so whoever wants while on the show. We get a chance to talk to guys that that we enjoy watching play and heard from me or coach for me Dick Bennett. Yeah I was telling some of this TE coach in basketball coach at Wisconsin WGB I was big fan list and as a best book which I watched every tape he ever made. If I sat on the line up the line defensively new defense drew one more time I was gonna have a clear scream at me. Italian so we had no mind that was big deal for me. The other part is a big Pittsburgh steeler fan. So tons she okay and Jim Hill it's great for me and when wind you talked about Landry Jones your eyes light lit up like a little kid and it can't see your bow Oklahoma quarterback David boomer sooner. Patrick. We're so blessed today to have this young man join us. The Landry Jones they slept for a few missions time are you that. Our men and we're doing good idea look if you knew pastor the way I know pastor I know when he gets excited about something that and a chance to fellowship and spend some time with you. On he was a huge fan of yours when you're playing over in Oklahoma. Salute all men all heard that and then they could. Yeah you know than the ones oil falling home after a bad game or something. Yeah yeah yeah I can parents do that's music coach Landry. I've had parents want to follow me home after the game played Dallas pastor Ken cal that's outlook obsess about the terrible Mike FitzGerald I coast jolly his sons and and and later got Italian coach your pastor sun's he is a blessing but it can be a little bit of a Kursk he's he's my friend. He's a terror of one of the kids I'm coaching. So when he would come after the game to say seven to me I'd have to identify quickly who was talking to my talking in my frank he's imitating get away from you from France. And you're a parent you'll call me till tomorrow and if your by pastor yes sir are you doing today circuit. Oh yeah I always yet unidentified king was talking diesel areas. A much when my boys playing for my day the investment he made in their lives tremendous does that. You know letter I think might cousins sign he was offensive lineman for K state I think his name was Andy EB. I believe that he was playing for K state when you were you know obviously with the the sooners. And I remember they would say to me hey man c'mon now this is blood you know I'd go okay. None no and yeah I'll root for you any other time that mailing your plan Oklahoma it's boomer sooner or harm this. Hey I've been loyal to to the the point that. If outlaw like. That little the last Rose Bowl we have fellow young guy in our church you just came drunk he's in the military he's. Marine recruiter earnings hearings weren't as Georgia Bulldogs sure are around I go come on man. And so that the day he came out to Europe for a Bible studies that hey you wanna watch last night awarding us. Oh he's there should there should also the most exciting games between seventeen I watched the rose volume get out can I don't anymore I hear it. Yeah he's no longer part of the church in fact that's that's how serious cancer takes his boomer sooners stuff. If Landry before we give in to cut your history where you grow up and and how you chose Oklahoma too weak talk who will be and we we we got a chance to watch a video. On the governor recommend people see it on it's I am second dot comment and go to Landry Jones. It is interesting to watch that five or six minute video. On any and you talked a little bit about your days in in high school and how you kind of had everything by the tail at that point. On wordage grow up what high school you go to. I grew up in New Mexico. All the current court ordered seizure. And well there are only one option for I'd also art he's. And eighty you played basketball and football crashed. I play yet played back on football. And then in the spring I mean just. They give you you'll that I ran I. Quotation marks. Jim what do we now do you mean there had to participate or go home and work right that's with a lot of these guys. Look I'll run track I don't wanna go work at that grocery store and India. So in what position did you play basketball and her. I was like yeah. All time I'd also like that pose a power war that they are spot. Not bad I like I'd love devil quarterback play in the four spot. That's most of the cornerbacks have ever coached opting there either point Carter's shooting guard. Back coach basketball blog Tom Landry and those quarterbacks self Billick coach Mack can shoot the ball. You know you can't put a wide open well year old and her razor. They scouted us and they know you can't shoot the ball move. To Aruba did you have some offers to to go wanna play bass but the next level. No I mean under armed guard Kirk but it was small schools will Iowa. I wasn't going to be that was going to be my export. I saw you you had what two state championships. There. At the high school. Yeah I'm Mike junior my juniors here here yeah. Had so when when you walked down when you got in the high school ladies you know we you plane keep your quarterback caught through youth football whenever that. Yeah so I thought I. Oh well I actually our our school. Program really really awesome so. We could only play one line and only played one way from. Seventh grade and sell high school. Yeah every buddy Alex goes seventh grade a great ninth grade. They were all running. Dark things sitcoms I could run in the exact same amount going to be going in I suppose great pretty cool. Boy there's the schools up here you know everybody tries to to platoon if they can't. And you know I had I do a high school cup football coaches show on the radio and MI co host is guy named Joseph cookies now. On the coach in high school football in Texas. Had his deal to me was looked. If I if I can to platoon Demi is that it I've got 22 starters. And then I've got to another 22 that are one play away so they're fully engaged in everything we're doing now I got 44 guys. On my roster that are fully engaged every day at practice knowing there either get a starter either one play away. And decent look at but at the end of the year more or played against teams there haven't some of their best players COPEL ways. By the end of the year they're tired and didn't go up and our guys are still pretty fresh. And he wants a state championships here in the state Wisconsin and got an off pretty good on an and coached high school four point Texas. And done that was his dream and in he sees that he's doing that now but I think obviously if it was successful you for your high school coaches to do with that. Bit I mean shoot it edit content expressed down there. I eat they just did based they're really well I will code code Cooper Anderson just an awful awful man. He Kessel had a vision for what he wanted to do land was able to delegate in gay people on board. Well that's awesome he Pittsburgh I gotta tell you one of my favorite cities to go to this Pittsburgh. I think it's it's just that it's a lot like Milwaukee but it's true it's really pretty and there are so a lot of similarities to the people in Pittsburgh. To the people in Milwaukee you know they're good hearted people they're hard workers their family people and they love their football. Oh man absolutely have to turn created. I mean and it could trigger currently popular work. Carol. It also baseball hockey and baseball and football game and they're music fans. Now you've been in Pittsburgh the whole time since you left Oklahoma correct. Yeah in my career bird that's awesome. Hey when the wind I was working for sports marketing companies years ago. We did some programs of the Packers in the pairs. And the Packers invited me go on the team plane from Monday night came in Pittsburgh since years ago. And I out. I'm telling ya I've never seeming like you guys travel well Manhattan about a furloughed for never go through the airport. Kordell Stewart had a big game minute and Steelers beat the Packers that night. And Ron Wolf was not happy Holmgren was really not happy and it was during the Brett Favre. Reggie White team and mad did the flight home was really quiet there's not a lot harder going out. It was I fell in love that show what what that city by the way. It's a great followed. There's an awful and they got. Yes some great food spots we we got to the game early on the it was my boss tonight and people tailgate now and back packer had. And these guys really K packer boy you're gonna get your blood beats that come over your having ever be arbitrary number like Al hungry to hear they decks guy Dave Packard you guys stigma you must so order subs that yellow soda could. And I'd go over it it was like being in Green Bay to me. The bridges are beautiful like I sold it really hard to my family how beautiful Pittsburgh was. I got a chance at my son for an AU tournament there. And from the airport or driving these Sid you may have oversold the slope that I simply too we go through the tunnel. You get through the tunnel in the three preaches or it's just. It's in these yellow bridges pop and it's really it's a beautiful beautiful city he went when you were edges before get to break rigueur in high school. On how did you choose Oklahoma how what was that decision process by. So well I would like. MIA. Recruited highly so I had some offers mostly from I'm back and I mean he's in the packed packed and had some offers from the pack and and school from the big well. Ice water to schools and the SEC network time at interest rates and should only be offers or anything like that. And then now shall all what kind of rolled into the picture that was really. If Herman you know aren't a great program I want all the time com I party had some I would. The school at my and we. Being from there originally and have had to cut and balance. Up they're down close slip and he's gonna go there and so. At that point around just selection and all thinker and we'll be that way. When did did this coach Stew served just one of the staff come out and watch in New Mexico or did they just care about chin and say we want yet. The coach Stoops had a head count one of our practices that think like spring ball. And I think it was. It might have been actually that are right before that that they adjust. A liberal. I don't really remember. The exact time you know of everything but I know they came out and at that time coat high school and Kevin Wilson yeah we're still. With the sooners and those who both were kind of the three guys that aren't taught to promote. They were really get to break other so prequel continue our conversation he's wage read Joe's he's a quarterback with the Pittsburgh Steelers. And pastors may can be seen this each time former quarterback. With the Oklahoma Sooners boomers and yet you want me to play that these aren't gonna turn out to you and out of this OK to tape may show we're not going that far. Your bag it's hard to Landry and the other side this is faith in zone. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. More now on faith in the zone discovering people of sports in their walking me. Face in the zone is brought to you buying brook side Baptist Church. Now the host Mike and give Vernon and pastor can Kellner. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. And while compact defeats in the zone on sports Radio One 057 of them fan. I might be colonel on site pastor Ken cal there. Brook side Baptist Church your funny. That the Mac app that you are you are your hang around me too much. You're hanging Iraqis you're ripping me either way I normally repute pay digital telephone our special guest here is currently. Quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers and former Oklahoma sooner he's Landry Jones ledger how did you get that first thing. Oh man. It's fear that your packer Ers are I guess it's yours dealer and you might eight might that the biggest. Cowboy fan there ever a lot of them. While I was right I was right behind me and I was right behind him. What's that I was right behind us landry's Dan is a big cowboy fan because I don't mean to you know he never swore timely under. Speedo that I didn't I don't I think I'd do you know he's making fun and maybe telling a again I was a real deal and that's and and I remember watching game and they said that's how you get your name yet they are from Tom Landers. Man that's. That's awesome. Hey let's talk a little bit about sun news again I watched the video and in I would recommend to our listeners. In I didn't know but this this website I am second dot com. And gathers a five minute video with Landry Jones and he talked about. Yet you don't high school had a lot of success. On and on the court on the field. And he made a comment that video that that I wanted to at the uses are jumping off point. He's he said look I I had everything I needed I didn't think I needed Christ. And it you know we talked to guys in and that happens a wide with guys that are you don't go through some of the stuff that you were going through with the kind of success that. That they were haven't. Landry and and you know there comes a time were you goal Leo hold on second we had Darryl Strawberry on and he said look I I had everything I ever thought I want it. I had all the money I needed at the house is the cars I had girls everywhere I had the drugs. I know still I still wasn't happy. How could that be this is everything house wanted an end now he's he's a pastor Daryl strawberry he's helping people with addiction problems. And so when I listen to that video. Armed you know I I I I could just kind of see the pain a little bit that that early on there where you thought man I have everything I. I need so if we can't let's kind of start without party your life. Yeah it is said that video I'll tell you it did jumped off the I've watched it three times now. And we said look I didn't. I didn't need anybody outside I didn't think until you die I had everybody slapping me on the back tell me how good I was I was gonna go to the NFL. And at that point in my life I didn't think I needed Christ and and it's it's amazing that when when that to work you know when you when you realize okay I actually do need him and and I need this help. But at that point in your life when your high school even grown up a Christian home was in south than that that you thought you needed correct. Yeah it was as though it's a weird like looking back on the college is like manner in Leo's actually that person. You know and so like when minerals and I look on those things that old saying that it didn't know what I didn't now. And just because of the success I had X dinners and and kind of the culture around Mike's city so. The city was like built around it felt like the city built around high office worker. Whole bunch whole bunch to do there and so whenever that was Friday night which are down there but he would would go to the game and that was kind of it was really cultural could too. Local high school football and so whenever I was growing up there that was well. Liked. Placed in front of me as a big like accomplishments so whenever I was I was they are now as bill and it. What could go to church I would I would go through all of it at the stuff but they were kind of all gone through the years because I've never really. Gone through anything if a coal power or had. I guess at that point time and be taken away from me and anyone vertical college when I wasn't quite. I wasn't the most popular aren't I wasn't paying and now all the pretty girls I wasn't going. All the parties and all those things when I like maybe take a step back in Billick and who who MI. Wanna mind about because. I'm like visible right now and would actually be really thankful and happy and in all respects of of how my life was going on you know at my school crate for a while on the really picked up in treatment to the national championship my freshman year. But I how miserable it. Then went on any more out of me. I wouldn't say that will exclude side or anything like that but it was one of those going to root site and I cannot wait. You know also Creighton. With archer foundation and cried the picture so concur. Created an area. It's so later you use your folks. You I think generated you grew up in a Christian home what what was your church background. Armed film mighty parents. Or where Christians to my parents that this two. Like both first Baptist Church or Tunisia. And hopefully I mean it'll all some traction. They use Drupal square it you had some great youth pastor at that at the time you know and so. The hoosiers are really really quick quite good the end I just. I have they ever really tickets for him because also my wife has said. And that and that part of the world that it's pretty cultural to go to church and to have all your plate going to your corporate even though I didn't really think. One thing about it until like I said whenever I left. Yeah was so wasn't that it sounds like it was back there when you're in church youth group and on that you'd made the decision to Tressel lord. And then. Hit it as far as your growth in your Christian life that might might have not been that strong and you get to Oklahoma didn't play the first year that's when it kind of you started to tank. Yeah I like and life. You know entry on on high school Turks was just kind of something that you did and got looser. Thought it was a real I would ever been believed that he just wasn't like he wasn't my my father and Jesus Chrysler that might say beer and you know he was just someone not real polite. I had no connection tight. You know I did you do if you look at me like hate people that I got back. Across this state and if you believe in him we will go to heaven I would've been like absolutely there's no question that. By. A fruit. Actually living a life of chasing after him just wasn't wasn't part of him tell. Like I said at one time. For. The first masters of my freshman year that I had to. Take a step back and I really think about what I wanted to do it or repeat. OK silly so then so that was a year and church and that it was that freshman year when you came to Christ because Buchanan I mean. The lord champ positioned us to looked at him and militant his son as your savior then. Yeah like there at that first when I got to college my freshman year at all like who are it was basically stripped away and and I try to fill that with. I tried to settle at alcohol addiction and it filled with girls like try to went with our merchants. That old saying you know like other assistants fully inside the school and unhappy had just couldn't. I just couldn't get out of that state. Regardless of of any good thing that was coming my way or else like buy a knife and I do now considering more. So later when you came to go to the lord then that freshman year it is at the low point in your life. And you came to Christ that then what changed to mean. Because you had the lord now there was hope their confidence how how did how did the lord use all of that your life. Yeah so it was it was like. Let's. Share that with me you're really in my cousin. Harkin in her room. And I think he was gone through and maybe an up or purchase like it was a satisfying. Or. Yeah. Purpose or credit cards or talk about one or and prayer going on. He got really into that and act like it's they can just came out or feel like you like without a purpose. All like. That are currently on as a child on how to follow god accurately ship cheese cry kind of yeah flooded back to me. Looking back at it you're like in that Egan eat leaves likened overwhelming and quote the love of god or light. The overwhelming and peace and hope you know I mean what I was he gave me. Percent of like what my life is it's meant to be like Agassi they have. Into purpose in life you know Wear it outside of flight. Your circumstances where it's like I'm. Like no matter what I'm doing. I know what you counsel no matter where right now like whatever job that I do well on its I'd like I can all have that unity Christ and I always beat. Share and nick are fortunate on the level got the people vote that was like that big being with me. Because god meant exactly what I was and he met me in a moment where I needed most men in no way that you know my personality which just jump all over it. And so I'm sure the team even saw changing your attitude and your spirit you know even in practice and so forth after that. Carrying out bush wholly different. Person you know going from being. Hopeless to hopeful. Not having contentment that someone that. Has contempt you know and the funny thing is that next year I can. A quiet you know I mean old like was critical look at our like. Mean actually sit in my attention. Take then. Like there's there's a blessing float out of being obedient on election Koppel part of the culture Kevin you know. Yet when you put him as the preeminence you know like time as we yeah we say he's prominent well you wouldn't go home and your wife a year out once you know your prominent because you'd be thinking now who else is prominent. It's yeah preeminent and a lot of times recently that Jesus is my life now now he. It sounds like when you came to Christ that he became preeminent I love what you're sharing about your passion at that point. Same and I can tell people about Jesus and the decision that I made. And that's really what what the whole program a faith in the zone has been and a mountain. And you know I guess like yourself Landry combined share and that was isn't really your sharing. You know that the gospel opportunity that whoever's listening can can know for sure that they can live with one day. And that's what yell at times people civil war are you talking to Massa what are notably the Bible and the Bible says when you die you're gonna go to heaven again well. Should be taught anti peninsula that we believe that's what you should be minutes laptop and they. And that's awesome guys we got to get your break he's Landry joked he is that curly it quarterback with the Pittsburgh Steelers former Oklahoma sooner. And we're gonna talk a little bit more about. Testimony I'm gonna ask clay injury if as I do a lot of these set these. Ex athletes of fits if it was easier or for it is easier. To walk worthy in the locker room or outside a lot crewman normally we're attacked the pits for steeler guys. He'll mad cheesy in the locker and presume log fellow Christians that are hold me accountable. Walking Atlanta landry's answer to that question on the other side of the break it's his feet in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Welcome back to faith in the zone in inside look at people in sports in Milwaukee famous face in. Is brought to mind soreness Fordham Brookfield. Here's host Mike may get burned and pastors can Kellner. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. And welcome back to feed the Smithsonian's portrait of 1057 up from the fan. I'm Mike finger alongside the head pastor at brook side Baptist Church he's pastor can tell their. Our special guest today former Oklahoma sooner currently I use a quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers he's Landry Jones. He later I'll I I love asking this question. To chew up professional athletes. It easier to walk worthy inside the lack rumor outside a lot crude for you. Mary that that interest in question because. Well. I guess in appellate like design though like. Or maybe in a back up violent side like a two year deal some kind of like we wanted to home bait though. Part time and Alan and mark Lippman in Pittsburgh so then interest in just. Transition and make its brand and all I have to stop but we have some are really amazing believers on on the game in. This is not to have those guys around me in my. Paying out about what you read and and and people records their cowboy in other people who looked either like that or if it's a really good players would be. We we we had we had done peavy on a couple of times former C your for the bills in the packers'. An inch he said you know inside the locker room for me because. Do we have so we had guys in the locker room there or hold me accountable and Reggie White would do starting that lives were. All these guys who do you know on our failures or go to his house we have a meal and and we place them some board games and we talk about. You know the Bible we talk about us as men and how can be better husbands and an and and better fathers and and he said it was an credible experience inside the locker room. And and he said effort for him than him personally sit outside lock from was OK too because I had friends. There are Christian but inside the locker room. There was it was easier for me and another guy said Matt in sadly especially in baseball I don't know what that is Landry but me because I'm over out so much. And and when there are Minor League Baseball there on the road for you know 71012. Days in a row and in hotels. But these guys in and players are getting moved from Dublin AAA. But they're say you know what outside a lot from a lot easier in saddle our crew was difficult and they pester hockey players said it was harder inside the locker and his. They did get this abort your Christian you must be so often. And so we have some hockey guys at said in sit inside a lot crew was much more difficult for mutate to walk were the were talking begin with Landry Jones. If you get a chance coach who I am second dot com and watch the video with wager Jones to get a pretty good feeling about. You know his wife and in in high school and then in the college and Eddie talked about his testimony. How. And up to be a great place for him Natalee on the field and the chance to now play in the NFL. Our but it surely was was that journey that Landry won on a beat on their campus. You know was really good for him. He later in Oklahoma they do they have a strong FCA program and an athlete athletes in action and all that. The other had a really good that CA program. Are at the gate and at that time and one Campbell and it was great and you it was on all. Boy that it makes its again you know when you talk but people don't hold you accountable. You know it's it's good to have a good FC program at a campus like Oklahoma he letter. Whether it's with the Steelers are back with a Oklahoma was there one guy that that that you know you had your cousin their that was a one guy who aegis. God really use in your life and a great way. What their set we we we Myanmar why go on to the church called Antioch community church in Norman. Mom and so like the past their payments respect it was a big. And on top much like our justice chores like I mean it. Shelby what the Bible it is like. That whole bill which has not been counting the apple could mean the hard court should have. Like and Europe where are you. Are here on the Internet battery. Eagle streak can be you know I mean just like those character issues like in just bring everybody down and then also the same time machines like where your heart that they kidnapped or god you do Spain and so the only that he would. On just made by Eric Guerrero. Payments my youngest is just finish just went through army ranger training stationed over in Germany right now. And so is really difficult form to get through that whole special forces type training and I told him messaging on the so we had Tony Dungy on and he talked about. That that way god was still in his life through football was creating a platform he writes about the platform in his book a lot. And I said you know we've been praying that god would help get through this and so now you have a platform because. You know a lot of army military have never never made it through. You know the ranger training so now you have an incredible platform and I think. Of the opportunities guys given you. The same same scenario you have a wonderful platform or people wanna. What one of the around jailer ones you know what you come on a radio program in. And share he you know you're commitment to the lord and and and I think that's a great opportunity and I'm sure you've seen some opportunities through that through football that god has given yeah. Two in creature platform there with the gospel. Yeah I mean you'd it to be in front of people that you don't haven't been as being a part of us. Oh yeah I found a picture of to topple their. But they attribute that because of polite. They cable Opel is you get off in the course. Typical opportunity but all of the site at lake humbling experience because you do sit there and Alec. I have is that in here I don't even know what they are saying right now. And I'd say that's half my life Landry right Derek yeah I'm here and being in the bill Blackberry now. When your mom and dad just have to be. I mean when I'm sure you've called them when you made that decision after year. You know there with your cousin and Oklahoma I mean they have to just be so excited to. To see your walk with the lord and and I'm sure you know as a grandparent myself. You know praying for us for the Greinke is that they'll come in on the war and that she married. Someone who was a believer and that. You know you have established yourself now a Christian home your mom and dad to set to via. Via static they still live in New Mexico. No they actually they actually live and all but now I hope. Now you're alone she's taught him here we go out at the in they basically. I'm basically gal I was over on I was on the cross the river the west side not not the popular side it's down my dad pastors small Bible church over there in Ireland and also for about twenty years so. Well yeah U tests on ingredients to to your mom and dad I'm I'm thankful he had because watching game one time then and they said that wherever your parents are they to an end to the Steelers gain especially when obviously you're getting the nod if it didn't hurt or something like that. And I thought man I would be to his mom and dad they get a BX extremely. Thankful and proud of what has been doing in your life and how he's gifted yet. Who. Now be independently kind of Europe and are sure. I Aggies need the it in a passer I have an idea. Yeah the ideas US and Landry were gonna play two into basketball and you get Landry Jones is your team load that. You got it you can give because it's a take Whitney. Protected until it's my wife yeah I don't and you know what. I don't know she's better than new ears and out better than you are sort of win that thing. And you're very very terrible memories my third son's ex wife played basketball and so Christmas we've got a bunch of guys together and course Charlotte went over key steam and the boys like dimming on my team think every guy I got Charlotte. Well she drills a three on me and my my my second thing comes and goes hey do you have the do you have Charlotte area got a and he tore some in the middle and playing mister can you generally NATO Baghdad during Ono and a run out there and leave my peace she drives right around and puts in on me and he looks at me as a dad do we need to go zone. Shut. Steve still had your feet I think we'd be all right Glenn I'll hit the three over Mike he. You know what industry news later. They get real quick which he was a heck of a basketball player she still. She's she's still get out and play a little bit. We play in the and we play in the drive fail I'm. I'll bet that's competitive. I mean. You who can win in horse. Yeah I've ever. Won or at. All the little areas. The court game at along. And yet she you know what she was drafted to. By sandy Tony are you. Looking at her stats marriage she can straight up shooting in and that that's awesome again I've got first pick and taken her YouTube guys don't bear it. A column reduce setup a preset to explore how much did the gap and kicked here that's what I do like that that's all that's gone by. I've got I got pretty good feel that we're gonna win that gave him before we get to break on how many kids do you have Landry. Boys girls. And boy. I am a man my life and wars I love that kid out so it. And nonstop action picture how old are there. Bill O one news and younger ones is all. Seven month on month. Oh my goodness. You are busy I. Hang on hang on it goes like this it is does but med two years stuffit. I it's I've got three grandkids live right across street from entry for it there 86 in four. Had boy out today that. They're like he he pop a can we commit and I go now the OK they want Crayton. He probably got any obstacles no legal right in the freezer crab about obstacles. Hey pop in negotiate your chair no and they sit my chair grabbed the remote what happened to the power than I used to. I go I said the alerts won't go home you know you love me I should I do love you Cole. You got already across sister. What's. That fear of beer on the and you want you over your children. Might my daughters and I eat how are you so nice to my kids you were never this nice to me I said your kids are nice. They had figured that there are nicer to me that you work plus I can send them home guys those kids to break goes Sepracor wrapped this thing up. He's been a great guest and I was a fan in his beforehand that I'm more of fear and every now and and duchess is a man he is a good menus Pittsburgh steeler. Our quarterback Landry Jones former Oklahoma sooner this is beaten zone on sports Radio One a 57 FM the fan. Back to faith in the zone the journey on how people in sports who walking pace. Faith in the zone has brought to mind how long windows and doors of Wisconsin. Here's host Mike wing giver and pastor came cal learned. Fox sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. In the how come back defeat in the zone on sports Radio One 057 after the band. I'm Mike Gilbert one side my cohost he's pastor can count there for Brooke's side Baptist Church. Our guest today he is men I enjoyed the time that we have he's Landry Jones a cornerback with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Pastor we we only have about 45 minutes so we can't go long we can't go like church isn't like charity. Commander he has atypical Baptist minister many Eagles won every week. Yeah court. At this and that's why go to the early service value I get home for kickoff Landry I try to get help for kicked up by the white new goal pass that. Isolated tell us tell us your most exciting. Football moment at the University of Oklahoma. What genes play what was that that does not mean you always remember. I think now I'm going to remember at the X you game. Balances balances. Gain. Politically. Right in the middle of the bear on the exit and you know. And you'll win that game and don't bear that view. Accord if I'll take all that. On the or calm you know now pretty. There'll be column on most memorable memory. That is on my buddy list my boys know the other one and tried to get me tickets for the game I do have a buddy. Other it was in my youth group back in Tulsa that is in the living in Dallas now he's huge you fans of recent can't. I think ditch obligates you seats we can go but we might be in the Texas to end in owns Texas as part of the silent. On the state and and I said and other you know you gear is unknown but you know we have to live with a. Judge people who are out of work if our review I'd just go Packard years something I wouldn't do that yeah hit a couple weeks ago we Casey Walden. On that former Florida State. A quarterback in. And I asked him I said look what was it like Saturday night at home when Miami came or you know in Tallahassee when Florida came. And he said Micah if I can if I could have bottled at that excitement. He said and chest in just spoon feed some of these high school athletes that I work with now to give them ideal what it was like. He says I would kid who spoke some my islets. He said he was Inco. Credible. Feeling coming out of the tunnel so we Europe home on a Saturday night played played Texas is such you don't age there's a number schools and short. But what was the atmosphere. For you when you were in Oklahoma. Okay well we are the only that big ticket and arrow you know yeah in corporate. And other. Professional football payment council that will let you know and so I mean sort of that at that time I think it's bigger now let that happen. 85000 or so. And you can just imagine what that's like. Well you know that I owe you Texas game they have a bit like deal what 10 o'clock on Saturday morning. Yeah that's always the comic it's typically be 11 o'clock and my clinic one at like 230 but he usually that. Early 11 o'clock game at the accountable. Fish who is who was in the back field who's running backs when you're when you're playing. DeMarco Murray. Chris Brown. Or the year after and it it would lose. Com or that hunger drink play android and and didn't work well. Yeah. Oh. This is some big names and Acura now big names that are so Adrian Peterson he came late he came later. Yet it was a one year he he left. The year before it got there. The year over cat yeah hey as it is as far as receivers on who who's the best receiver in in in college achieved through the ball to. In your in your taste in your mind. Now that they've wanted who probably. He deals arrived colonial. Via you know I worked to Kenny stills debt. He. Yeah I work for. Her he wasn't packer I worked for I worked for the arena football to watch you must things from their here in town. And Kenny stills in fact he's best friend's room with that we have to former Packers that that are on our afternoon show here. I'm not sports Radio One 057 FM Chan Kyrie L percent and LeRoy Butler. Our two guys that I see every day and Kerio or sitting Kenny stills. Are really good friends and I know Kenny was here while ago and he's really proud of of five youngest son in in and what a good football player. You know he was that he he could certainly go over the militants who boggled that. Yeah I mean he could bat. Goggles because he just from bio on. Is he still play he was down yeah it is and there are. Yeah amcats Imus has Miami it's getting it for him hey we just got two minutes left on this your you guys get going here in a couple weeks correct. Now we are next Wednesday. Next Wednesday. Many did he comes up quick doesn't. Oh my gosh it's coming up fast and I. Anywhere you have a two year old in the seven month to roll out there are already did it go or you're looking forward to me to beat Kim. Yeah there for a couple of days out of that was even that was tough for me were my kids that age. Yeah and hopefully you know I mean the first day you're like. Actually he actually can handle it. Every quark and all of our. It would do what you wanna do and then I like the second day you're like. Let's go home. Yeah lets it there's no doubt sows the team team looking good for this year. Promising. Always is clearly are competitive. There we have basically ever went back you know also. And we should just got to put together. What's what's it like playing for a plane behind then. Team work with year help and now. I don't I got a day I arrived I get answered that these are bright a lot of stuff and he maybe he does maybe test the stuff I read he's obviously gifted quarterback. But I I don't think I think he's there. And he's taking care and he's taking care of make it sure yields on that one spot that's what I read it maybe that's fake news out of no. Talk about where. We're. Now. Great here. That we devote the relationship that it and it's. I don't want I mean. Ukraine you would think that he's the first bout all. Yes so that's under the kind of man walks and monochrome and stopped and so it's been great but it really really good. And they don't really good experience for me. It always used to look out packer fan through and through Packers play the Steelers in the Super Bowl that year that was. He noted that it wasn't too difficult but mobile my wife and I have always been steeler fans so. We rooted for Packers have a that they want to felt will. A little sad for her for the Steelers. He Landry I I think he's so much for your time today I really do and and we wish you the best select this upcoming season. Couldn't coach up but those will those will boys and and I'm sure that they'll be Stewart fans for a long time. They sell a lot for your testimony was powerful and the people that. Are listening you're walking throughout the country. Are certainly very appreciative to UN and continue walking worthy young man. Yes thank you guys think to have you know. Well great. You know we loved it Linda Butler our pleasure and and you're still sooners fans. And man you'd see you as you are passer and never gets the action through and through passers kids you guarantee they slapper listen again they keep Landry Jones this is feet in the zone on Sports Radio. 1057 at them. The fans. You've been listening defeat in the zone with host Mike and give Ernie and pastor can help her. Here's feet in the zone every Sunday at ADM. To find pat show's exclusive podcast we're contribute with an inside tip for guest simply go defeat in the zone dot com. Faith in the zone is an inside look at people's sports and their walk in faith and join us again next Sunday for faith in the zone right here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Well yeah. The games and. Our service. No I didn't lose. Steve.